Will my Cat calm down at night after being Spayed?

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My Cat is driving me flipping nuts, she is throwing herself up and down my hallway all night, she is waking the kids up and my neighbours are complaining.
She is being spayed next week as her being season is a nightmare and she is old enough to have it done now.
Does anyone know if she will calm down after being spayed?
I'm seriously going to have to consider re homing her if not and we would all be gutted to loose her.
She is an indoor Cat and she is a year old.
I know Cats are nocturnal to a point but its becoming a real problem.

Any advice, suggestions?

Ishouldprobablywax Thu 02-Sep-10 16:02:53

Mine did around 3 weeks after, he still has short bursts around that time but no where near the same.
I think it's a bit weird you'd be considering rehoming tbh, i get a bit fed up of people doing this to your pets, you get them for life not until they start irritating you?!

Umm excuse me? I love my Cat we have had her a year and i would be heartbroken to re home her! It would be a total last resort. At the moment i am getting complaints to my HA from neighbours, i live in a an upstairs flat and i have somebody below me and beside me, they have both complained.
My children are being woken up every night and this has been going on for a year and i still have her.
I am a responsible pet owner and if you knew me or my Cat you would know she gets treated better than some peoples kids do ffs.
I know i got her for life and unless its something unavoidable i will keep her for life. angry

scurryfunge Thu 02-Sep-10 16:53:45

Cats are not meant to be indoors....is there any way that she can be let out once she has been spayed?

HoopyFroodDude Thu 02-Sep-10 16:55:35

It is very hard to deal with that kind of sleep deprivation. Yes she should calm down. If she does not not maybe she is an animal that does need to go outside and a new home would be a very responsible thing to do IMO.

We weren't going to get a Cat until we had moved, we were told and promised this would be a matter on months, we rescued the Cat, she was found on the street half dead as a tiny Kitten, i adopted her and saved her.
For whatever reason the move hasn't gone to plan and we are still in the flat.

She can't go out, there is a real thing around here of people stealing unusual coloured Cats, i wouldn't want that to happen.

She has only known indoors and is generally happy and healthy, she eats well, uses the litter box that is cleaned regularly and has lots to play with and gets a good fuss and a stroke loads through the day.

I did plan to introduce her to the outside world when we have moved.

The Vet is happy for her to be an indoor Cat, lots of Cats are and he says there is no reason why she can't live a full and healthy life indoors but like i say when we move i will start introducing her to the outside.

scurryfunge Thu 02-Sep-10 17:01:21

Can you confine her to one room at night where noise can be minimal? Is the meowing or running on hard floors that annoys your neighbours?

Hoopy - That was my thought, i love my Cat and if she is unhappy indoors then i will re home her, we have been let down about moving and now i can't say how long it will be. She has always been happy indoors, prehaps she is bored? She does have lots of toys and company.
If i was the sort of owner that would give her away when she annoyed me i wouldn't bother spending money getting her spayed would i?!

She only Meows when she is on heat, so that's not going to be a problem after next week, its the banging around, she literally throws herself around the furniture, there is nowhere to confine her, we only have doors on the bathroom and the bedroom and she needs to access the litter trays.

She only does it as soon as i have shut the door to go to bed, she will leap down off the bookshelf (her choice bed!) then run as fast as she can up the hallway into the lounge and tear around in there banging into things and knocking things over.

I don't give a toss about sleep deprivation its the Kids i worry about.

Has he got any kind of kitty entertainment system, you know like those tree things?

Do you think she wants to sleep with you?

<clutching at straws>

Have you thought about consulting an APBC behaviourist if it is making your lives hard?

SHe does have a tree thing and all sorts of toys, she does like to sleep on the bed and i let her but she will only stay thier for a few minutes before starting the crazy behaviour!

I will speak to the Vet and ask him for a reccomendation to a Pet bevaviourist.

We had another Cat but he passed away, they used to do this together, i wonder if she is missing him, he has been gone 5 months now, they were togerh for 6 months before he died.

