someone tell me the wonderful things I can do when I've lost the weight!!!!

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Right, started a juice fast last monday (so on day 8). Wobbled and had salad twice for the simple reason I was going to flake out! However by weigh in yesterday had lost 11lbs but today I am famished! I only have to do this until friday. Then I move onto a low fat version of the 5-2 diet. I want to lose about 8 stone so it has to be drastic. But I'm struggling. All I can think of is a squushy bun with ham and salad blush
Please regail me with how wonderful I'll feel thin, how much more energy etc.

fatlazymummy Sun 11-Aug-13 16:50:52

I exercise quite a lot, so to me the benefits are of weight loss and increased fitness (apologies if I am repeating what other people have said)-
no horrible sweaty rash under my boobs. Feeling comfortable in my bra.
Wearing jeans for the 1st time in 10 years
Clothes generally. Being able to buy clothes that I actually like, rather than ones that just hide my body.
My BP is now within a safe range. I no longer worry about having a heart attack or stroke, or developing type 2 diabetes, or dying within the next few years (I am 53)
Feeling light on my feet and graceful, being able to run for the bus without getting out of breath.
Life is just so much better overall. I feel like I have got the 'real me' back again.
OP, hang in there. It took me a long time, in fact I am still working at it but it is so worth it. Losing weight is the 2nd best thing I have ever done for myself (after quitting smoking). Best of luck!

Lost a total of 17lbs in 3 weeks now! 5:2 low dat stuff. Feeling so happy and DH has commented on it. Another reason I wanted to do this was that he just didnt seem to fancyme anymore. That's changing too ... whoopee!!!

FrancesDeLaTourCoughngIntoABin Mon 12-Aug-13 11:43:52

That is brilliant, well done
As for your DH, if it's anything like mine, he thinks your wonderful but it was my own opinion of my body that was wrecking things to an extent.

FrancesDeLaTourCoughngIntoABin Mon 12-Aug-13 11:44:26

you're wonderful
I never used to get this stuff wrong
sinz I been on MN I ken bearley rite

[Grin] me too. It's quicker to check MN on my phone but my sausage fingers cause all sorts of spelling mistakes and predictive text blunders! Yet another plus point for weight loss...thinner fingers, better English wink

Quick...need a kick in the pants. Juicing today but on my period so raging hunger!!!!

SPBisResisting Tue 13-Aug-13 17:39:46


Phew! ThanksSPB grin

Oh oh oh! Thought if another thing! Going into hospital with DS tomorrow and have to stay over. When I LOSE MY WEIGHT I will be able to relax and sleep safe on the knowlwdge I will not keep all the poorly children awake with the chorus of the ten pneumatic drills that is my snoring grin

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