Riding log - anyone interested?

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SupersonicDave Sat 26-Mar-11 11:25:41

Saw this on a horse forum and thought it would be a good idea.

Basically i need a bit of help with motivation (too much to do, not enough hours in the day etc) and can get a bit stuck in a rut wrt schooling/hacking/lunging.

So, today i am riding out my mare, a friend is riding my gelding, and we are going to ride through the village and back across some grassy tracks. Want to concentrate on keeping my mare calm, especially on the grass.

MitchiestInge Sat 26-Mar-11 12:12:09

Oh good idea, am in!

Apart from anything else would like to keep record of amount and type of work mine do generally.

MitchiestInge Sat 26-Mar-11 12:17:18

and good luck with mare too by the way!

CotswoldCountryMummy Sat 26-Mar-11 12:48:17

good luck with the mare! sounds fun. Have you tried NAF Stay Calm? It's excellent.

CluckyKate Sun 27-Mar-11 09:30:46

Great idea - how did it go???

Rode my girlie for the third time since having baby no. 2 (now 5 weeks old) yesterday and concentrating on getting the old muscles working properly - me, not her. Was a lively ride, just walk and jog trot....very tempted to canter but thought better of it - maybe next time.

SupersonicDave Sun 27-Mar-11 16:35:33

Had a lovely ride. Mare was very well behaved, and gelding was a donkey grin

Mare's biggest problem is not enough work tbh, hoping to rectify that!

DH rode gelding out on his own today, slightly more lively, but i think they both enjoyed themselves.

Big news is next weekend we are going to try mare in a trailer again (first time in 4yrs, since she lay down in one) and a girl at the yard is going to take her to pony club!!

CluckyKate congrats on baby no2. How are your muscles today? I found that strangely i didn't ache when i first started riding after dc2, possibly because all my muscles were surrounded by a good layer of fat grin

Ponks Sun 27-Mar-11 21:42:25

Can I join in too?
I am trying to regain confidence riding, it has disappeared down the plughole over last couple of years. Hacked my mare today and bless her she was a saint. We have had some bad times together and I'm hoping to build our trust in each other.

olderyetwider Sun 27-Mar-11 22:25:52

Can I join? Ride to pub yetsreday, then a bit more today. My new little mare is lovely and up for it, but gelding is still stiff, so gradually back to work. But today I didn't bail off when she spooked going by a really big muck spreader. Would have got off and led, but sat it out and feel proud!

SupersonicDave Mon 28-Mar-11 08:13:47

Yay for good rides!

Today DD is at preschool, so while DS naps i am hoping to ride my mare in the school (just for 15mins or so - all i have time for!) and lunge gelding.

With the gelding we are aiming for an ex-racehorse show class on Easter Sunday. It will be the first showing class he has ever done <eek> but need him to be going a bit more smoothly and to learn to stand still for longer periods. Hmmm.....

CailinBainne Mon 28-Mar-11 10:44:04

Count me in... I do flexible working so try and ride round my work hours (haha)

Hoping the lighter evenings will be more productive - I have 2 geldings (one's still a baby so in the process of being brought on)

MitchiestInge Mon 28-Mar-11 10:52:34

mine have done quite a lot this weekend, not all with me, but both did a couple of hours of hacking on Sat and then schooling and jumping in the evening

yesterday was a day off until I thought it was a waste of a spare rider and a nice evening and we spent too long playing chase me Charlie round a course - have to say both those boys are absolutely perfect at the moment, enthusiastic, responsive and beautiful

want to get through whole summer with them at this level of fitness, wish they would return favour and adjust my diet and activity levels so I can be sleek and athletic too

MitchiestInge Mon 28-Mar-11 10:53:03

although I do literally have cellulite of steel at the moment

CailinBainne Mon 28-Mar-11 12:23:27

OK... rode both boys out yesterday (DD rode the little 'un) and had a good hour's hack out in the forestry despite meeting some eejits in rally cars (ponies spooked but didn't bolt) Then my lad tripped and went down on his front legs almost throwing me over his shoulder but I clung on as DD with me and didn't want to scare her.

Been out on bigger one this morning for a 45 min road hack - Little un's having a day off

My new dhorse came in on Fri am on 3.5 legs, literally hopping into the stable for his breakfast. PANIC - my nice vet whizzed out whilst I was having nightmares about suspensory ligaments and pinged tendons and confirmed that it was soft tissue damage and horse needed to be in, bandaged and cold hosed as much as possible.

The vet has just checked him again and decided that as the swelling has gone and dhorse is sound that he must have knocked himself whilst pratting about in the field and that the horse can go out again, but I need to cold hose once a day and not ride for a week just in case.

Dhorse has gone into my small field and proceeded to gallop and buck and handbrake turn with abandon so I've come away as I can't bear to look. Hopefully he'll settle quickly as I don't think my nerves can take it. Please god be sound and not swollen tonight - pray for me!

SupersonicDave Mon 28-Mar-11 16:11:45

Wow, everyone is doing so well, must be the sunshine grin

Rode Mare today in the school (20mins) concentrated on myself as despite the baby weight coming off quickly (shock) i am so wobbly and haven't got fit at all. I feel so weak and think this could be why i was finding riding such hard work recently. So did most of today in walk and trot without stirrups - mare was an angel.

Will try to get gelding lunged tomorrow as although DD not at preschool, i should have a friend with me who can keep DD out of the way for 15mins.

Going to fill out form for gelding to join ex-racers club this evening and get it sent off (will have to show him then!)

MitchiestInge Mon 28-Mar-11 16:31:32

your legs will kill tomorrow! Or is it just me who finds no stirrups a killer, even when I ride most days?

I am losing my nerve though, I keep getting a fear about random jumps - it's not always the height and I haven't had a fall since the pony rodeo weeks and weeks ago. I actually had to get off, smoke, back on and Make Myself Do It recently. What's that about?

SupersonicDave Mon 28-Mar-11 16:46:06

Age Mitchy grin

I do quite often have to 'Have a word with myself' wrt riding/horses. I want to do these things, but i feel i can't iyswim? I don't know if it is to do with not feeling fit and stong enough, or because of the kids, or getting older, or my useless leg hmm who knows, but i need to get over it.

elephantpoo Mon 28-Mar-11 17:46:52

Room for another?

I'm currently breaking my welsh x...........Wednesday has been named as "sit on day".

V. v. nervous.

He's lovely. But still very nervous.

Poor boy won't recognise me........I'll be wearing any bit of protective gear I can lay my hands on blush

Also, I have been riding DD's Dartmoor over the worst winter months, but have now decided to back off and only work him from the ground, and their "bond" has improved greatly (as has his behaviour!).

They're in a really good place at the moment.......Pony Club here we come smile

MitchiestInge Mon 28-Mar-11 18:24:12

Age! Yes I bet it is. Quite often have momentary wave of cold panic, feel sick, going to die or at very least wet/soil myself when getting them in from field too - think it is from the day horse charged through gate and knocked me over and sent pony flying. Their strength, speed and suddenness is something not to get too complacent anyway, probably?

Sounds like we all have lots of projects on the go. Am finally arranging loan dartmoor officially on Thursday and this will give me even more to do

horseymum Mon 28-Mar-11 19:40:43

me too please! although may be quite sporadic due to lack of time to ride the available horses at work and distance away of my own horse. Rode her last week - even cantered round field which was fab fun and can't wait for her to be a bit fitter so can even (whispers) gallop again after so long off (her not me)

CailinBainne Mon 28-Mar-11 20:54:48

I have a fear of picking out back hooves

DD (age 11 just gets on with it, all confidence and "pick up boy")

Today I picked out my boy's back hooves for the first time ever. I was shaking but I did it (he had a haynet at the time cos he's a big ol' belly on legs and will do anything for food)

Pixel Mon 28-Mar-11 20:57:46

Didn't ride yesterday due to feeling like a wet rag and also I'd have felt guilty not taking ds out. Still, I gentle stroll in the sunshine with a boy and a shetland is nothing to complain about. smile

Today I thought I'd better at least get on! Still feeling rough so pottered about for a while first trimming off dhorse's goat beard with the mini clippers. He let me do half of it and then had a tantrum so it all took longer than necessary. Anyway, we did go round the block but I've got to start going a bit further as it is barely far enough to get him to settle (he's always an arse for about the first 10 mins) and he was quite strong.

I want to join too please

On Saturday my DCs both rode her in the school bareback.
On Sunday the mare was used by another livery's grandchildren as a lead rein pony!

Today I actually schooled for 30 mins (quite a long time for me to be schooling!). Then I went in the woods and had a little play about. I am such a little kid when it comes to my horsey time, I had a fantastic time building jumps (and jumping them!) and the mare was brilliant. I put the gag on to the second ring and it made a real difference, rather than just tanking off at the jumps she did a sort of excited controlled (albeit slightly sideways!) canter, which is much nicer imo

MitchiestInge Mon 28-Mar-11 21:15:36

you can join my sideways show jumping club! Pony sharer had a go at it (on sideways horse) and loved it

pony neither wiggles nor goes sideways, he just bascules impressively. This is why I persevere!

MitchiestInge Tue 29-Mar-11 15:36:29

lovely lovely lovely hack, out for quite a while (me on chocolate horse, sharer on mint humbug) and had perfect canters although most tracks were too rutted and concretey - rain please

horse did a bit of criminal damage to a friend's lawn on way back - it is ok, please let them graze said her husband but where pony daintily nibbles in a helpful, asset to any gardener sort of way the horse carves it all up by pawing with his front feet before even tasting any grass. Why? It looked like someone had been off-roading in their garden when we left.

Trotted most of the way back without reins, that was fun. Oh and pony did 30 mins schooling before hack. He is getting very good at bending AND standing still - his two most hated things.

SupersonicDave Tue 29-Mar-11 17:21:03

Very envy of your good hack, sounds lots of fun!

A friend of mine came over today. She is still quite a novice rider having only been at a riding school (knows how to do things, but would be a bit stuck on anything needing 'riding' iyswim?) but she rode mare in the school. My mare is one of those that switches off if she thinks she can get away with it in the school. My friend seemed to think she had schooled her for me grin but it is still a help getting the horses exercised.

Lunged Gelding in loose side reins, was very well behaved despite being wound up because Mare had left him earlier <eejit>

Pixel Tue 29-Mar-11 18:25:16

Mitchy, if I'd known you could have had the rain that was here this morning. Of course, as soon as it had got late enough that I didn't have time to ride it came out lovely and sunny. angry

I expect everyone else just trots off into the rain but we'd left the rugs off last night and I wear glasses so you can let me off. grin

We haven't had rain for ages, but all our tracks are still really muddy, it is silly.

I planned to ride after work today but ended up having to work an hour late due to a clocks screw-up making me an hour late this morning blush.

WILL ride tomorrow in spite of the rain.

Ponks Tue 29-Mar-11 22:34:25

Well I had my own little achieve yesterday in the quest to regain my confidence. Took mare out for a tiny hack all by ourselves... and she was great so we came back all relaxed. <Sigh> such a small thing I know but I have become so nervy lately so this is good for us both.

Today we had a lesson and she was, again, an angel, really relaxed.

Good luck with the breaking in on Wednesday elephantpoo! let us know how you get on. I love welshies. Have a welsh x gelding who is the best looking horse ever.

CailinBainne Tue 29-Mar-11 22:52:29

worked today capitalising on the weather so no riding, but put the lads to work by letting them into the bit of forestry we have....usually spend ages strimming the grass down but have cut away all side branches to pony-height so the lads can go and keep the grass short for us (and save me a bit on haylage)

Pixel Tue 29-Mar-11 23:07:47

Well done Ponks. smile I mean that as I've only just got brave enough to take dhorse out for 10 mins by myself.

CailinBainne Tue 29-Mar-11 23:10:56

long may it continue Ponks !!! Go you !!!

and elephantpoo - all the best for tomorrow, fingers crossed X

Wonders how Elephantpoo got on

I am just back from riding the mare. She was a bit daft actually. Really wasn't keen on going away from the yard. There is a fallen tree in a field on the way out that we usually jump that she didn't jump very well, and then jumped at a funny angle so I ended up doing the awful adult-on-a-pony thing of my foot hitting part of the jump blush.

Then riding back through the fields I took what I thought was a short-cut, only it was kind of a marsh (a lot of the land around the yard is like this - sigh), but this was really deep, dhorse went in the mud up to her hocks on her backs and had to heave herself out, unseating me, and nearly hitting a tree in her panic to get out. We shan't be taking that route again.

CailinBainne Wed 30-Mar-11 14:35:54

oops Manatee
on the positive side you both lived, always a plus !!

CluckyKate Wed 30-Mar-11 15:45:33

Well survived Manatee!!

Sounds like a few of us have youngsters to work on. My boy turned 3 this year and will need backing. Will probably start on him in May once I'm back in the swing of things but still deciding how to go about it - do him from home, send him away etc. Any thoughts??

Meanwhile, the mare (mother of youngster, 16.1hh ISH bundle of fun) needs to fitten up. I'd like to take advantage of mat leave/unemployment and hunt her next season so have given myself a nice long lead-time to built up our fitness.

Chose not to ride yesterday as DS is at the 6 week growth spurt and couldn't face chafing/jiggling to the ol' nips [TMI???]. Instead lunged my girlie for 15 mins. - only took one full circuit for her to transistion down from trot to walk whenever asked...transistions up are flawless and done before I've even finished the command. Obedient horse hmm

SupersonicDave Wed 30-Mar-11 15:56:25

grin Clucky, DS is 7m now and i am desperate to fit back into my sports bras. Nursing bras just do not support well enough do they?

Didn't ride today. DD may well have overdosed my mare on garlic when 'helping' do the feeds. Oh well, no vampires for a bit.

CluckyKate Wed 30-Mar-11 16:15:32

You're not wrong Super - have got a lot of shrinking to do before my old sports bras fit. May pay a visit to the Less Bounce stand at Badminton in 3 weeks if milk supply has calmed down by then.

I too have a 'helpful' DD - 2.5, very bossy and addicted to pony nuts. She goes to nursery Tues & Thurs so those are my riding days.

SupersonicDave Wed 30-Mar-11 16:56:50

My DD is 3, and goes to preschool 3 afternoons a week, so those are my riding days. I am still in a H cup blush usually an F, so got a fair bit of shrinking to do. Annoying really as i am now a 10 everywhere apart from round my bust. Need to tone up desperately, hoping the riding can help!

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:11:46

Thank you all for your support. I was so unbelievably nervous blush

I love my pony smile

He was an angel.

I did the lying across his back bit a few times, and then got on.

He's a super star smile

Had a mini-panic at one point. Yard owner was leading him on one rein with me aboard. We then changed rein and I think he was shocked to see me on that side too grin
True to his usual form though, he jumped a little and then got over it smile

I'm so pleased with him. I've e-mailed the lady who I bought him from, as she's keen to see how he's doing ( she really wanted to keep him after she'd used him to father some foals, but he didn't quite make the height........her loss is my gain smile )

Ponks - glad you're having a good time.

ManateeEquineOhara - hope you and Dhorse are ok. Your "incident" is the sort of trouble that I normally attract!

I borrowed yard owners horse on Monday and went into the woods to explore. Gave myself an hour and a half - half hour there, half hour back and half hour to explore. Well I got lost. Was nearly at the end of my "half hour there", really panicking, feeling I'd been going in circles and just about to turn back and retrace my route when thankfully I regained my sense of direction!! Was a good reminder to remember my mobile blush and to tell somebody where I'm going. Simple things, but easily forgotten.

CailinBainne Wed 30-Mar-11 17:19:14

Well done EP (and EP's pony) applause

Weather was so nice after school that I made DD come and ride with me so we had a 20 min road hack (only her second time off the lead rein and she did really well...as did her little lad)

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:23:06

<bowing> why thank you.

Very pleased with ourselves smile

Ooh-riding off the lead rein is a biggie! Well done to your DD x

elephantpoo Wed 30-Mar-11 17:50:44

So proud of him that I've posted a pic to my profile!

OMG EP he is lush...really lovely! How big is he? And of course well done!

Clucky - You are doing so well fitting in horsey time with your baby...I am kind of imagining you as a bit of a superwomen now

SSD - I have been riding more hoping to tone up too but it isn't happening damn it (although I would happily take being a size 10 everywhere but the boobs )

And, err, yes, I do tend to get myself in pickles like today on rides quite a lot actually! I just love to take little exploratory detours grin

Ponks Wed 30-Mar-11 20:53:20

Oh well done elephantpoo, I was looking forward to hearing how you got on. He looks lovely by the way! How big is he?

manatee that sounds horrible !

Did another tiny hack by self this evening. Went a bit further along a bridleway where my mare had had a scare a couple of weeks ago; she was still bit nervy (or was that me?hmm) and liable to jump at movements in the hedge but she didn't panic & we were able to stroll back fairly relaxed. Small yay!
[oh dear that does sound very pathetic blush ... but my aim for now is to be taking tiny steps forwards and building up trust between us.]

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 09:38:50

Thank you Manatee and Ponks.........I fell in love with his pictures before I met him blush

He was advertised as 14.1, but I think he may be a little bigger.

Manatee - detours are good grin
I'm also imagining CluckyKate as a superwoman now. 1 horse to get ready for hunting, 1 to break and a baby.........WOW!

CluckyKate - if you think you'll fit breaking your boy in around everything else, go for it!! Have you done it before?

Ponks - you don't sound pathetic at all smile Yay for you and your mare.
Small steps are still steps. You'll be glad you went slowly in the end.

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 09:41:39

Also, SupersonicDave - how do you teach a horse to stand still for longer periods??!! Would like to take mine to some shows this year, get him out and about a bit, but he won't stand for more than a few seconds blush
Any tips gratefully recieved!

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 12:41:46

Not quite sure Elephant - i will let you know how we get on! I think bribery could be involved grin

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 20:41:32

Today i loose schooled my gelding again with a jump (did it 2-3wks ago) He was good but a bit lazy today - typical as we were trying to get pictures! He looks very well, but still a bit racehorse-like.

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:48:22

Did you get any pics? I want to try this soon.

Today made a 20m circle in centre of school with poles (at B, E and roughly in line with A and C) that later became jumps. Pony did a massive buck at first but then he really enjoyed it, especially when changing rein on landing and jumping the circle the other way. 100% with lead legs

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:50:08

want to try it on horse but I know he will motorbike round at 10000mph and we will probably both die

elephantpoo Thu 31-Mar-11 20:50:08

Ooooh loose schooling sounds fun <dreams of school to do it in>

I rode my boy for the second time today, and he trotted on the lunge!

Yard owner (who's helping me) reckons I'll be taking him out next week!!

MitchiestInge Thu 31-Mar-11 20:51:33

Ahhhh just looked at him ep, he is beautiful.

