Geocaching : chatty thread

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bumpybecky Fri 23-Mar-12 16:24:18

hello geocachers smile

there were lots of outdoorsy shite threads, but now we have our new great outdoors forum, I thought I'd start a new thread for us smile

I am (one of) Dave's Piglings and an in Bedfordshire. We've currently got about 140 finds and 9 caches placed smile

Mmmcoffee Fri 23-Mar-12 16:59:57

140 finds! envy We've found... <drumroll> And completely failed to find another five, despite having (apparently) very good 'directions'. We sort of gave up after that.

MegBusset Fri 23-Mar-12 18:39:00

Hello smile Have found many caches over the years but never bothered keeping count. I have currently got two travel bugs in my possession waiting until I go a bit further afield.

PinkyCheesy Sat 24-Mar-12 20:44:09

Hi! Been hoping for a geocaching place on MN for a while. We have been doing this since Sept and have found over 400. I'll admit I have become a bit obsessed grin. Been brilliant for weight loss though, as I take myself off for 5mile walks while kids are at school.

Any questions, I will do my best to answer. I have read loads on the website and tried to involve myself in the local caching community. (Herts/Cambs border)

EndoplasmicReticulum Sat 24-Mar-12 21:31:14

Hello! We only have 60 finds, I'm aiming for 100 by the end of the year. We set our first cache up a couple of weeks ago, and today we nabbed a geocoin, we're going to take it somewhere tomorrow and send it on its way.

400 since September? Wow. I think I'd have to travel miles to find that many! We go with the boys so 5 miles is about the limit before they start whinging.

LadyUmamiDeMort Sat 24-Mar-12 21:36:06

We're going off to do this cache and the rest in the same series tomorrow. Vair excited, as the cache owners always make a fantastic job of their hides.

We've just broken 250 finds. DH insists we must get one of these now!

EssieW Sat 24-Mar-12 22:06:06

Am in Herts. Nearly at 100 - about 4 to go I think. I mostly cache by myself on bike rides so have limited time. Haven't set any up yet but hoping to release a couple of travel bugs soon.

PinkyCheesy Sat 24-Mar-12 22:35:07

Hi Essie! If by any chance you're in North Herts, are you going to be attending this event next Wednesday? And have you had a go at the fabulous 'Back to Basics' series near Hitchin?

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 25-Mar-12 10:37:19

A question for you - is it worth getting a premium membership to the geocaching site? Round here, there are very few "premium-only" caches, so I am unconvinced of the benefits.

PinkyCheesy Sun 25-Mar-12 22:07:06

I think it is for me as I travel about quite a lot and come across lots of premium caches. City centre ones quite often are premium to avoid being trashed by newcomers to the game who are only interested in spoiling it for the rest of us (amazingly and sadly this happens more than you would think).

Also, premium members can set up alerts so that they find out about new caches in their area. If you're a competitive type you might want to rush out to get a first-to-find.

There's a few other perks too but it very much depends on how involved you want to get. We started casually but got hooked after a few weeks when we went to an event with 18 new caches laid and a huge group went off rambling round the countryside to find them smile. Have made lots of interesting new friends too.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 25-Mar-12 22:14:54

Ah, that explains why someone found our cache after 20 minutes!

We found 12 today, the most we've got in one day. What I really enjoy is how it takes us to places we'd not otherwise visit.

PinkyCheesy Sun 25-Mar-12 22:57:15

Totally!! I 'found' a 14C manor house the other day owned by a massively famous artist/sculptor, just cos I went for a cache nearby. The cache description just said "nice old house and interesting statues in the garden on your way to the cache"!

Strawbezza Mon 26-Mar-12 19:00:40

Hello fellow geocachers!

I've been caching for almost 4 years and have found 4800+ caches, and hidden 45.

I think premium membership is well worth the money, you get Pocket Queries (PQ's) as well as the details of premium caches.

