Cat food that stops cats yelling for food ALL DAY LONG?

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Yahboosnubs Sun 03-Mar-13 19:16:57

Does anyone have any success with cat food that fills them (the cats!) up? I have two Burmese kittens (8 months old) and they yell at me all day long, even after they've just had a Whiskas pouch each. They also steal any food they can, even from my toddler's hand. The vet nurse said they might not be satisfied by their food and recommended the expensive vet produced one (royal Kanin??) and some others that I've forgotten. But I couldn't find them in the supermarket anyway. I tried the Royal Kanin just to see if it would fill them up and it seemed to do so a bit more, but I was still getting yelled at quite soon after. I now don't know if it's genuine hunger or because they're bored or what. They do go out - no cat flap but I let them in and out all day. They've been neutered (both boys) so I don't want them to put on weight. They have a Whiskas pouch each morning and night and some dried food here and there, just a smattering. Any ideas? Thanks.

MrsPnut Sun 03-Mar-13 19:20:01

We give dried food in the morning and a pouch at night but our cat begs for food all day too.

If I am in by myself and busy then she just sleeps but the minute I look like I'm going in the kitchen then she starts yowling. She has also been known to look in the dogs dish to see if there is anything to eat. She's a Maine coon and just a very greedy cat.

Iseeall Sun 03-Mar-13 19:26:59

My cat likes Iams. Available from most supermarkets. Do your cats have plenty of toys, they could be bored and want you to play/chase them. Opinion tend to be divided with regards to wet/dry food and it usually depends on trial and error and the cat.
Dry food tends to be more economical as you can put out plenty and remove it when they have finished/had enough

cozietoesie Sun 03-Mar-13 19:33:43

Just to note - that's slightly less than Seniorboy eats and he's 18 and spends most of the day on his electric blanket. He's only just maintaining his weight.

I appreciate that you don't want fat cats - but maybe they're actually a bit hungry? Personally, I'd try a little more nosh but also break it up (if timing permits) into more frequent but smaller meals. It's a long time to go between breakfast and supper for a kitten and they may have got into the habit of yowling at you in hope of some more in between - or a dried food snack. If they know that food comes more frequently, they might get their minds off it. (Seniorboy has four meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and supper.))

You should see some change in a few days with any luck - if they like a new routine.

Yes cozietoesie, I was thinking that doesn't sound like very much food too - particularly for growing/young, active cats. Do they look well rounded OP? If not, I would certainly feed them more.

girliefriend Sun 03-Mar-13 19:57:25

Iams I would keep a bowl of iam biscuits down for them and offer a pouch of wet food once or twice a day as well.

One pouch of food for kittens is no where near enough shock no wonder they are crying!!

issey6cats Sun 03-Mar-13 20:00:14

try tinned food as opposed to pouches as theres not much in a pouch usually reccomended amount for pouches is 3-4 a day, i feed my mob butchers classic meat in jelly and harringtons biscuits both are high in meat and low in cereal and definitely 3 meals a day as they will be on a growth spurt at this age , 1/4 tin each morning, biscuits afternoon and 1/4 tin each early evening should see them right and hopefully stop them shouting at you, by the way royal canin is one of the best foods, thier kitten biscuits are brilliant

Chewbecca Sun 03-Mar-13 20:00:50

I have a tonkinese (so half Burmese) who is also extremely vocal about food, hunting, saying hi whenever anyone comes in the house or whenever she comes in from the garden!

The boxes of sachet food say they're supposed to have 3-4 pouches per day so I would also think 2 may not be enough.

My cat has 2-3 per day plus unlimited supply of dry biscuits, the bowl is filled up whenever we notice it's getting low.

She's very lean indeed so I am sure we are not overfeeding her.

MerryMingeWhingesAgain Sun 03-Mar-13 20:06:59

My cat does this all the time even though there is food down, they are just annoying like that grin
He heartily scoffs the first couple of bowls of any fishy dried cat food then likes to eat about 3 biscuits and miaow madly. Then the dogs eat it.

Darmont Sun 03-Mar-13 21:31:21

Our little cat is now 5 months (tabby and white shorthair CB), and she has always had Royal Kanin kitten biscuits.

We give her fish once a week, other than that don't feed her any tip bits. She never cries because she's hungry, (i don't know if that's just luck?). I do put out the food in the morning and it stays there all day so she grazes when she wants ( hope I'm not doing that wrong!)