Here's the APBC website if that's any usesmile.

Thank you. smile

Mumi Thu 02-Sep-10 17:59:37

My cat is 16, has been spayed for 13 of those years and still does this, which I've come to accept as what cats do, but luckily I don't get any complaints from neighbours and it doesn't wake us up, despite living in a house with laminate flooring, not carpets which would muffle the sound.

In the absence of doors, can you put curtains up between rooms at night? They don't have to be anything more expensive than old sheets but the physical barrier may be just enough to discourage her.

The play may not be stimulating enough - they are hunters, after all. As long as care is taken not to shine it in eyes, I find shining a laser pointer from one side of the house to the other is excellent for getting a cat tired out enough during the day to be quieter at night.

fuzzypicklehead Fri 03-Sep-10 20:47:54

You could try some limited outdoor exercise on a harness and lead for added daytime stimulation and see if that makes an impact. I've also heard of people eliminating daytime feeding and instead "hiding" bits of dry food here and there before bedtime so kitty has to hunt for her food. It would be more like her natural behaviour, so might be worth a try.

bee87 Sun 19-Sep-10 14:35:56


I don't know if this thread is still active as the last post was a couple of weeks ago, but I know exactly what you're going through 'TitsalinaBumSquash'.

I re-homed my 5 month old kitten 4 days ago. We have had her for 2 months, we rescued her from the street. We also live in a flat of which I thought would be fine. She settled in fine and was very happy, but then she started going a bit crazy, running around, jumping off the furniture, scratching the window sealant out (I know this is what young cats do) We gave her lots of toys, scratch posts etc. You name it, she had it.

Although fully litter trained, she began leaving little surprises for us, in the bath, on the carpet etc she even weed on the floor when we were both there. I came to the conclusion that it was the fact she couldn't get out and that she'd been used to the outside. I'd trawled the internet for similar stories but with no success, so I gave her to a family friend, but am regretting it so much. I keep thinking maybe she would've grown out of it or maybe not, and would that be fair on her to keep her inside. I don't know, but I hope your situation is improving and please think carefully before letting her go.

This is nonsense about putting a curtain up, it will only fuel its behaviour to play even more. I have 4 cats one female 3 male when bad behaviour occured i was told to spray a little water onto the cat to stop the habitual bad behaviour and in time this works. Hope this helps u with this problem, ur cats should calm down a little when spayed but still try this. Keep me informed

VenusRising Thu 10-Jan-13 10:34:19

You could try vetinary valerian on her fur.
It comes in a little dropper bottle, and after a few drops she should calm down- maybe try this for a week, to change the behaviour and establish a new habit.

Best of luck with the spaying, we are getting our kitten spayed soon (six months, and hasn't been in heat). She's pretty quiet during the night, though she does run about for about 20 minutes hard playing, at about 11 pm before bedtime. This seems to tire her out, and fingers crossed, it seems to work. She meows at 7 am for food and company - she likes company when she uses the litter tray!

VenusRising Thu 10-Jan-13 10:35:33

Sorry should have said, you put the drops on her fur at the shoulder, and she licks them off. Seems to work whenever we move our kitty anywhere.

Lonecatwithkitten Thu 10-Jan-13 13:49:25

I would actually suggest getting her to hunt for her food during the day to keep her busy during the day there are various strategies for this.
Firstly hiding bowls of food around the house, secondly my favourite save toilet rolls to make a toilet roll pyramid then hide bits of kibble in the roll that she has to fish out.
Next but a kitty pyramid put kibble in it she has to chase it round the room and pounce on it to get kibble out.
Finally once she is an advanced kibble hunter there are kitty kibble puzzles that they have to do a series of actions to get food.
FAB did a study several years ago that found that absence of ability to hunt was one of the main things that made indoor cats wired.
Once better occupied in their waking hours (you control to be daytime) they then get in their 18 hours sleeping overnight.

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