New mummies with wibbly tummies RISE AGAIN!

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projectbabyweight Thu 23-May-13 16:18:50

Hi everyone,

Thought we'd start a new thread for new-ish mums with wibbly tums (+ thighs and bum in my case grin )
Old threads here

and here

Plus an old stats thread, though we could start a new one.

Everyone's following their own plan I think. Mine's a more or less low-carb affair, plus the 30 day shred. I've got 18lbs to lose, aiming for about 1lb/week - low due to love of chocolate grin

plonko Fri 24-May-13 11:20:21

Morning! Wasn't aware of the old thread as I've only just started taking this weight loss thing seriously.

My name is Plonko, my DS was born on 9/3/13, I've four inches/two stone to lose (but don't own scales) and writing this from my exercise bike.

I am about to start low carbing, as calorie counting didn't seem effective and I was always hungry. Any tips? I'd like to lose 2lbs a week (well, actually I'd like it to drop off!) grin

projectbabyweight Fri 24-May-13 11:45:58

Hi plonko! Thank goodness someone replied grin

Congrats on your ds, is he your first? <cliche question> I also had 2 stone to lose after having ds2 in November, of which I've lost 10lbs without much effort. I think it was mostly my body just resettling back to a slightly more normal weight. You might find that happens to you too.

I only lost 1 inch (from hips/bum) with that 10lbs though, maybe because I hardly exercised. It's tricky with 2 dcs to find the time. The 30 day shred is only 20 mins though so I've been doing that before bed.

I've got a wedding to go to in 6 weeks and I'm aiming to lose 1lb a week till then. Do you have an event to aim for?

littleredmonkey Fri 24-May-13 15:11:20

Hey project. Littleredmonkey signing in. Gained 4 stone with pregnancy. Since 1st Jan lost 3 stone 13 lbs. Very low carbs. No sugar. 2 hour walks daily with pram and weights twice a week. What to lose 7lbs and tone tone tone

projectbabyweight Fri 24-May-13 17:59:54

Littleredmonkey you are hardcore grin

plonko Fri 24-May-13 19:31:51

Wow littleredmonkey that's impressive! What do you eat? I'm a bit stuck for ideas.

Project thanks smile yes he's my first. I'm aiming for late August as we've got a holiday booked and I want to get in the pool. I also find it hard to fit in exercise - maybe I will take a leaf out of Little's book! It's quite easy for us to get out walking now I'm more confident with his feeding routine etc, but perhaps not every day. I spent this morning looking into low carbing (the boot camp on MN) and am a bit scared!

Lawabidingmama Fri 24-May-13 22:29:08

Can I join in? I'm not technically a'new mummy' but I have a wibbly tummy blush I've not really attempted to do much to shift the pounds! I've got DD1 who is 3 and DD2 14 months, I feel I've not got any excuse now and need to get motivated! I'm 5'4'' 9st 7 I want to shed 10lbs. I used to do a bit if exercise Pre DC but since DD1 haven't got back into it, need a firm shove in the right direction!

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 24-May-13 22:33:15

Hi all, I've lost 2 stone since dd was born end of jan, need to lose another 2. Have not been trying at all been eating far too much sweet stuff hoping this thread will inspire me to start eating better smile

eagleray Sat 25-May-13 00:16:04

Hello - DD born end of Jan, stupidly believed that with BF the weight would fall off, then by easter I faced up to the awful truth that the only weight I had lost was in the first week after the birth, and it seemed to be creeping up again!

Been doing WW since then - am vegetarian, try to exercise daily (even if just a walk) and lost about 4kg so far. Oh, and hopefully starting the 30 day shred properly tomorrow if I get time.

Was 80kg a year ago at time of BFP, went up to 100kg by due date, lost 10kg in first week after birth and have lost another 4kg through WW. Will be delighted to get back down to 80kg, then I will tackle the rest...

My body is shot at the moment sad and am wondering how much restoration work is possible - tummy is v saggy and not sure how much improvement is feasible - anyone got any ideas?

Waves at Littleredmonkey - you have done awesomely well

littleredmonkey Sat 25-May-13 19:45:22

Hi eagle. Thanks honey. Chuffed this morning got on the scales lost 4stone 2lbs. So am 5foot 11 and did weigh 16s 7 lbs now 12s 5.
Hi plonko. Food wise I am crap at cooking. But breakfast 4 poached eggs. Lunch. Salad and masses of it with either ham or tuna and a bit of mayo low fat. Tea chilli or sweet and sour chicken or spaghetti bog all with brown rice. Lots of protein with fish and steamed Vega and lots of em. Bit of fruit banana usually.
Exercise. 2 hour pram walks a day baby won't sleep in his crib so forced excersise. I walk up hills to make it hard. I power walk and do lunges while walking. Thank god for my country lanes at the back of the village as I must look a prat. Weight lifting. Dumb bells. Kettle bells and bench pressing. Lots of squats and lunges twice a week
I still want to lose another 5lbs.

littleredmonkey Sat 25-May-13 19:47:01

Eagle. Have u got an exercise ball ?honey?

BikiniPlease Sat 25-May-13 20:10:50


Littleredmonkey and Wishful - wow!

I put on three stone, lost half stone immediately and a few more lbs in the following weeks after birth, but crept back on with all the sitting around feeding and eating chocolate.

Now 12 st 8 and want to get to 9 st 8ish eventually, be happy with 10.7 by the end of the summer when we have a beach holiday - argh! I'm 5 ft 7.

Definitely wobbly tummy plus huge rolling hips and thighs - mmm...

Planning to cut 'bad' carbs and sugar and do the 30 day shred which I read about on here.

