i need some serious flea help :-(

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Ok its a nightmare, my bedroom is awful. Here is what I have done:

Stronghold on cat

Acclaim sprayed whole house

Used entire can of indorex in my bedroom

Washed bedding etc

I'm STILL seeing them sad

I have two more cans of indorex on their way, but is it normal to still be seeing them after all of that?

I'm at my wits end, I can't sleep as it icks me so much, we are going on holiday in two weeks and its just awful.

What else can I do? Help please, I am truly desperate sad

Is it ok to put cat in our room so they bite him and then die?!

Thanks for any help, I need it!

Grumpla Sun 22-Jul-12 16:13:10

Also (sorry for disjointed posts) I "quarantined" clean stuff in sealed bin liners with a sprinkle of flea powder stuff in each.

<mutters> I just washed cat and human bedding at 60, combed them with a flea comb, hoovered thoroughly twice and sprayed the rug and skirting with acclaim.

Ir was only when we used advocate that they went away.

just what you need post partum

I'm going to get rid of most of the soft toys I think, they just sit there anyway and I've been trying to get Ds to get rid for a while (he's a hoarder in training it appears)

Off to the vet in an hour, more money!

Only seeing them in dds room now (poor dd, I've set up loads of traps though)

I'm going on my honeymoon in two weeks, I should be excited and packing and instead I'm dealing with these little Bastards!

You have my sympathy makescakes that must have been a total nightmare with a newborn.

Thanks so much for all your help BTW, I bloody love Mumsnet!

rach2602 Wed 15-Aug-12 22:16:59

Did you solve it? I'm having same problem, flea bombs, frontline, indorex, helped situation but not solved. Still gettin them jumping on me n kids, its awful. Sat itching as I type sad makes me mad when I see em on kids. Got two more cans of indorex on way n more frontline. More expense but right now I would pay anything to get rid. It's been 3 weeks now x

rach2602 Wed 15-Aug-12 22:19:57

I'm hooverin like a mad woman, washed everything, pulled carpet up in room, cats been outside for 3 weeks, no bites though x

I think so....(touch wood, fingers crossed and all that!) We got back from a 2 week holiday yesterday and it seems ok.

In the end we used about 5 cans of indorex, stronghold on the cat and some advocate two weeks later. Cost a fortune.sad

I really do hope we have cracked it, its a nightmare. I would use 3 cans of indorex in one go, treating the worst rooms first and treat the cat with something other than frontline. Oh, and don't forget the car! Good luck

Oh you need the cat inside! Once its been treated it's your flea killing machine!

manchesterpest Sun 22-Dec-13 21:10:56

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daffodil100 Tue 14-Oct-14 14:17:39

Hi, Can I spray Indorex on soft toys? My daughter has nearly 200 of them, and the cat has definitely walked amongst them. I haven't seen fleas on them but I want to be sure. I can't wash 200 toys, so can I safely spray them with Indorex? Does anyone know ?

Reading all this is making me laugh - with relief because it's exactly what I'm dealing with right now. And it's so much better than the crying I've been doing!

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