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Flu vaccine pregnancy - latex allergy

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TinyPenguin Sun 06-Oct-13 19:19:03

Hi, don't know if anyone can help with this...

My last pregnancy in 2009/2010 I had the flu vaccine but as I have a suspected latex allergy I had a different type of vaccine to the usual (one made without eggs) I attended vaccination clinic on 3 seperate occasions to have 3 vaccines to give me full immunity,
I'm now pregnant again & considering flu vaccine again but need to know if I can still have the same one I had last time -
Does anyone know what brand name it might be or any google info or such like that is upto date for 2013?
Anyone in the same situation?

Champagnebubble Sun 10-Nov-13 17:58:00

Tiny, I have the same issue. My midwife and nurse reckoned it was ok, but couldn't confirm. I therefore didn't go for my flu jab, I cancelled the appointment. My reactions can be severe and tbh I'd rather not be pumped full of anti-histamines or steroids if I have a reaction so I've weighed it up chance of catching flu vs. allergic reaction and have delayed it until I find out more information....I'm presently trying to find out more.

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