hapless hacking and Actual Riding log

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Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:29:28

is the riding log full now? Haven't seen it for ages.

Anyway we (well, me and the horse) are back in very light work at last, 2013 can finally begin!

What are your goals?

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:37:05

(I don't have any beyond galloping up our hill when horse is fitter and hill less squelchy)

50BalesOfHay Thu 14-Feb-13 09:39:27

My goals are to get Nell back into work after her chemo ends in two weeks time and get mine over the mud and ride her regularly. This year is going to be tough so I just want to ride as much as I can, and find a nice sharer

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:57:51

what is happening this year? Sorry if you already said, or can't say, either way hope you get plenty of time riding Nell. Is she doing ok?

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 09:58:48

I mean riding yours not Nell, or do you ride Nell sometimes?

50BalesOfHay Thu 14-Feb-13 10:07:30

Not sure I can say on here, can I pm you? Nell is doing fantastically well, they're about 85% confident of a complete cure. Will have cost us about £4,500 though.

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Feb-13 10:13:31

Yes of course!

well done Nell, but ouch, am never grumbling about the price of vetwrap and danilon etc again!

50BalesOfHay Thu 14-Feb-13 10:23:38

I do ride Nell sometimes. She's lovely, she has such a fantastic, purposeful walk, you could enjoy it all day.

Mirage Thu 14-Feb-13 13:48:50

I'm glad Nell is doing well,50BalesOfHay I wondered how it was going.£4.5K is a lot of money,but many people would blow the same amount on a holiday and have nothing to show for it.You will have your DH's beloved Nell.smile

We've ridden every day this week but Sunday,when the weather was just too bad.Yesterday I hired a school just outside the village for the girls to have a lesson.We ended up riding in a blizzard,so only did half an hour as it was too cold and we were struggling to see.Our lovely instructor texted me when we got home to see if the girls were ok and wondered if we'd pushed their love of riding too far,but I reassured her that they were fine.I'm a harsh mother!

The sun was actually shining today,so we hacked to a friends farm a couple of miles away.I think we passed every sort of vehicle imaginable and Brandy was very very good.He has stopped shuffling forward or jumping when traffic comes up behind him and even gave dpony a lead past a digger.Although he was driven in the past,he has never been hacked on the road,so DD2 is the first person to actually ride him in traffic.If we see something scarey coming,we sing or do our times tables,because you can't be nervous if you are doing that.

Mirage Sat 16-Feb-13 18:23:47

The other thread has hit 1000 messages,so can't post on there.I hope you have a lovely ride today 50BalesOfHay.

Brandy had a fit of the sillies today.He was fine until he saw a tractor,which he has previously never bothered about,then spooked and tried to spin,after that he got himself all worked up at cyclists,sheep,a BMW and Dpony trotting up behind him.Luckily DD2 sits tight no matter how much he acts the goat,and was actually laughing at his shenanigans.Ah well,two steps forward,one step back,good job they love each other.grin

This had better be the Riding Log part 2....... Led dhorse out for some grazing today as the field is too muddy for him to go out in - he munched happily for about 40 mins then suddenly decided he'd had enough and towed me back to the stables!

Back on board tomorrow and I'm thinking about a short day's hunting on Wednesday......depending on how brave I'm feeling!

Mirage Sun 17-Feb-13 19:15:59

Good Luck for Wednesday frosty.

It has been a gorgeous day here,so we went into our fast drying out schooling field and did a bit of jumping and some games and groundwork.Unfortuantely a bike came flying around the corner towards us on the way,then another one shot by us and poor Brandy was petrified. I think I;ll have to put both ponies in a field next to the road for a while,and take my bike into it and ride about.A packet of extra strong mints might help,he is very food motivated.smile

TheLoneRanger Sun 17-Feb-13 19:26:41

I'd like to join in, please...I love reading about everybody's horses. I need to get back in the saddle, and today I just booked my first private lesson in about a year, so I can get going again. Did not admit to having put on weight blush. I haven't got a horse (except in my dreams) but as a family we all have lessons on and off, and like to ride on hols. My goal is to start to catch up with dh in riding ability!


50BalesOfHay Sun 17-Feb-13 20:43:42

I've ridden twice this weekend and now ache like mad. Having planned to just walk my mare was a bit naughty so I made her trot a lot (because if you've got the energy to be naughty you've got the energy to trot up a hill!)

I'm considering spurs until my legs are a bit stronger, but purist GD threatens to disown me if I do! I think not being able to ride for the next 6 months or so is making her very picky about my riding!

Nell is well into her final chemo, but is kicking the shit out of her stable every time the horse next door is fed. He's fed whenever his owner turns up, so can't synchronise, and she can't go out while she's got the line in so we've got to manage it, but she's going out full time again when it's out. Can't wait to turn hr out, grumpy old cow that she is.

Mitchy1nge Sun 17-Feb-13 21:21:42

am joining the achey club, some of these muscles must never usually get any use?

we are still, theoretically, walking and trotting but I thought we could risk a very little controlled canter on the way home - along a very narrow verge on the edge of the road (it's not a real road, sort of stony dirt track) but I forgot about the horses in the field next to us. It all got a bit too exciting when they joined in and we changed up a gear hmm

50BalesOfHay Mon 18-Feb-13 09:20:27

Good to see that some things never change, Mitchy grin. Sounds like Brandy is working out well, Mirage, if the sillies aren't bothering you and dd it's a good sign that he's the right pony. Welcome, Loan Ranger, let us know how the lesson goes.

Dhorse is also terrified of bikes - sneaky things with people in funny clothes on! I've tried going out taking the boys on their bikes and he's fine with them circling round him, it's just when they appear out of nowhere he has a fit. I'm not sure how you desensitise Brandy, but hopefully his fear is just because they are unfamiliar and a bit of biking/hacking will help. Beautiful day today, just ridden dhorse for an hour and he's been an absolute arse - tanking up the road in a fast trot pulling like a train and having a strop and swishing his tail when I try and slow him down. Seriously unsure about hunting on Wednesday!

N0tinmylife Mon 18-Feb-13 15:53:17

Glad to hear everyone one is getting out and about to enjoy the improved weather. Really glad to hear Nell is doing so well now!

My goal is to find a sane loan horse. After the last one threw me off for the 5th time I decided my nerve couldn't take any more, so I am now back to square one. In the mean time I have a couple of lovely horses to ride so I don't forget how, although now its half term it is tricky to find the time, between looking after DS, and work.

Took the big girl out today finally!!!
She was a wee bit fresh as expected so we spent most of the time jogging sideways & doing mini excitment bucks, whilst giggling myself silly.

Considering she's been cooped up in a stable for 5 weeks & not ridden since before the first bit of snow she was pretty good. No spooking, just very exicited. Looked like that cat that got the cream when we got home.

Same again tomorrow hehe

Mirage Mon 18-Feb-13 19:28:27

We had a lovely afternoon.I had a phone call from Brandy's owner,to say that she thought that I am doing a fantastic job with him,that I am obviously spending a lot of time,thought and effort into helping him settle in and learn to be an all round good child's pony.She said that she loves and appreciate my daily updates on his progress and couldn't be happier with us having him.blush I nearly cried,I'm not an expert,I'm not even very experienced,which I admitted when we tried him.I explained that I'm flying by the seat of my pants,and writing down our daily doings helped me focus on what we've achieved,and helped me see ways to sort out the little things that aren't quite right,but she thinks we are doing a great job with him.

The girls had a great lesson,dpony seems a lot happier and more forward going in the new school,our instructor didn't need the lunge whip at all.DD1 jumped far higher today than she ever has before,and DD1 got Brandy cantering and jumping nicely too.He didn't put a foot wrong,and if he knocked a pole at the first attempt,learnt from it and cleared it the next time.We even met 2 cyclists on the way home and he didn't react-probably to knackered.grin

Mirage Tue 19-Feb-13 21:20:16

Grrrh! Dpony has worked out that the electric fence tape wasn't on and has broken through it 3 times in 2 days.There is nothing on the other side but a barbed wire fence [the reason I taped it off],but she is so bloody minded that she has to wreck it.I put it back last thing last night,went down before work to find it down & her looking very pleased with herself.Put it back up,went back 5 hours later to find she had dragged it right across the field,scattering poles as she went.Tonight,with some help from my dad,we wired it up to the mains,that should stop the destructive old bugger.She was watching us very intently and I think she knows it is live now,I know that she tests any new fence with her whiskers before she ploughs through it,or listens for the tick,bloody old,seen it all before ponies!

mrslaughan Tue 19-Feb-13 21:40:08

Can I join?
Had a lesson on my share today.
I didn't ride all last week as I was sick as a dog. Instructor rode her first for me, I learn so much watching her, and it reminds me what I need to focus on.
Then I jumped on and she went amazingly, really tuned in, tested me a couple of time, by trying to duck in, but she didn't get away with that.
I am aiming at doing a basic dressage competition (walk trot) over summer.
Working in my corners as we both tend to drop in, so need to focus on balancing both of us.
Then we went for a warm down walk around one of the tracks, DS came(on foot) - an bless him, he just can't not do the dashing around, which is where Dmare is worth her weight in gold , she just double checks that it is the little idiot ( she does have a certain level of disdain for his behaviour) but doesn't change pace, miss a beat.
It's a hack tomorrow and back in the school on Thursday.

Only thing is she was wet with sweat when we finished. Wish her owner would let her be clipped, really think she would be more comfortable.

mrslaughan Tue 19-Feb-13 21:44:08

Oh and instructor said I rode the best she has ever seen me ride ever. grin
So that was just lovely.

willyoulistentome Wed 20-Feb-13 13:06:29

I'll join too although I only get to ride my lovely horse once a week nowadays due to FT work, 2 kids and a grumpy DH. Thankfully the girls at the yard ride her for me in the week without charging fill livery so she stays ticking over.

I only go on quick hacks as we have no school and I am usually very aware of the time and DH grousing if I am too long. Also my old mare goes lame at the drop of a hat, so a sharer is not an option.

Lovely weather on Sunday, went for a nice hilly hack. My horse CAN be a bit joggy in the last few years, but she walked nicely on Sunday. The long hill we came dow on the way home is a bridlepath, but the branches are pretty low, and I struggle as I have to duck down, but then horsey tends to trot and it was slipperly downhill. I always feel a bit stif the next day now, and since I ride so infrequently, and I have put on weight and lost my 'core' since kids, my once super secure 'seat' has gone. Once a week, just isn;t enough, but it's all I can do.

mrslaughan Wed 20-Feb-13 17:03:02

Another great lesson today. we worked on corners, Riding Dmare around them, actively using her hind legs to step under and around....she has a habit of just slowing slighting a pace from the corner and then using her front end to drag herself around.

I was working on my shoulders - I collapse my right shoulder , giving my right rein away, but fix my left elbow. So working on relaxing left elbow, and carrying right shoulder level with left - who would have thought it is so hard to sit straight - but when I do, wow - our trot was just wonderful.

All a work in progress as my natural way of going is crooked, so have to work really hard to stay straight! But at least I "felt" it today.

Weather was a bit of a shock here today - bloody icy wind, which was a shock after my glorious warm ride yesterday, that gave a real hint of spring.

Survived my first day's hunting for 5 weeks - Dhorse was beside himself with excitement and not very patient, but luckily we were quite busy and it was all quite open so he didn't really have a chance to misbehave properly.

I am suitably worn out and sore, hoping to go Sat but the forecast isn't promising - typical!

My old pony used to wander through the electric tape at the drop of a hat and then say that it was absolutely impossible to be led back over it or past it 10 seconds later - we too used a mains one for a while so now he doesn't dare risk it, although we're on car battery atm. As long as it's ticking he stays away, even if there's hardly any power in it!

Mitchy1nge Wed 20-Feb-13 18:34:42

smile all this happy productivity

envy at frosty hunting, quite sharp pang of envy

both mine a bit rodeo-y, esp the pony (and that is just on the lunge) I suppose we couldn't get away with so little work forever but eeeeek

marialuisa Thu 21-Feb-13 15:11:42

Hello everyone, good to hear so many are getting out and about. Dpony was out of action for a good while but over the past week has started to be ridden again. After 4 weeks in I was delighted when he behaved in a beautifully calm fashion on his first couple of hacks up the road. He's now bored of that and appears to have decided he wants to join the circus hmm DD spent 15 minutes last night teaching him that he could trot past the line of hedge (that he has gone past at least twice a week for 3 years) without skipping, bunny-hopping and so on. Hopefully he'll get the final all clear on Saturday and can move from the small front swamp to the enormous field on a steep hill and get the itch out of his toes!

EMUZ Thu 21-Feb-13 15:24:33

I rode yesterday grin excuse numpty position I was stretching her off at the end to cool down

mrslaughan Thu 21-Feb-13 16:25:22

rode today - half hour lesson, would have loved to stay in the arena after, and done some more but had to get home to the kids.
Working more on my shoulder position today - so frustrating, as I just couldn't do it - I get around crooked, (I drop my right shoulder forward), so its not surprising that that I am like that in the saddle - got it for one circuit, and then couldn't do it again.
D-instructor is going to video me next week as she thinks that will really help me, I hate seeing myself in photo's or videos so this is very cringe worthy for me.

Here I was thinking you get secure in your seat and your away - but your constantly tweaking aren't you? searching for perfection.

Dmare was fab!

D0G Thu 21-Feb-13 18:04:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Grunzlewheek Thu 21-Feb-13 18:49:12

Luckily young horse and I were already cantering up the field as the bird scarer went off, he sort of thought "Noise ! run ! oh I'm running already, that's ok then" grin

N0tinmylife Fri 22-Feb-13 14:24:54

Rode a friends horse today, 17.1 hh tb, it was like riding an armchair! He was an absolute angel though, and we had a lovely hack, despite it being bloody freezing! Planning to have a lesson on Mum's pony on Monday, then going to see a potential loan horse on Tuesday. I'm just trying not to get my hopes up too much, as he's the first one in 3 weeks of looking that seems worth actually going to see.

Am very envy of hunting and beach rides!

D0G Fri 22-Feb-13 19:16:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

50BalesOfHay Sat 23-Feb-13 11:06:37

Fingers crossed for you DOG. Hope DD loves riding. My lovely daughter in law has just posted a video of GS (2) on a pony at the local farm park so I'm very hopeful that he'll get the bug

D0G Sat 23-Feb-13 18:05:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mirage Sat 23-Feb-13 21:08:17

I had my first day when I didn't see the ponies for 16 months and it felt very odd.Been up north at MIL's all day and my dad was on pony duty for me.

The hunt came through yesterday,so I went down to see how Brandy reacted.I know dpony will only look mildly interested and won't career about,but wasn't sure what he'd do.The answer was,nothing.The hounds followed a trail through the next field and the horses were on the road,both ponies completely ignored the horses but were watching the hounds with great interest,but didn't get in the least excited.We had a lovely hack later and poor Brandy nearly turned himself out when a sheep jumped out of the hedge at him.I thought DD2 would surely fall off,but amazingly,she stayed on.She truely does have a sticky bum [like the rest of her].grin

Had a fab day's hunting yesterday but unfortunately had to stop after losing a front shoe - it was 3pm, so probably not a bad thing. Lots of jumping and galloping, and after 20 mins flat out I realised that I'm a lot less fit than I thought! Dhorse behaved impeccably and I remembered why I had him - floating along without pulling and jumping without me having to do anything, although queuing is most definitely a weak point!

Typical, just as things start going right the season ends.

Mitchy1nge Sun 24-Feb-13 11:29:50

queuing is a LOT to ask in that situation isn't it!

Oh a new riding log smile Hello all, haven't been on here for ages.

I don't suppose I'll be posting on here that often I'm so busy.

Anyway update for anyone who remembers me. The yard we moved to having moved house has a little pony owned by the YO's dgd who has outgrown it. Pony left in field. Dmare is now field sharing with this pony who needs it's hay soaked and has laminitis so not the easiest pony to field share with and end up by default looking after. Plus side (I wouldn't still be there if there wasn't one) is dd has been riding this pony so we can go out together which is (usually) lovely.

I have no time for any riding other than occasional hacks now as I am doing a full time PhD plus part time job, so no exciting posts from me or long exploring rides (my favourite sad).

But - our ride this week was lovely. DD is getting the hang of making the pony behave, AND it was sunny and almost warm smile

D0G Sun 24-Feb-13 18:29:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

D0G Sun 24-Feb-13 18:31:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

It is only out hunting that we have problems - all other times he's absolutely fine. Standing still is fine, although we have a little jiggle about every now and then. Waiting at jumps is impossible - he plunges up and down, shoots backwards and then tries to rear. I have about 20 seconds when he'll wait and then he starts mucking about. I just have to keep turning him which works except then you get other people cutting in! It can happen at gateways too. I don't know what the answer is in everyday situations - lots of practice at walking past jumps, through gates - repetition to take the excitement out of it might work. I'd just keep him moving when he won't stand still - even when he stops move him on, maybe he'll get bored!

Mirage Mon 25-Feb-13 19:46:04

I think even the best of them get impatient waiting out hunting.grin Even Dpony got frustrated at having to queue along an old railway embankment and was bucking on the spot with excitement.

The girls had a lesson tonight and Brandy's owners came to watch.They were very pleased with DD2 and how she's getting on with him,but recommended she use a whip to back up her legs from now on.He can be lazy in canter and will do a few strides before giving up,so may be better with a 'reminder'.

They were watching DD1 jumping and our instructor put the jumps up a lot higher that they have ever done before.DD1 lacks confidence jumping and thinks that dpony can't manage high jumps,which then transmits to dpony who will refuse.Not tonight,she was flying,Brandy's owners are both excellent riders and said that they couldn't believe that DD1 would get over it as they were proper horse jumps and the pole was on the highest cup.But she did it,twice and received a spontaneous round of applause.They made a point of complimenting her on her riding,which was lovely,because it boosted her confidence no end.So,a good day for both of them.smile

TheLoneRanger Mon 25-Feb-13 20:01:09

Love the sound of an MN horsey fb group. We could have a big horsey meet!

I had my private lesson last week, and was complimented on my rising and sitting trot. grin I was riding a sweet grey with a newly hogged mane; we were in an indoor school, not doing that much but getting back into it.

As a child I just flew round the countryside on sundry farmers' ponies; I know very little about the niceties! Instructors tend to assume I know a lot - I don't - I just know how to cling on and avoid a tumble. My next lesson's this week; after that, I'll try to join a nice friendly group lesson and also try to do some hacking in the spring to get back in the swing. It's a great time of year to be on a horse. smile

Mirage Wed 27-Feb-13 19:14:47

I like the sound of the horsey fb club too.

We had a lovely hack tonight and went across the fields.DD2 was galloping dpony around and jumping logs.Brandy was very good,he didn't bother when dpony galloped away out of view.The girls swapped ponies and DD2 jumped him over a log,his first x country jump ever.Then they swapped back and DD1 jumped the log too.Bless him,he is very willing.It was lovely to ride in a field that wasn't sodden and with the sun out.Roll on spring!

TheLoneRanger Wed 27-Feb-13 19:35:17

I had another lesson today, starting in the indoor school, then outdoors in lovely sunshine. I asked the instructor to be really basic with me and tell me ridiculously obvious stuff, which she did, and she's suggested a group class with people like me who want to go back to basics. I had the chunky grey again, and the instructor was great at explaining his mode of propulsion - v interesting since I'm re-watching Olympics dressage recorded from the BBC atm, and the commentator Judy whatsername is really good at explaining all that.

I can just picture you all, Mirage. I'll try to dream that I was with you. smile

Dhorse has been off games all week with a bruised foot after pulling his shoe off on Saturday so it's another frustrating lay off. The good news is though that there's been no sign of an abcess yet and if the farrier is happy when he comes to reshoe tomorrow then the last day's hunting on Saturday is a possibility......