Finding it difficult with breastfeeding and feel like my idea of what's 'normal' eating completely gone with pregnancy etc.

eagleray Sat 25-May-13 20:45:09

v interesting reading about your diet and exercise LRM - you've worked so hard!!

Today has been a fairly good day - weighed myself and have lost 1lb, bringing loss since 1st April to 8lbs. Not huge amount but it's not a gain! Also did proper day 1 of 30 day shred, and will do same again tomorrow.

I'm quite lucky in that we have a room in the basement full of exercise stuff and baby things (bike on a turbo trainer, kettle bells, mat etc plus jumperoo, baby bouncer and so on) so it's all set up for baby amusement and exercise!

Re these beach holidays that some posters have... we actually went on holiday earlier this month and I was mortified at not having lost much weight. In the end, I took the plunge, put the maternity bikini on and got on with it. Felt hideous but got fed up with hiding under a giant sundress!

LRM do you mean an inflatable one? Yes got one somewhere but don't think it's inflated

projectbabyweight Sun 26-May-13 06:28:44

Hi ladies! This thread is shaping up nicely - like we're going to!

I've got a big family party today, so avoiding the treats could be tricky. Will try to distract myself by talking a lot (shouldn't be hard!)

Shall we start a new stats thread to go with this one? I found it vey helpful last time.

BikiniPlease Sun 26-May-13 11:50:59

Yes, sorry I re-read your post and stats thread sounds like a great idea, then do we update each week?

Good luck everyone with parties and bank holiday barbecues!

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 26-May-13 12:02:29

Thanks bikiniI will be updating each week and I'll be honest hopefully it will help me to make better choices. I'm lighter now than before pregnancy as only put on a stone but I REALLY needed to lose weight before Iyswim

littleredmonkey can I be nosey
and ask what dress size you are currently in I went up to 16.7 too during pregnancy down to 14.7 now wearing size 16-18 and I'm 5.10 so little bit shorter than you I'm aiming for around 12 you sound like you've done fab smile

littleredmonkey Sun 26-May-13 20:07:47

Hi wishful. Dont mind u asking honey. Was size 22. Now 14 bottom abit snug and size 12/10 top. I would like to be a 12 bottom that is my problem area. Hard as hell to shift my ass

littleredmonkey Sun 26-May-13 20:09:37

Squat challenge ladies. 50 a day to start. Do em however and when ever but got to be 50 and ass to the grass. Who is up for it! !!

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 26-May-13 22:23:55

Go on then I'm in littleredmonkey

plonko Mon 27-May-13 06:04:02

LittleRedMonkey I've been totally inspired by your awesome weight loss. I've spent so much time this weekend looking at different diets and exercise regimes and...well the low carb thing was never going to suit me. But I've read a lot into the principles of the Paleo diet, and really like the sound of it.

So starting now I'm on a nothing processed, low dairy, high protein, shedloads of fruit and veg, and high fat diet with lots of walking and short bursts of intense exercise. The most important thing is that dp and I can eat the same (ish) without me driving him crazy. It feels like an enormous adaptation to imagine going without pasta and rice but its going to worth it. Calorie counting just makes me too hungry!

Scrambled eggs for breakfast methinks...

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 08:45:06

Plonko sounds fab that's the diet I use except I have brown rice twice a week. Bf so need to keep up some carbs.
So tired been up since 4:45 however Sun is shining
Had 4 poached eggs and yogurt for breekie

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 08:49:24

Doing power walk with pram. Adding in some lunges just for a laugh not. !!!!

therumoursaretrue Mon 27-May-13 09:17:41

Oh I'd love to join. DS is 9 months old but I'm only really getting a chance to focus on weightloss now as I've been finishing a degree!

I'm doing PT sessions 3 times a week plus walking as much as I can, and some weights/cardio in between. Have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks so far and hoping if I modify my diet a bit this will help. Aiming for another 20lbs off.

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 09:31:41

Welcome therumour. Doing weights as well my favorite! ! where does everyone live? I am in Lincoln

TheDetective Mon 27-May-13 09:52:37

Another November mum here! I didn't gain any weight in pregnancy. I was 14st 6 all the way through. First time I weighed myself afterwards was when DS was 13 days and yup I was 14st 6. 6 week check gave me the same weight also.

Figured I didn't need to worry too much and that if I wanted to lose weight I'd do it when I was ready.

When DS was 15 weeks I was back in clinic being seen due to a broken fanjo. I was weighed and nearly died. In 9 weeks I'd put on 10kg or 1 st 10lb!!!!!!!

So that was that I knew I had to get it off. And more.

I joined SW on 27th April and to date I've lost 1st 1lb. DP has lost the same. We are doing it together smile

Finding it fairly easy and enjoying it!

I want to get to 11st as that puts me at 12-14 and I'm happy with that. Also I can sustain it which I can't do any lower. smile

plonko Mon 27-May-13 10:12:29

LittleRed, good to know you're proof it works. Was put off low carbing by restrictions on fruit - I'm slightly addicted to apples. Huge omelette for breakfast, should keep me nicely full til lunch.

Very excited about this diet, it's completely different to anything I've tried before.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 27-May-13 10:59:36

I'm feeling inspired think I've been using bf as an excuse for not losibg more weight I've been eating so much

therumoursaretrue Mon 27-May-13 11:00:54

Weights are my favourite too littlered! Just back from PT, had a great session this morning, feel like I could go back for round 2 now!

I'm in Northern Ireland.

plonko Mon 27-May-13 11:08:13

I'd love to get into weights but can't seem to juggle it with the baby! Before I got pg I was working in a very physical job lifting boxes of wine ten hours a day, hadn't set foot in a gym in 4 years and was a comfortable size 10! I may have to invest in some kettle bells.