CluckyKate Thu 31-Mar-11 21:42:57

When you put it like that I wonder at my own sanity confused

No, I've not backed a horse before Elephantpoo but, like you, have a yard owner who is able to assist trying to talk me into doing it myself. My one big reservation is that with the baby and a toddler I won't be able to provide the continuity so am leaning towards sending him away.

Sharer rode the mare today - day off for me smile

EP - that is so exciting!!!

Mitchie - your schooling jumping sounds so much fun! We are not allowed to jump in the school at our yard (I have probably mentioned this before, it really annoys me!).

I rode the mare in the woods after work. She is napping quite badly at the moment as she does tend to do. There are a few field in the woods, and in the top one I tried to get her to trot away from 'home' and she was being a total prat...she went sideways, lost all steering, kept shying at nothing, and if I used the crop she put in little bucks. However we did some nice little jumps which is always fun and had some lovely canters (just as long as we were heading in the homeward direction - sigh - I know I should try and do something about it rather than just enjoying the one-direction canters, but she is just so stubborn!).

My new phone fell out of my pocket at one point, luckily I did find it on the grass, I had a horrible panic that it might have come out in the stream, I was so relieved that it hadn't, I have only had it since Monday after the old one fell down the loo!

Anyway - tomorrow I have owned the mare for 11 years...despite being a stubborn little moo she has come so far from the half-dead emaciated little scruff that was tethered on a gypsy site, I am so proud of her and love her so much grin

SupersonicDave Thu 31-Mar-11 22:06:25

Aaaaah Manatee, that is lovely. Have you tried wearing spurs? I used to have a pony who would buck if you used a stick, but responded really well to spurs.

Mitchy - i did get a couple of pics, but a few good videos

Ponks Thu 31-Mar-11 22:15:27

Ooo Supersonic I would like to loose school my mare over a jump sometime; must get organised & rope in DH. I did once loose school my gelding over a jump but he obviously enjoyed the jumping a bit too much and jumped out of the arena.shock

Yay to elephantpoo, what a great feeling it must be to bring on your horse from scratch.

Like the idea of doing 20m circle with jumps at each quarter marker - have tried this in the past with 2 jumps at E and B but never 4 - must be great for discipline and controlling the speed.

manatee your hacks seem a bit lively! I'm quite happy with my little pootle hacks for the moment; we aren't going very far & certainly no cantering involved (not really opportunities for cantering on our local hacks); I'm trying to make everything v.relaxed and easy for her as she can be a bit stressy (leap in air/ buck / spin sort of stuff).

Anyhoo today I had a lesson on another horse and had a great time even jumped some tiny fences smile.

SSD - That is interesting, I haven't tried spurs, and maybe they would be helpful. However I would be a little bit worried about using them because the mare has a treeless saddle (due to barrel horse not fitting anything else!), it is a really hard saddle to keep a decent lower leg position in anyway with lack of knee rolls, combined with her table top back which = legs at not ideal angle anyway, I am not sure I could confidently say she would not accidentally get an unnecessary jab in the side.

Ponks - I do like a lively hack, but little pootle hacks can be lovely too! Your lesson sounds good also

elephantpoo Fri 01-Apr-11 09:37:14

CluckyKate - continuity is definitely what they need. I started questioning what I'd taken on. My kids are at school (son started in Jan) so that's when I planned to start him. But the half term whizzed around quickly, then we had a holiday, and unexpected illnesses cropped up.............wondered to myself why I thought I could do it confused

Luckily he's soooooo laid back, you can pick up where you left off after a couple of weeks off smile

<feeling a little bit of a fraud......pony's so good he's taught me, not vice versa>

ManateeEquineOhara - your mare sounds lucky to have you smile You obviously love her to bits.

Ponks - I laughed at he obviously enjoyed the jumping a bit too much and jumped out of the arena grin
Glad your lesson went well (even though I'm envy at you jumping)

SupersonicDave Fri 01-Apr-11 15:23:10

Manatee there are so many different types of spurs out now, it may be worth a look to see if there are some that may suit.

My mare (now 10yrs!) i broke by myself. She was just really cool about everything, the bad behaviour is only as she has got older hmm

Rode the gelding today. Was fine, bit un-inspiring though. I am just so rubbish on the left rein! I know it is due mostly to being unfit and having a manky leg that side, but so frustrating!!!

Right, off to pick up DD from school, then back to the yard for a hay delivery....

olderyetwider Fri 01-Apr-11 15:39:54

We're going out for a pub ride this evening to celebrate the lighter evenings. The pub has a mounting block, water buckets and headcollars properly attached to rings via orange string! How civilized is that!

Ooh, sounds like a nice thoughtful pub There was one like that when I used to have a horse on loan in Bushey (Herts), very nice

Ponks, I do indeed love her to bits

SSD - I will do a bit of spur related research! I broke the mare in also, but she has always been a bit err... unschooled, I can only blame myself

No riding today, work then picking up the kids straight away.

MitchiestInge Fri 01-Apr-11 18:34:59

Envious of that pub!

Going to do some fun jumping now

CluckyKate Fri 01-Apr-11 22:57:48

Tres jealous of pub-going....sounds like a blimmin' good excuse. We're having a yard bash tomorrow night to welcome newcomers - might suggest it as we have a number of hostelries in our area; none quite as horse-friendly though.

Though as much on the continuity front Elly. On the plus side, the youngster is very well handled, easy to lead, is bridle-broken and has had surcingles & rugs on and has been as quiet as a lamb with each new thing. Fingers crossed this continues [hopeful]

Hope the jumping went well Mitchy

Pixel Sat 02-Apr-11 15:02:32

I have ridden today <fanfare of trumpets>.

Was quite exhausting as dhorse started off by marching off in front and didn't appear to have any brakes. Then I put him behind my sister and dpony and he spent the rest of the ride trying to bite dpony and tossing his head up and down because he doesn't like walking what he thinks of as 'slowly' (normal for anyone else ha ha). Then just as we rode back into our gate the farmer who was delivering hay whisked the tarpaulin off the back of his pickup and we shot up in the air! So glad I didn't fall off in front of everyone. grin

Ok, I know that sounds like a whole lot of moaning but my point is, despite it all I didn't panic and want to get off, I actually came back quite calm so definite improvement Yay!

sykes Sat 02-Apr-11 16:30:33

Well done, Pixel - sounds great. Any singing en route? I went for a hack and cantered up a field then "jumped" a ditch. Sort of ...... Spent about ten minutes trying to convince horse to go over it. My face was, apparently, hilarious as he leapt. Was a good ride though and he was really well behaved apart from a bit of head shaking/tossing. Good luck tomorrow. Mitchy, how was the jumping?

ooh, Sykes - I am quite (very) nervous of jumping a ditch, I just can't imagine the mare jumping it...instead I think she would go for jumping into it :s

I haven't ridden today, but actually I wish I had lunged her or something, I have become aware that she is rather large and this does tend to make her harder to ride. I think her condition score is probably a 9, but being a stocky little gypsy coblet it is hard to know confused

MitchiestInge Sat 02-Apr-11 23:18:22

I love this thread everyone is having so much fun after winter, it's exciting that Pixel is riding. I miss Owls really badly though where did she go?

yesterday, ummm, think jumping went a bit wrong in the dark - can't actually remember now. That is quite serious short term memory loss isn't it! Today has been multi-pony fun, got addicted to grooming and cuddling them. Horse: 1 hour hack, 30mins schooling, about same again jumping. Pony had 20mins schooling but was a bit excitable. Oh no I actually bought another rug, why? And I have such a severe crush on a new mare who is only with us for two weeks, a dun Welsh x Arab. She looks sharp but she isn't really. Have never seen such a pretty pony. It is really important not to even ask if she is for sale or even think about how much she might be worth and ways in which it could be funded.

MitchiestInge Sat 02-Apr-11 23:20:34

Did lots with the Dartmoor too. He is so easy in every way and such a nice person!

OMG I loooove Duns (my boy I sadly sold in December was dun )...and Arab crosses are gorgeous...that horse sounds lush!!!

CailinBainne Sun 03-Apr-11 13:43:28

lovely day here today, sunny (with the odd sharp shower)
I KNOW I should ride (didn't yesterday as in work all day) but I just cannot be arsed...is that wrong ??

Pixel Sun 03-Apr-11 19:45:46

Our welsh boy is a dun, with a white blaze and stockings. He is really pretty especially when he's changing coats and goes all dappled. He has a lovely dainty head too and likes to arch his neck in a fetching manner.(he knows he's pretty smile).

No riding today, sis did horses. I was forced to lie in bed this morning listening to mayhem in kitchen relaxing while breakfast was cooked for me. Was so funny, I could hear dh saying to ds "take these to mummy" in an ever-more desperate voice, then a bunch of flowers came hurtling into the room and landed on the bed. All I heard was ds's retreating footsteps, I don't think he 'gets' mother's day. grin Luckily dd appeared with some chocs and a card she'd made so all was well (although I've got some clearing up to do in the kitchen tomorrow ha ha).

This afternoon we went round mum's to give her pressie and eat the lemon and lime drizzle cake I'd made and had a walk on the Downs with her dogs, so it was all very nice but not at all horsey, except a friend popped round with a beautiful photo he'd taken of ds on dshetland. I'll get dh to scan it <too thick to do it myself emoticon> and put it on my profile.

CluckyKate Sun 03-Apr-11 20:05:00

That sounds like a lovely, relaxing Mother's Day Pixel

Went for a super ride with a friend - we were out for over two hours, popped some log piles, has a blast (or three), got chased by an escaped shettie and had a jolly god natter. Fabulous. Suspect I'll be paying for it tomorrow tho as I'm aching already. Horse was on top form too and feeling well <mental note to source a better sports bra>

Anyone else have a special Mothers Day ride???

SupersonicDave Sun 03-Apr-11 20:57:32

Hello smile

I didn't ride today. DH rode gelding and someone at the yard took mare out with him, they had a good time. Exciting news here is that we tried Mare in a trailer (first time in 4yrs - since she lay down in one, and then refused to stand up on her own round every corner confused) we took the partition out and she was absolutely fine! Not scared (tbh she is not scared of anything) calm, and chilled. Which means we can do riding club and friend can take her to pony club - YAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Mothers day as a special day = a bit rubbish tbh, but DCs re now in bed asleep, i have wine, a new cookbook, Galaxay minstrels and cake.

Heh @ Pixel's mayhem in the kitchen. The DCs did me breakfast in bed and broke the kettle by boiling it dry. But it's the thought that counts

I then rode around the woods, DCs walked and took pictures - one is now on my profile of the mare trying her very best coblet-cute jumping!

SupersonicDave Mon 04-Apr-11 10:18:57

Cute! Manatee, she is lovely.

DD also rode Hector again on Saturday and trotted for almost all of it and without anyone holding onto her (i still led the pony) I have asked if we can borrow Hector for next years summer holidays <<just hope DH gets a payrise by then...>>

Today we went for a long ride and I fell off blush. Damn the mare and her sheep phobia...we were having a canter in a very large field, then the mare spotted a sheep, spun around 180 degrees and we parted company. I was thoroughly annoyed with her!

I actually now have one rather swollen buttock!!!

sykes Mon 04-Apr-11 15:07:25

Ouch. Hope you're not too sore - did you manage to get back on okay? I have a feeling that my horse isn't too keen on sheep.

Yes, got straight back on and made her canter to the end of the field, then trot all the way up a huge hill because I was annoyed with her! I am going to try and work on the sheep issue!

Ponks Mon 04-Apr-11 22:35:44

Manatee, you do have lively rides! Hope the buttock subsides soon! smile

Miserable weather here so we just had a quick wander round the yard down to the fields then a quick schooling session in the arena. Nothing that would be recognised as dressage but enjoyed myself anyway.
So pleased that my mare has kept her condition really well over the winter - this time last year she was quite poor in comparison. But she is getting some nice topline.

olderyetwider Tue 05-Apr-11 11:04:10

GD's pony is a bright bay welsh/arab cross who is very pretty, looks really sharp, and is really safe but fun. Do you think it would be possible to get a 14.2 version, or are they all on the diddy side?

Pub ride was fab, but DH's mare ALWAYS does a giant poo as soon as we get there. They don't seem to mind too much and it does amuse the children in the garden

We rode Saturday and Sunday as well, long hacks with lots of trotting and a couple of canters. My new girl is just a dream, and a total confidence giver. Best present I have ever had.

First show of the season next Sunday. Gd practising her individual show for Working Hunter. She'll enter the novice SJ class as well, but doesn't stand a chance as a number of girls always enter, and always win (they always also win the open classes, and one is affiliated). I think it's mean of them to enter (and the club shouldn't let them), but maybe that's just sour grapes!

Good warm up for the club we've joined's shows though.

SupersonicDave Tue 05-Apr-11 12:50:29

Our local Riding Club has lots of jumping shows, but so many of the classes have quite strict requirements eg. Nursery jumping - combination not to have won more than 3 SJ classes, Horse Novice, Under 18 (over 14.2) Under 18 (under 14.2)

i think if you get enough entries it is a good way of doing it as it is very fair, the course is set up appropiately for the entrants and people are willing to come back if they have a chance of coming home with a rosette.

Gelding lunged in side reins yesterday. No exercise today due to DD not at preschool/rubbish weather/crap night last night.

CailinBainne Tue 05-Apr-11 14:31:50

20 minute road hack today past the "super scary pony-eating STOP sign" (though we cheated a bit, got DH to walk alongside and Big B danced a little bit then decided to follow him, then he turned and walked home as I did the rest of the ride)
Really windy and cows with calves in the fields so a bit of a jumpy ride but we walked through the massive puddle no bother, and beside the whooshy stream.

Well done Manatee for getting back on.

Olderyet - that does seem a bit unfair confused

I rode the mare around the woods after work, to just have a nice fun ride together after yesterday's not-so-fun ride. It was lovely, we just played around with little jumps and stuff. I also made sure I kept her attention though and didn't get too complacent, I would hate to fall off two days in a row!

elephantpoo Wed 06-Apr-11 13:57:47

Manatee - I know the day will come that I fall off again......not looking forward to it. Got a feeling it'll hurt a bit more now I'm older grin

Well, 1 week on from our first sit on, and I rode around the block with yard owner today!

We met 2 tractors and scarey sheep / cows hidden behind hedges and he was an angel. Had one little spook when he saw his own shadow confused
but apart from that he was brill.

Our aim now is a "ride for life" near the end of May. Low-key, but a big thing for us.

Sounds like everybody's having fun ATM.

OMG EP that is brilliant! What a fab little horse you have got!

We went on a bit of a sheep familiarisation ride today Went out with another of the liveries which I don't often do. She was good, there were no sheep in fields we could go in, but plenty in fields by the road that we stopped to admire for all their cute, non-threatening qualities

elephantpoo Wed 06-Apr-11 15:12:02

I nearly choked on my tea when I read sheep familiarisation ride grin

SupersonicDave Thu 07-Apr-11 08:26:37

Morning smile

grin at sheep familiarisation

Rode Gelding last night. When i first got on he felt like a bloody giraffe! Was definitely thinking that the show on Easter Sunday was way too soon. Brought everything back to basics, walk - halt, make him stand, when he softened scratched his neck and asked him to walk on again, then when he fought against me, brought him back to halt again, and so on. Then at the end i asked him to trot, and he did a lovely trot, so finished up very pleased with him.

Today i am hoping to lunge both over poles.

MitchiestInge Thu 07-Apr-11 09:37:33

haven't been here for a couple of days and missed so much!

we have been doing lots too, did free schooling over jumps (horse) - he has obviously done it before because while I was thinking 'ok, loose horse in bridle, now what?' he showed us how it goes it was exciting at the time anyway

yesterday I think he fell asleep on our hack shock oh and I rode the dartmoor for first time, it was hilarious trying to rise to his trot. He is really speedy but have severe 'am going to break his back and legs' anxiety because he is so so tiny, even though I know they are sturdy.

Other pony is incredibly athletic now he has got the hang of using himself correctly a bit more. Thinking about doing BSPA things but scared to find out in case £silly?

MitchiestInge Thu 07-Apr-11 09:51:39

Horse might need a few days off, he did the 'fuck off with that saddle' thing and I had a feel of his withers and there is a little bald patch has done really really well to get through winter living out under about a hundred rugs so time to go naked overnight. Which is a huge relief because they are both being so silly about having rugs taken on and off each night/morning hmm

Mitchie I totally know what you mean, trotting on a little pony is very silly!

I rode the mare around the woods again tonight, it was lovely.

Tonight...what am I talking about!? It was in the afternoon confused

Pixel Thu 07-Apr-11 22:58:27

Took dhorse out today, we saw everything, lorries and diggers and stuff and he was very bouncy but I was brave(ish). Think I might have to try a stronger bit though, I didn't want to but he is getting quite difficult to stop at times.

Manatee, stop going on about your woods, I am so envy. All we get is the odd bramble or gorse bush!

Pixel, But I am so excited about the woods!!! You see for the last 8 years I have had an hour hack to get to any woodland! Now we have these little woods right on the yard! They are lovely, albeit very muddy...water seems to run about an inch under the ground in places, but I do appreciate having them there!

I recently changed bit, I was also very apprehensive about it but it has made such a difference, I don't know who I was kidding having her in a rubber snaffle before confused

sykes Fri 08-Apr-11 16:00:41

Am doing a baby dressage test tomorrow - walk and trot. It's only his second test. Hoping a friend will hack there with me but if not will go solo. Hadn't looked at test until a lesson today and have since found out I did the wrong one so am tanking up to the yard tonight to try to run through. It doesn't really matter but as no one is around to call it for me I really need to learn it. Am not plaiting up - seems OTT and have a weekend of hell with the girls dancing in shows so don't have much time at all as the shows involve 24 drop offs and pick ups. Quite mad.
Well done Pixel, sounds huge progress. Don't like not being able to stop. Horrible feeling. Anybody else up to much? It's a bit pathetic that it's only walk and trot, I know, but have hardly schooled him because of an injury and am massively crap at the moment. Hopefully, will do prelim next month. I've only done one on him since I've had him and got a pitifully awful mark.

Pixel Fri 08-Apr-11 19:05:24

Nothing wrong with walk and trot. I rode my instructor's pony for some lessons (he is sooo well schooled, as different to dhorse as a sports car and a truck!) and I had a go at a walk trot test. It was my first attempt ever and it was definitely harder than it looked!
I would like to try it with dhorse but we are a long way off that as we've nowhere to school. I spent some time nagging the farmer this week to at least level off some ground as I happen to know he has a digger. He says he will but now the trough has broken and needs mending, and calving is about to start, then it will be lambing... Always an excuse!