Mitchy1nge Thu 28-Feb-13 12:19:17

smile hooray, we are all having fun (although I cannot find my way to the FB group sad )

some of our tracks are starting to dry out! In a month or so they will be like concrete and I will be whingeing again. Hope you make it to the meet on Saturday frosty.

Pixel Thu 28-Feb-13 17:11:24

There was an attempt to have a horsey group once before, I think it was on Yahoo and was called MNhorsepeople. I gave up because I could never log into it and it was very annoying seeing references to it every other thread. I still get the odd email from some girl in America advertising her horse sitting service even though I wrote to tell her that she probably won't want to come this far hmm.
Besides, what would we do on a Faceache group that we don't already do here? Would we have to be all gushy to each other and buy a special hoody?

Mitchy1nge Thu 28-Feb-13 20:52:45

'gushy' how? Because I am thinking about female ejaculation and feel uncomfortable.

The rest sounds great though, what colour hoodies? grin

D0G Thu 28-Feb-13 20:56:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheLoneRanger Thu 28-Feb-13 21:15:07

Yes, I was thinking photos. I'm very cautious about putting photos up for any old body to see, but I do like looking at horsey pix, so would be prepared to share and share alike if it were more private. I'm not a Facebook expert (lol at the very idea) but as I understand it, it could be a private FB group; presumably only members of that group would be able to tie up our MN name with our RL name - by identifying our horsey activities.

Hoodies would have all our MN names on the back? grin

Mitchy1nge Thu 28-Feb-13 21:53:48

eeek if that's the case I feel a name change coming on

TheLoneRanger Thu 28-Feb-13 23:20:45

Hmm, well, yes, Itchy Mitchy.

Oh god no, not Facebook - that's a technical step too far for me! Please bear in mind that some of us (well me) might not be able to cope with it......

I'd also spend even more time on the computer because I'd have to check here then on FB!

Pixel Fri 01-Mar-13 17:11:17

Don't worry Frosty, I won't be on it either as I don't 'do' Facebook. We can be outcasts together! grin

Glad it's not just me then!

Dhorse has had his shoes re-done and on the basis of a quick trot up the lane in the half dark seems to be sound enough for our day's hunting tomorrow - yippee! It's up on the hills (well, mountains but they're in Wales so only hills) so there won't be many jumping opportunities but lots of ups and downs to wear him out which will be a good thing bearing in mind he's been stuck in his box since last Sunday night.....

D0G Fri 01-Mar-13 19:03:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheLoneRanger Fri 01-Mar-13 23:10:25

That's really good, D0G. Sadly my dh is better than me at riding. shock

Ok re abandoning FB group - maybe I will work myself up to putting pix up on a profile here. Don't hold your breath though. grin

Mirage Sat 02-Mar-13 14:15:46

TheLoneRanger if you are anywhere near Leicestershire,you are more than welcome to join us.smile
Hope you have fun today frosty.

We had a quick hack around the block yesterday,which was anything but relaxing.We met a tractor,the bin lorry twice and a speeding lorry with a crane attached,all within about 2 minutes.Brandy spun around at the sight of the tractor,and I thought DD2 was about to go flying,but she held on,didn't know whether to laugh or cry,but mercifully burst out laughing.Dpony is pretty bombproof but took exception to the bin lorry & spun,DD1 hung on and laughed.I was frantically signalling to the crane lorry to slow down as I had visions of the 2 ponies buggering off in opposite directions & me not knowing which way to go first.Miraculously,although it didn't slow down,both ponies ignored it as it rocketed past.hmm I was ready for a stiff drink by the time we got back to the farm.

Mirage Sat 02-Mar-13 14:17:03

D0G I'm so jealous of you going on a beach ride.We couldn't be any further from the coast if we tried.Hope you have a lovely time!

50BalesOfHay Sat 02-Mar-13 16:43:31

First ride out with Nell today, following her finising traetment just a walk through the village up to the pub but it was lovely, and she's fine.

Blimey Mirage that sounds scary - well sat everyone! If you caught the name of the crane lorry give them a ring and complain (although I expect you were too busy at the time!) A beach ride sounds wonderful, I haven't done that for years and 3 cheers for Nell, I bet she was pleased to be out.

Dhorse lost a shoe after about 1.5 hours today so I'm really cheesed off. Having farrier problems which I can't go in to but he's coming out tomorrow to fix it again....... All that faffing about for barely anything, and it was such a lovely day it would have been wonderful up in the hills. I'm poulticing tonight in case of bruising again, when will it ever all go right? Grrr!

Mirage Sat 02-Mar-13 19:47:14

Glad you had a lovely hack 50 sounds like Nell is doing well.smile
frosty that is rotten luck,hope your boy isn't bruised.

We managed a hack across our main fields today,the first time it has been dry enough since October.Brandy walked through a field of sheep for the first time,and wasn't the slightest bit bothered,which was a relief.Apparently he doesn't like going through water,but dd2 got him through the small streams still running through the gateways,and through all the horrible mud.He is such a willing little soul and even if he is unsure or scared,he'll do his best.smile He wasn't bothered by DD1 and dpony hooleying around either.

We might have made progress on the fear of cyclists,we saw one today and although he was worried,he didn't do anything silly.He has been with us 3 weeks today and if he carries on like this,we might attempt a PC rally in a few weeks.smile

Not very fun ride today confused

Well i started okay, but just as we got up to the moor we ran into two cyclists and they put the pony on edge (the pony being ridden by DD, not me, Dmare was fine). We had a little trot and the pony went into canter and that was fine.

Next trot was on a sort of track but with a verge of sorts. The pony leapt onto the verge, took off into a fast canter and then started bucking like crazy. Poor DD looked like she was coming off (she didn't, amazingly), but they were proper flying bucks, and she wasn't stopping either. DD did actually manage to stop her after what felt like an eternity but was probably less than 30 secs! I was yelling '"Sit back" like a loon (distracted a few dog walkers!). Also DD had been blinded from the first buck as her hat silk is too big and came down over her eye! MUST get a smaller one! Dd was very shaken and we just walked back to the yard, she was saying that the pony feels ashamed and is going to behave now! I'm not so convinced, totally lost all confidence in this pony for DD to ride sad

On the plus side Dmare was good, if a bit ploddy (opposite of the damned pony!).

On the subject beach rides - we can see the sea from our yard, but the beaches are stony within hacking distance. It is quite cruel to see the sea but have no beach to ride on! I could hire transport but it would be quite logistically hard for me. Single parent, work, etc.

On the subject of fb groups - a closed one would be okay I think.

Mirage Sun 03-Mar-13 19:21:22

Oh Manatee that sounds very scarey indeed.I really feel for you and your DD.sad It is horrible to watch a little one on an out of control pony,your DD sounds like she has a good seat and is a brave girl.

We went across the ford today,Brandy's first walk through proper water with us.It took 2 attempts,but he did it and walked across and back,so we were very pleased with him.Two cyclists passed us on the way home and he didn't react,but took exception to a motorbike,who very kindly slowed right down for us,and jumped about a bit.Thats another bit of de spooking to do.smile

I often think watching scary things is worse than experiencing them sometimes Manatee - your daughter sounds very brave and practical too, well done for sticking that little lot!

Dhorse has had some glue repair to his foot today and having been very ouchy on it this morning seems a bit better this afternoon. If he's ok on a walk out tomorrow I'm going to try and turn him out for only his 3rd day in 8 weeks - I feel so sorry for him seeing his mates out in the field and he's confined to a cattle shed! At least he's not in his stable all day and has some cows for company (although the nearest ones went to make burgers or similar the other day...)

Mirage Mon 04-Mar-13 19:57:58

I hope that dhorse is feeling less ouchy tomorrow frosty.

DD2 fell off today.We were doing a course of jumps and I'd put her on a lunge line so she didn't get held back by my slowness.She jumped them fine,but turned to quickly as she finished and went out the side door.I made a grab for her,but was too late.Thank goodness for safety stirrups! She was fine though,and had a little cry and got back on,poor Brandy just looked confused.We did the jumps again,because although I knew DD2 would be ok,I didn't want the poor pony to end on a bad note.By the time we got back to the farm,DD2 had forgotten all about falling off and went off to look at the new lambs with her cousins whilst I poo picked,hayed and sorted out pony teas.My father now refers to me as 'the groom'.

Dpony didn't want to jump today and when she got a smack for refusing,put in some pretty amazing bucks.It was very funny,because when she's in a mood,she knows she is going to get told off and will cow kick or buck in anticipation.DD1 got her going eventually and was flying over the jumps.

Dhorse is skipping about in the field like a foal (very alarming seeing him gallop and handbrake turn), enjoying only his 4th day out since 15th Jan. My relief is tempered by the possibility that a horse on the yard has mysterious and serious hind leg lameness and is being xrayed tonight for a possible fracture of the pastern or fetlock. His owner is understandably distraught and I'm doing what I can but feel so helpless in the face of her despair.

Sounds to me Mirage that Brandy is a star and learning to deal with all sorts of excitements. Falling off is part of learning and your DD is just getting more experience - she won't turn too tight again will she?! I'm glad you're all having some fun at last, and now the evenings are lengthening it does all feel less grim.

Mirage Thu 07-Mar-13 13:20:47

Thank you frosty we love him and hope he carries on being (fairly) unflappable.

Fingers crossed for you friend's horse.

Mirage Thu 07-Mar-13 19:16:55

Another lesson tonight.DD2 ended up falling off again.We noticed earlier that when her whip accidentally touched his rump,he shot forward in panic.She was trotting him and somehow managed to touch his rump with the whip again,he shot forward,she leant back to pull him up,whip touched him again,he rocketed forward in real fear.We were shouting at DD2 to drop the whip,but she was hanging on too hard to do it.Then she fell off,had a cry and got back on.We dispensed with the whip,and she carried on doing some lovely jumping and got a couple of nice canters out of him too,which isn't easy as he doesn't really know what he is doing.It all ended well,and DD2 knows he was just scared because he is a baby and wasn't being 'naughty'.He was in a bad accident when he was a driving pony so that might have something to do with it too.

My aunt told me that I was a 'hard mother' to make them ride in the rain.grin

Ah well, lessons are for learning from! FWIW we were never allowed to carry a whip for riding, the only exception being a hunting crop out hunting. A bit like learning to ski without poles, scary but in the long run very good for you.
Hopefully DD isn't too bruised!

I did 2 hours in the rain and mist this morning and it was horrible but unfortunately I've only myself to blame - I can't believe we're back to slopping about in the mud again. I daren't put dhorse out, I'm so scared of his mud fever flaring up again that he's back in his box much to his disgust. Friend's horse is a mystery - no x ray in the end as the swelling and the heat had almost disappeared and gone from 10/10ths lame (ie couldn't put the foot down) to about 3/10ths in 24 hrs......on box rest and pumped full of antibiotics for the next few days and fingers crossed. My gut feeling is a sprain or knock. The field is really bobbly and I wonder if she'd "turned an ankle" or something. Big relief all round, although it's still not gone yet.

Pixel Fri 08-Mar-13 15:39:12

I had a pony who's leg swelled up massively overnight and I've got a photo of him holding it up pathetically in the air as he couldn't possibly walk. We feared the worst but it turned out to be a teeny tiny little puncture wound from a thorn or bramble or somesuch that had got infected in the muddy conditions. Yet when he fractured his hock years later (quite badly, I saw the x-rays and part of it was shattered) he wasn't actually as lame as he'd been with the tiny wound and was able to hobble around. Bloomin' horses like to keep us frantic with worry guessing don't they!

Mirage Fri 08-Mar-13 18:14:44

You are braver than us riding today (grin) it was utterly miserable here,too foggy to go on the road and the fields are slippery and horrid again,so no riding today.I had a very trying time sliding about the field trying to push a barrow full of poo up a slope to the muck heap.We have started lambing and have had to bring some back in from the field today as it is so swampy.Gah!

I'm quite happy for DD2 not to use a whip as I don't think he needs one.His owner told me to take one with us in case he was lazy,but I don't think she'll suggest that again.DD2 is fine,I on the other hand spent this morning trying to get the black marks caused by the fall,out of her jodphurs [had to be her best 'show' ones too.hmm

TheLoneRanger Fri 08-Mar-13 18:39:46

I had a vigorous group lesson this week, which reminded me how much I need to learn. I feel that I really need to have a hack to get back into it, before doing more schoolwork - I just don't quite feel balanced in my seat; but as you are all saying, the weather is so changeable. Still the smell of the stables is back in my nostrils, long may it remain there.

Pixel Fri 08-Mar-13 18:44:10

It's rained solidly all day here. The ground was finally starting to dry up sad.
And the shelter roof has sprung another leak Grrr! I'm fed up with wearing wellies and my coat is still sopping wet from this morning. I can't take any more <wails>.

i've only had a week out of the saddle and i'm having serious withdrawal symptoms!
going on a pub hack with the local school next sunday weather permitting
£15 for an hours hack! bargain!!
oh pixel its awful isnt it, you just think its drying up and then it starts again!

carabos Sat 09-Mar-13 12:23:12

I'm trapped at my desk today, so no riding. However, we are going to Myerscough Premier League to watch the Grand Prix tomorrow (means no riding again but at least it's a horsey outing). Fed up with the weather - need a gallop

mrslaughan Sat 09-Mar-13 13:20:16

Week before last - had an amazing week , made real progress with my position - I naturally ride crooked, so am working on straightening myself out.
So was really looking forward to this week. Tuesday was a glorious day , but was stuck at home with DS who was at home with a committing bug. Earlier in the week I has started a cold and woke on Wednesday with such severe asthma that my husband was as close as he would ever be from forbidding me from doing something. So I had. Lesson on how to lunge - learnt so much, though was very close to passing out at one stage. Anyway I have a new thing to practice.
Thursday - still asthmery , but hopped in and did some nice walking and trotting..... Couldn't do to much , but nice to do something.
Meant to be doing a hack tomorrow - mothers day treat!

D0G Sat 09-Mar-13 13:44:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Butkin Sat 09-Mar-13 22:59:29

Still no calls about the grey pony so took him up to Area 4B's show today (Lincolnshire) and DD won the SHP FR on him, reserve champ and got his Winter Champ ticket. Something to add to his "for sale" CV. Probably rebrand him and push him to the top of the sales list just before Easter hols.

issyocean Sun 10-Mar-13 17:23:00

My little rider had her first canter today on her last day of being 5.The smile on her face was priceless but I thought the poor instructor who ran along side, just in case, was going to have a heart attack grin

Wimped out yesterday (and we had a lunch date to watch Wales beat Scotland (yippee!) as it was so horrible. Rode this morning and dhorse was a snorty prancy monster - screaming for his friends so much that he made all the lambs panic and run for their mummies! He came back frothing and foaming and very pleased with himself. I'll get him out again tomorrow then I'm afraid watching Cheltenhame takes over and he'll have to go out in the field,which hopefully won't be too wet!

Butkin Sun 10-Mar-13 18:02:55

Well done Issy's DD - hope you captured it on video. Magic times...
Yes Cheltenham this week - can't wait. Not going this year but will be glued to the TV and particularly looking forward to Sprinter Sacre in the QM Chase.

TheLoneRanger Tue 12-Mar-13 00:42:14

I'm assuming my lesson this week will be in the indoor school...hoping the riding centre won't be snowed in... It's touch and go for Cheltenham, isn't it?

mrslaughan Tue 12-Mar-13 16:00:33

Was meant to ride today, but i have an ear and sinus infection ..... Started antibiotics yesterday, so hope to be well enough tomorrow. However ground in and out of school is rock hard , so not sure about hacking tomorrow.....

mrslaughan Wed 20-Mar-13 17:38:13

Finally rode again on Tuesday - it was fantastic to get back on. Arena nearly afloat though.
Need to work on deepening my seat and sitting trot.
Was hoping to ride today (a hack) , after the farrier , but that took so long that I didn't have time.
Lunge lesson tomorrow - so hopefully I can walk again by the time I rude again next Tuesday! grin

Glad you're back on board mrs - we're back to slopping about in the mud again. Our farmer just doesn't get that horses are not meant to be standing in the mud and has refused to open up another field on the grounds that the grass is too long. It's so frustrating, I'm hoping that the weather improves enough for me to bring them home to our paddock at the end of April - I daren't yet as there's no stabling here and I just feel with scabs still on his legs it would be asking for trouble.

mrslaughan Wed 20-Mar-13 18:37:17

Where I ride, they have 3 outdoor arena's. The one I was in , RI instructor found a really boggy patch - its like the water was starting to bubble up through the surface.....the ground is so waterlogged.......I am so pleased I ma not a farmer.

Mirage Wed 20-Mar-13 20:59:06

I'm getting really worried about the state of my field now.I have sectioned it off into quarters to try and salvage some of it from the endless mud.There is no grass in the bit they are in now,and no where to stand out of the mud.I was going to ask my dad if I could put them in the dutch barn for a week,just to give them a break from being up to their hocks,but the fields are so bad that we can't turn the sheep and new lambs out,so they are occupying every spare shed and arriving thick and fast.I'm praying for some warm dry weather,or just no more rain and snow.

We hacked out with some friends today and Brandy was very silly,trying to rush off,pulling and very on his toes.Luckily DD2 wasn't bothered,but I'm glad I had him on the lead rein.We are meant to be taking him to the PC bunny hunt over Easter,so I'm hoping it was just a bit of excitement and he calms down.His owner is going to lead him off her hunter so DD2 can go with the big children for a change.On the plus side,he seems to have gotten over his fear of bikes and is better with tractors and buses.

It's so grim isn't it Mirage - I kept dhorse in yesterday and am turning him out today - there's nothing to eat, it's mostly mud but he needs the fresh air and exercise from skipping about and rolling. Snow is forecast tomorrow (great, I'm due up in B'ham to have my facet joint injections), so it's probably going to be more indoor time for them both.

The fun ride I was contemplating has been postponed for 3 months because of the ground, it feels like groundhog day really. Brandy is probably feeling spring like! I think we all need the sun on our backs and some decent outside time.

mrslaughan Thu 21-Mar-13 21:00:12

Rode again today - lunge lesson, instructor took stirrups away...so not sure if I will be able to walk over the next couple of days. It was fab, really felt where I should be...really felt that feeling of riding with my seat - controlling speed of trot.....
Sat a couple of bucks - and then kicked Dmare on for being such a ...such a mare...all without stirrups, RI couldn't believe it. I am just a little bit proud of myself...

Mirage Thu 28-Mar-13 14:07:58

Hurray! no rain or proper snow since Sunday,and my field is starting to dry out.Brandy's owner came out this morning to help me get him used to loading,as he has form for messing about.Happily it went well,so one less thing to worry about on Saturday.He was very silly and on his toes earlier in the week,spinning and trying to run,DD2 ended up crying,which she hardly ever does,but he seems to have calmed down now,so we hacked down the road to the fields & jumped some logs,dpony had a blast and Brandy was very good,I think once DD2 has got the measure of him she'll be great at jump offs,he is so fast,can turn very quickly and has a big jump.

We are going to the PC Bunny hunt on Saturday and DD2 is being led off his owners hunter.We have all warned her that he'll be excited and will go very fast,but all she has to do is hang on and steer,and if at any time she isn't happy,she can come back to the trailer.We've said it could be a bumpy ride,but she is adamant that she is going to do it,fingers crossed it doesn't end badly.

DD1 will go off with her friends,I'm not worried at all about her,she can cope with anything.Dpony has come into season today and was being rather grumpy,but under the saddle she is fine.