Yahboosnubs Sun 03-Mar-13 23:00:47

Thank you for your replies. It's so difficult to know because the vet said thy were the perfect weight now so don't feed them any more. I suppose they are now a tiny bit more active though as they go outside. Maybe I'll give them some more and monitor the weight scenario.

Ponders Mon 04-Mar-13 12:43:04

my cats are both 8 months too - they are moggies, of unknown derivation, but one of them is skinny & plays fetch so probably has some Oriental in her grin

anyway they have a dish of Royal Canin biscuits available all the time (the neutered female ones, which are quite reasonable if you buy the 10kg bag) plus wet food 2 or 3 times a day - depends how much they've eaten - some days they eat more than others.

I've been buying a variety of the high-meat foreign ones from zooplus - animonda carny, bozita, cosma, almo - mostly still kitten food. zooplus is great

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 04-Mar-13 16:39:17

I fed on demand when the cat was a baby kitten and he isn't overweight, they are still growing so feed when hungry.

BarbieDahl Mon 04-Mar-13 16:49:07

Our cat used to cry for food all the time, so I switched to dry biscuits which can be left out all the time without going off/attracting flies and it's been so much better. She justs eats when and what she wants. No more smelly opened tins of catmeat in the fridge and yucky spoons. Just need to make sure they have plenty of fresh water.

thebestpossibletaste Mon 04-Mar-13 23:56:31

My one year old cat (male neutered) has wet food (Swedish, ordered from zooplus, high meat content so he feels full for longer) twice a day and dry food down all the time and he is 4 kg, perfect for his size.

lljkk Tue 05-Mar-13 07:25:36

My plan is to be out at work all day so that I don't care. grin

ClaimedByMe Tue 05-Mar-13 08:12:39

Would you feed an 8 month old baby a quarter of the food they need each day then let it scream the rest of the time?

Your cats won't get fat they will run about and burn off what they eat!

tabulahrasa Tue 05-Mar-13 08:16:37

Mine get two pouches a day and dried food down all the time - and they're only tiny cats, one's ok the other could do with putting weight on.

BIWI Tue 05-Mar-13 08:22:22

What does it say on the side of the box re portions? I'm sure with pouches you should be giving them three a day. Also, check that you are buying big enough pouches. I noticed recently that some of the Whiskas ones, the Simply ones I think, are 85g rather than 100g which most of the others weigh.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 06-Mar-13 09:08:57

Lots has been said about food volume so I'm not going to comment on that. However, burmese are extremely vocal cats and are well known for talking at their owners non-stop. Could your cats be chatting at you? I love orientals, but this is one of the reasons I would never have one.

FreshLeticia Fri 08-Mar-13 09:32:38

I have had Burmese for year. They are very vocal. However, I agree with other posters that they may need more food. My current boy is 18months and he has a whole pouch morning and evening and unlimited biscuits. My older British Blue has to be carefully rationed though as he will eat for Wales.
I use Royal Canin - the Iams and other cheaper stuff are not high enough in meat protein and are very fatty.
Zooplus is good, and they deliver free.
Once they are a year old, try the Royal Canin 'fit' which is a filling food for cats who are mostly indoors.
Also - Burmese are little monkeys for getting out when they shouldn't be, especially at night and they will hunt an awful lot. They are very prone to road accidents because of this.
I would make sure they have a catflap which can be closed so they can't get out then.
I have the electronic one which is chip-activated, so it has a sensor which closes it at dusk. It will awlays let them in though.
Enjoy your cats - Burmese are fabulous pets, I love them so much.

FreshLeticia Fri 08-Mar-13 09:33:11

'for years' I meant.

Yahboosnubs Sun 10-Mar-13 22:36:38

Thank you again. I have increased the food a bit and interacted with them more when they ask me to (I wasn't ignoring them but they always want to sit on me when I have to do bathtime or something similar with the DC). I've also been letting them out in the garden more frequently, which as helped as I think they were bored. Anyway, the yelling has got a bit better. I forgot how vocal they were even though Burmese were my childhood pets, and of course they settle down as they get older. They are gorgeous and I do love them utterly. Even when they vomit on the carpet. Sigh. Anyway, off to the zooplus website, thank you for that tip.

cozietoesie Sun 10-Mar-13 22:42:32

Ah - that's good that you're seeing some improvement. Well done.


chickydoo Sun 10-Mar-13 22:53:14

I have 5 Bengal cats, they are lean by nature.
They all go out, a couple are really adventurous, the others more home bodies. They have 3 pouches a day each, plus a handful of dried food. This seams to be the minimum I can feed them, I think 4 pouches is too much, they are hungry cats though.
I sometimes give them fresh chicken or fish as an extra.
I think Op, your cats need a little more to eat.

sashh Mon 11-Mar-13 04:33:56

If you know they are getting enough food put some dried food in one or two of those treat balls.

