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BloodiedGhouloshes Wed 16-Oct-13 09:42:30

Oh Okay, hardly original. smile

But describes us all. smile

Me today,

B- apple, yogurt, cashew nuts and honey
L- salmon and salad
D- honey sesame chicken legs with a greek salad.


TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 23-Apr-14 20:19:06

How are you all? I hope everyone had a good Easter, with some rest and some chocolate.
Shall I go first? You will be rightly ashamed of me.
Remember when you started this thread wellies? And it was "stop bingeing and start eating healthily"? Well. I have rewritten that mantra (omitting several words) and since the end of lent its been simply "binge" [tbublush]
I gave up chocolate for lent and have been steadfastly working my way through 72 Easter eggs since Sunday.
That is only a slight exaggeration btw. grin
I did put some vegetables in the beef curry today though.
Shit, I need a gastric band fasting day as a matter of urgency.

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 16-Apr-14 17:41:25

Hugs ((hazel))
Fasting today.

Hazelbrowneyes Wed 16-Apr-14 08:35:08

Hi all!

Hope you’re all well. Well done on the mini fast Amanda and the swimming! I’ve done c25k once and then discovered I really, really dislike running grin

Milly you’ve just reminded me of how much I love Lion Bars envy

Wellies super sunny here still, although I see the forecast for Sunday is light rain. Boo. Had planned to have family over and be in the garden. Now need to rethink the menu as BBQ is probably off the table now!

As for me? Meh. Been a tough week. I’ve got the court date through for the small claims thing (September!) and I’ve got a VAT inspection next month, which will be fine but it’s more work to do during one of my busiest months. DH is in a terrible mood as work is too busy and he’s just not himself. We’re working 11 hour days at the moment so we’re both a bit jaded. All good intentions of exercising have gone out the window as I’m just so knackered. Really getting fed up of my stomach though, so I’m going to have to do something.

Last week was awful for food but I did manage to lose 2lbs. I expect to put that (and more to be honest) back on this week. I went shopping on Saturday and treated myself to a new pair of jeans. I didn’t pay much attention to the size and just bought the ones that felt like they were the most comfortable.

So far this week:
Monday: cornflakes w/ skimmed milk, greek salad with falafel, seabass with samphire, purple sprouting broccoli and salad, mini cheddars, twix mix and a glass of milk

Tuesday: frusili bar, tuna and sweetcorn sandwich, egg fried rice with mixed veg, TWO packets of low fat crisps, THREE (small) slices of St Clement’s drizzle cake (homemade, natch)

B – frusili bar
L – tuna and sweetcorn pasta
D – I think DH is having sardines so I’ll have fishfingers grin

I’m going to go food shopping today or tomorrow and I’m going to get my life in order. I am fed up of eating crap.

TheRealAmandaClarke Tue 15-Apr-14 20:35:35

Hey FRs.
We're ok thanks (fingers crossed) and back to normal chaos grin
I managed a mini fast yesterday (b: nothing, l: nothing, d: risotto, yogurt)
I have snacked today blush
Going to fast tomorrow. It's best if I stay out of dinner arrangements so I've left something for dh and dcs.
I went for a swim this morning and am considering c25k.
Get me!
Onwards and downwards.

SlightlyDampWellies Thu 10-Apr-14 06:45:33

Morning all.

thanks Amanda. You sound like you have been put through it. Hope things get very better very quickly indeed.

Milly the curry was gorgeous. DH asked if we can 'put this into our regular rotation'. grin so that will mean we will have it about every 2 weeks. I am more than happy with that! Yum. Thank you.

Me yesterday:

B- ham coleslaw and salad sandwich
L- same
S- 2 packs wotsits. 3 easter bunnies.
D- chicken curry!

Drinks- loads of diet lemonade, tonic water and herbal teas.

Hope everyone is fine. Is it sunny where you all are? I have promised the DCs that if I can get my work done I will take them to the beach for an icecream and a play in the park later this afternoon. It might be chilly, but I am determined to get out if I can!

TheRealAmandaClarke Thu 10-Apr-14 06:35:38

M&S Milly

MillyJones Wed 09-Apr-14 22:28:35

Ooooo where did you get Maple and pecan biscuits?

TheRealAmandaClarke Wed 09-Apr-14 22:07:30

I think I'll try that recipe of milly thanks.
We're much better thank you. But omg it's been tough. DS has so far managed to avoid it but I'm not us how. We're on strict inction control methods ATM.
Eating ok.
Ish. <hides maple and pecan biscuit>

MillyJones Wed 09-Apr-14 20:56:10

Wellies Im so glad you liked it. Its our favourite. We sometimes put extra chillies in if we fancy it hotter. smile

me today.

two choc digestives and big cup of tea

big prawns lightly fried in sweet white wine, sugar, dill , butter and a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end. Served on a bed of leaves.

