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Is anyone else a Sims 3 fan?

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I mentioned on the Hay Day thread I might start a Sims thread. I've been playing it for 5 hours today. I even forgot to have wine grin

I know it's probably not socially acceptable to be 22 and a fan of the Sims 3... But this is a 15 year addiction, starting with The Sims, then the sims 2 and I've now been a steady Sims 3 player since it came out in 09!

Anyone else?

TheWhispersOfTheGods Sat 24-May-14 22:11:04

Totes ok to be 22 and a sims fan, I'm 24 and am! Haven't played it for an age though as I DH lost the disks. sad

juneybean Sat 24-May-14 22:12:16

I'm nearly 29 and have played since sims 1 came out, do love it but don't feel excited by sims 4

riksti Sat 24-May-14 22:17:20

A 34-year-old sims fan here. Ie played it since the original game - Makin' Magic is still my all time favourite expansion pack. But agree with juneybean - sims 4 doesn't really seem like much of an improvement.

Me neither juney haven't been particularly turned on by the trailers.

whispers do you have the booklets? I may be able to get you simming again if you do. (I lost my disks yonks ago.. No dodginess required btw)

Oh riksti I flipping loved makin magic! they tried to recreate it with sims 2 apartment life and that didn't do it for me tbh.

My favourite sims 2 EP was seasons/university. I really loved sims 2.

The only worlds/EPs I haven't downloaded for 3 are Supernatural/Into the Future and then Midnight Hollow. They don't appeal to me (tho makin magic did)

Has anyone got the new world Roaring Heights? Gorgeous Art Deco world based in 1920s Miami <swoon> it's great and the clothes are fab.

TheWhispersOfTheGods Sat 24-May-14 22:27:11

I have no idea if we have the booklets - the disks are probably in an old laptop bag from uni or something! That is very kind of you, thabks, but I'm sure I'll find them eventually dh knows better than to have thrown them out!

riksti Sat 24-May-14 22:27:18

I think Supernatural's quite good. I like the ghosts, zombies etc in my neighbourhood. Into the Future's a bit pointless - you go to the future a couple of times and then the novelty wears off. I haven't got the Showtime or the Island Paradise ones - these two didn't seem to add much to my way of playing.

JennySense Sat 24-May-14 22:30:24

I love the Sims! In fact was thinking about digging it out again and reticulating some spines...
So V4 is not worth it?

BertieBotts Sat 24-May-14 22:36:47

I'm not keen on 3 but I love 2 and will probably play it for another 10 years. I'm 25 grin I'm actually reluctant to upgrade to Windows 8 because I heard that it has problems running Sims 2 and I'm not ready to give it up yet!

I'm very interested in 4 because it seems to be going back to the more original ethos of the game. I just remember the sheer excitement of sims 2 coming out and it being really 3D and the amazing zoom and view options and everything, and then Sims 3 had good ideas - I love the seamless neighbourhood, and the create a pattern thing and traits - but other than those it didn't really add anything, and didn't feel that groundbreakingly different, not in the way Sims 2 was after Sims 1. I do love all of those features but I just find myself constantly disappointed and frustrated with the game. I don't like the way you feel stuck to one family - I know you can switch but then it all gets messed up with story progression. I've got mods which sort it all out but it's such a ball ache to set everything up the exact way I want it. And I find it extremely frustrating that they release patches about once every 3 months which means I have to save copies of my options, graphic options (to sort out the ridiculous glow thing) and update all of the mods and just hope that the settings stick on those as well. And I don't like the face bone structure and the texture of the clothes is too shiny!

I have some ideas of things I want to do in the sims 3 but I also just want to jump in and play and I find I can't do that without spending a long time setting up worlds etc the way I want them to be and now I have a child I don't have time to spend all day on it any more!

FourForksAche Sat 24-May-14 22:36:50

another sims 3 addict here!

BertieBotts Sat 24-May-14 22:38:30

Oh and I had to set it up in some kind of super top secret gaming windowless windowed mode to sort out the gamma issues which are horrendous. Might be my graphics card but it happened on 4 different machines with 4 different cards, so I don't think so.

riksti Sun 25-May-14 00:14:15

My sims 3 experience was vastly improved when I discovered mods. Twallan's Story Progression is what turned Sims 3 into a game it should have been. I was really looking forward to the neighbourhood developing with my family that sims 3 promised and to find out it was essentially random was a big disappointment. Story Progression fixed that.

Saying that - I like playing one family through the generations and it got really boring in sims 2 seeing the same faces in the neighbourhood with the children not ageing and the same dating pool for several generations. So Sims 3 was made for me. I do miss the look of the sims in Sims 2, though... And the cow plant!

FourForksAche Sun 25-May-14 00:18:56

Mainly I like building really elaborate houses. The characters are a bit secondary to me.

riksti Sun 25-May-14 00:24:13

FourForksAche - I'm the opposite. My sims live with their washing machine and easels littering the back yard since I can't be bothered to extend their house. I sometimes get my husband to build one as he also prefers the design aspect of the game smile

I completely agree riksti I couldn't go back to sims before 3 and the house-by-house basis with no ageing etc. I also use Twallans mods- story progression, overwatch, error trap and master controller. They have transformed my game.

I'm not a designer either, I usually plonk my families into pre made houses and poach them from other worlds when I've run out of properties. I also never make my own sims, I only ever use pre made sims, and I love them. I love learning about their stories and their traits, it's brilliant. I've recreated Pleasantview from TS2 in one world - with the Goths, the Pleasants, Burbs, Newbies, Landgraabs etc etc. grin

Jenda Sun 25-May-14 00:31:37

Me! Am 25. Mainly love it for the building houses. Its my guilty secret!

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 00:32:10

I love building houses, I waste all my energy on the house building then when its done I can't be arsed to the play with the family.

friginilla Sun 25-May-14 00:33:30

I love the sims but haven't been able to play it for yonks I was a hardcore original sims 1-2 fan and dabbled with some of the expansion packs but found they used to crash the game (crappy pc probably)
I have been looking sims 3 up today actually but my laptop's spec isn't good enough for it sad
I always needed a good desktop for that game anyway! Will have to invest in one (and squeeze it in to my tiny house somewhere)

I play on a MacBook Pro at the minute, when I lived at home I used to play on my mums swanky desktop and it was fab. I too must invest one day!

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 00:38:01

Here are my most recent builds

Those are stunning juney, I love the middle one especially.

Here's my current sim - daughter of Bebe Hart from Sunset. Valley and her spitting image - at university!

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 00:54:13

Another Sims fan here. I love the building and design part.

I haven't played it in a long time for some reason. I am tempted to dig it out now I've seen this thread.

It's funny how a game can be played so differently. So many people are brilliant designers and spend their time designing. I know lots of people play challenges like a legacy or a dynasty. I play for the story and also love playing with the genetics, mixing townies from different worlds etc

Excited to see so many others are sims players too smile

LokiTheCynicalCat Sun 25-May-14 01:13:50

31 and a sims fan from the beginning!

I play it in bursts of a few hours for several days and then nothing for months. I last bought the Island Paradise expansion which is a wonderful idea with added gameplay but so laggy it's not worth playing. I am a keen scuba diver myself so I wanted to build a dive site but it's not a simple or easy lot to add. I finally built one only for it to bug out when my sim even looks at it. Not fun. I hope they patch that one massively soon.

Ambitions is a great expansion, probably the best of them, though I love sending my sims to France on wine tasting tours with WA. And university was my favourite in Sims 2.

I've only just started modding since island paradise, but haven't really gotten the hang of it yet so I don't know how best to use the mods I have.

Salazar Sun 25-May-14 01:14:43

29 and playing it tonight!

Nocomet Sun 25-May-14 01:15:25

Both DDs play, DD2 is the real addict she started on SIMS2 aged 6(it was meant to be big sisters present) and now has pretty much every sims3 add on too. (she's 13) she likes designing families and buildings. She had a little girl living in a complex beach house and taking a jet ski to school.

Jenda Sun 25-May-14 01:32:42

I am a rubbish designer but I find it theraputic! Have tried to do a legacy before, really should do more things like that to make it more interesting. I love Island Paradise too but always have to abandon it because of the lag.

Just progressed loads with my family and mouse and keyboard crashed before I could save, arrrrgggh!

Never played WA, is it worth it?

What is modding?

loki, I am happy to talk mods!

jenda WA is great but I have had some bad bugs/lag issues with it, I normally use the buydebug cheat to just get the WA exclusive items in my home world.

I think my favourite TS3 expansion is probably Seasons, although I love Pets too and Appaloosa Plains is one of my favourite worlds. Generations adds fab content too.

jenda I will write up a post in the a.m. about modding, it is one million percent worth having in your game!

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 01:53:22

I had a 7 generation family once. I had other saves on the go with various other Sims and in progress builds but kept going back to that same family. Then my laptop crashed and I had to reinstall the whole thing. Not tech minded enough to have a back up save so they were lost.

It was very tragic.

riksti Sun 25-May-14 02:51:11

I use the Traveler mod for WA - it has made it a lot more playable. Actually I've got most of Twallan's bug elimination mods (error trap, traveler, overwatch etc) as legacy playing means that bugs creep in and the mods are keeping them in check.

Story Progression is brilliant although if I hadn't been using it since the beginning I'm not sure I could get my head around it now. It's grown massive but very useful. I get very annoyed now playing without map tags (for non-mod users - map tags show the location of every sim in the world, and their current activity).

riksti Sun 25-May-14 02:58:07

coumarin - back-ups in sims are actually really easy - all you need to do is copy your 'sims 3' folder elsewhere. If you only want to save the game then copying the 'Saves' folder within 'Sims 3' folder is sufficient but as far as I know this wouldn't copy any custom content you may have.

The official EA instructions are here:

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 10:18:55

I used to enjoy making many generation families but the game could never cope with the information and would eventually become unplayable.

Wonder if they'll sort that kind of stuff out for sims 4

Jumblebee Sun 25-May-14 10:40:06

ashamedly holds hand up 24 year old sims 3 fan here. Just got back into it after getting irritated at The Sims 2 taking ages to load and crashing all the time!

Has anyone for The Paradise Island expansion? I just bought the College one but I really want the paradise one!

I ignored all housework yesterday and instead spent 6:00pm until 11:00pm playing the Sims hmm

purplemurple1 Sun 25-May-14 10:47:52

I love Sims - haven't played in ages as 3 kept crashing my laptop and I can't bring myself to go back to 2.
Would it be insane to buy a New laptop just for Sims 4?

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 11:13:02

No it'd be an investment!

purplemurple1 Sun 25-May-14 11:17:15

Anyone got tips on a good laptop for Sims that I can also use for work (internet, Microsoft, email).

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 11:19:33

Does it have to be a laptop? You'd have to spend a fair amount to get a good laptop that would cope. Sims just seems to fry them!

I invested in a gaming PC and update parts as and when I need to.

ilovemonstersInc Sun 25-May-14 11:20:50

Op im 22 and love sims! I got the first one for my birthday years ago when I was given a surprise laptop too

MilksteakCharlie Sun 25-May-14 11:23:58

I'm 36 and I've been playing it since the beginning on pc. I have Sims 3 on the Ps3 now, and I play it in fits and starts. My ds's play it too.

purplemurple1 Sun 25-May-14 11:25:22

I travel a lot for work and it's those nights away that I'm likely to have time for playing so a desktop wouldn't work for me unfortunately.

OneWaySystemBlues Sun 25-May-14 11:27:37

I'm 45 and I've played The Sims since the original game. I loved it. Got the sims 3 but don't play much these days - think I liked the sims 2 best. I liked being able to move families without messing up story lines, which is harder in the sims 3.

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 11:28:24

Oh that's a shame. See if you can get more moneys worth by buying from a wholesaler, the name of the one I used has escaped me so will try and find it.

But you want as much ram as you can get along with an amazing graphics card.

I love the Sims! I may or may not have bought the laptop I'm using specifically because it met the spec needed for the Sims 3 when it came out and told my parents I needed it for Honours at uni....
I haven't had much chance to play since DS came out of the "sleepy newborn" stage - I play in bursts of hours for a week and then don't touch it for months and make new families up.

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 11:34:08

I have Twallan's set of mods too. I don't know, I do like the story progression, I just wish you could opt families in and out of it. I'm trying to set it up with the caste system included in Twallan's Story Progression but you run into problems with ageing. What would be perfect for me would be to have a few families set as "playable" and they would be sims 2 style - don't age or do anything unless you play them, might turn up at community lots or come home from work etc, and I could play through those families and not miss anything, but the "townie" families would have story progression events, age, etc. But then you have to have the townies ageing slower than the playables if the playables aren't ageing unless played. Gaaah! I get bored only being able to play one family but TS3 isn't really designed to let you skip between them unless you want to turn off story progression altogether and play sims 2 style, which I don't!

I think I just need some time to experiment and play around with the settings.

I wouldn't play Sims on a laptop. Are you sure you can't stretch to a desktop? If you do go for a laptop you'll need one with a standalone graphics card and not an onboard one.

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 11:35:16 seems to be the best site for discussing specs for sims games, in my experience. Look on their help pages.

riksti Sun 25-May-14 11:44:09

Bertie - I'm sure you can opt individual families out of story progression. I think it was done by clicking on the house and selecting 'disable story progression for this lot' (or something similar). I've never used it but definitely remember seeing it. I'm also not sure whether that disables ageing on whether you have to do that separately as well.

juneybean Sun 25-May-14 11:46:57

Website I was thinking of is they do some laptops!

Psypher Sun 25-May-14 12:02:32

I've played The Sims through most of it's versions but I have never really got on with any of the extension packs so I haven't bought any since Sims 1!

I'm not sure I really play the Sims properly.....I have done all sorts of things....I have started off with just a batchelor, getting him a good job, married, having kids, upgrading the house, getting promotions etc and then played that family through to the tenth generation (that took some commitment) I think that was in Sims 2.

I have also just played certain characters for short periods....seeing how many times I can get my female Sim married and divorced etc, how many times I can get her to WooHoo with another Sim with her current husband watching and sobbing (followed by the Fight, of course), I have also started households with one character and seven babies and tried to get them all through to childhood without social services taking any away. More often than not, the adult goes completely mad grin

I also used to entertain myself greatly with Sims 2 (when it was still relatively easy to kill off the sims)...if I had had a shite day at work, I would come home, calmly spend a while creating a very good likeness Sim of the person that had peeved me that day, move them into a lovely little house.....and then kill them. Burn them to death, trap them in a doorless room, get them in a ladderless swimming pool.....then I would watch them suffer and ultimately get taken away by the Grim Reaper. That was hugely theraputic. And probably the reason I am not in jail.... grin

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 12:38:14

Thank you Ritski

SummerScoop Sun 25-May-14 12:58:44

I've wasted far to many hours of my life playing sims, currently working out whether Monte Vista is worth the investment?

AreYouSirius Sun 25-May-14 13:04:29

Ooh I am also a 22 year old Sims obsessive grin

I'm working on an alphabet legacy atm. Which I do regularly but get bored after about E. Currently on H so I'm doing better wink.

bubblegun Sun 25-May-14 13:14:28

Didn't know there was a sims 4! Is it out yet? Can you kill sims in it? That was really annoying about sims 3.

OK, modding. There are a number of different prolific 'modders' for TS3 games who basically took it upon themselves to fix the many, MANY issues put in by EA.