LadyUmamiDeMort Mon 26-Mar-12 19:44:02

4800 shockshockshock

bumpybecky Tue 27-Mar-12 16:35:37

I am very envy of 4800 in 4 years - I am thwarted by work and children! today was a beautiful day for caching, but too many boring things to do instead. I shall carry on plotting our finds for Easter holidays! smile

as for membership - deffo worth getting the premium thing. Being able to download 1000 caches at once into the gps, searching for caches on a route and alerts for new caches all fantastic smile

bronze Tue 27-Mar-12 21:59:09

I have about ....... Ten. And about 4 we havent found and all but one have been pulled soon after. Not going to get many more for a while as have done all the ones walk able from home

Strawbezza Wed 28-Mar-12 08:38:06

I have some spare time for caching (not enough though!) - and I take the opportunity to cache wherever I go. On Monday my car had its MOT, instead of waiting I walked four miles around the suburbs and bagged four caches.

It's not about the numbers!

MyleeneCrass Fri 30-Mar-12 12:25:08

Has anyone tried finding caches in other countries?

geogteach Fri 30-Mar-12 13:09:47

We have found some in Germany and Iceland.

bumpybecky Fri 30-Mar-12 13:44:44

nope - I've not left the country since 1997! we did manage Wales 4 years ago, but that was before we started caching smile

Strawbezza Fri 30-Mar-12 18:18:20

I've cached in France, Ireland and Hungary. Nowhere has as good maps or footpaths as UK though.

bumpybecky Sat 31-Mar-12 23:56:26

Off to Devon tomorrow smile lots of caches planned for the journey and when we get there. Hopefully we'll have lots of nice easy finds!

LadyUmamiDeMort Sun 01-Apr-12 21:42:11

We've done a few in the US. There seemed to be lots of urban 'in a carpark' type ones, which I don't really like; lurking suspiciously where there are lots of muggles makes me nervous grin

Strawbezza Sun 01-Apr-12 23:43:07

My least favourites are suburban - e.g. on the back of a road sign whose name happens to fit a theme. Too many curtain-twitchers. And when you write the log, you can't really say "thanks for bringing me to this lovely place...". I hate supermarket carpark ones too, have only done a couple of those literally when I was about 50' away anyway.

lilyfire Wed 04-Apr-12 22:13:54

Experienced cachers please help! We started trying on Saturday and were flushed with success when we found our first cache quite easily. We tackled one with four separate clues on Monday, and we could find the clues - which gave us the co-ordinates for the cache, but I couldn't work out how to put the co-ordinates into my i-phone app. to get to the cache. I was using the i-phone geocache (£6.99) app. I put in co-ordinates (worked out from the clues) after pressing the little flag bit at the top (is that right?) but then the app just wiped them and wouldn't search for them. I thought maybe the app was pointing us to the cache, but in retrospect I think it just kept directing us to the first clue. Does this make any sense? How do you put co-ordinates in on the app? Am I doing it totally wrong? It all looks really exciting, but I feel a bit pathetic.

bumpybecky Thu 05-Apr-12 16:54:29

I have absolutely no idea about the iphone app, sorry!

However, if you've still got the co-ordinates, I'd try putting them into this site which has google maps (can switch to satellite view too) which might help smile

LadyUmamiDeMort Thu 05-Apr-12 21:07:42

With the app, once you've put in a new waypoint, if you go back to the map, you should now see a yellow flag as well as the blue and green markers for where you are/ where you're heading. The yellow flag is the new waypoint. If you tap the flag, it should bring up a box with the waypoint name and blue arrow; press the arrow and it should give you a 'set as target' option, and you should then be navigating towards your final co-ords.

Hope that all makes sense! We've had the same problem several times, and each time forget how to fix it.

lilyfire Thu 05-Apr-12 23:03:12

Bumpybecky - thanks very much for the link, it looks really useful.

LadyUmamiDeMort - that's very helpful. I have played around with the app and now you told me that I can see how it works, but don't think I would have worked it out for myself. Maybe the explanation is on the groundspeak website but I spent ages looking for it and didn't find it, which seems weird. Am relieved not just me being totally dense. It was described as 'suitable for children' so made me feel worse that failed to find it. Will have another shot at it as have renewed enthusiasm. Thanks a lot.

