Sun £9.50 holidays - post your favourite campsites here please

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ChippyMinton Wed 02-Jan-08 09:22:22

Start collecting tokens from Saturday in the Sun newspaper. Lots of dates for easter, spring and May bank holidays.

Anyone got any favourite sites to recommend?
Mine is Nodes Point on the Isle of Wight

MellowMa Wed 02-Jan-08 09:31:02

Message withdrawn

MegBusset Wed 02-Jan-08 09:43:40

Am new to this lark, how does it work, can you get holidays in term-time too?

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Wed 02-Jan-08 09:44:45

shock that CM buys the Sun. FGS woman, you're from Surrey!!!


KaySamuels Wed 02-Jan-08 09:54:42

Primrose valey on NE coast is lovely. smile

We did one sun holiday and if you book your next holiday while you are there it is half price so we have done that since. Going for a week in April for £60! When you book through haven entertainment passes and gas/elec are included in price, only optional extra is linen but we always take our own anyway.

ChippyMinton Wed 02-Jan-08 11:07:28

Duchess, I send a lackey out for it grin.

Meg, there are lots of dates, either Fri-mon or mon-fri breaks. Buy the Sun everyday from Saturday and save the tokens. When you have enough, either book online or by post, as soon as you can. You have to choose 4 dates and four holiday parks and you will get one of those combinations. Cost is £9.50 per person, plus some parks charge an extra service charge and for leisure passes. Details are usually on the Sun website (not there yet, just checked) and in the paper with the booking form. HTH

dd666 Wed 02-Jan-08 11:17:01

we went Hafan Y mor!
didnt like it campsite was dirty, entertainment had odd setting, swimming pool had tiles etc missing, slides broken, pools shut because they dangerous,
we didnt get any of dates we chose was given end of season date so shops on site werent all open just a few basic ones were we got last place on the list of places to go we wasnt impressed hmm
and to top it off went with my mom four sis neice dp dd not good combination

wemys bay is lovely.
really good entertainment. lovely views.

MegBusset Wed 02-Jan-08 11:41:01

Any campsites recommended for 18mo?

ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas Fri 04-Jan-08 19:38:17

has anyone been to doniford bay or presthaven sands?

grumpyfrumpy Sat 05-Jan-08 09:51:21

Any good ones in the south east?

TwoToTango Sat 05-Jan-08 10:47:03

I've been to both sites ADDICTED (about 3 years ago) - both Haven I think. presthaven Sands is a massive site, if I went again I would upgrade as the caravan we had could have been cleaner tbh (although for £9.50 pp I wasn't going to complain). You can get on to a nice beach directly from the site. there is a nice pub with a play area outside. Its quite well located for day trips around the local area - zoo etc, about 1/2 hr from Rhyl IIRC.

doniford bay is a small site, nice pool, again leads onto a beach which is pebbles/rocks. I found the site a bit small as there wasn't much by way of entertainment etc but again a good base for exploring the local area on day trips.

HTH - about as much as I remember.

I have been going on 1 or 2 sun hols a year since they started and have never been disappointed. Even if its not the best site for what you pay its a good deal.

tortoise Sat 05-Jan-08 10:51:07

We went to Weymouth Bay Haven last year. Had a great time.
I want to do these hols again but am worried we won't get the dates for easter hols. Last time they gave us the week before half term which school weren't all that happy about plus there weren't many people there to make it more fun for the Kids.

MulledwineandJ2O Sun 06-Jan-08 19:10:59

does anyone know the closest sites to Alton towers out of the ones offered please?

TwoToTango Mon 07-Jan-08 10:01:53

The sites are mostly around the coast but I imagine (crap at geography though!) that the closest ones for Alton Towers would be ones in North Wales or Somerset (Weston) - and they would be 2.5 - 3 hrs drive away I should think.