The most popular and the one I (and others here) use are by Twallan. His website with all downloadable mods is here. Mods are simple files that you place into your game folder and they, IMO, enhance the gameplay immeasurably.

What I'd recommend is reading this breakdown of the each mod to decide which ones you think would help your gameplay.

The ones I use (I play live mode 99% of the time and love the generations, interplay with other households in town etc etc).

ErrorTrap - this sifts out and fixes errors in the game whilst dumping a log of the error in to a folder - so if you are experiencing a number of errors you can diagnose the issue. Crucial mod, IMO.

MasterController - where to start? The mod that does everything. If I didn't have this mod tbh I probably wouldn't play the game. It allows you to manage and control your entire town. You know I mentioned upthread that I have recreated Pleasantview from TS2 in my game? well, as one example, MasterController has allowed me to manage family trees, so I can set Daniel Pleasant as Jennifer Burb's brother (they come in different downloadable worlds so wouldn't be officially related otherwise). Other things it does...allows you to rename Sims across town, allows you to edit any Sim's appearance, allows you to impregnate any sim across town with whoever you choose, etc etc, it really is endless.

MasterControllerCheats Gives you slightly cheatier options on the basic MasterController, not an essential, but i like it.

MasterControllerProgression Works with StoryProgression to better enhance game play.

Overwatch - keeps everything running smoothly. Takes a stock of your world at 3am sim time - removes random vehicles and generally sorts out everything that could be causing your game to lag. it's another absolute must have.

Register - stops random pudding face sims moving in. You know when you get to the point where it's only your family and loads of sims that all look exactly the same? This stops that! <hallelujah>

Story Progression - massive, massive improvement on EA's story progression, which is slow and shit. It gets sims married, having babies, getting divorced etc etc - tis very lifelike. it's completely customiseable too so you can turn off plenty of things if you feel it's too out of your control.

For info on how to install the mods - here

Jumblebee I have Island Paradise, it's really good fun. It's quite a big expansion so can be quite laggy if your specs aren't good. but generally it adds a LOT of new things to do so if you enjoy live play it's fab. mermaids are awesome.

purple I play on a Macbook Pro and it's absolutely fine. (I also have Microsoft Office on it for work etc). I would absolutely buy a new machine for TS4.

Bertie you should be able to opt your families in and out of Story Prog - have a read through the Story Prog Interactions on Twallan. It might take a bit of time to get it exactly how you want it but i can't see why you wouldn't be able to tune it to how you want it. smile

psypher you should see the meteors on TS3. Have killed many a sim out of my control! I always feel a bit gutted. in my game it wiped out 2 of 3 kids of one family. shock

Summerscoop Monte vista is absolutely beautiful, though not easy to customise as it's hilly. But the houses and Sims are wonderful...I love it.

bubble TS4 is out this autumn as far as I know - have a look at some youtube trailers.

Another day of simming ahead for me!

purplemurple1 Sun 25-May-14 14:29:33

I'd been assuming I'd have to go for alienware but I'm so unteccy I can't even read the discription of the laptop on the website and know if it matches the spec on the back on TS3 box that I have in my hand!

purple try for spec related queries! Or contact the supplier of whatever machine you're buying and ask them to make sure it meets the specific specs smile

purplemurple1 Sun 25-May-14 14:40:49

thanks, I'll try that and have a look around!

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 16:18:25

I think I'll have to fiddle about with the settings. It's just that kind of thing puts me off so much - I want to be able to jump in and play! I don't mind setting up complex things after I've got the hang of the basics but I'm struggling to keep interest in it, which is annoying. Maybe I'll have a play this evening. The ageing thing is really bugging me though. I like to have an idea of how old my sims are in "real" years so I can customise what I think they're doing etc.

bertie if you use master controller you can see how old every sim in the town is. Alternatively you could change your game settings to lengthen life spans?

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 19:15:03

Yes I've done all of those but OK, say I have 3 families I want to play in rotation, the Smiths, the Jones and the Goths. I want my age span to be 2 in-game days to one year, so I set the age spans up to reflect this. Toddlers (2-4) 6 days, children (5-12) 16 days, etc. When I'm playing my family if I wonder "Oh how old is Joe Smith now?" and on his little information panel I can hover over that and work out from how many days he has left that he's thirteen and a half, or something. When he brings home another teen, Alexander Goth, from school I can use Master Controller to find out whether Alexander is around 13 or closer to 18. So that works well.

However, since there are three families in rotation I need to multiply this by three so that they don't grow up too fast when I'm not playing them. So six days for each real life year. Toddlers are now 18 days, Children are now 48 days, etc. But I'm only playing 1/3 of those days for each of my rotation families. So I can either pretend in my head that they're gaining a year once every two days, but I have no reference point for this, meaning I can't check their age against other sims and it's hard to keep track of how old they are supposed to be, unless I make notes (I suppose I could keep spreadsheets like I have for sims 2 grin) or I can pretend that they gain a year once every 6 days which keeps the ageing in sync and checkable, but means that I miss out on several "years" of each sim's life and they skip randomly from being four years old to being eight to being twelve when I play their household.

Jumblebee Sun 25-May-14 19:25:50

Greyhound I would love to do scuba diving and have a jet ski and stuff! I've heard it lags quite a bit, my laptop is quite old so I would worry it would be really slow. At the moment The Sims 3 (with half the expansion and stuff packs) runs fairly quickly but has a few moments where it freezes for about 30 seconds and then catches up (usually when a deer or horse is spotted hmm) and it sometimes crashes.

Jumblebee Sun 25-May-14 19:27:16

Also Bertie I am impressed with how organised your simming is! I thought I was a control freak with my extensive list of the order I had to play my sims 2 neighbourhood and for how long but you seem to have an even better system grin

summeraupair Sun 25-May-14 19:54:36

Another 24 year old Sims 3 fan here, I've been playing Sims games since the beginning! Currently doing a 100 Baby Challenge in Monte Vista. I've got all the expansion packs and I've just started delving into custom content - no mods yet but reading this thread, I'm getting very tempted...

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 19:57:48

I like how the 20 odd year olds are declaring their age and the rest of us are keeping quiet... grin

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 20:03:06

I really want to try the mods but I've tried twice before and I just can't get my head around the basics of installing them. blush I'm not very computer literate I suppose.

PenguinBear Sun 25-May-14 20:04:30

I love it too! As does my 14yo grin I love it more though!

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 20:07:50

Jumblebee I have entire spreadsheets for sims 2. I'm not joking either blush It even includes quite complicated calculations for working out how many children they are allowed and several other things... grin I do like that you can program all this kind of thing into Sims 3 with the story progression mods.

bubblegun Sun 25-May-14 20:11:32

Coumarin smile re ages.

Installing mods is really not that hard, I'm on my phone but I'll help you when I get on pc if nobody has already. Haven't even got it installed on my new one yet :'(

Jenda Sun 25-May-14 20:12:01

Wow, thank you greyhound! I can't believe I don't use all those! Will get techy DP to sort it all out for me, how exciting!!

TheGrandHighWitch Sun 25-May-14 20:41:32

I'm 29 and have been playing since The Sims 1. On the whole, I think I prefer TS2 due to the many expansions etc. It also seems a lot brighter (I find in TS3 i have to add loads of windows and lights in my houses and then the walls are cluttered with windows and I have to zoom in to fade out the lights so I can see in the room. Possibly just my machine though. I played TS2 on my old laptop which coped reasonably as long as the bottom was uncovered so it couldn't overheat. I play TS3 on my new laptop (HP Pavillion G6) which handles it fine but I don't recommend it as a machine. It runs windows 8 and most of my sims 3 packs are purchased through origin which I do like as it means I can easily transfer them when I get a new machine. No discs or booklets to worry about lol.

tmae Sun 25-May-14 20:48:16

I love the Sims! I like to making Sims, although most people think they are hideous!

tmae Sun 25-May-14 20:48:47

I like to making sims?! I like making Sims!

Celestria Sun 25-May-14 20:52:15

Another sims three fan here, been playing for a few years. smile

Celestria Sun 25-May-14 21:02:07

I just got pets ep today planning on installing dracul isle and doing a medieval legacy

bubblegun Sun 25-May-14 21:11:31

I am between 34 and 36, can't remember.

bubblegun Sun 25-May-14 21:12:44

I am between 34 and 36, can't remember.

FamiliesShareGerms Sun 25-May-14 21:19:17

I've got Sims Free Play on my iPhone and really shouldn't enjoy making them all "woohoo" each other as much as I do blush. No morals in my Sims world <hoiks pixelated bosom>

Coumarin Sun 25-May-14 21:48:18

Thank you Bubble smile

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 22:08:58

Oh don't worry, there are entire "adult" sims mod sites, it's bizarre. You can download all sorts of sex positions and things they can do to each other confused I downloaded a sex shower once but then got annoyed with it because it made them want to woohoo every five minutes (with random people too) and I was like "Gah stop shagging, I want you to do something else!" grin

Grand I had the problem with the lights. I found that adding lights is more effective than adding windows (and if you click on the light you can change the brightness too) but you might also want to try the gamma trick because that fixed it for me. To test this theory out, go into the options and set the game to windowed mode. If it looks noticeably better and brighter in windowed mode (it might be stretched/squashed/small, don't worry about that yet, just change it back to non windowed) then I'll get DH to remind me what I did to mine to make it run in windowed mode but fullscreen.

BertieBotts Sun 25-May-14 22:10:23

I had a play this evening and messed around with the settings. Have now decided to start another Harry Potter world since I lost the last one, but I know from experience it takes me yonks to set that up. Three hours in an evening is not long enough!

DefiniteMaybe Sun 25-May-14 22:24:51

I love the sims, I think 2 is my favourite I get too side tracked finding things in 3.
But I didn't check that my new laptop could run any sims before I bought it and it doesn't run any of them sad

BertieBotts Mon 26-May-14 09:57:14

It should run sims 2, that's a 10 year old game now! Try the mod the sims guide on the help pages smile

Celestria Mon 26-May-14 14:54:13

I have wasted all morning on the sims after buying sims pets yesterday

Made my cat and it immediately wanted to hiss at my partners sim


BertieBotts Mon 26-May-14 14:59:42

I do love the pets a lot in sims 3. Really fun. The horses are cool too, but I like the fact you can give the cats and dogs personalities smile

juneybean Mon 26-May-14 15:52:08

I think the thing that annoys me and I know they're only making money but I ahted paying out for the add on packs in sims 2 to have to start again and wait for pets/seasons in sims 3 I want them all in the base game!!

BertieBotts Mon 26-May-14 16:02:01

Yeah they are total money spinners. I buy mine online now, you can get an expansion ususally for around £15 or so. Search for game code sites. Not illegal if you're buying a genuine code.

juneybean Mon 26-May-14 16:04:52

We must remember to get this moved to the gaming area when Tech gets his finger out and makes it!

Celestria Mon 26-May-14 17:14:58

Has anyone tried the Wishacy challenge? The idea is you create a sim and have to fulfil as many wishes as possible. You don't control your sim you can only intervene when there is a negative moodlet to get rid of it. It's a really different way to play smile

riksti Mon 26-May-14 17:25:33

celestria - what is this 'not controlling your sim' you're talking about? How can I micromanage my entire town with this approach? smile

There's a small chance sims is bringing out my god-complex.

EmotionalCrotch Mon 26-May-14 17:29:57

I love the Sims. My pc needs defragging though and I haven't been on it for ages. I don't like the xbox or wii version.

I've lost hours of my days playing it.

<makes a note to get pc sorted>

BethDaze Mon 26-May-14 17:39:01

Hello my new spiritual home.

I've played 1,2 and 3. Probably going to get 4 once enough mods, reviews and at least one expansion have been released.

Trying an Alphabet legacy at the moment. Unfortunately ended up with six kids in first gen due to unexpected alien abduction. Now there are many spawn who are related for my second gen.

Hoping sims 4 will be a little easier on my poor laptop. They say it will, but I don't trust EA.

Celestria Mon 26-May-14 17:43:10

Haha I know it's hard to not control them but it's actually really good fun!

For anyone needing a PC clean up download advanced system care free version will sort it right out and scan with malware bytes anti malware also free. Am a geek smile

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 26-May-14 17:56:49

The good news is that maxis are involved on TS4 I believe. They weren't for TS3 so the sims 4 should feel more like the sims 2 with (hopefully) some of the better bits of the sims 3 added on.

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 26-May-14 17:56:54

The good news is that maxis are involved on TS4 I believe. They weren't for TS3 so the sims 4 should feel more like the sims 2 with (hopefully) some of the better bits of the sims 3 added on.

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 26-May-14 17:56:57

The good news is that maxis are involved on TS4 I believe. They weren't for TS3 so the sims 4 should feel more like the sims 2 with (hopefully) some of the better bits of the sims 3 added on.

BertieBotts Mon 26-May-14 18:01:45

Oh that's interesting Witch. From what I've seen from promos etc it definitely feels more "Maxis". The staff seem genuinely excited about things that (I felt) the fan base get excited about, it's not so gimmicky. I remember one of the promo videos for the later expansion packs for sims 2 (free time I think) and all the person could think to say about the skilling table for toddlers was "It's so cute, it looks like a mushroom!!!!" hmm This was a really new, interesting object adding new interactions for toddlers and ways for them to interact and all they could say was they liked the texture confused

I think they have gone back to some of the little details in 4 as well. I dislike the way they skimmed over some of the smaller details in 3, like the animation for getting in and out of a car they totally got rid of. However some of the little details with traits and stuff are nice so okay they didn't get everything wrong grin

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 26-May-14 18:34:39

Yikes, sorry for the multiple posts. No idea what happened there.

I haven't seen any promos or trailers for TS4 yet but may have a little look tonight. Assuming that I don't spend all evening on TS3 again like last night lol. I am just wondering if origin are doing any deals on the games/expansion packs for the bank holiday but possibly not since its a uk thing.

juneybean Mon 26-May-14 18:47:05

What I really want is better architecture tools. Not having to use cheats in order to do basic stuff like l shaped stairs, we had it in sims 2 (in a fashion) but it's nigh on impossible in sims 3 grrr!

MetalLaLa Mon 26-May-14 19:00:08

I bloody LOVE the sims, played it since the original. Just haven't had time to play Sims 3 in months though unfortunately, but I love spending hours decorating and furnishing houses and then creating families with complicated relationships like I'm Jeremy Kyle blush

iirc Mon 26-May-14 19:08:04

I too love the sims 3!

I never really played the sims 2 except that Japanese version dad got me at 12 that was a bit too graphic for my liking though dad was more shocked than I was but got introduced to it at 17 and loved it ever since.

Haven't played in over a year as have 1 year old DD, but definitely love it.

I once called my sim baby the same name as my daughter is named and she does have very similar traits. smile

DefiniteMaybe Mon 26-May-14 19:20:08

Thanks to this thread I tried installing TS3 on my laptoo despite it falling really far short of the minimum spec and it works!
I might have accidentally stayed up until 2am and then had a duvet day to play.

BertieBotts Mon 26-May-14 20:15:57

Maybe - they have different Origin clients for each region so it's possible. I'm in Germany and our BH is on Thursday.

Juney I totally agree. It should be possible to take the "stages" from sims 2 and make them stackable so that you could create differently shaped stairs. They could just prevent you putting floor tiles on the next floor if you stacked it more than one level of stage high.