Rode today but can't say I enjoyed it. Spring grass and no rugs is having an effect, think I'll have to rename dhorse Tigger! Every little thing was an excuse to have a bit of a buck. Even dpony who has spent the winter plodding about, grumbling about his arthritis and generally giving the appearance that he's a bombproof old gent was hyper and got himself all sweated up. Normally when I get nervous of dhorse I make the person riding dpony swap with me but today I didn't think I'd be any better off so stayed where I was. wink

Ponks Fri 08-Apr-11 21:06:45

Good luck with the dressage tomorrow Sykes. Nothing wrong with a W&T test! My DH is taking my mare to a dressage comp tomorrow too. He rides her a lot better than me at the mo as rides her forward, whereas I put the handbrake on all the time if you know what i mean.
I had a lesson and had a little jump on my mare. I was so scared. sad She loves it but I don't know what has happened to me, in last couple of years I have lost my nerve completely. We were only jumping a tiny tiny x pole too.

Good luck Sykes

Ponks, just keep having fun with your mare - the best way to get confidence back IMO.

No riding today However I have ridden the last 5 days in a row, I haven't ridden that often in ages and I am loving it at the moment

MitchiestInge Sat 09-Apr-11 16:58:31

pony rodeo FREAK this morning, grrrrr

Pixel Sat 09-Apr-11 17:25:54

My sister is cross, she actually likes it when dpony is a bit feisty but she can't ride atm because she's having physio on her back.confused

I haven't ridden today because I have a poorly ds who wants his mum. Not a great start to the school holidays!

Ponks Sun 10-Apr-11 10:31:06

How did the dressage test go sykes? My DH did a couple of dressage tests on my mare yesterday. She went very well for her and no spooks which is good. Not placed but also not last yay!(I spent a year entering lots of comps and coming last every bloomin time smile so even second last is an achievement!)

elephantpoo Sun 10-Apr-11 10:51:44

Manatee-I've also ridden 5 days in a row - loving it smile Sounds like you're having fun.

OK, so the 9th time I sit on Dpony and we rode around the block with DD on her pony yesterday and Dpony was a superstar. Led the way all the way and we even met 2 dirt bikes along a byway and he didn't flinch. I've also replaced voice commands for stand and walk on with actual aids and it's working grin

This pony is the best!!

I wonder how sykes got on. You all sound very active with dressage, jumping and competitions............<dreaming of the day>

Another aim for this year is a beach ride that there's whispers of and this www.pontispool.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=10 (maybe hmm

Anybody been to this one, or similar?

sykes Sun 10-Apr-11 14:24:14

Hello. A friend got my result for me and I got 55%. Not great but better than my first test last year. Comments said I coped well which I don't quite understand? He was quite relaxed, bit taken aback by the flowers and the warm up place was a bit hectic for me with a pigeon flying around. Am so glad we went early as it must have been really busy later. But, the main thing is, I REALLY enjoyed it and am off again on 22nd. I didn't ride very well but he was really good and very well behaved on the back there and back so I feel we're moving in the right direction. For the moment .....

EP - Someone at my yard was talking about the Pontispool camp today! She did it with her horse, didn't really say much about it, we were talking in the context of doing Xcountry and she was saying that was the only place where she had tried. Having just looked on the website, I think it looks brilliant!

Well done Sykes

No riding for me today I lunged her and then the DCs both had a little bareback ride around in the school.

Pixel Sun 10-Apr-11 19:53:15

Well done Sykes, glad you enjoyed yourself and your boy behaved.smile

olderyetwider Mon 11-Apr-11 10:42:12

GD came first at Working Hunter yesterday. Her very first red rosette. She was so thrilled (we tried w.h. as the enter every class and win it girls don't do it)

Yay, well done Olderyet's GD!!! I have never done working hunter but I would like to - I have always thought it looks like a nice class, a good mix of skills needed

olderyetwider Mon 11-Apr-11 12:34:26

Thanks Manatee, she's really taken with the working hunter class, and got some really good feedback from the judge, who was fantastic with the kids. She's written it down to work on with her instructor, and it'll definitely improve her riding all round.

MitchiestInge Mon 11-Apr-11 15:18:01

congrats on workers

it's a bit nearly impossible to hack mine, head shaking and concrete tracks and dripping sweat - is it August or April? Got head butted about 500 times, they are both like bouncy rocking horses crossed with windmills. The pony rodeo'd like mad on Saturday and Sunday but was good today

CailinBainne Mon 11-Apr-11 18:36:34

Both ponies out today

Big B on a 6 mile road hack, 1 spook, almost unseated me but not quite...

Li'l B on a quick 15 mins round the block with DD on him to test his new front shoes. Bit spinny as Big B was shouting him from the field all the way round, but "heels down, kick him on" saved the day

MitchiestInge Tue 12-Apr-11 11:18:30

PLAN: ride out with daughter (youngest) who lost her hacking nerve over a year ago, now we officially have the little dartmoor he can start earning his keep by giving her confidence. Hopefully. He's a bit nervy in traffic but at least he doesn't bolt and buck like some sort of crazed rodeo monster if he is out with more than one other horse hmm

CailinBainne Tue 12-Apr-11 14:38:09

Go for it Mitch !!!

2 hour hack today with Big B - roads and forestry tracks - forecast lashing rain tomorrow so may give them a day off

sykes Tue 12-Apr-11 18:57:44

2 hour hack, "jumped" tiny ditch and rode up tiny bank. Eventually got down, took a few minutes. Apart from that horse was really good and am so much more confident on him at the moment. PLEASE let it continue. The sun really helps.
Hope everyone else enjoying the good weather and that little dartmoor behaved, Mitchy? Pixel/Manatee etc, have you been up to much?

MitchiestInge Tue 12-Apr-11 19:30:01

ahhh envy you two with your two hour hacks, the bad thing about school hols

daughter opted out of hack, did lots of schooling on dartmoor and I didnlots of feeling-more-relaxed-than-usual! It is so nice just knowing the pony isn't going to buck, bolt or rear now and then. I might push her a bit tomorrow or just leave it or bribe someone else to coax her out - I don't know. She's not at all afraid to get on anything, jump anything, x country etc really good attitude to her intermittently insane pony but hacking scares her. I blame myself blush for just bombing around in earlier days.

Was ok though, horse did mock eventer trial thing and to begin with he was so slow I thought 'oats oats we need oats' but he soon perked up. There is possibility of lazy rider too. I am still thinking about the oats though. Maybe 1/4 scoop.

That is great that the Dartmoor is being so useful! I am going to see my old Dartmoor tomorrow for the first time since she went!

Sykes...well done jumping a ditch...they scare me!

Callin - I am also jealous of the two hour hacks in Easter hols...not poss for me in the holidays.

But I did manage a little after work ride. Unfortunately the mare has really ballooned the last few days and it has had such an effect on how she is to ride. She normally pops over the little jumps in the woods, but today she really struggled, and crashed right through one of them. So from today she is going to be ridden or lunged every day.

Pixel Tue 12-Apr-11 20:11:05

Hi, no it's a bit difficult for me to get to ride atm, what with school hols and dh is working away all week so I'm a single parent! Ds has been ill anyway and has only just perked up a bit today, so I've been doing boring spring-cleaning in between wiping up snot/providing drinks etc. My mum is normally very good and will watch ds for me while I have a quick ride but her dog had a stroke today so I wouldn't ask. sad.

sykes Tue 12-Apr-11 20:39:11

I got rid of the girls to friends today and am doing the same tomorrow - hence ability to ride. But have to work tomorrow, I HAVE TO (am freelance and awful at time management).
Manatee, the ditch was not more than a puddle. And when I say "jumped" I mean kicked him down the "bank" (ie, tiny, little incline) to it and then sort of lunged up the other side/slight incline.
Mitchy, oats? You're mad. Why? He sounds lovely at the moment.
I HATE being out of control on a horse and am increasingly wimpier the older I get. But am trying to make my horse as sane and calm as possible as can only afford to run one and my older dd (younger one doesn't ride any more) will borrow/inherit in the next few years. I want her on a quiet as possible horse, for my nerves rather than hers. I don't like "nutters" any more - am sure she'd love to bomb around, though, but I want it to be as safe as possible and have brakes.
God, I sound dull.

SupersonicDave Tue 12-Apr-11 21:02:40

envy at you all riding

School hols means i have DD with me the whole time, and DH is working later than usual so evenings aren't free either.

MitchiestInge Tue 12-Apr-11 21:07:50

That is a good point, about children riding (although my older one is 20! Youngest 12 next month, middle one hardly ever rides but has asked for lesson and it would have to be him) although he is careful with certain people. He would never do anything like the pony does, he can just be a bit strong and fast but it's as if the bad bits of middle of summer are here already - podgy and slow. I don't want him to go mental, it's just weird having to nag him so much and bloody unheard of when jumping.

It was filmed each time, maybe can upload somewhere for some honest views. Maybe he is really getting older?

Mitchie - I have fed the mare oats before, made no difference whatsoever. Some horses will react to them and some wont. If he is slow because of being podgy, chances are the oats will just add to the podge!

MitchiestInge Tue 12-Apr-11 21:30:29

Oats usually bring back a bit of sparkle, I wonder if the 'problem' (it's not actually a problem is it) is that his whole life is Favourite Things now - no more plodging round in riding school but living out 24/7, loads of hacks, jumping so maybe it just isn't as exciting as before?

CailinBainne Tue 12-Apr-11 22:03:04

ahh - mine's not on school hols till next week, hence the riding.... we'll be back to the 20 minute wonders next week grin

MitchiestInge Wed 13-Apr-11 09:41:46

Day off today, I think, except pony will have his schooling session. Dropped it (the proper ones, not schooling in general) to two a week because £ugh but am wondering if this is not something to scrimp on.

olderyetwider Wed 13-Apr-11 10:58:38

Mitchie, my GD went through a scared of hacking stage last year (aged 10) I don't know how old your DD is, but what broke through and got her out was giving her pony a top to toe groom, made him look utterly gorgeous, then just casually said that it was a shame not to show him off. It resulted in a ride around the village, just at walk with me on foot, and then up the bridle path at trot (I lost loads of weight last summer!). She got her confidence back, and hacked out happily after that.

GS (not that horsey and doesn't want to come with us every day) is away with the school this week so we're riding every day. Tis lovely, but I ache

Pixel Wed 13-Apr-11 15:51:11

Ds seems a lot better today (apart from a nosebleed this morning) so we took dshetland for a little ride which he thoroughly enjoyed. Didn't trot in case it started the nose off again!

SupersonicDave Wed 13-Apr-11 18:35:25


Mitchy - i used to give my mare oats sometimes if i felt she was a bit 'meh' blush tbh, it was probably just lack of fitness as the oats did bugger all.

The girl at our yard (who is taking Mare to PC soon - yay!!) rode Mare today. I had a very proud mummy moment at how beautiful she was going in trot blush grin canter leaves a bit to be desired, but hey ho, it will come.

Apart from really not having time to ride, my back is so bad atm, that schooling leaves me unable to walk. Got an app with the chiro next week though so hopefully i will sorted.

MitchiestInge Wed 13-Apr-11 20:36:55

She was about ten, older, when her nerve mysteriously went (a few too eventful hacks too many) but will be twelve next month. I might try your approach tomorrow!

Glad your son is better pixel. Alice what has happened to your back?

Pony was v grumpy. It's weird how I can watch him in a not great schooling session and simultaneously melt at his beauty and feel a bit cross at his stroppiness.

My favourite thing today was mucking out! Am sure the novelty will wear off but aren't rubber mats NICE?

SupersonicDave Wed 13-Apr-11 21:32:17

Rubber mats are great but they make the stables smell so much worse! Horse piss that is sweating on rubber? Delightful!

My back is a combination of a dodgy lumbar puncture at 18 (nicked the sciatic nerve) too long riding bad horses (or falling off) and 2 kids (one giant 9lb 2oz baby) It is not that it hurts as such, but that i get sudden weakness in my back and legs, and really cant move. Think i may have a trapped nerve this time.

Ponks Wed 13-Apr-11 21:58:27

Went for hack with DH round a local farm ride. Had bit of a panic attack sad and was too scared to canter as mare was being bit of an idiot, she is very clingy to DH's horse and got upset if DH moved too far away (as in more than about 5 metres). Feel really lousy and upset that I'm such an idiot, don't know what happened to me.
I'm really not enjoying myself at the mo. Perhaps I should give myself a break from riding for a while.

MitchiestInge Thu 14-Apr-11 09:05:53

I know! Trailed round after various of the liveries trying to scrounge some Jeyes Fluid yesterday. Am sure that was an annual job and not a weekly one in the olden days! Hope your back improves, it's so limiting and so frustrating - have you got help with the children and horses in meantime?

Ponks can you ride something else now and then? Don't know what helps, it is supposed to be enjoyable isn't it. Would probably be a bad idea to take couple mg diazepam or something before you ride? Pixel and Owls got a cd that I think helped, a sort of hypnosis thing.

Have a very similar problem on the ground, am working on theory that the more I do it (get horses in and out of fields) without incident the less anxious I will be. But there is always an incident!

MitchiestInge Thu 14-Apr-11 09:07:29

And you're not an idiot!

SupersonicDave Thu 14-Apr-11 10:03:24

Ponks sad I do agree with Mitchy though, it is better to do it than to not. I am so wussy sensible since having the kids (and breaking my leg - another story!) but if i avoid something it becomes a much bigger issue. I would recommend getting an instructor who is good with nervous/beginners and having some lessons.

I am much better riding/handling horses when there are other people there as i don't feel the full responsibility of something going wrong iyswim? I feel able to go back to just doing the things i have always done rather than think about doing them and all that can go wrong. I hope that makes sense!

SupersonicDave Thu 14-Apr-11 20:42:24

Well, no riding today, but i got some old pony books from the charity shop grin We Hunted Hounds by C. Pullein-thompson, and National Velvet, maybe i will be inspired? grin

I love old pony books!!!

Ponks - I agree with Mitchie - is there any extra sensible horse you could borrow??? How long have you had your horse?

I rode in the woods today. Then I went up the track that leads to the back way out of the yard through fields to see if the cows have gone in the field yet. Unfortunately they have. I hate cows, I hate the way they follow us, and how I never know what they will do. There are now cows in the fields on all my nearest rides. I may need to find a new yard!

Ponks Thu 14-Apr-11 22:25:59

Ahh, thanks guys for your support. It is just so weird having seemingly lost my nerve so much.

I also have an aged gelding who is brilliant and when I feel bad he gives me a lovely confidence boosting ride. I trust him so much and am very relaxed with him, but at his age (mid 20s) I don't want to do too much with him - though every now and then he loves to pop a tiny fence!
And tonight I rode my mare in the school and she was lovely. <phew>
Hopefully get out for a hack again tomorrow & start building up again. The idea of taking something beforehand eg stiff drink rescue remedy is a good one.

Yay for pony books! love the horsey bits in the Antonia Forest books too.

MitchiestInge Thu 14-Apr-11 23:28:45

It is such a horrible feeling isn't it, that sudden and total loss of nerve. I don't have it when riding - although there is one jump I have a thing about, although everyone does, it's called 'the chicken' for a reason! But in the field I am getting worse and worse and worse, it is so madly unhelpful that the dartmoor goes out in a field with a four year old stallion and an eleven month old colt. The colt is - I don't want to say he is something horrible, but they are not the most calm and trustworthy creatures are they? If he isn't trying to mount me he is spinning round to double barrel me. Maybe it is like flooding, maybe it is an actual therapeutic type process. I can't even feel cross with him because he is so beautiful and coltish!

Anyway at least daughter overcame her hacking phobia, the whole 'this pony is too pretty not to show off' thing worked. We had one very minor road to cross and encountered three lorries, more than we see in a whole week, and now we know the dartmoor is not a fan of lorries - we had been warned. Don't think it has put her off although there were tears at lorry number one.

I want to read the Jill's Gymkhana etc books now.

SupersonicDave Fri 15-Apr-11 17:18:22

Ooh, Jill's Gymkhana. Have you ever read any of the Fly-by-Night books?

Well done your DD and dartmoor. That is great!

Ponks Rescue remedy is quite good, but i think you need to work on the reason you feel nervous iyswim?

Manatee cows are the only thing my mare is scared of.

DD rode my friend's beautiful shettie today. Friend has said we can go up anytime we like to ride - Yay! DD was doing lots of trotting and even went over a trotting pole "I want to jump. I want to jump BIG" hmm grin oh dear god

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 19:10:47

Think I prefer Fly-by-night stories, everything comes too easy to Jill. I loved her as a child but now I re-read them and think she is a prissy little know-it-all. grin The Swallow Tales are good too, but then I love K M Peyton.

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 19:38:22

Mitchy, I don't call that loss of nerve, I call that self-preservation! If the pony is kicking out at you etc then you are more than entitled to be wary.

Must admit, I'm not so good now at going in fields with lots of horses. I used to be fine but then there was one nasty one that really put me off, I had to fling myself under the fence once as his hooves whistled past me and he wouldn't let me get the shetland out at all. That's why we stay where we are really as we have our own paddocks and don't have to go through any others. If I moved to the yard up the road with fab facilities, (so tempted! Goodness, they even have electricity[shock) dhorse would be in with at least 20 others, which wouldn't be so bad in the summer but would be hellish in the winter when they are all hungry.

Ponks, I know what you mean by weird, people think you need to have a reason to lose your nerve like a bad fall or something, but sometimes it does just vanish! I'm in the process of trying to get my nerve back, it is a long hard road but the alternative is giving up altogether which I just can't do. I did try the confidence CD but I got fed up with being interrupted (phone/postman etc) every single time I tried to listen to it. If I were you I wouldn't have a break, it just makes it worse. I'm finding the best tactics are to try and calm the 'what-ifs' constantly going through my head because they are the main problem. I'm also hampered by a phobia I've developed about riding downhill, living between the foot of the Downs and the sea (horrid industrial/harbour and pebbly, not nice ride-on sandy beaches) means I'm severely limited with how far I can actually go. hmm

SupersonicDave Fri 15-Apr-11 19:59:33

Pixel i loved The Team by KM Peyton, where they are a couple of years older, when i was about 13.

I hate handling other horses tbh. I used to work in a stud, breaking yard, racing yards etc and now i hate being near others. After DD was born i remember bringing a friend's cob in from the field. After i put him in his stable i found i was shaking! He hadn't done anything at all. I don't know if it was having DD or breaking my leg or combination of both that did it.

Oh...Fly by Night is good But I did like Jill too :D

I did some schooling today - it didn't go very well, she was pretty awful in canter, unbalanced, mini bucks, wrong leads etc ...so we went into the field in the woods for a quick gallop and jumping session instead.

