What to do with those flower-shaped Cadbury boxes?

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I got several boxes of these at the end of term. Having eaten the chocs, I can't bring myself to throw away the boxes! There MUST be a use for them, somewhere, in my classroom.

I'm picturing them hanging, or on the wall, as frames for something ... ?

Euphemia Fri 09-Aug-13 22:05:27

Fine motor skills - sorting beads into the sections using tweezers.

What year group do you teach? Mine love making their own sweets and chocolates to go in them with very appetising-looking brown, chocolate scented playdough.

They also like sticking various things in them in the creative area - foam animals, coloured squares, beads etc.

Thank you both - I'm in year four, so a bit past motor skills and play dough. If nothing else, I can whip them out as a plenary on 3d shapes!

manyhands Thu 05-Sep-13 11:15:50

LA group for division/ multiplication, they should share 20 beads into two sections etc.

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