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Declining 8 week vaccinations for my baby - experiences?

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Plasticpineapple Thu 24-Jul-14 17:32:17

I don't want this to be about whether you should or shouldn't vaccinate your baby. I have chosen not to and I'm looking for experiences from others who have done the same. What did you say? What did the doctor say? Did you discuss vaccination once the child was older or flat out decline all vaccines?

PandasRock Fri 25-Jul-14 17:09:00

I declined for my youngest.

I went to the 6 week check, and the jabs appt is normally booked then, apparently. My midwife had talked me through it, and told me to decline jabs at the 6 week check, and then I would be taken off the surgery's list, and not called for jabs.

I did that, and all has been fine. No hassle, no reminders at all until the MMR one at 14 months ish (ime, MMR has always been a separate case - I have had no reminders for any other routine jabs at all, but the that one turned up). Even then, no pressure, just a reminder through the post which I ignored.

missbluebird Sat 26-Jul-14 19:12:39

The same as above...I decided to only have some and not others and also delay them. The HV took me off the list (following her first visit to see me) so I did not get letters and she was fine with doing this. She wrote down in my notes that I had made an informed choice. I now choose when to go and just ring ahead to say when I am coming and what I want.

The immunisation nurse finds it harder though. She gets really flustered that DS is off schedule and not having some. My stock line is that I am not prepared for my baby to have that amount of aluminium put him in one go and she tends to shut up. I did get a bit of stuff about babies dying from her initially. However, if you're not having any then you prob won't have to go through that.

EssexMummy123 Thu 14-Aug-14 23:17:06

I did the delaying and splitting or staggering the injections - check out Dr Sears alternative vaccination schedule.

Personally we never had an issue with nurses / doctors around vaccinations.

OrchidFlakes Sat 16-Aug-14 22:32:55

My GP is very supportive of our choice not to vaccinate at this time. I expected a big talking to but had a v interesting discussion about jabs etc with him instead!

puddymuddles Sun 17-Aug-14 23:05:30

Orchid you are lucky with your GP! They are not all that open minded.

Our 2 DDs have had no vaccinations and I have ignored the reminder letters. No one has bothered me apart from the letters. I told the GP at 6 week check with DD1 that we would not be vaccinating and she accepted it but I still get the reminders which I ignore.

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