Currently playing a hideous gold digger Sim <evil laugh>

Loads to respond to here which I'll do when I retain my MacBook from Sims!

juney totally agree about getting this moved to a gaming section, so pleased to have found kindred spirits!

Coumarin Mon 26-May-14 22:48:22

Glad you started this thread, I hadn't played for months and forgot how much I enjoy it.

Also it's nice to have other adults who play it. I mentioned the game in passing to a friend once and she looked shocked and said she used to play but it became too graphic. confused Don't know what she's been playing! grin

Celestria Tue 27-May-14 07:15:53

Planning a whole morning of simming, once I have done the housework of course hmm

riksti Tue 27-May-14 08:25:35

I've got the same plans. Thinking of getting the baby to nap in a sling. She might sleep longer letting me do more simming.

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 08:56:57

You are all terrible influences grin

Might post some photos when I get home.

I'm at work till 6 envy

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 10:24:22

I re-opened my game for the first time in 6 months and remembered why I stopped playing. So god damn laggy!!

juney what machine do you play on? Mods could/should help with the lagging! Also clearing your cache - (apologies if you know all this already)

Documents/Electronic Arts/DCBackup

Delete everything in the folder except 'ccmerged'

Also delete from

Documents/Electronic Arts


(I recommend that to everyone - I delete all the above before every sims session!)

the easiest way to clear lag is to begin a brand new world. you can copy families over using Nraas Porter mod if you want to. Also, change your Game Settings to lower-resolution on things like trees etc.

Celestria Tue 27-May-14 10:55:15

Also try downloading game booster from iobit website it's free

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 11:00:53

I think in fairness, it could be the 8 generation family I'm playing with but I love them!! sad (although we are getting to the point where we're marrying cousins....)

I'll try clearing some caches though, thank you! :D

But I'm playing on: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.80Ghz with 8GB of RAM and a AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series graphics card, it's my little baby this machine!

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 11:01:08

I've got the razer game booster not sure if that's the same thing?

I think I'm the only Mac player here but the equivalent for Macs is MacBooster.

SuffolkNWhat Tue 27-May-14 11:02:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 11:05:10

The neighbourhoods in 3 get corrupted after too many generations unfortunately. Actually they do in 2 as well but it's quicker in 3, probably because of the seamless world. I think that's why they put in the feature for families to move worlds. You can't do that in Sims 2 without exploding everything!

Celestria Tue 27-May-14 11:07:16

I am playing a story, with a child sim and a cat, started her in an empty house. The junk yard is her friend smile

Ooh Suffolk was that using some of the store content that came out a while ago? If not, have a look here, I haven't downloaded it but am ever so tempted.

I used to love playing the bakeries in TS2 Open for Business.

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 11:08:27

I must admit one of my favourite pastimes is looking at house porn on rightmove, nabbing the ones which have floorplans and trying to recreate them.

Bertie I think that's why they put it in too, although it annoys me that it's only the one family you can move and they lose their family tree ties with anyone that isn't within the household (hence why I use NRaas Porter mod when my worlds begin to bug!) Error code 12 is honestly one of the biggest issues in my life <shame>

Suffolk would love to see a pic of your bakery and Bertie you must upload comparison pics of Rightmove vs your builds!

I am excited by the prospects of this thread grin

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 11:11:06

Oo yes Bertie love copying floorplans too! :D But like I said further up, the constraints of the architecture tools really annoys me so can't always copy them perfectly sad

The gold digger sim I mentioned upthread is none other than TS2's Nina Caliente (who is brought back in Barnacle Bay)

She's married an old, rich widower in Sunlit Tides (gorgeous world) and is living the high life off his estate with her 3 daughters.

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 11:14:53

If you like the OFB bakeries, don't download that one. It's nothing like the OFB ones apparently and a lot of people have been disappointed with it.

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 11:17:44

Hmm unfortunately I probably don't have any comparison pics, but I can show you some pictures of finished houses I've done. I don't always keep the source pictures, and at the moment I'm playing without all of my EPs and custom content (sob) for a challenge so I can't make everything quite as close.

The bakery is nearly 2000 simpoints too which is the equivalent of about £15! shock It does look pretty, though.

I hope the silence on here is because you're all off playing grin

riksti Tue 27-May-14 15:33:13

Unfortunately baby does not appreciate Sims and would like to be held instead. Real life babies are a lot more demanding than sim babies. Might give it another go tonight.

On a similar note: when playing with toddlers do you always teach them all toddler skills? I've tried not to but feel so guilty that the poor toddler ends up having a crash course in walking and talking on the last day of toddlerhood.

SuffolkNWhat Tue 27-May-14 16:05:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

riksti I always teach them all the skills as I like being able to choose their trait.

The older the sim teaching the toddler, the quicker the process, so if you can get a grandparent to do it, it's quicker. Similarly any sim with the Family Oriented trait will teach them in a flash!

It's the potty training I hate. I downloaded the Early learning center so I usually make a day of it - take a parent and the toddler to the center and teach them all the skills in the one day!

hmm or did the Learning Centre come with Aurora Skies <scratches chin> It's really nice though.

JessesGirl Tue 27-May-14 17:23:24

This thread has totally reminded me why I used to spend hours playing The Sims!! Haven't played it in months but now I really really want to! Not sure if my Macbook Pro will take it now, it's awfully slow since I upgraded it last sad we shall see.

Jesses, do a little sweep getting rid of unnecessary files, you should be fine. the recent EA patches have done wonders for TS3 on a Macbook.

How old is your MB Pro?

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 17:37:24

I find it annoying and unrealistic that you have to teach them and think they should just learn grin (maybe potty training excepted!)

I have a little calculator to say when I'm allowed to teach my sims 2 toddlers each skill. And then it happens if the parents have time. I have a mod which lets toddlers climb the stairs if they have been taught to walk which is helpful and a reason for me to get them walking, and I have a little self rule that I'm not allowed to click on them to see their wants/needs unless I have taught them to talk. And of course when PTed they can use the potty on their own.

<control issues>

grin at Berties control issues, that is brilliant.

riksti Tue 27-May-14 17:54:22

The teaching doesn't really take so long but it gets tedious in legacy playing (not allowed to choose traits there anyway so that doesn't motivate me). And it takes an adult away from skilling/earning money. My sims are always pushed to the limit smile

Celestria Tue 27-May-14 18:39:56

I just got the play pen, walker and baby swing, can't wait to try them out smile

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 18:55:44

There's a play pen, walker and baby swing? Where? smile I love baby/toddler items. (I have sims 2 and 3 at the moment so either is good)

Celestria Tue 27-May-14 19:14:43

It's premium content on the sims store I didn't want to buy the full centre so just got some of the items grin

SuffolkNWhat Tue 27-May-14 20:22:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 20:25:23

Does any one know the site you can get premium content for free?

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 20:27:38

The booty? I don't know if they host store content any more though. Search for "MATY booty"

BertieBotts Tue 27-May-14 20:39:47

Ooh I really want those items, they're not too expensive. If only I could remember my password.

Yes not sure googling "the booty" would necessarily bring up what you're looking for grin

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 20:49:20



PixieofCatan Tue 27-May-14 21:04:53

Me me! I've been playing it a lot recently, I started a new legacy family and have been playing them. I'm also building a city from a blank Sunset Valley base smile I love it! I was 25 last week. I remember being allocated an hour to play Sims 1 as a kid on our computer and being one of the few in school to have a computer, let alone the sims!

I loved Sims 2, just starting to prefer the Sims 3 though (that may be because I haven't played 2 in such a long time!) There was a brilliant load of mods for 2 at simlogical. Playable boarding schools and prisons were the best :D I use Nraas mods a lot now, I have a few others too but god knows what :/

I'm not particulary fussed by Sims 4 though, I like 3, not sure I would bother with buying 4 unless it's on a really good offer.

juneybean Tue 27-May-14 22:11:09

Ahh booty has gone.

I haven't visited sites in years, other than MTS what else is there? I cannot even remember the names of the ones I used to love... XMSims? Possibly... and one that did good clothes

BertieBotts Wed 28-May-14 10:44:43

There's Crazy Town for sims 3. And twallan's site of course. I think Garden of Shadows is still going if you like gothic type content. More Awesome Than You still exists, would have thought the booty was still up but perhaps not. They're a bit scary and cliquey at MATY though.

Livejournal used to be pretty popular as a hangout for simmers but it all seems to be tumblr now and I can't get my head around tumblr at all blush

BertieBotts Wed 28-May-14 10:48:18

Apparently booty is just temporarily down.

Jumblebee Wed 28-May-14 11:10:09

Well I downloaded Island Paradise (despite knowing loads of people having problems with it freezing!)

And yep, it's freezing every 20 seconds for AGES! I've heard the Overwatch mod is meant to help massively but I've never used any mods for TS3. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to build my own resort hmm

Hi Jumble, it can be a laggy world to play in because there's so much going on; unfortunately it ain't that easy to poach the features and plop them into a smaller world.

I would def recommend modding your game. If I didn't have my mods, I wouldn't play it anymore. they are that good.

Re: resorts, you can actually have resorts in any world. I save a copy of the ones from Isla Paradiso into my bin and then put them into my own worlds so if it's resorts you're mostly interested in that's fixable, it's only if you want the hidden islands/deep sea diving/mermaids within Isla Paradiso alongside it where you'll have the lagging issue. It's a pain but the features are really fun.

One thing that fucks me off about IP is that the townies family trees are all totally buggered up. They're implied to be relatives but EA hasn't assigned them as such in their family trees - affects 4 or 5 families. ball ache and a half. (can be fixed with MasterController but still..angry)

Also, I avoid custom content on TS3 - I only use Store Content - as CC is pretty much THE main cause of massive game crashes/unfixable errors. if your specs are top of the range you should be alright.

suffolk very pretty bakery <swoons>

TheCraicDealer Wed 28-May-14 12:14:04

Apparently the next Sims 4 trailer will be all about architecture and designing new homes. Did I imagine it though, or will you not be able to change patterns/colours of items and clothing in Sims 4. Because that is well shit. I am not into that.

Jumblebee Wed 28-May-14 12:46:18

Thank you for replying greyhound smile what mods would you recommend? I do have some CC from websites which I downloaded ages ago. I never use it (badly designed clothes that look awful!) but when I was looking through my files I couldn't find which one it was to delete it all confused

I like the houseboat idea and my sim started the diving career which I thought would be interesting, but it's just freezing so much it's not worth playing! It looks like I might just have to do without those features!

jumble have a look at this, may help in terms of removing your CC.

Re: mods, I would use Twallans:
- MasterController
- Overwatch
- StoryProgression
- ErrorTrap

as a bare minimum.

The houseboats are fun and I do like the diving. I find that the underwater lots take a while to render.

In terms of slow play, what I find helps quite often is to set up the game, play it on normal speed, and leave it to run on its own for about 25 mins (equivalent to one sim 'day') which generally gives the game time to get its processes in order and run more smoothly without the player actions overloading it.

Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 13:28:45

I bought my new laptop purely so I could play Sims on it blush

I'm totally obsessed - I've got Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Roaring Heights, Seasons, University and Into The Future. I want either Lucky Palms or Aurora Skies but I can't decide which one <wails> I want the house boats and the kiddy items!

Thanks for the mod list - I'm going to have a look because I think they would definitely enhance gameplay. I only recently realised you can move a bunch of sims into other houses so you don't only have the same 3 or four talking to you in town.

I have loads of custom content. Mainly hair. The hair EA makes is crap!

I totally love it. DH thinks I'm mad - but then, he likes playing Fifa so he would, wouldn't he?! grin

Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 13:28:47

I bought my new laptop purely so I could play Sims on it blush

I'm totally obsessed - I've got Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Roaring Heights, Seasons, University and Into The Future. I want either Lucky Palms or Aurora Skies but I can't decide which one <wails> I want the house boats and the kiddy items!

Thanks for the mod list - I'm going to have a look because I think they would definitely enhance gameplay. I only recently realised you can move a bunch of sims into other houses so you don't only have the same 3 or four talking to you in town.

I have loads of custom content. Mainly hair. The hair EA makes is crap!

I totally love it. DH thinks I'm mad - but then, he likes playing Fifa so he would, wouldn't he?! grin

Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 13:32:08

h, and did you know Amazon have the expansion packs on download?

I got Ambitions, Generations, Seasons and Late Night for £9.99 - all downloaded and played without issue. Definitely better than paying £20+ for each of them!

Bit sad I can't get the worlds I want from Amazon but never mind.

snatchoo seriously get Lucky Palms. 10/10 to Aurora Skies 6/10. My favourite world. loads of room, great sims, beautiful scenery, just fab. I will send you a PM in a minute actually

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 14:46:11

If anyone wants to share games I have sims pets late night generations world adventures ambitions

Would love seasons grin

SuffolkNWhat Wed 28-May-14 14:48:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 14:59:19

I am on the sims website under Frasersim smile

SuffolkNWhat Wed 28-May-14 15:14:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Wed 28-May-14 15:15:00

Ohh I'd love to marry someone's sim into my family, do we have to have the same add one to make that work?

juneybean Wed 28-May-14 15:15:07


Is this when you 'visit' someone online? Intrigued by it, never tried it.

Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 17:23:32

I'm adding everyone that mentions their name!

I'm CaveJohnson82 - Celestria I've got Seasons, I'd love a swap for WA or Pets.

Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 17:24:22

Celestria I've totally seen your name there before.

Celestria I think I've seen you on there before too!

WTAF is up with mumsnet servers. took me 10mins to load this thread angry

I am more than happy for people to poach my games, though I think you'd have to log in with my Origin account on your comp.

I have:

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life
Island Paradise

I also have Master Suite Stuff Pack.

And I will happily give my login for TS3 site so people can get my worlds too (the ones that are..ahem..officially downloaded from there, which are)

Barnacle Bay
Hidden Springs
Lunar Lakes
Lucky Palms
Monte Vista
Aurora Skies
Roaring Heights

The worlds not listed above I can errr sort out for people too


Snatchoo Wed 28-May-14 17:56:57

I would totally love Island Paradise, Pets and WA.

I've got Late Night, Ambitions, University, Seasons and Generations. I've got the disc of Into the Future so I don't think I can share that without installing something else from a disc.

Is there a limit to how many times a code can be used? It doesn't seem to specify.

And yes, I thought it was just me - how slow to load tonight?!

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 18:34:14

I have stories on there grin

You can have a game registered on up to five computers after that it won't work smile

SuffolkNWhat Wed 28-May-14 19:14:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I am 'ChelseaHolliwell' on there CRINGE but it was the first ever Sim I created aged what...9?! blush tis nothing like my boring IRL name I promise

If anyone wants to have a go at downloading my games PM me and I'll give you my Origin login details. Have passed on to Celestria already so will wait for her feedback <crosses fingers it all works>

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 20:48:09

Just sharing some pics if thats okay smile Im not a builder, but I LOVE creating sims. These are my most recent two. Will upload them to my studio later if anyone wants them.

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 20:50:07

Seasons is downloading fine greyhound, thanks so much! Have shared sims pets and world adventures, if anyone needs anything let me know. I know I have a few sets in the store too, the romanza wedding ceremony set and the fairy folk set smile

oooh they are gorgeous, i love the brunette one.