LadyUmamiDeMort Fri 06-Apr-12 08:51:54

No, not dense at all! It really isn't very clear. The app could do with updating with specific functionality for multi-caches. It would be nice if you could programme your answers straight into the app as you go along, and then have an 'enter final co-ordinates option'. If you'd been using an older GPSr rather than the app, I'm sure you'd have found it!

Probably suitable for children because they can work the technology much better than we can grin

Strawbezza Fri 06-Apr-12 21:38:24

Anyone done (or planning) any Easter caching? I cached today, am caching tomorrow and Sunday too smile

bumpybecky Sat 07-Apr-12 19:13:43

We started slowly....

Thursday we didn't find two! hmm

Yesterday, we managed a whole one! it was in the middle of a circuit that we did last year. This one was disabled last time and by the time they brought it back the estate had started charging to park, so we've left it for ages. The visitors centre had webcams showing herons nesting with chicks, so very cool smile

Today was better - 14 found, none not found smile

I doubt we'll manage any tomorrow, not sure about plans for Monday yet smile

Ratbagcatbag Sun 08-Apr-12 12:05:46

Hello all,

Just thought I would drop in, we found our first cache in Scotland on holiday on Friday which was awesome (apart from the Tick I acquired - see my other thread grin) we are hooked and once iphone is charged I want to increase my number from 1 to a few more before footy is on at 4.

Has anyone got the GPS trackers, we're looking at buying a decent one (aroudn £400 budget) the Garmin GPSMAP 62ST, but I have no idea really what we are looking for.


PinkyCheesy Sun 08-Apr-12 12:35:15

Woohoo! I got my first FTF today! Wasn't planning to go out at all but this new cache 2 miles away popped up in my email so I jumped in the car and grabbed it immediately --luckily I don't have much of a life--grin

SoupDreggon Sun 08-Apr-12 12:41:53

I do enjoy caching but I don't get out so much now - mainly because I own most of the local ones blush

SoupDreggon Sun 08-Apr-12 12:44:40

I have changed my entire caching ethos though - when I started it was about the numbers, now I realise that is is about the journey. For me, it doesn't matter if I've only found 1 so long as I had fun finding it smile

SoupDreggon Sun 08-Apr-12 12:45:18

(although I did rush out last month and bag 5 FTFs in the drizzle. Two of which involved climbing trees. grin)

Strawbezza Sun 08-Apr-12 20:12:40

Bagged my 5000th today smile

Ratbag I have the Oregon 550 (the 450 is the same but without a camera). I've also got 1:50k OS maps loaded. Very pleased with it, it's accurate, easy to use and the field notes can be uploaded back to the geocaching site or GSAK to help with the log-writing.

Check for lots of info on which GPSr would be best for you.

bumpybecky Sun 08-Apr-12 20:16:34

also see this site for more advice on choosing gps units smile

huge congrats on the 5000 finds smile did you take pictures?!

SoupDreggon Sun 08-Apr-12 20:24:32

I have the Oregon 450 - I have a proper camera and an iPhone camera so decided I didn't need another one grin

topbannana Mon 09-Apr-12 23:04:00

Hi folks. We are keen cachers, found around 250 and own 4 of our own. Its great for spending time as a family and getting us out to places that we would otherwise never have been (we live in an area of Dorset absolutely JAMMED with caches!)
Its great for holidays as we use the premium membership that allows us to find caches along our route, great for breaking the journey smile
As far as GPS units go, we use the iPhone app (great for those "ooh I wonder if theres a cache nearby" moments) and we have a bright yellow Garmin E-Trex that cost me in the region of £40 second-hand from e-Bay. Having spoken to other cachers about GPS units, the general advice seems to be that the E-Trex is the best of the old style GPS units and is generally more than adequate for the beginner. Its only downside is that your data needs to be entered manually but we cope just fine and would probably not upgrade, even if we had the money hmm

EssieW Tue 10-Apr-12 18:37:01

Do you recommend Premium membership? I've been caching for about 9 months - just up to 110 caches. Tend to mostly do on bike rides every weekend.

topbannana Tue 10-Apr-12 20:03:57

Yes EssieW, its really quite cheap and well worth it even if you only use it a couple of times a year. Apart from that we have an awful lot of "premium member" only caches round by us, might not be worth it if caches are scarce round your way hmm

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 11-Apr-12 22:44:55

I have one of the yellow Garmin things as well, it does the job. Pain in the bum entering the co-ordinates though.
Since getting it, husband has upgraded his phone, and what I like about the app is it will show you nearby caches wherever you are.