Mirage Sun 31-Mar-13 17:01:47

Thank goodness the Bunny Hunt went well.Brandy was an absolute star and led perfectly off the other horse.The 4 of them went for a trot around before they started,to see how he reacted and he was calm as anything. DD2 had a blast,kept up with the big girls and jumped some logs,DH filmed a bit of them cantering through the woods and you can hear me shouting 'hang on DD2' 'are you all right?' like a fishwife.The hunter he was led off was a bit bouncy as he is used to being up front,but DD2 coped admirably.A lot of the ponies were very silly,broncing and rearing,but ours remained steady.I can't tell you how relieved I was that it went well.

DD1 had an unscheduled dismount when Dpony decided not to canter through some water and DD1 slid down her neck,but she landed on her feet and immediately legged herself back on board.Both girls had a fantastic time and we are going to try a rally next week,if he can cope with excitable ponies charging across open fields,he should be ok with an indoor rally.Pics on my profile.smile

I was thinking of you today Mirage - glad to hear it all went well. Pretty quiet on the horse front here, really busy with work atm which is good but annoying in a way. I've paid for another month at livery as I'm not confident about bringing dhorse here where there's no stable - the weather's just too unpredictable and until the grass starts growing, there's not much point. Hope your girls enjoy the rest of their holidays - maybe, just maybe things will pick up!

Mirage Tue 02-Apr-13 20:20:21

Thank you frosty.I noticed the grass coming through the churned up mud today-hurray!

We had an eventful hack today,stopped to let him see a tractor and trailer go by with no issues,minutes later another one came along and Brandy just freaked and ran.I couldn't hold him and ended up being pulled over and dragged down the road until I had to let go.Thankfully he stopped a few hundred feet on.but poor dd2 was really scared and crying.We carried on with our hack as I didn't want him getting any ideas and dd2 bless her,was soon chipper again .I've no idea how she stayed on,but thank goodness she did.I have no skin on one knee and one hand so am a bit sore.I'm going to have to leave him in the yard when the tractors are going in and out I think,he has got to get used to them. Dd2 is adamant she still wants to ride him,and won't hear of him going back.Rally on Friday so hope that goes well.

On the plus side,my dad has said I can keep the ponies on his farm permanently and won't charge me for hay or grass livery [I did offer],as long as I help on the farm when needed.I'm happy to do that anyway,so am really pleased,will save me £100+ a month and is nice seeing more of my family.

TackedOff Wed 03-Apr-13 12:22:30

Can I join? So nice to hear about mums with ponies! I have two ponies and three dds which causes many arguments hmm

dd1 (13) has new 14.2 gelding who arrived last week, at livery atm but due back to the paddock this weekend as its all dried out. I am hoping to hack him out during the week but I weigh 11 stone so not sure whether I might be too heavy for him. He's a welsh x german warmblood and seems like a real character, very nice ground manners and easy to stop but FAST shock much to dd1s joy hmm. We also have an 11.3 who is on loan to us to give dd2 (10, tiny) and dd3 confidence which he has in spades, he's tricky to ride and can be a little so and so sometimes but dd2 is now jumping 2 foot 6 on hiim (poor thing) and entered for her first show next week (1 foot 9). dd3 (6) is also cantering and jumping confidently off lead rein about 1 foot 6 but her seat and hands need lots of work! Planning to buy a 12.2+ later in the year.

TackedOff Wed 03-Apr-13 12:26:37

Mirage shock that sounds scary! Our 11.3 ran off with dd2 when we first had him - headed back to the paddock - she jumped off but couldn't hold him as he is so very very strong, luckily he stopped to eat grass and I caught him. Yesterday our old 13.1 loan pony (who we still have for another couple of weeks) got into the sand school and rolled - with dd3 on top. Luckily she had the presence of mind to jump well out of the way and was fine and he didn't break the saddle either hmm Why do we do it!!?

Mirage Fri 05-Apr-13 20:46:22

I know what you mean TackedOff.We've had a few bad experiences,nearly always involving DD2 being chucked,bucked off,rolled with,and as a result am very nervy until I get to know a new pony.DD2 took Brandy to his first PC Rally today,and it was his first time in an indoor school and first lesson in company,too,so a lot for him to take on.I was so anxious I felt sick,but he behaved perfectly,like he'd been doing it all his life.He is a surprising little chap,and if we can solve the tractor/large vehicle problem,he'll be perfect.

We are taking the ponies over to Brandy's owner's tomorrow and they are going to take the girls on a hack along with their horses.It should be fun,because it means DD2 can practise her cantering.Then we are off to a Team Chase on Sunday.I'm shattered!

Can you post some pictures of your ponies? I'd love to see them.smile

Mirage Sun 07-Apr-13 20:45:30

I seem to have taken over this thread.blush We've had a lovely weekend,but I'm shattered.I took the dds and their ponies over to Brandy's owners and they took them out on a long hack,which they all really enjoyed,especially DD1,who overtook one of their hunters in a gallop down the fields.DD2 was led off another hunter to practise her cantering,as her pony doesn't always get it [was broken to drive,so has a very fast trot].It was a nice change to ride out in different surroundings and with different people.

Today we didn't ride,but went to watch a friend's team in a team chase,which was enormous fun.Another friend was the first man to complete it riding side saddle,which was interesting.grin Back to school tomorrow,and back to having a weekly lesson.

mrslaughan Sun 07-Apr-13 20:55:41

I didn't ride this week - spent easter dealing with sick children (vomitting bug), then I got it. My loan had been ridden alot by her owner over ester, so had tuesday off, then I lunged her on wednesday and thursday. wednesday - I just couldn't co-ordinate myself (this is a new skill I am learning), but thursday was much better.

Ds however had a great week - He had 4 lessons this week (very indulged). he has been learning for a year, at the end of summer he was riding brilliantly - but then had a real crisis of confidence (he has dyspraxia and not sure if he "forgot" how to or what) anyway this week it has all come together and rode beautifully - such a pleasure to watch, he is so proud of himself, and his smile is incredible. Now have to work out how we "do a pony" :-)

Plomino Sun 07-Apr-13 21:31:26

Well seeing as it was the first decent warmish day with no wind , rain, snow , ice or freezing temperatures , I finally managed to tack up and lunge the new boy in the field ! As I have absolutely no previous history for him , and the previous owner didn't ride or lunge , I have no idea how he's going to behave .

It seems his idea of being lunged is to leap dramatically into the air , then career round in circles whilst calling hysterically to every horse within a 5 mile radius and cocking a deaf ear to any of my instructions ...

However after 15 minutes of lunacy , he decided to calm down and actually do as he was asked , and after that he actually lunged quite nicely ! Waiting for saddle fitter to come out and then will actually try him out properly , but will probably spend the rest of this week seeing if he continues in the same vein !

Not riding much at the moment but looking forward to getting dhorse back to our field and not having to muck out. We went to the point to point on Saturday - beautiful day and great racing and I caught up with dhorse's previous owners which was nice. Apart from that a lot of work combined with trying to get my DT's to revise for their A's means that horses have taken a bit of a back seat for the last couple of weeks!

Mirage Sun 14-Apr-13 20:29:06

We had a real achievement today.Both girls were jumping their ponies in the field at the same time without DD2 being on a lead rein,for the first time ever.smile

Yesterday we took the ponies over to ride with Brandy's owners again.Whilst cantering over a field,the hunter Brandy was led off spooked at a blackbird in a hedgerow,which caused Brandy to spook,still cantering,and DD2 hit the deck.Her falling caused the other hunter to rear up in fright,dumping his rider too.Thankfully dpony was immune to the silliness and DD1 stayed on board. Dpony also beat the spooky hunter in a race across the parkland,not bad for a 9 year old girl on a 23 year old crossbreed.grin

It has taken me the best part of the morning but finally dhorse and dpony are out in our field at home. I've left most of my stuff up at the stables and am paid up until the end of the month so will bring it down gradually.

They were so pleased to be out on clean, level ground with a decent covering of grass that apart from a quick whizz round they've been stuffing themselves ever since. Instead of worrying about mud fever I shall now start worrying about dpony developing colic and/or laminitis from the change in grass - it's never ending!

mrslaughan Tue 16-Apr-13 18:08:58

Had a fantastic week last week, and today has been fab as well. On the absolute bonus, rode today and the sun was shining - actually almost had too heavy a clothes on..... Wow that sun felt nicegrin

Mitchy1nge Wed 17-Apr-13 11:44:43

envy want to ride horse SO BADLY but of course he lost a NEW shoe while I was away, haven't even paid for it yet, he looks stiff again too sad

I do love the pony but not to hack alone unless absolutely have to sad

All set to go for a ride today and then discovered that the council have decided to close the only road out of here today - not tomorrow as specified on their lovely yellow notice board - for a WEEK. There have been endless machines and diggers zipping up and down with orange flashing lights which have kept Dhorse entertained but it's a PITA.

I've had to do the housework instead - yawn. Hopefully I'll be able to get him out on Saturday, otherwise I'll just have to lunge him which we both hate!

mrslaughan Thu 18-Apr-13 16:10:00

Had amazing 3 days with dmare - my riding is improving so much at the moment and now feel like I am really riding her now.
Yesterday had a lesson in the lounge , today worked in sitting Troy, man I am sore, but can't wait for next Tuesday when I get to do it all again!

mrslaughan Thu 18-Apr-13 16:11:07

Sorry lunge...... I was not on the sofa wink

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 19-Apr-13 12:14:10

Hello all! I found my way back to MN after a long break from it. I was originally Alicecrail.

Lovely to 'see' everyone. I now use a fab horsey site called Haynet where everyone is really lovely (and there are lots of pictures!)

Things are good here, I have passed my trailer test (yay!) and have joined the local riding club. Riding time has been cut short by my youngest stopping naps most days, but he will start preschool in september so 3hrs a day I will be FREE!!! Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything.......

Horses are growing old disgracefully, they are now 12 and 13 and the behaviour hasn't changed much, in fact the mare seems to be getting more wild!

Welcome home Mrs! Hopefully longer daylight hours will give you a chance for some evening rides.

Dhorse has been out "naked" today and has taken advantage by rolling about 10 times - luckily he hasn't got anywhere muddy to do it, but does seem to be having fun. Managed to get him out for a ride today where we saw some deer in the wood next to the road which livened him up no end!

Mirage Sun 21-Apr-13 20:26:48

Ha ha frosty I remember you saying before how your boy loved to roll.grin.

We've had a lovely few days.Had a very good lesson on Wednesday,and yesterday DD2 rode Brandy around our big schooling field off the lead rein for the first time.She did a few courses of jumps and practised her bending race all with no help from me.It was lovely to see her doing so well and even DD1 belting around on dpony didn't fizz him up.DD2 has decided that she is not entering any lead rein classes this year and is aiming at first riddens and whp.DD2 had better watch out as they'll be competing against each other.

We spent today at our hunt's Point to Point,[we always get a free pass smile and had a lovely day,saw lots of people we knew and I even picked a winner.

I'm feeling very virtuous! I've cleaned all bar one of Dhorse's rugs (the one he's still using), and have the pony's rug soaking so that's four washed and tidied away, plus all his bandages, travelling stuff, buckets, feed bowls and I've cleaned up and sorted my veterinary stuff. Next up is the grooming kit (although with them both shedding hair like crazy it's fairly pointless) and then I'm done. The trailer has been pressure washed and aired inside and out and is ready for it's annual check.

Smug - moi?!

Pixel Tue 23-Apr-13 18:33:02

Very smug smile. Our rugs are all still dumped in a heap in the hay store.
Mind you, we've had a lot of fencing to do at the field, and since it's finally warm/dry enough to tackle the allotment it's taken a bit of a priority atm. I want my lovely fresh veggies, the rugs will have to wait! Actually they aren't in bad nick anyway, no repairs needed, just a good brush off probably. I've tried washing one in the bath and that is never happening again grin.

Butkin Tue 23-Apr-13 19:51:14

Mirage, we were at the West Norfolk (Fakenham) on Sunday. Where you there?

Lovely day here - DD had a riding lesson on her two main ponies (the grey has now gone) and we're gearing up to another show on Sunday.

Mirage Tue 23-Apr-13 19:54:08

Our rugs are in my polytunnel,it is a great place to dry them out over the winter.I've not tackled cleaning them yet.I agree with you about fresh veg,Pixel and have spent whatever pony or work free time shovelling manure onto my veg beds.

Mirage Tue 23-Apr-13 19:59:09

No,Butkin we were at Garthorpe,Leics.It is a lovely course but it is always cold up there.Glad to hear that you have sold your grey.Which show are you heading to this weekend?

Butkin Tue 23-Apr-13 22:15:13

Thinking of going to NPS 14 at Stansted just to give DD an easier class rather than hitting the RIs every week. She needs a confidence booster. I've been to Garthorpe many times - in fact a mare I once owned sadly broke down there (although she was saved and we gave her away to her breeder). I like it there - always good viewing.

mrslaughan Thu 25-Apr-13 18:07:12

rode today - amazing lesson - had dmare soft and round and salivating
:-) first time ever........

did get rather an amazing buck, she has got into some bad habits with canter (bad habits mostly of my making - letting her getting away with stuff - so I need to sort it), and we were working through that, she makes me laugh, its kind of I won't, I won't, I bloody won't , and then she goes oh OK and gives you the most amazing ride......

Can't wait till next tuesday

Mirage Thu 25-Apr-13 18:55:52

Good Luck Butkin let us know how it goes.

Sounds good Mrs it is lovely when things go well.
We had a good lesson yesterday,no riding today as the farrier came and was running late.I'd only just turned the ponies out when the school bus arrived.Good job I'm only across the road from the bus stop!

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 26-Apr-13 18:19:22

Hello all.

I thought I was doing well with my horsey spring clean, but Frosty has put me to shame! Although I am glad I haven't washed rugs yet after the rain we just had overnight. The gelding will be plastered by the time I get them in this afternoon (mud is rather a specialty of his!)

The problem with this better weather is that I become quite antisocial, preferring to spend the time with the horses rather than with people! grin

Going to do some polework with my two today, I have dug out the old Manual of Horsemanship and I am armed with a measuring tape and YouTube videos!

Have a good horsey day!

Pixel Fri 26-Apr-13 19:09:03

Good idea, that's what I'm going to have to do. Get a measuring tape that is. My mum insists on 'helping' by putting the poles out but honestly they are all over the place and she seems to think dhorse is a giraffe. It's not as if he's keen at the best of times but it would be nice to give him half a chance to get it right. grin
<goes to search dusty bookshelves for Manual of Horsemanship>

MrsNouveauRichards Fri 26-Apr-13 21:02:30

I marked on the wall of the arena with tape so I know next time. I have always had a mental block when it comes to polework! It went really well, until it started hailing....... hmm

Pixel Sat 27-Apr-13 00:11:10

Well that's the other thing I'm going to have to get - an arena! grin.
<adds to list>

MrsNouveauRichards Sat 27-Apr-13 12:31:59


mrslaughan Sat 27-Apr-13 18:14:14

I was walking ddog with friend by her house the other day - did a walk I had never done before and came across a lovely rubber ménage complete with mirrors - the shame is that it obviously isn't used that much because of all the grass growing in it shock, what a wastehmm

Pixel Sat 27-Apr-13 20:22:16

MrsSlaughan, how did you get that accent above the e ? I've been wondering how to do that for ages!

Note I'm asking a favour before I point out that it's manege. A menage means something rather different although I suppose rubber could be involved grin.

You are right though, it is a waste. I wonder if there is a tragic story behind it? You know, promising young showjumper has dreadful accident and the horse is shot so she just sits at the window all day watching the weeds grow...
Sorry, I think I read too many of those horsey comics that have short stories when I was younger they are still stashed under my bed blush.

Butkin Mon 29-Apr-13 22:36:13

Change of heart on Saturday night meant a 4.20am wake up to go to Area 5 (at Arena UK) instead on Sunday. Just thought it better for DD to ride on a surface than on firm ground at Stansted which had been rained on and could be slippy.

She only came 4th but enjoyed the experience of riding against the top northern jockeys like Poppy Carter and definitely good practise. Off to Area 7 (Slapton in Bucks) this Sunday after going to the 2000Gns at Newmarket on Saturday.

God that's early Butkin - 4th sounds pretty good to me!

Dhorse has been lunged every other day in order to help with his kissing spine problems and he's been fine about it and working quite well.

I decided to lunge dpony who looks a little like a tennis ball with legs - well I'm not sure who found it a harder workout, him or me! Every 3rd or 4th stride he'd stop and turn in, when I told him to get on with it he'd do a little hump of his back end and try and take off - I entertained the passing walkers I think with my running after him on the end of the lunge!

Anyway we have done it daily since and I swear we are both feeling fitter already - he loathes it with a passion and I am beginning to.

mrslaughan Tue 30-Apr-13 19:37:37

Pixel - I typed a response but the ether ate it.....the accent on ménage - only got there because of auto correct on the iPhone, one of the few, if only times that t has actually helped, rather than changing it to some random and wrong word!

Went for a hack on sunday - I have been focusing on the school (her owner purely hacks her), so I haven't hacked her since I took on the share. It was OK except for 5 mins, when she threw abit of a strop and carted me to the front (open field).....I learnt alot from the hack, I discussed it with my instructor today because alot was bugging me about it....like it was all agreed at the beginning that we were just walk/trotting, but a youngish girl who I didn't know was joining us (but was in on the discussion) kind of took over, she decided we were going to have a number of canters....not much you can do when she yells from the front that we are going to canter and takes off.........RI nicely pointed out that the ground is rock hard and she would not be cantering on it at the moment....which now makes me feel badly for Dmare.

Anyway I have decided for the meantime, that next time people decide to join in on a hack and I don't know them, I will politely make excuses, and ride her in the school.

MrsNouveauRichards Sun 05-May-13 07:34:54

Is anyone doing anything today? We are off to riding club showjumping this morning, and it is dry and sunny - yay!

Mirage Sun 05-May-13 14:29:33

The girls have had a friend over today and had a lovely morning swapping ponies and riding around the fields.

DD2 has really got to grips with Brandy now and is happily riding around the fields on him without me next to her.He is such a good lad and doesn't even try to go after Dpony and DD1 as they go bombing past,unless he is asked too.He has a cracking jump too,and will jump anything,logs,plastic containers cable tied together,drainage pipes,whatever we can find.We are looking forward to doing some minimus jumping over the summer.

Plomino Sun 05-May-13 15:34:17

Well I took my courage in both hands this morning and ventured out with the new boy ! Not for very long , but it's a start . Very very spooky ( who knew that concrete slabs were so scary?! ) and one spin and a leap sideways , but otherwise not too bad at all ! Will give it another go tomorrow , and go a bit further , and see how we go ! Quite impressed seeing as he was a total unknown about being ridden out .

Mirage Mon 06-May-13 20:46:07

Well done Plomino.He sounds a star! We've had a few ponies who have been spooky hacking out until they have settled in a bit-he can only get better though,can't he?

Brandy's owners came over to ride with us today and DD2 had a lovely canter and gallop across our 40 acre field,along with them and DD1.I think he enjoyed himself as I could see DD2 turning him in a circle to slow him down at the end.grin They both showed off their jumping skills too and had a great time.It has been a lovely weekend,despite me having to work this morning.

Mirage Fri 10-May-13 19:54:02

My lovely mum has treated the girls to a new tweed jacket each.They have always have hand me downs before and DD1 's was a boys jacket.They look really lovely and the staff took a lot of time and trouble making sure the fit was right,and gave me a lot of showing tips too.

We were trying to track down two ties that picked out one of the colours in the tweed,with no luck.Then today I went into a charity shop and found 2 in exactly the colour we wanted,even better they were 99p each.I was so chuffed,and have bought some matching ribbon for hair bows and to make into buttonholes.

Butkin Fri 10-May-13 20:30:49

Excellent Mirage - well done! (you shouldn't have buttonholes with tweed though)

We're off to Royal Windsor tomorrow. Leaving the yard at 6am (already fretting this isn't early enough!) and no expectations but just hoping we all (particularly DD) enjoy the experience.

