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ParmaViolette Mon 25-Feb-13 19:00:24

Hello everyone!

Have been on Mumsnet for a while, mostly in the murky waters of Chat and AIBU- but I've seen the brilliant help that has been available to those who are teacher training on the education boards, so I thought I'd start a serious account and dive in.

Currently I'm in my 2nd year in International Relations at a Russell Group uni- was thinking of going into press or civil service after graduation, and this is something that I may consider in the future, but I have always wanted to teach. While I'm in the uni bubble with no other options, I figured its best to apply for my PGCE now- as it will be easier to do when I'm young and without commitments, as opposed to getting into a completely different career and tearing myself away from it to retrain. I hope you guys think this is sensible too?

Am in the process of securing some work experience in the lovely primary school down the road, am just getting my paperwork together for the CRB check, so I'll have my practical experience sorted. Also have a background as an English as a 2nd language teacher, and work in secondary schools to go in my favor as well. Looking at getting a 2:1 at the end of my degree, but am hopefully going to push for a First as I know it's achievable if I set my mind to it.

Now, it's just the question of where I am going to apply. grin

Will be moving to London to be with my boyfriend of what will be then, three years, and I'm seriously looking forward to it. There are lots of universities that offer PGCEs in London and I don't really know where to begin. Don't really know where I'm going to be living yet, of course- but I love the Docklands area, and just generally the prospect of being near the water. Obviously I can get to any uni due to excellent public transport- but I would prefer to be able to cycle than spending my life on buses and tubes.

But of course, location is secondary- I just want to know what is the best place for primary teacher training in London, with the best facilities!

Any tips or general advice will be welcomed too, so excited!

lpy101 Mon 25-Feb-13 19:07:01

I did my PGCE (secondary though) at St Mary's Twickenham. That was ten years ago but it was highly regarded and a lovely college!

St Mary's was part of SWELTEC. I believe Brunel, Kingston and Rohampton were part of the same consortium.

Good luck!!

InTheoryBut Mon 25-Feb-13 19:24:19

Institute of Education - great reputation, great course, fabulous tutors and lecturers, very experienced and world renown staff, very hard work, but then what PGCE isn't?

ParmaViolette Mon 25-Feb-13 19:33:04

I like the look of IOE InTheoryBut- heard it's super competitive though.

NamechangePGCE Tue 26-Feb-13 21:02:25

I've heard great things about Wandsworth SCITT (PGCE is accredited by Kingston), especially in terms of pastoral care, but again, it's very competitive.

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