can anyone recommend a highchair??

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Moomin1000 Sat 07-Apr-12 21:32:03

Hi, I live in a small house and im looking for a highchair that will fold away small and is easy to clean??? Also not too expensive. Any help greatly appreciated xxx

tootiredtothinkofanickname Sat 07-Apr-12 22:15:47

Ikea Antilop. Very cheap and easy to clean. It doesn't fold away though, but you can remove the legs very easily.

RandomMess Sat 07-Apr-12 22:16:43

Ikea Antilop seconded, get one of the removable trays too.

redspottedfrog Sat 07-Apr-12 22:19:02

I second the Antilop. Once the legs are off its not too hard to store, though ours is just in the middle of our tiny kitchen, always being tripped over!

It's the only highchair that DS has always looked comfy in. And it's dirt cheapsmile

KittieCat Sat 07-Apr-12 22:19:10

Ikea Antilop for us, too. Fab, fab, fab. We were set on a Bloom but tried it and hated it. Tripp Trapp are good but IMO not worth the extra ££.

Another vote for the Antilop! We have just become proud owners of a second one for dc2 (dc1 still very happy in his) and I was very happy to chuck the huge, difficult to clean and store one we were using in the shed grin it's also very cheap smile

KittieCat Sat 07-Apr-12 22:20:07

Is it official, the Antilop is the MN highchair?!

snala Sat 07-Apr-12 22:20:10

Another vote for the ikea one! smile

Firawla Sat 07-Apr-12 22:20:25

i agree too - ikea antilop. much much better than any of the other more expensive highchairs i had previously

DizzyCow63 Sat 07-Apr-12 22:21:27

I had quite an expensive one, all fancy features, reclines, changes height level etc, crap! Nightmare to keep clean! Got the ikea antilope, fab!

MegMogAndOwl Sat 07-Apr-12 22:25:33

I've got the ikea antilop this time round which is brilliant to clean but it doesn't fold.

With my ds though I had a Cosatto Slim Jim one which would fold up small enough to store behind my sofa. It wasn't too bad to clean. A quick wipe down was enough usually but the seat pad and harness can be removed for a really good scrub!

MegMogAndOwl Sat 07-Apr-12 22:27:19

I've just realised that the cosatto one is much more expensive than I remember, I sold mine on eBay though so maybe look on there?

RandomMess Sat 07-Apr-12 22:29:13

Stokke tripp trapp is fab too but costs ££££££££££££££££££££££££

The other thing I used and loved is one that clips onto the table or breafast bar.

blondieminx Sat 07-Apr-12 22:31:26

Not one by mamas and sodding papas bitter sad TWO split cushions ffs angry

FairyPenguin Sat 07-Apr-12 22:33:39

Phil&Teds metoo - clips onto table, no legs to trip you up / wipe down! Can be washed in sink, comes out great!

26Walker03 Sat 07-Apr-12 22:41:17

Definitely the Ikea Antilop. I got a stupidly expensive one to begin.. But it was a nightmare to clean!! I used the Ikea one at my SIL's and it was a miracle! DS couldn't keep sloping back like he did in his old one and also it is SO easy to clean. Using own a dishwasher but I've heard others say they take the tray off and put it in their dishwasher. Can't recommend it highly enough and very cheap untrue!!

26Walker03 Sat 07-Apr-12 22:42:10

Sorry, that should say *I do not own a dishwasher

OlivesTree Mon 09-Apr-12 09:56:05

I am also in a teeny tiny house and have recently bought the Graco Contempo which folds down to a width of approx 17cm. I am really happy with it as it is very secure for my 6 month old. It does have quite a few crevices for food to get stuck in though.

SleepySuzy Mon 09-Apr-12 09:56:59

Ikea Antilop!! I love it's wipe clean ability!! gringringrin

oreocrumbs Mon 09-Apr-12 10:03:07

Another one one with a huge expensive highchair and replaced by the Ikea one!! I think its about £11 and the tray is a couple of pounds more.

wonkylegs Mon 09-Apr-12 10:06:51

We don't have much space and went for a stokke Tripp trapp because it's a proper piece of furniture so we don't have to put it away (I've got nowhere to put it, even if it did fold away)
Yes it's expensive but it grows with your kid and my DS (nearly 4 ) is still using , but now as a a chair. One of the things I really don't regret spending money on.

Flisspaps Mon 09-Apr-12 10:09:05

Chicco Quickseat. Hooks onto a table, comes apart and you can put the seat in the washing machine.

SleepySuzy Mon 09-Apr-12 10:16:04

Oh, realised you want it to fold. The ikea one doesn't but it's legs come off.

usingapseudonym Mon 09-Apr-12 10:20:26

Some silly questions . . . (I'm on child 2 but have forgotten everything!) We are wondering about Ikea or stokke which does feel like one extreme to the other! I can't quite imagine my 4 month old sat in it. Is it just that they can sit by 6 months and all is well or do they need cushion inserts?

