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Mixed race hair care - at the end of my tether!

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GloriousSlug Sun 04-Sep-16 10:30:33

I'm desperate for help with my youngest son's hair, he is mixed race (black/white) and as he is getting older his hair is getting more difficult to manage.

It's very thick and probably about a 4a. I have tried so many products on it but it's always so dry and hard to manage. I have been to various black hair care shops but the stuff I have bought doesn't make any difference, his hair will look lovely for a couple of hours but by bedtime it's a dry knotty mess!!

He is only 7 so not old enough to take care of it himself, it's currently plaited which is great but he prefers having an afro...

Please please give me some tips for keeping it moisturised and nice!!

GreenMouse Sun 04-Sep-16 10:52:23

Hi slug, there is an old, long running thread on the care of mixed race hair. Maybe you'll find some useful advice there?

GloriousSlug Sun 04-Sep-16 10:56:39

Thank you GreenMouse that looks great, I'm going to make a cuppa and go through that thread!

It's quite embarrassing that I haven't worked out how to manage his hair after 7 years!!

olderthanyouthink Tue 06-Sep-16 06:23:47

Don't be embarrassed my parents never figured out how to deal with mine and my brothers hair. Mine was slicked back with gel in a ponytail and his was shaved off!

My brother is 16 (with SN), and his head is a fluffy mess most days.

2littlepiggies Tue 06-Sep-16 07:03:21

Cut it really short?

sentia Tue 06-Sep-16 07:06:47

Anita Grant products are good for mixed race hair. Also look up the curly girl method. Do you avoid shampoo?

isthistoonosy Tue 06-Sep-16 07:32:19

Personally I don't wash it very often (so avoid shampoo) and leave conditioner in after shampooing for at least 10min, rinse and then put in a little more which i leave in. In the mornings I use warm water and conditioner (in a spray bottle for the toddlers, shower head for me). Never brush it dry, and I don't use any other products. I've tried loads over the years it made no difference. I brush it flat is and when nearly dry just ruffle it up on the kids (scrunch my own as its longer). At night I tie mine up or plait it, isn't so knotty in the morning.

MrsDeVere Wed 07-Sep-16 16:44:35

Wash it once a week.
Put a deep moisteriser on it at night and wash it out the next day and let it dry naturally.
Don't brush it.
Get the ends cut regularly

Afro products are often too heavy for mixed hair and euro products are too drying.
I have heard good things about Mixed Chicks but they are quite spendy.

lostoldlogin2 Sun 11-Sep-16 03:19:19

Number 1 all over . Lovely

ShinyDiscoBalls Sun 11-Sep-16 03:37:09

My younger brother and I are mixed race and he just has his shaved very close as it's less hassle for him

Laineymc7 Sun 11-Sep-16 03:39:13

My daughter has very tight spiral curls. I comb it every night after the bath and use mixed chicks leave in conditioner it can be used on little boys hair too. I also alternate and use organic coconut oil too. In the morning I spritz with water and comb again and use a little of the coconut or or mixed chicks. I try never to let it get knotted or dry and it helps keep the curls in good condition.

Laineymc7 Sun 11-Sep-16 03:40:28

I also avoid shampoo just rinse with warm water so not to strip the oils and let it dry naturally.

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 11-Sep-16 04:22:14


Satin pillow (or sleeping cap)

I found Mixed Chicks a huge disappointment after hearing everyone raving about it. Shea Moisture (kids version) has been loads better for DS. I also discovered a lovely much cheaper line - I think it's called Curly Kids. At the moment I'm using Shea Moisture for actual washing and conditioning, and Curly Kids leave-in conditioner when styling - but next time we run out of stuff I may switch completely to Curly Kids as its about a third of the price.

I have to confess we only have hair out the day before washing day. We both love how it looks out, but plaits keep it so much neater and more manageable. DS is happy with that though - not sure how I'd proceed if he was requesting it out more often.

I use a tangle teezer to brush it through when it's wet and slick with conditioner. Otherwise I only detangle with my fingers (obviously easier when it's been in plaits). I always always plait it (4-6 plaits) after washing, while its still damp, to stretch out the curl - I think even if we ultimately aimed to wear his fro out I would still do this first.

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 11-Sep-16 06:20:01

My daughter's mixed race curls improved significantly after switching to shampoos with no sulphates in. We use palmers, they do something called co-wash which is a conditioner that you use as a shampoo. It's in a green bottle and I get it in the supermarket, it's no more expensive than other brands. It has made a tremendous difference to the condition of her hair.

thistlescot Fri 16-Sep-16 17:07:09

Look up the curly girl method

No sulphates
No silicones
No brushes (unless hair is super saturated in conditioner)

Use conditioner to wash hair (or sulphate free shampoo)

Tresemmw undone is a good high street conditioner to start off with.

Leave a good amount of conditioner in hair - frizz is just a curl that is dehydrated.

This video shows just how much moisture curly hair needs! (Although you wouldn't necessarily have to use this much grin)

SandyY2K Mon 19-Sep-16 13:59:23

It's not going to be easy to manage in an afro. That's just the truth. Why isn't it cut short? At 7 years old, I decided how my DC had their hair.

You can use any amount of products, but it is what it is. I say this as a black person who knows a lot about our hair type.

mycatstares Mon 19-Sep-16 14:03:48

You want hair masks for his hair! My dd hasn't got afro hair but it's quite curly and very very dry too. Any hair masks should do the job, I usually do it once a week and put it in when she's first in bath then wash it out right at the end.

I'm not sure if you use the detangle sprays on your ds' hair but be careful if you do as some of them dry my dds hair out even more.

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