For example, last week we were in another county for a family do at a pub we'd never been to before, fire up the app and find a cache just up the road, so left the aunties chatting over coffee and snuck out to get it!

Essie I remain unconvinced on the premium membership as there are very few premium caches near me, maybe when I've run out of all the others....which will take a while!

We went to do one today, am trying to mop up local ones that we haven't got to before.

I agree with previous posters, I don't like the magnetic nanos stuck on the back of a road sign, you end up looking very suspicious.

Do you remember this news story?

Because we go with the boys, who are 5 and 7, I like caches to be where I'd expect - you know the obvious hole in a tree sort of thing, because they get very disappointed and sometimes more than a little cross if I've dragged them out in Weather and then we don't even find the cache.

giesabosie Wed 11-Apr-12 23:03:14


Can I join in? I've been geocaching with my 2 kids for over a year now. We have found 48 and even managed to get a FTF earlier in the year. I really like the fact that it gets us out of the house and that I've been to lots of places I didn't know existed (I'm not local to the area). The kids really seems to have got into it too.

I have one of the yellow Garmin etrex thingummys (also purchased from ebay) but I'm feeling a bit smug here because I also bought 2 leads which allow me to connect it to the PC and download co-ordinates without all the manual entry.

joanofarchitrave Wed 11-Apr-12 23:08:18

Ooh, I wonder if someone could help with E-trex advice. We were very excited when we got it and managed to work out how to enter the coordinates (we think) but otherwise we haven't actually managed to, er, use the entered coordinates to find the cache... we have just used local knowledge to work out where the caches are, because the other pages seemed to be sending us off in the wrong direction. Which page should we be on when actually searching?

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 11-Apr-12 23:16:32

joan - what I do with mine is press the "Page" button until I get to "Waypoints" - then I will see a list of the co-ords that I've entered, select the right one and then "Go-to" - at which point it has a big arrow on it pointing you in the right direction.

I then hand it over to Son 1 who is in charge of telling us all which direction to go in and how far it is left to go.

ApricotPoodle Wed 11-Apr-12 23:37:40

Had 4 hours to kill yesterday in a random part of the country so bagged 10 caches. grin
Was then very disappointed to notice a circular walk that could have yielded 31 shock
Happy days.

EddiesTeddy Thu 12-Apr-12 20:49:22

Whereabouts are you all based?

Strawbezza it IS all about the numbers! only addicts in denial claim that it isn't around my area ;)

EssieW Thu 12-Apr-12 21:08:02

Based in North Herts. will think on premium membership a bit longer. I know that when I get round to doing a couple of areas it will be worth it - e.g. Grafham water is mostly premium.

EddiesTeddy Thu 12-Apr-12 21:13:55

I am in the West Midlands and there are thousands of caches around here for both premium and non-premium member.

Most premium members only (PMO) caches tend to be that way either due to damage done to the cache by muggles, or due to the extra time/money/effort put in by the cache owner who then obviously want to add a bit of extra protection from bored/destructive muggles.

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 12-Apr-12 22:16:46

We got 2 today. I'm in North Yorkshire, there are loads. Have also done a few on the IOW while visiting family.

ChoccyJules Thu 12-Apr-12 22:23:28

We're new to geocaching and have so far found one and not (yet) found the second (though we had a nice walk!). In Cambs. Will enjoy reading through this thread and learning fron the experts!

PinkyCheesy Thu 12-Apr-12 23:30:57

I am taking a couple of mates out for a caching walk (they are interested but not convinced!) on 23 April around Bourne/Caldecote/Hardwick (in Cambs). We will be meeting around 10am and aim to be home again in time for our various school pickups. Will prob walk around 3-4 miles and pick up 5-10 caches. No pressure, just a fun chatty few hours. If anyone fancies joining me, please email me at and I will send you more details.