Vanilla frothy coffee and couple of squares chocolate

Said Chicken and Coconut curry (ha ha)

one cadburys crème egg

one lion bar


SlightlyDampWellies Wed 09-Apr-14 19:10:00

Millywe tried your curry tonight and it was lovely thank you! I did put in extra onions as we love them. It was easy to make a mild and creamy version for the Dcs and a more spicy version for DH and I. Lovely, just lovely. Thank you! I like the sweetness the apple and apricots gave too.

Mmmmm. Actually I stuffed myself full. grin

SlightlyDampWellies Tue 08-Apr-14 15:22:59

Hi everyone.

Amanda hope everyone in your house is alot better?

Hazel good for you for turning down the social activities. I am also procrastinating madly on work. I hate myself when I do that. Grrrr. It is vaguely sunny out there.

Thanks*Milly*. smile i am going to make that tomorrow. It sounds gorgeous! I will keep you posted. Just yum. I have been craving curries lately! I tried to persuade DH to have takeaway last weekend but he turned it down -this sounds a very great deal yummier.

Me today;

B- 1 slice toast with ham and butter. 1 handful grapes
L- smoked salmon and rocket sandwich. 1 pear
S-1 slice bread with ham (again!)
D- mushroom risotto and salad.

Still doing well with the no alcohol and hopefully it is starting to show on the scales- did a sneaky weigh in and I am down another pound. Hope to report a decent loss on Friday!

Onwards and downwards. smile

MillyJones Mon 07-Apr-14 18:40:45

You could add onion in the beginning of course but I don't as there is onion powder in curry powder.

MillyJones Mon 07-Apr-14 18:40:02

Chicken and Coconut curry.

Fry two yellow peppers and one chopped apple till soft. I use olive oil.
Add diced chicken breast
cook till done.
Add two tablespoons of curry powder of your choice and one sachet of solid coconut and stir till mixed in . I also add cumin, black onion seeds and cardamom seeds
Add water (depending on how many your cooking for and how many chicken breasts you used etc) some broccoli and desiccated coconut
(tablespoon) chopped apricots (dried) and fresh ginger root. leave to reduce (cook on low)
When it is cooked and chicken is soft take off the heat .
Serve with rice, fresh washed coriander leaves and mint leaves, greek yoghurt, chutney, lime pickle and mint yoghurt sauce.
Pappadoms and Naan breads.


hazelbrowneyes Mon 07-Apr-14 17:01:39

Thanks! grin

Admittedly, I'm refusing to sit through it tonight. They've asked if we want to go out for curry and it'll involve alcohol so I've said no because I'm not sure I have the willpower after today besides, I've got prawn curry in the fridge at home grin I don't mind going to the pub for a soft drink but sitting through a meal with them all downing wine? No thank you.

I've done well with food today - 4 dry crackers instead of a bag of crisps today. Proud of myself!

Ooh wellies that would really, really wind me up!

amanda so sorry you're living in a plague house! Sounds extremely stressful. Any chance of another glass of red tonight? To numb the pain further wink

Still at work and really not feeling up for exercising when I get home, but that's just me being lazy. Not drank enough water today either. not done enough work either but lets not talk about that

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 07-Apr-14 16:40:08

Very very well done Hazel

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 07-Apr-14 16:30:54

Oh ppl can be sooo annoying Wellies
I wish I could report alcohol free here. I am thankfully limited by bf, but I have succumbed to a glass of red for enjoyment to numb the emotional pain today.
OMG. This is a plague house. I cannot adequately describe the stress of trying to prevent he spread of infection tbh. And this is valuable holiday time too. I'm on my knees (andnot in a good way grin
But I managed to skip lunch. I like making myself have those longer breaks between meals. It's part of what I've picked up from fasting.
Bf: toast and marmalade
L: nothing
D: roast chicken etc.
S: red wine, 1 glass.

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 07-Apr-14 09:43:25

Your menus sound good to me Hazel (and considering I have been sitting and staying at 10 stone 12, not sure can advise on losing weight! grin )

4 hours in a pub on softdrinks while everyone else gets sozzled is not my idea of fun. Respect hazel for sitting through it!

I am happily returning to alcohol-free today. Slept badly last night after some wine. Got up at 4 brooding as I discovered a person I sometimes work with has screwed a project up and thought they could scapegoat me by saying I had not met a deadline. Utter rubbish but she does not know I am still in contact with the client so I assume thought she could get away with it. I think people know the truth, (she has form) but I despise that sort of moral cowardice.

hazelbrowneyes Mon 07-Apr-14 09:04:55

grin I know amanda I like to see instant results though grin

TheRealAmandaClarke Mon 07-Apr-14 08:51:36

Well done Hazel and wellies

hazel you need to be patient.

hazelbrowneyes Mon 07-Apr-14 08:46:15

Morning wellies sounds like you had a nice weekend!

Mine was ok, but had epic tantrum yesterday as I’d washed the only 2 pairs of jeans that fit and therefore had nothing to wear. DH ended up going to visit his mum without me blush Still, I used the time well. Yes, Ladies…



B – scrambled egg
L – cheese and brown sauce sandwich
D – spicy southern fried chicken fillets with chips (this was surprisingly nice actually!)
S – crackers with lime pickle, hot chocolate

Went to the pub (for 4 bloody hours) and stuck to soft drinks. Was very proud of myself! Rewarded myself with a night on the sofa catching up with masterchef.

