Rather belated thread - pollution forecasts

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Not my forte but fortunately DEFRA have a handy checker to see what your pollution forecast is. Just put in your post code.

Should massively ease tomorrow thank goodness.

hazeyjane Thu 03-Apr-14 12:49:59

Thankyou for the link kitten, it says we are in a moderate area here, but the air feels really thick and my allergy ridden family are suffering. Will be keeping ds in for today.

I'm in a moderate area too, I hate to think what it must be like in a high area. The air looks a little yellow and cycling wasnt a great idea - my eyes got gritty and they feel quite irritated now.

You can supposedly get actual measurements here but the DEFRA site is clearly creaking under the strain.

It seems that the forecast area for very high doesnt really match the actual area. Sadly the DEFRA site is now being so crap its impossible to see more detailed data.

JillJ72 Thu 03-Apr-14 19:56:20

Thanks OYBBK, another string to the forecasting bow. I think it's good this information's available but am surprised how many peeps on FB were unaware that Saharan sand isn't unusual!!

Feeling bit of a tightness in my chest this evening (I have asthma) and we've all got headaches.

Hope this means more will be done to help reduce air pollution.

It is interesting to look at isn't it. It's also a bit sad about how little we all know/notice about what is happening in our own little part of the world. There's so much 'happenings' in life that there isn't time for 'noticings'.

Hope you feel much better as this clears through.

HoneyDragon Thu 03-Apr-14 21:36:45

We're high, (9) it's horrid, even the dogs miserable.

It's much better today with some moderate patches left over for parts of northern England and north Wales and a teeny part of eastern Scotland. Everywhere else is low. Hooray!

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