where in the cotswolds?

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IDugUpADiamond Thu 03-Apr-14 22:23:49

we're looking for 4 nights accommodation, self catering would be fine, location very important, we'd like to to be idyllic, good for walking and bike rides as well as visiting nice villages and towns. Any suggestions for specific areas/b&b's? cheers

PatTheHammer Thu 03-Apr-14 22:27:10

Painswick would tick all the nice and idyllic boxes. Cotswold way runs through it so good walks. Pretty central so can access north and south Cotswolds as it is a pretty big area.

Rexandralpf Fri 04-Apr-14 05:52:54

Painswick is lovely

Barbaralovesroger Fri 04-Apr-14 06:11:40

Minchinhampton, sapperton, chalford. All low tourist very nice Cotswold areas. Some of other Cotswold towns are over rated and you can't move for tourists.

IDugUpADiamond Fri 04-Apr-14 06:47:19

Thank you so much, it's good to have some recommendations when looking for accommodation as reference isn't it? Painswick really does look amazing! I'll look into the other places that have been suggested. Thank you.

Hope you've got plenty of gears on the bikes in Painswick! Nice level cycle path through Stroud by old canal.

Northleach might be worth a look.

Barbaralovesroger Mon 07-Apr-14 09:58:27

Yes great flatish canal cycle path between chalford and Cirencester.

IDugUpADiamond Mon 07-Apr-14 10:47:36

Thank you all thanks
I am still looking. Unfortunately I am really struggling to find decent accommodation for a family of 4. We don't want to stay in a B&B, a nice hotel would be okay but I can't find one that accepts children. Self catering cottage would be okay but I can't find a good looking one sad.

Barbaralovesroger Mon 07-Apr-14 12:22:36

Would you consider a yurt?

lechers Mon 07-Apr-14 12:35:15

If you've got the money, you can rent a house at the lakes by yoo. It's not cheap (set you back about 2k for a long weekend) and it is right on the very edge of the Cotswolds (near Fairford). But it is what you describe; smart, suitable for children, has bike rides and easy access for going to see different towns etc... It also has the added bonus of lots of celebrities owning homes there. You may even get to bump into someone famous :-)

lechers Mon 07-Apr-14 12:39:47


You can get cheaper than this if you look around - but this is the general idea.

IDugUpADiamond Mon 07-Apr-14 15:21:56

Hi lechers, yikes, that's way too pricey, I mean, £500 for 4 nights would be okay but any more than that... no, I don't think so...
Barbara we would consider a yurt but there does't seem to be any availability sad

LadyMaryLikesCake Mon 07-Apr-14 15:26:57

We stayed in the White Heart in Moreton in Marsh. The rooms are large and they don't mind children. There's an owl sanctuary close by (but it's not a 10 minute walk) and there's a lovely little toy shop. There's a children's play area a minute outside the town.

PatTheHammer Mon 07-Apr-14 18:20:42

There are yurts at a place called Wesley Farm just outside Chalford. Close to Minchinhampton, Sapperton, The Daneway and Cirencester.
They come highly recommended by friends.

Amaxapax Mon 07-Apr-14 18:22:39

I recommend the Egypt Mill hotel in Nailsworth. It's a beautiful little town with a long flat cycling path and great walks all over. The Egypt Mill is lovely, child friendly (they have family rooms) and the food there is great!

Auntiemalcolm Tue 08-Apr-14 16:48:53

I've heard about the those yurts pat. Also you can hire a company locally to put up yurts at thistledown campsite which is amazing!

I think Egypt mill is a bit over priced for what it is. Maybe try jigsaw Cotswold holidays. We have used them twice so far

Auntiemalcolm Tue 08-Apr-14 16:57:20

Ps westley farm looks great! And it's in the undiscovered part of the Cotswolds. Really stunning and lots of woodland. Close by you have lavender cafe which has the best cakes. Morton in marsh is v touristy.

Auntiemalcolm Tue 08-Apr-14 17:04:16

Really easy to get onto the cycle track canal path from there

IDugUpADiamond Tue 08-Apr-14 17:09:54

Westley Farm has no availability sad

Nancyandsid Tue 08-Apr-14 19:07:48

Just looked online - on the thistledown website they state that bell tents can be hired in from a recommended rosebay bell tents

Nancyandsid Tue 08-Apr-14 19:19:43

Hillcrest cottage near minchinhampton/brimbscome (close to westerly yurt) looks nice and its child friendly.

PatTheHammer Tue 08-Apr-14 19:47:01

Oh shame about Westley farm. Good to see Lavendar bake house mentioned though......it is amazing!

I've not stayed at Thistledown but have visited a few times and its a lovely site, very 'back to nature' and you would be close to Nailsworth, Woodchester mansion, Cotswold way, Owlpen Manor, Coaley Peak, Westonbirt Arboretum to name a few things to do!

IDugUpADiamond Wed 09-Apr-14 12:49:39

Hillcrest is not availably but Ambrose is: www.hillcrest-cottage.co.uk/ambrose_cotswold_holiday_cottage.html
What do you all think about the cottage and the area?
You might have just saved us from spending the whole Easter at home (again) thanksthanksthanks

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 12:55:31

You can come and stay with me wink

Ambrose is very, ^very^ close to us, and a lovely spot. Do check what the parking situation is, and you would probably need to drive out to go to a decent pub.

Otherwise, fab.

IDugUpADiamond Wed 09-Apr-14 13:23:26

Ooh pookamoo then perhaps you could recommend good places to have dinner and where to go so that I can buy vintage nick nacks like lovely teacups and saucers.smile

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 13:45:59


Up on the common, the Amberley Inn is really lovely (how old are the DCs? might be better suited to older ones) or the Black Horse at Amberley.