B – scrambled egg with grilled streaky bacon
L – crackers with lime pickle
D – prawn curry with rice
E – 15 mins X-trainer, weights, squats, sit ups
S – hot chocolate

Unfortunately I’m still weighing in at 9st 8lbs. Why am I not losing weight despite lowering my calorie intake by a reasonable amount? Water retention, maybe? How do I solve that?

I have lost 1 inch off waist, put 0.5 inch on hips angry and 0.5 loss from thighs.

Aim for this week is to exercise daily and up fruit and veg intake. Today:

B – cornflakes (30g) with a teeny sprinkling of sugar and skimmed milk.
L – tuna and sweetcorn pasta with mayo
D – prawn curry with poppadums
S – I am going to cut the hot chocolate tonight and I have cucumber and crackers at work.
E – aim for tonight is 16 minutes on x-trainer (slowly slowly catchy monkey), weights, squats and abs.

So, honest opinions on what I’ve been eating? Anything I can do better? I’m going to try to leave work on time tonight and get to the greengrocer. Fancying some pink grapefruit for breakfasts and some veg to munch on during the day. Also want to do some funkier salads – so pomegranate, cauliflower, beans, etc. I get bored of lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

I’ll be happy to lose half a stone, especially if I’m toning at the same time. I’d prefer to lose a stone but I’m going to stick to small targets to not feel overwhelmed. I’m keeping up the no alcohol thing until the end of the month at least. I’m enjoying sleeping properly and not making a tit out of myself

SlightlyDampWellies Mon 07-Apr-14 05:52:27

Hello! Glad you have a Dr appointment Hazel. smile

How was the weekend for everybody?

I am fine... back from the epic drive. It was absolutely fine in the end, just long and very tiring. Gorgeous hot buffet at the party and I ate loads. smile

Back to normal yesterday more or less. Made banana bread and ate that for lunch. beef stew for dinner with lots of veg. I had a couple of glasses of wine though. So I am really going to be back to normal today.

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 05-Apr-14 12:24:30

Well done. Good luck.

hazelbrowneyes Sat 05-Apr-14 11:15:58

envy over your holiday. Sounds wonderful!

Hugs for now though, sounds a bit stressful. Is your guest helping with your DCs during the day?

You know where we are if you need to vent wink

I've got an appointment booked with the gynae specialist GP on the 17th smile

TheRealAmandaClarke Sat 05-Apr-14 11:03:03

DD is ok thank you.
She's just a bit wakeful. I've been using what is now a "futon" (double bed with legs removed) in DS's old room (he's in her room) so I can co sleep when the going gets tough. But now that room is unavailable. So it's just a bit harder to manage. Plus no tv of course, for fear of waking her.
Normally I love ppl to stay over but on this particular occasion, and with the length of time, it's a bit of a stress for me tbh.
Algarve for hols. DS is super excited.

So far today I have eaten two coconut macaroons and half a buttered hot cross bun.
Plus two v strong coffees.
Need more coffe but am scared of the palpitations.

Been to go yet? hmm

If you a ttc it's probably a good idea to have a chat about the severe pain you seem to get with ovulation. Might be nothing (you're not used to ovulating as youve been on the pill) but its always useful to check <steps down off soapbox>

hazelbrowneyes Sat 05-Apr-14 09:11:47

Ooh picnic amanda! That sounds yum. A week with a house guest though?! I don't envy you. How is your DD? Sorry you're still so tired xx

wellies hope today goes ok. Weirdly, I'm fine with driving long distances and on motorways but I hate being a passenger maybe that's just my DHs driving

Milly I am envy of the hot cross bun with butter. I want this now!

Didn't do quite as well yesterday:
B – pain au chocolat
L – chilli
D – lamb curry with rice and poppadums
S – 3 dry crackers, fruit, bag of low fat crisps. No alcohol though! Didn't manage any exercise either.

Today is the real alcohol test. As predicted, friend wants to go to pub mid-afternoon so I'm going to sit there with a bloody lime and soda whilst she and my DH drink copious amounts of beer and wine. GAH! Although DH has said he won't drink much oh look, a flying pig

I'm at work this morning with plenty to do, then home to tidy up and let the chooks roam the garden for a bit. Want to get some washing done and I do intend to get on the x-trainer for a bit. Then pub where I will say "I'm going to have the chicken salad" and I'll end up ordering the fish finger sandwich with chips grin Hopefully a night in tonight. Tomorrow we're visiting my mum and DMIL. Pointless trying to do anything else as weather supposed to be awful.

Enjoying not drinking though. I'm getting up earlier, feeling brighter and I'm definitely less bloated. Shame my skin is awful at the moment. I'm hoping it's the toxins releasing themselves from my body but I'm guessing it's hormonal. Boo.

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