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sssara Tue 20-Aug-13 12:25:22

Have we ever looked at autism in a different way apart from what the doctors and all the other specialists tell us? Why do we believe anything someone tells us just because they wear a fancy uniform and have an office where they practice on people. (hence the name general practitioner GP, practicing on people) There are a lot of things they don't tell us and a lot of things they don't know themselves. Have you ever asked your parent/ grandparents if any of the diseases known to us today 2013 occurred in their childhood? whether they had to go through so many inoculations jabs medicine etc? Most of the diseases that we know today hardly existed back then. So why are so many children suffering today? Why when a child is born doctors and nurses are putting so much pressure on us to make sure our new-borns are up to date with their inoculations before they even show any sign of illnesses? Some people call me stupid and say I worry about things too much. There have been way too many cases all throughout the world about vaccinations being linked to autism and other illnesses. The government makes sure we don't hear about these cases. For any open-minded parents I'm willing to give you any information my tel number etc free lee. Here I post a link from youtube. Please try and watch it, have your opinion on it. But don't judge it if you haven't watched it. For all those parents out there who have a child with autism or any other illness, open your mind to something that might/could help you. reach out to other alternatives rather than what the doctors say, miracles do happen you just have to be openminded and look for them. I wish you all my love peace and may you receive my information in good heath and spirit.

Useful links and information:

like I stated any questions anything anyone wants I will give free lee


sophj100 Tue 20-Aug-13 13:17:50

It is possible that autism has been around for a long time but simply passed off as anti-social, lazy, stupid or lost under a group label as 'mentally ill'.

It is hard to pinpoint any one 'cause', as it were and people have many different reasons for assuming they know - older parents, hereditary, diet-related etc. One book I have read which was interesting was 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' by Dr Natasha Cambell-McBride, a doctor in neurology and nutrition, who also describes herself as a mother of a child fully recovered from a severe learning disability.

I'm prepared now to have an open mind, having been down the route of questioning the MMR and whether I could be the cause, having suffered from depression for many years but I continue to read & absorb as many 'theories' and make my own mind up. However, the range of those on the spectrum is harder to explain. How some are non-verbal and have ranges of physical disabilities too, to those who are milder in symptoms and abilities.

What is your personal situation? Do you have a child / children who have been diagnosed ASD? Do share a little more.....

It's pretty much accepted now that a)there are a variety of autisms and that they simply share similar observable behaviours and b)some of them are likely to be caused or at least triggered by environmental factors, probably more than one simultaneously.

Which offending inoculations did Mozart have?

sssara Tue 20-Aug-13 14:44:00

I am a mother of two happy children, both have never had any jabs, I refused at their birth. During my pregnancy as a first time mother I had researched a lot of the components of these vaccinations. most of them all contain metals ( mercury aluminium etc) which in small or large quantities are highly toxic to the human. tell me something about this then, at the age of 1 and a half my little girl came down with chickenpox ( confirmed by a doctor) instead of vaccinating I decided to use mms (see link given in previous message). The doctor and everyone else told me I should have vaccinated her at birth and it really made me feel like I was being a bad mother. So here is a little girl never been vaccinated and has got the pox and there are other children who have been vaccinated and still come down with chickenpox. My little girl ended up having the chicken pox for two days and it had cleared up by bathing her in mms. I remember her aunty rushing over to my house with a bottle of camomile lotion, which is still in the fridge unopened. The doctor couldn't believe nor other people could believe how quick she became better. There are people I know that have got kids, born as happy babies but soon after the triple mmr jab became ill and some showed signs of autism. I know I cannot change the world into a better and happier place , but I wish people would research the components and question more about jabs. on the Mozart thing I unfortunately have not looked into that. And as you said about the environmental factors. They seemed to be everywhere from our food to the chemtrails in the sky which the government also try to cover up. The government makes billions if not more every year in The pharmaceutical industry. That means they're making a profit, for anyone to be able to make a profit they should be a company. Do you honestly think if there was a one off cure for an illness they would offer that? off course they wouldn't, people wouldn't go back. The health system is designed to make sure people wont get better. They're not interested in keeping us healthy and fit, it wouldn't make them any money. Look at every box of pills medication you name it, the side effects are always there and for those you will end up buying another medication for it.

