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Beccie77 Fri 04-Oct-13 22:42:24

Hello all Alizonners out there, starting a new thread as the old one is full to bursting, and I still want to know how everyone is doing and any tips.

HillyK Fri 01-Aug-14 12:31:01

Hi all, just started yesterday at Glasgow clinic. Very impressed with them. Loving this thread. Going to Commonwealth Games tonight and about to make choc drop thingies to take with me :-)
Nearly 4 stone to lose but am on a mission!

Brigidwasp Tue 29-Jul-14 11:53:03

@lokijet Week 1 & 2 I didn't want to see anything tempting around the house, and couldn't cook anything for my boyfriend. But now I am able to even make him a home made pizza without having a bad time. You get used to it and you start missing more the healthy stuff that is banned than junk food. At least in my case.

Pollyanna7 Mon 28-Jul-14 23:47:51

Hi @ lokijet - I have found it easy to fit round my family because the sachets are so quick to prepare, you can make your own meal and then you don't feel hungry as they have theirs. In week 1 I couldn't cook for my husband- far too tempting, but tonight I made fish pie and didn't even lick the sauce spoon! My daughter is very health/weight conscious after years of seeing me yo-yo diet, so she prepares her own, so, easy for me. However I did Alizonne before some years ago when the children were younger and you do get in the zone very easily and are able to resist because of the rapid weight loss results AND the outgoing £££££££££!! Hope you decide to give it a try smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 28-Jul-14 23:39:17

Thankyou @sandyxblog and @Bottomlesspurse- must admit I was chuffed as they say!! smile. Just want to say that I did the raspberry clafoutis recipe from the recipe book, which makes 'cherry muffins'. If you want something to chew on its really good and the rhubarb perks the flavour up. I'm not a cake and pud person but you do get the urge for sweetness sometimes. I was thinking of eating half of the 3 buns with half a sachet of vanilla dessert - may feel like school puds! Not expecting a wonderful weight loss this week as I've been on antibiotics and cough medicine, Yuk. Already getting into trousers that didn't fit well last week though. Onward and upward! smile smile

lokijet Mon 28-Jul-14 23:35:09

hi I am looking at starting this but was wondering how you manage to fit in around the rest of your life - family meals, work etc Do you start by emptying anything tempting out of the house??

Bottomlesspurse Sun 27-Jul-14 18:15:00

Wonderful news Sandyxblog, well done! And what a result Pollyanna7 smile I'm sorry Thingirlfatbody, I don't know any recipes (I'm a terrible cook and rely on the drinks sachets lol), hope you found one smile
Had my weigh in on Sat, 3lb down this time, bit disappointing but was told that it slows down the less you have to lose. I am 15lbs lighter than before so very pleased about that. We moved my target by half a stone too, because the therapist thought I might look too gaunt as I'm older. Happy with that.
All the best to you all xx

sandyxblog Sun 27-Jul-14 15:15:01

Wahay!! Lost 5lb this week! Takes it to 2 stone 1 lb lost in six weeks!! Time to treat myself to a new charm for my Pandora bracelet! My BMI is finally under 40 and I'm now under 17 stones. Fingers crossed I never see 17 again!!!

@pollyanna7 - congrats on the weigh in, thats fantastic!!

Sandy x

Pollyanna7 Fri 25-Jul-14 22:42:43

Hi, started on wed 16th July and had my first weigh-in on wed this week and was absolutely delighted that I'd lost 10 lbs! I suspect much of it is fluid but it's given me a real boost. Just discovered the sheeps cheese mousse and made the aubergine lasagne. OMG it was actually delish. Made a normal lasagne for the family and wasn't even envious! Also loving the cheese omelette (and I hate fake cheesey tastes like Quavers) but the sheeps cheese mousse reminds me of Dairylea Also tried the turnip chips which are good as long as you eat them piping hot. Tried the banana dessert but wasn't too impressed. Anyone discovered a way of tarting it up? I'm really enjoying playing around with the sachets. I also have a big jug of lemon tea in the fridge, so tonight I put a couple of inches in a wine glass and topped it up with ice and sparkling water. It's a long shot I know but I did convince myself I was drinking sparkling wine!!(make sure you add canderel) . Well Friday night is wine night smile