There's loads of lovely geocachers round here (herts/cambs border) but could do with a few more ladies!

EndoplasmicReticulum Fri 13-Apr-12 09:46:15

PinkCheesy that's a lovely idea (bit far for us though....)

I took my mum and dad yesterday. They were impressed. Once I had explained the concept to my mum about 15 times.

"you just follow the arrow on the GPS, mum"

"what arrow?"

"Did you bring your glasses?"

PinkyCheesy Fri 13-Apr-12 14:15:25

My caching friend uses a GPS and I use my iPhone. She doesn't understand how an iPhone works but thought her DH might get one. I explained that he had to get the geocache app from the AppStore. Her reply: "oh where's that? I don't think we've got an App Store in Northampton.." grin

Strawbezza Fri 13-Apr-12 18:14:07

I'm in the West Midlands too EddiesTeddy at approx co-ords of N 52 25.000 W 001 58.000 grin

Great that there are so many geocachers on here now!

I'm going to an event tomorrow where some new caches will be released.

bumpybecky Fri 13-Apr-12 21:01:11

been out today, took dd1&2 to guide camp and made a few detours smile

picked up a d4.5 puzzle, a multi with a fabulous view which was very close to England's oldest cache (which we also found), one more on the way back to car, then one in Berkshire (new county for us) near to camp

so just 5 but favourite points added to 3 of them as they were fabby smile

topbannana Sat 14-Apr-12 14:07:58

Shame to brag but take a look on at Weymouth Bay in Dorset. They have just set up the Olympic rings with about 50 caches. Dorset is a great place to cache grin

Strawbezza Sun 15-Apr-12 14:33:12

topbannana I'm going to Weymouth at the end of May to do that series grin Haven't cached in Dorset before so it will be a new county for me.

bumpybecky Sun 15-Apr-12 23:13:40

oooh lots of puzzles smile have solved two now, have told dh when we've solved them all we're off to dorset for the weekend!

Strawbezza Thu 10-May-12 23:31:52

Good weather forecast for the weekend.... anyone got any caching plans?

Anyone got any tips on how to solve puzzle cache GC3AGBN it's the only one of the Sailing Rings we've not solved sad

bumpybecky Wed 16-May-12 19:15:26

can't help with Black 3 - baffling! there is a puzzle help group on FB though. FB not working for me at the moment so can't post a link, it's called geocaching puzzle help though

no caching for us at the moment, DH has banned me after our marathon cacheathon at the bank holiday weekend - we did 37 in a day!

there's a puzzle cache locally and in order to find it you need to spell out a word using the initial letters of caches all found in the same day (hope that makes sense!). Well I asked the dc what word they wanted to do - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! shock so we did!

Strawbezza Mon 21-May-12 14:29:56

I solved Black 3 after asking for help grin would never have managed it on my own. Off to Weymouth on Sunday morning grin

Strawbezza Mon 21-May-12 14:32:33

Wow Bumpybecky that's a brilliant effort with the Challenge Cache! Must have taken a lot of planning!

Playingwithbuses Wed 04-Jul-12 01:24:58

hi geocachers, i have er dont know how many finds a quite a fews hides, i love setting up caches smile especially really original or funny ones. Well they make me smile, my dd's travel bug has made it to canada and we have another 2 in the uk doing their rounds, love it grin

topbannana Tue 10-Jul-12 09:42:32

Hi again folks, hope you have managed to get some caching done despite the awful weather hmm
Is it just me being ranty, or are cachers taking the p**s with their swops? We have found a couple that have really disappointing contents (and DS only joins in with good grace if he gets to swop some plastic tat!) Then I went to check on one of our caches last week. It is a KlipLok box and was filled with really nice little bits and pieces (my DMum is an avid car booter and buys loads of stuff for us) Lo and behold, I find my lovely cache contains (amongst other things) an empty Kinder egg pot, 2 dead batteries, the cage off the top of a champagne cork and three 1 pence pieces. I have removed all these generous swops and filled the cache back up with decent stuff but was really angry about it. I mean, who thinks taking a plastic Lightning McQueen car is acceptable if all you are going to put in is an empty Kinder egg pot and who wants an empty Kinder pot anyway?!