I live in Derbyshire.

littleredmonkey Mon 27-May-13 20:00:47

Managed a two mile power walk and 2 mile pram jog. Bloody stiff as a board. Baby did not want to go to bed sods law. Always falls asleep on the boob and into his crib took an hour.
Never mind sleeping now. Early night as he wakes twice a night use to be once. Bugger poo

littleredmonkey Tue 28-May-13 08:40:37

Bloody arthritis in my knees playing up this morning. Must have been my run yesterday. Wheres the sun gone! !! 2 hours of walking again today. Will leave the running as weight training this evening. Only manage 30 mins as have to fit in tea. And all other domestic crap pre baby bed time. Would love to exercise later but shattered. God help me when I go back to work

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 09:38:53

You're on it littleredmonkey only exercise I've done this weekend is cleaning up the kitchen and googling Tracey Anderson arm workout. Not been to bad eating wise and although I'm trying not to weigh myself on a daily basis I think I've lost another pound

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 11:15:22

Morning all

Just done day 4 of the 30 day shred - it's getting a little easier now, and one big benefit I've found is that once I've done it (soon after I get up) I seem to have a lot more energy. Been putting it to good use and getting the house sorted out - lots of clearing out and hoovering to do!

Today was a bit more of a challenge as DP had to go off to work (he's kept Baby Eagleray amused while I've exercised). Luckily she was happy to sit next to the mat in her bouncer and stare at me...

Well done LRM on your continuing regime! I worked out that I'm losing weight 4 times slower than you have done - rubbish! Hoping to speed up the loss a teeny bit

I've got a couple of Tracey Anderson dvds Wishful but confess to having a short attention span and haven't done them for a loooonggg time...

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 18:40:30

How are you finding 30 day shrewd eagleray how long us each workout?

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 21:30:09

Hi Wishful the workout is approx 25 mins including warm up/down, which is just about manageable with a 4mo!

I found the first couple of days hard, but took little breaks of a few seconds to take some gulps of water then carried on. It's already getting a little bit easier, so I'm now focusing on getting breathing right and making the most of each exercise. I think the biggest benefit is that I am a lot more bouncy for the rest of the day - been on my feet most of the day today and making better choices re food (no idea why exercise would do this though, maybe it's the endorphins or something)

It's not going to be a miracle worker (nothing is going to restore me to my former self in a month) but it's certainly a step in the right direction smile

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 21:38:51

I must say, I'm a little shocked at how much I'm having to restrict my eating to lose any weight at all, despite BF! Strange how it seems to fall off some people and not others.

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 28-May-13 22:36:09

I think I will need to watch my diet more to start really getting the weight off now- I did start another thread about weight loss slowing down despite bf and most replies said that weight loss slowed until they stopped bf?!
I have been using bf as an excuse for eating lots of snacks think I should be snacking but not biscuits every time.
Might give 30 day shread a try too

eagleray Tue 28-May-13 22:47:54

I wonder if the body is trying to hold on to energy stores while you are BF?

I'm finding doing WW is really good for getting the right amount of food - before I did it I think I was kidding myself slightly and losing count of what I was eating as my weight was static. Having said that, the weight is still only coming off slowly despite sticking to the plan most weeks.

plonko Wed 29-May-13 09:25:11

I'm sure I heard that your body stores more fat when bfing so it's not like normal dieting... I hope I've not totally imagined that grin

I'm not bfing but am finding it much harder to lose weight post-baby. Maybe it's hormones? I think I need to go back to working in a warehouse and start flinging 8kg boxes about all day! I'm now on day 4 of no grains, legumes, unnatural sugars or processed food. Haven't really felt hungry but I think the lack of carbs is starting to set in. I know it'll pass but its so tempting to make a big bowl of pasta! LRD did you get this?

Not sure how much I've lost but I'm wearing my belt on a small hole now!

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 09:46:52

Plonko. Oh yeh hated first week or so. But I do have a wicked treat at the weekends. When u get a few weeks under your belt. One hole less! !! U will be spurred on. If u fall off the wagon doesnt matter just get back on. Diets are hard. Exercise is hard but keep your goal in mind. I had 60 stickers on my fridge for the lbs I wanted to lose and took them off as I did. It's a good feeling to know I have only 2 stickers left. Bf wise no idea if it made a difference to be honest. I didnt exercise last night as ended up doing 3.5 hours walking so that was enough as baby not sleeping well at night. Did my 50 squats. Did 10 at a time while I nap change. Exercising and pampers! !!

plonko Wed 29-May-13 09:58:13

Oh I think the odd treat is necessary, if I'm eating healthily 6 days a week and losing weight then a pudding on the 7th will be a great reward.

Felt completely knackered yesterday and allowed myself a few squares of dark chocolate but otherwise this is the easiest diet I've ever been on. Now I just need to get weight training! As its pay day on Friday I think I'll be getting some kettle bells.

LRD you're an inspiration, love the stickers idea! My target is two stone down by my birthday (August 18) so I think I'll have to come up with a similar system. I will be a size ten again!

projectbabyweight Wed 29-May-13 11:03:25

Hi all, crikey I've put on a couple of lbs, boo! Renewing my efforts as of today.

Have started a new STATS thread under 'weight loss chat', please join me smile

therumoursaretrue Wed 29-May-13 13:35:52

Checking in. I've been at PT this morning, mini circuits and weights and TRX which killed! Feel good!

Struggling with food though, so tempted to snack on rubbish...not like me at all but I've been in bad form and I think I'm comfort eating hmm

BikiniPlease Wed 29-May-13 13:58:27

Renewed efforts here too!

