Impact of hurricane sandy on NYC?

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missali Sat 27-Oct-12 21:30:53

I am a teacher and due to take a school trip to NYC on Monday for 5 days. What's the likelihood of us actually getting there? Will be gutted for the kids if we end up having to cancel..

OhYouBigBadBeast Sat 27-Oct-12 22:04:20

I have to be brutally honest, I think the chances of it not being able to happen are quite high I'm afraid.

info for checking flights
The trip leader needs to check flight status regularly tomorrow.
We are talking about the hurricane more here

I'll see if I can dig out any more info.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sat 27-Oct-12 22:08:13

I'm afraid this isn't a comforting website but it seems to present a realistic discussion.
I'm really sorry.

difficultpickle Sat 27-Oct-12 22:09:44

State of emergency declared in New York. The report I heard earlier said the storm front was 800 miles wide and could linger for 36 hours. I would expect the airports to be closed.

BloooCowWonders Sat 27-Oct-12 22:10:52

Flights have been cancelled and rerouted already. Sorry to say this but not a chance you'll go. sad Really sorry.

NatashaBee Sat 27-Oct-12 22:11:15

Based on what I've heard so far (DSD due to travel Sunday night so I've been checking for updates) it sounds unlikely that the airport will be open.

Viperidae Sat 27-Oct-12 22:34:04

DS is in New York at the moment, due to fly back Monday and says they have heard about storm but not being made a big deal of where they are. They are due to fly back Mon and, so far, all flights are still shown as planned although obviously it may change

Viperidae Sun 28-Oct-12 01:02:08

Actually I take that back, think BA are changing flight times!

MmeLindor Sun 28-Oct-12 01:04:46

Just been chatting to a friend on Twitter. She's preparing for the storm and said it was forecast to be a big one.

Would you be able to reschedule the trip?

NapOfTheDamned Sun 28-Oct-12 01:11:52

Dr Jeff Masters on weather underground is the go-to expert on hurricanes and we in the tropics in the path of hurricanes read his blog religiously (Sandy missed us by 160 miles but we still got 9 foot waves on my island)

I'm afraid it is not looking too good for NYC

missali Sun 28-Oct-12 08:04:52

Thanks all..the trip leader is me! Phoned the airline yesterday and they said no flights changed yet..will phone airline and tour operator at lunchtime today. Feel so bad for the students, several of them have worked a few part time jobs to pay for it themselves!

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 08:11:05

Missali I hope that you can get some realistic info then.
Just occurred to me that with the time difference there may not be updated info from the airports until they all wake up. I'd check with the hotel too to make sure they aren't in a flood zone and be aware that they may have to shut the subways etc from this evening.
I'm so sorry for you all, it's really shit.

difficultpickle Sun 28-Oct-12 09:50:27

Hopefully you've booked a package. If not even if the flights are cancelled you will still be liable for the hotel costs, unless you have 24 hr cancellation notice with the hotel (which is pretty common for NY hotels ime).

missali Sun 28-Oct-12 10:54:31

Yes we're on a full package deal, interestingly UK airport have just phoned me to say no cancellation of flights yet..

helpyourself Sun 28-Oct-12 13:17:40

DD and I are on manhattan now! It's a little overcast and blowy, but no drama yet. We're due to fly out from Newark Tuesday afternoon, so have changed our plans to go to Ellis Island today rather than tomorrow as I reckon the pleasure ferries will be the first to be cancelled.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 15:13:47
Viperidae Sun 28-Oct-12 16:27:14

Some BA flights are now cancelled for later tonight.

MooncupGoddess Sun 28-Oct-12 17:57:38

It's sounding really serious, isn't it.

I have a friend who flew back into Heathrow during the 1987 storm - he says it was one of the most terrifying experiences of his life, the plane took several attempts to land and passengers were screaming and throwing up everywhere. So the airlines are not being unnecessarily overcautious!

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 19:16:52

It's also partly down to risk of damage to planes and runways if the airport floods. LaGardia and JFK are both particularly vulnerable. So there may be early cancellations due to airlines not wanting their airplanes in a vulnerable place.

clam Sun 28-Oct-12 19:34:39

If you look at the Heathrow live departures site, it shows lots of US flights as being cancelled.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 19:46:05

Oh yes Clam. Not good for people hoping to get in ahead of the storm.

How's it going missali? ( I expect you are very very busy at the moment)

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 19:48:01

3 of the cancelled planes all seem to be the same one on a code share though.

mumblechum1 Sun 28-Oct-12 19:49:51

Oh blogs this is the first I've heard of this. DS in Washington on a school trip, due to go to NYC on a coach tomorrow or Tues, not sure which.


OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 19:54:29

I'm sure they will be sensible mumblechum and probably stay put. Are there any updates on the school website?

mumblechum1 Sun 28-Oct-12 19:56:23

No, not a sausage. And he went on Fri morning and we haven't heard a peep by way of texts or anything

difficultpickle Sun 28-Oct-12 20:02:13

Probably having too much fun. Have you texted him?

mumblechum1 Sun 28-Oct-12 20:11:39

Yes, three times since Fri. I should have had a girl. MY friend's dd is also in W'ton on a different school trip and sends her parents txts and photos several times a day envy

difficultpickle Sun 28-Oct-12 20:23:44

I think you're right. Boys just don't think grin

Waswondering Sun 28-Oct-12 20:30:11

Op - feel for you and your responsibility as group leader.

If your trip is cancelled can it be re-arranged for another time this year?

TheCatInTheHairnet Sun 28-Oct-12 20:36:42

I am guessing the flights will be cancelled. They've closed all the mass transit by tonight already and the schools are all closed for tomorrow (and some have already closed for Tuesday too). It's not just the rain and wind, they are predicting major power outs too.

At the moment, it's all very pre storm exciting. Grey and blowy and everyone running around like headless chickens stocking up and getting petrol!

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:05:14

TheCat - are you going to be our live blogger?

AnEerieAirOfHorror Sun 28-Oct-12 21:14:05

What time is the storm ment to hit NYC?

Viperidae Sun 28-Oct-12 21:18:13

DS is stuck there now. Flights from JFK to Heathrow are all cancelled tonight, tomorrow and most of Tuesday.

They have bought some bottled water and sweets just in case they need them and are just going to wait it out now.

I'm just hoping the power doesn't go down on them.

fledtoscotland Sun 28-Oct-12 21:19:29

Am watching with baited breath. Am due to fly to JFK on Thursday.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:30:08

Eerie, late tomorrow night or early Tuesday but it will be rough before then.

GloriaSmud Sun 28-Oct-12 21:32:16

Found some NY webcams here. The Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty HarborCam are giving some good views. The clouds look very dark and low.

Willabywallaby Sun 28-Oct-12 21:34:16

My brother lives in Boston, are they going to miss out on this?

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:47:01

Boston looks to catch some of this, it's a vast storm. If it turns as predicted then I think they will escape the worst.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:48:40

Webcams will be fascinating I think.

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:50:44

Viperidae, have they got torches and other food? Water was very sensible.

mumblechum1 Sun 28-Oct-12 21:52:49

Still haven't heard fromn DS but have called his friend's mum, who has heard that they are delaying their drive to NYC via Philly which they were supposed to be doing tomorrow, now going up on Tues, so they may miss the worst of it, but are hanging around in the hotel most of the time today and presumably tomorrow.

Hope they have a pack of cards and a bottle of Jack smile

OhYouBigBadBeast Sun 28-Oct-12 21:56:11

Mumble that was good thinking!

IamtheZombie Sun 28-Oct-12 21:56:18

"Hope they have a pack of cards and a bottle of Jack"

Zombie likes your style, mumblechum1.


Willabywallaby Sun 28-Oct-12 22:05:14

Thanks OhYouBigBadBeast

mumblechum1 Sun 28-Oct-12 22:05:19

grin. Thing is they have to be 21 to buy alcohol so hopefully one of them will have had the sense to buy something in the duty free in LHR.

TheCatInTheHairnet Sun 28-Oct-12 23:37:08

Or have some decent fake ID, mumble!

It's quite exciting this evening. The wind is picking up and the kids are all happy that they're off school tomorrow. Yay! We're getting a mini half term after all!

My poor dog is freaking out though. He's very weather sensitive, so I hate to see what he's going to be like tomorrow.

helpyourself Mon 29-Oct-12 01:41:25

Waves at cat! I'm holed up in a hotel with DD on Manhattan. Schools shut tomorrow and trains and buses stopped.
Looks like we'll be here for Halloween after all smile

missali Mon 29-Oct-12 09:30:06

We didn't go. Airline cancelled out flight yesterday afternoon. I am going to look into rescheduling when we get back to school. Thanks for all your help/info

OhYouBigBadBeast Mon 29-Oct-12 09:44:12

I'm so sorry Missali, thats rubbish. To be fair though, I dont think it would be much fun at the moment though.

helpyourself, are you stocked up with water and stuff? Hope you and theCat are managing to get some good sleep at the moment as I think it might be rather more difficult to sleep tonight.

helpyourself Mon 29-Oct-12 12:51:53

blush I'm not prepared at all! We were going to spend the evening with friends upstate and in the end they came to us, if anything I was worried about being stranded with them.
However, although the Starbucks downstairs is shut, the supermarket a block away is open, there are still cars on the street and it's windy but not ridiculously so.

helpyourself Mon 29-Oct-12 13:29:52

sad for Missali
I've just been out for coffee. It's blowy but mild and barely raining. Plan is to pack in case we're evacuated then go for a walk locally, I'll get cash and water- the kitchen doesn't have a kitchen but we can survive for quite a while on bananas, crackers and water!

yourheadonastick Mon 29-Oct-12 19:22:14

Am watching news on CNN,

The impending storm looks terrible.

I Hope all those who have to evacuate do so.

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