I miss my ID so much, he is so perfect

Ponks Fri 15-Apr-11 21:13:28

Today the mare and I have been for a hack and had a tiny canter for a few strides before I chickened out; even managed to open and close gates calmly (am also a wimp about gates having nearly broken my leg with last horse rushing through a gate as I was opening it, still have the scars a couple of years on!).
Planning to do this by self a few times before trying another farm ride with DH. Anyway it felt like a step forward.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. Pixel - sorry to hear you are having confidence issues too. I also have the "what if"s going through my head. Had to stop jumping xc last year as whenever I approached a fence lots of mental images appeared of me falling off & breaking my back etc. Could picture it perfectly. Not exactly the right frame of mind to jump with!

MitchiestInge Fri 15-Apr-11 21:14:05

Had such a nice hack with friends this pm, slightly mental canters (head butting shaking despite new nose net, which actually made it worse grrrr) came home with very long shadows as sun was setting. I love my horse too much, he is irreplaceable. What will I do when he is really really old? Why did they only make one of him?

But trying not to think about that, looking forward to Sunday when friends are riding each of the ponies and we can all go out together on the really long best route - meadows, 'hills', gallops.

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 22:23:14

Mitchy, there's no doubt it's hard when they get old, but it's worth it for what you have now surely? And you will have a new friend one day, it won't be better or worse, just different but it will be good. My old boy has been gone 5 years, I still miss him, sometimes I dream about him and when I go along the field I can picture him there clear as day if I want to. Doesn't mean I don't love dhorse though. We don't have the same bond yet, (we can't have, I had my old boy for 23 years), but he is special in his own way.

Funny you saying about only making one. There is a little horse sanctuary quite near where I live and I always have to look over the wall to see what they've got (as you do). The other week I was taking ds for a walk to the park and looked over the wall and my heart nearly stopped. They have a pony there the absolute spitting image of my old pony when I first got him (right down to the sticking out ribs sadly sad). I must admit I spent a few days plotting how I could afford to take him on and trying to convince myself he would be a suitable mount for ds. blush

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 22:41:12

Oh dear just thought about that and it sounds really callous, like you can get another one and it won't matter. You know I didn't mean it like that right? It's just that as hard as losing him was, it was still better than never having him, and I know that one day I'll feel the same way about dhorse.

Aww....Mitchie...I totally feel the same about the mare. She is so special to me, even though actually she has many faults! I have had her since she was 2 and she is now 13 and the farrier called her an 'old girl' a little while ago - I actually could have burst into tears right there! I don't want her to ever get old! I still call her 'baby horse' sometimes!!!

Pixel - that does not sound callous to me!

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 23:05:58

Ha ha, old pony was always 'the youngster' until well into his twenties, just because we had two older ones!

Damn you Mitchy, you've depressed me now. It's only just occurred to me that there's a good chance that the bloody horse will outlive me!

MitchiestInge Fri 15-Apr-11 23:26:06

Noooooooo, doesn't sound callous. It sounds hopeful - life goes on, other goof stuff happens etc. I'm being an idiot. He's 18, not 30something! Although I'm not convinced he isn't a bit older, there was no passport until I got him one and we just guessed his age, pitched at an insurance friendly sort of level.

Our pony will pretty much definitely outlive me if I ride him more often, I will die from the shame of falling off grin - although haven't fallen off since the day of the Most Eventful Hack Ever some months back.

MitchiestInge Fri 15-Apr-11 23:27:07

Yes goof stuff will definitely happen but I meant good

Pixel Fri 15-Apr-11 23:35:25

I'm looking forward to the goof stuff. smile

MitchiestInge Fri 15-Apr-11 23:37:25

Haha yes me too. Started oats today, there must be at least an outside chance of goof stuff soon?

MitchiestInge Sun 17-Apr-11 07:32:02

Excited about extremely long ride. Just need to find sensible pants.

Horse has squared off his back feet and will have to be shod all round soon, all this road work I suppose.

Long ride today Mitchie???

The mare is wearing down her unshod fronts too (she is only shod on the backs, we are different!).

Such a lovely day it seems - and I have the kids all day :s Plus got uni work I really should get on with today - have fun all who are riding - enjoy the goof things

Butkin Sun 17-Apr-11 13:51:02

Did you get to Topthorn yesterday Mitchie? DD won the M&M FR on her palomino (which meant a very long wait for the ridden championship but no luck there). Was a very nice day though.

MitchiestInge Mon 18-Apr-11 10:50:59

Oh very well done! No I didn't make it, although I was around after the event to congratulate friend who qualified for equifest. I can't actually remember what I did all day Saturday? Can feel what I did yesterday though, which was to spend far far too much time in the saddle!

I hope our paths cross soon, would be nice to put faces to names and am still looking for trailer - is yours sold already? Although sharer wants to go halves on a small lorry which is probably most cost effective. Do you ever show at the Jays?

Butkin Mon 18-Apr-11 14:44:05

Trailer has been washed but not for sale at the moment. Put that on hold as, with DDs pony at show livery, we're just turning up in the car at the moment as they take it to shows.

Will be using trailer to take Connie to Suffolk etc. Box will be bought when inheritence comes thru!

Yes we frequent the Jays (our nearest venue) - not sure yet if we're going on Monday or not as may be tired after BSPS Winter Champs.

addictedtocbeebies Wed 20-Apr-11 07:52:33

Hello all smile

Horses are now on spring grass during the day (hooray!) and <<whispers>> so far gelding has not had tummy ache, and he is a lot happier looking.

Mare got ridden yesterday by girl at the yard. I am so pleased at how well she is going.

DD rode our old pony again on monday out up the track, naughty pony dived (surprisingly agile for an elderly pony with sore feet hmm) towards a rathr tasty looking clump of grass, DD went over his head and landed with a thump sad poor DD. I asked her if she wanted to go back now (she is only 3) but she got really cross with me and said "No Mummy, i want to get back on, i am going to trot" grin not sure what i have started confused

Going to the chiropractor today, so hopefully will be fit to ride again next week when DD is back at school.

addictedtocbeebies Wed 20-Apr-11 07:53:03

Oh fuck, didn't namechange back confused

I rode past my old yard today for the first time since we left. That was weird.

I hate the main road I have to ride on, hate it so much. And all the rides that avoid it now have fields with cows and calves in, FFS! :s

MitchiestInge Wed 20-Apr-11 13:52:57

heh at forgetting to change name, I'm due a name change so I can have a long anonymous whinge about Yard Stuff

was ok day, yard stuff aside, pony stroppy in school but settled in and went well for 20mins. Did jumping (preparation for competition coming up soon) all going beautifully - sharer was on him - then the rodeo switch flicked and it was Bad. Handstands, rider off, out of school shock and bolted. Took a while for him to stop and calm down and be caught, then sharer got back on and finished the course and he was fine again. I just cried but that is my response to everything at the moment.

MitchiestInge Wed 20-Apr-11 14:05:26

can I set him free in the New Forest? Is that unreasonable?

MitchiestInge Wed 20-Apr-11 14:06:06

(obviously don't MEAN it, am just venting)

I would be kind of mad if that happened to me Mitchie. Is the sharer okay? Why the hell does he do it! I know that obviously you don't know the answer to that, but considering it sounds like he goes beautifully a lot of the time, it sounds like there must be something causing it :s

SupersonicDave Wed 20-Apr-11 14:43:00

Mitchy sad that is tough. I know it is expensive but have you tried a chiro for him? My chiro does humans and animals, and at one yard we were at she did this horse that kept going completely mental for no reason and found he was so sore that she could only do a foal treatment on him, and even that made a huge difference. Otherwise, it would be teeth, saddle, bit, food etc. There is also the spring grass, but i know this is an ongoing issue.

Also apparently there is a stroppy mare supplement for geldings now, or Nupafeed has very good results.

brighthair Thu 21-Apr-11 12:22:05

hey, I'm new here :-)

I had a lesson on my horse the day before yesterday and went for a hack to cool off as we were both sweaty!
Yesterday was SO hot, I did 20 min s schooling and then pottered around the yard

MitchiestInge Thu 21-Apr-11 12:58:38

Hi brighthair, impossibly hot isn't it?

I've flicked slightly diluted horse wee on lots of myself whilst scrubbing the matting a bit too exuberantly and I have no intention of getting changed - given that have to go back and finish the job in a few hours. It's not the best smell in the world is it?

Rodeo pony better today, keep trying to put him in situations where it happens to see if he tries it and then prevent it. He did try a little. Am not convinced we will ever make enough progress for him to be suitable for anything other than a rider with such a high level of competency that they probably wouldn't look twice at a chunky little coloured, unpredictable and hairy thing. But who knows.

Gut feeling is that this isn't health or discomfort issue, he's been this way his whole life and has had regular checks. It's the way he is. Am throwing lots of money at him already but his sharer might want to try the chiro and she is welcome to organise that!

brighthair Thu 21-Apr-11 13:10:50

too hot!
I should introduce myself and horse really

I'm 27 from Lancashire and I share a 16.2hh ID X TB mare who competes in dressage at Medium level. She also likes jumping, and eating :-)

olderyetwider Thu 21-Apr-11 13:30:10

Hi brighthair, welcome to the tack room. Your horse sounds lovely!

I'm a wussy nearly 50 year old so I've got a nice little Fell pony, who is a very good girl (but she can go really fast when she's sure it's what you want!) I love her very very much as she's given me my confidence back. DH has a Belgian Draught, who's stopped trying to eat everything in her path on rides, and GD has a pretty and sweet natured Welsh/Arab who is the love of my life because he's so nice to her.

Totally gratuitous introducing of our horses, but it's all so lovely at the moment, and I'm so proud of them!

Mitchy, good luck with Pony, you are brave still getting on him, I'd be too terrified. I am full of admiration for your commitment to him, and jealous of your bottle!

brighthair Thu 21-Apr-11 14:20:46

Oh she is :-)

I am a very nervous rider but have made vast progress in the last few months thanks to a great trainer. This week I have hacked out and ridden on my own :-)

Ponks Fri 22-Apr-11 18:31:12

Well have had a brilliant week so a complete about turn from previous panics. Have schooled, hacked, even jumped (though fences so small not really coming under definition of word "jump"), and today went on a farm ride with DH, we had a great time, had lots of canters, popped some tiny logs, no panic attacks from me smile.
Mare very bothered by flies and / or pollen so think nose net in order. She doesn't do it at all at home or local hacks though.
Has everyone else had a good bank holiday? What fab weather!

MitchiestInge Sat 23-Apr-11 09:06:38

Look how well everything is going for everyone, the sun makes everything better

did lots of ambling round the roads and bridleways yesterday, new nose nets (equilibrium I think) plus fly repellant have made massive difference to the two head shakers - it's still too hard to canter anywhere though so our usual routes take ages

SupersonicDave Sat 23-Apr-11 09:31:48

I am so envy of you all!

Mare is doing so well with the fab girl from our yard - is it wrong that i am tempted to do some dressage on mare now that someone has been getting her going so nicely? grin

Back is still a bit confused so i am not even going to attempt to ride until it stops hurting sad

We fly sprayed our horses for the first time yesterday. Mare has Switch (pour on every 10-14days) and Gelding has Deosect (coat with spray every 10-14days) which works well for us as usually someone else turns out, and it is a bit of a faff having to put on fly sheets/repellant every morning.

MitchiestInge Sat 23-Apr-11 15:02:39

Wow, never knew you could get weekly/fortnightly things - what a good idea. Sorry to hear your back is still not right though.

Does your fab girl want a usually fab but sometimes explosively unpredictable skewbald pony to ride a few times a week?

Well done Ponks - that is fantastic that your getting on so much better with riding :D

I rode the mare today in the woods, impossibly hot. She was sweating before we even started. The mare was also incredibly strong again...eek.

SupersonicDave Sat 23-Apr-11 18:31:11

Oh dear Ponks sad Is she in season?

Mitchy - the Deosect costs about £30 but this our 3rd year using the same bottle, really is amazing. Just don't put it on in the stable!

Our girl is only 15, so sadly not freelance yet, and also has a young 16hh warmblood that she is doing well with.

SupersonicDave Sat 23-Apr-11 18:31:45

Sorry, not ponks, i mean Manatee <doh>

I haven't noticed any more obvious signs that she is in season...but she could be. She has got herself a male admirer over the fence who calls for her as soon as she is out of the field. He lives alone on restricted grazing, and the mare is out on her own often because her field companions are stabled every day. But their romance will have to continue to be over the fence because mares and geldings are not allowed in together at this yard :s

MitchiestInge Sun 24-Apr-11 14:34:53

Awww, what, never? It's forbidden?

Yeah, geldings and mares are always separated. I think it is daft.

Had a lovely ride in the evening sunshine. The woods were beautiful with bluebells out and she was better behaved than yesterday

SupersonicDave Sun 24-Apr-11 20:27:19

I RODE TODAY!!!! grin

I took a handful of painkillers and went out for a quiet amble round the fields. Still feel fine (thank you ibuprofen and diclofenac!) Maree was bright but impeccably behaved.

Well done SSD - good old painkillers

MitchiestInge Mon 25-Apr-11 09:46:45

Hooray! Hooray for bluebells too, wish we had a bluebell wood within hacking distance - there is one we are allowed to inch round but the tracks are all hidden pothole-y and lethal when ground so hard.

Might ride in the school today, there's lots of Stuff happening in village so will be too much traffic whizzing past all day.

MitchiestInge Mon 25-Apr-11 09:47:30

Need IDEAS for school though. Am bored just imagining it.

Ugh @ riding in the school! I like to do jumping in a school, but we are not allowed to jump in our school (up their with the separated geldings and mares for daft and irritating yard rules!).
Ideas ... practice something difficult?! With my mare that would be getting a balanced canter around the short side! But I'm sure with your far more capable horses you could think of something more difficult to practice!?

MitchiestInge Mon 25-Apr-11 10:07:40

Hahaha, even if the horses were more capable I'm not! Where can you jump then? Do you just find things on hacks? There are jump fairies who strategically position logs and interesting obstacles on some routes, I love letting horse decide whether to soar 6' over or take some incredibly circuitous way round.

Difficult for my horse is to canter a 20m circle without motorbiking - and it's all sandy and dusty and annoying. Am not riding That Pony until he promises to never rodeo again, and feel too neurotic to inflict my bulk on the dartmoor hmm of course I could stay at home and do some tidying up?

olderyetwider Mon 25-Apr-11 11:22:55

GD had a fantastic time at Pony Club Easter Bunny Hunt on Saturday. They met at the local stately home, bunnies (older girls in bunny ears) set off 10 mins ahead, then pony club, with proper field master, chased them round the woods and fields, had a proper gallop and jumped lots of logs, then a long walk back through the woods to cool down. Then tea on lawn of posh house, and nobody disapproved that I'd brought shop cake instead of baking!

We all went for a nice sedate ride last night just at walk to stretch pony's legs, and have found a brilliant bridleway I didn't know before, and GS thinks he might start riding again!

olderyetwider Mon 25-Apr-11 11:24:24

Meant to say Mitchie, don't tidy up, the mess will still be there when the lovely weather's gone. Go and enjoy yourself with your horses

MitchiestInge Mon 25-Apr-11 13:18:41

Best advice ever, especially if the mess isn't there because someone else has tackled it that happens increasingly often

and anyway it is not May day, I thought it was for some reason, but it is all just as sleepy and sunny as ever so am going for lovely long hack - hooray for me!

CailinBainne Mon 25-Apr-11 15:00:30

blimey - forgot I hadn't posted on here for ages...

Anyway - Li'l B had lice...was going mental at DD cos she kept scratching and picking lice out of her hair so I wet-combed her every night for 4 nights and they were still coming. Thought I was going mad till I brought in Li'l B and groomed him, the poor fella was crawling !!! THey were getting on DD when she gave him his nightly cuddle grin..... treated them both with some Renegade (for cows, but best I could get round here) and he appears to be clear now (though the morning after he was covered in masses of dead lice...eewwww)

Then they had second doses of flu/tet jab so been off for 3 days...hopefully will ride again tomorrow.

DD in France for the week so I'll have to exercise both.

Mitchie - I am a jump fairy around here! I am forever dragging out branches to build jumps and satisfy my need to jump - apologies to any Exeter area non-jumping riders who get annoyed by their local jump fairy (although I think it is walkers who get more annoyed!) However we do have woods at this yard which have a couple of jumps already set up.

Olderyet - that Easter bunny hunt sounds fantastic fun!!!

I gave DD a lunge lesson on the mare today. It is the first time DHorse has been lunged with a rider on. She was not great, but DD did very well. She had a little canter, and practised her jump position I had a little ride in the school afterwards.

MitchiestInge Tue 26-Apr-11 10:52:52

well, thank you all jump fairies had never ever thought of inconvenience to walkers - but am low on sympathy as they have alllllllll the footpaths and everywhere, we just get a few bridleways and green lanes and have to share the latter with crazy land rover people! Definitely too long in saddle yesterday but it was cooler and they were raring to go, still can't canter due to post apocalyptic style dry cracked ground. Just RAIN please. Too much to ask?

international sideways show jumping (2'3 haha) on Friday, will be thrilled to go clear but actually suspect we will win if everyone stays home to watch the wedding and it's a one horse race - am also taking rodeo Joe which could be one of my least sensible moves but you never know? He usually concentrates on jumping and likes it and forgets to buck etc

elephantpoo Tue 26-Apr-11 19:27:20

Manatee........I wonder if it's you in our local woods-we could vaguely be classed as "Exeter area". I love you jump fairies. Not very good at making them myself......end up either massive or a stick on the floor!!
My lovely boy is still going very well. Had his "worst" day on Saturday..........though barely comparable to past ponies "worst" days grin
Very spooky and needed a lot of encouragement (though, to be fair, I was asking him to pass through the village shock)
He did it though. Passed drain covers (a huge problem for him atm.....not quite sure what he thinks they're going to do grin, a mini-digger in somebody's garden and even a man playing with a chainsaw!!

MitchiestInge Wed 27-Apr-11 17:53:57

Despairnosity, fronts barely lasted four weeks and am having him shod all round right now. £££ sad

at least am wearing them through hacking and not solely through pawing the ground, lovely one this morning and got chatted up by benign sort of white van perv

MitchiestInge Wed 27-Apr-11 19:52:05

and back in snaffle at last (not for jumping though, just hacking) he looked really happy about it!

EP - Shillingford/Cutteridge/Haldon are the woods around here to have my jump building inflicted on them smile

Mitchie - I don't like the sound of new shoes every 4 weeks :s

I schooled today, then rode in the woods, all very lovely, the mare even did a turn on the forehand, very good for her!