As someone mentioned above, the Lavender Bakehouse has vair nice cakes as well as tasty lunches. Child friendly but right on the main road and very limited parking.

If you're here over the weekend, the Stroud Brewery does pizzas on Friday and Saturday evenings - very relaxed and low key, they start serving at 5pm and you want to order as soon as you arrive. Brilliant for the kids, plenty of toys to play with, even a dressing up box! They do free teas and coffees, hot waterbottles and blankets too for the undercover outdoor seating area!

Also on the weekend, you'll need to see Stroud farmers' market, really lovely.

For your knick-nacks, hop over the valley to Tetbury, for some really brilliant antique/ brickabrack shops, such as "Top Banana". Nailsworth is similar but not quite so many shops there, although they do have the FAB toyshop in the old bank "Enchanted Childhood" and "The Canteen" which is nice for a relaxed lunch. Check out their home made marshmallows on sticks!

Look out for the Winstones Icecream parlour up on the common, a stone's throw from where you'll be staying.

Sorry, I've not provided links, but everything will be on google.

Have a lovely stay and wave as you go past! wink

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 13:53:15

Oh, and there is a good bike ride from Stroud (park at Sainsbury's) into Nailsworth all the way along the old railway line. About 5 miles. DD1(5) did it last week on her balance bike!

From where you're staying you can get on the canal path by the Ship Inn and ride right into Stroud, but you may find it is a bit hairy for littles - I wouldn't trust DD1 not to be in the water! In the town you'll find a bike rack by the canal heritage centre (free info and quite interesting) and then you can walk into the town centre.

IDugUpADiamond Wed 09-Apr-14 13:57:07

You're a star pookamoo, thank you. Unfortunately we won't be there over the weekend so we'll miss the pizzas and the market sad. I will google everything else though and make some note. Thanks again thanks.

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 14:05:46

You're welcome!

Of all the above, Winstones is the must-see, and probably walkable from where you're staying.

CMOTDibbler Wed 09-Apr-14 14:23:25

We really liked the artisan bakery in Nailsworth when we did the cycle trail from Stonehouse the other week.

PatTheHammer Wed 09-Apr-14 15:06:48

I may have had a Winstones ice cream just yesterday....blush

Stroud Brewery is very nice but I didn't rate the pizzas, they were tasty but not very big. Kids pizzas ok though. And they do organic ginwine

Pookamoo, I probably drive past your house to and from work everyday!

GreenShadow Wed 09-Apr-14 16:30:42

pookamoo - We must almost be neighbours! The cottages are VERY close to us too!

It's certainly a lovely area and doesn't attract the number of tourists that the more northerly parts of the Cotswolds do (apart from Winstones ice creams which draws people in from miles around).

Another nice little quirk of the area just above the cottages are the free-range cows which wander the Commons from May till October.

Perhaps if you do come, we all ought to have a picnic on the Common!

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 16:38:45

ooh green I wonder if I know you in RL! <eek!>

I have a holiday cottage in Painswick wink

Pm me dates, I will see what I can do.

Im a v regular poster btw, def not a wierdo!

GreenShadow Wed 09-Apr-14 16:42:55

My DC are quite old (youngest is 14) pook, so probably not.

PatTheHammer Wed 09-Apr-14 17:32:32

Confirming that monkeyface is not a weirdo, seen her around for quite a few years!

I must admit I prefer the common when the cows aren't out but that's because I'm one of those annoying drivers who uses it as a route to work rather than sitting in Stroud traffic in the morning. I am however different to most it seems in that I drive at the speed limit.

Getting ready to give Greenie and pookie a wave tomorrow on the way in nowwink

Well. I may be a touch weird wink

PatTheHammer Wed 09-Apr-14 17:36:09

Not absolving you of all weirdness obviously.....just not an Internet weirdo with hairy handswink

GreenShadow Wed 09-Apr-14 17:47:40

Ahhh Pat, so you are one of those who use my back garden as a rat run.... (only joking)!
You coming up to Winstones again then tomorrow? There were a lot cars there today.

PatTheHammer Wed 09-Apr-14 18:03:46

Yes guiltyblush. I am very careful up Walkley hill and Brimscombe hill hill though in my defence as I do know how annoying it must be for the residents!

Got to work tomorrow so no Winstones for me......although MN would have you believe that people of my profession are all off sunning themselves over the Easter break.....chuckles at the realityconfused

pookamoo Wed 09-Apr-14 18:56:17

green phew wink

There seem to be quite a few of us on here, then! Sorry for the thread hijack, OP!

Discombobulatedbob Fri 11-Apr-14 08:50:08

My SIL lives stroud way. She's always dragging me out and about.

Pizza at the Stroud brewery is unique. Free cups if tea and they bring you hot water bottles/blankets as the night draws in.

Lavender bake house for coffee/tea - then cycle down the disused canal path in the direction if Cirencester. First you will pass a park (great for paddling). Stop at the Bell in Sapperton (posh) or the dameway before (time machine)

The black horse in Amberley has spectacular views!! Food is a bit ropey but good chips and beer.

Ruskin mill cafe and valley is great for a walk/paddle/lunch/coffee/Steiner alternative feel. The valley peters out into stunning woodland paths, walking away from nailsworth.

GreenShadow Tue 15-Apr-14 13:36:43

With apologies to IDugUpADiamond, but a quick plug for a Stroud area local meet up.

It's on Monday 28th April at the above mentioned Lavender Bake House. Starts at 2pm so ideal for those of us that work mornings.

There is a link to it on the MN Local pages here

pookamoo Tue 15-Apr-14 20:12:58

I think I'm too scared for a local meet!

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