RandomMess Mon 09-Apr-12 10:29:26

Why do you want your 4 month old to sit in confused

One of the key indicators is a babies ability to sit up in a chair?

The seat is quite small tbh which helps.

I'd suggest an antilop to start with when they are messy as I love having a tray to carry all the debris into the kitchen then get a tripp trapp once they've outgrown the antilop/past that stage.

GinPalace Mon 09-Apr-12 10:32:45

I love mine

ace versatile seat

It fits on a normal chair so not taking up tons of floor space as many do. The tray is removable and height adjustable so child can eat at table or not as you prefer.

And you can take it on visits/trips out.

Flisspaps Mon 09-Apr-12 10:34:42

usingapseudonym If you're using the highchair to feed solids in (which I assume is the reason you'd want one!) then a child should be able to sit unaided before you wean (which is about 6mo) - so you shouldn't need cushion inserts or props or anything.

usingapseudonym Mon 09-Apr-12 10:50:19

Sorry didn't explain well! I meant I can't currently imagine 2 months ahead to her sitting in it! Made sense in my head . . .

Antilop all the way for us, it gets a wipe down after every meal and then is like new again

wonkylegs Mon 09-Apr-12 11:41:26

UsingaPseudonym we have an ikea one at GP's and stokke at home - DS no longer uses highchair he's 4 but still uses the stokke at home and it's easily convertible when we've had friends with babies round - although some bribery is needed to get DS to give up his chair grin
Tbh it's great and functions as a spare adult chair if needed - yes it is expensive but it's proper furniture and has lasted us years, we bought it after a friend recommended it they have had theirs for nearly 10yrs

Smugfearnleyshittingstool Mon 09-Apr-12 11:46:01

Ikea anti lop is fab, really as everyone says, so easy to clean too!

Astr0naut Mon 09-Apr-12 11:48:45

Ikea antilop. Ace. No faffing about with straps either.

PinkPolkaDots Mon 09-Apr-12 11:57:16

Stoke Tripp trapp gets my vote too! Although v interesting that almost all votes on here are for ikea antilop. Is it just because it's such good value or does it have any good features? I feel like I've missed a trick here!

GinPalace Mon 09-Apr-12 11:59:52

I don't know why highchairs that go on the floor are so popular when there are ones which will sit on your normal chairs and therefore take up loads less space? For a small home of course. smile

PuffPants Mon 09-Apr-12 12:20:18

Ikea Antilop, no question.

SootySweepandSue Mon 09-Apr-12 12:22:38

We just used a bumbo. DD stopped using it about 16 months and from then sat in a big persons chair. We have a small house so weren't bothered with a high chair.

LoonyRationalist Mon 09-Apr-12 12:39:42

Another vote for antilop here too. We got the cushion insert too as DD2 sat at the table with us at meal times even before she was eating & this was a much better solution than a bouncy chair on the floor. (but those who have said being able to sit unaided in the chair before weaning are correct)

Antilop doesn't fold away but it did push under our table so was quite out the way iyswim.

26Walker03 Tue 10-Apr-12 08:34:42

PinkPolkaDots, no fancy gadgets on the Ikea one. It's plain and simple and that's why it is so fab. No leg rest for them to bounce around on, no soft seat for them to keep hurling themselves back into, easy to clean and V V V cheap! Truly an amazing high chair. Con is it doesn't fold away. We live in a tiny house so it does take up room but the advantages far out way that grin

20wkbaby Tue 10-Apr-12 10:21:31

We have an antilop and love it, but if it is a bit large and taking the legs off every time is too much hassle ikea also does a fold up one which a bit pricier but still a good buy.

cheeseycharlie Wed 11-Apr-12 12:21:36

The fold away ones tend not to clean easily, so you need to choose one or the other feature IMO.

Easiest to clean and quite good looking too (as it will be on show all the time) are the Stokke one, or for a much lesser price tag the Ikea one with four legs. If you can afford the Stokke model it's great in a small space as, once the baby set is off (about 18 months old) it can double as a stool for an adult to sit on.

fondantfancier Wed 18-Apr-12 13:44:10

We got the Baby Dan one, its similar to the Stokke one but way cheaper, it fits neatly under the table if you've got that kind of space. It was on amazon for about 70quid and will fit them for years.

vj32 Thu 19-Apr-12 12:18:08

We have a big chicco polly thing, but it folds small. We have a tiny house too! It suits us as we needed something solid. Also good when ds falls asleep while having lunch as it can tilt back!

I went to Ikea and went to their cafe to look at the Antilop, picked one up and tonnes of water gushed out of it which completely put me off. They are also quite small and ds is HUGE. (At 5 months he got stuck in a highchair in Mothercare when we were testing them, took 2 people to get him out. Ooops!)

I would go to a few shops and try them, then order online!

lynniep Thu 19-Apr-12 12:20:11

me -antilop too!!

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