Went swimming in the sea after (not with horse!), it was so lush!

elephantpoo Thu 28-Apr-11 17:16:41

Manatee.....ah, you're not our jump fairy then sad
We are in Bridford. There's a special horse box park at haldon isn't there? Is the riding good? Is the horse box park near the cycle area, do you know? Would love to come and jump some of your creations grin
I agree, shoeing every 4 weeks doesn't sound good Mitchie shock Infact it petrifies me. I think I'm going to have to put fronts on Dpony (after vowing to keep him barefoot)........I think it may be the start of something very expensive!!
Dpony jumped a stream today (unexpectedly!) and "pulled a wheely" when I asked him to stand by a gate so I could open it shock
But apart from that he was a dream. Opened 5 gates and only had to get off to shut 1 grin

Ooooh. We tried to ride to Dunsford woods from Ide once - that is near Bridford right? We didn't quite make it but went along a nice bridlepath by somewhere called Spanish Lakes and met some other riders who said there are good rides around Christow, but we never tried to go out that way again for no reason in particular. I miss my friend also having a horse - that was just after Christmas and we took vanilla vodka with us - fab fun smile

I have only ever hacked up to Haldon rather than boxed, it was an hour hack from the old yard, but + 20 mins from the new yard make it that bit harder. Their are some nice tracks, but also some which are badly maintained at the bottom end (towards Shillingford).

The mare has had to be stabled the last few days because lorries have been going through her field. So when I rode her after work she was really lively, it was great grin

MitchiestInge Sat 30-Apr-11 06:49:17

have been too busy admiring all those clear round rosettes to post smile really proud of rodeo pony yesterday, he was about to explode with excitement of it all (show jumping) there were four riders between my two but none of us wanted to do it on him! Luckily old instructor from long ago was there and she got the measure of him (although she came off once blush) and took him round the course, he was quivering all over at the end (it was quite scary, he's only jumped our boring things before) but looked very pleased. Horse went clear every time of course, except when instructor offered to take him round the working hunter course (his favourite) and he was so excited (plus she was sort of riding him a bit too much if that makes sense, you have to let him assess the fences for himself mostly) he flicked her off his back too - and then just bounced round sideways, cat leaping everything. Might stick to show jumping with him!

Obviously mildly biased but he should be placed if not win sj competition next month, he was so fast and fluid and flawless smile

MitchiestInge Sat 30-Apr-11 06:53:51

also met people who knew rodeo pony when he was backed and abandoned in field - late as I suspected, heard them whispering about him. Love piecing their histories together, and feel encouraged that although he might be 8 he's not even quite an average 6yo in terms of experience yet

Aww, Mitchie, your horse sounds an absolute star! Never mind the working hunter - I'm sure it was that he was being overridden, sounds like he can do it perfectly fine with no interferrance from the rider!

MitchiestInge Wed 04-May-11 08:50:08


where are you lot? Haven't dome much since Friday, hacked a couple of times. Need a bit for horse that is somewhere between the kimblewick (essential for sj) and the loose ring snaffle, might visit the bit bank and try a few.

olderyetwider Wed 04-May-11 09:36:05

Hi Mitchie, been riding all week as on holiday and such lovely weather. Our local jump fairies have been out in the woods too. By the end of the summer I'm going to jump a little one. The rangers in the country park where we ride leave big piles of wood out for the fairies when they do tree work.

GD loves the idea of being a jump fairy so she and I are going up later to drag a lovely log we spotted yesterday to the perfect spot we found for it (mustn't squash the bluebells though, they are lovely)

Let us know how you get on with bits, I'm considering changing my mare from single jointed eggbutt snaffle to a french link as she's a bit fussy about her mouth and a bit reluctant to work on anything but a long rein. (her teeth are done now, but were terrible when I got her) I'm thinking maybe less might be more, but I'd be interested in what others think

I'm here! Just been busy writing an essay and trying to avoid procrastination (MN).

Had a nice ride in the woods then road hack today, but my back really hurts atm, which made it all far less nice.

I like the sound of your rangers Olderyet smile

The mare is in a 3 ring french link going from a single jointed rubber snaffle. It has been a fantastic improvement - I can stop and steer these days! She is also more willing to work in an outline with the french link.

olderyetwider Thu 05-May-11 10:35:48

That's encouraging Manatee, both our other horses work best in a french link. I think I'll give it a go as working in something near an outline is what I'm aiming at at the moment

Well yes, and our 'outline' is more of a 'something near an outline' than a dressagey 'on the bit', but she definitely engages more in it.

No riding today as I had a job interview - and then tomorrow I am going to a seminar in Bath and have to drop of the DCs at the child minder at 6.30am, so I am busy getting ready this evening!

Sad news at the yard though - one of the other horses got PTS in the field last night sad

elephantpoo Thu 05-May-11 19:53:55

That's really sad Manatee. Was it unexpected?
Another thumbs up for french links here. My DD's pony was in a straight bar rubber snaffle when we got him, but needed more. Tried him in a single jointed snaffle, but couldn't get on with it (fussing with his mouth all the time) The french link is brill.......he loves it smile
Our area is Bridford, Christow and Dunsford Manatee. It's beautiful. Loads of tracks / woodland / quiet lanes and we're 15 mins hack from a pretty reservoir smile Really must get brave enough to tow the trailer and venture to Haldon.
I haven't ridden today (too wet here!), but planning to explore tomorrow. I'm hoping to follow a ride that DH and I may do one evening (him on a bike) that ends at a pub for tea smile

He was old, had lots of issues, and then apparently broke his pelvis the night he was PTS. Poor boy sad

Hmm...might have to look at moving out that way in a year or so EP.

I haven't ridden today either because of the seminar. I think it will be dry for a bit in the middle of the day tomorrow so will try and ride then.

sykes Sat 07-May-11 16:15:16

Hope everyone well. We had rain at last, thank goodness, but not very much. Haven't done as much riding as would have liked due to work and holidays but have had a couple of great long hacks with some cantering etc. Took horse to local dressage today and came third which was a massive surprise. He was SO good. Only walk and trot but he behaved incredibly well and was hugely calm - gave me great confidence. We increased our score from last test by 10 marks so that was brilliant too. I think we'll now move to elementary and plan to do a pairs mini cross country course in a couple of weeks too. It's taken forever to feel this good and long may it continue. Isn't it nice when it goes well? This time last year I was absolutely petrified of riding him so it's brilliant to have something good to report.
What's everyone else up to? Shows/hacking?

SupersonicDave Sun 08-May-11 20:47:39

Hello smile

Well done on your dressage Sykes

Rode mare on thursday, yesterday and today - can't bloody move! Good news is that my back seems to be much better though, it is just my poor muscles that are all weak and wobbly grin

Mare is going to PC on friday!!!! Yay!!! So excited! We are hoping to go along to watch. I am so nervous about her travelling in the trailer though confused

Glad your back is so much better SSD. My back is not good atm damn it. I am just hoping all pain will just go away!

Well done Sykes smile

Rode around the woods today. Had DCs in tow, they were being moany and difficult! The mare on the other hand was lovely! smile

elephantpoo Tue 10-May-11 15:24:10

SupersonicDave - glad your back's better. Must be so frustrating for you.
Sykes - great news about the dressage. Well done you and your horse smile
I rode Dpony around the reservoirs today he had his first jump grin
Just a log balanced on another, but I gradually made it higher until he was jumping about 20" (I'm rubbish at measuring...........it was about a hands width above my knee)
He loved it. Each time he cleared it I got off and made it a bit bigger. After our last jump he stopped himself next to it as if to say go on then, make it bigger grin
I have realised however that I have no brakes blush

Yay for jumping your pony EP!!! grin He sounds so sweeeet!!! I often lose breaks when jumping too smile And talk of riding around reservoirs is making me really consider moving Dhorse that way at some point.

I didn't ride today, but at the yard I saw another livery whose daughter was riding the back way out of our yard yesterday which goes through some fields which drain quite a lot of water. They are quite marshy, but usually just averagely bad mud if you stick to the route (the one time DHorse went in over her hocks, we were taking a short cut). Anyway, her daughter's pony sank in up to his back. They are okay although quite shaken up. I am now quite worried about riding that way, which sucks, because that is half my rides, going out the front way goes onto such a busy road sad

sykes Tue 10-May-11 19:12:21

Well done, EP - sounds great. MEO, that's v scary. I used to have a huge fear of marshy places/bogs and can't imagine it on horseback.
Had a really nice hack today. Horse is being SO good at the moment. I'm cantering out but asking friend to go off so he gets used to being put back to walk/trot etc and let other horse go for a canter then we catch up. I just don't want that feeling of hitting grass and zoom. God, I do sound boring but am too old and want to make him as safe as possible for my daughter. Mind you, she'll doubtlessly get on in a year's time and tank him everywhere. Isn't that what you do as a teenager?

MitchiestInge Wed 11-May-11 13:57:08

I can't imagine mud anywhere, it's so dusty sad when will it rain properly? Had lovely long hack but horse desperate for a good gallop (me too) and ground too hard for anything but walk and trot. The further you go the more insane stuff you meet though - since when have so many people kept peacocks? And why do they wait until you are almost on top of them before making that horrible noise!

Mitchie - it sounds like you live in some colonial estate in India or something - no rain and peacocks! Although there was one peacock near my old yard for a while, but I haven't seen it for ages.

Just another quick ride today, can't really justify doing anything that isn't revision for too long atm.

MitchiestInge Thu 12-May-11 20:45:22

Ah that would be nice, imagine coming across tigers on hacks! Horse couldn't possibly be any more scared of big cats than pigs?

No riding today which is weird but was/am in odd mood and didn't think it was fair to inflict self on any of them unless properly minded. Sneaked off to check out two potential yards with sharer 1 instead, haven't mentioned to sharer 2 yet. Liked what I saw, especially prices - starting at £10 per pony per week for grass livery. Reassuringly scruffy too, with great hacking.

sykes Sat 14-May-11 08:07:01

Years ago I used to have to ride past a "conservation" place for animals, it was really just a zoo. They had tigers there at the outskirts of the compound - just next to the road. First time my horse went mental - we galloped down the road. But after that he didn't seem to be that bothered. I was petrified - the tigers used to hug the fence, poor things, and stare at us.

Pixel Sat 14-May-11 15:49:11

We met a chicken once, it had escaped from someone's garden. That's the most exotic bird dhorse has ever seen (and he wasn't too keen). grin

My poor horse is a real townie.

I like the sound of that yard Mitchie!

Another revision induced no-riding day for me sad

Pixel Sat 14-May-11 22:04:20

Well surprise surprise I have ridden three times this week! Would have been four if I hadn't had to fetch ds from school and take him to hospital because teachers thought he'd broken his nose and his cheek. Poor thing! He is ok though luckily.
Anyway, I've almost changed dhorse's name to Tigger due to all the leaping about. I put it down to spring grass at first and thought he just needed work but as his behaviour has got steadily worse all week, ending with him chucking my instructor off in the road yesterday, I've realised a saddle fit check is in order so will have to get organised before I ride him again. He has really filled out lately so I should really have done it before but my lovely reliable saddler of 30 years has retired (selfish) so I've got to find someone else now.
Sykes I hope you are pleased with yourself, sounds as if you are doing brilliantly with your boy. You give me hope that I can get over my terror fears too and do the same with dhorse. smile

sykes Sun 15-May-11 09:49:17

Good grief, Pixel, it sounds horrid. I'm sure you've done all the usual checks but my back person really helped and just taking it incredibly slowly. I put my horse on a calmer as well - doubt it made any difference to him but psychologically it really helped me. Probably complete waste of money but it did seem to help in some way. I worked my horse twice a day when he was being a complete pain which helped as well and had him turned out as much as possible. It just seemed to take the edge off but working him twice a day was not easy. I hope yours gets better soon.

Pixel Sun 15-May-11 17:33:12

He only had the vet a couple of weeks ago for a thorough check over and he didn't find anything wrong with him so I think the saddle is the main suspect atm. It's a Wintec so it won't be any problem to alter but my sister wants her saddle reflocked so we will get someone out for an expert opinion on both. I'm not brave enough to get on bareback to see if it makes any difference!

Pixel Sun 15-May-11 17:34:25

Oh and he lives out so no excuses in that department. smile

MitchiestInge Sun 15-May-11 20:01:53

'won't be any problem to alter' haha, the famous 'easy change' gullet

obviously hope it isn't a problem!

SupersonicDave Sun 15-May-11 20:20:55

We need to get our saddles fitted too.

Mare went to PC on friday! Travelled there and back in the trailer fine (i was sick with worry) and did flatwork and showjumping. She was quite excited but good as gold, and the girl riding her did a fab job.

Lunged Gelding yesterday, he is looking really well.

Hmm...not very 'easy' to change I found (in fact I couldn't do it at all, but my fingers are all dislocatey and silly, so I am sure someone with proper hands would get there in the end!).

I have also been discussing saddle fitting - someone at the yard has one that may actually ft the mare (currently confined to a treeless as it is all I have ever been able to afford that actually fits her barrel). Anyway, I may be able to afford this other saddle if the except it in a couple of instalments <poor person emotion>


Pixel Sun 15-May-11 22:17:07

I know it won't actually be easy, that's why I'm calling a saddler to do it for me grin. Typically I've managed to buy a 'dodgy' one and the saddler I bought it from (master saddler) struggled for about half an hour to change it last time. He thought at one point I was going to have to leave it with him so he could drill it out so I'm not going to attempt it myself. He said he gets one like that every so often and it drives him mad if he is out on a fitting for a new one.

When I said it wouldn't be a problem I meant that at least I know I'm not going to be looking for a new saddle. Sorry about that.

Oh, maybe it is not my hands that are so bad then! Yes, definitely an improvement on getting a new saddle anyway!

Did a 3 hour ride today now my exam is done! I didn't mean for it to be 3 hours but we went exploring and this land just didn't end! smile

Elephantpoo- we ended up near-ish to your way, at the end of a lane to 'Nogsland'.

Mitchie - I heard a peacock and thought of you!

The mare was good but has started to do the daftest thing ever - if we pull in on a single track road to let a car past, and I have to halt her, as the car gets to about a foot away, she swerves her arse in front of the car! WTF! Twice cars gave up trying to get past my muppet mare and ended up having to reverse back to a bigger passing place.

elephantpoo Wed 18-May-11 17:13:37

Manatee-hooray for your exam being over smile and a bigger hooray for 3 hour ride grin
Your mare has the same habit as a friends pony..........she's just shelled out 500 pounds to repair a womans car door, because her Dpony sat on it shock
Do you thinks it's impatience?

I'm going to have to enter the realms of saddle buying soon......Dpony has a synthetic one, leant to us by a friend, but now he's been in work for a bit and hopefully has some kind of muscle to him I'd like a nice comfy leather one smile - I'd better get saving!!

Riding is going well. Can't wait to jump Dpony again. A friend mentioned today about a few jumps near the reservoirs that I'm going to search for tomorrow. Also going to try out my new "brakes" that arrived yesterday.......a sweet iron tom thumb gag with french link and copper rollers confused I hope it works!

It is definitely impatience! I am going to have to work on this - I do NOT want a £500 bill! She never did this at the old yard when she hacked out all the time, but now we have been riding mostly in the woods at the yard, and rarely on lanes because the yard is on a busy road, going to work on this!

Good luck finding the jumps, and with the new brakes!!!

Pixel Wed 18-May-11 19:42:37

If you are having to halt anyway could you turn her round so she is facing the vehicle? I do this sometimes with dhorse if something particularly big and rattley is coming as he is better facing it (ok I'm better facing it!). That way she might not think to swing her bum out. Just until you've nipped the habit in the bud?

I've organised a saddle fitter to come wednesday afternoon so hopefully we will solve our problems. I must say I find my Wintec to be really comfortable. I didn't really want one as my sister had one of the earlier ones and I hated it but I got it as a compromise while dhorse was growing. I actually don't think I want to go back to leather now. I recently tried my old one on dpony, it's too small for me now but I'm hoping it will do for ds, and I sat on to make sure it wasn't pressing down anywhere. It felt very slippery!

I thought that when I went back to a leather saddle, you can always get one of those nice Heather Moffat seat savers though, I had that on my old horse's saddle, was nice smile

Regarding the mare and her bottom - she does it when facing the vehicle too, the daft mare watched a van drive up to her an as it got to her, she swung out her bottom! It was on a steep hill too, and the poor driver was having a hard time of it trying to get past (gave up and reversed after several attempts). IDK what the hell she is playing at really.

Pixel Wed 18-May-11 21:36:26

Think I'd rather like one of these all-over jobbies, like the Queen has. Looks very comfy! smile

SupersonicDave Thu 19-May-11 13:43:36

Well, if it is good enough for the Queen..... grin

Need to get something for Gelding's saddle, Gelding is narrow, DH has a bony bum and can hardly walk after riding grin

A friend is borrowing Mare today to take his friend riding. The friend is experienced, but even so i feel abit confused having never met her.

Mare is going to PC again tomorrow, hopefully can go with her (DH and DCs depending)

elephantpoo Fri 20-May-11 19:58:30

SupersonicDave - hope PC goes well for your mare (and you get to go along too!)

Thursdays ride wasn't what I'd planned. I ran out of time, so just whizzed around the woods closer to home (don't like to too often, as it's stoney and Dpony is barefoot). Still managed to make a jump to hop over a few times grin

Today we went to the reservoirs to search for the jumps I was told about. I rode yard owners lovely horse and my sister rode Dpony!! That's the first time anybody else has ridden him. My sis hasn't ridden for 11 years and Dpony was an angel for her. We found the jumps and she just pointed him in the right direction and he did it-no questions asked grin Was lovely to see him jump........he jumps big, bold and clean. Lovely smile
My sister was very impressed and has gone home to order jodphurs and a hat........she got the bug again grin

Really pleased, because over the summer hols I'll struggle to ride more than 1 / 2 times a week, but now I have a trustworthy sharer smile
<who I taught to ride, so I know she'll be fine with him..........control freak? me? not much grin >

Awwww... your pony is doing so well EP!

Pixel, that looks rather luxurious smile

SSD - Hope your mare did well with your friend-of-a-friend, and goes well at PC smile

No riding today sad One of the other liveries phoned this evening to question the field the mare was in (in that she was asking why she was in there as she 'should' be in another field!) was a bit hmm. Bloody livery yards!!! I need my ninja recluse who owns a field fantasy to come true really.

In fact - I am actually really brooding over aforementioned phone call...ARGH!!!

Pixel Fri 20-May-11 20:29:06

No riding today here either, not until the saddle fitter comes weds. My friend lunged dhorse and he was very excited, bucking a lot, but he looked so gorgeous. He did the most beautiful floaty trot, really springing off his hocks and pointing his toes, and his neck all arched. I was very proud smile.
We put up a jump, only small as the ground is hard and he has only jumped a couple of times before. He did an enormous leap, I think he thought the jump was 3 foot at least. He must take after he grandad, who I'm told was an eventer. grin

Pixel Fri 20-May-11 20:33:09

Manatee, when I win the lottery and buy the field we're in behind the other liveries' backs <evil cackle>, I'm going to chuck off all the psychos which will leave about one, maybe two people. I will replace them all with hopefully sane people I've 'met' on Mumsnet. Do you want to book your space now? grin

Yes please Pixel, I'll take that. And a good 'kicking out the psychos' party too I hope smile Golly, that would be fun smile

Pixel Fri 20-May-11 21:52:38

We could run them off the land with pitchforks in the time-honoured fashion.