They then have to work to get the food (like wild cats do) so it feeds them and keeps them busy.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Mar-13 06:50:34

I've certainly found treat balls well used in the past.

EvenIfYouSeeAPoppy Mon 11-Mar-13 06:55:00

My 10mo indoor moggies get a pouch each morning, noon and night plus access to dry food ad lib. They don't seem overweight. I as at the vet with the bigger one a couple of weeks ago and I think she would have said something had he been too heavy.

My guess would be they need(ed) more food.

I would also recommend the treat balls, fill with dry food and they have to work to get the food out, keeps mine occupied for ages!

Never buy Royal Canin from the vet, it is hideously over priced. DH buys all our stuff (including frontline and worming pills) online.

Are your kittens 'grabby' with food? My two eat really fast and whoever finishes first tries to steal from the other. Maybe they are panicking about losing out to each other

Yahboosnubs Mon 11-Mar-13 17:09:45

They do have two pouches each a day by the way, if that wasn't clear, and did share another one at lunch time before the vet told me not to give them that. I haven't been starving them! I think it's the content of the Whiskas pouches that isn't filling enough so I will buy some Royal Kanin so that at least I know they're eating quality stuff. One brother is definitely the dominant one with food and he will finish off the more vocal one's, so it's partly the latter's own fault that he's hungry - he lets his brother eat his food! Good tip about the treat balls. Thanks.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Mar-13 18:08:59

Don't worry Yahboo. I think most people realized it was two pouches each (well two subject to Greedy Guts muscling in on his brother!)


tabulahrasa Mon 11-Mar-13 18:50:48

Oh I knew it was two each - I wondered if it might not be enough just because mine are adults and tiny and they get through about 100g of dried food between them on top of that.

I have mini cats, so I assume that average size kittens would need more.

QueenStromba Mon 11-Mar-13 19:07:03

My tiny, elderly house cat eats 2-3 pouches a day plus some biscuits.

GemmaTeller Mon 11-Mar-13 19:24:55

We have a 15 mth old neutered male who is very active (climbing trees / over on the field mousing etc) he gets a full pouch in the morning and again in the evening plus a handful of treats every time he comes back in and whenever he 'guides' us to his dish or the fridge smile.

We also have a 16 yr old cat who has half a pouch in the morning and half a pouch in the evening plus a handful of dried 'treats' when she asks for them. If she tries to eat a full pouch she is sick. She sleeps most of the time, has arthritis and doesn't go out much. We give her extra when she meows near her dish or wants us to follow her to where the cats dishes are (in a room nowhere near the dogs) but have found a lot of her meowing is old age and wanting to be picked up for a cuddle.

cozietoesie Mon 11-Mar-13 19:36:35

Yep. In my experience, cats have different metabolisms and you have to judge food provision by their individual needs.

GemmaTeller Mon 11-Mar-13 20:20:36

Our young one is definately a greedy guzzler of food, he can down a whole pouch in three bites while keeping one eye on the other cats food and has been known to try and get something out of the dogs dish while the dogs head is in there! (female boxer dog sulks and walks off!)
We have to feed young cat first, let him out then feed elderly cat and also keep him out of the dogs way if they have bones (we have actually seen him gnawing on the other end of a large bone one of the boxers was gnawing on!)

cozietoesie Mon 11-Mar-13 20:30:49

The only time I ever saw a spat between one of our collies and a cat (The Lodger) was over a bone. Normally, they resignedly allowed cats to eat from their bowl if they turned up but one evening I'd just semi-stripped a still warm leg of lamb (it was a most 'generous' bone)and the collie clearly thought it was so unutterably delicious that when The Lodger made a move towards it, he snarled and made a swinging head movement. The Lodger jumped back 4 ft and beat a hasty retreat.

You've all been warned.

Jayne266 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:43:21

Satiety support food is design for that reason you can get it from your vets or online.

