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Anyone experienced the amalgamation of separate infants and Juniors into a primary?

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BrigitBigKnickers Mon 19-Nov-12 22:28:51

Just that really. What were the difficulties and benefits?

Did you have to reapply for your jobs? Was the school restructured?

Might be a possibility for a teacher friend I know.

lsa2 Tue 20-Nov-12 21:50:29

Hi Brigit, our Infant and Junior school amalgamated a year ago, we didn't have to reapply for our jobs and so far the school hasn't been restructured and there is no mention of it.
Although both Heads from the old school applied to be Head of the new Primary the job was given to an external candidate.

A year down the line
I can't think of any difficulties to tell you about, but also can't think of
any particular benefits as we all loved our little old school and the sense of community. This new school is massive, built over two floors and it does all seem quite fragmented. From a personal point of view, also shared by
my colleagues, we would all prefer our old school, we used to long for
nice facilities as our school was very old, but now that we have the most lovely modern school with fantastic facilities we realise that isn't the be all and end all after all. If there is any particular thing your friend would like to know about I would be happy to answer.

2kidsintow Thu 29-Nov-12 22:16:33

We have just gone through it, so it is very early days for us. Our infants and juniors are physically very close to each other, so work is underway to link the 2 schools with a central entrance and office, with corridors into each school.
A lot of money to spend considering we are a 30 second walk along the path to each other. But psychologically it will be worth it if it makes it seem like one school for the parents (and us).

Our County has a policy of amalgamation of separate schools if one of the headteachers retires and this is what prompted ours. The remaining head took over the headship of the 2 schools in an acting capacity. I can't see them having to reapply for their own job as they are thought of highly within the County ed dept.

There has been no mention of re-structuring or reapplying for our own jobs. I have heard that this is what happens if a school becomes an academy, though.

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