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I'd suggest Schools Direct too. Coming back after your past experience shows that you have determination and resilience. Heads also like the slightly more mature entrants as they have more life experience.

Go for it!

Phineyj Mon 05-Aug-13 16:33:04

Independent school? Private tutoring? Tutorial centre? You do not have to have QTS to teach in an academy, although pay will be less. You could also consider being a teaching assistant or cover supervisor. Also, if you contact the university now and talk it through, perhaps they can give you some credits for what you completed and a letter that would ease the way to applying for an on the job training programme such as Schools Direct - all universities will have procedures for special circs such as family illness/personal issues.

tomuchtolose Mon 05-Aug-13 14:41:52

This will be long sorry and I've namechanged as some of the details are very identifying! I posted in chat and then realised that the staff room might be a better spot.
So 5 years ago I did a PGCE- early years at a prestigious university. I sailed through the first two placements with high grades and got the first job I interviewed for at my dream school.
Final placement teacher took an immediate dislike to me. Things then started to go wrong- I had a serious virus and had to take a few days off. Then my dad had a heart attack, I had to go see him. Then my girl friend dumped me and I was homeless- which resulted in missing more time off. I struggled on with the PGCE, but then, days before completion I was told I had had too mch time of and could not complete. I was devasted.
I had no-where to live and no funding, so, although they had said I could repeat the final placement I could not as I had no way to afford it. The university offered no contact or support.
I had a breakdown as I was so devasted, spent 2 months moping on friends floors and then got an office job. I met my husband and had children over the next few years.
My lack of Qualified teacher status is my only regret in life. I loved it and was genuinely very good and am still passionate about childrens education.
I really really want to try again but don't think it's possible as I won't be able to get funding for a repeat pgce and can't afford to do a second BA in education.
Should I let go and force myself to move on to something else or is there some way I could become a teacher?

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