Then off to South Suffolk on Sunday which is our local show !

Mirage Sat 11-May-13 13:07:39

Thank you Butkin I half had the idea that it was no buttonholes with tweed-will save me a job [eyes pile of jodphurs that need letting down/ taking up).Best of Luck this weekend.smile

We've been practising jumping and then a hack over the fields,although the dds were racing each other on the way back.

Our 1st show isn't until the end of June,at Blaston.The dds are hoping to do first ridden,fancy dress,minimus jumping & the games.DD2 is thinking of entering Brandy in the M&M small breeds in hand.It is an Equifest qualifier but we aren't bothered about that bit,would just like to see how he does.

Butkin Sat 11-May-13 22:08:40

Just posted pic of DD riding at Royal Windsor today. Everything went really well. Didn't come in first 6 (15 in class) but she behaved great and gave DD a good and safe ride in front of a big audience.

Good luck at Blaston Mirage - just looked that the schedule and it looks fun! We couldn't wait until end of June - we'll have packed in about 6 shows by then!

Mirage Sun 12-May-13 08:25:25

They look a great combination Butkin,what a lovely photo.smile Have you got your box for this year?

I have to be careful about too much pony stuff,or DH starts moaning about too much time/money being spent.Although I think he is coming over to the dark side as he said it was about time I had a horse earlier in the week and also watched the recording of Badminton with us,and was asking how much it was for tickets for next year.shock

Butkin Sun 12-May-13 20:30:57

Mirage - always a good sign when they start encouraging you to spend money!

Yes we've got the box and it's doing fine although DW is already looking to upgrade - think we'll go the whole hog and go for a 7.5 ton if we can find the sort we want at the right price.

Went to South Suffolk and DD and Bridget did their best show to date and finished 2nd. Unfortunately they therefore just missed out on their RI ticket but she did get her Blue Riband ticket and she enjoyed riding at her local show with all he friends there.

Butkin Fri 24-May-13 12:30:42

Just getting ready for one of our busiest weeks. Lesson tonight (followed by Pony bath) and then we've got Herts County tomorrow, Suffolk on Wednesday and Rutland on Sunday so DD has 3 County shows in a week. We thought about also entering Surrey County on Monday but thought that was over facing ourselves! Just hope this awful weather goes away - don't fancy getting stuck anywhere (we had hail yesterday!)

Anybody else around and about this Bank Holiday/Half term?

Mirage Fri 24-May-13 12:34:32

Good Luck Butkin.We are debating going to Rutland,the forecast is temps in the mid teens and cloudy.Will you have to be there so early this time? I remember your message about last years' early start and not many competitors.

Butkin Fri 24-May-13 16:31:58

Mirage, Definitely going to Rutland UNLESS we qualify for RI at Herts or Suffolk. Show Pony class is 3rd after 9am - 11 in it. We can't do the M&M FR as it will clash with the show pony so we've (rather bizarrely!) entered the palomino for the open As and Bs (no young rider class). There are 17 in that.

Of course not everybody will show up - there are HOYS qualifiers at Midlands County Show on the same day that will take some entries away.

Only been to Rutland three times but it has rained every time. This will be the last time at this venue. They move to Oakham from 2014.

Just realised it's ages since I've contributed here! Not much to report other than some hacking and the usual lunging. Dpony looks a little trimmer and the farrier yesterday said that although he was lookking a bit "prosperous" (great description!) his feet were fine and I wasn't to worry too much.

Dhorse is quite jolly, especially in the wind but hopefully won't be too mad when we do our fun ride next week. Unfortunately the person I was going with has her horse in isolation as 2 new horses in the yard have come from a yard which has had a case of strangles..... Whether they knew or not is anyone's guess but they have been pretty casual in their horse care - not checking them daily, not taking rugs on and off etc so friend has been keeping their water topped up and making sure they're not injured. I wonder why they have these horses as they don't seem to be interested in their welfare at all.

Good luck with all your showing outings, lots of hard work!

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-May-13 14:35:57

the hardest part is catching the pony at the moment, although wandering around his field with a head collar and a bucket of nuts is an effortless way to exercise him while he gallops round and round and round, catches his breath then off again hmm

horse on other hand is on fab form, since the school was resurfaced he is obsessed with dragging me in there to jump things - I thought he was getting ready to retire but think he would really really like to go out and do some sj, he even soars 3' over twigs on hacks the weirdo

mrslaughan Tue 28-May-13 17:36:46

Well I haven't been riding my share - she has had a sore back - so she has been treated by a osteo (she loved that!) and I have been lunging her to build her top line. Bit frustrating - but there you go, that's horses for you.
Last week I had some lessons on the riding school horses and it was actually nice to feel how I have progressed, and each one has taught me something different - I have enjoyed the challenge!

We are debating about loaning or buying a pony for DS - he loves riding, at it is really good for him, but is a huge step. That's it really , until dmare sees the oesteopath again and she gives the all clear for her to be ridden in the school again.

Pixel Tue 28-May-13 17:55:49

Oh dear Mitchy, perhaps you need to practice with a lasso! What a lovely little pony he is, doing his best to keep his mum fit grin. I have problems not catching mine, I can't do anything without him breathing down my neck, it's very un-nerving!

I think I must be allowed back on the riding log now as I have actually been getting on the monster's back <fanfare>. He's had a very long time off, a combination of finding a replacement saddle for his new lardy mature shape (and the money to pay for it), grotty weather and my total loss of anything approaching nerve. However, it seems to have done him a lot of good mentally. He is a much nicer character to be around is enjoying being brought back into work. I'm taking things very steadily. I tell myself I might as well put my tack in the car, then I might as well get him out and groom him, then "oh I'll just sit on him for a minute" etc etc. So I've got as far as roadwork just him and me, only round the block but it's a start, and I'm planning to gradually build up the distance when I'm ready (I have to sing the whole time though which can be embarrassing --for dhorse--). I've also finally got him lunging instead of just trying to attack me, which is good as I tried to pop him over a tiny little pole the other day (in a moment of misplaced courage) and he leapt about 4' and then did an enormous buck on landing. Don't know how I stayed on as I haven't jumped anything at all for 20 years! So I plan to teach him to jump on the lunge before I try any such foolishness again wink.

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-May-13 21:24:31

Good luck mrslaughan, a new pony is always a good idea smile

wow pixel, you are doing loads of stuff now? It is all coming together! I think I hate jumping after all, it's one of the things that actually learning how to ride would help with blush we just career about the school without brakes or steering and it doesn't feel nice like it does in the outside world

or I could give up project snaffle and put something horrible back in?

and pony is LAME so that will teach him but I just booked school and instructor for daughter, first lesson for about a year, will have to borrow a pony or use mad brown jumping machine

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 12:47:04

waving hello to everyone at trinity park today

Pixel Thu 30-May-13 18:50:38

How is poor pony? Is he ok-in-a-couple-of days-lame, or call-the-vet-lame?

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 21:23:07

I thought he was ok and arranged an endurance ride but no, it's windgalls so am not losing sleep over it - must be all this warm weather




etc but thank you for asking! Can take horse instead but thought would be good for the under socialised boy sad

Mirage Thu 30-May-13 21:45:41

We have had 2 weeks of hardly riding at all,due to a combination of DD2's birthday sleepover,school meetings and bad weather,we have only ridden 2-3 times a week.

DD1 went to the cinema with Daddy to watch Ironman today,so I got to ride dpony whilst DD2 babysat me. Dpony was yanking the reins and each time she did it,I nearly fell off,much to DD2's amusement.The little swine spent the whole ride laughing at me,especially when her pony did a massive spook at some sheep,[which he sees every day] and of course then dpony had to spook too.I didn't fall off mercifully as it is incredibly muddy here and I didn't fancy the ride of shame back up the street with evidence of my lack of horsemanship plastered all over me.

Butkin Thu 30-May-13 21:49:25

We were at Trinity Park yesterday Mitchy. Sadly DD only 4th in RI qualifier so no ticket for us even though she beat the pony who won at South Suffolk when we were second. Last chance at Rutland on Sunday.

Suffolk was a difficult show though. Cold and wet throughout yesterday (after 4.45am start) and the rings were electric due to the steam engines, carriages, motor bike noises etc.

Mitchy1nge Thu 30-May-13 21:59:59

oh good luck for Sunday then butkin, shame you missed the inter-hunt relay today though

weather is just too depressing for words isn't it

Mirage Sun 02-Jun-13 16:49:41

We have had a lovely weekend,took the ponies over to my friend's yesterday as they know someone who has a little x country course and sj course that they are happy for us to use.It was a nice change to ride somewhere else and the owners were just lovely,they wouldn't accept any payment and said they missed seeing little kids having fun on ponies.In the afternoon we went to the DAC at Melton to see the military & Household Cavalry horses-there are 2 lovely horses up for rehoming and it is tempting.

Today we visited a Heavy Horse/Shire show,and I got some jump cups for £1 a pair and a pair of long leather Dublin dressage boots for £10 at the sale they had there.[I don't know the first thing about dressage,but loved the boots]This afternoon we've been practising gymkhana games and jumping ready for the summer shows.smile

Dhorse and I went for a fun ride yesterday, and took a novice rider and her young horse with us. She was very brave and they managed really well - especially with dhorse prancing and showing off at every opportunity. We did the first 6 miles in just under 2 hours - then I did the remaining 6 on my own in just under 1 hour......not surprisingly my arms hurt a bit today, he was pulling so hard he must be a lot fitter than I thought!

It was wonderful, all off road with lots of optional jumps - haybales, tree trunks, tiger traps and the occasional small gate - and the weather was fab. Despite the fact that I was knackered it was a good reminder of why I have a horse, and puts the long muddy winter into perspective!

Mirage and anyone else who wants to make small jumps - apparently potties from Aldi make very good low practice jumps, the poles sit very snugly in the curve somehow! I've not done it myself but there was a lengthy thread on H&H forum somewhere about it.

Pixel Mon 03-Jun-13 23:46:32

I can see how that would work but it's hilarious. Imagine how mad you would look with potties all over your field grin.

I did wonder what the response would be if you walked out from a shop with a dozen or so potties too!

Dhorse is off to horspital this week for an assessment of his kissing spine problem - there is a less invasive surgery available which involves releasing ligaments rather than shaving/removing bones..... My vet thinks it's worth investigating so I'm happy to see what the experts say. At the same time I might ask if they can do brain surgery to remove the bit that says "I must spook at EVERYTHING that moves - and everything that looks as though it might move", it's driving me mad at the moment.

horseylady Sun 09-Jun-13 20:47:38

Just read this post??

Mine and the daft tb aims are to do bd at novice on a ticket. And qualify for the endurance RC finals. Hopefully there just not sure which team I'm in.

Of course, this is all assuming the bizarre leg swelling goes away!!

Oh and I'd really like her jump round an entire jumping course!!

Where is everyone - riding?!

Dhorse has been recommended for this newer standing DSP surgery - gulp. He goes in on Sunday, 2 hour op on Monday then he could come out Tuesday but I've opted for him to stay until Friday as I don't have a stable and want to be 100% sure it's on the mend. He will then need two weeks complete rest in a small patch after which we can get going with rehab which will involve walking, long reining, lunging and then I should be able to get back on in 12 weeks. I've now got to find a light turnout to protect the dressing, hay and food. Any suggestions for feeding and keeping a horse in a small space post surgery would be welcome.

The only other option is medication with steroids but this won't be effective for ever, probably only 2-3 months at a time whereas this newer surgery is anticipated to work for much longer, they were talking years rather than months but as it is a new procedure can't offer guarantees.

I'm scared for him, anxious about the rehab and generally feeling a bit sick about it all, but with everything crossed he should come out feeling better and will be pain free for longer.

Fingers crossed on Monday!

Mitchy1nge Wed 12-Jun-13 14:39:32

hi frosty that does all sound quite scary, will keep fingers crossed that everything goes as safely and smoothly as possible! Maybe you could start an additional thread about post-op care? More people might see it? Have some wine for later anyway and edible flowers for the patient

have been busy, not actually riding that much because pony is not quite 100%, windgalls and really need a new saddle - he has grown and changed so much. Really think no way was he five whenever I bought him, he's probably about that now. I wonder if that happens? Anyway so cleaning his lovely barnsby to put on eBay. Horse is on great form - I lunged him yesterday over poles using only the power of my mind. It was ok for a bit, pretty good, he even cantered on each rein for about three strides but then he just acted like a spaniel following me everywhere. So back to the more traditional lunge line method I think.

Dhorse had his op this afternoon and has come out well so far. He's in until Friday when I'll be fetching him back to put in his tiny patch on the field....hay and happy hoof lined up, plus a lick, plus a turnout to stop it all getting wet.

He was funny when I took him in yesterday - a lovely big stable with squidgy rubber floor and a deep fluffy bed of shavings at the back in an immaculate line. He had a good dig, then a roll, then a pee and stood having his admission notes taken with white shavings in his mane looking completely nuts. It's very odd at home without him, and he's too far away for me to go and visit so roll on Friday.

Mitchy1nge Mon 17-Jun-13 21:23:36

smile glad all went well and he is enjoying his new accommodation

hope you manage ok until Friday and are not missing him too much

Dhorse is home and looking around his very small patch in the field with an unamused expression. He's effectively on box rest for another 10 days, then stitches/staples out (and there are loads of them, about 15/20) and then he's allowed a 10 minute walk in a straight line for 2 weeks, then lunging for weeks 4-8, then a check up, then hopefully ridden work.

He was a model patient (I bet they say that to all the owners!), and seems quite happy - we have a good supply of bute, and amused them by how thoroughly he rolled every day, making them change the dressing all the time.

Fingers crossed that all this hard work pays off.

Butkin Fri 21-Jun-13 21:59:15

DD went to Lincolnshire Show yesterday. Left at 3.30am as she was in the ring at 8am... She came 3rd in the HOYS qualifier but didn't get her ticket as it went to the 2nd. I missed it because I went to Royal Ascot instead (which was an awesome day!).

Mirage Sat 29-Jun-13 13:24:18

Things aren't going too well here.We moved the ponies to their summer grazing and the next day Brandy took off with DD2 whilst cantering across a field,and galloped around until she fell off,then he spooked in a gateway on the way back and took off again,resulting in another fall and some nasty scrapes and grazes.Since then he has taken off with her several times for no reason that we can see at all,and is impossibly spooky.She has had so many falls that I've lost count.The last time he did a runner was during her lesson on Wednesday,and mercifully she managed to stay on.Her instructor said that there was no reason for him to do it and suspects that an incident in his past that we were aware of,might still be affecting him,and his first reaction to anything is to run.

So,poor DD2 has lost her confidence,she has gone from galloping about jumping anything,to being afraid to go out of walk without me next to her.His eyes are on stalks at everything and we have a show tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to now at all. DD2 will have to go on the lead rein as I don't trust him not to do something stupid.

I think its the grass,but his owner doesn't think so.I'm gutted for them both as poor DD2 has had some bad experiences in the past and really thought she'd found the right pony,but we are going backwards at the minute.sad

Pixel Sat 29-Jun-13 14:01:14

I thought he was going ok and being a star? (unless I'm mixing you up with someone else blush) Seems a bit of a sudden change so I don't know why his owner is ruling out the grass if nothing else has changed.
Am I right in thinking he's quite young? Sometimes they can only cope with an busy workload and new experiences for so long and then all of a sudden their baby brains can't cope any more. He could just need a break from the shows etc and some relaxing hacks to settle him down but I can understand that's not what you want to hear at this time of year, especially as your dd was doing so well and probably has all sorts of plans. I'm not saying it is that, as I don't know him, but I have seen it happen before with youngsters.
Have you tried getting him off the grass for part of the day, or maybe lunging him before dd gets on him to work off some of the extra energy? Is there anything near the new field that could be spooking him and putting him on edge? (am thinking something going on behind a hedge like cattle/cyclists/golf course/bird scarer!, or someone letting their dog in the field when you aren't there, anything unusual really).

Mirage Sat 29-Jun-13 18:52:53

Yes,Pixel you are right,we've had him nearly 5 months,and until 3 weeks ago,apart from running off down the road with DD2 when a tractor scared him,he has been really good,took everything in his stride.He is 7 and was only broken to ride last summer,previously he was driven,but was in an awful accident and couldn't be driven after that.The trap over turned and he ran off dragging it behind him,and he is very spooky about things with wheels/things behind him.

We didn't take him anywhere for the first 2 months,just messed about at home,in all he has been to 3 PC rallies and 1 show whilst he has been with us.I did wonder if it might be a sign that he has been doing too much,but it seems odd that he has been very good whilst out,and it has only started since moving field.I drive past at various points in the day and have never seen anyone in there.Hacking is really stressful with him,he was never brilliant in traffic,but we thought we were making progress, DD2 had to get off today because he was so silly on the road and he was no better in the field,spooking at sheep which he lives with and going bug eyed at another rider going past us.It is meant to be fun at this age and this most definitely isn't.

Pixel Sat 29-Jun-13 19:09:32

Oh dear, sounds difficult. sad The only other suggestion I have is some kind of calmer supplement in his feed.

Mirage Sun 30-Jun-13 17:57:45

Yes,he isn't the most straightforward pony in the world.We took him to a busy show today and he was really good.I kept DD2 on the leadrein or close by me as there were huge horses charging everywhere in the collecting rings and I didn't want any accidents,but he was very calm.We did the leadrein games and DD2 got a 1st,and a 3rd,she got a clear round in the jumping and 4th in leadrein showing.

I saw his owner there and she told me not to strip graze him any more,but to leave him on the grass he's eaten down to see if that helps.She is also coming over twice a week to give DD2 some lessons to boost her confidence and improve her seat.I might buy some Mag ox and see if that helps too.

On the plus side,DD1 won 1st place in First Ridden,and won a cup,and also got a 1st in the bending race and 2nd and 3rd in 2 other races.I was particularly pleased as someone who used to spend a lot of time telling me that dpony wasn't very good and that I should sell her as soon as I could and buy something 'better' was there to witness dpony's triumph.grin

Pixel Sun 30-Jun-13 19:13:09

Argh, typed you a message then lost it. Sounds like you've all had a fantastic day and everyone's done well. Bet you were so pleased at showing the horrible person who told you to get rid that they were wrong, like the icing on the cake.
Your pony certainly seems to be a 'character' (being polite grin).

marialuisa Sun 30-Jun-13 19:26:59

Go Mirage's girls! Green ponies are a rollercoaster IME but if DD2 is still happy with him on the ground, well worth persevering with.

All good here, DD is much too tall for dpony butr after much angst we are sticking with him as she's still well within his weight carrying ability. He is such a superstar and although we've had offers for him I really want his next home to be long term as he deserves it. Went to our local XC course today and he jumped his heart out (whilst demonstrating just how excited he was by bouncing on the spot) so have left him to chill out in the field until a dressage lesson on Wednesday.

I'm glad your show went well Mirage - it does sound like the change of field has upset his equilibrium, hopefully once he settles in he'll be back to normal. I hope DD2 feels a bit happier now.

Dhorse has his staples out today (all 23 of them!) and progresses up to 10 mins walking in hand twice a day. I hope I can enlarge his patch a bit as it's horrible - why, when they are in a small area do they muck all over it and make it all disgusting, rather than picking one place and being tidy? Maybe it's a gelding thing!

Mirage Mon 01-Jul-13 20:10:58

Thank you all.Yes Pixel I seem to be drawn to 'characterful' ponies.grin DD2 had a good lesson tonight,trotting on the lunge with no stirrups or hands on dpony,who is less bouncy than Brandy.Then she hopped onto Brandy and did some games practice [his owner used to train the PC team] and was extremely good,waiting nicely at the cones and not getting silly.So very positive.