Very inspired by you all managing to do so much exercise, I am determined to get the shred out today.

Weighed myself on the tiles(not carpet!) and added to the stats thread. No more hiding from the truth... Am planning to weigh once a week from now on.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 15:36:56

Pbw. Dont worry about it honey. I was wicked and had two McDonald's milkshakes over the weekend! !! So boo me. Be lucky if I lose anything but weight training for 30 mins later.
Plonko. Size 10 I can only dream of that siZe. I would have to train every day for months. Having an 8 month old I have no chance but chuffed being a 14 not a 22. But I shall keep chipping away ar the twins. That's what I call my ass

Wishfulmakeupping Wed 29-May-13 15:44:19

LRM do you think the low carbs is what's helped the most with weight loss or daily exercise or both?! The exercise side of things I think I can do but not low carbs I'm a veggie and carb mad!

eagleray Wed 29-May-13 17:47:10

Wishful I'm veggie too and trying to keep things low-ish carb but not going crazy with the restriction. I did once follow a virtually no carb veg diet (have got a book on it) but it was very hard and it actually felt weird as so many foods were excluded.

LRM the sticker idea is fab - I might do that. I did similar when I gave up smoking a few years ago and that worked a treat.

Been looking at my wobbly tummy in the mirror and wondering how much improvement is actually possible. I managed to get terrible stretch marks right at the very end of pregnancy and although they are less red the texture is just awful, plus everything just sags. Anyone got any ideas on realistic expectations?

plonko Wed 29-May-13 18:46:27

LRD I know I'll be a size ten again, I've a wardrobe full of clothes waiting for me/providing motivation. Although I think my hips are permanently widened.

I've discovered plank exercises. Really bloody hard but they make you feel your tummy muscles working quite like no other workout. Maybe you could try them, Eagle? I'm worried about tone too but think they could really help.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 19:29:08

Wishful. Defo both but for u could you have lower carbs. Replace white rice with brown. Same with bread. Pasta only once a week. Max out veg volume to reduce carbs. Potatoes replace with sweet potatoes. Just a few thoughts. I agree veg would be harder. Also replace higher carb fruit with lower. Banana replace with apple's or pears
Eagle. My tummy has gone down 90% to what it was. It will be hard to flat but once the weight is gone tone tone and more toning. Sit on your exercise ball feet on the floor and gentle with arms and hands together go backwards bring your hands back to your knees then back you should feel your abs pulling. Add weights to make it harder.

littleredmonkey Wed 29-May-13 19:31:58

Plonko. Agree planks are fab well no they suck but they do work. Also in plank position bring your right knee up to your left elbow and vis versa. They really suck

plonko Wed 29-May-13 20:19:24

Ooh that sounds like fresh hell! Will give it a go once I'm strong enough to do proper planks - I'm currently stuck on beginners planks with both knees on the floor!

Hmm I've been having a bit of a free for all with fruit LRD. I understand that some fruits are carbier than others, and that berries are best, but I love a banana. Although I read the low carb boot camp allowed fruits and veggies and its one depressing read. Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and all fruit off limits for the first two weeks - I hate the sound of that. My fit consists of all fruit and veg (barring white taters) a lot of eggs and meat, nuts and seeds for snacks and a dollop of yoghurt if I want pudding. It might sound boring but it's really varied enough, and I'm certainly not going to get in the habit of denying myself a bit of cheese or the odd carrot!

eagleray Wed 29-May-13 20:43:12

ah yes planks - I used to do them many moons ago! I will maybe try and add some on after my shred sessions.

Re bananas - they are now 0 points with WW, but used to count as something. I try not to eat too many though.

LRM thanks - I will dig out the exercise ball and give that a try. I did use weights while lying on a ball once but used too heavy weights and leant back too far and suddenly my feet had gone over my head and I was on the floor in a heap blush

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 09:29:25

It's a chrismas miracle. Baby only woke once last night! Dont feel quite as crap.
Eagle. Bless with tipping off the ball. Done it myself too.
Plonko. Carrots I eat tons of em. My biggest evil was biscuits and lots of em allday. The biscuit barrel is empty and has been for 5 months
Project. How r u today honey?
Anyone doing the squats? Oh I would love to be back at a gym but no time or energy so making do with my garage. Bit lonely training on your own. Use to like a chat at my old gym. I had a trainer as well 45 pounds an hour. He nearly killed me every week. Can't afford him and the gym so me and my garage spiders will have to do

plonko Thu 30-May-13 10:48:25

I managed a whole ten squats yesterday before DS wailed for my attention. And my garage is bloomin' draughty and too full of crap, so I tend to do a bit of exercise on the floor of whichever room I'm in when the mood strikes.

I can feel the effect of the planks already, am gonna aim to do a set of five or ten each morning and afternoon. Have started doing push-ups too to get rid of the bingo wings.
Would love a personal trainer to hurl abuse at me and whip me into shape though!

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 30-May-13 11:29:51

Morning ladies I'm going to start going for longer walks from today I've had sciatca but its getting much better so no excuses starting with 45 mins everyday going to work my way up to hour and half. Sounds like everyone's doing well with exercises smile

therumoursaretrue Thu 30-May-13 11:42:40

Hi all!

Wishful I think I will join you with trying to increase the amount I'm walking. Walked for one hour last night but wasn't giving it my all, very much at my leisure!

Today is my off day, so will have a walk with the pram later and hopefully fit in some squats but that's it.