Thingirlinfatbody Thu 24-Jul-14 17:48:53

Hi guys. I have been invited to a BBQ at some friends over the weekend. Said I would take my own food. Was going to do some vegetable kebabs but kind of fancied something like a burger. Has anyone got any recipes/ideas would really appreciate your help.

Brigidwasp Thu 24-Jul-14 15:41:25

@bottomlesspurse that is wonderful well done! smile

Bottomlesspurse Thu 24-Jul-14 13:20:27

Just popped in to catch up with how everyone is doing, have been working away from home last couple of weeks so not getting a chance to spend any time on here. I've now lost 12lbs in 2 weeks and will be weighed in again on Sat - highly delighted smile
Sending much love xx

Brigidwasp Thu 24-Jul-14 12:41:51

@sandyxblog, thanks! I'm 100% motivated again. This has also helped me to be prepared in case it happens again, I know I just have to keep going and my body will catch up with the weight loss eventually.

Today I managed to fully zip one dress I've never been able to wear, one of those "love it, will buy it for when I lose some weight" and it's been in my closet for a couple of years now. And now it fits like a glove, not tight anywhere. It got me really excited! Probably when I finish this, this dress will be too big though, haha better hurry up and wear it a few times before that happens!

@Thingirlinfatbody congrats! nice 1st week weight loss smile When you start it seems like it's going to take forever to get there, but you're going to notice the changes in your body pretty fast!

Thingirlinfatbody Wed 23-Jul-14 21:26:30

Hi all. Just thought I would post an update. Have been for my first weigh in. So five days since I started and I have lost 5lb. Really chuffed. Bought a load more sachets as well so I can carry on experimenting but so far so good. Roll on next week...

sandyxblog Wed 23-Jul-14 17:47:06

@brigidwasp - congrats, glad ur getting back on track!!

Sandy x

sandyxblog Wed 23-Jul-14 17:45:13


* I've kept all my receipts and by the end of week 8 i will have spent �2200 so for me it averages out at �1100 per month. I tend to buy 6 boxes each week for variety...its not fun having the same thing each day.

* You'll need 2-3L of water on top of your sachet content

* I haven't ever been offerred firming creams or anything lol! Definitely not a compulsory thing.

* Yellow sachets have higher calorie intake therefore you can only have them three times a week in total (not 3 times a week each lol). Examples include feta cheese and chicken nuggets.

* I'm not sure I understood correctly. Are you planning on starting or continuing weight training whilst on Alizonne? If your doing more than 45 mins of mod to high intensity exercise or weights, i've been advised to check in with the clinic first. As this type of exercise builds muscle, generally the number of sachets you consume each day increases therefore so will your cost.

Sandy x

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 21:11:59

Hello @switchback will be glad to answer your questions if I know the answer smile

They told me it would cost more or less £1000 per month. But at least for me, it's been more expensive than that. I'm not in London clinic though, I'm not sure if every clinic costs the same.

Keep in mind you will be buying more sachets per week so you have more variety or you will get bored of eating exactly the same every day (every box is £18), some weeks I buy 5, some weeks I buy 8. Then you will run out of supplements every now and again.

Yellow sachets - these are usually the ones that taste better. Also slightly more caloric, so in phase one and two they're only allowed 3 times per week. In the form they give you to select the food, they're highlighted in yellow, that's why.

Can't tell if you can make the starter pack cheaper by buying some items on your own. The supplements though, if you want to buy them yourself, you should check with the Dr. if the ones you will get are compatible with the diet, some aren't.