Glad to hear that your dhorse is on the mend,*frosty*,I always thought that geldings were cleaner than mares,our last one used to go in the same corner every time,but Brandy has proved me wrong.

Lovely to hear how things are going marialuisa your dd seems to have a real talent for bringing ponies on.I'm glad that you haven't had to part with your pony yet,he is lovely.

50BalesOfHay Mon 01-Jul-13 20:50:46

Well, news from us, I've been away a while as gd who's just turned 14 had a baby 3 months ago. They are both doing really well, and gd is riding again. Just hacking and light schooling on my pony who is the last horse a teenager would choose, but lovely to see her in her jods and being herself again.

Mitchy1nge Mon 01-Jul-13 21:32:17

congrats 50bales, is lovely to see you, have often wondered how you are all getting on smile

am desperately stalking our farrier, pony's feet are about 18 metres long (not really, don't call ILPH on me) AND we need a saddle, I think one of pixel's fancy wintec with changeable gullet would be perfect!

and 400 year old horse looks and goes amazingly BUT 'sometimes' no brakes - my sharer can actually ride and she is struggling too

obviously is fantastic that he's on such good form but Project Snaffle Version 20 bites the dust. I don't think he's even got a mouth sad

50BalesOfHay Mon 01-Jul-13 21:46:13

Thanks mitchy, baby ( my great granddaughter!) has already met little Ben, who will be her first pony. Do you think she's old enough for a sit on with her mum?

Pixel Mon 01-Jul-13 21:54:24

I wouldn't call it fancy but everyone who's sat on it has remarked how comfy it is and dhorse seems happy in it too, so that's good enough for me. If you read the H&H forum it seems some people don't like them so you might want to see if you can check one out before you start any late night ebaying wink.

50bales I hate to break it to you but I think 3 months is a little bit too young. Better wait til 4 months grin.

Mirage Mon 01-Jul-13 21:59:19

You want a basket saddle.grin Lovely to hear that things are going well,I've been thinking about you & wondering how things were.

Butkin Sat 06-Jul-13 14:05:40

Packed DD off to the beach today. Went with DW for lovely ride in Thetford Forest before lunch. Ponies went great on the sandy soil. I was on the Connemara and really enjoyed it (that was a surprise) as she has effortless canter and enthusiastic trot.

Off pony shopping tomorrow - going to see three spread over the south of England...

Butkin Mon 15-Jul-13 22:47:18

Delighted and very proud to report that DD and her 128 SP mare qualified (for the first time) for HOYS today! We went to Stithians (just past Truro in Cornwall) which took us 7 hours each way but it was all worth it! She burst into tears when she was called forward but pulled herself together for the photographer. She received a very historic trophy and went on to be reserve SP Champion. Takes all the pressure off us all for the rest of the season!

Butkin Mon 15-Jul-13 23:21:06

I've added a photo to my profile...

Been away for a bit - congrats to your DD Butkin, that's a huge achievement and a good return on what must have been an exhausting day. What happened with the pony shopping?

Dhorse is now up to 7 minutes on the lunge daily after his op and seems fine - he goes for a check up in mid August before I can start riding again, that's going to be a scary feeling I think!

Butkin Thu 25-Jul-13 22:55:17

Frosty, Pony shopping now less frenetic. Now that DD has qualified her own SP we're no longer searching the country for a pony with a HOYS ticket. We can wait and buy the right pony - probably after HOYS - although we've realised you have to be proactive to get your name down for the good ones. We're planning to have a good look at Royal International to see which ones we like (especially in a big show atmosphere) and check out the size/age of their jockeys in case they may be out of class at the end of year. We're looking for a 12hh or 13hh Show Hunter Pony or possibly a 13.2hh Show Pony.

Well it's been a while so I'd thought I'd bore you with a dhorse update.

He had his 8 week (well 9 as the vet was on holiday last week) post op check up today and I have come back with the instruction to ride for 30 mins 3 days a week and continue lunging 3 days a week. He didn't flinch when the vet really pressed around the site and was quite relaxed. He wasn't perfect on the lunge, he does find it quite hard as he isn't very bendy but the vet is happy with what he can do although his muscle condition needs to improve and I need to work on building up his hindquarter.

Interestingly when I took him in for his op he was weighed at 592kg which was considered quite heavy, I asked their opinion on him today as I felt he was a bit ribby which the vet agreed with, he said there's no surplus fat and just needs some extra condition overall. We weighed him again and he was 602kg - which surprised both me and the vet! He said that the extra weight is from the muscle he's put on in rehab, but to still add conditioning cubes to his feed as once he starts working he'll probably drop off again. The vet was reassured me that he's not carrying extra fat and not to worry so much about the actual weight but more about how he looks.

Butkin Tue 20-Aug-13 22:46:53

Pleased he is improving Frosty - that is good news.

Our lorry is packed for 4 days at BSPS this week. DD is so excited she has packed for about 2 weeks. She is riding her 128 SP in one class a day. Novice tomorrow is probably our best chance but fingers crossed she is in top 10 in first part of Blue Riband so she gets through to evening performance (where she would get marked for an individual performance by celeb judges) later in the week.

I'm at York races on Wednesday and Friday so will only be able to cheer her on during Thursday and Saturday...

Gilbertus Wed 21-Aug-13 07:31:21

Good luck Butkin , and Frosty that's good to hear!

Pony B has a mini tetrathlon with dd3 on Friday. The riding is 1'6", can be led or assisted. She's quite confident so I ran along with him yesterday while she jumped in the paddock - he raced me grin So we are going to have to go lead rein I think. She could probably do it off lead rein but she's nervous. Not sure what pony B will think about lead rein - she hacks out off as he just happily trots along or follows me!

Gilbertus Wed 21-Aug-13 07:35:20

Butkin I am sure you have discussed this but did you see the Sky TV show about BSPS? Dd3s fave, she must have watched it 10 times. She'd love to show, sadly we are not a showing home. She has a picture of one of the little girls on her wall as she admired her so much! She wanted to do WH this year but she shares a pony with dd2 who is 10 - pony 13.2 so dd2 right for classes. Poor dd3 smile

Butkin Thu 22-Aug-13 20:04:16

Yes we loved the Show Ponies documentary and thought it reflected well on showing. DD was briefly in the background (it was filmed at BSPS Summer Champs 2 years ago today) but not on her pony.

DD was only 3rd in the SP Novice which was a bit disappointing but onwards and upwards...

Good luck with your Mini Tet. DD likes doing the swimming, shooting and running but is never that keen on the X Country (She doesn't like jumping at all - hence the showing...)

roadkillbunny Thu 29-Aug-13 23:05:58

Hello to all!
I have decided I need to join this thread as I need a kick up the ass and something to keep my impetus going with my riding and hoping that 'reporting' into this thread may help!

So, I am very lucky to have a dpony who I can treet as my iwn and do with as I like without having to pay a penny for him or have the responsibility if his ownership. Very lucky me!
I work as a freelance groom (I cover on the whole people who keep their horses at home or have private yards when the go on holiday, away shows or are just very busy) and dpony is owned by my biggest client who us also a very good friend. Again, lucky lucky me! Problem is I have been so busy with work, especially over the summer break I have sat on dpony just the once!
He is a flea bitten grey Connemara cross who is 13.1 (ish) and 18 years old. He came our way after his previous owner made the jump to to 14.2 pony who was too much and lost all confidance eventually giving up riding for good. Dpony had done really well with her doing all the normal pony club things but at 17 (as he was then) was ready for a more sedate home to live the rest if his life so he was gifted to my friend who was looking for field company for her big posh dressage horse, a pony her young children could have the odd bit of fun on and she also knew she had me as an adult (competent but wanting nothing but some light fun) to keep the pony schooled. My children also ride dpony, dd is 8 and also has weekly riding lessons at the school I do work for and ds is 5, soon to start lessons also but has HFA so is a little more complex.
So I could go on, there is lots of issues and complexities at play when it comes to me and my riding and rather then try and go into everything now and have an even longer post I will just fill the information gaps as they come!

So, I haven't had much is any riding time, things calm down for me work wise once school is back and it is time I got down to it. I would like to be riding at least twice a week myself, friends boys ride maybe once a week but more like every other week and they do very very light work with him. My children due to time issues haven't been doing much with him in school time but want to get them riding him once a week.

So I plan hopefully to ride dpony next Wednesday or Thursday (dependent on my work days), I will be doing walk and trot fitting work for the pair of us. Can't hack out as he is a big girls blouse and not good to go out alone so can anyone help me come up with a plan to keep both of us engaged and interested for say half an hour in walk and trot in the school? I am defiantly a person in need of a plan and some fresh interesting ideas for things to be doing! Thank you and look forward to learning more about your riding and mounts!

Mirage Fri 30-Aug-13 14:48:10

Gosh Roadkillbunny you sound very busy.I like the sound of your Connemara,it sounds as though he has fallen on his feet with you.smile

Things have moved fast for us.Without really looking,we found a new pony for DD1,who we picked up yesterday.He is a 13.3 Connemara,fleabitten grey,and is currently in with dpony who is studiously ignoring him.

Brandy is up for loan and we have only had one person interested.DD2 rode him beautifully for them,but when the prospective loaner got on,he was really naughty and got them off twice.He is such a naughty boy,he knows that he can't get DD2 off easily,but will try it on with a new rider,so he is going back to his owner to be re schooled by a small adult.We will miss him as he had such a lovely character,but so unpredictable.

He was at a rally on Tuesday and refused a jump,napping back to the other ponies.DD2 got him back where he should be and made him do the course,but I knew he was thinking up something naughty to do because he'd been thwarted.He finished the jumping and took off at top speed,but DD2 hung on and stopped him.I knew he'd do something by the look on his face.

Mirage Sun 01-Sep-13 19:17:57

Our new pony is fabulous! I left them in our schooling field with DH with instructions not to canter or jump until I'd got back with the electric tape and posts to fence off an arena area.I didn't know how he'd react to whizzing about in a big field and didn't want to take any chances.I got back to find that DD1 had completely ignored me and done it anyway and he was fine.He certainly loves to jump,is very calm in farm traffic and DD1 just loves him.I'd dreaded the day we had to find her a new pony as she loved dpony so much and was very nervous riding any others,but she adores her new boy.smile

DD2 has taken over dpony and is getting on really well with her,despite only riding her a few times this year,I have a feeling she'll get the best of dpony.We had a lovely hack all over the fields today and it was so nice being able to relax and not be on alert in case of spooking and running off.

I've posted some pics.New boy is a Connie and I'm a convert now.grin

Pixel Sun 01-Sep-13 20:21:55

Oh that face in your 4th pic down, he looks just like my old boy!

Glad you are all getting on so well smile.

mrslaughan Sun 01-Sep-13 22:02:56

Oh I am so pleased it has gone well - you certainly deserved a good-un

Great news Mirage, hopefully that's all sorted for a while. Hope you've got a good supply of horse shampoo handy for the winter!

Dhorse is still on rehab - 30 mins walk/trot every other day and lunging every other day. He's very bored of the whole thing and I really have to kick him along, even when we were mooching round stubble fields on Sunday which usually livens him up. Lunging over poles is trying too as he keeps rushing at them and trying to jump the lot in one go, then he tries to disappear dragging me on the end of the line, it's an absolute menace. He's still looking a bit poor to me, but the physio is coming out on Thursday having not seen him for a while so I'll be interested to hear her opinion. He's on a meal of Safe & Sound, sugar beet and conditioning cubes every evening, plus a supplement so I feel he should be better.

Moving house to another rented one soon, but this has a stable yard attached so I can return to my "out all winter unless the weather is grim" routine which is so much easier and my two DS's are off to uni in a couple of weeks so it's all change here!

roadkillbunny Fri 06-Sep-13 16:15:58

mirage your new pony sounds like a real gem and also must look allot like our dpony so I would surly go a little soft for him!

Well my plans to ride this week didn't come to pass. By the time my first day off rolled round on Thursday I was I admit extremely tired (I have health issues that mean I have to pace myself and over doing things can easily put me out of action and in bed in agony for some time. I have chronic pain due to nerve damage from a condition called complex reginal pain syndrome. I can't feel my legs below the knee, well the only sensation is lots of pain also other areas are also sensation reduced and nerve pain is a real bugger. I have worked very hard to have as normal a life as possible but it does curtail my activities unfortunately) and did just want a day off horses! The problem with working with horses is that when you have a day off if you go and do things with your own pony you are in effect still working! So I admit spending the day on the sofa, I then regretted wasting the day and not riding, I just need the kick up the arse to go do it, I am really lucky to have dpony on the arrangement we do and on a day off if I want to ride I can do just that and do no other yard work, it is just laziness and there is also a slight loss of nerve issue that I think I better leave for another post as this one is going to be too long as it is. So simple end result is another week with me not even riding once hmm

On the front with the children dd (8) managed to fit one last long pony day at the riding school before the end of the holidays, she loves these as mum isn't about, she gets to ride with friends, she is riding ponies the correct size for her and best of all she gets to do more complex jumping exercises then she is ready to do with dpony at home!
News this week is that there is finally a spot opening up in the Saturday lead rein class for ds (5), he has been waiting a while (we don't pay for lessons as such, work barter system but that does me we have to be more flexable at times) and loves riding and ponies. He 'rides' at home but I have only got as far as teaching him to mount, how to sit and hold his reins. Due to the pony being way to big for him and his ASD we haven't been able to move on really from this at home but he is very comfortable up in the saddle and has a very nice natural seat, I think he could do really well in time.

I think that us more then enough from me for now! I have a day off Monday and I need a kick up the bum for me to stick with my plan to ride dpony come rain or shine!
Happy riding!

Why does Dhorse insist on leaning right over the electric fence to eat acorns when they are poisonous? Do they not have a mechanism that tells them that? I've also seen him up on his back legs trying to eat them off the tree! On a similar note I found him crunching damsons the other day, they must taste incredibly sour but he was picking them off the tree with gusto and was not impressed when I moved him on.

His physio session went well and he is now allowed (has to) canter on his lunge days and I have to do a low key interval training thingy with him on his ridden days - walk, trot, canter, trot, walk for about 40 minutes - which is quite hard work for both of us. I also have some extra exercises to build up the muscles in his quarters: pick up a front foot, put my hand on his withers and rock him from side to side - he's not impressed at all, another involves squeezing the muscles below his breast bone to make him lift his back - they are both pretty hard work for me too! The physio feels that because he is now pain free for the first time in ages, instead of holding himself up with tension in his muscles he's let it all hang out so the new regime is to try and get them back up and working properly.

Mirage Wed 11-Sep-13 19:57:12

I'm sorry frosty but I had to laugh,reading about your dhorse and his eating habits.I don't think they have any mechanism [or sense] when it comes to poisonous stuff.Once,when we had only had dpony a week,I stopped to talk to someone,only to look across and see her happily snacking on some yew.I don't think I've ever moved so fast,and ripped it out of her mouth,much to her disgust.hmm Silly old bat,she should know better.

It sounds like things are progressing really well with dhorse now.I'm really pleased for you both.smile

We haven't ridden much,due to a combination of rain and being out,but I might have found a babysitter to take the DDs hunting this season.I know dpony will be fine as she is an amazing hunter,and Belvoir has hunted,but not with the people we had him from,so he is an unknown quantity.Could be hairy!

Well I've picked the damsons to make damson gin with so that will stop him and have moved the fence out again from the oak tree - idiot animal. I keep getting all the dates for autumn hunting here but we're not quite ready yet, which is frustrating as now really is the best time of year, before the clocks change but hopefully in the next month or so we'll get the all clear. Glad to hear about babysitters for DD's - hunting is the best education for children and ponies, and I remember being secretly thrilled (afterwards) about how frightened I was at going fast and jumping things I shouldn't have!

Mirage Thu 12-Sep-13 20:28:31

grin. We had a lovely hack and DD1 had her first canter across the stubble on her new boy.DD2 set off in hot pursuit and I was so happy watching them have fun on sensible ponies.We passed some alpacas on the way home and dpony looked absolutely horrified,Belvoir just carried on with no reaction at all.

mrslaughan Thu 12-Sep-13 20:44:41

Well I have given up my share, and am back to riding school horses.....Had a very hard lesson today - on one of the more advanced horses...and I got it all wrong to start with, but worked it out by the end - I am frustrated I got it so wrong, but instructor very pleased with me.

Have been thrown a curve ball from the instructor....her friend has an old ex-eventer. He has retired from eventing, and can't jump anymore. Is very well schooled in Dressage - a true schoolmaster. Her friend is looking for a sharer - 3 days a week, can be hacked, but have to be careful of his front feet hacking, but is absolutly fine in the school. She is wanting someone to ride him in the school - would be very happy for me to have lessons on him.

I am hesitating as he would be perfect for me in about 3-6 months...my plan was to get to the point I could ride all the riding school horses confidently (and some have real foibles).......both things would be very good for my riding. Anyway instructor has suggested I negotiate.....see if I can ride him once a week for a few months (for a finical contribution), then take on the full "share" closer to xmas. First I have to see if we get on (the ex-eventer) ....he was apparently quite the man in his day, but has really mellowed (she has taught her DP to ride on him, and he was a complete beginner).....
anyway lots to consider................

mrslaughan Sat 21-Sep-13 08:20:24

Well, I thought if I updated, it might encourage everyone else!

I have had the first week of my trial of a new share, and think I am falling in love........but man I have never worked so hard, to appear to do so little.
He is a true school master and he is really teaching me about my seat, in a way that the riding school horses can't.....it is a very steep learning curve for me, but I am loving it.

I just have to work out, how I fit everything in.....I am thinking about seeing if she would be happy for me to do 2 days until the end of oct ( after which the time pressure will lift) and then move forward with the 3 days.

Anyway yesterday learnt how to use my seat to get the trot, how to move him sideways, vs riding a corner. My abdominals were completely exhausted by the end of my lesson....but can't wait to do it all again.

Mirage Sat 21-Sep-13 14:06:37

He sounds great mrslaughan I'm glad it is working out for you.We are 1 week in of DD2 not being able to ride and she is missing it dreadfully.We have found 2 girls in the village who ride but don't have ponies,and they are riding dpony for us,and my friend's dd is coming over to ride her tomorrow.Poor DD2 is having to watch other people having fun on her pony and will miss 2 cross country rallies,which she had been really looking forward too.She goes to see the consultant in 2 weeks and I'm going to ask if she can ride again before the 6 weeks is up.No one horsey that I know has ever kept their child off for 6 weeks and she is safer on dpony than on her own feet,she has fallen off her once in over 2 years.

DD1 is getting on well with her new boy,he got a bit excited whilst jumping in her lesson and took off across the field,but she stopped him and carried on.Her instructor said it was pure excitement as he really loves to jump,and got DD1 to circle him in front of the jump if she felt him getting strong,and he seems to have got the message.Her instructor says that DD1 is riding so much better now that she isn't having to kick on all the time,and that her position is much improved.

mrslaughan Sat 21-Sep-13 21:11:45

I'm not sure you'll get a dr to say its ok for her to go back to riding early, but ask what the risks are and make the decision for yourself.....

mrslaughan Sat 21-Sep-13 21:13:44

Oh and so pleased new pony is going well for DD1?

I've just come in from spending an hour, yes an hour, trying to lunge dhorse. As part of his rehab he is supposed to have 10 minutes each side on the lunge every other day, brisk trotting, over poles a couple of times, couple of canter circles and then warm down. Ha - I've moved the poles and you'd think he'd never seen anything like it before, snorting, tail up over his back and could I get him over them, could I hell?

I led him over at a walk, he stopped dead and backed away and if I tried to trot him over he cantered and bashed me. Doing it on the lunge he just sort of whizzed by them, tried to jump the lot (4 in a row) and then disappeared off with me on the end of the lunge line, although I had to let go twice. I rearranged them so he couldn't possibly jump them but even then it too another 5 minutes just to get him to walk over them. There are times when I really regret having a TB!