You have the right to ask for those ingredients by the way. Just ask your doctor what's in the jabs, most of them will mumble and grunt, but you have the right to know. and go and research them. Why would you want to inject your child with something you don't know? That's all I am saying.

There is a PROVEN case in Italy about the triple MMR jab, the government in Italy have put their hands up and came to the conclusion that yes autism is linked to the MMR jab. But no one knows about this because the british media put a D notice on any kind of information that we as british citizens would like to know. the Italian couple got rewarded a compensation that goes in the thousands. Is that how much our children are worth??? See youtube

sssara Tue 20-Aug-13 14:45:42

Anyone that would like to know more about MMS, which by the way has helped me a lot please let me know.

sssara Tue 20-Aug-13 14:47:53
autumnsmum Tue 20-Aug-13 15:50:44

Would this thread be better in the vaccinations section? Fwiw and I appreciate all people have different opinions I believe my younger two children's is entirely genetic

JoTheHot Tue 20-Aug-13 20:19:23

The italian case did not prove a link. This is why it has not be reported much.

Most of us here DO know about that case. What's your agenda?

Bluestocking Tue 20-Aug-13 21:02:36

My General Practitioner doesn't wear a fancy uniform. Maybe I would take her more seriously if she did, but actually I think the reason I take her seriously is all those years she spent in medical school and subsequent training, and the fact that she clearly has my best interests and that of my family at heart.

meditrina Tue 20-Aug-13 21:10:09

ssara can't be in UK (or uses private doctors).

CP is not part of NHS vaccine schedule, so no NHS GP would remark on the absence of a jab that isn't offered. And every GP knows that CP can be mild. Also mercury was phased out of UK infant jabs 15+ years ago.

The only ting I've seen about the Bocca ruling was press reports on the outcome, written in the absence of full reports which state what evidence was before the court.

In your grandparents time lots of autistic children would have been classed as "just thick" or hidden away. Also, lots of children died of measles.

milkwasabadchoice Tue 20-Aug-13 21:27:51

Jeez there are so many gaping holes in your "argument" I wouldn't know where to start.

So instead I'll just point out that it's 'freely' not 'free lee'. That bit of your post made me laugh. The rest makes me want to weep.

What makes you think most of us don't ask for detailed lists of ingredients for jabs?

What makes you think we all have GPs that grunt at our questioning?

Neither is true for me.

It is very patronizing that you just assume no one else has looked into research about vaccinations. Has it occurred to you that they are making a well informed decision to vaccinate? Not just blindly following advice as you seem to think?

CatherinaJTV Wed 21-Aug-13 06:52:19

MMS is horrific child abuse - you are feeding your children with bleach, you are giving your children bleach enemas. How sick can someone be?

Autismum (nomen est omen, she has a severely autistic son) wrote about it: and here

The most thorough take down of MMS is here on the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism web site:

mamalovebird Wed 21-Aug-13 07:18:13

I don't understand your point about the govt making a profit out of medicine. The govt buys the medicine from pharm companies and then dishes it out to the general public for free. They don't charge. The only money the govt make from pharmaceutical companies is in the corporation tax that these companies pay.

This will probably out me but I'm so sick and sad with these types of threads. I grew up in Malaysia & Malawi, and I can say with a fair amount if confidence, most mothers would give their right arm for the chance to vaccinate their children. It'a easy to sit there questioning it all safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to our children, vaccinated or not, we have immediate access to first class and free healthcare.

As for conditions not existing in your grandparents time - that's they wonder of research. We know a lot more about everything than we did 50 years ago. My dad died 15 years ago from cancer. If he'd got it today, he'd have a much better chance of survival due to the advances in cancer treatments.