I never make my own anymore, I like seeing what monstrosities beauties can be made by mixing townie genetics.

this is one of my favourites:

Jon Lessen and Shirley Lin's daughter (both Riverview townies)

Imogen Pelly (Appaloosa Plains) and Gunther Goth (Sunset Valley)

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 20:55:59

Ooh I like your brunette one too! I go through phases of custom content, then get annoyed at how slow my game has got and go back to the basics.

My brunette is actually my simself, except the hair is slightly longer on the sim. (and she is possibly a little bit slimmer lol)

You lucky thing that that is your simself! shock I think I look more like Judy Bunch from Sunset Valley (if you know who I'm on about). ha! grin <nerdy sims joke>

This is the current family I'm playing. Nina Caliente (of TS2 fame) whose Lifetime Wish I changed to Gold Digger (had never completed that one).

Her getting married to Kai Kahale of Sunlit Tides a $$$ widower days from Grim Reaper's arrival...

Celestria Wed 28-May-14 21:03:53

Haha, when I started playing the sims 3, my sims always ended up flirting with Jack Bunch!

I have never tried the gold digger life wish, hilarious! She looks a lot of fun with the red hair to match :D

BertieBotts Wed 28-May-14 21:04:42

I would be careful about sharing content. It's all linked to your account so if it gets detected that you're using it on multiple computers at the same time it might become disabled. I used to use DH's origin account to play SimCity when I started a city under his account but it was a pain because it meant we couldn't be logged in to play at the same time.

I've shared my content before and all's been ok thus far - I think attentions are turning away from TS3 now anyway. If there is any trouble...we feign innocence wink

Once you're playing, you're playing - you don't leave a footprint when you are on the game (like you would if you were e.g. using someones ebay account)

Celestria Thu 29-May-14 09:30:01

Loving playing seasons grin thanks!

SuffolkNWhat Thu 29-May-14 10:13:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I'm afraid I don't have Katy Perry!

SummerScoop Thu 29-May-14 13:46:58

I don't play with custom contents or mods just the expansion packs and items off the sim store, am i missing out?

<off to google>

Celestria Thu 29-May-14 14:30:54

Nras story progression mod is brilliant have a look at that one smile

Celestria Thu 29-May-14 15:35:58

Think I have got a little too attached to my sims cat patch grin she turned into an elder and I still had ten thousand points to get the youth pet potion

Most panicked game play ever blush she got to forty two days old and I managed to save her

BertieBotts Thu 29-May-14 19:44:56

I found some old photos! smile This was a house I made in Sims 2, it's an apartment lot. It's an old British Victorian style terrace which has been converted into flats and I made each floor for a different type of Supernatural sim - a vampire lives in the basement (nice and window-free), a plantsim on the ground floor (access to the garden), a witch on the first floor and a werewolf in the attic (closest to the moon!)

Photos are here, too many to upload on MN.

Snatchoo Thu 29-May-14 21:26:19

Aw SIms 2! I remember spending all day and all night while at uni on one family - my computer was soooo slow it would take 5 minutes to get them to complete one action!

I've downloaded some mods, I'm enjoying the new 'self-employed' roles like homemaker and busker, overwatch is good. I also got Master controller but I'm afraid I don't really know what to do with it blush

Story progression just crashes my game for no reason everytime I try loading a game - even when trying to start a new one. New patch update last night (although it was up to date anyway) and I deleted and removed then re-downloaded and uploaded. Still didn't work. Which is a pain as that was the one I particularly wanted sad

Oh well, I've got a bunch of great content to play with now for zilch instead of £££££ so thanks to all thanks

Snatchoo Thu 29-May-14 21:32:11

Oh yeah, I put error trap and saver on (having lost half an hours gameplay to a freeze) and they completely froze my game! Took 15 minutes to load, then it was so so laggy, and then froze. Removed those mods and it was fine.


riksti Fri 30-May-14 08:36:58

Master Controller is good for managing your town. You can reset frozen sims, edit them in CAS, find anyone anywhere, alter the relationship status and much more.

Story Progression is very memory intensive so if your computer isn't much above minimum spec it would struggle to run SP. Did you try just installing the very basic SP package or did you go for all extras as well?

Have you tried Overwatch? That one clears a lot of glitches in my world before it becomes unplayable. From memory the default clear out happens at 3 AM so if you are going to run Overwatch then play your saved game to that point.

Celestria Fri 30-May-14 11:42:11

I've been making patterns all morning for outfits smile uploaded a dress last night, already at 240 downloads grin

BertieBotts Fri 30-May-14 13:48:35

I just logged into my ModTheSims account to download something and apparently I have over 10,000 downloads of my items! shock I've only got three things on there! I miss making stuff. My name on various sites (livejournal, simbology, modthesims among others) is simsfreq. I don't really go on the official site/exchange much.

juneybean Fri 30-May-14 16:02:20

Just been away for a few nights with a friend and all I wanted to do is get back to my sims.... thankfully she is also a fan so we said we'd spend the weekend Simming once we got home! grin

juneybean Fri 30-May-14 16:07:15

I should be jefnerf on thesims website, can't work out how to add folk! But have added someone on MTS? I'm JenF on there!

Snatchoo Fri 30-May-14 16:43:09

Thanks riksti.

I removed all mods last night, redownloaded and put them back on. Story progression is working fine now confused I put error trap back on too and no problems. Was playing Isla Paradiso and no lag! Overwatch is pretty good. Don't think it's the computer it's brand new and I was careful to get one that would be able to run most things.

I get the master controller what I'm supposed to do, but I'm not really sure what it all means? I just get an option of Nraas and it brings up a list of stuff - I know I'm being thick I just can't figure it out!

I have changed story progression to include teen pregnancy grin so I've figured that part out....

juneybean I'll add you later - I'm at work right now and don't have access and stupidly left my phone at home.

Celestria how do you make cutom patterns? All I can do it alter the pre-loaded ones, so change the stripes or whatever.

Snatchoo Fri 30-May-14 16:52:38

That woule be custom patterns of course, not cutom!

juneybean Fri 30-May-14 17:56:12

Is there a way to stop people asking me on dates?! It's ridiculous, I have two married couples and all of them get asked on dates.

Think my 7 generation game is ready to pop, I've got someone elses face regardless of which sim I click on ack!

BertieBotts Fri 30-May-14 18:16:58

There's a tool called the Pattern Creator somewhere on the web - can't remember if it's an official one or not. It involves vectors though so you need to be pretty good with computer graphics.

riksti Fri 30-May-14 19:38:03

Snatchoo - I think the usefulness of Master Contoller depends on your style of play. I use it to monitor my entire neighbourhood, making sure there aren't too many fairies, vampires etc. it also lets you focus on a specific sim so if your teenager wants to date someone in town and you can't find the sim then MC can help you find him/her.

If there's something specific you want to do but can't figure out how, then let me know and I'll try and help. Either that or just click on random options and you'll soon get the hang of it. (Just be a bit careful with some Sim - Advanced options. Make sure you've saved first smile )

Celestria Fri 30-May-14 19:45:59

On the sims website download the create a pattern tool and run it

Then download patterns from the internet, searching for seamless ones are best

In create a pattern click the add a sticker button and find your downloaded pattern, it will appear in the tool

Drag the patten up into the main box and to the left of the screen where it says x and y, insert 256 into both boxes

You can then preview your pattern and if you are happy with it choose to export it

It will be sent to your launcher in your upload section

Move it to your downloads and install smile

BertieBotts Fri 30-May-14 20:04:43

I've been going a bit mad updating my stories blush All sims 2, if anyone's interested. Unfortunately it posts like a blog so the older entries are further down.

I miss my main neighbourhood. I've got it back now but I've just had to order new copies of the later expansions because I think I pirated them before.

Celestria Fri 30-May-14 21:03:09

I'll have a look Bertie smile

I used to do stories but I got fed up with all the stopping and starting and photos and editing

Now I just play but like reading them grin

BertieBotts Fri 30-May-14 21:22:07

Yeah it's just taken me about an hour to edit photos for the next chapter of mine. I was going to put the chapter up today too but it's too late now. I just want to sit in bed and read!

On my Nostalgia Legacy (which is the one I'm doing now) I'm up to Generation 3 where I'm actually playing. On LJ I'm only up to chapter four, and the one I've just done, chapter five, is only the first one where generation 2 gets to adulthood. I have a folder right now with screenshots sorted into rough chapters up to chapter 16 hmm and then another just under 200 screenshots in a folder waiting to be allocated! Those aren't all from that story though, and a lot of them will be deleted as crap shots or duplicates.

I like doing the stories because I quite like reading back over them <sad>

It's quite poignant to be editing photos of a sim in their younger years when they've just died in "real time" grin I've only ever got really upset about one sim dying, though, she was divorced and had a son who she doted on and three cats. I could tell her age bar was getting full so I had her divide up all of her belongings and cash between the son and her good friend who was a neighbour and she had a party to say goodbye to everyone and then she quietly slipped away when they'd all gone, I nearly cried! blush sad

EdinLS Fri 30-May-14 23:10:07

You've all made me desperate to start playing again!!

Horrible feeling I've not got the disks any more; buying them all is justifiable right...??

BertieBotts Sat 31-May-14 12:35:26

Go for it! They're about a fiver each in CEX (I used to work there). Make sure you check when you buy it that the instruction manuals are there, though, because you need a serial number.

Also any of the "DVD editions" will have one disc, but the CD editions:

Base game has 4 discs
University has 2 discs
Nightlife has 2 discs
Open for business 1 disc
Pets 2 discs
Seasons 2 discs

Higher than that they only came out in DVD versions I think. Stuff packs are all one disc. Avoid the combination packs if you want to use mods! smile

TheGrandHighWitch Sat 31-May-14 14:55:09

Just in case anyone is playing TS3 via origin. I've just been offered a deal on the ambitions ep. £6.79 instead of £19.99.

EdinLS Sat 31-May-14 21:34:11

Oh didn't think of trying somewhere like cex! Was looking at the £30 downloads on the sims website and feeling a bit guilty about the idea - Thanks Bertie

BertieBotts Sat 31-May-14 21:40:28

For sims 3 I find that the buyable game codes are best value for money. Not through the official site but places like CJ's CD keys. But for sims 2 CEX is excellent. They don't sell very well so they're cheap and the stores always have lots of stock.

Weirdly I sold one of my ts2 games on ebay and got LOADS for it. (Think it was apartment life and went for about £18 shock)

BertieBotts Sun 01-Jun-14 11:31:46

Apartment Life is the one which holds its value. Because with TS2 you play with the disc of the latest expansion, if you have all of them, you only "need" the latest one as you can play the earlier ones off that disc. Once they're installed, you don't need the other discs again. Hence the final expansion has a much higher resale value. It's the same on amazon etc smile

Of course, Bertie - I should have thought about that! At the time I was truly shock that it got more than a couple of quid.

Bedding has been changed, washing up done, oven cleaned, laundry laundered. Settling in for an afternoon of simming as my reward grin

snatch really glad to hear that the mods seem to be behaving themselves now!

juneybean Sun 01-Jun-14 13:38:17

I'm constantly getting error trap messages for sims, am I supposed to be doing anything with them? :S

Nope juney the game should be dealing with the error smile it will be dumping an error log into your game folder so you can check what the error is if you want to.

Actually, the only time I ever act on an error trap is if it's a stuck aging check. In which case I bring up the cheat bar and type in

resetSim "Sim's Name"

E.g resetSim "Vita Alto"

SuffolkNWhat Sun 01-Jun-14 15:24:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jumblebee Sun 01-Jun-14 15:24:58

Just downloaded loads of expansion packs using my sil's origin account and now I'm confused!

There are all these things (pretty pretty things) I can buy that are highlighted in gold, how do I get these coins? Is it to do with an online account? I only know one other person (sil) who plays the sims and I have no idea!

Island paradise is still running slow (although I haven't downloaded the Overwatch mod to see if it helps, because I don't know what to do!) but all other neighbourhoods are working get just fine!

So with these coins, is that the only way I can unlock the new towns? Mystic Falls (???)

Sims 2 expert, Sims 3 newbie hmm

juneybean Sun 01-Jun-14 15:48:27

Well I just discovered the force kill option on the town hall and I've made my population has gone from 553 to 149.... for some reason my town elders aren't dying? A few of them were like 200 days old :/

juneybean Sun 01-Jun-14 17:03:07

Boo and now I just broke it, I saved it whilst a move was in progress.... apparently! Grrr

Snatchoo Sun 01-Jun-14 19:41:51

From what I gather (I can't tell if there's another way to do it) you have to buy a set number of SimPoints with real money and then you can buy whatever you want from the store with them.

They are not cheap!

Yes I'm loving the new mods, everything is running absolutely fine. Plus side of a brand new laptop bought specifically for Sims is that I have acres of memory to play with! I'm currently trying to build Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.....

BertieBotts Sun 01-Jun-14 19:51:25

You can buy SimPoints online from the website or you can buy them in game shops like top up cards. But bear in mind it's like spending on an expansion except you get one item!

I turned off the option to see those things in game, if I want new stuff, I'll go looking for it. I think they leave it there to tempt you.

BethDaze Sun 01-Jun-14 20:00:55

Store content is an awful rip-off, and there are some vigilantes out there who make it available for free.

Very popular they are, even if they do have to keep moving their sites.

Not that I use that, of course.


Snatchoo Sun 01-Jun-14 20:19:09

And I've just made two textures!

Subway tiles, for Carrie's bathroom grin.

Will shortly be uploading (although my launcher is playing the fool at the moment).

SuffolkNWhat Sun 01-Jun-14 20:49:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Sun 01-Jun-14 20:56:05

Bah was tempted to get island paradise until I saw it's £30! Might have to settle for university -strokes chin-

What do people think of island paradise and university?

Jumblebee Sun 01-Jun-14 21:03:26

Thanks guys! Well I shall not be parting with any of my cash for these items any time soon! Bertie could you tell me how you turn it off so I don't see them? Thank you smile

BethDaze Sun 01-Jun-14 21:09:56

University Life isn't as good as Sims 2 Uni. There's maybe six majors? No proper Greek system, no secret societies and keeping up influence is incredibly hard once you've left the uni world.

On the other hand. Street Art. and the Uni world is a nice little moneymaker. Unlike real life.

Island Paradise is cute and all, I like the houseboats and there's some good additions and clothes and the resorts and deep sea diving are fun activities. But Isla Paradiso can be really laggy and I most definitely would not be paying £30 for it.

BertieBotts Sun 01-Jun-14 21:16:18

I can't remember but I think it's somewhere in the options. If you look through all the tabs you'll find it. It's called "Display store items in catalog" or something (untick, obv)

Is University in sims 3 as boring and groundhog day-ish as in sims 2? I never really use the greek houses or secret societies so losing those wouldn't bother me. It adds renting doesn't it? I really like that in sims 2. Or can you only rent houses on campus?

BertieBotts Sun 01-Jun-14 21:16:50

I find this site the best for factual information about what you get in packs and stuff smile

Jumblebee Sun 01-Jun-14 21:45:08

I'm quite liking university so far smileit's good because you get a break in between (although sometimes I just want them to finish uni ASAP) and there's loads of things to do on the campus.

I can't remember seeing the option to rent in a normal town but you can have roommates like apartments for TS2! The only thing that annoys me slightly is that when the son in my family came back from uni his dad also had a new memory of going to uni (which he didn't!)

