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Flu nasal spray wwyd?

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Barmymummy1 Sun 18-Sep-16 13:14:23

Thought I should start a separate thread for this one. My daughter has just started school and we've had a letter home inviting children to have the Flu nasal spray vaccine next month.

My daughter like myself has a history of bad reactions to vaccinations so I'd like her to have as few as possible, is the nasal spray less likely to cause a reaction than an injection or is it the same risk? Also are they actually that effective?

She's generally healthy and doesn't have asthma, although she has had febrile convulsions before when she's been ill and had a high temperature, and in the winter she does get things that go on to her chest more than any other type of virus. What would you do? I'm looking for facts rather than being told off and told about herd immunity, I know it's important, but she has had really bad reactions to every jab she's had in the past so I don't make the decision lightly!

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