Badkitten/ weather experts... help please!

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GeekInThePink Tue 10-Sep-13 08:16:18

I don't suppose you know what the weather is looking like in Warminster next week?

Thank you very much smile

At the moment it is looking autumnal to say the least. At the moment, depending on how and where a low pressure develops to the NE, it looks either showery or wet, breezy or windy. Temperatures not awful though. More potential for improvement in the second half of the week I think.

GeekInThePink Tue 10-Sep-13 15:34:51

Hurray! Autumnal is what I was after!
Thanks so much smile

Oh! :-) I'm glad it is what you were hoping for!

digerd Tue 10-Sep-13 17:53:05

We have only 14 degrees atm and it is cold.SE. sad. Should put the heating on but being stubborn and hoping it will warm up a bit. hmm

GeekInThePink Tue 10-Sep-13 21:16:29

Sorry digerd but colder is good for me!

digerd Wed 11-Sep-13 07:18:53

The suffocating humidity is very bad for me, but so is damp cold.
Think I need to be in a desert climate where it is mostly a dry heat and cold apart from the occasional torrential downpour grin

GeekInThePink Fri 13-Sep-13 07:26:57

sad sorry digerd

Monday looks dry for you Geek!

digerd Sat 14-Sep-13 06:54:05

It was very mild yesterday and 16 degrees min.temp in the night, but drizzled and rained most of the day. Was a tad humid too.
Last night down to single figures again - 9.8.
September weather has been chopping and changing a lot this year.

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