Thank you for tip re: getting rid of gold coin items, I shall look it up when I'm next playing smile

SuffolkNWhat Sun 01-Jun-14 21:54:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snatchoo Mon 02-Jun-14 00:46:34

I love Isla Paradiso! I've only had a teeny bit of lag, the worst is when you scuba dive. I love the islands and the resort management is fab.

I'm not a big fan of university. I've found you have to do minimum credits per term to be able to do stuff other than study as your Sim gets too tired, hungry etc if you don't. I do like to have as many roommates as possible though - I lock my door to them and give them all sleeping bags. Great way to earn money!

I've just uploaded a couple of textures (which I can't find in game hmm) and have built my Carrie Bradshaw apartment. I'm new to apartment building though so I'm sure it could be better!

juneybean Mon 02-Jun-14 12:40:03

Trying to settle and take my sims to Egypt instead but it just stays on the loading page, I gave up after an hour last night had to force close it :/

juney are you still in your laggy world? I would say travelling was too memory intensive to bother with in a world with lots of saves/sims/data etc etc. sad

Celestria Mon 02-Jun-14 12:55:45

I went through my system last night to get a better speed.

I uses those settings and things are definitely better.

Also downloaded sims three patcher tool which finds any missing patches. I had two even though it said my game was up to date.

I deleted everything in dbcache except ccmerged file. I deleted the featured items folder. Deleted the usual cache files and used the sims three package viewer to check my packages and remove ones I didn't want.

I also put on over watch and error trap. Hoping it will fix my gardening glitch where plants are harvestable but my sim can't harvest.

juneybean Mon 02-Jun-14 15:40:30

greyhound yep I think you're right! I built them a villa on the beach and took them their instead sad a better honeymoon than none!

juneybean Mon 02-Jun-14 15:42:19

there * !

Ah that sucks juney (though I like the sound of the villa).

Are you attached only to that family, or are there others in the town you'd like to keep? If the former try and move them to a brand new neighbourhood. If the latter, have a play around with Nraas Porter. smile

summeraupair Mon 02-Jun-14 16:22:04

Inspired by this thread, I've finally installed MasterController and good lord, it's revolutionised my game. I'm still plodding on with my 100 Baby Challenge and it's made it so much nicer now I can go into CAS for the newborns... no more burrito babies! I just wish my computer could cope with StoryProgression, but I know that's a bit too much for the poor thing sad

If you install the basic Story Prog and fiddle with its settings, you should be ok. You can turn off many of its functions and also direct it to only inform you of certain goings on in the wider neighbourhood! V handy!

juneybean Mon 02-Jun-14 17:02:04

I think it's because I've built up the entire town that I like it so much, like my family owns everything we earn £300k in real estate every 3 days grin and are now millionaires and I'd have to start all over. I'll just plod on until the game explodes!

BertieBotts Mon 02-Jun-14 17:03:43

There are some really cute baby clothes on tumblr as well. I'll see if I can find them smile

BertieBotts Mon 02-Jun-14 17:08:24


Lots - you have to scroll past the toddler stuff on here.

riksti Mon 02-Jun-14 18:21:15

Celestria - does this describe your gardening problem?

Crinrict was very active on twallan's (the programmer who wrote story progression etc) website so he should know what he's talking about regarding the nraas mods he is recommending for the gardening issue.

Celestria Mon 02-Jun-14 18:27:23

Unfortunately not , she can tend her garden fine and fertilise fine. She just can't harvest half of the plants after the initial harvest hmm

Am a little bored of my current Sunlit Tides world at the momnt so am starting a new world in Monte Vista for some gardening and nectar making grin

SummerScoop Mon 02-Jun-14 19:48:39

Just got Dragon Valley from the origin store for £4.49, Gutted though i got Monte vista from the sime store for £12 the other day and they are now selling it with hidden springs for £4.99, World adventures is £5.99 at the moment as well

must not buy....

juneybean Mon 02-Jun-14 19:49:40

I managed to find a free Aurora Skies... maybe that will entice me away from my big family.

Celestria Tue 03-Jun-14 08:59:04

The gardening glitch continued despite my attempts to fix sad so I am starting a new world today and am going to blog this one i think. This is my sim I will be using - Leilani

Oooh she is very pretty Celestria.

In terms of your gardening glitch, have you tried going into a different lot? Could be limited to only the one you're playing on?

Juney how did you get on with Aurora Skies last night? did you see the Aurora Borealis? smile

juneybean Tue 03-Jun-14 11:11:12

Ack couldn't install as I'm not up to date apparently! I swear I only updated last week and now there's another 1.6gb update to do... hate this game sometimes.

BertieBotts Tue 03-Jun-14 14:41:36

The updates are a pain in the arse, I agree. It's even worse when you use mods because you have to keep them all up to date too.

BertieBotts Tue 03-Jun-14 14:41:54

Hopefully there won't be any more now as they're busy with Sims 4!

Celestria Tue 03-Jun-14 18:13:31

Spent all day decorating Leilani's house and trying out poses for the first time!

Bertie, yes i tried moving her to a couple of lots but still didnt solve anything. Starting a new world seems to have done. I wonder if it was because I installed seasons and the world was an old one.

summeraupair Tue 03-Jun-14 20:46:44

Thanks BertieBotts, that first one was the first thing I downloaded once I had MasterController but I hadn't seen the other ones! I feel I need to have a downloading binge this evening...

juneybean Wed 04-Jun-14 19:25:12

That update is driving me mad, twice I've tried to download it and it stops part way and a pop up has come up about scripts in the launcher.

There's a way to download direct from the site isn't there?

PixieofCatan Wed 04-Jun-14 20:52:16

Has anybody had any problems with Twallens story progression? It was freezing my legacy family (only on gen 2 thankfully!) whenever I tried to go to Egypt. I had a photographer with the LTW to have a gallery so I needed to go. I de-modded, backed up, reinstalled, etc. Even without the mod it froze on the loading screen but no more script errors appeared.

BertieBotts Wed 04-Jun-14 21:30:29

The patches are on modthesims. I always patch from there.

juneybean Wed 04-Jun-14 21:46:46

Thanks Bertie!

Celestria Thu 05-Jun-14 08:22:22

For anyone getting script errors in the launcher make sure you don't have older versions of Java still on your computer after updating to the most recent.

I had an old and newest version and once I deleted the old version the pop ups stopped smile

riksti Thu 05-Jun-14 15:28:27

Pixie - have you got Twallan's Traveler? That sorted out my travel problems (granted, not as serious as yours. I was losing things from Sim inventory).

PixieofCatan Thu 05-Jun-14 15:48:14

Funny you say that, as the script errors that I did get were something about aginginventory, which I think is something in their inventories freezing them as they age. No clue what though. I will try traveller when I get home, thanks smile

SuffolkNWhat Thu 05-Jun-14 20:09:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Where are we all? I haven't had the chance to play for the last couple of nights, bastard bastard work keeping me in late. Hope you are all well and only silent because you are otherwise occupied simming. grin

juneybean Tue 10-Jun-14 21:50:52

I've been working too damn much sad

However my friend and I bought university and island paradise origin codes for 12.99 on eBay!

Am enjoying university, island paradise is okay.... Not brilliant, glad I didn't pay full price!

Celestria Tue 10-Jun-14 23:01:35

Hi all I'm still simming away grin I joined carl and Pams forum and currently taking part in a James Bond sims challenge , loads of fun smile also completed a sculpting challenge too.

juneybean Wed 11-Jun-14 18:12:03

OP report your thread and ask to move it to the new gaming area so we don't lose our thread please!grin

Celestria Wed 11-Jun-14 21:22:06

Loads of sims three ep and stuff packs half price on origin grin

juneybean Wed 11-Jun-14 21:26:40

Ooo! Thanks!

Thurlow Wed 11-Jun-14 21:34:05

Evening all! It's a bit like a spiritual home here grin I used to be mad about the Sims, I could happily play all day. Then I stupidly had a child and I can't play much. Sims babies were so much easier. You could cheat for the money and hire a nanny...

I haven't played Sims 3 yet, I'm not entirely sure my laptop will manage it - or that I actually dare bring it into my life! - but this thread keeps popping up in Active and I keeping thinking about playing again...

Anyway, this is actually a completely gratuitous and probably rude plea. I can't find my Sims 2 stuff <sobs, I had Apartment Life and Seasons and the Ikea home kit and Pets> Does anyone have their Sims 2 PC games that they've just not parted with yet but would part with for postage, swaps, charity donation etc? I just looked a bundle up on eBay and it was £30!

Celestria Wed 11-Jun-14 21:38:31

Hi thurlow , sadly I don't have any sims two stuff sad hope someone can help though smile

I just bought supernatural and university life both 9.99 each!

If you haven't tried any challenges I'd really recommend them grin maybe we could have a monthly sims three challenge on MN! I didn't realise how much of the game I didn't know about or really bothered with until I started them shock

This James Bond one is doing my head in , sooo hard!

juneybean Wed 11-Jun-14 21:50:13

I possibly do have my sims 2 disks but am working til Monday if you can wait til then??

juneybean Wed 11-Jun-14 21:52:10

I swear ea games does that to spite me, paid 12.99 the other day lol not a huge amount I suppose but still -shakes fist-

Thurlow Wed 11-Jun-14 21:54:41

If you do, juney, I will happily contribute towards you getting more Sims 3 stuff and will secretly love you a lot!

What are the big changes for Sims 3? Is it worth moving to one day? I'm always a Luddite with games, I played Civ 2 even when Civ 4 was out...

juneybean Wed 11-Jun-14 21:56:55

The thing I like about sims is the seamless world, I can go anywhere go for a jog (live vicariously through my sims as I would never jog in real life!)

I also like the palette can colour just about anything any colour I like.

Thurlow, I could get you up and running on sims 3 at no cost to either of us (or dodginess!), if you wanted to check your computer specs?

Thurlow Thu 12-Jun-14 12:17:49

I'll check the laptop at home but it's a few years old so I'm not entirely sure it will work! What do I need?

riksti Thu 12-Jun-14 16:43:42

The system specs are here

BertieBotts Thu 12-Jun-14 19:42:58

This is more useful than the minimum system requirements IMO. The main article is called "System requirements" at the bottom but the other links from this page have useful information as well.

Oooooh, MN has a shiny new gaming section. I've reported my OP and asked for the thread to be moved there grin

And we're in! wine

Thurlow Fri 13-Jun-14 09:58:19

I've checked and 3 won't work on my laptop sad Oh well, I always enjoyed 2!

sad Thurlow, and I sold my TS2 games unfortunately!

Hope you can get up and running on it soon, all sims discussion is welcome. I loved TS2.

Celestria Fri 13-Jun-14 10:42:27

Who is getting sims four in september? It's my thirtieth birthday in September grin might have to get a present for myself!

riksti Fri 13-Jun-14 11:06:46

I'm not sure I'll be getting sims 4 - it doesn't seem like there's enough of an improvement in the game concept to start building up a whole new collection of games. I'll stick with sims 3 for now, especially since I haven't got much time to play right now with two small children.

I'm not sure either. I have invested £££ into TS1, 2 and 3. I feel like they gave us so much to do with TS3. Plus, I'm not really into the building side of it, so for me the gameplay aspect of TS3 is enough.

will still end up buying it

BertieBotts Fri 13-Jun-14 12:20:20

I prefer sims 2 to sims 3, to be honest. I'm interested in sims 4 because it seems to be going back to the more original ethos of the games whereas I felt sims 3 veered away from it. But I don't know whether I'll buy it straight away.

I said earlier up the thread, but CeX is vvvv cheap for sims 2 games. £6 for the base game, expansion packs £2-6 each (more for the later ones) and the stuff packs are £2-3 as well. Just make sure you check when you buy it that the manual with the serial number is intact and that you have the right number of discs. I put a post on one of the earlier pages where I'd checked them all! smile

Thurlow Fri 13-Jun-14 12:27:01

Thanks Bertie, I'll go back and have a look!

I have to say what I heard about Sims 3 didn't make me desperate to go get it. But then I like a game I know how to play without faffing around and reading manuals!

BertieBotts Fri 13-Jun-14 12:50:35

I find sims 3 has almost too much to do which sounds bizarre, but it's really set up around playing one family at a time and I feel I can't flit between different families like I do in 2.

I've reinstalled my old established neighbourhood and am having fun smile I've set up a school in Belladonna cove (although the school items/sign seem bugged, I'm trying to fix that) and that's really fun to play because it's so cramped.

SuffolkNWhat Fri 13-Jun-14 14:36:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Sat 14-Jun-14 21:27:36

Thurlow Don't know if you got sorted but have just been in the loft and found:

The Sims 2 Pets
The Sims 2 Open for Business
The Sims 2 University
The Sims 2 Apartment Life
The Sims 2 Bon Voyage
The Sims 2 Nightlife
The Sims 2 Seasons

Then Stuff Packs:

The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
The Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff
The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff
The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff
The Sims 2 Glamour Life Stuff

But annoyingly cannot find the base game sad if you want them I reckon the easiest thing to do would be to give you the serial codes to try and redeem on origin if they let you?

BertieBotts Sun 15-Jun-14 13:19:31

I don't think you can redeem the codes any more because they've removed the sims 2 site. Worth a try maybe?

juneybean Tue 17-Jun-14 18:28:14

Finally started a new town sad but copied my youngest heir and have the idea that he and his fiancée ran away so had to start money from scratch (his family had amassed £6m!)

He's been to university and he came home, married his woman and now they have a son. He's in business, she's in politics and they've even opened a resort (which am really enjoying!) however I can't help cheating, have maxmotives on static and cheated with skills!

Jumblebee Tue 17-Jun-14 19:12:25

Juneybean maxmotives never works for me in Sims 3, is it a slightly different cheat? I've been using TestingCheatsEnabled true and they just constantly keeping their needs green but it's a pain!

I can't help cheating either, it's fun to do it properly but when it's more than one person it's too difficult for me, plus it's so much harder to earn money and promotions in sims 3 compared to the sims 2!

juneybean Tue 17-Jun-14 19:14:24

If you enter testingcheatsenabled on (or true... but I type on :S ) then press shift and click on the mailbox you can max motives then do it again and click static needs I think.

Yeah I always start legacies without cheating but by the time I have the first child I fail and start cheating grin totally useless.

MwahMum Tue 17-Jun-14 19:18:15

Me and my Son are huge fans of The Sims, both can't wait until Sims 4 is released ��

Jumblebee Tue 17-Jun-14 19:22:18

Excellent! That makes cheating so much easier :D

I started a new family and they had 5 kids without cheating (they all went to boarding school though) and now I'm struggling to pick which child I want to focus on. It has been the eldest one but I think I'm going to stick with the youngest now the first 3 have kids! Too much work for me wink

juneybean Tue 17-Jun-14 19:26:23

I had that problem with my mega family, so we decided just to have one child grin He's the one I've taken to a new neighbourhood.


In the 4 years since getting TS3 I have not once discovered "blueprints" in build mode. The possibilities are endless <drools>

How's everyone getting on?

juneybean Wed 18-Jun-14 20:04:03

They are brand new, a little tease of TS4 I think?

My resort is 5 star! grin

Jumblebee Wed 18-Jun-14 21:06:40

Greyhound I'm pretty sure they came with an expansion? I installed about 6 different eps and SPs and suddenly they were there!