I am another one who is not sure about how much I can 'fix' my tummy confused

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 30-May-13 12:19:33

I'm not sure it's helping my tummy so far but when I was having treatment for my sciatca the physio told me an exercise to help strengthen my core and she said it would help flattern my tummy- on all fours suck in. And hold tummy for 3x sets counting to ten. I've been doing it for a few weeks I can honestly say I can see a difference but it might be doing something smile

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 30-May-13 12:20:14

cant see a difference

projectbabyweight Thu 30-May-13 14:33:42

Hi all. Impressed with everyone's exercise efforts! I shouldn't have given up the 30 day shred after 10 days but I was peed off at not losing even 1/4 of an inch from bum. I ought to start again as I was definitely getting fitter.

Had a great low-carb day yesterday, very proud of myself and slept better than I have in ages. Going well so far today too.

Actually I did have some Bailey's last night, which fails on all counts, but I love it grin

projectbabyweight Thu 30-May-13 15:37:47

plonko - I've just read your profile and seen that you like the Pixies!

When I was fitter (pre-dc) I used to run listening to Alec Eiffel from Trompe Le Monde, it was one of the only songs fast enough. I may be inspired to start again now I've remembered that

littleredmonkey Thu 30-May-13 18:53:02

Ah the pixies takes me back!
Was a good egg and did 2 hours walking. 50 squats and 30 mins weights.
I am defo going to try sucks in belly exercise wishful. Good one.
Project you made me smile with Bailey's !! Dont despair with the shred keep on trucking. If you saw how much wobble was on my bum I dare not measure it! !! Millions of squats I fear to tighten it up bugger poo

eagleray Thu 30-May-13 20:01:58

ah sorry you gave up the shred projectbabyweight - was just thinking yesterday that I should have done all my measurements at the start, but think I would have got frustrated quickly if there wasn't a difference! Did you make it onto the second level? Yum re the Baileys...

Wow LRM another epic day.

I missed the shred today for the first time... Excuses: last night I was woken by Baby Eagleray at 12.40am, 1.40am, 3.30am, 5.50am, 7.40am and 8.40am. Then at 9am I had a building contractor visit (this is my normal shred time), then a mad dash to get me and baby up, washed, fed and dressed and out the door at 11.30am to visit my old work, where we spent pretty much the whole day. Oh, and I've had a bit of a dicky tummy today too...

So, do I spend this evening resting (and bracing myself for another night of baby feeding nonsense) or do I stop whining, put the exercise bra on and get my ass onto the mat? Somebody please advise...

It will be business as usual tomorrow mind - had an interim weigh-in this morning and have lost weight so there's no stopping me now!

therumoursaretrue Thu 30-May-13 21:56:47

I think some times a rest does you good, what did you decide to do in the end eagle?

I managed to fit my walk in today, and squats, tomorrow is an hour of PT and then a walk in the evening with baby DS but...I have to bake 2 cakes, a lemon meringue pie and some cupcakes tomorrow and I'm fearing the temptation already confused

eagleray Thu 30-May-13 22:39:09

I am sat on the sofa - the decider was spending 45 minutes trying to get Baby E to sleep and then being starving so I've scoffed a banana and some leftover salad and am now resting smile

I've felt so good doing exercise each day I felt a bit of a schmuck wimping out this eve, but I think 5 days on, 1 day off is probably a good balance. I do a fair bit of walking as well but haven't managed that today either.

Those cakes sound terrifying - what are you going to do with them all?? Ooh, hungry again just at the thought of the lemon meringue...

littleredmonkey Fri 31-May-13 09:38:23

Days off are good. I am knackered today. Also in baby sleeping hell. My friends say he will sleep through when is this as mummy is tired. Find it hard to get back to sleep after he has woken.
Ps I want some cake oh and some chips

therumoursaretrue Sat 01-Jun-13 11:20:26

The cakes were for DS's nursery carers, yesterday was his last day as I have finished my degree so taking some time off.

Lemon meringue was for my DF who is getting home from hospital today after a knee replacement. It's his favourite so thought it would be a nice treat!

Managed to do the lot and only scoff half a cupcake so quite proud! Glad they are all out of the house now!

Feeling lazy today but going to go for a swim and have a walk. Then squats and weights later...just need to keep motivated! Tomorrow I am having a rest day!

Sophiathesnowfairy Sat 01-Jun-13 13:20:04

I'm back! I have managed to get down to 10stone 12lbs since the last thread. (Was 13 stone in Nov) my ultimate goal is 10 stone 7lbs.

Tres chuffed this weekend!

Note to not drink to much wine this weekend and wreck it!

projectbabyweight Sun 02-Jun-13 10:05:41

Great work Sophia! So good to hear about people being successful despite the, erm, "challenges" of being a new mum grin

I had a hen do yesterday, and have put back on yet another pound. Feeling a mixture of discouraged and stubborn. I won't stop trying!

Low-carb again today, and dh is out this evening so I WILL start the shred again!

littleredmonkey Sun 02-Jun-13 16:27:47

Dont worry project I did not lose a pound either but got into my size 12. Jeans. Some days eextra water and if you are building up muscle that weighs more.
Well done Sophia.
Sometimes not losing refocus the push. I have done 2 hours walking and 30 mins weights then blew it and had a McDonald's milkshake. Oh well. Extra squats later

eagleray Sun 02-Jun-13 17:55:20

Brilliant work Sophia - you are nearly there!

Get back on that wagon Project - the shred is waiting for you

So envious of you LRM with your size 12 jeans - very well deserved though

I didn't do the shred this morning as took the opportunity to have a lie-in instead while DP entertained DD. Will do it this eve though, plus may try to do 10 mins on the turbo as well.