Strawbezza Wed 11-Jul-12 16:34:53

Sadly the quality of cache contents does go down fast. I blame indulgent parents letting their little darlings pick what they like, and either not leaving something in exchange, or leaving some useless piece of tat. Most of my bigger caches started off being filled with little Lego people/models, none of them are left now, the few swaps were of the broken McToy/used bus ticket quality.

Playingwithbuses Fri 13-Jul-12 11:21:48

As its dry today today Im going to head off and do a maintenance run on one of my series of caches, at least one is MIA and another not foynd for a bit. Summer holidays here so i want to make sure there all up and running.

bumpybecky Fri 17-Aug-12 00:14:18

to be honest the caches I've set didn't have big value items in to start with, they each had 3-4 things but rubbers (multipack of 4 normally cost 30-50p) marbles, bouncy balls, bracelets from party bags etc

we do occasionally find high value swaps, but only when we've not got anything of equal value (sods law!) so it gets left there

my latest mission is setting caches as part of a bigger series - there are about 10 of us combining efforts and setting caches around the Milton Keynes boundary walk. It's 63 miles long and I think there will be over 300 caches by the time we're finished. My section is 6.5 miles long and I'm hoping to out the 33 boxes out next week smile

tazzle22 Fri 17-Aug-12 00:28:17

wow, did not realise there was a geocaching group here .......... another in the west midlands here grin

newbie really of three months.... I have 124 and am just about do my first three hides.

I love puzzle caches !

tiggy114 Tue 13-Nov-12 18:57:58

Marking my place to read this thread later. We loooooove geocaching. It's so addictive.

NicholasTeakozy Wed 17-Apr-13 14:01:47

Yes, yes, I know, zombie thread and that. I've been cacheing for about 8 months and bloody love it. I have about 50 finds and am scouting places for hides in both urban and rural locations.

Asheth Wed 17-Apr-13 22:45:14

I love it too! I started caching with my DSs a couple of months ago and we've found a few local ones and some on holiday. I love the fact that it's everywhere. People are always amazed when I show them the maps and how their home towns are covered with caches!

cb2ndtimer Sat 20-Apr-13 18:27:58

Attended my first event today and logged our 100th find - love how caching gets me out to places I would never visit otherwise.

chirpchirp Fri 05-Jul-13 16:00:03

Newbie Geocacher reviving old thread.

Heard of it, never tried it. Then some friends came to visit yesterday.... One of them was playing on his phone and got very excited that there were loads of caches close by (one being 10 yards from my house). Went out with him to find it and that was me hooked. Went on my usual walk last night but doing slight detours and collecting on my way and even bagged one on my lunch break today whilst out stocking up on treasure at Hawkin's Baazar.

The simply GPS ones I think I'll be able to get no bother but does anyone here have any pointers to solving the puzzles? Is it like cryptic cross words, once you get the knack they get easier?

bumpybecky Fri 19-Jul-13 15:07:59

oooh found my thread again!

puzzle caches, they definitely get easier the more you do! smile don't be afraid of contacting the cache owner and asking for a hint, explain you're a newbie and ask for help smile most cache owners are very friendly (always a few grumps though!)

where are you chirp? and did you know a chirp is a geocaching thing? they are wireless beacon things that can sit inside caches broadcasting the location to gps units!

EddieVeddersfoxymop Thu 25-Jul-13 19:40:28

We are just about to do our first ever this weekend! My GPS unit is on route from Amazon, hoping it comes tomorrow.......We are going to cycle and take DD to find an easy one, so I hope we can find it.

We did however, take a sneaky walk down through our village last night as there is a close proximity nano just round the corner from us but we couldn't find it at all as we looked like we were loitering with intent

Any tips for the newest of newbies?

bumpybecky Sat 27-Jul-13 13:16:44

yes - nanos are tiny! start with something bigger smile

have you looked online at how tiny they are? if you've seen a few you'll know what to look for. Some are tiny cylinders about 1cm tall. I found one this morning that was a tiny plastic tube 1.5ml capacity.