Haylstones Mon 07-Jan-08 10:07:24

ADDICTED< if you can avoid it do not go to Doniford Bay. We had a pretty unpleasant time there for several reasons- accommoadtion was only thing I could receommend tbh. We've been to loads around that area and are hoping to get Woolacombe Bay this time and Doniford Bay is the only one we would never return to!

pagham, near chichester was really nice, in the south east
it's called church something, i think

nappyaddict Mon 07-Jan-08 23:22:53

haylstones what was wrong with it? is the swimming pool nice?

harris48 Mon 07-Jan-08 23:54:10

warmwell nr weymouth fantastic and ty mawr am hoping for sandford holiday park next anyone been there

Haylstones Tue 08-Jan-08 11:34:06

NA, there was lots wrong with it... We went at the end of the season, everywhere was closed, the soft play was so well hidden we didn't find it until the morning we left, the entertainment was hit or miss, the shop was practically empty, the food was unimpressive. the main problem we had was when dd aged 2 at the time tried to sit on a chair and the back fell off and she landed backwards on her head; I can still hear the huge thud, stopped everyone in their tracks. THe staff were totally unhelpful, nobody asked if she was OK and when I complained to the bar staff they just moved the chair to the side of the rooma nd gave her a MArs BAr (she was 2 ffs). I complained to reception afterwards and they didn't care and also wrote a letter of complaint to which I received no response. The pool wasn't great, although I know they have an outdoor pool that was closed so I can't say what that is like.
Sorry, you did ask! Devon Cliffs (our face), Minehead,Ilfracombe (John Fowler)are all pretty good

Haylstones Tue 08-Jan-08 12:12:47

Oh and there was an overwhelming stench of stale vomit in the bar hmm

MulledwineandJ2O Tue 08-Jan-08 15:01:01

thanks 2tango, i only live 2 hours away anyway i'm so bad at geography, may have to ask on a new thread so people can actually see the qustion

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 11:09:16

Which parks around Weymouth have the best facilities - particularly good pools - my dc love spending time in the pools if they have lots of good slides. I have been to some in the past (south Wales) where the pool was filthy - had hairs floating in it!!

myjobismum Wed 09-Jan-08 11:30:48

can someone please tell me how many tokens we need for 4 people and as i only have saturdays so far will i have enough to book by the end of the offer?

also please what dates are we likely to be allowed (looking to go in june - mon2fri either 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of june!

advice please - we are going to book a week anyway for 5 of us for £170 and dont want to miss out on it if the sun holiday is going to be a no no anyway (i.e. wont get enough vouchers - or only available til easter etc!)

off out to pick up DS from pre-school now - will check in later to see


Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 11:43:07

I think you need five tokens - also I think the dates you want in June are available to request although its not a guarantee that you get the dates you request. The sooner you get the completed form posted the more likely you are to get the dates you want.

myjobismum Wed 09-Jan-08 12:33:58

ok well thankyou very much smile will give it a go and see!

Haylstones Wed 09-Jan-08 12:38:17

myjobismum, you need 6 tokens, there's a bonus one here that you can print and I think today's paper has another bonus one? If you give lots of dates and a few choices of whre you'd like to go then you're more likely to get a date in June (also a good idea to sned your form off asap)
I think I might also have a bonus token for first time bookers ( I got a priority online booking form) so if you get desperate I'll have a look and could post it to you

myjobismum Wed 09-Jan-08 12:47:30

thank you so much smile

my sister is sorting it all out she has the one from sat - a booking form from her friend and she is going to buy one every day til it ends + the one i am going to print off!

thanks for the offer - if we fall short i will let you know!

Chuffinnora Wed 09-Jan-08 13:00:31

I would not recommend Quay West in New Quay Ceredigion West Wales. It is a Haven site. We had a very poor welcome from the staff who behaved as though we were being given a free gift from their own pockets not the keys to a grubby and shabby caravan. To get to the swimming pool, outdoor playground, indoor entertainment or anywhere else really you have to go through the slot machine arcade. Which is fun with a 2 year old who wants to play everything every time you go through (even the poker machines!) It cost £2 for 15 mins on the bouncy castle and the children are encouraged to buy raffle tickets and a yard of coke by the entertainers in the evening show. In summary - it is vile and will cost you a fortune whatever you try to do there (unless you get good enough weather for the lovely little beach half a mile down the road). New Quay itself is a lovely seaside town which we visit regularly but I would never set foot in that campsite again and in fact we left on the 3rd day.

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 15:04:36

Does anyone have a copy of todays sun and if so would you be so kind to let me know what the code is today for the 9.50 sun holidays?

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 15:33:54

Has anyone been to the sites around Burnham on Sea and if so what are they like?

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 18:31:03


nappyaddict Wed 09-Jan-08 20:17:07

i went to one by burnham on sea i think it was called brean sands and it was fab.

nappyaddict Wed 09-Jan-08 20:19:50

brean sands is pontins, burnham on sea is haven and the other one is called holiday resort unity and is fab - it has its own leisure park.