Oh, and did my weekly weigh-in today - lost another lb, which is great, but really wish I could speed things up a bit! Thing is with my current WW plan, I can eat pretty much whatever I want and as long as I keep tabs on things, I will lose 1lb a week. Time to step up now though! This week I'm going to cut back on sugar and increase the exercise a bit more. I do love a bit of a pud after evening meal, so will keep aside the carrot/orange juice I normally have for breakfast as my 'dessert'. DP also pointed out that I've eaten about 3 cakes in the last week that I didn't seem to remember eating and that those alone amounted to a fair few calories. So absolutely no cakes, even if my ww allowance says I can have them. and will keep off the wine too

Sorry to waffle - if I write everything down here I will have half a chance of doing what I said I'd do!

littleredmonkey Mon 03-Jun-13 09:58:48

Eagle. A pound a week is great honey. I know what you mean but it is coming off. Keep at it. I LOVE pud too I have nuts and dried fruit with green tea very boring. Your juice sounds so nice.
I may go for a pram jog I will dress for it and see how I go defo 2 hours power walk. Lovely day for salad and tuna. Was very naughty over the weekend. Same as you and had cake. Love cake. Love food that's why I was size 22. Oh size 12 jeans a bit snug but on at chrismas couldn't get em past my thighs.

littleredmonkey Mon 03-Jun-13 10:00:05

Have failed at squat challenge will try harder this week

projectbabyweight Mon 03-Jun-13 16:41:15

Keep it up LRM, you're spurring the rest of us on smile

littleredmonkey Mon 03-Jun-13 19:21:55

Passed on jog but power walked 2.5 hours today and so tired. Had chap come over to measure out our driveway so no weight. Shattering day so early night and hope the fat fairies take some of my fat away while I zzzz

eagleray Mon 03-Jun-13 23:02:18

Please send the fat fairies my way too!

Had quite a good day today - madly busy sorting out the house as have visitors tomorrow. Managed to shred this evening while DD lay on her baby mat. She got so fed up waiting for me to finish that she rolled over for the first time too! Oh, and stopped for 30 seconds mid-way to bid on a cot on Ebay (and I won it).

Also did a walk this eve - DD wouldn't settle so popped her in a sling and went out for a stroll, and did a supermarket shop on the way home. So that's a 6kg weight I carried around for an hour, plus same amount again in a bag - does this count as weightlifting??

Good eating day too - carrot juice for dessert, but also some fruit and dash of yoghurt as had plenty of ww points left.

Not specifically doing the squat challenge but doing plenty of them with the shred. Think I'm nearly done with level 1 - just hope level 2 isn't too much of a shock shock

littleredmonkey Tue 04-Jun-13 09:19:20

Very impressive eagle. Yes baby is defo weightlifting honey. Wow and she rolled. Baby d woke 5 times last night mummy is knackered again. Where are the one wakes we had 5 weeks ago. Poor fella and teething. He will only settle on the boob so they look like spaniels dog ears this morning. Sexy I know! !!

projectbabyweight Tue 04-Jun-13 21:41:09

Poor you LRM! Is he having 3 naps a day? My ds2 has just started sleeping through now & then, and it seems to be on days when he only has 2 naps. Hope tonight's better for you.

I'm quite scared of the squat challenge, however, I'll do a 100 crunches challenge because it's easier my problem area grin

littleredmonkey Wed 05-Jun-13 09:22:19

Morning squatters and crunchers. Baby woke twice last night at 1 and 5 so not too bad. I did 3 hours walking and mowed the lawn yesterday. Forgot to squat boo me! !!
Project. He had 2 naps yesterday. He should have had three but went to baby group and he was so hot in the pram he couldn't sleep so he was very upset so I ran home and he grumbled till bed time. Dropped off in seconds. I dont mind him waking as I have tried CIO and it failed. I am worried about when he goes to nursery at 11 months as he can't self settle in the day any advise ladies?

littleredmonkey Wed 05-Jun-13 09:23:07

Eagle. How's 5:2 coming on?

RunningKatie Wed 05-Jun-13 20:57:01

Please can I join in? Prior to having the DCs I used to go to the gym before work and run loads. Now I spend my evenings wedded to the sofa nursing DS (7 mths).

I was doing buggyfit once a week with the double buggy but DD (2.4) has reached the end of her patience with being strapped in for an hour.

I've been eating an excess of chocolate and cake so my first aim is to cut back on treats. I've also been out for 2 walk/runs with the idea I'll do them on alternate days when DH is around. If he's away with work I'll have to come up with another idea.

littleredmonkey Thu 06-Jun-13 09:24:30

HI runningkate. Welcome abroad.
Not doing well this week ladies. Been good food wise and walks can't seem to muster the energy for a work out. Must try harder. Only managed 12 squats and that was in the shower.

projectbabyweight Thu 06-Jun-13 09:55:58

Hi Running! My ds2 is also 7 months smile Do you have an alternative to treats? On the last thread we came up with the idea of having a hot drink instead - it's been working for me to some extent.

Decided 100 crunches aren't going to cut the mustard, so starting the Shred again as of this morning!

RunningKatie Fri 07-Jun-13 21:29:03

I tried another run last night, went a bit further but was slower! I need to go before dinner rather than giving myself stitch.

Project - my treats avoidance plan is firstly not to buy any. They keep sneaking into the online shopping basket, but also like you said trying a hot drink. I love liquiorice tea so have bought a box of that to keep me going. DH is away 4 days this week so it's a good test as usually I demolish a chocolate bar a day in his absence.

What's the shred? I've heard people talk about it before so maybe it's something I need to investigate!

