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Vaccinations and nursery schools

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Louise1010 Fri 13-Jul-12 00:04:37

This is my first post so forgive me if I do anything wrong!

I am just beginning to look at nursery schools for my 15 month old son, and I am a bit surprised that they don't seem to care whether or not he has been vaccinated. I expected it to be a requirement.

It seems incredible to me that I have to provide evidence of my cat's jabs to the cattery but when it comes to children anything goes.

Has anyone come across a nursery school in the UK that does require it?

seeker Wed 15-Aug-12 14:55:39

Do you think that some of us should archive
All these links for next time? Or will it not be aluminium then?

PigletJohn Wed 15-Aug-12 15:34:24

next time might be back to autism, or possibly change to vaccines causing infection.

If the question keeps changing, so must the answers.

bruffin Wed 15-Aug-12 15:36:22

It will be the metal from the injection needle,
Its a pity MN HQ cant do a sticky or a page with links to all the research. It doesn't need to give advice just link to pages like the WHO one i gave on the thread about spreading out vaccines. It has a list of credible websites.

PigletJohn Wed 15-Aug-12 15:45:48

What's wrong with my turnip analogy?

bruffin Wed 15-Aug-12 15:54:06

Nothing PJ, but eating a turnip exactly 3 hours after having a vaccine may cause some sort of reaction.

PigletJohn Wed 15-Aug-12 16:06:23

can anyone prove that it doesn't?

bumbleymummy Sun 19-Aug-12 15:02:46

Just back...

Jo, if you read the ADSTR report you will see that it gives the MRL for oral Aluminium. That seems to be what people are basing the current 'it is safe' on. Thankfully, according to a conference report linked to on the other thread, people are still investigating the effects of Al being injected. I will look forward to those results.

PigletJohn Sun 19-Aug-12 15:27:12

I thought we established that the level of aluminium in the body was measured regardless of its source?

PigletJohn Sun 19-Aug-12 15:30:31

oops, this is the thread about nursery schools.

"Aluminium in Vaccines" is over here

bumbleymummy Sun 19-Aug-12 16:30:35

Had we PJ? Where did we do that?

PigletJohn Sun 19-Aug-12 16:54:01

this is the thread about nursery schools.

"Aluminium in Vaccines" is over here

It's the one that starts "I thought this might do better with its own thread because the other one went off on a bit of a tangent."

bumbleymummy Sun 19-Aug-12 17:08:53

Piglet, it has also been discussed here. I was answering people's posts on this thread too becuase not everyone moved over to the other thread.

PigletJohn Sun 19-Aug-12 21:00:08
bumbleymummy Sun 19-Aug-12 22:53:10

You mean me PJ?

I'm replying to people on this thread . If you don't want to post here then don't.

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