Duchess of Cambridge is looking gorgeous!

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IWantSummer Sun 03-Jun-12 14:06:29

Stunning stunning outfit!

DottyDot Sun 03-Jun-12 14:07:34

not sure about the skirt - something about the length/pleats..?!

vanimal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:07:57

Agree, she looks amazing! Those crowd-goers she spoke to must be so chuffed!

Sposh Sun 03-Jun-12 14:09:04

Not sure I'd have worn anything with the potential of upflipping in the wind, myself


Loving the jubilee red!

Mind you the girl would look good in a black bin liner......grin

Kellamity Sun 03-Jun-12 14:11:03

She looks lovely! smile

liveinazoo Sun 03-Jun-12 14:13:08

i agree with bossy britches re bin liner remark

does she ever put a foot wrong?

that girl may lack the "blue blood" but has slid into the role beautifully and always looks fabulous!

reddaisy Sun 03-Jun-12 14:14:17

Utterly gorgeous

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:15:09

They all look fabulous.

Ds 5 just said the Queen looks like a nice lady.

juneybean Sun 03-Jun-12 14:15:50

Aww I love the Queen's outfit! They do look fab.

banyan Sun 03-Jun-12 14:16:33

I'm wondering why I have an opinion on this really, but while Kate looks great I'm quite liking the queen's outfit actually. Glad its not yellow or pale blue like she often wears. She should wear white more often.

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jun-12 14:20:28

But what have they done to Sophie Raworth?
She looks ten years older and that hair is a disaster!

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:20:41

Wish we had gone to London now. sad The weather forecast put me off.

Snazzy detail on the queens & Camillas outfits & bless Her Maj has a pashmina in case she gets cold!!

invicta Sun 03-Jun-12 14:22:12

I thought Camilla looked nice also. We do do pageantry well in Britain.

crown ooh just found this!

bronze Sun 03-Jun-12 14:23:18

They've done well haven't they

IWantSummer Sun 03-Jun-12 14:24:26

Queen had her bag unlatched grin

Is the duchess wearing her spanx??

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:26:39

It's a pashmina? I thought it was a towel in case she gets wet! blush

I reckon Duchess of Cambs has taken up the Queen's tip of sewing weights into her skirt hem to stop it exposing too much leg in the wind.

Bored of the annoying BBC studio people though - GO AWAY - I WANT TO SEE THE QUEEN.

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:27:13


WWYB Sun 03-Jun-12 14:27:45

Who is the woman with Will and Kate in a pale peach coat?

Invicta you're so right no-one does a bit of pomp like us Brits!!

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:26

Harry is on his own. Bless him.

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:49

I would assume it's the Pageant Master's wife.

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 14:28:59


<mute button on>

For those who are wondering about the red outfit........

Alexander McQueen and hat by Sylvia Fletcher for James, Lock & Coutfit

WWYB Sun 03-Jun-12 14:29:32

Coffee Hadn't thpught of that. DH thought it was Pippa! shock

Winds a bit brisk!

coffeeinbed Sun 03-Jun-12 14:32:38

it's very very red indeed.

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:34:28

I bet they have some serious hat pins to hold them on.

well thelady in sky blue on the line up hasn't been practising her curtsey

tsk tsk! crown

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:35:57

Oh Kate you get it right every time- a bright red to match the Chelsea pensioners and a 50s vibe to echo the coronation .
Couldn't be any better IMHO

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:37:36

Deffo a lot of spanx action

bronze Sun 03-Jun-12 14:38:18

I dunno feel it's a bit look at me when it's not her day. not jealous at all

Eglu Sun 03-Jun-12 14:38:56

Kate does always get it just right. Unlike Beatrice and Eugenie who tend to dress rather old for their ages.

Camilla often looks good too. And the Queen looks great today.

Agree Sophie Raeworths hair is awful.

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:39:19

Oh not sure of queenies outfit - looks like its got a duvet sewn in for extra warmth.

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:40:23

angryJohn barrowboy

The queens outfit ....

Norman Harnell by Angela Kelly, is white boucle threaded with silk ribbon and decorated with Swarovski crystals - took a year to make! It references her Hartnell wedding dress apparently.....

(I have a chum who is a researcher & is working today answering questions)

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 14:44:05

What has Tess Daly got on her head???

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:44:09

Teas Daley cow pat hat

She seriously needs to sack her stylist........

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 14:50:24

Oh it's lovely now- all those wee rowing boats .
Why is Clare balding in green?
Looks a bit st Patrick's

bronze Sun 03-Jun-12 14:50:39

Angelina is wearing the dress I asked about the other day

WWYB Sun 03-Jun-12 14:55:30

Hope the Queen has her thermals on!

.............and the duchess she looks perished!

Poor Claire Balding every time she tries to speak a hooter goes off!!!!

MousyMouse Sun 03-Jun-12 15:05:50

I just hope the queen has a thermal vest underneath.
very chilly indeed atm and the breeze on the river doesn't help.

Cameras jsut caught Camilla shivering!

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 15:26:10

How much did those barge thrones cost and why is nobody sitting on them?
Queenies gawn to spend a penny

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 15:26:38

why are her legs so skinny?
look terrible

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 15:27:39

Whose legs???

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 15:28:38

I presume you mean Kate's. She is a tad on the skinny side isn't she?

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 15:31:34

i always think her skirts are about 1 inch too short

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 15:36:01

The Queen is glad she brought a pashmina. grin

AndWhenYouGetToThePalace Sun 03-Jun-12 15:44:27

Can somebody bring queenie a swarovski embroidered blanket... she looks vair chilly!

juneybean Sun 03-Jun-12 15:46:01

wtaf @ Eugenie taking pics on her phone... I'm sure we won't be short of a few pics...

Cremolafoam Sun 03-Jun-12 16:05:45

Still not sitting.agree they are foundered - really need those silver blankets like they have at marathons

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 16:08:20

bearing in mind she has feck all to do all day, no suprised

fucking mornarchy shite

oh bog off Enragia there's always the off button!!


<waves flag>

oooh Fern Cotton's got a snazzy new haircut......vair nice!

Enragia Sun 03-Jun-12 16:36:25

bearing in mind we pay for her sodding dresses

Oh dear you still here? grin crown

Go & do something that makes YOU happy Enragia turn the telly off & hide this thread.

<waves flags at Bah humbugness>

sailorsgal Sun 03-Jun-12 19:29:21

There was an anti-monarchy demo today. Maybe Enragia you should have joined them. grin

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