Actually there are a couple of people I could cheerfully throttle today so you aren't alone in your brooding. Poor dshetland is crippled lame and I've heard that one of the idiots had a friend up with an alsatian that was chasing the horses. It was probably nearly as big as her!

She is 27 and it's quite likely that she won't recover. sad

OMG, your poor DShetland. What the hell kind of moron lets a dog chase horses angry Pitchforks it is.

SupersonicDave Sat 21-May-11 09:50:30

sad angry What a wanker, why would someone do that?

Mare didn't get ridden by friend of friend the other day, but did go to PC yesterday. Her flatwork was fab, she was doing lots of lateral work and just got it straight away <proud horsey mummy> they then did cross country. Mare was quite tired really after working so hard on the flat, and struggled with the xc which is not like her (she loves jumping) jacked it in on a double and caught her back legs on it so all scraped and now she is lame sad Think it is just a bit of bruising so hopefully a couple of days of spending the days in the paddock and some bute will sort it. Hoping to take her for some xc schooling once she is sound just for a jolly to get her confidence back.

Gelding is looking beautiful but a bit wild atm grin

elephantpoo Sun 22-May-11 07:14:46

SupersonicDave - great news about your mares flatwork. Hope she recovers soon.
Pixel - your poor Dshetland sad
There are some idiots about. Was this c / o another livery? Can't believe somebody would be so thoughtless............ggrrrrrrrr angry
How's Dshetland today?

Don't know if I'll ride out with DD today or not.........feeling shite sad
Will pop some pills and see how I feel when they kick in. Don't like to miss our weekend ride-it's often DD's only ride of the week.
Really want DD to start jumping, but not sure if she's there yet confused
I've been considering some lessons for her, to gauge where she is / where she should go, but now I've found out that a local (ish) stables are offering a progressive pathway for kids to follow confused
A friend seems to think it'll be a clinic type session with coaches on hand for advice. I'm hopefully going to find out more today. They also do an adult version, so may consider it for Dpony smile

What stables is that EP? DD has lessons at local riding school, she does really well, and their ponies are really good, despite me having some reservations about the place. I am aware this forum is searchable - it is the one that begins with H! But I was discussing local schools with my farrier the other day, he was recommending a few if we do move riding schools (DD does not want to!)

I am not riding this weekend, just so busy. Went to the county show yesterday and feel all inspired to starve so that I can afford a working hunter type for myself, and a nice little PC pony for DD!!!

MitchiestInge Sun 22-May-11 14:09:16

How is shetland pixel? Don't understand how such a thing can be allowed to just happen, especially someone who is a guest of another livery - not just a random. Thinking of you.

Hope mare is sound again soon Dave, hope you feel better EP, hope Manatee is less busy soon and doesn't resort to starving herself. Can't work much further back than those last posts.

Have not ridden for a WEEK which is very strange. Field is so hard and dry the pony's feet are suddenly wearing as if he spends all day trotting on roads - why can't it actually properly rain? He will have to be shod all round in next day or two, bit demoralising.

In more liberating and exciting news I have found somewhere to move them to, it will be difficult breaking the news, cutting ties and won't take dartmoor but grass livery £50 a month in beautiful place. Can hack to Topthorn, Boundary Farm and generally hack for miles without touching a road. Quite nerve wracking decision but the three are costing £110 a week at current place and facilities are better at new yard. Just hope the people are ok, you can never tell but good mix of happy hackers, eventers and everything in between. Not moving until next month so will have to try not to mention it until I give notice, a week or so.

Pixel Mon 23-May-11 00:01:36

It's only what I've heard. Apparently someone saw the dog off the lead and said that she hoped it hadn't been in the field with the horses. The girl whose friend had the dog quickly said it hadn't but her five year old immediately piped up "oh yes he did mummy he went up there" the way kids do, so she was obviously trying to cover something up. The vet actually asked me if dshetland had been chased around at all so I've put two and two together.

Anyway, she seems slightly better today so fingers crossed, thanks for your kind words.

At last I can join in.....having had my old dhorse pts a fortnight ago after a sarcoid haemorrhaged (sp) and had new horse on box rest for unexplained lameness for 4 weeks, we are now back on the road. We've done 2 weeks walking and just started trotting although only on grass as it's so hard still and he's going well. I did a 2 1/2 hour ride on Saturday which involved going through the village and discovered that new horse is terrified of drains/drain covers which he obviously thinks are hiding horse eating monsters, and cyclists - he can't get to grips with those at all!

He's also not that good with ** cars that don't slow down - ones that do are fine, but with the faster ones he starts shaking and sort of scuttles sideways. It amazes me how unthinking some people can be - believe it or not the worst offender was a car and horse trailer who just kept on coming at 35+mph even though I was within a 30mph limit and waving my arm trying to slow him down, whilst steering horse round especially scary drain cover. We both came back a bit stressed!

New horse was fine when I hacked him out on trial, I think he just lacks confidence so I will keep going. I rode out yesterday as well, but it was so windy we gave up after an hour - it was horrible and there were too many things for him to shy at. He has two days off now as I'm working, but will be back in the saddle on Wednesday. I'm aiming for a 15 mile fun ride in a couple of weeks so need to get the fitness levels up.

elephantpoo Mon 23-May-11 13:13:21

Manatee - no, the stables doesn't start with a "H" (I think I know where you're thinking of though!) What are your reservations about where DD is?
We also went to the show. I was really looking forward to seeing the horse whisperer guy, but missed it sad Watching the show jumping has really confirmed that jumping (showjumping / hunter trials) is where I want to go with Dpony grin
Pixel - glad that Dshetland has improved slightly smile I love the honesty of some kids grin
Hi frostyfingers <waves>
Sounds like you're doing well with you Dhorse. The wind is horrible-changes even the simplest of rides. My Dpony gets worked up about pigs. We went on a ride last week that started out past "the pigs" and Dpony was on edge the whole ride.
What is it with horses and pigs??!!
Not sure when I'm riding this week-I'm very aware that the half term is looming and I need to get on top of some housework and book-keeping!

EP - Nothing in particular really, just a few little things, like trotting on the correct diagonal has never been mentioned and I find that odd! But it is fine really, and DD has just been moved up a group as she is now cantering well, she has made lots of progress there so I think it is mostly just a few little niggles, but for a small RS, they are very good. And yes, the jumping was great at county show, esp. working hunter class, that is just my kind of thing smile

Pixel, I am glad to hear your shetland seems a bit better. Funny about what her 5 year old said! Reminds me of the yard I was at in Cornwall, which was owned by a vile women, her granddaughter said to me 'Nanny uses your horse feed'!!!

Frosty - it is good to hear that you are riding again smile

Mitchie - are you still going to have the dartmoor if it is not coming with you to your new yard? That hacking sounds well worth the move smile

Well I had a long schooling session today, with lots of leg yield practice to hopefully help with the mare's bizarre 'arse in front of oncoming cars' habit she seems to have developed. She actually schooled really nicely for her, I was quite proud smile

Pixel Mon 23-May-11 17:16:11

Frosty, mine isn't keen on drains either. I can't work out if maybe the sun reflects off them sometimes? Or can they hear water running underneath? I don't think he's afraid of slipping as he's not shod. Unless they look like holes to them, so perhaps we ought to find a quiet road and get off and let them see us walking to and fro over them!

Mitchy, that's great that you've found a good place to go to. Will it be easier to get your boys in and out of the field without being squished?

Elephant, our old boys got cured of pig phobia. We rented a field that had stables inside a barn and a few of weeks later the owners put a couple of pigs in the spare stable without warning us. You can imagine the excitement that caused, they used to make an awful racket, especially when the farrier thought it was funny to throw the hoof parings in to wind them up. Anyway, the result was three very laid-back horses!

I just wish I could borrow a cow so I can cure dhorse of his cow-phobia. hmm

I'm not sure what it is about drains - the culverts and cuttings in the side of the lane are enough to make him snort, and on the ride through the village there are so many it must have looked like we were doing some fancy dressage movement as he wiggled away from them. The coloured tarmac on the road was scary yet the level crossing didn't faze him, as long as he didn't tread on the actual tracks. I'm not sure that TB's have a rational thought in their heads - ever!

I'm learning to love him, but having ridden 1 horse only for 8 years, it's strange to not be totally in tune with him yet.

SupersonicDave Mon 23-May-11 19:53:23

Frosty - good to see you smile Was very sorry to hear about your Dhorse, my mare has a couple of sarcoids and although mild they still worry me.

My mare used to be on a yard where there was a free range pig who used to stand in front of the stables and have the horses lick his back grin

Mare is pretty much sound now. 1 dose of bute, 3 days of AB's and she is ok. Planning on taking her out for a quiet hack tomorrow evening to see how she is.

elephantpoo Mon 23-May-11 20:00:15

Pixel - DD's pony has a fear of pigs too. He was turned out in a field with a huge, pot bellied beast pig fenced off in one corner. Thought we were getting somewhere, until I hacked him out one day and came face to face with the beast shock - she'd managed to escape from her field and was off on a jolly! Let's just say progress has been limited since then grin
Would consider turning my Dpony out in that way, but apparantly when he was entire he'd clear gates and hedges to get to his mares. I think the pig may give similar motivation to jump! <wonders if I can time it right to see him in action>
frostyfingers - it must be very hard to form a new relationship with another horse after so long. Sounds like you're doing well though smile

Pixel Mon 23-May-11 20:14:59

Ha ha, if you ever want a fabulous jumping photo, all you need is a camera and a well-timed pig!

4 and a half hour ride today smile was really fun smile

elephantpoo Wed 25-May-11 20:01:01

4 1/2 hour ride shock - wow!!
You know how to do it Manatee !!
Dpony just about managed the 2 hour ride when I got me and DD lost <wincing at memory of walking after said ride grin>
Pixel - I really want that photo now!! Dpony has had me confused for a week or so now. They're on strip grazing ATM, which was going well.....until Dpony realised the fence wasn't live. So, I've been dutifully catching him and putting him the right side of the fence each time I see him out (enjoying the lush grass that's meant for later on). He's been so sneaky about it that I haven't yet caught him in the act. I really wanted to see how he gets across without damaging the fence-I thought he was jumping. Tonight I saw him stand on the bottom tape with one front hoof, the top with the other and then doing the same with his backk feet shock Cheeky boy grin

Pixel Wed 25-May-11 20:27:37

They are so clever aren't they? I caught my friend's welshie in the act of getting through the fence. He ran at it full pelt, ducked his head at the last minute and dived under the bottom strand of the electric fence. One of the poles pinged up but when it fell back you couldn't see that it had moved which was why no one had worked out how he was getting through. Goodness knows how he'd discovered that if he went fast enough he was less likely to get a zap.

Four and a half hours, very impressive! I did more like four minutes today. Not as bad as it sounds, we had the saddle fitter and she just needed to see us have a trot round grin.

Dhorse has filled out considerably and I've narrowly missed having to replace his saddle. He's not allowed to grow any more! My mum brought along her saddle that used to belong to her part-shire and even that was too narrow for him. It's funny, but a few weeks ago when we had the vet to check teeth, the vet looked at him and said "was he that big last time I saw him?" (six months ago). I thought he was joking, but no, dhorse has has a massive growth spurt. shock

Pixel Wed 25-May-11 20:29:31

Actually, I don't know why I'm surprised. My old pony was the same age as dhorse is now when I got him and six months later he'd grown two inches.

How old is hour horse Pixel? What breed?

4 and a half hour ride was lovely. I got in a bit of a pickle because I couldn't quite remember the route I had done before, I am still sure it was different - EP - do you ever ride on the Teign Valley road up to Spanish Lake? - it was that bit, I'm sure we went through gates under a bridge before, but this time that seemed all different.

I am child free this weekend as DCs are going camping, so I am planning an even longer ride. These rides are definitely making me want to move yards. I do really need to stay here for a while longer though :-/

MitchiestInge Thu 26-May-11 08:24:52

nice to catch up on everyone's news, I still haven't ridden - must be well over a week? shock but hacking today hopefully

mostly in state of growing excitement about move, the enormousness of their new field, the never ever ever ever having to poo pick again (they just harrow and worm regularly), wondering how they will cope with cows and or sometimes sheep in with them, how nice it will be for them to be in a little herd again with others - maybe pair bonding will be cured? How embarrassing it might be if I have random panic attack in field or at gate blush but also how nice it will be to hack to Topthorn and daughter's house and go on all those bridleways smile Anyway we are not going for about three weeks. So must remain calm and level headed!

Pixel Thu 26-May-11 20:41:30

Mitchy, I'm getting all excited for you! It sounds lovely, especially the hacking. Dhorse and I are going on our 'holidays' after half term, to another yard so we will get to ride somewhere apart from on the roads, and there will be a school and jumps and everything.

Manatee, he's rising 6, don't know breeding exactly but were told he was out of a gypsy cob and has a TB grandsire. That's all! Would love to trace his history and find out more. There are pics on my profile, he certainly looks like a gypsy cob but he can look quite 'leggy' in comparison with others I've seen so the TB part could be true.

How on earth did your bum feel after 4 1/2 hours - I did 3ish last week and getting on the next day was agony. I'm taking new horse for a saddle fitting next week, ostensibly to check the fit of his existing saddle but I'll hopefully find a newish, more comfortable one.....

I did an hour today, to a different village to try and get him used to drain covers (which failed) and he also discovered a new thing to be frightened off - speed limit lollipop signs...... Perhaps when the wind goes away he'll be less jumpy, but it is a getting a bit boring, and I'm starting to jump before he does!

Mitchy - your new yard really does sound so good, especially the hacking!

Pixel - he looks lovely smile Can see how he has gypsy cob in him smile

Frosty - My bum wasn't tooo bad! I have a treeless saddle which I generally hate, BUT it is quite soft.

It is my birthday today so I had the day off. One of the liveries has a mare in foal, I put my birthday as my guess on the sweepstake and got there this morning to see the foal had been born, so I won smile It is soooooo cute!!! Then rode out for about an hour today with one of the other liveries which was nice. Nearly got knocked off by a branch across the track though when we wer cantering, I didn't see it until the last minute, I really should wear glasses to ride out confused.

Pixel Fri 27-May-11 19:32:42

I have to wear my glasses, I can't see a thing without them. Never mind low branches, I wouldn't see the tree. grin

Have ridden dhorse today in the newly widened saddle. Have to say it's not as comfy for me as it was, damn my dodgy hip and my very short legs! Dhorse was much much happier though. He still felt a bit strong but there wasn't that unexploded bomb feeling. I suppose I will get used to the saddle and obviously it can't be helped. Probably a different saddle would still feel wide on such a lardarse horse! He is very unfit atm so hopefully things will improve when he tones up a bit (or I do! time to get out the 30 day shred dvd and knock the large amount of dust off it...).

Just back from a 6 hour ride. smile

SupersonicDave Mon 30-May-11 10:08:47

6 hours! I would die

Rode mare.out yesterday. She was very good, she is sound and felt very well (there were cows!)

Half term here (already) so riding could be limited again. Saddle fitter is coming next week, there is part of me that feels I may get told off as the saddles aren't a great fit. (must remember I am now an adult grin )

olderyetwider Mon 30-May-11 10:11:46

Can't ride for at least two weeks as had a small operation on Friday, so I'm very jealous of you all. Still, went for a long ride on Friday before I went in, and popped over a log (first time I've left the ground in 30 years) DH's mare grabbed a mouthful of tree and ripped off a giant branch. She was happily walking along munching, carrying 10 foot branch upright. DH was mortified, I nearly fell off laughing. My mare was a bit confused at walking tree.

dappleton Mon 30-May-11 12:48:27

So glad I can finally join in with this now!

I have not been able to ride for 7months due to pregnancy and finally started to ride again last week! So exciting....

I was supposed to wait until next week (doctors orders) but couldn't wait any longer. I rode my Dpony for 15min on Thursday - we have a lot of work to do, I think he's forgotten everything in the last few months shock but I still spent the whole time grinning to myself that I was finally back in the saddle. On Friday I rode Dhorse for 30min, so happy! grin

Went out again this morning for a shorter ride smile I thought she might be tired after yesterday but she wasn't at all. She is going so well atm, and looks very nice with a bit of muscle. I am getting a bit more confident about the road by the yard too, which is good, because hacks that avoid it are limited. I don't know why I have been quite so scared about it, by the old yard there was a very similar main road. It is just that although the mare is fine with the traffic, sometimes she spooks at things at the side of the road which is not good if a car is coming past at such a speed that they cannot just stop. But she is fine really, I am just good at envisioning accidents confused

SSD - Is your mare okay with cows? I always thought Dmare was okay with cows, because she doesn't tend to spook at them or anything, but I think she is scared, because when we ride through cow fields she sweats up in seconds!

Olderyet - great about the jumping, 2 weeks is nothing, you will soon be riding again smile

Hello Dappleton smile

SupersonicDave Mon 30-May-11 18:47:37

Yes she is scared, she puts her head up and does medium trot past them grin

Welcome Dappleton, and congrats on your new baby smile

elephantpoo Tue 31-May-11 08:53:24

We did it! Took Dpony on the sponsored ride yesterday and he was great smile
We went with a group from the yard (8 of us) all dressed up with fairy wings, bows and streamers and he even let me spray his legs pink (with coloured hairspray.......thanks for the link Pixel)
We had a great day. We were out for about 3 hours. DD coped well with her Dartmoor (who's food obsessed atm grin) Dpony was a little strong, but not naughty, and stood like a gent at the end when we had a much needed hotdog. He didn't put a hoof wrong. He coped with littlies (4 of the 8 were kids) trotting up his backside and coped well being amongst all those ponies. I'm so proud of him.
frostyfingers - "I'm starting to jump before he does!" grin
It does get boring when they spook all the time.
SupersonicDave - I can't believe half term is here again. I'm going to try and fit in a couple of evening rides when DH gets home from work.
dappleton - I only restarted riding recently and was ill last week so didn't ride. I was so jealous of others riding (like olderyetwider's feeling) Such a great feeling to get back in the saddle. Well done you.
olderyetwider - hope you recover quickly and well done on your jumping <still chuckling at ^"DH was mortified, I nearly fell off laughing. My mare was a bit confused at walking tree"^>
ManateeEquineOhara - are you an in-training endurance rider?! 6 hours?! Where did you go? Glad you're feeling happier about the road near the yard. Sounds like it makes things a lot easier for you.