They are a brilliant invention grin

juneybean Wed 18-Jun-14 21:54:27

As their business is doing so well I built my sims a new house (not that they really use anything...)

Ah did they? Glad I haven't been missing out all these years!

They could definitely tempt me into building a bit more.

I hit 5 Stars on Hobart's Hideaway (Island Paradise) which unlocked a huge unchartered island and Blueprint has allowed me to build the most gorgeous resort (I'm hopeless at building)!

Oh and Jumble I usually pick the prettiest kid to play with blush <shallow>

Celestria Fri 20-Jun-14 08:23:16

Hi all smile

I am currently doing a perfect genetics project. Keeping track of it here

I am wondering if anyone would like to do a non dodgy game swap. I am interested in the unstable trait for a story I have in mind but don't have into the future. I do have wa ambitions late night seasons generations pets university life.

I have stuff packs too. Diesel outdoor living town life stuff master suite.

Sorry about the lack of commas my punctuation button is broke on phone hmm

If anyone wants a swap let me know grin

Going over to have a look now Celestria! I should start some challenges/projects, never really done any apart from a Legacy on TS2 that I gave up on.

So excited for my weekend of Simming grin

PS Celestria have you got supernatural by any chance? If you do can I poach? (i also never finished downloading simcity!) I want to do the challenge - pretty colours <magpie>

Realise that was a bit of a dumb question as I am looking at pics of all your sims with wings grin

Celestria Fri 20-Jun-14 15:08:40

Yep I have supernatural greyhound and you are welcome to poach grin

If you do start the same challenge you have to take screenshots for me smile

Ah thanks, you star!

I definitely will - mine will be an awful blurry mess compared to your lovely screenshots!

Celestria Fri 20-Jun-14 16:44:35

I have photoshop which helps for screenshots and a guide for how to make them turn out pretty smile I have to admit I love doing the screenshots so this challenge is right up my street grin

juneybean Fri 20-Jun-14 17:29:35

That challenge sounds interesting Celestria !

I'm already bored of my new family haha

Celestria Fri 20-Jun-14 18:57:05

I think I will get bored too Juney though , ten generations is longgg grin

I'd recommend the sculptor challenge though , that's fun and short smile

Snatchoo Sat 21-Jun-14 00:00:34

I have downloaded soooooooooo much custom content, loadsa mods and stuff.

Loving it!

I'm annoyed though, didn't realise getting to 5 stars on a resort unlocked stuff! I can't remember if I did but I sold Hobart's Hideaway to open a more high-end one......

That reminds me, Supernatural was on sale on Origin the other day. It's payday in ONE MINUTE so I might buy!

Celestria and Gymnastic did you get what I sent you on the Sims page?

Snatchoo Sat 21-Jun-14 00:02:17

I'm trying the 100 Baby Challenge, although I can't be arsed getting relationships high enough with loads of different blokes so I've just got my girl married.

She's got 11 kids so far! shock grin And with the mods they are all living in the same house.

I want to try the kidnap challenge, but I'm not so good at doing mean things to my Sims smile

Jumblebee Sat 21-Jun-14 10:10:14

Does anyone know if you can place pre-made resorts in a neighbourhood? I've started building one but I've no idea what items I need. I can't play Island Paradiso because it's so laggy and freezes so I'm trying it in a different town.

Limited funds means my hotel is coming along very slowly and I'll probably find I've built it all wrong anyway!

Jumblebee Sat 21-Jun-14 10:14:48

Greyhound I usually pick the best looking as well, but the first 3 kids are all very good looking! I like getting them married and having babies but then I get bored with that so move on to a sibling who I just want to max loads of skills on and get them as rich as possible (until a good looking sim comes along and I think 'hmmm, they'd make pretty children' and then they end up breeding!)

So I started a new character who will NOT get married and have babies UNTIL he is filthy rich and has a 5* resort.

I just don't like the thought that I'm missing out on a good looking townie, if they get married and have babies with someone else it's such a waste! (Yep, I'm shallow!)

Snatchoo Sat 21-Jun-14 13:58:18

I don't think I've ever played with a townie but I should really.

I want to play a plantsim but I can't figure out how!

BertieBotts Sat 21-Jun-14 15:15:54

Aren't plantsims only on sims 2?

juneybean Sat 21-Jun-14 15:25:52

They've come back with S3 University I think... or at least there are outfits to dress up as a plantsim!

Snatchoo Sat 21-Jun-14 17:21:11

Yeah they're back on university - except I haven't been able to find one in game, you can't make one in CAS and I haven't been bothered <yet> to upskill in all the necessary areas to grow a particular seed into a kid.

Never mind.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Jun-14 17:56:17

You can grow a seed into a child? Creepy. Some of the sims 3 ways to make people are weird! Sex with ghosts, invisible friends who come alive. grin

I've never played or seen a PlantSim either.

Snatch was it the friend request? If so I've just accepted grin

Jumblebee Sat 21-Jun-14 18:57:35

Wait wait waaaait Bertie, invisible friends? Do you mean the imaginary doll friends they get as babies? I keep getting the "ransomsim wants Pal (his imaginary friend doll thing) to come out!" So I put it out and just had the option to talk through the doll to other sims. Do they grow into full sized creepy doll people?

Or maybe you meant something completely different and I'm just waffling...

Snatchoo Sat 21-Jun-14 19:03:00

Jumblebee - once they are children (not toddlers) if you put the toy on the floor it turns into a person they can play with, talk to and make do chores for them.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Jun-14 20:53:55

Yeah the doll thing, it can become human.

BertieBotts Sat 21-Jun-14 20:55:12

They have to build a relationship with the doll first, though, so you need to leave it out so that they can play with it.

Jumblebee Sat 21-Jun-14 21:15:39

Thanks guys! How come I didn't know this?! So if the child has a good relationship with it, when the child ages the doll ages with it? Even to an adult?

Yep! To make it a playable Sim, you need to give it some sort of potion that you make with the little stall thingy that comes with generations... (Helpful I know). I find them a pain in the arse!

juneybean Sat 21-Jun-14 23:01:12

I bloody hate them, they are the source of most of my script errors -shakes fist-

In other news we've opened our second resort, a stately home.

Still under construction but looking lovely! Will get a picture up tomorrow when I'm home from work.

Snatchoo Sun 22-Jun-14 16:43:06

My game keeps crashing <sob> I'm guessing it doesn't like so many people in the house!

Just going to load it up again.

snatch did you sort the crashing out?

I've started a Legacy family- haven't done one since TS2. Seems to be a discrepancy about selection of traits... Does anyone know if we are allowed to choose traits as sims age up or do we have to randomise? If so it seems a bit redundant to go through the hell of teaching toddlers to walk/talk/potty grin

Snatchoo Tue 24-Jun-14 19:55:36

I think so!

My baby challenge family doesn't like to play for very long, I have to load it a couple of times (with crashing in between!) before it will play normally, with no lag and no glitching. Then it's fine confused

I'm sure there's some process running in the background that causes the crashes but I'll be damned if I can find it.

I've just downloaded Hidden Springs and Moonlight Hollow and started a new game though, and no problems so far. I always save just before the kids have a birthday though as that seems to be the thing that causes the biggest problem!

Still totally obsessed and putting in a good few hours every day after work, much to my DHs annoyance blush

Snatchoo Tue 24-Jun-14 19:56:47

Oh and I turned off automatic updates and redownloaded all the mods which has helped. LOVE story progression, things like the laundry basket mod and the mod for better baby clothes are tiny things which really enhance playing.

I agree, I really don't think I could go back to playing without mods!

My legacy have 2 sons and with random traits I have a

Teen: Couch Potato/Can't Stand Art/Party Animal/Friendly <groan>

And a slightly more promising

Child: Brave/Daredevil/Artistic (likely to roll a Law Enforcement LTW)

BertieBotts Wed 25-Jun-14 16:40:20

I can't play the sims 3 without mods, which to me says something. I found recently that I can play TS2 without mods although I did miss them!

Jumblebee Thu 26-Jun-14 16:31:11

Could someone post a link to some mods and/or instructions on how to install them? I know I asked before and someone very kindly linked me but I didn't get round to installing them and can't find the post!

In other news, I got Hobart's Hideawau to 5* and now have built a luxury resort on the island that unlocks!

And I've come to the conclusion that Isla Paradiso lags and freezes if my sim lives on a house boat. My new sim just lives in a house and it's been running fine confused

ALSO, is anyone going to get TS4? I don't really know what the difference is from TS3 besides the build mode so I'm not tempted much (although I doubt my poor old laptop could cope with it anyway hmm)

That's what I did Jumblebee and then got that one to a 5* too, I used build mode blueprints to build a really pretty spanish style resort. grin

I don't like houseboats because you can see them rocking with the waves! Makes me feel sea sick!


how to install

the individual mods are also on that site, left hand navigation. HTH.

Jumblebee Thu 26-Jun-14 18:11:51

Greyhound thanks so much grin I know what I'll be doing when the baby is in bed!

I've used the blueprint mode too (for a Spanish resort also!), it's so much quicker than building it from scratch. And generally much better decorated and furnished than I could do grin

I'm not really keen on how they look, they're too square and just look very strange when they're sailing along!

You're very welcome Jumble hope you got them installed - any q's I may be able to help!

yy to blueprint, I am shit at building on Sims, always have been. To populate worlds with houses I usually use the ones from the 'bin' or copy another house from the town! I am having to build a home for my legacy family, though. I have put that on hold whilst I am playing Supernatural which I never thought I'd be keen on but actually really like. grin

God I am a right saddo, I am being kept going today at work by the thought of a long weekend playing Sims grin

Hope everyone is having a lovely day brew

ooooo jumble have you ever had a Kraken attack?! I had one once when I played a houseboat. Actually quite frightening!

Jumblebee Fri 27-Jun-14 16:13:01

No I haven't, can sims die? I might see if there are any youtube videos!

Lucky you off for the weekend smile I'm working but only 4 hours shift so hopefully I'll have a bit of downtime. Just got home from work and the sims is already loading grin

I'm the same, if I build my own houses they are just boxes! I was better at decorating on TS2, if I downloaded houses from the website they'd get a full interior makeover because some people just had awful taste wink

Mumof3xox Fri 27-Jun-14 16:14:16

I really need to start playing sims 3 again but real life gets in the way!

No they can't die of a Kraken attack - they get their boats destroyed though! (Not houseboats I don't think).

BertieBotts Fri 27-Jun-14 19:27:57

I was quite excited about sims 4 but the more I hear about it the less interested I'm feeling sad Apparently they've taken toddlers out which seems really bizarre. I love toddlers! I'm sure it stops me from going mad and having several more babies in real life to live vicariously through my sims and give them millions of babies grin

juneybean Mon 30-Jun-14 16:01:29

But of course we'll get toddlers back with an add on pack no doubt ... grin

BertieBotts Mon 30-Jun-14 18:38:09

If they do then I will probably buy it blush when the price comes way down though. I don't really understand why they've glossed over it. It seems quite fundamental!

I didn't know that about toddlers that is really odd. I'm not bothered about new design aspects so I'm not that tempted. That being said I've never not bought a sims game so realistically I'll get it on the day it comes out grin

Anyone else playing this afternoon?

My sim is having an affair with the Mayor and has had his illegitimate baby. <evil>

Hahaha just noticed I've bolded "kraken" up thread.grin

Jumblebee Sat 05-Jul-14 18:54:28

I shall be playing soon now work is over and baby is in bed smile my sims wife is going to have his baby (he must have an heir to the empire!) and then leave him for a fabulously rich fairy who may just meet an untimely demise... wink Well how else can she meet the gold digger lifetime wish? I can't very well kill my own main sim, he's far too nice! I love a good bit of drama in my sim life, makes my ordinary life seem rather dull!

Mumof3xox Sat 05-Jul-14 18:55:45

I am determined to find time to play tonight!

Although I am fancying starting from scratch

Jumblebee Sat 05-Jul-14 19:46:44

Mumof3 don't do it, it's a dark path of addiction sad I don't like it when I have a sim free day now!

The one thing I kind of love but hate about TS3 is story progression. I love that there are so many families in a neighbourhood and they all have histories, but I hate that when I'm playing my own family they are also getting on with their lives. I like to have control over everything but I can't because there's too many families hmm I know you can turn story progression off but I still kind of like the surprise of it.

But some of the names they give their children, just no hmm I've spent nearly an hour just randomly switching households and reading all the biographies and looking round their houses and stuff!

Omg, yes, jumble, the names!!!! shock

Some of them are just hilarious.

i like SP for that reason - I hated playing without it when their were no teens in the 'hood for mine to get together with etc etc.

I have a Sim running a daycare at the moment. It's fun - but genuinely a bit stressful too blush

Mumof3xox Sat 05-Jul-14 21:22:30

I did it!


BertieBotts Sat 05-Jul-14 22:40:07

Yes there is a discussion going on at Mod The Sims at the moment - story progression is nice but what I really want is X number of "my" households who do not have story progression, are frozen when not in use except to turn up at community lots or be invited over by my sims etc - like in Sims 2 - but then the "townies" and boring sims that I don't want to play like the parents of the interesting teens who have grown up and moved out or the brother who doesn't really have anything interesting going on, to manage themselves, but in sync with the X number of households I have. That would be perfect to me. I think you can sort of simulate that in Sims 3 using Twallan's Story Progression and Castes but I kind of can't be bothered to set it up hmm... you'd have to manually age them and fiddle with the ratios depending on how many households you have.

Jumblebee Sun 06-Jul-14 11:10:19

I was very upset when one of my sims who I wasn't playing on at the time and had a daughter called Vera hmm

It's like the townies in TS2, maybe it's just me but I have never known anyone called La Shawn or Goopy (although I did have a certain fondness for Goopy Gilscarbo!)

Bertie I didn't know you could run a daycare?! Is that a part of the Childminding profession? After my sim has completed the lifeguard career I want to try out the childminding one because I've never done it before!

Does anyone else struggle with the architectural designer career? This is the second time I've played it and I'm still rubbish. It takes too long to get to know sims (even with the observant reward) and I mostly get bad reviews or ok ones.

I did a new bathroom makeover and extended it to fit everything in. Then the man said it was awful and was too cluttered (apparently they say this if you extend?) even though I added big windows and plants because he loves the outdoors. Even when taking measurements and finding out any relevant traits I never do I good job hmm

Bertie that does sound like a massive task, I'd end up messing everything up! There does seem to be so many households, I'd like there to be fewer like TS2 so I'd have a chance of actually playing them all and knowing who is who.

Has anyone noticed the Internet Dating option on the laptop and smartphone? I just noticed it for the first time the other day but my other sim didn't have the option. There were loads of messages similar to the love letters you get in the post and the option to add people as friends. I'm wondering if it's there because my sim has a cheater reputation?