He also managed to draw blood on one finger, which is currently turning a fetching shade of blue as well, which is great as I have to be out and about for work looking smart and well groomed, not blue handed and hassled!

I'm thrilled to report that the physio is very impressed with dhorse's new muscular physique! She said that he is looking heaps better all round - the sagginess around his back has gone, his skin is better, he's much perkier and he's working in a much better shape in all paces.

We now have the go-ahead to up his work again, although 30 mins on the lunge, plus 1-1.5 hrs ridden work every other day is pushing me a bit timewise already and then he can go hunting and jumping. I need to build up to it a bit with some short days and small occasional jumps but she sees no reason why he can't be firing on all cylinders in another 6-8 weeks.

After a patchy 12 months worrying all the time whether I'm doing the right thing for him, I feel much more confident that he can live life to the full for at least a couple more years and be properly pain free. It's cost a fair few pounds (luckily mostly the insurance company), but if he's pain free and happy then it has certainly been worth it.

If anyone else has a horse with kissing spine, I would recommend looking into the interspinous ligament desmotomy surgery.

mrslaughan Wed 09-Oct-13 15:18:57

Wow frosty - that is amazing, you should be so proud of yourself.

I have a new share, wasn't looking, and it just kind of happened...he is 19 and has some health issues, but is perfect for me, a true schoolmaster. he is teaching me so much I can't believe how far my riding has come in the 4 weeks I have had him. Every time I have a lesson on him it is a revelation......but my goodness it is exhausting!!!

Butkin Wed 09-Oct-13 15:49:04

That is great news Frosty. I never took my boy hunting for more than a couple of hours the first couple of times he went out. Always best to quit whilst you're ahead and you can always extend it to "second horses" as the season progresses. Good luck!

Thanks all, I'll try and get some pictures up if he will co-operate. He's not 100% perfect but we are finally making progress.

Photos up if anyone's interested. It is hard to see the dramatic change in condition in pictures that size, but effectively he lost all his muscle tone around the saddle area and across his hindquarters. Looking at him from behind his backside fell away dramatically from his spine, it was almost triangular and side ways on he looked a bit like a broodmare, all belly and no muscle around his spine and behind the saddle. On top of physically looking rough, he was pretty depressed and stressed and has really only shown his true colours over the last 3 weeks or so.

Mitchy1nge Thu 10-Oct-13 12:20:59

Hi everyone, LOADS to catch up on but what a transformation frosty! He's looking much more like the original pics you put up ages ago I think?

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 16:50:27

I always think I've killed this thread hmm

borrowing someone's horse for hunting next week so mainly hacking him at the moment, is odd getting used to someone new isn't it? he doesn't jump ditches though which is quite important in Suffolk (do we have anything much else to jump here?) runs down into them and up the other side, horrible!

I did wonder where you'd disappeared to Mitchy - good luck next week. Make sure your neck strap is nice and handy, it can be a life saver!

Dhorse is on holiday atm as we are moving house (hurray, a whole other thread though!) and I've moved him and dpony to their new quarters. To and fro twice a day to check that they are happy, at the same time we're packing, loading, unloading, unpacking the trailer as we are doing it all ourselves - bar a van and two strong men on Thursday! I will be so pleased to be out of here.

I also have 2 job interviews next week so the pressure is well piled on and dhorse is a tad neglected but after that hopefully we can pick up and get fit enough for hunting.

Mitchy1nge Tue 22-Oct-13 19:39:44

wow you've got your hands full, and still energy to hunt! good luck with all that smile

Didn't get the aforementioned job (sigh), but on the plus side it allows me time for hunting. Dhorse has been clipped and tidied and we are off for our first day tomorrow, I have to admit to being more than a bit nervous, as it's a new hunt but fortunately I can hack to the meet from here.

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Nov-13 19:52:25

how did it go? the storm scuppered my hunting plans, grrr, no electricity to clip for a few days and too many closed roads and general chaos - there is a meet after Christmas that I might be able to get too though - sorry about the job.

the rodeo monster sent a prospective sharer flyyyyyying tonight, it was awful, he looked so gleeful as he cantered off, still bucking. She was just too fidgety I think. Why can't I find a quiet adult who likes this sort of pony?

Pixel Thu 14-Nov-13 20:15:44

Sounds like my friend's pony, she was given him as he was too unruly for previous owners but she loves riding him and just wishes he was a little bigger so she could compete properly on him. However, he too sent his last prospective sharer headfirst into the arena fencing after several unplanned and very fast circuits! She has offered me rides on him but you couldn't pay me enough I politely declined grin.

Mitchy1nge Thu 14-Nov-13 20:26:25

grin wise! yeah they do sound similar, ours is truly lovely to ride when he is in the mood. I don't know what gets into him, it's like a switch flicking

anyway she still wants to see the full trial month out, with body protector, but I don't think she is up to it


It was cancelled as there was so much rain overnight so I'm trying again tomorrow. The disadvantage is that I'll have to go in the trailer, but am hoping that DH will decant us a mile away and I can hack on......

I'm only planning on a couple of hours and will see if I can get Tuesday in as well. Sorry to hear about the bucking, they just know don't they when you really don't want them to do something?

Mitchy1nge Wed 20-Nov-13 20:05:55

how did it go? am still trying to share the unshareable pony

why do people insist they are more experienced and competent and used to naughty ponies when they quite blatantly can't even canter confidently on a nice quiet horse never mind the bronc

Saturday was our first day and he was very revved up indeed, plunging and prancing and generally frightening the pants off me. I retired after a couple of hours after he'd reversed at speed into a barbed wire fence and cut his bum (not badly) stupid twit!

I went again on Tuesday and he was still a bit lively, he goes backwards as a sort of expression of panic and it's most alarming and very annoying. He was better though and I stayed all day as it was quite quiet but we were moving most of the time at a fairly steady pace with no whizzing about or standing for hours. He was pretty tired by 3pm (as was I). All being well we're off again on Saturday - the intention is to keep going twice a week until the penny drops that he doesn't need to panic if people move away from him and prancing about pretending to be a dressage horse is unnecessary.

I don't know how you get round people exaggerating their skills, it seems to be a very common problem and such a waste of time. Word of mouth is probably the most reliable way, but limits your choice a bit. Fingers crossed the right person will crop up soon.

Mirage Wed 20-Nov-13 21:51:33

Not posted for a bit because things have been pretty quiet here.No sooner had DD2 been given the all clear to ride properly again,than dpony,having watched Belvoir remove his rug,decided to try it too,and succeeded in ripping the binding off and tangling her hind leg up in it.hmm

She was very stiff and definitely not moving right,so I gave her 10 days off to rest it,so that,plus bad weather and dark nights have meant we haven't ridden much.DD1 is enjoying hacking B,but he can get very strong when excited,normally cantering in company and jumping,which he loves.He isn't naughty,just keen and forward going,and DD1 has had a few wobbles because he is so different to dpony. It'll take them a while to get used to each other,and his owners came to see him a few weeks back and said that DD1 does far more on him than they did at her age,which gave her a boost.She is very hard on herself.

We've had to stop lessons for a bit,because it is too dark,the field is too slippery to do much in,so we are a bit limited as to what we can do atm.I hate this time of year.

Mitchy1nge Fri 22-Nov-13 14:47:44

am with you Mirage! would enjoy the horses at this time of year more if I was hunting twice a week like Frosty envy instead of as and when people take pity on me! I don't want it enough to arrange my own transport and so on, so £££y

but someone else is coming to try the rodeo machine tomorrow!

have described him simply as 'not a novice ride' but will give more details at the actual time. Not A Novice Ride, to me, says rider must be very experienced and sensitive and quiet and mentally tough but I wonder what other people understand by the term? Able to ride off the lead rein? grin

Day 3 completed without too much mishap, although we had a sticky moment at a tiger trap, on a slope out of a sown field and with a big drop. The 2 horses in front of me refused out to the left and dhorse had a moment of confusion caused by rider ineptitude and thought he was meant to be going left then realised he was meant to jump. He leapt almost from a standstill and caught me out, luckily as he landed I managed to stick on - much to the amusement of the others, but it was a long way down and I wasn't going to fall off if I could possibly help it!

It was a busy day, with a few long waits and sharp canters which had him well revved up at times - but he was better. I'm worn out, and I think he probably is too, we'll aim for Tuesday again and then I might give him next Saturday off as I'm worried about overdoing him.

Hope the test ride goes well tomorrow Mitchy, perhaps "needs rider with experience" would be a more direct way of wording it.

Pixel Sat 23-Nov-13 21:29:41

That's good but perhaps it should say what exactly they need experience of? Some people who have ridden more than one horse at the riding school think they have experience!
Hmm, let's see... experience of feisty ponies? experience of rodeo riding? In fact, experienced bronco buster and handsome cowboy required might do Mitchy very well as an ad grin.

Yes, hadn't really thought that through had I? The possibilities are endless when you start to think about it!

Mitchy1nge Sun 24-Nov-13 18:55:10

mmmmm that sounds good (have got a new handsome cowboy actually - well I think he is handsome, has a very youthful sort of cheeky charm at least)

Mirage Sun 24-Nov-13 19:22:07

I thought of you today Mitchy.We drove into the field with the trailer and dpony went berserk,galloping around doing handstands,winding up B who joined in with gusto. DD1 who was taking B to PC for only the 2nd time went pale at the sight of him bronking,but dpony was something else.We all stood there like this shock,especially DH who has never seen her move so fast or buck as high.Goodness only knows what had gotten into her.

Mitchy1nge Sun 24-Nov-13 19:42:59

yikes, it really doesn't encourage you to get on them does it grin

Mitchy1nge Fri 13-Dec-13 12:51:02

how's everyone getting on? such a yucky time of year if you are not hunting but on plus side Old Horse has great new lease of life and has even been jumping fallen trees on hacks shock

I'm thinking of moving yards, as wonderful as it is where we are there is grazing available within walking distance. That could be wonderful couldn't it? Maybe not so many long gallopy hacking routes but for how long can an old horse benefit from those anyway?

Pixel Fri 13-Dec-13 16:59:59

Hi there smile.
I haven't ridden for a couple of weeks, what with no one to ride with, weather, and feeling rough after being savaged by the cat. Dhorse is putting on all the weight I got off him in the summer when he was away from my mum's influence hmm.
It's possible we will be moving in the spring too. There is a field right next to my mum's house and about 15 mins walk (quicker on my bike but uphill so would get fit!) from me, which would save a lot of time and petrol and get us away from the crazy people. I don't know though, if I'm going to give up my paddock and shelter which really are ideal, then I'd rather gain some facilities out of it, not just go to something not quite as nice just because it's nearer. Dsis and dmum are really keen to go so I get the feeling I'm going to be outvoted anyway!

Mitchy1nge Fri 13-Dec-13 19:54:08

hello smile there's a lot to weigh up isn't there? it's really really cheap where we are and we don't have to do anything (poo picking or hay or water or whatever) and there's amazing hacking and the dog can run freely and the people are lovely and there is a horsewalker and sometimes the lights work in the school and it's very secure and sort of hidden away

but I do spend about an hour a day in the car going to and fro


I probably won't move but it won't kill me to look at some fields closer to home

Pixel Fri 13-Dec-13 21:42:39

Sounds great envy. If I lived nearer I'd be advising you to leave so I could jump in there quick wink.

Mitchy1nge Fri 13-Dec-13 21:52:32

my car recently cost £650 plus a further £300 ish just to MOT so I was daydreaming about life without it confused

wish you were a bit nearer, I could ride with you, I would be good I promise smile would be nice to meet dhorse having heard so much about him!

Pixel Fri 13-Dec-13 22:16:39

It would be fun wouldn't it? Funnily enough when my friend rides out with her scatterbrained mare it actually makes me braver because dhorse and I then have to be the sensible ones. So if you were riding RodeoJoe I'd probably be fine ha ha.

Pixel Sat 14-Dec-13 18:09:23

Um, just so you know this isn't me!
I did have the tetanus jab and antibiotics and 8 deep puncture wounds, but it was my arm and I didn't cower in a bedroom I picked him up and 'escorted' him out of the front door a bit quicker than he intended . I saw this today and thought 'I hope Mitchy doesn't think I'm the sort of person to send a vicious attack-cat to be rehomed by some unsuspecting old granny' grin.

Dhorse has been busy hunting, we've managed 6 days so far and I'm going once a week at the moment as I'm frightened of overdoing him. We either go uphill or down and some of the places we go are incredibly steep and last week involved walking up the river for about 1/4 mile!

He absolutely loves it and although he's calmed down a bit (or I'm just getting more used to the leaping about) it's still fairly exciting most of the time.

Dpony is absolutely filthy, he's found a rider who can come and hack him out occasionally which is fab, but trying even to clean a small patch of is monumental job. He thoroughly enjoys his little outings - we're just wandering about the fields at a walk, but I suspect that once he's done it more than a few times he may lose some enthusiasm!

Mirage Mon 16-Dec-13 13:45:59

envy of you hunting frosty.I've not even followed so far this year.Hopefully the dds will go over Christmas on dpony,we daren't take B as he'd probably end up in the next county.He is one of those who can't stand seeing other horses ahead of him and has to be in front.DH can't understand why I don't think it is a good idea for whippet like DD1 to take him out.hmm

Poor DD1 has had a few wobbles with him.He is so different from dpony.We've had to give up the lessons until the nights draw out a bit,and have no school,so any schooling or jumping has to be done in a big field.He is very keen,especially jumping,and when he gets going,tends to flatten and tank.He can be strong in company and DD1 has found PC Rallies fairly nerve wracking.His bit he came in was a baucher/hanging cheek,which when I read up on it,was suggested for ponies who carry their heads high and help bring them down,not a good idea for one who likes to put his head down and lean/tank.Her instructor suggested trying him in a Waterford to see if that would help,and it has been fantastic,great brakes and steering,and yesterday she was cantering over jumps and with no stirrups,which she'd never dare do before.I'm no fan of strong bits for little ponies,but he is a big strong boy,she has light hands and he seems really happy in it.She has been warned that if I catch her sawing at his mouth,I'll stop her using it.

Dpony was a swine yesterday,she is in season and has rubbed her bum raw again after not doing it for months.DD2 had to keep circling her yesterday as she just wanted to go,then she decided that,thank you,but no,I don't fancy jumping that jump and DD2 nearly went out the front door.At the last 2 rallies,she has been the only one who didn't fall off,and didn't want to break her record.grin

Oh the joys of riding in winter. Actually Mirage you'll be glad to hear that Saturday was a rubbish day, we got stuck in a horrid dingle negotiating steep and deep tracks with fallen logs, there was absolutely no scent even when we knew we were right on top of the trail and I wasn't sorry when home was called. To cap it all we got filthy from top to toe!

Sorry to hear about the struggles with bitting, I'm a great fan of the Waterford snaffle as it was a lifesaver with my first horse who stuck his chin in his chest and set sail where and when he liked. I was also advised that it is better to have a stronger more effective bit than have to fight all the time with a more gentle one. A child permanently fighting to stop is going to do more harm to the pony and her hands than one who knows they have more control.

Hopefully there will be time in the holidays for more riding, and then the days start to lengthen fractionally. I think now is about the worst time of year for all things horse.

Mitchy1nge Mon 16-Dec-13 14:09:10

hahaha pixel grin I would never have accused you of grey striped wallpaper and a beige sofa shock the horror the horror

also envy of hunting, quite severely so actually, went to see a lovely pony yesterday who would be perfect for us (and has hunted a few times) - another Irish one, only 6 and still a bit green but co-operative and very sweet. Wish a bit closer so could LWVTB but hopefully will see/try her SJ this weekend smile excited!

the not so great things about her are: she is a she, she is quite small (14.2)

Mitchy1nge Mon 16-Dec-13 14:10:51

am glad you are ok though pixel!

Mirage Tue 17-Dec-13 17:14:52

pixel can you give your attack cat a job guarding your yard? grin
Sorry to hear that the hunting wasn't up to much frosty.I'm hoping it doesn't chuck it down on the 2 days the girls are out.The pony sounds lovely mitchy,can you ride her with long stirrups?

I have been washing dpony's backside with dettol and applying sudocreme for the past 3 days,and today found the spot of fence where she has been rubbing herself.The crafty old thing saw me heading along the hedge looking for her spot and went and backed herself up against another bit and looked at me as if to say 'look,this is my bum scratching spot here'. She was hoping to throw me off the scent as I found the real place a few yards further along,complete with piles of white hair and have barricaded it off.She was not happy that I didn't fall for her trick and took it out on poor B by squealing and chasing him around the field.The poor boy has a permanently hen pecked expression on his face.

Happy New Year to all, I hope horse wise things have gone well so far. Any hunting Mirage? I've just completed our 10th day of the season today - not much on really as it was so wet and the only place we could go was shrouded in mist so we finished at 2.30 and whilst dhorse ate his hay in the trailer we had a proper hunting tea - crumpets from the aga, scones and jam and chocolate cake - delicious!

Dhorse has settled down greatly although he does have a tendency to whirl about still. We've had some good days, even on Wednesday in the pouring rain and he's jumped really well, giving our Field Master (on a new horse) leads a couple of times too. I've been very pleased with him so far, fingers crossed that it continues. I'm about to organise a session with the physio to make sure that he's still comfortable. He does love hunting so much it will be such a shame when he can't do it.

Pixel Sat 04-Jan-14 18:28:36

I'm afraid I've forgotten what 'actual riding' is. We've all had THE COLD and I've still got sinusitis so as far as I'm concerned dhorse is having the winter off! There is nowhere to ride, everywhere is underwater or flying about in the wind and it's just too grim for words.
Update on attack cat/guard cat. Discovered he had a bad tooth which had broken (probably when he bit me ha ha) and was stopping him closing his mouth. Was removed the day before Christmas eve so it's been his turn for the antibiotics! He went for me again when the vet stuck the sedative needle in and then managed to rip the vet's arm when he was still supposed to be sedated. He now has a bright red warning screen that comes up on the computer when his name is typed in, and a lurid description of his methods of attack <strangely proud>.

When I mention I have a horse people tend to say "Oh you are brave, I'm scared of the great big things" but they happily stroke the cat without a second thought. If only they knew!

Sorry, back to the serious hunting madness talk! <sculks over to cat litter or whatever it's called>.

Mirage Sat 04-Jan-14 18:55:55

Dhorse sounds a hunting superstar frosty.How wonderful that all the hard work and treatments have done their job!

DD1 didn't get to go as it was so windy that it wasn't safe.I just thought that windy weather plus excitable horses wasn't a good combination for little ponies.

DD2 went to the PC meet on NYE.I told her to keep near the back as there were some very green horses there,one reared over backwards and several others were bronking. Dpony was her usual saintly self,despite everyone galloping up the field past her.She was complimented on her manners by a lady who looked a bit familiar,and I recognised her from H&H,they are very well known in the showing world.Dpony,who lives out and had that morning,rubbed a bald patch on her bum,plus was sporting some terrible plaits,is about as far from a show pony as it gets.The lady was very interested in her,wanted to know where we'd got her from ect,and said what a fabulous hunting pony she was.

We were out for 4 hours,I kept up with DD2 all the way and was shattered by the time we were done.We had to hack an hour back to the trailer too.I've put some pictures up.

That's a shame Pixel, sometimes it is just best to write things off and start again - I noticed tonight that it was a little less dark at 4.30 than it has been so hopefully once/if this rain ever stops it will be lighter later! My vet told me that he specialised in horses & large animals after he'd been bitten by a cat - I'm sporting an impressive scratch from my cat from a little rough play, it's very swollen and a bit yukky and hurts like hell and is much worse than anything dhorse has done to me (so far)!