MitchiestInge Tue 31-May-11 20:08:58

hello everyone

was so nice to go out on SOFT tracks again, thank you for raining! hadn't got far when thought (quietly, in my head, not out loud) 'might trot for a bit then try a canter' and suddenly was enjoying flat out gallop - thought was high spirits or mind reading but was COWS. Which does not bode well for future life sharing field with one does it? hmm

MitchiestInge Tue 31-May-11 20:10:02

(poss rethink oats situation)

SupersonicDave Tue 31-May-11 20:41:29

Hey Mitchy.

My mare does not like cows, but once had to live in a cow yard (with cute baby cows!) and it did help her a lot. Just means that now she does a medium trot past them with her eyes closed grin

EP - haha, nooo, not in training, although endurance riding would be fun smile We went to Dunsford Woods. We got there through the lanes behind Tedburn, near some place called Great Fulford, and went along the bridlepath along the river to Steps Bridge...we came back through a bridlepath that started somewhere called Sowton Mills, and is clearly marked on a map, but I must have taken a wrong turn because when I came out it was a footpath and I was further up the road than I thought I would be from the map! EP - if you know this bridlepath, please do advise! I think maybe I went wrong at some cottages! And well done on the sponsored ride, it does sound fun smile

Mitchie - At least you got to go a bit faster now the ground is not too hard smile

For once, I actually couldn't be bothered to ride after work.

Well I've just come back from a very expensive trip to the saddlers. I took new horse down for a fitting and it was fascinating watching the fitter at work. He was very good at demonstrating and explaining what was going on and what was needed so now I'm the proud owner of a shiny new Albion saddle (gulp) - dh doesn't know yet.....

It was a perfect fit for horse, and so much more comfortable than the old one, so I'm hoping now that new horse will be more settled and move more freely - his back and muscles were sore from the old one, which was easy to see once he showed me! We go back for a re-fit in a month's time, and restuffing is included if necessary, and again in 3 month's.

So I look forward to a more comfy ride now, even if I'm ££££'s poorer for it!

Oh but a comfy ride is worth the money. I have a nasty treeless saddle but literally no spare money for a new one. Most upsetting.

Just did a quick ride around the woods after work. It was soooooooo hot.

SupersonicDave Fri 03-Jun-11 07:00:48

I have new saddle envy! Our fitter is coming on Monday, but it is to fit our current saddles, can't afford new ones.

Rode mare out last night with someone from work and even managed to canter. Mare was very good and only tried to do little bucks because she was excited grin

Mirage Fri 03-Jun-11 09:02:58

Just popping in on this thread prior to picking our new pony up in a weeks time.
The cows thing made me laugh and reminded me of a horse called Denzil that I once knew.He was spooky about sheep,which is a problem around here as there are 1000's of them.So his owner would borrow a few and put them in Denzil's paddock until he got used to them,then take the sheep out.All was well until a few months later,when Denzil would forget that he was no longer scared of sheep,and the whole process would start all over again.Horses are funny things.grin

Pixel Fri 03-Jun-11 22:33:34

I've been camping but I have ridden! Had a gorgeous ride through the woods in Exmoor on a lovely piebald cob and saw three deer very close up. Oh it was so nice to get off the road and they've had rain so everything was so lush and the ground lovely and springy. I cantered! And I enjoyed it, even kicked on a bit! I really didn't want to come home. I kept wondering if I'd ever be able to take dhorse there for a holiday (after lottery win) and whether deer would have the same effect on him as cows. grin

Back now to hard ground and parched allotment. And the hay hasn't been delivered. And i've got a massive pile of washing. sad

Had a fantastic ride spoiled by an idiot car driver yesterday. I rode in the woods for a couple of hours and then on the way home, just out of the village speed limit a car came up behind me. I put my arm out to slow him, and warn that there was a car coming, but instead of holding back a few seconds the prat accelerated past me, hit my stirrup with his wing mirror, forced the oncoming car to slam it's brakes on and just disappeared into the distance.

Luckily new horse, despite having wobblies about drain covers again, didn't flinch or react and was an absolute star. I was very shaken and kept thinking about what could have happened which frightened me to bits, but this time we got away with it.

There is no way he couldn't have seen me, hi viz, good visibility - he just decided he couldn't be bothered to wait (or to have a laugh and see what happened) and to hell with the consequences.....

Just been out for a quiet hack and new horse (soon to be dhorse!) was fine when we met a car, so hopefully he's forgotten about it.

MitchiestInge Sun 05-Jun-11 18:56:23

what an idiot, don't you wish we could train our horses to double barrel cars that do that? If it wouldn't hurt the horse - or a schooling whip across the side of the car makes the driver jump but am never quick enough. Plus whip is usually tucked into one of my boots anyway. Maybe we could form some sort of equestrian militia, just ride around heavily visibly armed with automatic or semi-automatic weapons and utterly draped in ammo? Our yellow hivis things could be made of Kevlar or similar. We could still be polite to the courteous drivers, but lob grenades at the others.

Pixel your holiday sounds great (maybe even the camping part?) especially springy tracks, lucky thing.

Moved late afternoon yesterday and rode out for first time today, I now know beyond any doubt that horse is not a fan of sheep. Which is a pity really as we were surrounded. Think he will get the hang of it. They were both amazing, oh and the hacks just go on and on and on and there are jump fairies (ground too hard but our day will come) AND WOODS. Actual woodland! Have only tried one route with sharer A, not sure whether to repeat tomorrow with sharer B or try new one. Asked another livery where a particular track led and she said 'our cross country field'. Had no idea there was cross country field! I'm completely blissed out smile

That does sound lovely Pixel.

Frosty - I hate fuckwit drivers. So bloody selfish. I do hit out at cars with my whip if they get too close but have never made contact. Probably a good thing because a road rage incident could well follow :-/

Mitchie - I just asked on your moving thread if horses were moved yet, obviously yes smile OMFG the rides there sound AMAZING!!!

I lunged the mare today, with no rider, and then with DD on her. DD had her first lesson yesterday in the next group up, they were jumping and she wasn't doing too well, she kept just sitting as normal over the jumps, so was just getting catapulted onto the pony's neck every time. So today I lunged her over a little pole in the school (no jumping allowed in the school - sigh). Then I free schooled the mare and she was jumping the pole, such a deviant pony smile

Afterwards I as talking in the yard to another livery who has been there something like 17 years. She said they used to be allowed to jump in the school, and also that there used to be a cross country course in one of the fields! I WANT THESE THINGS BACK!!!

I mean I free schooled once DD was off, with her on would have been a bit dangerous confused

MitchiestInge Sun 05-Jun-11 20:05:47

Haven't left the farm yet, we just went round our new field and the next but took an hour (at walk), there are about six routes like that around the farm plus the public bridleways and if we venture to the village and cross the high st there is a whole amazing world of gallops and woods apparently.

Did have small chuckle at idea of free schooling with small person on board! Am too chicken to go into our new school, it's surrounded by over exuberant young cobs (stunning) and our pony would burst with excitement every time they moved and probably rodeo to death when they gallop up and down their field.

Oh there is a horse walker too, that could save lives in the winter? Asked how much but is FREE. Hooray smile

SupersonicDave Sun 05-Jun-11 20:14:18

Hey smile

Mitchy that sounds fab!

Frosty omg! That sounds scary. Glad all is going well with your horse.

Manatee we got stopped from jumping in the school at one yard because they had it all redone and one idiot said that if we jumped on the surface it would wreck it (she was a dressage 'enthusiast' )

Lunged mare today but she was a bit flat, loose schooled gelding over a jump and he had a whale of a time!

SSD - I think that may well be what has happened here. The women I was talking to said it got banned around the time it was resurfaced, and suchabody (someone I have never heard of so I assume has since left!) was 'in to dressage'. Grr.

dappleton Mon 06-Jun-11 07:14:03

Hi everyone!

Frosty thats terrible, wish all these idiots could be banned from driving for life! I am soooo happy to hear that new horse is well on his way to being Dhorse, I posted on your old thread when you weren't sure whether to take on an ex-racer and was so exicited for you when you did -glad all the hard work is starting to pay off (drain covers aside smile)

Pixel your holiday sounds fantastic, I can't stand camping but think I could probably cope if it meant riding through the woods in Exmoor. The ground here is permanently hard (it's 30C most of the year) and I do have moments when I think it'd be really nice to return to England just so I could have a good gallop!

Mitchy envy grin

manatee and SSD am impressed with all this free schooling, my lot would just knock me over (or ignore me completely!)

Its been a week since I last posted and haven't ridden half as much as I had hoped as there never seems to be time. I have been busy trying to get a sand track put down around the perimeter of an orchard so I can have a canter outside the arena without worrying about hard, rocky ground, tested it out with one of my ponies and it was fab just to let him go and not worry. This weeks task is to start re-schooling my latest addition, another ex-racer, who is currently a bit to enthusiastic about life considering my lack of riding in recent months, so expect my next post to contain details of lots of bruises!

Dappleton - the word 'schooling' is a bit misleading, she cantered and occasionally galloped around around the school, bucking like a loony and stopping at the gate end, where my strategically positioned DCs were waving their arms and shouting at her! I don't do it often, but she struggles to canter on the lunge (heavy cobby thing!).
The sand track sounds great, where I am, the tracks are either swampy, or rock hard, not great!
Good luck with the ex-racer smile

SupersonicDave Mon 06-Jun-11 11:28:33

Manatee, my two are the same, hoon around and stop at the gate grin
Strangely my mare struggles on the lunge too, but she is.not cobby, just stubborn!

Saddle fitter this aftetnoon.

MitchiestInge Mon 06-Jun-11 14:26:57

Back is insanely painful today, not sure if from lugging stuff around over weekend (unlikely really as am v careful about lifting stuff plus had loads of help from the more able bodied) or riding wiggly horse yesterday, think the latter. Spasms between waist and shoulder blades, either side of where my spine would be if I had one, it's so frustrating and limiting. I really need to keep riding during this settling in period I think but what could I have done to cause this?

Youch Mitchie, that is not good sad You need to rest really, I'm sure the horses will settle in fine either way.

I have been riding in the school, I thought the DCs were back at school today so I had expected a lovely relaxed day,and hacking out, but not so :s

Mitchy - Ibuprofen and some ice on the sore bit? My poor horse having just gone out has galloped in demanding his all in one fly suit on as the horse flies have appeared from nowhere so I've had to interrupt important work stuff and zip him in. He hates the fly spay too, but he (and I) have now had a good covering!

No riding until Wednesday, and I'm hoping it'll be nice on Sunday for our 15 mile fun ride.

MitchiestInge Mon 06-Jun-11 17:00:36

Have done those warm patch things and though not supposed to take NSAIDs have indulged (and every other painkiller and benzo I could find). God forbid I should ever have any sort of serious chronic condition that causes pain, am shit at acting like a normal human and regress to some sort of wounded animal type state.

Wonder if it just a core strength thing, anyway thanks, am mobile and will see about riding out at walk. He won't be so wiggly once he gets used to all the sheep.

My sister is a great believer in Pilates - I've never tried it, but she swears by it for all sorts of riding aches and pains.

Pixel Mon 06-Jun-11 20:59:16

Mitchy, poor you. My sister is having treatment for her back atm and hasn't been able to ride at all for a couple of months. She's now been told she can start off very gently 10 mins at a time and working up. Not sure what dpony will think of that plan judging by the way he was haring round the field yesterday (so wish I'd had a camera). I don't think he realised it was his 22nd birthday!

Dappleton, you would like camping on this site I guarantee, I've been going there since I was a child and it's so lovely, surrounded by oakwoods with a little stream running through that the children play in. Best of all the stables are on the site. It is fab camping somewhere where practically everyone is wandering around in jods. smile

MitchiestInge Mon 06-Jun-11 22:32:02

Thank you smile sympathy has cheered me up a bit.

Rode out (quite spaced out) and it was bliss, I'm so happy about the new place - it's better than I could have imagined, at least the hacking and the price and the freedom from poo picking, the automatic watering and the extremely relaxed people at the helm. Almost feels like coming out of an abusive relationship, like I can breathe again.

Anyway did just under hour hack, then got friends to school them both so they had a canter etc., tracks not soft despite rain today.

My field/gate thing is worse than ever though, don't understand. It is irrational. My insides just turn to cold, churning liquid and I freeze sad

MitchiestInge Mon 06-Jun-11 22:33:01

Happy 22nd birthday dpony, glad you are in no hurry to act your age!

Pixel Mon 06-Jun-11 23:05:28

Thanks Mitchy, I think it's a welsh thing, our first pony was just the same at 35!

Your new place sounds like heaven. Hopefully the lack of poo picking will help your back get better? Mine isn't too good atm but I know that is down to 5 hours driving followed by barrowing a load of hay and stacking it in a haystore where you can't stand up straight without bashing your head! Slight miscalculation when my stepdad built it, as he soon found out when my mum ended up in hospital with severe concussion. Now we are all so paranoid we walk about doubled over like a family of trolls. grin

Pixel Mon 06-Jun-11 23:07:48

Are you still sharing a field with lots of others then? I think that might get a bit easier when the other horses get to know you and realise you haven't come for them so will hopefully not bother to come over. Just don't feed any of them whatever you do.

MitchiestInge Mon 06-Jun-11 23:23:23

5 hours is a lot of driving isn't it? I adjusted my seat in the car yesterday (car still overflowing with rugs blush) and wondered if it was something as simple as that. Trying not to laugh about your family of trolls as laughter = opposite of medicine at moment!

There are three others in field, one pair and one loner, all very calm and polite now initial excitement has passed and my two accepted - nothing happens, I just freeze and cry/try not to cry at first gate. If someone catches mine and gets through each gate I can take over and do everything else. I'm completely fine on board, whatever happens. It's as irrational as it can be, need to either make a plan about tackling it or allow self not to tackle it and see if it goes away. Am worried that not doing it will make the fear sort of calcify, but just trying to make myself do it is too horrible and feel such a failure. sad

Pixel Tue 07-Jun-11 00:28:58

Aw you're not a failure, you do 10 x the stuff I do. Is it the other horses you are afraid of, or are you worried what your own might do? I know I'm not a relaxed leader with dhorse as he is very strong. He's ok with my instructor as she walks along in front of him and he follows her, but I'm too scared to do that as I don't like not seeing what he is doing, especially after he bit me on the back of the head! I don't know why I love him, he can be horrible.

MitchiestInge Tue 07-Jun-11 08:20:52

Ow! That's the thanks you get! No I wouldn't like to be in front, except when mucking about doing hands free stuff.

I think it's what mine and the others might do to one another, and I remember seeing a friend's horse rear up at her at the gate. Also have over the top anxiety about the gate clanging shut on their hindquarters as we go through. They're not really proportional to the fear, things you should be aware of but not an immediate life threatening situation. I have the same problem with busy roads, as a pedestrian trying to cross. Am not a fan of big, unpredictable and fast moving things, maybe?

I spend one day a week doing things at another livery yard (where there are lots of goats and pigs and red poll and chickens smile) so maybe will try to build my confidence there.

dappleton Tue 07-Jun-11 09:25:46

Hope your back is feeling better today Mitchie. I'm afraid I haven't read all the history to your gate/catching horses thingy but as you have two horses could you use that as an excuse to get someone to go with you a few times for a bit of moral support and an extra pair of hands open and close gates for you?

Manatee - yep, thats exactly what would happen if I free schooled, lots of galloping a bucking - sure the horses would love it but i'd spend my whole time running away from flying hooves grin

I started re-schooling new horse today, it's the windiest day of the year I think - so my timing was spot on hmm! It's the first time i've even sat on him as was 8 months pregnant when he came to me. Well we managed some 20m cirles and transistions for 30min so its a start....no bruises yet smile

MitchiestInge Tue 07-Jun-11 09:43:37

Thanks dappleton, it's much better but am glad it's still achey enough to justify wearing another heat pad. Might stock up for winter, the warmth is lovely!

Sounds like you got off to great start, especially when it was all swirly out there. Hope you stay bruise-free.

Mitchie - I hope your back is starting to feel better???

Dappleton - sounds like a great start. Are you schooling to get to competition level?

Had a nice hack today. Went past my old yard twice and both times Dmare went to go up the drive sad . I also saw the farmer from there, he is so sweet. I do miss my old yard (as it was before the bitch took over). But anyway, had some nice canters, the mare was well behaved, and no particularly stupid drivers around so all good.

dappleton Thu 09-Jun-11 09:38:28

No i'm not really aiming for competition level (even though it would be nice smile). I just take retired racehorses straight from their racing yards then re-school them until they are calm enough to be ridden by just about anyone - I then use them to teach people to ride. Where I live it's the only way to do it as ex-racehorses are free and all other horses have to be imported which costs way too much. The horse i'm working with now is the only one i've taken without even riding first and he's going to be the most challenging so far... note to self: don't take a horse just because he looks pretty and likes to be kissed on the nose! grin

SupersonicDave Thu 09-Jun-11 11:08:47

Dappleton - do you mind telling us where you are? I am nosy intrigued grin

Dh and I are riding out together this afternoon - yay!

dappleton Fri 10-Jun-11 18:49:48

SSD - Mauritius

olderyetwider Fri 10-Jun-11 22:37:17

Back on board after two weeks off. Felt fantastic even though just a walk (rode to pub, it being Friday, and was celebrating)

SupersonicDave Sat 11-Jun-11 07:00:53

So jealous of pub ride!

Dappleton - I used to work with 2 lovely lads over from Mauritius, I was working in racing. I was surprised how big the racing scene is over there, you just think of it being all sandy beaches and holidays grin

Dh and I rode out on thurs together which was nice (and very rare)

MitchiestInge Sun 12-Jun-11 02:58:31

Thanks manatee, it's loads better smile

am still exploring all our new hacks, found one with ground soft enough to canter through trees. Had NO BRAKES, none. No gears even. It was lovely but am not riding out in a snaffle again for some time.

elephantpoo Sun 12-Jun-11 08:45:50

Haven't been here for ages..........glad to hear everybody getting on so well.
MitchiestInge - you must be so pleased with new yard-sounds ideal. And "yay" for canter track, despite lack of brakes grin
olderyetwider - bet you're happy to be riding again smile Am aiming for a pub ride soon <thinking maybe not that soon, looking at weather outside> Do yours tie up outside pub happily?
SupersonicDave - that's great that you can (rarely) ride out with your DH.
The closest my DH has come to riding out is sitting on Dpony, Dpony moved and DH jumped off grin He's not horsey!
dappleton - sounds like a great thing you're doing smile
Manatee - have you managed any long rides recently?! sad at your mare trying to go back to old yard.
I've got butterflies already for a local show I'm taking Dpony to in 3 weeks confused - don't know what I'll be like on the day!!

