Maternity leave and pay for summer holidays

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Stilldreamingofsun Wed 28-Sep-16 15:11:32

Hello all
I'm a teacher but I'm planning to leave my job in June as I leave the country (in Europe but on a British contract). As I am on a British contract, normal UK maternity leave laws apply. My contract expires in August. I am on maternity leave now (baby due in 3 weeks). If I go back for a week end June, will I get paid for the July/August holiday. Can they object to me going back for a week knowing that I am not signing a contract for the following year?
Thank you

Munstermonchgirl Sun 02-Oct-16 17:01:43

If you're getting anything above statutory maternity pay, you have to work a certain number of weeks after returning, or you pay the money back. If the summer holiday isn't long enough to cover that period, won't they expect you to be signing up to continue in sept? When would you normally sign the new contract for the next year?

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