The creams I believe are optional. They didn't include them in my started pack, and they offered them to me during the first treatment. In my case it was a firming lotion. Very pricey by the way.

Unfortunately, the water used to make the sachet food does NOT count towards the daily water intake.

switchback Tue 22-Jul-14 17:52:31

Hi Guys
Just read through this whole thread smile I'm 80% convinced I'll start the alizonne course this November (the delay is due to a planned holiday & waiting for my pay rise to 'kick-in' lol). I wanted to say well done to everyone, the stories have been quite inspiring smile

Just for info, I'm a 35 year guy with a son (so a parent but not a mum lol). I started weight training when I was in my early teens (not a good idea). I became quite stocky in the true sense - I wasn't Mr Olympus freaky big, but was in good shape. I had a bad break-up in my early twenties, after which I stopped training for a year or so. But as you know, effective weight training comes with eating large amounts of proteins, unfortunately I didn't stop this sad My weight ballooned. Since then I haven’t been able to get my weight back down So I'm hoping Alizonne will help.

I mentioned the above, because as a result of my weight training, things like BMI were inaccurate as they didn't take into account muscle mass. And because I now have a naturally stocky physique, and because it double the metabolism for 12 hours (or more) I intend to use weight training as part of my weight loss program. Due to this, the traditional measurements (weight level, BMI, etc.) will not will not be a good indication of whether I meet my target. Instead, I will be looking at my Waist-to-Chest ratio & Waist-to-Hip ratio ( I’m looking to reduce my Waist from 54” to 40” & my Chest from 52” to 46”. However, I will of course keep an eye on my weight and BMI 

So that’s my rambling-on intro. I do have a few questions about the Alizonne treatment I hope you guys can help answer. I will be looking to join the London Clinic, near Bond Street. So if anyone could has experience of the prices/service from this clinic it would help alot.

From what I gather, the process is as follows:
Initial Consultation (usually free)
Doctors visit (aprox £85)
Blood Test (aprox £95)
Phase 1 – Diet Plan consisting of 35 sachets per week & supplements
Phase 1 – weekly Ultrasound & Dermalogica sessions
Phase 1 – 4 weekly doctor checkup
Phase 2, 3 & 4 decided by doctor during checkups.
Is this correct?

I understand some of the things in the starter pack can sometimes be found cheaper elsewhere (eg. the bodysuit, shaker, supplements, etc.) like on forums and fleabay, would Alizonne allow this, to reduce the cost of the starter pack & ongoing sachets purchases?

I noticed people mentioning special ‘yellow sachets’. What are these?
I noticed people mentioning creams in starter packs. Are these just standard moisturising creams?
Does the water used to make the sachet food count towards the daily water amount?

Apologies for the many questions (I will probably have more later lol).
Thanks and keep up the good work smile

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 12:00:41

Welcome @Pollyanna7 : )

Brigidwasp Tue 22-Jul-14 11:55:27

Hi all!

Just back from the clinic, finally my weight loss is starting to speed up again, this week 2kg, so I'm pretty happy today!

@Sandyxblog - I've been eating the cheese omelette for 2 or 3 weeks now, and I'm loving it too. (hated the herbs one). Good idea I will have to start emptying my cupboards as well.

Today I tried 2 new sachets, chocolate brownie and caramel drink. *Caramel drink I use about 1/2 the water making it yoghurt-like, and it's really good. Nice to have a different option, was getting a bit tired of always the choc + vanilla ones. It will help having some more variety.
*Chocolate brownie is not bad! would need some sweetener in my opinion but I didn't add any. I was told in the clinic that the Aspartame slows down the metabolism, so I'm scared of using it now :S

@Thingirlinfatbody how is it going? did you find your favourite sachets from the assortment packs already? any of them you hate?

Does anyone know if it's ok to eat any bubblegum that is sweetened 100% Xylitol, or it has to be only the mint ones? Do you know if the fruity flavours are also good? forgot to ask in the clinic today.

