My Christmas Countdown

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cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 01-Dec-13 08:59:54

I'm not sure what can be done in the space of 24 days but I'm lucky in the fact that I don't have any Xmas nights out or anything lined up (who would have thought there was at last an advantage to being skint !)

I lost around 11lbs during the summer doing the 5:2 but have put it back on and then some - not because it doesn't work but because I've been eating anything and everything. I'm 5ft6 and 10st 6lbs according to the scales this morning. I'm going to log on here every day to keep a record for myself.

Will also record my measurements just as soon as I've found the measuring tape grin

ClaudiusMaximus Sun 01-Dec-13 09:09:39

Watching with interest as I have just said on another thread that I want to go cold turkey on all chocs and biscuits, ice cream etc, for the next 3 weeks as damage limitation before Christmas! We eat something like this every day and my weight is just going up and up...

RedLondonBus Sun 01-Dec-13 09:12:28

I lost 5 stone this year low carbing/paleo

It's creeping back on funnily enough because I seem to be over dosing on carbs! Bread,pizza,mince pies

I've also got a job! So my exercise regime has all but stopped. It's depressing but I know what I need to do

cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 01-Dec-13 09:29:15

Right, just dug out the tape....

Waist: 29" Hips: 39"

Not too fussed about my bust as I don't have particularly big boobs so hoping I won't lose too much from there anyway.

Just had breakfast

2 boiled eggs and 2 kallo rice cakes

Lunch: 2 X gluten free oatcakes and hummus & a pear

Dinner: Prawn & veggie stir fry with 45g rice

And lots of water...

Also aiming to cut out all wheat, sugar and dairy. I did this a few years back and felt so much better. I know this obviously cuts out calories too but there are about 8 of my relatives who have been diagnosed with celiac disease in the last 10 yrs (Mum is also lactose intolerant).

ClaudiusMaximus Sun 01-Dec-13 09:40:55

Oh crikey. Have just measured hips and they've never been so big! 43.5 blush I'd be happy to get down to 39 as right now I'm not able to fit in a lot of my bottoms, skirts/jeans etc. I'm not so fussed about my top half as I only really tend to put weight on my hips/bum, so that's what I'll measure!

My plan of attack is quite simple, to cut out in one fell swoop all the crap and desserts we eat after dinner in the evening. We eat quite healthily I think but the sugar in the evening just undoes it all.

And more water, of course! Let's do it!! smile

Beechview Sun 01-Dec-13 11:36:20

I was just thinking about this today.

If anyone is interested, I found I lost lots of weight before by cutting out all the junk and eating carbs at only 1 meal.

I did porridge for breakfast then no carbs for the rest of the day. Snacks were natural live yoghurts if I was desperately hungry (sort of Zoe Harcombe style)

I've cut out wheat recently and started sticking to 3 meals a day but I've hardly lost any weight so I'm going to do the above til xmas when we have a big family get together.
I really don't want everyone to see me this fat. Even losing half a stone would make a difference to me as I have a big belly and I'm not very tall.

RedLondonBus Sun 01-Dec-13 17:41:13

don't forget lots of exercise too!! and water...

cannotfuckingbelievethis Mon 02-Dec-13 07:52:44

Morning all...weigh in this morning and I appear to have lost a pound. Down to 10st 5lbs. Did 10mins of yoga to get me moving and will do the full dvd later. I'm trying to be realistic...I've swore blind that I'm going to do The Shred every day and after 2 or 3 days I'm in agony (my knees can't take it).

Have a good day everyone.

ClaudiusMaximus Mon 02-Dec-13 22:49:55

Hi, well I was doing very well today, DH popped to buy an ice cream for dinner and I refused so I was feeling v virtuous!

Then watching tv I remembered I had some shortbread and to my shame went and polished it off. Annoyed with myself but I know now there is literally nothing left like that in the house now so at least I can't do it tomorrow!

I have also got in touch with the local gym for a free class trial on Thursday with a view to joining. So at least that's good smile

cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 08-Dec-13 08:40:50

Have had a pretty crap week. Not been feeling well and woke up the last two morning with my eyes stuck together because of conjunctivitis and my period is back after only about 12 days. Hormones are all over the place just now. Weighed myself this morning and I'm still 10st 5lbs. Could be worse, but could be a lot better.

Breakfast today is porridge with some blueberries and raspberries

Lunch is banana and small serving of sushi

Veggie chilli with rice

And lots of water.

cannotfuckingbelievethis Sun 08-Dec-13 08:41:26

Claudius - How did your gym trial go ?

ClaudiusMaximus Sun 08-Dec-13 22:36:08

Hello hello! I did mean to come back and update but I must have got distracted!

It went really well actually. I live pretty far from it (but it's still the closest one to me), so I've decided I'm going to go every week and do a class plus some cardio. Best of all I don't have to sign a contract but can 'pay as I go' so there's no pressure! I think that's where I've been going wrong, saying every Monday I'm going to revolutionise my life whether that be a drastic diet or unsustainable fitness routine.

So saying I'm going to go once a week is reasonable and I think I've got a better chance of sticking to it!

ClaudiusMaximus Sun 08-Dec-13 22:38:44

Also to prevent any more shortbread incidences I've joined WW. Going well so far this weekend actually so fingers crossed for the week ahead at work, where I snack because I'm bored, basically.

How are you feeling today? Has your conjunctivitis cleared up? smile

cannotfuckingbelievethis Tue 10-Dec-13 10:27:14


My eyes have just about all cleared up. Stressed at the moment as I have a couple of essays due in for college which have me reaching for the biscuit tin but trying to resist ! Two weeks tomorrow...wonder how much I'll have lost grin

ClaudiusMaximus Thu 12-Dec-13 00:11:45

So, how was your weigh in?! I have mine on Friday morning so I've used up all my weekly points today and will just stick to my daily allowance tomorrow then see how I get on!!

cannotfuckingbelievethis Thu 12-Dec-13 12:17:16

I'm weighing myself on a Sunday. Was good yesterday and have been good so far today....will allow myself a wee glass of wine tomorrow as a treat. I need it by a Friday. How did you get on this morning ? My friend has lost about 1.5 stone on WW so it can definitely work.

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