I need to stop writing essay length posts, sorry guys smile

BertieBotts Sun 06-Jul-14 11:47:56

Yes far too many households in the neighbourhoods which come with the game, I've never used them, just made my own (but then that takes ages to set up and you have to download empty neighbourhoods)

The names usually come from the developers and other members of the team, because game companies are often international that's why you get loads of names you've never heard of because they're Argentinian or Belgian or Japanese. I find it annoying TBH because it's hard to relate to. I don't see why they didn't use the names of their employees from each territory for different language settings, like the names of the pre-made characters change. And if you download name replacement packs they're normally American and then, again, I don't know half of the names or they sound stupid to me. It's possible to set up your own but again it takes a long time!

juneybean Sun 06-Jul-14 14:06:15

I'm in the midst of buying a house so playing sims has not appealed although I am missing them. Sims have it so easy, they don't have to pay fees/deposit <shakes fist at them>

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 11:22:33

Just in case any of you are interested, The Sims 2 is being given away for free on Origin until the 31st I think, you just need to type in I-LOVE-THE-SIMS in order to receive it where you redeem a code. It's the base game and every expansion pack. smile

NacMacFeeglie Thu 24-Jul-14 11:24:48

I love the sims three smile currently playing a fairy sim in the political career. Built her a huge house. Costs a fortune in bills. Kids go away on holiday for ten whole days today. grin

NacMacFeeglie Thu 24-Jul-14 11:26:08

If they have taken toddlers out of sims four I won't be buying it hmm

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 11:40:59

They've taken quite a lot out of the sims 4, there won't even be pools and teens, young adults, adults and elders are all the same height, the CAS demo isn't too bad but it's not as much fun without the colour wheel or create a style sad

NacMacFeeglie Thu 24-Jul-14 11:43:53

Definitely won't be buying it. Just going to stick to the sims three.

juneybean Thu 24-Jul-14 12:35:32

No pools?! I decided when it was first announced I won't be buying it until it's majorly reduced in price as I'm happy with Sims 3.

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 13:24:53

It's not even an open world anymore, so there'll be loading screens again and only about 5 lots in each neighbourhood, the main focus of Sims 4 seems to be emotions and CAS.

BertieBotts Thu 24-Jul-14 13:47:04

Anyone want to play Sims 2 again? It's being offered free on origin this week, you need to redeem the code I-LOVE-SIMS in your origin window (origin is free to download and sign up for) - definitely worth doing, because you get the full game with every expansion and stuff pack. Amazing!

I've got mine grin Apparently it interferes with the version that's installed from discs, though, so I'm waiting to install it until I have finished a couple of things that I don't want all of the EPs for.

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 14:44:01

I'm downloading it now, it's on about 55% so I'm gonna be spending a few hours this evening on it once it's all installed grin

BertieBotts Thu 24-Jul-14 17:34:08

Oops Kaz sorry, didn't see you got there first with the post! And I spelled it wrong - left out the "THE". blush

I've not had Bon Voyage or Mansions and Gardens before (or any of the stuff packs) - those two are the ones I'm looking forward to most.

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 18:16:00

No problem grin

However there is a problem with the download, when you try to play it the registration code given doesn't work, it's happening with everyone and it's all down to the Pets EP and the only way to get a new code is through EA live chat and the wait is over an hour long sad

DoTheKazDance Thu 24-Jul-14 18:27:29

Ooo I found a quick solution, make a new account, use the free code to get the game and then use the registration code given in the new one for the game you downloaded, if that makes sense.

BertieBotts Thu 24-Jul-14 18:55:49

I'm not going to download mine until later, so that's cool with me! smile

NacMacFeeglie Fri 25-Jul-14 08:46:45

Well that's my children away for ten days holiday. Normally my eldest is playing the sims three and I don't get a look in until late evening. Looking forward to playing a couple of hours just now. grin

juneybean Fri 25-Jul-14 08:47:56

Ooh enjoy!

SuffolkNWhat Mon 28-Jul-14 14:40:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ooooh. I am a massive American politics/history nerd.

You know we were talking about the names the game automatically assigns newborns?

Check this out... I am grin

Argh pic didnt post. Trying again

Suffolk just seen your post! Oooooo! Off to google...

juneybean Mon 28-Jul-14 22:02:59

Barbara, good strong name that wink

Coumarin Tue 29-Jul-14 01:26:07

I haven't played in forever but I've been getting the urge to get back into again this week. I'm sure my poor neglected sims are calling me from the laptop.

I'm mod free and playing sims 3 with all the expansion packs except the past/future one.

Not sure about sims 4. I like the look of the sims and cas but having spent so much on S3, I don't really want to start again.

Marking my place for when I load it up again.

juneybean Mon 04-Aug-14 19:44:18
SuffolkNWhat Fri 08-Aug-14 09:11:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hi all

Am considering buying a desktop comp to play Sims. My MBPro is starting to give up on it.

Thread here in chat if anyone has any advice/wants to check out sims specs vs specs of comp I'm looking at!

brew hope you're all still happily simming!

TheBabyFacedAssassin Thu 21-Aug-14 17:05:11

Greyhound because of you my sims addiction was reignited back in May and I have since spent a fortune on expansion packs!!

TheBabyFacedAssassin Thu 21-Aug-14 17:05:37

It's been amazing grin

Baby I am so pleased grin But please apologise to your bank for me grin

Does anyone play TS3 logged in to their online account, getting the rewards and badges and so on? I'm tempted but worry for lagging reasons etc.

Oh, and who's going to be buying TS4? I think I am blush

Snatchoo Sun 24-Aug-14 13:43:09

I'm mostly logged in I think. I have the store items turned off though as it annoys me! I'm too tight to pay for more points grin but it doesn't stop me coveting some of the items!

I admit though, I find EA hair awful so I only really download from Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource.

I quite like the idea of unlocking all the badges, but never dared have it on my Macbook as it would have killed the game!

I'm nervous to use CC, only because it has messed up games before, but I totally agree about EA hairstyles - really bad!

SuffolkNWhat Mon 25-Aug-14 08:34:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FlintAndTinder Mon 25-Aug-14 21:56:42

Ok, I need help! I installed some mods after finally feeling brave and reading through the whole thread - overwatch I had already and I installed errortrap, and story progression. I don't really know what I'm doing with the last.

But I find my Sims rewards aren't working effectively anymore - he should have been granted his lifetime wish just now, and earlier I got the reward for No Bills Ever, which was promptly followed by a bill. What am I doing wrong?

FlintAndTinder Mon 25-Aug-14 21:57:42

I have no custom content by the way. I did download the beautiful bakery above but I got a warning message about some of the elements in it, so I didn't install it.

Are you patched to the latest version? It can mess your game up if you have an old mod/new patch or a new mod/old patch - they need to be married up. The easiest way to do that is to have the newest patch and newest mod (they shouldn't update anymore now tbh now that TS4's coming out).

Have a go with that, if not come back and I'll rack my brain further!

FlintAndTinder Mon 25-Aug-14 22:45:15

I believe so, my game was all up to date today and I put most of them in today except OW and MC.

I'll have to try taking them out one by one and see what's causing that...

FlintAndTinder Mon 25-Aug-14 22:47:28

Hmmm, maybe my older mods are out of date. Do you have to update them all individually every time? I don't play for months at a time and then I get a rainy bank holiday and decide to go for it..!!

FlintAndTinder Mon 25-Aug-14 22:57:28

Sorry to spam the thread a bit... but I just deleted Overwatch (apparently there's been a new version since the one I installed in March when I first read this thread! and the bug list has "issues with the Rewards system" which was a clue that I should maybe try that first...) and then the Lifetime Wish was fulfilled when I logged in again!

Thanks for the help, it did make me look again at what might not have been working!

Oh good, glad it's working!

Yep, it's always worth checking for new versions of mods. They tend to be updated each time a new patch comes out, but given that TS4 is coming out there's unlikely to be any further TS3 patches to come so if you update all now, you shouldn't have to again.

Have you tried putting the latest version of Overwatch in? Would be a shame not to have it in game, it's fantastic.

FlintAndTinder Tue 26-Aug-14 00:37:36

Not yet, but I do intend to - however the bank holiday is over and who knows when I'll get a chance to play again!

It's not the same as the old days when you have a toddler at your elbow shouting "Man! Bath! Car!" and trying to imitate the sound effects....

juneybean Tue 26-Aug-14 20:51:43


What happened to Sims 4 not needing as high requirements as Sims 3...?

Hmmm, yeah they don't seem wildly different!
Which specs are you missing juney?

juneybean Tue 26-Aug-14 21:09:37

Not sure but I wasn't planning on getting 4 any ways, I just thought they were making it more "achievable"

Snatchoo Thu 28-Aug-14 13:56:09

I have absolutely loads of CC and loads of mods. I've had problems but they've all been sorted by variations of:

1) deleting the completely unnecessary CC to make sure there just isn't too much there;
2) removing mods from the folder, updating the patch and then re-downloading and installing the mod. Make sure you don't select the option to update automatically;
3) the biggest problem I've had was with downloads of Premium content where it just wasn't working. Multitab not working, bakery oven not generating the moodlets, the cow corral not working at all and causing the Sim to need to be reset. This was more difficult to fix, but after a couple of rounds of doing this I have fixed them all! None of my Premium content comes from the store btw blush

Flint - why don't you make a backup of your game, install the bakery and then take it from there? I don't use it as a venue, I just like having the items, especially the new oven!

I am quite tempted by CC, and have had it in games previously, but got rid of it all at the first sign of trouble and promised myself I wouldn't download any in future. But now I'm a bit 'techier' about it I think I could just about manage!

So - The Sims Resource and Mod the Sims - any others worth looking at?

BertieBotts Thu 28-Aug-14 16:37:06

It's probably that Sims 4 doesn't need as high equivalent requirements as Sims 3 did when it came out.

Either way, I'm really really underwhelmed by all of the info about Sims 4, and won't be buying it. Perhaps after there are some expansions and decent custom content but even then, possibly not.

WarblingOyster Sat 30-Aug-14 15:23:31

I've had Sims 4 preordered for months blush

Oooo! Oooo! I just found this thread - haven't read it yet, but just got the Sims 3 working again this past week or so - it used to crash on me all the time, but was bored, so moved it to another drive and now it runs like a dream and I'm obsessed again. I haven't read the thread yet (slaps self) but am delighted to have found it. I'll come back with something more sensible to say once I've ploughed through it all smile

My current sim is a werewolf single mum of one (who seems to be a vampire) daughter - she's (the mother, that is) just turned into an elder and is desperately researching alchemy so she can be young again smile She also collects bugs and kills plants by neglecting them.

I'm not planning on getting Sims 4 until all the release glitches have been sorted - I am sure there will be loads!

Welcome Furry! How exciting. Glad you got your game to run smoothly.

I think I'm going to be getting TS4 on Friday. I can't resist grin

Just been over to TS4 forums, as it's been released in the US today, and this really made me laugh.

Oh, wait. I've just read the list of things that are confirmed as not being in TS4 and I'm shocked!

CONFIRMED - MAJOR MISSING FEATURES: (All were in base versions of Sims 3)
No create a style (CAST) - NOT possible in future expansions
No family trees
No Mac version of the game at release (or announced)
No modifications to world/public spaces - The park in the demo is a mix of a community lot and public space
No “normal” careers - Law enforcement, Medical, Business, etc. were removed
No open world - You must incur a loading screen between each active lot; each neighborhood has 1-5 lots total
No pools
No terrain tools other than paint; everything is perfectly flat
No story progression - Sims in the neighborhood age, but do not have children, get jobs, move, get married…etc. without player intervention
No toddlers - Nor were they combined with "enhanced" babies
No way to create/place new lots - And you only have 2 empty ones at the start of the game!

CONFIRMED - MAJOR CUT BACK FEATURES: (All were in base versions of Sims 3)
All buildings on a lot must have the same foundation. No mixing for sheds, garages, etc.
Babies are mere objects - All interactions are through basinet. There are no baby objects. Babies can only be lifted directly above basinet.
Backgrounds are illusions - The buildings in the background are not playable in the game.
Completely FLAT lots - The entire build-able world is completely flat
Fewer floors/levels, limited to three
SIGNIFICANTLY smaller “worlds” of <25 lots compared to 125+ lots in TS3
Smaller lots - Lots are limited to 50x50 instead of 64x64.
Loading screens for individual lots
The map is a two-dimensional picture
Teens are same height as adults and they, along with elders, all look nearly identical.

CONFIRMED - OTHER MISSING GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS: (All were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims 2, or Sims 3)
No acne
No aliens
No animated hair
No aspiration failures
No bartender (as NPC for hire)
No basements
No bobble head for selecting actions
No bookstores
No burglar alarms
No cars (not even as décor)
No cemeteries
No cutscenes
No cleaning skill
No clothes shopping
No color wheel, predefined to ~20 colors
No comfort need
No curfew
No customization of multi-tone hair color (users select only main color)
No diseases or illness
No dreams
No environment need
No eyelash length slider
No favorites (food, color, music)
No fears
No firefighters - Be careful with the matches!
No full face make-up
No garage doors
No gardener for hire
No ghosts
No grocery stores
No male body hair
No move object cheat
No newspapers
No opacity slider for makeup
No party invitations from other Sims
No portraits
No private school
No rabbit holes at all - Sims move offscreen for work and school. There are no hospitals, work/school buildings…etc.
No random or accidental deaths
No repairman
No restaurants
No skin slider
No still lifes
No swimming/swimwear - Including lakes, fountains, etc.
No tragic clown or social bunny
No way to watch a Sim commute to work/school
No website for browsing exchange or store (in-game only)
No zodiac signs

MISSING OBJECTS: (All were in base versions of Sims 1, Sims 2, or Sims 3)
No bikes
No changing tables
No cribs
No dishwashers
No highchairs
No hot tubs
No pool tables
No trash compactors

32-bit executable - TS4 is not 64-bit, and cannot access more than 4GB of RAM. You realize no benefits for more than 4GB of RAM.
Fewer traits in CAS (more traits must be unlocked/earned in-game)
Incompatible Simpoint currency - Sims 3 Store Simpoints do not work with TS4

No babysitters (as NPC for hire)
No burglars
No cashiers
No Create a World
No exterminator
No swings
Premium Membership is REQUIRED to get certain sets on release day or at all
No inheritance
No interests
No magazines
No pinball machines
No way to water flower beds/bushes

Jumblebee Tue 02-Sep-14 12:54:48

I'm so happy people are back posting on this thread, I'll admit I have missed it (I am sad!)

The family I'm playing at the moment constantly crash! I was in the middle of moving them to a new house (didn't want to move them to a new neighbourhood because they're doing really well in their careers) and it crashed on me AGAIN. So I haven't really played properly in at least a month confused

Greyhound I can't believe how much is NOT included in TS4! My SIL has it preordered so I'll be able to have a go on hers. But my laptop is so old I think it would give up the ghost if I tried TS4 on it hmm

Jumblebee Tue 02-Sep-14 12:56:55

Furrydogmother what drive did you move TS3 to? Was it an external hard drive? I'm clueless with computers! My game crashes constantly too, just started on a particular family. If you had the same problem maybe I could do what you did and get back to whole days full of simming grin

It's mad isn't it Jumble?! SO many things (basic things that have been in base games since TS2) completely missed out. EA/Maxis have plugged this as a sequel, but how can it be a sequel when it seems so completely different SHITTER? I have to say the idea of going back to loading screens after TS3s seamless worlds isn't great, nor is the lack of townie story progression, which is vital to my playing style. <fumes> I'll probably still buy it though <sucker>

TS4 is supposedly less demanding on PCs than was 3, so you might be better with 4 on your laptop.

When I've had problems with crashing, I usually do a clean reinstall, but save my Mods folder and Saves folder to put back in. Might that help? It's a PITA but usually solves most issues!