@Dinoscales, I also eat the potato patties very often for dinner. I use garlic powder on them though, and I eat them with a whole sliced fried fennel.

How is everyone else going?

Thingirlinfatbody Mon 21-Jul-14 19:45:23

Well done Sandy. That's absolutely fantastic. Didn't realise you had a blog where do I find that?

Pollyanna7 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:34:29

** drop off, I obviously meant to say, although this time much more bits might just droop!! smile

Pollyanna7 Mon 21-Jul-14 14:32:04

Hi everyone, new to this site/forum but finding all the Alizonne chat fascinating. I did it 3 years ago, lost 3 stones in 12 weeks and felt fabulous, better then I ever had before. BUT...I was sufficiently arrogant to think 'done it, can go it alone now'. Big mistake. Now 3 years later I've put the 3 stones back, plus an extra stone as I had a knee op last year which went wrong so I haven't been able to exercise properly. So, I've picked myself up, dusted myself down as they say, and started last Wed all over again, so I'm at exactly the same stage as you @cxgamble!! I don't mind the foods actually( even though I normally never eat packet/convenience food) as I find you can tart them up quite a lot! Just been looking through the recipe sheets as well and there's lots of great ideas. Last time I did Alizonne, I tried the potato pie and gipped, but now I bake it and sprinkle it over my salad like couscous. So I'll have my 1st weigh-in & treatment on Wed, we'll see how we go but I am determined to go thro' to the last phase this time WHATEVER! 4 stones to go, but I'm motivated and happy- just can't wait to watch the weight droop off like last time and fit all the suitcases full of smaller clothes. smile smile

bettybrighton Mon 21-Jul-14 13:23:10

Hi @cxgamble I agree with you about the pizza. I make really small ones by pressing them flat into a muffin tin, baking for 10 mins then taking them out, brush with oil and herbs and spices then put then back in the oven in a baking tin. They do end up kind of crispy and I either have then like this with curry (fake naan bread) or top them with roasted veg and some Sheeps cheese (if you use the cheese make sure you only use half the pizza base and half the cheese)

I am now on week 5 and have lost 11kg which I happy about. I have a couple of phase 2 days recently to deal with big events and am going to have a phase 2 weekend as I going to a music festival this weekend so I hope I don't gain this week. Good luck everyone I really enjoy reading about everyone's losses.
Here are my mini pizza's they weren't too bad smile

CXGAMBLE Sun 20-Jul-14 21:49:45

Hey everyone. So pleased everyone's doing so well.

So, it's Sunday and started on Wednesday so on day 5. I've found a couple of days whereby I've struggled to fit all 5 sachets in before 8pm, as I finish work at half 5 and can sometimes get stuck in traffic on my way home. I seem to find myself leaning towards the drinks and desserts as I'm struggling to 'cook' things. Such as i tried to cook the pizza, but it blew up in the middle like a soufflé!! Cooked really unevenly and was still soggy underneath. Tried it again and this time turn it over, but gets stuck to the baking sheet and comes apart. Grrrr. Like the oatmeal for brekkie, and have cooked that tonight in cookie format to feel like I'm actually eating something solid.

I really thought I was a veggie lover until I read the list of 'can haves', and it transpires I obviously am not as veggie as I thought. So therefore cannot find any salad to eat at lunchtime as already bored of lettuce and tomato with no dressing, and sticking to leafy greens, broccoli etc in the evening.

No problems with the multivitamins. Quinton I'm struggling with as makes me feel sick. The creams I think are an expensive waste of money as I think boots no.7 range leaves a much nicer feel toy skin than their stuff.

Just can't wait to eat some nice chicken or a banana again!!!

That said, I went for my first treatment on Friday, and even though it had only been 54 hours since starting they weighed me anyway, and had lost 4.5lbs.

Speak soon xx

sandyxblog Sun 20-Jul-14 17:44:43

Its just a wordpress one where I ramble on lol! You cam find it at

Sandy x

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