Have you managed a work out Red?

projectbabyweight Sat 08-Jun-13 07:57:34

The Shred is a 30 day workout, with 3 levels which you do for 10 days each (they get harder). The first one is on youtube here

Good luck with the running smile

Sophiathesnowfairy Sun 09-Jun-13 07:21:34

I failed on the squat challenge too. I was doing really well then about 10 days in I had a fall. [ I slipped on a piece of DS1s farm and fell really heavily) my bottom was so bruised for four or five days I could not continue. And then it was half term. And then it never happened.

I have stagnated at 10 12 but I am happy with that.

eager inspired by your evening stroll, perhaps I could stroll to the supermarket for some treats. grin

Check this dessert out is mega easy and the whole family loved it, from 2 to 2!!
crushed raspberyry creams

Eagleray Sun 09-Jun-13 19:39:05

Hi - weigh-in day yesterday and have lost 1.5lbs, bringing total to nearly 11lbs so far. Slow but steady I guess - haven't actually put any back on yet!

Shred still going... just. Have managed to bugger up my knees (think it was the star jumps that did it) so just started level 2 but going gently.

We are having a major domestic crisis at the moment so have had a couple of days off from the diet but will try and keep to it once the weekend is over as the weight loss will help me keep my sanity I hope.

Treats - 4 rice cakes slathered thinly with quarter of a tub of the hottest, spiciest houmous you can find, then topped with slices of tomato, cucumber etc.

Dare I click on the raspberry link Sophia? We had pavlova last night, which I'm feeling v guilty about...

littleredmonkey Sun 09-Jun-13 19:50:05

Runningkate. Nah did not exercise took tired. Did today though. Did my weights for 30 mins will make more effort this week. Weigh in lost 3lbs so total of 61 since new years day. So chuffed at that. Still like to be 11 stone 7 so 8 lbs to go making it 5 stone loss.
Eagle. Well done on loss lbs. Sorry hurt your knee u ok?
Sophia. Oh pud looks lovely. Yummy
Project. How's the move and the shred going?
Done squat challenge today then had jacket potato and cheese and carrot cake. Bum! ! Must try harder

Lamby80 Mon 10-Jun-13 08:17:07

Hello. I have just seen this thread. Anyone mind if i join? I had my son just over a year ago. I am back to pre pregnancy weight all but 6lb BUT i was overweight when i fell pregnant. I have always carried most of my weight around my tummy but now its shocking and i must do something about it! I have 2 stone to lose to reach a size 14 and i will be happy with that. I have signed up for a half marathon in the autumn which will give me motivation to exercise but im finding it hard as im back at work full time so time is precious. I have signed up with SW and boots diets but no luck so trying to think more along the lines of eating healthily in general, cut out cake, choc and fizzy drinks and see what happens! Any tips?

littleredmonkey Mon 10-Jun-13 18:44:52

Oh crap dp birthday. Already had sausage and mash. Cream cake and chocolate cake. Actually feel sick. Sugar over load! !!! Naughty mummy

RunningKatie Mon 10-Jun-13 20:38:58

DH away so no run now till Thursday.

I've realised that cooking with DD means I end up eating the cookies or brownies we make. Not such a cunning plan then, maybe we'll do some painting or something instead.

Red - that's a seriously impressive weight loss. I'm in awe.

What half have you entered Lamby? I'm aiming to do a 10k later in the year, I'm so incredibly slow that it's more bimbling than running that I actually do!

Lamby80 Tue 11-Jun-13 07:58:34

I entered the royal parks race. Im getting a bit worried as i havent really started my training amd on a good day i can only do 2 miles. Im doing a park run in 2 weeks which is 3 miles, i think that will kick me into gear!
I weighed myself this morning, 14 st exactly so my journey to 12 st has officially begun!

littleredmonkey Tue 11-Jun-13 09:19:26

Lamby welcome. Woke up with a killer headache bet it was a monster sugar crash from yesterday. Power walk today. Ladies that run very impressive can't run for squat. Slow shuffle is my best effort

RunningKatie Wed 12-Jun-13 21:35:59

Good to have a goal I feel Lamby. I'm planning on doing my first parkrun the first weekend in July.

Littleredmonkey - a slow shuffle is probably what my running is described as, unless I'm going downhill! Hope the headache cleared with the power walk.

I am thankful that some of my pre-pregnancy gym kit is lycra, at least it stretches over the bumps and wobbly bits even if it's not attractive.

therumoursaretrue Thu 13-Jun-13 15:46:14

I was very lax last busy that it just was a struggle to keep on track.

Back at it hard on Sunday with PT session which totally killed and feeling so good to be back in a routine!

Eagleray Sat 15-Jun-13 23:12:20

Hi - managed to get myself back on track with the diet in the last few days but no time/energy for exercise. Thought that the most I could expect at today's weigh-in was for static weight, but have lost another lb, bringing the total so far to 12lb. Still v slow, but do lose something every week, which is nice. Also, now only 5kg from pre-pregnancy weight. Really, really hope to get to the 1 stone mark next weekend.

I resumed the Shred this morning, but had a bit of a mishap when doing high kicks - banged my foot on a chair and carried on despite feeling like throwing up with the pain, then realised there was blood everywhere and it seems I have half ripped my toenail off - yuk.

Would love to go back to running - was never very good but at one point could manage a regular 10k. However, F-cup boobs are hard to contain, even when exercising at home... Must try and find a giant sports bra!

littleredmonkey Mon 17-Jun-13 08:57:31

Oh eagle hope ok with your toe sounds painful. Smiled at the high kicks. You go girl very impressed. Also well done on 12 lbs. '!!
I have been lazy last week need to get back on it. Ds naps changing so no need for 2 hours walking still do 30 mins at lunch and walk later. Need to do weights but have got lazy due to lack of sleep. I am very good with my diet in the week. Weekend I have bread cake and crisps which are lovely. Not lost an lb last week so must try harder.