MitchiestInge Sun 12-Jun-11 12:32:24

Good luck with preparations for show ep, what classes are you doing?

Thought would ride in school this morning, after taking daughter to different riding school for assessment and confidence building lesson - she was a bundle of nerves but by the end was cantering round and asking for something whizzier. Hopefully can keep this up twice a week until she is back to normal or better (the dartmoor fell over and rolled on her a few weeks ago and it just about finished her off!). People at new yard have offered lovely pony for her to ride/have lessons on too and I hope to get her skills and confidence up to be able to handle rodeo boy again. Possibly not this year, but maybe.

Anyway did not get to ride because could not catch horse at all! Even food could not compete with the grass and all his new friends. I suppose if I absolutely had to I could have got him in the end but he was very 'go AWAY, I want a day off', which is fair enough. Have stopped feeding pony because he's about to pop, am only feeding horse as way to get the cortaflex in now.

olderyetwider Sun 12-Jun-11 15:45:16

elephantpoo, two tie up nicely, DH's mare is ok, but a bit strong and can be bolshy, so he stays on board and has wine in a plastic glass. My girl has a bag of crisps as a treat when we go to the pub; a little girl often comes out to feed them to her.

It's getting a bit embarassing as horses now know the way, and pick up the pace when we turn onto the pub road as they are eager to get there.

Well, no fun ride for us yesterday, it was absolutely chucking it down all day. Having spent 5 weeks getting new horse fit, then half a day making him shiny and clean and doing his tack I'm so fed up! Actually I'm glad it rained all day in the end as it would have been even worse if it had cleared up in the afternoon.

I felt so sorry for the organisers and am vaguely hoping they might reschedule because I'd be amazed if they had many takers.

So, my day was spent doing the housework - and by the end of it I wasn't in a very good mood! I can't ride this week at all, so by next Saturday I expect new horse will be pinging about all over the place.

He's in the yard for 3-4 hours everyday and has decided that chewing all available wood is a good way to pass the time so I've had to spray the fencing with Jeye's Fluid - lovely! The boys gave him a saggy football this morning which he is eyeing very suspiciously, but perhaps it will keep him from destroying things - he's also got a big block of wood, and a salt lick, but I think he'd like daytime tv, a duvet and some hay - he was shivering yesterday when he came in poor thing!

dappleton Mon 13-Jun-11 11:39:22

Frosty, feeling very sad for you about your fun ride yesterday, and even more sad that you did housework instead! I don't blame you for being in a bad mood by the end of the day, I would have been having a right foot-stomping tantrum!
Fingers crossed it gets rescheduled to a warm sunny day smile
Wood chewing is terrible isn't it, i've got a little pony who chewed a football-sized hole in his stable partition in just one night - the little darling - does the Jeyes Fluid help?

Thanks for your sympathy, I have to admit I was quite grouchy yesterday evening! Apart from the fact that it stinks the Jeye's does seem to work, but he manages to find the bits that I've missed, and I've just noticed that he's moved from eating the fence to the actual stable building which is really annoying.

It's a terrible habit, and short of putting a muzzle on him I don't know how to stop it, it's not crib biting, and he doesn't windsuck, it's just like "I'm bored, that looks tasty". He also digs holes which is another bad habit, in the woodchip yard he's now got down to the stone base, and in the field it looks like he's heading for Australia in some places and it plays hell with his shoes too! They said he was "quirky" when I bought him , and they were right!

Rode the mare around the woods today. Did some cute jumping smile

Mirage Mon 13-Jun-11 18:55:02

I'm not riding myself,but thought it would be interesting to log the dds progress on their new boy.We rode for an hour tonight,and the dds were far more confident with him-he is so fat though,I struggled to do up the girth and had to keep adjusting it as they rode-I swear he was holding his breath when I first put it on.He doesn't like the lead rein,but likes someone to walk/run alongside,so until the dds have gotten used to him,I'm running around with both of them.Both dh and I ache down our left sides,probably from trying to hold back a very strong and greedy pony whilst he tries to head into the hay store.

My lovely horsey neighbour,whose yard it is,came over and gave me a hand with tacking up and gave the girls some instruction - he ran around a huge menage 3 times with dd1 trotting alongside and she did some lovely jumping.I felt a bit ashamed that I'm not as fit as a 70 year old.blush

We succeeded in stopping him putting his head down for the first half hour,but after that he'd obviously felt that he'd done enough and he kept doing it,resulting in a sharp 'quit' and tap with the whip every time.I'm going to get some grass reins too,but he has been very good considering he hasn't been ridden since February.

Tomorrow the dds won't have time to ride him,but I'm hoping to take him for a walk to the next village after I get in at lunchtime,we need to get some of the flab off him,so it all helps and it'll give me a chance to see if he is always good in traffic.

elephantpoo Mon 13-Jun-11 20:44:27

grin at your horses picking up pace near the pub older
Mitchie - omg, is your DD ok after a fall and being rolled on?? Glad her lesson went well (bet you were relieved!) My Dpony did exactly what yours did after our sponsored ride.....couldn't get near him. If he could talk he'd have told me to bugger off grin
I'm planning on doing a few in-hand things with Dpony at the show, as it's his first one. Maybe best coloured (does choc dun and white count as coloured?) and best cob. Was a little over ambitious at first.......had visions of working hunter, but think he may refuse the jump blush If I'm feeling brave I may do it and put it down to experience.
Poor you frosty. You must feel so deflated, I know I would. Are there any other rides you can aim for?
Manatee - just re-read some of this thread, as I hadn't been on for a while, and seen you've been very near "our way". Not sure I know all of the places you visited, but I know where Nogsland is and Dunsford wood is the opposite side of the road from Bridford wood, which we are a stones throw away from!! I had very limited riding in the area until I backed Dpony (was riding DD's Dartmoor until then, so limited to how far I could go) and now can't believe how many rides there are!! What horses do you have Manatee?
Mirage - glad your DD's are getting on so well. They sound keen smile
I had 7 months of running alongside DD and got fairly good at it. Then I got Dpony backed and riding out and now I've lost my ability to run blush

MitchiestInge Mon 13-Jun-11 21:40:05

She's fine thanks, it was deep sand and a few weeks ago, fine apart from loss of nerve.

Sounds like a good plan, in hand, that's what we did with the pony the first time. Secretly hoping you give the workers a go too though! He might surprise you. That sounds such a beautiful combination, chocolate dun and white.

Mirage - it is lovely to hear how well you are getting on smile

EP - I have a 13hh gypsy cob. She is small but sturdy smile I was aware that I could have crossed over into Bridford woods from Dunsford woods, but I didn't know the route, and the way I was heading, back towards Exeter (well, not towards, but not away from either), I think it was a footpath on that part?

Mirage - do you think you could lunge fat pony, or turn him out in the manege? Once they get fat it's the devil's own job to get it off them, my fat pony is in the yard for most of the day, and then on a very bald weedy patch at night and if that changes for even a short time he looks like he's going to have a foal!

He won't lunge as he does his Monty Roberts join up thing and comes towards me with his head down after about 2 circuits - hopeless, but sometimes I have to confess to lunge/chasing him round in circles. It does at least make him puff a bit (and me)!

If fat pony continues to put his head forward once you've got the grass reins, you may like to consider a crupper to stop the saddle slipping forward (more tack to clean, but they are effective).

MitchiestInge Tue 14-Jun-11 08:47:08

want to see mirage's new pony!

Mine is suddenly fat, he would hate to be separated from the horse but I might have to ask if I can section a little area for him. I can't imagine needing to feed him ever again, and this could really help some of the 'behaviours'?

dappleton Tue 14-Jun-11 11:24:15

I've just had an eventful morning. I had a call yesterday to say someone wanted to come and look at my yard to see if they could film there - early this morning I get another call to say that a whole film crew are at the gates waiting to get in confused! So in a very wet sand arena (it rained all night and arena looked more like a swimming pool in places) i've had horses galloping (and rolling) about all morning (much to the pleasure of all horses involved who couldn't quite believe their luck) being filmed for a Bengali film. The actor then wanted to ride one horse among the other loose horses hmm against my better judgement (and with a disclaimer in place - imagine explaining that one to the insurance company!) I reluctantly agreed and Dhorse was an angel, he just trotted about avoiding the other 4 - even with rather loud music playing and a camera wizzing up and down on a rail. Am thinking of launching his career as a stunt horse now! grin

dappleton Tue 14-Jun-11 11:25:25

P.S. I second Mitchie - I want to see Mirages new pony too - sounds so cute!

SupersonicDave Tue 14-Jun-11 15:10:09

Dappleton that sounds like lots of fun!

My mare is fat too. Have schooled Monday and.Sunday and I hurt grin hopefully it is working her as much as it is me!

MitchiestInge Tue 14-Jun-11 18:24:50

Wow, it all sounds so exotic and glamorous at dappleton's. Keep up the good work supersonic!

My horse took about twenty minutes to waddle up to the gate. I can't feel his ribs at all. Better increase his work, definitely not feeding. How to get cortaflex in though?

Mirage Tue 14-Jun-11 21:42:54

Dappleton,that sounds very glamourous indeed.

I had a horrible day.I took Joshie on the lead rein to the next village,to see if he was as good in traffic as he seemed when we first viewed him.He was a bit nervy,but I put it down to being in a new place with new people,plus he hadn't been ridden for 4 months before we got him.We were going okay until a milk tanker hove into view,and he freaked out,jumping around and trying to make a run for it.The tanker driver was lovely and stopped the engine dead as soon as he saw me struggling to hold him.Thank God the girls weren't riding or they'd have been thrown badly.I managed to calm him down,but he was clearly unsettled as he kept trying to turn and head for home,but I made him carry on.

When we got home,I went around to Peter my lovely neighbour,who said he'd take him out again and see if it happened again.Joshie was a bit nervy and did a bit of staring,but didn't freak out again.Peter has suggested that the girls carry on riding him in the menage,but that we take him for a walk on the road every day while we have him on trial,so he can get used to it again.He thinks it is just a blip and it probably won't happen again,but if it does in the next 2 weeks,back he goes.sad

To compound matters,my friend has offered me her lovely safe been there done it all mare on loan for the dds,and if we hadn't found this one,I'd have her in a heartbeat,but I can't afford 2 ponies.I'm in a dilemma now,and don't know what to do.sad

olderyetwider Wed 15-Jun-11 09:11:01

Sorry to hear of your trauma Mirage. Does your neighbour/anyone nearby have a steady pony who could accompany you out on walks? Your pony would probably be more confident in company. Is the milk tanker a regular feature?

Good luck with your dilemma, if your friend isn't in a rush then maybe the nice mare could be a back-up plan if you decide you can't quite trust the pony?

elephantpoo Wed 15-Jun-11 09:45:12

He is a lovely colour Mitchie grin
<secretly imagining the judges being wowed by him and not noticing the grass stained legs he's bound to have>
Will see on the day re. working hunter. In-hand is so much easier clothing wise (don't have all of the clobber atm)
May be a stupid question, but what is cortaflex for?
Manatee - is your mare the pic on your profile? What a lovely pony smile
There is a footpath that runs alongside the river in Dunsford woods, and not sure how you access the bridlepaths without going along the footpath confused Will need to investigate soon. Have been hunting high and low for a local area map, to no avail. I'll keep hunting. I unearthed at least 2/3 new rides yesterday when I went out. I did 2 hours 20 around a reservoir and in the woods/lanes and spotted these little tracks for next time.....who needs a map?! grin
DD's pony doesn't lunge either frosty - just turns in and looks at me as if to say "I don't know what you mean"!! So frustrating when you're trying to keep the weight off.
Wow dappleton - what a glamorous life you lead!! You must be very proud of Dhorse smile
Mirage - I second what older said, re. company and other pony as a back-up. What a nightmare for you sad

Well looooong hack went well yesterday (not quite Manatee long!!)
Dpony managed to keep going the whole way - he has been flagging half way round rides and then picking up again. We met a road work lorry and some ROAD CLOSED signs and he was fine. Also got barked at by a huge scarey Alsatian, again, he was fine smile
He makes me laugh atm. Because he's done so well and he's so laid back, it's kind of easy to forget he's only been ridden for 10 weeks. I think he feels he needs to remind me when I switch off/start to relax and does an almighty spook at nothing. Yesterday we were happily plodding along a lane, me admiring the view, and he suddenly shot forward a few paces and then just carried on as normal grin It's like he's thinking "ha ha! got you!!"

dappleton Wed 15-Jun-11 10:15:46

Mirage, your neighbour sounds wonderful and I think his idea is great. Perhaps lunge him a bit before you walk him out as if he's generally feeling a bit full of himself he may make a big fuss over things he wouldn't normally. I agree that it may also take him a while to settle into a new home which is perhaps why he seemed to act differently when you tested him before you bought him. Another calm pony to follow (as older said) will certainly help to settle him quicker. Hopefully your friend can keep the offer of her pony on hold for you for a few weeks just as back up. Hope it works out, awaiting to here how the rest of the week goes for you.

Mirage Wed 15-Jun-11 11:06:18

Thankyou all.I'm still feeling awful about what happened,but Peter and I are taking him out again at 1.30 today and we'll see what happens.We did lunge him before his second [uneventful] trip out yesterday,and he was very laid back and calm,but he has a lot more grass in his paddock here than he was been used to,so who knows?

I have lost all confidence in him now,but haven't told the dds what happened,in case they get scared to get on him.I have said that if things don't work out and he goes back,they might be able to have friend's pony,and I'm going to ask if I can borrow her one day to see how they get on with her.It might take the edge off losing Joshie if we have a back up plan.Everyone but me thinks it was a blip,my mum,who I thought would freak out at the thought of her darling grandaughters being on an untraffic proof pony,reminded me that my old 13.2 mare once nearly had her in the ditch when confronted by a gritter,but never ever did it again.

I guess I'm so used to docile,plodding riding school ponies,that I've forgotten how unpredictable they can be in real life,Dh who has never had much to do with horses,adores Joshie and is very anti giving up on him,but I'm thinking,do I spend £1k on a lovely looking,easy going pony who is fine in every respect,but who I'll never trust on the road again,or loan the old,hairy,but reliable pony who has been passed down through the same family for years?

Friend has two people interested in loaning her mare,but is willing to put them off for a bit,as she'd rather us have her,but can't put them off for long and I don't want to mess her about.

Thanks again,I'm off to do some jobs and I'll post again later.

Mirage, he is still very new to you guys, that is not necessarily his normal self. I hope things work out.

EP - I got a personalised OS map online to find rides, you can put your postcode at the centre smile And yep - mare on profile. I need to find a sharer and am happy to move yards to suit said sharer so let me know if you know of anyone please! I can't afford my masters degree for next year, so need to look at ways to save money, and actually moving yards to suit a sharer will solve my not-entirely-happy-at-this-yard dilemma.

Am about to go and ride the mare now smile

Mirage - don't give up on him yet. He's probably still very unsettled - new home, new people and first exercise for quite a while - perhaps he's just had a bit of a sensory overload.

I've had my new horse for 3 months now, and he's still finding things a bit strange and I'm still getting used to him. A bond doesn't come instantly, and he'll pick up on your feelings if you're a bit anxious with him in the traffic.

I think lots of handling from you and dd's, and your wonderful neighbour, and lots of outings will probably settle him. After all a milk tanker is quite scary. Assuming he's driven by his tummy perhaps you could give him an apple or carrot or something when you've come back from a walk/ride. Talk to him lots and try hard to be relaxed when you meet things. Good luck.

Mirage Wed 15-Jun-11 22:12:47

Thanks Frostyfingers.We took him out again and he was fine until a bus came round a bend behind us,then did his sideways dance and tried to bolt.Lovely Peter grabbed him from me and calmed him down and after that we covered 3 miles without incident.Peter made me trot him up hills,and I was on my last legs-he is far fitter than me despite being 70.grin

We had to stop in the next village as he was surrounded by a crowd of admirers and he was very patient about standing around with people fussing over him.Then he had an hours rest before DD1 came home and was ready to ride him,but he'd obviously decided he'd done enough for the day.He'd only trot if I ran beside him and when I ran after him with the whip,telling him to 'get on',he did a little buck and a canter,before coming to a halt.We persevered,but DD1 was getting tired and hot,so we called it a day.

The lovely lady who lives opposite the paddock loves Joshie and thinks he is fabulous-she has a friend who is a very highly regarded horse expert and RI,and has arranged for her to come over on Friday,check Joshie over,including teeth,back and saddle,plus watch the dds ride him and give her honest opinion.This is apparently free as she owes lovely lady a backlog of favours.S hopefully we'll be a little wiser by then.

Thankyou for all the encouragement,it means a lot.

MitchiestInge Fri 17-Jun-11 15:14:13

Sounds like he is doing well, mine are as traffic proof as possible (motorbikes can roar past, lorries within a hair's breadth, buses, combines etc) but even they are a tiny little bit spooky since I moved them. Although usually something silly in a hedge rather than vehicles. I agree with taking him out in bomb proof equine company as often as you possibly can and doing as much road work as practicable. It's still very early days and you can work around even quite serious fears of lorries or buses - ask them to stop so you can pass or go another way, for example, or you stop and let him watch it go past while you reassure him. My friend's pony who bolts whenever he sees a lorry is fun to hack, you just have to either tuck him in beside another horse, stop the lorry and scarper before he sees it, or go a different way. Obviously he isn't a candidate for masses of road work but he is a fab ride otherwise. Sounds like Joshie has plenty in his favour to redeem him?

MitchiestInge Fri 17-Jun-11 15:21:05

Anyway still having far too much fun at new place. When will it stop feeling new and just be home? Maybe when I've learned all the hacks!

Rode out for three hours today and lovely lovely lovely log canters through the woods and then, I know you shouldn't, thought 'fuck it' and galloped up the hill home. He was so happy, have been up that hill a dozen times and he is always 'canter? Fast canter?' but it's always 'no, silly, trot' until now when the going is better. Didn't realise how well I'd trained him to gallop up every slight incline! There are odd times in life when everything makes sense and gallop for ages without worrying about brakes is one of them isn't it?

elephantpoo Fri 17-Jun-11 17:23:00

Mitchie - that's great that you and your horse are enjoying your new yard so much.....long may it continue smile Very jealous of your 3 hour hack - it's been pouring all day here. I did get togged up and ride out for an hour (Dpony wasn't impressed and walked with his head bent to one side, even when the rain eased off for a bit confused - trying to make me feel guilty!)

MitchiestInge Fri 17-Jun-11 17:48:26

We ambled off in sunshine but galloped home in the rain, I love it. Was in jeans and jumper though and had stupidly crawled into bed in them, all damp and shivery now. I am seriously tempted to do the same route tomorrow but there was a hair raising sheep/rear/spin incident which was funny once it was over but not that amusing at the time.