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Small garden - toys/equipment for 5 plus?

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DTisMYdoctor Fri 19-Jul-13 20:33:26

Having had a clear out of the garden shed today, it's clear most of DS's garden toys/plastic climbing frame etc is too small or babyish for him now. Any suggestions for some garden equipment/toys that would entertain him?

He would love a trampoline, but even an 8 foot one would dominate our garden unfortunately.

JollyHolidayGiant Fri 19-Jul-13 21:26:54

Can you ask him what he thinks? My DS is a lot younger, but at that age I think my siblings and I were largely pottering about with magnifying glasses and anything involving water. We did have swings but they were not often used.

DTisMYdoctor Fri 26-Jul-13 19:53:47

If I ask him, he'll ask for a trampoline grin

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