For anyone with a laggy/unplayable Isla Paradiso I've just read this and whilst very sweary (and quite funny IMO) looks a good option. I have all those mods except Debug enabler which I'll download later and I might download that edited world from MTS.

Snatchoo Tue 02-Sep-14 15:21:22

I'm glad I haven't pre-ordered TS4 now. I enjoy making my Sims but not enough to have CAS as the main feature of the game!

Jumblebee - when you say crashing, are you getting that 'The Sims 3 has stopped working' box? If so, if you're running the game on Windows 8, you need to change that as there are incompatibilities.

Hover over the icon for the launcher, and right click when the icon comes up. Select properties and then select 'run through Vista' (or something similar - I'm not at home to double-check the fine details!).

I found this out after my game was becoming completely unplayable as it was crashing 5 or 10 minutes into playing. Since I've done this - about a month ago now - I've only had the same problem once.

juneybean Tue 02-Sep-14 15:55:34

*No family trees*

WHAT?! Ugh this game.

I know juney - hmm Seems a simple inclusion?!

Sod it. I'm doing it tonight. grin I'll report back!

juneybean Tue 02-Sep-14 17:03:12

Wow that's cheap!

oh fuck no that's the completely wrong link!

this is what I am going to do!

Basically download the game as a 'preorder' then use a bit of software to trick Origin into thinking I'm in the USA so it doesn't show as locked and lets me play grin

SuffolkNWhat Tue 02-Sep-14 17:07:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I agree Suffolk - was it really worth sacrificing toddlers and family trees (as just two examples) for the sake of funky walking styles hmm

I'm reading this on reddit (what are they called? threads?) and it's winning me over a bit.

Jumblebee Tue 02-Sep-14 19:00:16

Snatchoo thanks for replying smile I get the "The sims 3 has stopped working" error message. I'm playing on either Windows vista or 7 (definitely not 8!) My laptop is 4 years old so not new enough for Windows 8. I'm not sure if I need to do a major laptop clean up because I have loads of old stuff on it! I also get a message about the hard drive having an error which means I need to completely reset everything (but I don't have anything big enough to back all my files on to so I have so far ignored this message)

Jumble - I think I have a spare external hard drive knocking around somewhere...happy to send it to you (if I can find it!)

It's only bloody worked!!!! I'm on the Sims 4!!

juneybean Tue 02-Sep-14 19:43:55

Ooo! Enjoy Greyhound and do share pictures when you get a chance! grin


More coming Juney!!

Jumblebee Wed 03-Sep-14 13:17:49

Aww thank you Greyhound for offering! My dad has one which I will get round to borrowing, but if I can't use it I may take you up on that offer if it's still available.

What's TS4 like?? Did you post pictures? (I'm on the mobile app so I can't see them!) Is Create a sim really good? I want to knowwwww!

Jumblebee Wed 03-Sep-14 13:22:39

Just logged onto the mobile site JUST to see the pictures! Even though I don't think it sounds too good, the sims fan in me still wants to try it!

I hated TS3 when I first played it and now I'm a convert smile

A few more pictures! I'll be back with my initial thoughts of the game once I've fake tanned grin

Those are just phone pics by the way, will do some screen shots tomorrow!

My review of The Sims 4.

Just as some contextual background and my play style: I have owned TS1, 2 and 3, with the vast majority of expansion packs. I never modded Sims 2 but heavily modded 3 and it suited my play style perfectly. The open world, fast and active story progression, interactions amongst neighbours and distant relatives. I usually played out a 'story' with the ready made EA families and did not use money cheats. I am not a keen Sims builder/designer/creator: I almost exclusively play in live mode to a story. I loved Sims 3; it felt like a huge step up from the slow loading screens and solo-family play of TS2. I loved the traits, the interactions, the genetics, the open world and lack of loading screens. I loved that my neighbourhood really felt like a neighbourhood - busy and bustling with friendships and relationships all over the place.

So, Sims 4...

Imagine a half way point between Sims 1 and Sims 2 with fantastic graphics, quick play and intricate emotions. That is the Sims 4. It is, IMO, a huge regression from The Sims 3. You play in one household only - the ONLY story progression that goes on meanwhile is ageing - so no one else in your neighbourhood (if you can call it that) is having babies/getting jobs etc etc. Your play is forced to be completely centred around just your active family; say you have three children...once you have chosen your 'heir' the other two will just become basically dormant townies when you move them out unless you choose to intervene, which I have, and it was tedious. There are loading screens and the neighbourhoods are tiny. There are no rabbit holes, so school and work don't really exist, your sims just disappear off the edge of the screen and return home at the end. So it really is very much like 1 and 2 in that respect and I really dislike that element of it. The babies are exactly the same as sims 1, restricted to a bassinet, and they age straight up to children. Not life like and it really takes the focus off what many players, myself included, love - early years parenting. It just doesn't exist. That really sucks.

Those are my initial thoughts. Some positives: it's VERY quick. Loading screens are 10-15 seconds. Play is smooth and not laggy whatsoever. Graphics are great. Sims interactions with one another are very life like: they can multitask (one of my sims was painting whilst chatting to her husband who was writing a book on the computer for example). It feels very slick. From the few minutes I spent in build mode, I think sims builders are going to be happy with it, although it has simplified building/buying massively.

To be honest it's just quite boring. Playing through your active family with NOTHING going on around you in the town (though the lots are always busy which is good) gets repetitive very quickly. Until EA charge us shit loads of money for expansion packs this is going to be extremely repetitive.

For anyone who never had Sims 3 but is considering 4, you'll like it. If you had and loved 3 this is, IMO, a major, MAJOR step backwards!

Oh and it is NOT worth £59.99!!!! That's a criminal price.

TwllBach Thu 04-Sep-14 00:09:58

I haven't played the sims in ages but used to lose whole days to it. I have the sins 3 but have played up through one and two. I won't be getting TS4.

I forgot all about CC but may well spend all day some time tomorrow going back through MTS and TSR because someone up thread mentioned a boarding school??

When you all talk about challenges, where so you find them? I remember them being on TSR with sims 2 and you could download them and complete them, are there similar for sims 3?

I very much have a legacy style of play, I love creating families but I get carried away and have too many children and then can't switch between them enough to play them properly. I do have a sims notebook though where I list everything about them and their relationships <blush>

I get into house design every now and then too.

TwllBach Thu 04-Sep-14 10:04:14

Where does everyone go for downloads? I'm struggling to find decent things that I like and are easily accessible...

Hello Twll!
If you loved Sims 3, you would hate 4. If you liked 1 and 2 you would love it. That is my conclusion after a night's sleep grin

CC - I am not a big user of CC but inspired by this thread downloaded a couple of bits from The Sims Resource which has all been fine so far. I only really download hair and clothes, not lots or objects - have only got store content for those. I know some of the players here have much more knowledge/experience of TS3 Custom Content than I do so hopefully they can shed some more light!

Re: challenges, I would look at Carl's Sims 3 Guide Forum, and more specifically the Challenges section - there's all sorts, including about a million and one variations on your classic Legacy challenge. Some are really good fun!

Don't be blush about your notebook, that's the sort of thing I do too wink

TwllBach Thu 04-Sep-14 10:47:03

I am off to start a brand new world and sink my teeth into a baby boomer challenge just to change the pace a bit!


I think I'll be going back to TS3. smile

BertieBotts Thu 04-Sep-14 12:09:48

See I loved 1 and 2 and don't love 3 but I'm not loving much that i hear about sims 4 either.

When you say you are stuck to one family, do you mean you can't even switch between families sims 1/2 style? I found Sims 3 hard in that respect because you'reissing everything in your neighbour's housewhile playing the active family and it's not possible to freeze them until you want to play them again. I like that in Sims 2 if I leave my sim in the middle of something, they will be doing that when i reload them even if ive played other households since then.

I hate the Sims 1 style babies though.

BertieBotts Thu 04-Sep-14 12:13:52

Downloads I mostly stick with modthesims. info . They have strict vetting policies of their downloads, and I'm picky!

Bertie, you can switch between households in the same way as you could in TS2. All that happens in households you aren't playing on is ageing, so if you want families to have babies/get married etc you need to be regularly switching through households. From the sound of it, though, I think you would like 4.

I don't think it's all bad; there are a lot of good features but for me it's nothing on TS3 which is much more my kind of play style!

SuffolkNWhat Thu 04-Sep-14 20:57:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TwllBach Thu 04-Sep-14 21:06:31

I've rediscovered my addiction blush my sim has a baby, a toddler and her eldest has just aged up to a child... And is pregnant with the fourth. I don't feel like I can go to bed!!

Jumblebee I insalled it on my D drive. It no longer crashes, but I am still getting some glitches. My werewolf mother got offered a free holiday, due to her awesome star quality and fame, went off on it, and hasn't come back! The teenage daughter was having issues keeping up with the family garden (indoors to protect it from zombie attacks), so I've now moved on to a mini-me sim (well, quite maxi really as she reflects my body shape!)and her two dogs. Dogs are busily eating all the furniture, my rug keeps catching on fire, and the butler refuses to talk to me. So yeah, to answer your original question - just moved it to my D drive smile

BertieBotts Fri 05-Sep-14 13:57:27

I might give it a go then <suspicious>

I'm still not keen on the lack of toddlers and the babies as objects :/ Maybe after an expansion or two I'll check it out! Also not keen on the "bro" thing and the neighbourhoods sound tiny!

Itsjustmeagain Fri 05-Sep-14 18:43:35

Is anyone playing sims 4 on a mac - I know there isn't a mac version but dh tells me he can put windows on my machine or something.

Itsjustmeagain Fri 05-Sep-14 18:44:20

Just wondering if it's worth it - I would have to delete sims 3 to fit it in!

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sat 06-Sep-14 12:28:22

I've got Sims 4 yesterday, I've asked for a refund from Origin, it is awful, its basically Sims 2 with better graphics, back to Sims 3 I go.

Flowerfae Tue 09-Sep-14 18:17:35

Just ordered sims 4.... mixed reviews on amazon, but I'm more worried about me not getting any of work done once I get it smile

Itsjustme I'm not but you can - you'll need to BootCamp your Mac to operate windows. If your DH is confident then go for it!

Let me know how you get on with it Flower! I stand by my initial review BUT I am enjoying playing it.

GeordieShoreAddict Sat 20-Sep-14 20:08:02

I didn't like the Sims 4 when I first got it, hated the way the icons were all moved around etc. I have probably played 12+ hours of it now while th dc have been in bed over a number of evenings and I do enjoy it now however the thing I loved most (raising a family) feels like something is missing without the toddlers.

SummerScoop Sun 21-Sep-14 14:25:31

Ooh just found you! I love sims 3 haven't got 4 yet have been put off by the reviews waiting till a few of the expansions come out I think. Does anyone have the supernatural expansion pack? Any good? Or the University one?

Jumblebee Sun 21-Sep-14 18:40:56

Summerscoop I quite like supernatural, I just made my very first fairy and she is an expert gardener thanks to the "bloom" reward that fairies can earn which makes them harvest in a fraction of the time.

I did enjoy University when I sent my sim, but after a little while it gets a bit repetitive going through the whole uni thing. I've actually only ever sent 2 sims to university. As for the stuff you get, well I can't really think what furniture came with it but the clothes and hair are good grin

Jumblebee Sun 21-Sep-14 18:41:56

Although I must say I hate those bloody zombies coming in and eating my crops!!! I had to lock them out by fencing off all my plants. Undead pests!

SummerScoop Sun 21-Sep-14 19:31:04

Do the zombies appear in all the worlds or is it just the world that comes with supernatural? Think I might get supernatural next.

Jumblebee Sun 21-Sep-14 22:13:44

They appear in all the worlds although using TestingCheatsEnabled true you can control what supernatural creatures are in each world. However when I decided to get rid of zombies my game crashed shortly afterwards (sob!) so I decided to let them get on with it hmm

SummerScoop Wed 24-Sep-14 10:05:13

First world problem - Dh has brought me sims 4. I've been putting off getting it until at least an expansion pack is out. It just doesn't sound great from reviews still sulking about lack of toddlers and adult sized teens can't decide whether to swap for supernatural or give it a go.

Snatchoo Wed 01-Oct-14 13:34:31

SummerScoop what did you do in the end?

I've been watching some LPs on YouTube just to see what the gameplay is like - I've come to the realisation I don't play with my Sims for very long, I enjoy building their houses, creating a Sim and then making their families. Then I get bored.

I'm enjoying the interactions and emotions in Sims 4. I'm slowly considering it.....

Has anyone else bought Sims 4 yet?

TaliZorahVasNormandy Sun 19-Oct-14 00:27:09

Yeah, I hated it.

pingpong3000 Wed 22-Oct-14 00:12:19

Love sims 3 but I couldn't find out how to get children out of cots so social services came confused can anyone help?

pingpong3000 Wed 22-Oct-14 00:16:24

I dont like the expansion packs they are just so many of them srsly check go into a charity shop and you WILL find a sims expansion well thats what I've found

Ahh love the sims! 29 year old sims addict here!!! Still loving the sims 3 atm as sims 4 is not yet out for the mac. I've just started a legacy challenge which is a lot of fun I defo recommend it.

You have your sim parent pick them up. Click on the baby and there will be sOn my way! care options.

browneyedgirl86 Wed 29-Oct-14 21:37:38

Love the sims! I still love the sims 2. But like the sims 3. Getting a new pc as my current one has died and being looking as my only requirement is it must be able to play the sims 3. Not bothered about the sims 4. (Yet)

Celestria Thu 30-Oct-14 10:10:29

Hi all. Looking at sims 4. Can't buy it until Saturday and just am not sure whether I will even like it. Any opinions?

browneyedgirl86 Thu 30-Oct-14 11:56:19

I feel the same Celestria. I was all set to get the sims 4 but then the reviews and the game play videos on YouTube put me off! Hence why I'm sticking to the sims 3.

Celestria Thu 30-Oct-14 14:11:27

My computer doesn't cope fantastically with sims 3 but I've seen sims 4 is a bit easier going. However I'm bad for overloading with custom content so going to uninstall all my sims three stuff and start afresh, with only store bought content. Will be hard for me as I'm used to using custom skins and eyes etc etc but fed up of slow game!

Celestria Fri 31-Oct-14 09:36:32

Well I've bought the sims 4. It's £34 at the mo on origin. Waiting for it to download.

Celestria Sat 01-Nov-14 16:06:02

Got to say guys, I'm enjoying the sims 4. Reason being that it's very simple, there is so much less choice and I find I focus better instead of flipping between things and getting bored.

I hated house building but I love it in the sims 4.

There are things I do miss, namely toddlers. If they get put in I will be happy.

SummerScoop Sun 02-Nov-14 17:07:50

Well I swapped for supernatural and then got the sims 4 anyway! Got to say I love it so far! My sim has just married Don Lothario and had a baby. Love the new emotions, hiding under the bed when embarrassed. She was really flirty the other day and made heart cookies which made everyone that ate them flirty too lol. I've clocked about 6 hours (since yesterday) and barely scratched the surface so far so good though!

Celestria Sun 02-Nov-14 18:17:18

I get so distracted building houses I've barely actually played my sim. Love the sad helpline though and she is always putting on music whilst doing other stuff, very cute smile

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