HotMamas - Five years on, are we fit or are we fat???

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New thread, this one WILL work!!!!

Luckoftheirish Fri 11-Jul-14 07:05:29

Well done fjorny grin

Well I have made an executive decision to start on Sunday! 1st proper day off since Xmas today lunch and night out tonight woo hoo smile

Going to the gym on Sunday (have booked to go with someone for motivation) and then will take the dds swimming! So will get back on it! Going away on 6th august so want to be fitter healthier and my clothes to fit better.... She says hopefully gringringrin

Hovering between 12 1.5 and 12 2, nearer to 12 2 i think but still that's -2 for the week despite cake crisps and bread!!! 2 to go to my no1 target.... it's almost a shame the holidays start next weekend as finally in the groove and it'll all go tits up for 6 weeks, back to the start again blush grin

Welcome back everyone,I'm very glad not to be on my own any more smile

Had cake and buffet yesterday as we had DS' birthday party on 7/7 instead of 8/8 but amazingly still down a bit this morning and have had a pretty good day although not a proper fast. Really want to be under 12 by next Friday but not sure how likely that is based on past performance lol blush grin

SummerSazz Tue 08-Jul-14 20:10:54

Went to the gym today to try out the new inserts - 1.5k run and 1.5k walk, 5 mins powerplate sauna and jacuzzi

Got in the scales and was very pleased to still be about 10.9. Muscle turned to fat from a few weeks ago but still a nice boost smile

I have been severely not looking after myself so this week is about drinking water, eating fruit and veg, getting plenty of sleep and doing some basic skin are regime. My body feels and looks battered from doing none of this for the past couple of weeks. All my own fault but I want to feel healthier now!!

Luckoftheirish Tue 08-Jul-14 06:51:09

I am also in hiding blushblushblushblush 4 weeks til holly bobs done no exercise in weeks and eating pure rubbish. I had rejoined the gym when 3 days in a row and not been back blushblushblushblush

Have seriously lost my mojo so if anyone can send it back I would be very appreciative wink

DoctorGilbertson Mon 07-Jul-14 20:50:53

Yes, it's another week where I don't want to tell you all. Don't know how much but about 12 7 I think (less than 80kg, but not a lot)

SummerSazz Mon 07-Jul-14 20:01:03

I don't dare go near the scales blush

On the upside my new inserts have arrived not that I have been near my trainers for about 2 weeks mind

Come back you guys!!!! Only 11 days till the holidays start shock

Ended up +5 to 12 9, oops blush after more bread plus pringles doughnuts and icing...

I fell off the bread wagon <eek>

Been away for a week shock did try to post on Tuesday but phone ate my words of wisdom.... anyway am +0.5 to 12 4, rather disappointed as been pretty good. Not giving up though, even though I seem to be only two down after a month without wine or wheat, there is a world cup themed buffet at work today with some lovely home made bread, then kids' school fete this aft... must resist...

DoctorGilbertson Sat 28-Jun-14 10:45:25

12 5

I was more last week but didn't want to tell you.

But DD swam a whole width on her own (with me walking alongside)

Online shop coming at 11

-1.5 to 12 3.5 so very slow but still in the right direction. Going to try not to overdo it this weekend and see what happens. Definitely feeling a bit thinner round my top tummy if not my bottom tummy (or my bottom for that matter!)

Just ate a wispa blush it wasn't even nice, tasted of soap <sigh> no wheat in it though!

Back to 12 5 after massive weeing :D

Also made buns for DDs school last night and managed to resist living the bowl out shock but failed miserably on steps and only did 6306. Need to do 14000 today to make up for that.

Sorry to hear your exercise keeps being scuppered sazz, I know it helps you to keep on the straight and narrow food-wise . Hope they can sort you out or chop it off actually that would lose you a few lbs wink

SummerSazz Wed 25-Jun-14 09:18:35

Exercises not done and don't seem to have made it to the gym. blush

Rubbish. angry

Luckoftheirish Wed 25-Jun-14 06:50:25

Exercises donesmile

Luckoftheirish Tue 24-Jun-14 21:34:54

Yes sazz I am working like a mad thing hmm averaging about 4hrs sleep and struggling to switch off in that time in case the silly phone rings! Boss back 4th July so working every day til then.

Still doing school runs with phone in hand and exercises where I can fit them in

Well done on all your weeing fjorny grin

Boo for no swimming sazz but great exercise today and hurrah for cross trainer it's a killer grin

SummerSazz Tue 24-Jun-14 19:45:17

Oops, I fell off the food and exercise wagon for a bit blush. Anyhoo, I shall gloss over that for now and back to it today - 25k bike, 5 mins powerplate and 15 mins morning exercise. Went to specialist today for inserts and now have foot strapped again so swimming is also off the list. Gah!!! I'll weigh in tomorrow but expecting a small gain if I'm honest. Going for x-trainer and rower tomorrow as these are permitted grin

Have agreed with neighbour to do twice weekly early morning walks so hopefully that will keep me on the right track.

PMSL at the racehorse on the thread and LOTI I hope you are not working too much like a mad thing <PF stare>

Wow loti 11.20pm is dedication to duty! Hope your exercising still going well.

Ended the weekend +4 and still +4 today but fasting and weeing like a racehorse today lol! Keeping off wheat still which is really helping snackage limitation.

Luckoftheirish Mon 23-Jun-14 06:50:43

Exercises donesmile got a work call at 11.20pm last night I was dead to the world and was trying to stop what I thought was my alarm and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stop blush

I think I will be winging it this weekgrin

Luckoftheirish Sat 21-Jun-14 07:34:10

Lol sazzgringringrin being rubbish blush

Boss goes away tomorrow for 10 days and I am on 24/7 shift cover so will be unable to do anything!! Kids on hot dinners at school and will be eating on the run. So I shall either be loads heavier or loads lighter by the end thinking heavier lol

Should of gone to the gym this am but cba oops wink

I really can't do it on my own, think this week has been a fluke! Actually though the wheat-free diet is massively helping because there is so much less snacking opportunity. Miss you guys! Will try very hard to post every day this week and see if you can help me lose a few few more lbs smile

SummerSazz Fri 20-Jun-14 20:59:40

You on the hard stuff jammy dodgers LOTI? grin

Luckoftheirish Fri 20-Jun-14 20:24:32


SummerSazz Fri 20-Jun-14 19:31:26

Well done on the loss Fjorny, obviously you don't need us to inspire you grin

Very drunk last night and hungover this morning. Today has been all about food, and lots of it blush

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