GemmaTeller Tue 12-Mar-13 20:33:37

cozietoesie I can't believe my boxers haven't gone for /snapped at the boy cat over his cheekiness with food.

Female dog walks off in a sulk and male dog actually comes to get one of us to move the cat!

cozietoesie Tue 12-Mar-13 20:40:48

Oh no - the cats normally ruled the roost and ate what they wanted with impunity. It was just this one occasion which was so out of character that it's remained in my memory.

MaryonJeane Thu 18-Jul-13 21:47:04

Just passing and thought I'd add my bit, even though this thread is old, in case this solves the problem for someone else - as it has for me. Our two cats (one moggy, one Oriental Shorthair) were driving me crazy by constantly asking for food and tripping me up by winding round my ankles every time I went within twenty metres of the kitchen - a nightmare because I work from home. I nearly always ended up giving them more food, and as a result, they both put on too much weight. Then my Oriental was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic.

I knew the answer had to be in the food - but they were eating a variety of food and it was all good stuff, as far as I knew, because I was careful about sourcing it (no horrible additives or fillers, organic where possible, no grains, etc.). I then came across the idea of feeding BARF (yes, I know...) which is basically raw meat (Bones And Raw Food), including the offal and bones and other disgusting bits which cats normally eat in the wild.

What can I say? Problem solved. The cats now eat 'normally' in that they eat when they're hungry and don't fuss about food any more. They do come and ask for food in the evenings if I've become absorbed in work and it's an hour or so beyond their feeding time, but they simply ask rather than fawn and fuss. Both cats have lost weight and now are just right; their coats are gleaming and they've got plenty of energy.

I'm gutted that even the expensively-sourced catfood I've been feeding for years has some hidden things in which simply encourage cats to become virtually addicted to the food (just like human fast food). It wasn't simple, as a consequence, to change the cats over to raw food (it took about three weeks) because obviously there wasn't the same immediate attraction in terms of smell etc. If I'd known there were companies out there providing raw food for cats and dogs, delivered frozen to your door, then I'd have been feeding the cats this from the start and not what turns out to have been over-priced and damaging rubbish. (The great thing is that the raw food works out cheaper, too - although not if you usually feed supermarket brands, presumably.) Never again will I trust packaged catfood (and some of the brands, such as Iams and James Wellbeloved, turn out to be testing on animals, as well!)

I buy from and - both jolly nice people!

kimthomasandaimee Fri 19-Jul-13 06:45:37

Foods like Whiskas and Felix will never properly fill up a kitten because it's only around a 4% meat content so they need to constantly eat more and more to get the nutrients that their growing bodies require.

I feed raw. I get my raw from two different companies.

- Natural Instinct.
- Honeys.

I also make my own raw but you can't just feed raw meat alone. You have to get the meat~bone~organ ratio correct or you're cat will end up with serious deficiencies. That said, you would find on a raw diet that your kittens will eat significantly less.

I also give a raw chicken wing twice a week and supplement his diet with Mice and Chicks which I purchase from an online Reptile supplier. These come by courier frozen so I just defrost and warm up when required.

The other option is to go for a high meat content wet food. These include ..

Lily's Kitchen
Animonda Carny

These are the main three that I use anyway and you can get them all from the Zooplus website.

When they are a little older good brands include:


Which can be bought from the Happy Kitty Company.

I don't give any dry food at all. I don't believe it's healthy as it's moisture content is so low that it's too hard on a cat's kidneys.

Edendance Sun 21-Jul-13 20:18:33

I would definitely consider leaving dry food out all the time, they will not over eat but will take what they want when they want or need it. Wet food can be given as well if you want to!

RussianBlu Tue 23-Jul-13 12:29:08

Porta 21 appears to be yummy on the occasions I have given it.

RussianBlu Tue 23-Jul-13 12:30:26

I second the not giving dry food.

RussianBlu Tue 23-Jul-13 12:31:59

If you want to raw feed, then you can also get powders that you sprinkle onto the meat to give you the extra nutrients. Try giving them a few brewers yeast pills to crunch on each day as well. Raw feeding means they need very little water to drink.

MumnGran Tue 23-Jul-13 12:40:22

They are hungry. A pouch morning and evening is not sufficient for a cat.
Please put down dried food for them to free graze on through the day, in addition to the pouches. You will life is a lot quieter!

MumnGran Tue 23-Jul-13 12:49:00

duh. Just realised this is an old thread.

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