At the top of every cache page there is a star rating for difficulty and terrain. Lower stars should be easier, although that's not always the case!

good luck smile

bumpybecky Sat 27-Jul-13 13:18:34

sorry, read that back and it sounds bossy! there's nothing to stop you looking for nanos, just don't be surprised if you don't find them!

Witt Sat 27-Jul-13 13:30:32

We've been geocaching for 8 years, found 240, hidden 5 (although they are all archived now) and been caching in USA, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain as well as the UK.

Best ever geocache was in Belgium. The gps kept pointing to a row of bars. Finally we worked up the courage, went into what appeared to be the most likely one (based on the theme of the cache) and asked. They produced a massive attache case from behind the bar filled with loads of plastic and toy animals. We got to browse through it, and leave our first travel bug, whilst enjoying a beer in the sunshine.

There is a cache series in the Midlands called The Alchemy Quest that we started but then moved away and never finished. I'm curious, because all the people who found gold said the end point was amazing, so has anyone ever finished this series?

Witt Sat 27-Jul-13 13:31:20

Nanos are evil! My evil nano geocoin went missing sad

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 29-Jul-13 21:36:41

Hey, still can't find that blasted nano....but on the plus we bagged 6 finds over the weekend. DD is delighted with herself, especially as the one we got tonight was doggy themed and she is doggy daft grin

Witt Tue 30-Jul-13 19:55:26

Did you decode the clue? Nanos are sometimes magnetic so did you look underneath benches and things where they could be hidden? Also on a couple of occasions I've found them inside fencing if there is a hollow tube in the fence and you take the top off.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 31-Jul-13 10:19:07

31 days of geocaching starts tomorrow - the challenge is to get one a day throughout August.

Anyone in?

I'm going to try. Not sure I'll do it though!

Cheeseatmidnight Wed 31-Jul-13 10:20:20

We also live in Bedfordshire and have found one in chicksands woods, but plan to do lots more, we love it! Very new to it.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Wed 31-Jul-13 13:50:37

Witt, somewhat helpfully the clue is "magnetic"!!!!!!!!!!!! We think we know where it is now, there's one of the series in another town and the logs gave us a clue. Now just need to wait till we can slope down under the cover of darkness and try not to get arrested!

Witt Thu 01-Aug-13 08:31:52

Eddie have you been back to find it yet???

EddieVeddersfoxymop Thu 01-Aug-13 09:47:27

Witt, not yet! Planning some caches over the weekend so will adopt stealth mode and go furtively looking.....

LaydeeJayne Thu 01-Aug-13 17:11:00

Just joining in to say hello - found out about about this months ago but only got around to trying it today! We found 4 local ones grin. If I am being honest I really don't quite understand what I am doing.. I just use DPs HTC to get as close as I can then bumble around hoping for the best. Think I need to brush up my knowledge of using coordinates. How many people use a traditional compass - do I need to get one?

EndoplasmicReticulum Thu 01-Aug-13 18:49:15

Laydee sounds like you're doing it right. I don't use a compass. The coordinates get you close enough, then you have to search about.

I got one this afternoon - one down, 30 to go.....

EddieVeddersfoxymop Thu 01-Aug-13 22:20:40

Witt, we have success! A very novel cache, and no one arrested for loitering with intent grin

Witt Fri 02-Aug-13 07:28:27

Excellent Eddie. Was it a truly evil hiding place?

I am always envious of people who have children or dogs with them whilst caching - they make a good cover story. In fact, it's one of the reasons we decided to procreate smile

SoupDragon Fri 02-Aug-13 07:39:56

Tonight I am going for a romp round Richmond Park in the dark grin

LaydeeJayne Fri 02-Aug-13 13:49:17

Yay found my 1st micro today! It was teeny tiny and lying in the grass , so I hid it back in its proper place. Endo didn't realise there was a one-a-day challenge happening this month - count me in!

EndoplasmicReticulum Fri 02-Aug-13 15:23:59

I got one today too, a tiny micro in the middle of the busiest shopping street in town, but it's easier if you send children because they don't look so suspicious climbing all over benches etc.

Tomorrow will be trickier as we have a 6 hour drive to our holiday destination. Have found one at the services we usually stop at to have a go at though.