DD2's outing sounds exciting Mirage, love the pictures. Dpony looks positively white, I'm impressed. My white dpony/dhorse's nanny is very definitely 50 shades of clay, only a pressure washer will change that I think. 4 hours is impressive, you can get an app called "Map My Ride" - I use the mountain biking version on my phone which tracks your mileage (and calories.....) and is great fun to look at when you're finished. You probably have better things to think about, but my plaiting has improved no end since looking up "How to plait" on YouTube. (I'm of the old fashioned opinion that it's unnecessary to plait ponies.)

Mirage Sat 04-Jan-14 20:34:32

Thanks for telling me about that app,it sounds right up my street.I must have walked about 30 miles with the ponies over the holiday.I agree with you about plaiting and never do it,hence the hairy golf balls.I only did it because the DC said they had to be plaited and correct hunting dress.I was most put out to get there and find a lot of unplaited ponies with riders wearing bomber jackets.hmm

I was heartened to see it wasn't quite dark at 4.30 tonight,especially as our brook has broken its banks and the stupid sheep had marooned themselves on an island.The water was rising too fast to go and get a torch or the dogs so I had to wade over and herd them off before it got too deep.Gah!

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 23:16:23

oh hooray for the lengthening day

I can't have that pony at our current yard, there's nowhere for a mare who lives out 24/7 and although I have an empty stable I don't think she's ever lived in and I can't face the extra work blush

am thinking of looking for a share for my daughter at a riding school or anywhere that does full livery, it would be a small pain to have two yards to visit but one or twice a week shouldn't kill us

generally though am a bit 'do I even like horses?' but I know this is a winter feeling

Mitchy1nge Mon 06-Jan-14 23:18:55

in fact just thinking about the horses and how muddy and 'hungry'* they are makes me feel really tired and guilty confused

* they have not actually lost any weight, they just think they are starving

Pixel Tue 07-Jan-14 00:44:11

Oh I know what you mean. What with sinusitis, wind, torrential rain and mud it's all I can do to drag myself along to the field. I'm feeding a friend's two as well in the mornings and the mud in her field is treacherous (worse than ours, she is further down the hill) and her big one is a flighty beast. It's all very traumatic. The idea of actually riding seems as strange and distant as a trip to the moon!

And how come they do twice as much poo in the winter?

A loan at another yard or school with livery sounds like a good idea. Ds has been having lessons at 'posh yard with school' instead of borrowing friend's pony at our mudpit field, and it's so nice to just turn up to a groomed and tacked up pony, then buzz off and leave it when he's finished blush.

Mitchy1nge Tue 07-Jan-14 08:24:20

Pixel that's such a good idea, I'll see if she wants a lesson somewhere every now and then. You're a genius. Hope the sinusitis gets better soon!

Branunion Tue 07-Jan-14 16:21:08

I am not plaiting dcob x ever again for hunting, he just looked silly. Someone told me that if they are hunter clipped they should be plaited, so I did it. He looked terribly nouveau riche. Much more stylish wit his silly bushy mane grin

Mitchy1nge Tue 07-Jan-14 22:01:15

hunting envy

but was v content to have looooong snog and cuddle at the haylage rack this evening, it was mild and old horse just leaned comfortably into me while he munched

glad he is never going to die, ever, or get any older. I wouldn't cope.

Had to share this piece of news as I'm so thrilled (and my rl friend who would also be thrilled is sadly dealing with a sick horse so I don't think my joy would be much appreciated!)

The physio has just been out to check dhorse three months after hher last visit and has effectively said that she doesn't need to see him again. She's pleased with his overall shape and muscle tone and says that he is a different horse from the summer and obviously much happier in himself. He is showing no discomfort where he previously was and I've been advised to get his saddle re-fitted as his shape has changed so much - already in hand - but apart from that she is happy not to come back.

I've already decided that I'll have her a couple of times a year just to keep me happy and make sure that things are still going right, but to "signed off" from the doctor is just great!

Mitchy1nge Wed 08-Jan-14 16:55:48

fantastic smile how lovely to read such great news! so pleased for you flowers

Pixel Wed 08-Jan-14 17:27:15

Great start to 2014 for you and your boy, nice to hear cheery news amongst the wet Jan gloom smile.

Mirage Wed 08-Jan-14 19:02:51

Brilliant news! smile

Thank you, it's such a relief (as you can see I was so excited there were several typos in my post!). Trying to get a recent photo up.

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 10:34:09

no new photos visible yet - in case you were wondering grin

I know, it won't let me for some reason so have sent it to HQ in the hope they will put it up.

Have pm'd you Mitchy - can't get it to upload photos atm. If anyone else wants to see lots of lovely pictures (not just dhorse) - then let me know and I'll give you website details.

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 18:01:42

wow - at your horse and the photos generally


You're very kind, thank you. DH's photos - a major hobby, but he's started selling a few which is satisfying!

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 18:31:43

is it ok to send my daughter a link? keen photographer too with an inevitable interest in equine subjects!

Yes of course - hope she likes it. Dh loves people looking at them.....

Mitchy1nge Thu 09-Jan-14 19:01:42

smile I wish I hadn't, she wants to know what sort of cameras and lenses and stuff hmm

Mitchy1nge Mon 27-Jan-14 17:52:57

ah the PLEASURE of riding lessons where you show up to find a freshly groomed, ready tacked pony and can fuck straight off without doing any STUFF

why didn't I know how much that suited me before I bought my own?

Pixel Mon 27-Jan-14 19:05:39

I guess that was a success then smile.

I know exactly what you mean. I've always felt lucky to have our gees and never minded going out in any weather, but just lately I'm questioning my sanity! I suppose paying for a lesson somewhere else is a little taste of what full livery or employing a trusty groom is like. I reckon I'd swan about in clean white breeches all the time just because I could grin.

Mitchy1nge Tue 28-Jan-14 13:28:41

would be very happy with a team of grooms groom of my own, 'fetch me my horse', that sort of thing [wistful]

Slightly scary moment for me out hunting yesterday, in fact I was absolutely terrified. We were riding through a path in a wood and going round a fallen tree. Unfortunately somehow a bit of the tree hooked into my stirrup and pulled my leg backwards - I couldn't stop dhorse and was frantically trying to get my other leg out of the stirrup and get off but couldn't. I really thought my leg was going to be broken, but luckily the stirrup and leather came off the saddle and I hit the deck.

After quite a long time moaning and thinking I was either going to pass out or be sick I managed to hobble up to a hastily summoned quad bike and get back on dhorse - ironically getting back on seemed a far safer way to get home than on the back of the bike!

A&E have said no bones are broken, it's effectively a bad sprain with some soft tissue and nerve damage (permanent pins & needles at the moment), which should ease in a few weeks. Although I'm full of painkillers and it hurts like hell I count myself very lucky that it wasn't a whole lot worse. The lady behind me said that she was convinced I'd broken a leg and that it was one of the most frightening things she's seen. I do keep having mild "flashbacks", but hopefully in a day or two that will go.

DH is being a wonder and helped with (did most of) the mucking out - (I've turned the horses out for a few days now), drove me to hospital, cooked Sunday lunch and is now lining things up (book, newspaper, coffee & laptop) for me in front of the TV, he's a star! I'll have to think of a present when I'm up and around again.

Thank god my stirrup leather came off - god knows where I'd be if it hadn't!

Mirage Sun 23-Feb-14 19:31:55

Ouch frosty what a terrifying experience.I hope your leg heals quickly.sad

DD2 was meant to go hunting on Friday,but plans changed so we didn't make it.But we met up with them several miles from home and DD1 was invited to hack back home with them,which made up for missing out on galloping and jumping.She rode back with the chap who lays the trails,he rides a black stallion and was listed as one of H&H's most eligable bachelors,I think DD has a bit of a crush on him wink. Dpony was admired by the secretary who was asking about her for his grand daughter,I told him she's going nowhere.grin Bless her,she is such a good pony and every time she goes out,someone wants her.

I couldn't keep up with DD1,so met her back home,by which time she had untacked and rugged dpony,got her back in her field and was mixing their teas.It was almost like having a groom.

Pixel Sun 23-Feb-14 23:05:29

Frosty thank goodness you are all right! The same thing happened to my mum once when we were pony trekking, she was going through a gate and the horse side-stepped so that her stirrup iron actually clicked into the gate latch, then she was pulled off backwards. Like you she luckily got away with a bad sprain. Very scary experience though. Glad your lovely dh is looking after you smile.

craggyhollow Mon 24-Feb-14 10:39:23

ouch frosty

dd hunted on saturday and a horse tried to jump a metal gate, failed, fell on top of the gate, rider came off and ended up at the bottom of a horse and gate pile! Luckily just cuts and bruises.

Apparently dd 'didn't jump anything mummy'

just had an email from a friend saying wow can't believe that pony managed to clear that huge hedge and ditch hmm

Brilliant craggy - love it! Feeling a bit less doddery this morning, having spent the rest of yesterday considering amputation the swelling has gone down a bit (it looks less like a blown up rubber glove), and is now turning a fetching shade of deep blue.

Since I can't get my boots on I won't be hunting tomorrow, but do intend to go on Saturday as it's the last day of the season and our huntsman is retiring so it will be a mega day - lots of painkillers and some bandaging should do it! Mad in a way, but I know if I don't go I'll regret it, and I can always come home early. That's assuming I can get the boots on of course!

Pixel Mon 24-Feb-14 21:08:20

Perhaps you could borrow a bigger pair, preferably ones with zips?

Mirage Tue 25-Feb-14 18:40:18

Can you bear to keep applying ice packs to see if the swelling will go down? I hope you don't miss the last day.

The swelling has gone down by about 2/3rds which is great but it's still sore to walk on, especially where the stirrup was pressed into the inside and underneath of my foot. Rather disappointingly the bruising isn't as spectacular as I feel it should be considering how much it hurts!

I'm going to Pilates tonight as my back is sore so will have to be careful, but I think I should make it as long as I keep resting it. DH has gone to do the shopping today bless him, so I'm "working" with my foot propped up and a cup of coffee!

I've found some elasticated bandage - a vet friend yesterday suggested using vetwrap for decent support. I'm not sure I want to use my expensive bandage on my foot though!

Mirage Thu 27-Feb-14 13:36:09

I hope you can make it on Saturday frosty.

The girls had their first lesson this year yesterday.All we've done is hack all winter as the fields are too wet to ride on,so I was a half expecting a few fireworks from exited ponies.Luckily B was fine,DD1 cantered him around and got him to listen to her and not anticipate.They both did really well.DD2 and dpony,well,dpony is rarely forward going unless hunting or x country,but she had a rocket up her yesterday.DD2 has an electric bum I think.grin

Well I made it, and am very glad I did as we had a fabulous day - the hounds ran one trail for over an hour - with lots of jumping and some reasonable going. Lots of codeine, serious industrial strapping and plenty of hip flask sampling made it bearable, and actually it's not hugely worse today so I haven't done any more damage.

So, the end of my first serious season with dhorse and we managed 16 days which isn't bad considering we didn't start until the end of November, and lost almost 3 weeks (6 days) due to the bad weather. Once he settled into it he became a really good hunter, still slightly impatient at times but he's jumped like a dream and been much admired too. Felt a bit sad cleaning and putting away the hunting kit for the season, although dhorse is looking a bit thin and moth eaten after his bout of mud fever, and I am looking forward to a bit of rest from plaiting and cleaning to perfection.

Our end of season supper was a riot too, over 200 people having a great time, but I am knackered - after a full day's hunting finishing at 4.30, quick wash of horse and self and turn around into smart clothes for 7pm and then to bed at midnight I think I need a quiet day today!

Mirage Sun 23-Mar-14 19:09:12

Sounds a wonderful last day to the season.smile

We went to a rally today,and DD2's pony was awful.He rodeoed around 3 or 4 times for no reason at all that we could tell.I've never seen anything like it,he was so naughty.Luckily and amazingly,DD2 sat tight and recieved several rounds of applause from the people watching,but after the 2nd broncing fit,got quite upset.It really knocked her confidence as he wouldn't even canter around the school without bucking and trying to tank off.sad He wasn't fresh,as when he wasn't working,he stood there nodding off to sleep, and wasn't at all fizzy.He just had the devil in him and was pushing his luck.At least she remembered to circle him to slow him down.Ah well,onwards and upwards.

It's spring fever! I have rashly agreed to do an intro pairs class at a hunter trial in a couple of weeks and thought that dhorse had better have a bit more exercise rather than the once weekly pootle round the lanes in the sunshine. He leapt about from start to finish for no reason: every rustle in the hedge, new clumps of grass, the daffodils and oh my god, the newly arrived chickens on the yard - all of them were enough to start him prancing and snorting and stopping dead and generally being an idiot.

A bit of fresh grass and sunshine, combined with a little chill in the air and a wind have sent them crackers I reckon! Well done to your DD for hanging on in there, if you've another rally soon perhaps a little lunge before she gets on just might take the edge of him.

Mirage Mon 24-Mar-14 13:53:42

Thank you frosty I'm sorry that your boy is being silly too.How long until their system gets used to it,do you think? I've never had problems with dpony and the spring grass so it is all new to me.

Bizarrely enough,he isn't the slightest bit excitable or fizzy.The only time he ever lights up is when jumping.I spoke to our regular instructor today and she was surprised as she knows how laid back he is.She thinks it is a combination of grass and being the sort who will always push their luck to see if they can get out of doing something/get away with something.He has done it twice before when not allowed to career over showjumps at top speed,once with DD1 and once with a friend.His owner is mystified as he never did it with them and they had him 5 years.She did say that DD1 is very light and he perhaps forgets she is there or thinks he can do what he likes.

Our instructor has suggested we try him in a pelham,just until DD1 gets her confidence back and he learns that he cant take the mick.Bloody ponies! Why don't my children take up ballet or violin,something which won't try to kill them? hmm

marialuisa Mon 24-Mar-14 14:04:59

Because it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun!

Not much to report here dpony3 remains beautiful, sweet and quite possibly the dimmest equine we've ever met. Poor soul has had a sheltered life and now has to cope with all kinds of terrifying things like someone dragging a hosepipe past the stable....Go to large, buzzy showground and he's all business though so really cannot be anything but amused. Dpony2 is being a star in his new home and we get regular updates which is wonderful.

Glad dpony is settling in ML, love the description! Is there anyone a little more substantial could ride DD's pony Mirage? Just to remind him that he's not the boss and that he doesn't get to make the decisions....

I have just agreed to be a mounted steward at the point to point (can't quite believe I said yes). Dhorse as an ex pointer will no doubt find the whole day thoroughly exciting and spend the day prancing and snorting. It's not for another 6 weeks so I've got plenty of time to really work myself up about it!

Mirage Tue 25-Mar-14 13:26:34

There's me frosty,I qualify on the weight bit,being nearer 10st than DD1's fly weight,but if he bucked with me on board,he'd definitely get me off.grin I'm a terrible rider and am only capable of hacking,which I had planned to do this week anyway,but won't have time to do now.

His owner is happy for us to try a pelham,in fact she had him in one at one point in the past,so I'll give that a go.If he continues being silly,I can always ask his old rider to come over and have a go.I'm hoping it is a temporary grass induced thing as we've had him 7 months now and things had been going well,plus we all love the naughty old thing.grin

I'm glad to hear things are going well with the new pony Marialuisa and that J is happy in his new home.

Good luck at the ptp frosty.My two are selling racecards at ours next month.

Pelham, lunging and a loud growly voice work wonders on a naughty pony......I'm sure it's only a temporary blip.

Mirage Tue 25-Mar-14 20:51:52

grin Thank you.I am queen of the growly voice.Dpony's habit of waving her legs about when being groomed has honed it to perfection.

Incidentally,there is an instructor at PC who,on seeing dpony for the first time,said 'That's not xxx,is it? I know that pony'. And didn't look happy at renewing the aquaintance.She wouldn't be drawn on how/where she knew her from and on the rare occasions she taught the girls would make comments about not getting to close to dpony to others. We stopped going to anything she taught at as the girls love dpony and it upset them,plus,my mum,who is also devoted to dpony,used to get enraged about the derogatory comments.

Anyway,the same instructor said to me on Sunday,'Is that xxx?' I said yes it was,she was 24 now and we'd had her nearly 3 years.She said she remembered her from when she belonged to a livery yard and that she once taught a child on her anddpony wasn't playing ball.The instructor ran up behind dpony, clapping to make her shift .Dpony promptly kicked her.She said that if she was in the mood,she was the perfect child's pony,and I agreed,said that she didn't have the sweetest temper but we had an understanding.I also mentioned what a good hunter she is and that I had people queuing up for her when she is outgrown.grin Instructor said she wasn't surprised that people wanted her.

5OBalesofHay Tue 25-Mar-14 21:21:10

Quick update: gd has her new horse in schooling livery at the minute. She is very sweet, but very green. She tries so hard, and us doing well, and gd loves her beyond all reason.

Old pony (actually only 21 but sick of timewasters so nor going anywhere) now has a little squad of girls who play fuss and ride. And ggd has had a few walks in him. Shes nearly one so time she started riding

Mirage, have you tried magnesium?

Mirage Wed 26-Mar-14 19:32:24

Ooh! Photo please 50.smile. I'm sorry if it was my friend who messed you about.sad

I'm going to try magnesium,he has been a bit spooky in the field the past week,which isn't like him.Nothing bothers him normally,tractors,chainsaws,kittens under his feet,never bats an eyelid.

It has just occured to me that he didn't have his flash on on Sunday,and he does get his tongue over the bit if he possibly can.Might have something to do with it.

5OBalesofHay Wed 26-Mar-14 20:13:43

Could be worth trying a hanging cheek snaffle mirage. It suspends the bit in the mouth, so still gentle but difficult to get tongue over, I'd be cautious about a pelham because it can encourage head between the knees evasion and also because when pony is being difficult its perhaps not the time to be getting to grips with two reins.

How about trying a wilkie for the more exciting stuff? Small amount of gag, but not unreasonable?

will post photos of utterly stunning new baby horse soon, shes lovely.

Timewasters did me a favour, little girls love him and he's not moving. He doesn't mind the sparkly hoof oil and general pampering.

Horses now cost more than mortgage blush

Mirage Wed 26-Mar-14 20:52:31

He did come in a hanging cheek,but we had no steering or brakes when jumping.His owner said she has had him in a pelham before now and Julie suggested we try it.I'll get roundings too as I don't think 2 sets of reins at the minute is a good idea.It is frustrating because prior to this,DD1 was getting on fabulously,using her seat for stopping and transitions rather than the reins/kicking.I'll hang fire for a while and see what he is like at our lesson next week before buying a new bit though.

We are definitely not taking him to the bunny hunt this year.grin

I'm glad things worked out well for dpony.smile

5OBalesofHay Wed 26-Mar-14 21:16:10

We're not going to the bunnyhunt either. New horse had first walk on the road today. She did really well, but doesn't need her brain frying!

Well I'm ready as I'll ever be for my first competitive foray for some 30 years..... Medical armband has arrived, hat has been fitted and checked, Dhorse has some brushing & overreach boots, and best of all I have a bodyprotector which did not cost the earth - in fact it was a third off because it was last year's design and had been hanging around waiting for the right size person and for once that was me....

A cross country schooling session has been booked for next weekend and dhorse is still as mad as a box of frogs so I'm not sure what's going to happen then. I know it's only a 2'6" hunter trial, but I seem to be spending a lot of time thinking about it. My friend said "feel the fear and do it anyway" so I'm repeating that a lot! And it's still 2 weeks away....