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 21:11:45

Thanks Nappyaddict - so all three are good?

mysonsmummy Wed 09-Jan-08 21:13:18

the code today is DATE xXXX

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 21:13:51

Which one is holiday resort unity in the sun listing?

nappyaddict Wed 09-Jan-08 21:14:34

we only stopped at the HRU one but the pontins one looked good too. not sure about haven cos we didn't look around it. the only thing is there isn't much to do in burnham. we only went for 2 nights as a stop over on the way to devon cliffs in exmouth.

nappyaddict Wed 09-Jan-08 21:15:12

it says underneath it. i think its the second one.

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 21:27:04

Thanks - we are only planning two nights Friday and Saturday just a short break.

Mysonsmummy thanks for the code.

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 21:31:33

Oh I could not see for looking - it was only the one I had marked as my first choice park - now I realise I cant book that one online.

nappyaddict Wed 09-Jan-08 21:37:13

oh .... why not?

justbeme Wed 09-Jan-08 21:58:52

Does any one know if you can take dogs on the Sun Holidays? I remember checking conditions before but couldnt see.

Trix11 Wed 09-Jan-08 22:01:48

You can only book some of them online - if it is available to book online there is a little red box to indicate so.

Geri2 Fri 11-Jan-08 10:16:39

I think you can take dogs to some of the parks.. perhaps put a note in with your application and then they'll give you one where they allow you to take dogs.

we have been on a few Sun Holidays, our favourite one was 'Seashore' in Great Yarmouth... worst one has to be Romney sands, wouldnt go there again. Mind you it was at the end of the season, so might be better earlier on. It may well have improved by now as we went about 3 years ago.

Does anyone have the address to book online, as I've lost my booklet. I've started a new thread asking, just in case this one gets lost sown the pages! ;-)

piglet04 Fri 11-Jan-08 14:18:29

warmwell weymouth. anyone booked here with the sun and extended? wanted to know if it was expensive to extend and stay for 7 nights instead of four??

nappyaddict Fri 11-Jan-08 22:35:50

what we've done before is send off to separate booking forms with 2 lots of tokens and only put 1 date on each instead of 4, and so that they were straight after one another making a week. as long as you send it off straight away you should get it.

Scramble Sat 12-Jan-08 00:12:53

How much do the holidays actually end up costing, I am saving tokens ansd will haev towait to bbok as I have no booking ref.

nappyaddict Sat 12-Jan-08 01:03:21

i always pick the ones where there isn't a service charge or charge for passes then it is literally just £9.50 each.

nappyaddict Sat 12-Jan-08 01:53:06

what are primrose valley, rockley park, thorpe park and golden sands like.

J2O Sat 12-Jan-08 15:28:47

nappyaddict-primrose valley and thorpe park are good, don't know about the other 2. Primrose valley are really strict about passes and that, if you forget them you have to back for them to get into the pool and club but Thorpe park are pretty relaxed imo. i've put both of them down for march or April

Scramble, it usually comes to less than £100, especially if you take you're own linen.

Scramble Sat 12-Jan-08 15:45:41

Thanks I will keep collecting then grin.

kazbeth Fri 18-Jan-08 18:02:03

can anyone tell me how you get upgrades? Do you have to wait and contact the site directly or do you wait until you get there?


ChippyMinton Fri 25-Jan-08 17:26:28

kazbeth, when you are allocated a site & date the site will send you info about how to upgrade and also to extend your stay.

kazbeth Sat 26-Jan-08 10:42:32

Thanks ChippyMinton

MegBusset Mon 11-Feb-08 09:31:51

So has anyone who applied by post had confirmation yet? <impatient>

babyjjbaby Tue 12-Feb-08 16:16:18

is it too late to send it in i collected them and forgot

MegBusset Tue 12-Feb-08 19:48:59

According to the website the closing date was 1 Feb, sorry

babyjjbaby Tue 12-Feb-08 20:33:11

ohno thanks anyway

ambercat Tue 12-Feb-08 20:53:51

Was thinking about this today as i haven't heard from them and i noticed they have cashed my cheque!

MegBusset Tue 12-Feb-08 21:13:15

Yeah, my cheque was cashed on Jan 31st. Hopefully means that I have got one of my choices, anyway.

MegBusset Wed 13-Feb-08 13:44:56

Confirmation arrived today -- off to Camber Sands in September

starfire1984 Mon 09-Sep-13 14:18:31

Please does anyone have any sun vouchers? Thank you.

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