RunningKatie Tue 18-Jun-13 18:05:39

I've been out on my bike, it was mildly terrifying as i learnt to ride on a bike with 3 gears and this bike has a lot more! Plus DH had set the seat height for
me and i had to walk for ages to find something to hold onto so i could get on sad

Do you have dumbell weights littleredmonkey? I was looking at exercises in a magazine that assumed we all have dumbells, kettlebells etc. I don't have any of that!

No weight lost yet but also none gained and i'm enjoying exercising again so feeling pleased nonetheless.

How new a mummy do you have to be? DS1 is 3, DS2 is 9 months. I'm doing Slimming World, started a few weeks ago. I was a size 10 before DS1 now a 14 slipping towards 16. I want to lose about 4.5 stone which seems impossible right now.

littleredmonkey Wed 19-Jun-13 09:09:17

Runkate. Yeh have weights. Dp weight trains so when we cancelled the gym we got em off ebay. Hand ones and big bars allsorts very cheap so great. Borrowed a kettle bell off a friend. Hand weights best to start with for squats and lunges. We got ones with discs so I can have em heavy and he can have em so I can't lift them off the floor. Haha. Bike ride sounds fab I need to get my bike out and do some maintenance on it
Mrshb74. Welcome please join us. You can lose 4 stone. I did it from January 1st to May 30 th. Total now 63 pounds lost. Gone from size 22 to 12/14. Give yourself a goal of a stone at a time. We are here to support you. I was size 24 then lost 5 stone got pregnant and put it all on again. Now have lost it and I love food especially crap food any biscuits cakes takeaways and huge portions. I can be very greedy but have mastered it very very low carbs. No bread etc in the week. No sugarss only fruit ones no treats till weekend. Exercise daily even only a walk does you good. I have first baby he is 9 months well nearly 2 weeks off. I try and make 30 mins every two days to lift weights. My gym is my garage. IPod on lift away and is good for clearing my head.

projectbabyweight Thu 20-Jun-13 14:42:14

LRM - have found that your stomach capacity is smaller now you've been eating less for so long? Or can you still manage huge portions when you're off the wagon? grin

littleredmonkey Thu 20-Jun-13 18:59:52

Oh I think I grew a second stomach when pregnant! !! I can still eat for England. I have to not snack at all to avoid calories so stick to three meals a day and extra veg or salad can't eat like s sparrow. Starving does not cut it so the extra veg helps and I usually eat a whole lettuce loads of celery cucumber. All the green stuff u can have tons of.
Use to have big mac hamburger two large fries large coke and apple pie I could eat more so glad I have control.

Eagleray Thu 20-Jun-13 22:58:04

Hi everyone - having a bit of a slack week here... Trying to do WW vaguely but not logging anything. Also finding it v hard to do the shred - DP has been at home the last 2 weeks and my routine has gone out of the window. He's back at work next week so I shall be back on it! Also will be easier to stick to diet as he's addicted to marked-down supermarket food and tends to fill the fridge with stuff like custard tarts that he's bought for 10p - very annoying...

I went rollerblading this evening with the pushchair - felt a bit wobbly but didn't fall over thank god.

Oh, and my running bra arrived in the post today - F cup blush hope to try it out by the end of the week.

Welcome MrsHelsBels - 4.5 stone is a lot to lose, but it can be done! There are no quick fixes, but starting now is a great start. Best to break it down into smaller goals, and lose it steadily. I just try to think about 5kg at a time as otherwise it feels impossible

Lamby80 Mon 24-Jun-13 08:14:47

Hi. I havent been on for a couple of weeks but weighed myself this morning and have lost 1kb on 2 weeks. I have started my training plan for the run but food wise been eating everything i shouldnt so need to try and improve on that. But, its not a gain so im happy!
Are there any runners out there? I flicked through the next couple of weeks of the plan and it looks like it expects me to get to 50 minute run in 3 weeks. Is this doable? I can knock out 20 min at the mo. That seems a big increase very soon! It is the beginners plan.
I will check in next week to give you an update on weight.

mandyhinds76 Sun 30-Jun-13 00:46:31

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

mandyhinds76 Sun 30-Jun-13 00:50:19

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

RunningKatie Tue 02-Jul-13 21:26:18

Lamby -in my opinion, that's a huge leap, if you do 20 mins one week, then 30 then next, 40 week after etc. then I think it's a bit much for your joints etc. Are you running or run/walking? I started off run/walk and am increasing the time I'm out for but also decreasing the walks, so started out doing 20 mins for 2mins run, 1min walk - but can now do 30 mins with 4 mins run, 1 min walk etc.

I've found that I can't run in an evening, i always used to get up and go out before breakfast so it's just alien to me to try running in an evening after a day of eating. So, instead I'm hopping on my bike, I'm really loving it as well which is great. I'm still incredibly nervous, I wobble everywhere and am terrified of falling off into nettles!

Weight-wise, I'm not doing so great, DH has been away so I've been turning to my old friend - food. I'm annoyed with myself and determined this isn't going to continue.

Hi all, can I join. DS2 was born on 3rd June. After I weighed in at 16 stone. With BF, walking and really watching that I eat a healthy diet I have lost 1stone 3 lbs and now 14stone 11lbs. Aim to get to 11st7lbs by October and today started the shred DVD and will introduce running again once pelvis feels healed!

Desperate to get it off and feel some confidence again!!

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