Mirage Wed 02-Apr-14 19:52:07

Sounds good frosty we'll expect a full report afterwards.smile

Until today we haven't had a lesson since the rally of disaster,just been hacking about.I have borrowed a happymouth pelham from a friend and he wore it for today's lesson.I don't know if it did make a difference,because he was absolutely perfect,despite the horses in the field next to us whizzing about.DD1 cantered and jumped him,did lots of transitions with no issues at all.He seemed very happy and didn't get his tongue over the bit,but DD1 started crying and said she didn't like the bit,she was worried it would hurt him.We explained that it couldn't,then she said it didn't feel safe,like she couldn't stop him.Neither I or our instructor saw any sign of this at all,so I think it was just nerves.We've told her he can go back to his hanging cheek for hacking ect and just use the pelham for exciting stuff.I'm very proud of her though,despite the whittling,because I know she was scared of him bucking and tanking again.

DD2 is just flying on dpony,she has an electric bum and goes whizzing around at top speed,laughing as she goes.They are both very different riders.

Reporting back as promised! My first competitive outing for 3 decades was actually not too bad - not prize wise as we were eliminated, but dhorse jumped a clear round and led most of the way and I was very pleased with him. My poor pair managed to break her little finger early on when her youngster put in an enormous cat leap and she got the finger caught in the neckstrap - very bravely she wanted to continue but were eliminated at one fence as she just didn't have the strength to get her horse over, we trotted quite a lot as brakes were an issue, but we got round with no further problems so were chuffed to bits.

It was quite tricky though as we were called forward to the start and then there was a lengthy hold of over an hour as one of the pair two in front of us had a fall, hurt her back and needed the ambulance. We could hear on the radio that the paramedic didn't think there was "danger of paralysis" (just what you want to hear when you're about to go!) but that he wanted to be cautious just in case, which is fine but god knows what would have happened if it was life threatening, the county ambulance must have gone the scenic route to get to the course and then were so slow treating her. I know they have to be careful, but an hour to move her seemed excessive to me, if it was that bad then they should have got the air ambulance. They got her into the ambulance and off the course and then it was another 20 minutes before the paramedics were back in place, which was what frustrated most of us. I haven't heard how she is, but I hope it's nothing more than bruising. Not impressed really as this is a proper xc course which regularly runs events, and it just seemed a bit casual to me. So we had to warm down, hang around and warm up again - thank god it was sunny and there were nice people to chat to, but it really wasn't good for my nerves.

Anyhow my poor friend is now waiting in A&E to have a finger xrayed, but otherwise we were both pleased with our boys (and ourselves). Her horse is a youngster and has never competed before and mine is an ex racer who can be somewhat headstrong but both of them were pretty good. A few more fun rides in the offing and then we may try again in the autumn.....

Mirage Sun 13-Apr-14 19:09:22

Ooh frostythat sounds an eventful day! I'm glad dhorse did well and hope your friend is on the mend soon.I agree that the delay treating the fallen rider is worrying,around here the air ambulance is often utilized.

We took dpony and DD1 to a x country rally yesterday and it went very well,dpony is obviously feeling fine at the minute.I have fenced off a schooling area in our summer field and she has been cantering B around there with the Waterford in instead of the pelham and he has been fine.

We have a busy week,Rally on Thursday [pelham might go back on for that],Bunny hunt for DD2 on Saturday and I am fence judging at a Hunter Trial on Sunday.

Mirage I'm knackered but happy! Glad to hear your ponies are going well - spring fever is a strange thing... - I'm a great fan of Waterford bits, I used one on my last horse and it was a revelation. Hope the rallies go well, I find the preparation and afterwards more exhausting than the events themselves. Doing a few outings in succession works wonders too, they seem to find it less exciting if it's not in isolation. We're fence judging in a couple of weeks, I do hope it's a smoother event than today. I'm less anxious now about being a mounted steward at our Point to Point - he was pretty good today, although that may all change if he hears a hunting horn!

Mitchy1nge Sat 19-Apr-14 23:48:58

am relieved to have finally bought this beautiful 4yo, will be even more relieved once we have her home (she seems a long away up north) here she is with my friend who backed her

Pixel Sat 19-Apr-14 23:52:13

She is lovely, and very welsh!

Mitchy1nge Sun 20-Apr-14 00:26:58

I know! And so orange!

She's beautiful - I know people say chestnut mares can be opinionated, but one of my first horses was orange with four white legs and a blaze and was the most willing and wonderful friend.

What are your plans with her? She looks a winner!

Mitchy1nge Sun 20-Apr-14 11:45:56

we have NO ambitions - beyond a bit of unaff SJ/XC eventually, maybe some shows. She hasn't been to many shows but was placed each time although that's not a great consideration for us at all

daughter will school her, I'll hack. She's hunted a few times and was an angel (although if anyone here from the S Durham hunt recognises her and can tell me otherwise it's too late now)

she did a lovely test though, in the pic, 64% I think? had never even seen an arena before

I have had a crap week...... I was working in London on Mon and dh (husband not horse) commented that dpony didn't seem himself when he got him in from the field. I didn't get back until 11pm so left it, and when I went down at 6.30am he seemed fine, ate his breakfast and mooched about his starvation patch ok.

I went down at midday ish and he was lying down which in itself isn't unusual but he was reluctant to get up and when I let him out he didn't stick his head down and start eating but wandered around for a bit looking uninterested and then he lay down again, on his side with all four legs sticking out. So, rang the vet who came out and gave him Buscopan and bute, no temperature but quite a high heart rate. She told me to check him hourly and ring back which I did and I'd no sooner done the 5.00 check when he took a turn for the worse so the vet came out again and did a rectal exam which showed nothing obvious, and then he was given some fluids by tube and some more bute. He seems ok now but results of a worm sample show a high red worm burden (despite regular worming) which may have contributed to his belly ache. So, that was worrying and no doubt expensive.

Yesterday I took dhorse out for a ride to see how he was after a month of coughing (antibiotics, Sputolosin and Ventipulmin all been given) and he's still coughing - less, but enough to stop me doing a fun ride this Sunday (and probably another next and also being a mounted steward at the point to point on 17th). However, worse than that he just didn't feel "right" behind and was wanting to trot rather than walk down hill. When he was shod on Wednesday he didn't seem particularly comfortable, but then he never is and it didn't seem worse than usual but coupling it with what he felt like yesterday I'm sure something is wrong. When I ran my hands over his back he was also quite grumpy and ducked away. Bearing in mind his kissing spine history I'm beginning to feel that I'm reaching the end of my tether here. How much longer do I go on throwing money at something that is never going to go away, and more to the point he's obviously uncomfortable and that seems like it's never going to go away either.

I have the vet booked to come out on Tuesday to scope him, and I will ask her to look at his back - my thought is to get him referred straight away for an x ray on it rather than getting his physio out, and then if there are significant changes or deterioration then I'm going to have to make a big decision. If the xray shows nothing then I can go down the physio route. This is completely wearing me out, the 3rd consecutive summer that I've had to deal with something and we had so many plans and he's been so good over the winter. I'm gutted.

Mitchy1nge Sat 03-May-14 21:35:30

sad frosty

not sure what to say except that I hope the right decision feels clear to you whether to persevere or, you know flowers and wine

5OBalesofHay Mon 05-May-14 12:33:19

Oh frosty, everything crossed for tomorrow. Hope its just a tweak or something simple

5OBalesofHay Mon 05-May-14 12:34:27

Orange girl is lovely Mitchy. Has she settled in?

Mitchy1nge Mon 05-May-14 20:45:03

she's settled in extraordinarily well so far, thanks, except ate the farm out of straw so I've had a productive day of lugging bales of shavings in and out of the communal land rover

been in our school a couple of times and on a small hack, just walk and trot, has a good look at everything but nothing seems to worry her - actually she's not amazingly responsive in general but I think that could be a good thing. It's easier to heat them up than calm them down isn't it? 'boot camp' starts officially tomorrow but I don't think the producer will find her much of a challenge grin she's so sweet, and the boys (horse and pony) are smitten but trail round at a safe distance because she's reserved all her affections for the sec B in our field who matches her smile

Lovely pictures Mitchy - she looks like she's settled in really well. Mixed news for me: the vet did a lot of poking and prodding of Dhorse's back, plus flexion and circling tests and pronounced that he thought it wasn't too bad at all (having read the initial diagnosis and surgery reports that I gave him). He didn't feel an xray was necessary and suggested that if I want he could prescribe 7 days of bute and see if that makes any difference. As he put it "a crude but effective way" of seeing if there is something wrong rather than just me seeing things that aren't there. He was very understanding and didn't ridicule me for panicking.

Cough wise it's a bit of a mystery - all the time dhorse was being trotted up and down he didn't cough once, nor is there any discharge. However when the scope went down his lungs are full of "gunk" - including bits of grass and black specks, ugh. His larynx isn't paralysed which is sometimes a symptom of grass in the lungs, and they couldn't see any obvious cause. Samples have been taken and we go from there. Meanwhile he's on the lovely Sputulosin to try and loosen the gunk. £££££'s again!

So no outings for the foreseeable future - no fun ride, hunter trial or stewarding at the point to point which were our plans for the next few weeks - it's pants.

Mitchy1nge Tue 06-May-14 22:02:25

sad oh frosty how disappointing, all this lovely weather too, it will be hard not to ride? how is his cough? hope the bute helps pinpoint what else is going on, and glad at least the vet was helpful and supportive! I wish someone would invent a cheap but lovely and effective veterinary service confused

our orange girl did her first circuit of the school in canter today, she is very sweet and willing but there is a long road ahead grin although we knew that and it confirms that daughter's input for now can be working on walk and trot transitions and bendiness and straightness between actual Schooling

taking her for a proper hack tomorrow and looking forward to cantering without worry about lead leg and with her being a bit more naturally forward going (hopefully) fingers crossed

Dhorse's results are back from Newmarket - a deep seated bacterial infection, possibly secondary to COPD. He's been prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and Sputulosin and then a re examination. I'm not sure that COPD is the cause as it's the first time he's ever coughed for more than a day, but will hold fire there and see what the antibiotics do. He's happy to have them as I lace his food with liquid molasses which he loves so at least I know he'll get the full dose!

I've decided to start doing his back exercises again, and then see how he feels when I get on and decide whether the physio is necessary. I'm not sure how long he'll be off for but in my mind I've written off the next four weeks.

Mitchy1nge Thu 08-May-14 18:50:42

hi frosty, that news could have been worse couldn't it?

I think humans can have COPD in earlier forms without the hallmark yucky cough so maybe it's true in horses too?

Yes, I'm cautiously optimistic, although wary of getting too excited. Just submitted my fourth insurance claim in 3 years - getting my money's worth from SEIB - who have been absolutely fine with it all, thank goodness. It's a bit like waiting for a bomb to go off though as I know that the back op isn't a permanent cure and there's no way of knowing how long it will keep him pain free - I keep asking myself "is this it?" and seeing monsters where quite possible there are none. However I do feel less doom ridden than last week so that's a good thing - even if I can't ride!

How is the orange one doing (we must have a better name!)? Did you have a nice hack? I think young ones can learn so much just pootling about, without it blowing their brains or forcing them, and it's a great way to get to know them too.

Butkin Thu 08-May-14 19:13:30

Brought the new 4yo 13h show hunter home on Monday after a hack out at producers. DD is going to hack him about for a month or so to get more used to him. Hopefully plan to take him to his first show in mid June. He's green but have to start somewhere.

SP still not qualified for RI! 2nd and 3rd in the two RI qualifiers at Winter Champs. Off to Royal Windsor - more for the pleasure of competing there rather than with any aspirations. After that have just 4 more opportunities to qualify and they come in a 7 day period!

You know the rules Butkin - new horse = pictures....! It sounds very exciting.

Mitchy1nge Fri 09-May-14 11:28:16

oh yes let's see!

Butkin Fri 09-May-14 21:29:07

OK - just for you two I've taken a photo of DD riding him for the first time at home this evening. Just out on a hack so not properly posed. You can find it by clicking my username..

Mitchy1nge Sat 10-May-14 09:14:45

ooh he looks ready for action, what does he move like? good luck at windsor

Lovely looking pony, and really like the colour! How did she get on, he looks quite perky.....

Butkin Sat 10-May-14 15:18:12

He's 4 and we bought him unbroken back in January. He has been to a show for a ride around and was a good boy but still too green to compete. He has very extravagant paces - particularly in canter. We've not asked him to gallop yet and we're still in snaffles/wilkies - not tried him in a double yet. We've brought him home for a couple of months just so DD can ride him most days. Hope to take him to a show some time in June or July. Our aim is to take him to do a novice class at the BSPS Summer Champs. He is going to be a 13H Show Hunter Pony but he is a pure bred Section B so can do those classes as well if necessary going forward.

This is driving me nuts..... After his diagnosis of a deep seated bacterial infection Dhorse has just finished a 10 day course of Trimed (something or other), and his 3rd pot of Sputulosin and under vets instructions I was advised to start him back into work (after 6 weeks of coughing). I hadn't heard him coughing for a good 5 days prior to that.

So, walked him in hand Sunday with no problems, hacked for 45 mins, just a gentle walk around the farm on Wednesday with no problems. Took him out this morning for the same gentle walk and cough, cough, cough - no discharge and nothing coughed up. I've had another lengthy conversation with the vet who has given us another pot of Sputulosin and has ordered some special sooper dooper expensive antibiotics which will come on Tuesday, and that's another 10 day course.

I asked what happens if those don't work - she says there is another antibiotic to try but after that it requires a referral to the hospital and they will do another scope and a vigorous work up to see how he reacts. From there apparently there are surgical options or permanent medication options..... There's talk of COPD and a paralysed larynx among other things. I know that individually these are probably manageable, but combined with the back problem they make me feel rather pessimistic.

I have made the decision with a heavy heart that we will try the antibiotics, and probably go for the work up and then see. I'm not going down the surgical route - it's just not worth it putting him through that when his back is a ticking time bomb and no one knows how long it will stay good. The vet (and the senior partner) are both in agreement that it does not make sense to subject him to surgery (just a standing op last summer knocked him sideways for a long time).

However, that's in theory, when/if decision time comes I'm not sure what will happen. I love him to bits, but can not go on subjecting him to more and more medical processes, and in the meantime he's bored rigid in the field - chasing the chickens, the pony and the sheep, eating the fence and generally being pissed off (like his owner!).

Pixel Fri 23-May-14 20:29:54

Long shot I know but you haven't got any rape on your farm have you? We had a pony years ago who always coughed (no discharge) when ridden near rape when it was in flower and I've heard it can be bad for asthmatics too. The pony originally had a lung infection (was scoped by vet, vaguely remember ventapulmin and antibiotics) and was ok after but some things always set him off, (rape and frosty air being two).

No, we're are as far from rape as we have ever been which is in a way frustrating - at least I could blame it on something!

Pixel Sat 24-May-14 19:19:42

Oh well I just wondered, sorry.

No need to be sorry, it's a good question! We're mostly orchards and wheat but immediately next to him is just plain grass with sheep so no obvious triggers. Whilst doing the ironing just now I totted up a rough estimate of his vet bills in the last three years, not including the usual vaccinations and teeth and it comes to the eye watering sum of about £7k (thank god for insurance) which is way more than I paid for him.

I suspect it won't be worth insuring him next year as the premium will have yet more exclusions and be pretty hefty, to be fair I can't blame them!

Pixel Sun 25-May-14 22:52:02

Crikey that is a lot. Always best to NOT add these things up I find!

What a shame he's had so many problems. As you say, if it was one thing at a time it wouldn't be so bad but it must seem never-ending.

Just picked up the antibiotics and nearly fainted when the receptionist said that's £329 (500ml)...... Fortunately head vet was there and said that wasn't right, but even so it was a 1/3rd of that. I'm guarding it with my life - it has to be given orally so I have to syringe it down which is going to be interesting. It had better turn him into Champion the Wonder Horse at that price.

matildasquared Mon 02-Jun-14 16:41:16

I hope this is the right place to make a note of my first riding lesson today!

I had a little panic attack hesitation upon mounting but once I was on I was fine. I had an excellent instructor who took great care to explain correct posture and how to keep a good seat whilst walking. Eventually she let go of the lead and I walked the horse around the school, doing some simple diagonals.

I've been on horses before but I feel like today was the first time I actually rode. Such a great time! When I got off I gave the horse a hug and a kiss for being so lovely and chilled out, which was probably very dorky but I don't care.

The bad news is that they don't offer group lessons or semi-private sessions for absolute beginners, which makes sense. So I will need to look at the budget and see whether I can afford private lessons for a time.

Tis a long, slippery and expensive slope Matilda, before you know it you'll have a horse and be spending ££££'s on antibiotics on the damn thing!

Seriously though, congratulations on your first lesson - it is one of the most rewarding things, when you have a lesson go well.

matildasquared Tue 03-Jun-14 17:03:15

Thank you!

My income is way too low for horse ownership (thanks, legal aid)!

My goal is to get skilled enough to 1. participate in hacks (organised through the stables) and 2. exercise friends' horses, should the occasion arise.

I also hope to continue volunteering with RDA and maybe "horse-sit" for neighbours when they go on holiday, that sort of thing.

But then again, if the right horse-share opportunity came up ... </slippery slope>

I thought that after all my doom and gloom I ought to update a little. Dhorse finished 16 days worth of outrageously expensive antibiotics plus his 4th (I think) tub of Sputulosyn and seems to be ok so far. We've had 5 gentle hacks of about 45 minutes to an hour at a steady walk and he hasn't yet coughed....... I'm absolutely paranoid though, he's got a slightly runny nose and I'm watching it nervously!

The horse flies are appalling, even when I'm riding early so it's been a bit of a torture bumbling along being attached by swarms of the blighters, but hopefully we'll get trotting in the next month without incident!

I went to the Three Counties Show last Saturday and came across the most enormous horses - they were "Canadian Belgians" being driven by someone called David Mouland and they were 19.2hh - I kid you not! Beautiful sorrel colour with blonde mane and tail, they were stunning (as was the horse box they came in too - it was massive). It was a great day out with some absolutely gorgeous animals on show.

Attached? Attacked!

I thought I'd better bump this up, it seems to have gone very quiet on here! Dhorse coughed again just before I went on holiday in mid July but after a further set of antibiotics/sputulosyn seems to be ok. I've upped his work and he's now walking and trotting - he does hate his fitness regime and makes the whole process very tortuous! I'm lunging him a bit as well for variety but we've no properly level ground so I have to be very careful.

We went on a fun ride yesterday, his first outing since April, his second in the lorry, and my first solo outing in the lorry so I was quite stressed, even though it wasn't far. He travelled fine but rather lost the plot when I got there and parked - I think the fact he can see out doesn't help - he leans back and scrabbles with both his front feet which makes a horrible noise and rocks the lorry like hell. I whipped him out as quick as I could and he then danced around on the end of the rope while I waited for my companion.

The 11 miles of the ride were spent at passage and piaffe, with the occasional capriole and general arsing about. I felt a bit sick for a while with all the jiggling, and even when we got back it took about 3 minutes before he stopped prancing and I could get off. As soon as he was back on the lorry he was scrabbling again, it's horrendous and I'm not sure how to stop it. He did it in the trailer too, which was worse as that really rocked, it's excitement mixed with frustration I think. It's not the travelling as he stands well and is not sweaty at all on arrival (and I drive very slowly, much to the annoyance of everyone else on the road).

There's another ride next week but it's over an hour and a half away and whilst I think the outing would be good for him, I'm not sure 3 hours in a lorry is worth 2 hours riding.....

mrslaughan Mon 25-Aug-14 15:08:50

Oh Frosty - sounds "exciting"....I have no advice, other than maybe some rescue remedy.

My life has been very short of riding, combination of giving up my share (due to his injury and owners denial about the whole thing, and school hol's). Had horsey time though, as been taking ds to see his pony....I have had the odd lesson.

In the process of looking for a horse for myself...think I have found one, but have been a little detached about the whole thing.....think that is due to a couple I have been v excited about, but then they have failed their vettings, so fingers crossed for me!!