sssara Wed 21-Aug-13 10:27:16

Yes you do have the right to refuse vaccinations, I did, I live in the UK. I speak 6 different languages and sorry for making a mistake in one of them (freely). MMS is not industrial bleach and it doesn't cause any harm. The most richest people in the world ( Rockefellers Rothchilds etc) own these companies who then own the government's. We take everything that is handed out freely to us ( but we pay our taxes on top of our taxes??). This conversation has obviously showed most of us are clearly not that open-minded. There are thousands of people all throughout the world dyeing every year because of our governments. Their not in the interest of making things better for us. So much for child abuse, I have used mms safely for the past three years and it has so far helped me battle ringworm migraines bladder infections thrush heat rashes chickenpox acne fevers tumours burns . my husband had an unknown lump in his chest for two years he was in and out of hospital. I refused to lose my husband, He was in a very very bad state and weighed less than me. he was coughing blood and doctors after many xrays blood samples you name it couldn't understand what it was, he was prescribed all sorts of medication that he refused to take because the doctor told him it would eventually cause liver failure. He took mms for three weeks. The following xray showed that the lump had decreased in size enormously. He carried on taking it until on the following Xrays it had completely disappeared. The doctors at the hospital think its because of the medication he got better but we know different. The boxes of medication remain untouched. He's never gone back to the hospital since. The doctors have since then tested his blood, stools you name it. They said he's as fit as a 21 year old ( he's 42). So if taking MMS was so damaging surely the doctors would have found something???

specialsubject Wed 21-Aug-13 12:47:11

wow, OP, aren't you embarrassed at your historical and scientific ignorance? All very well if you speak six languages but in this one, you are talking rubbish.

Present-day diseases DID exist a century ago, and for millennia before that. Just my personal examples: my great-grandmother died of TB. I know two elderly people who were crippled by polio in their youth.

miracles don't happen. There's no such thing. I bet you are vaccinated and so have never suffered any of these diseases.

babble away, it is a free world, but don't expect anyone with any sense to agree with you.


My DS was born autistic. As was his 70 year old relative (my nana's brother, who never had any jabs).

I am rather cross about this OP but can't put it succinctly into words yet so will come back later if I haven't exploded with rage.

lovestogarden Wed 21-Aug-13 12:57:10

I assume that we were all with children at school who did have autism, ADHD, dyslexia but obviously weren't diagnosed.

I thought the thinking now was that autism had a genetic component?

ChunkyPickle Wed 21-Aug-13 12:59:55

Jesus Christ - it most certainly is bleach! And you gave it to your daughter for Chicken Pox - which would have passed on its own?!!

In the UK the NHS doesn't give Chicken Pox jabs, and certainly doesn't advocate them at birth (I seem to remember they're at about a year on the Canadian schedule)

Nurses giving jabs to my children have always been happy to talk to me about their ingredients/show me the boxes etc. I am very confident that vaccinations are safe - and that feeding my child bleach most certainly isn't.

You really, really need to do some reading on the MMs thing - it's bloody dangerous (as in properly, unlike diseases or vaccines)

Trazzletoes Wed 21-Aug-13 13:04:49

I can't imagine how difficult it can be to raise an autistic child but I can tell you now that I would choose 1,000,000 over for DD to be autistic as a result of vaccinations (for which I have NEVER seen any credible link anyway) than for DS to be dead because I failed to protect his compromised immune system by ensuring the rest of my family is vaccinated.

And as for some Government conspiracy to make us use nasty drugs. My DS could have died as a result of just the treatment for his cancer (other children have, including the DS of another Mumsnetter). Do you honestly believe that if there was ANY other credible option for treating him that wouldn't possibly kill him/ leave him infertile/ destroy his liver and digestive system/ leave him with one working kidney we would snap someone's hand off for it.

Come back when you've actually had to live with the reality of a loved one with ACTUAL cancer and you've successfully treated them with your nonsense rather than a mystery lump. And don't talk about not being able to face losing your DP when nothing you have said suggests that was on the cards rather than in your imagination. Some of us have to face that possibility every day. Some people have had to face it. Your glibness is offensive.

Sirzy Wed 21-Aug-13 13:12:25

Like others have said there are so many gaps in your 'logic' it would be laughable if it wasn't putting your child at risk.

Your comments about chicken pox simply make no sense. Chicken pox isn't routinely vaccinated against in this country. Then again why take your child to the GP with mild chicken pox anyway? Nice of you to put others at risk

Trazzletoes Wed 21-Aug-13 13:20:43

It seems odd to me that Jim Humble conducted "scientific clinical trials" in a prison in Malawi. Why not in the general population in a 1st world country with proper regulation and protocols in place...

Also interesting that the media is clearly suppressing the news of the more than 800 people with HIV/AIDS that he has successfully treated when, when 2 people have their AIDS apparently cured by actual medicine, its all over the news. Oh, it's that conspiracy again, isn't it.

OP have you ever thought to try and educate yourself to the fact that there IS no conspiracy and actually its all just, well, money-spinning bollocks?

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