SoupDragon Fri 02-Aug-13 15:48:38

Children are great for locations where stealth is required. No one pays them any attention.

I have found my cache for the day and hope that I find the night cache in the early hours of tomorrow morning smile

EndoplasmicReticulum Fri 02-Aug-13 15:58:08

My younger son (6) is like a tracker dog. He goes straight to them. He even found one we weren't looking for once, I think he has some sort of magic geocache finding power. Helps of course if you are low to the ground and don't mind getting muddy.

SoupDragon Fri 02-Aug-13 16:03:10

My DSs are pleased because not many mothers actively encourage tree climbing grin

LaydeeJayne Fri 02-Aug-13 19:17:27

I am a childminder, so always plenty of willing children on hand to go scrabbling around! Goodness knows what the parents think - I have sent them home filthy! grin Sadly my own 14year old thinks he is a bit too old and cool for all this and just stands there making confused faces. I don't care!

So glad I've just found this thread. I found Geocaching thanks to mumsnet over a year ago whilst looking for a hobby to do as a family. We've now completed 180 caches including some abroad and are now trying to complete the 31 days of Geocaching this month, although had to do one in the pitch black last night as nearly forgot. We now do Geocaching most weekends and its helping us get fit and spend much needed time together. Today we found a cache we'd been back to three times already. I almost jumped for joy!!grin

Do most of you cache as a family or on your own. I'd love to do more on my own but I'm a little nervous about being in isolated places on my own.

EndoplasmicReticulum Fri 02-Aug-13 20:40:36

Mostly we go as a family, although I have done some on my own too. I haven't been into the middle of nowhere on my own though, mostly because I don't have time. Sons occasionally moan "oh no not geocaching again" but I point out they'd be going for a walk anyway so might as well make it a bit more interesting.

What I particularly like is it takes you to places you wouldn't otherwise go, yesterday I discovered a really good playground in a nearby village that I didn't know about before.

Ooh, a caching thread! Failed miserably with the first 2 days of aug, but don't care having spent Wed doing a whereigo puzzle with an awesome final.

Planning an evening with the kids finishing just after dusk, I'm just hoping I won't get back to the car park to find a couple up to no good in their car!

We like the larger 'rural' caches, they're bigger and it doesn't matter that the kids are not very discrete <grin>

SoupDragon Sat 03-Aug-13 09:10:19

I go either alone, as a family or with friends I made via Geocaching. In fact last night was spent romping round Richmond park in the dark with a strange man I met first on the internet and then in a wood smile Whilst we didn't find the cache we went for, we picked up a small one at 1am to fill today on the 31-days calendar.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sat 03-Aug-13 21:58:45

I got one today at the motorway services on the way to our holiday. So 3 down, 28 to go.....

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 03-Aug-13 23:09:14

Witt, it was truly dastardly to find!! It was tiny, disguised as something else and then stuck to the back of a phone exchange box. Evil!!!!!!!!!

Witt Sun 04-Aug-13 08:15:49

Eddie that sounds like a very satisfying find!

Has anyone ever been to the Piratemania geocaching event in the Midlands? It's been going on for a few years now I think and it looks fab. I can't wait for DCs to be a bit older as I think it would be a really fun family thing to do. I've met the Cache Hoppers, who are joint organisers, a few times and they are really lovely people.

SoupDragon Mon 05-Aug-13 10:11:21

Day 5 cache 5 and a very pleasant wander round a churchyard!

NicholasTeakozy Mon 05-Aug-13 11:25:05

I'm so pleased this thread has popped up again. I'm doing the 31 Days thing, I actually got an FTF yesterday and received an email from the CO thanking me for the lengthy log I posted. I write a short essay for each cache I find, yes it's time consuming but I do it out of respect for the time and effort put in by COs, and having met a few they appreciate the effort. I even write a decent log on a DNF.

I'm going out later for a few C&Ds, it's too damp to traipse around fields, and there are no local urban caches I haven't logged already.

SoupDragon Mon 05-Aug-13 12:05:25

I write the log that the cache demands - micro on the back of a road sign often ha no need of anything other than a thank you as there's nothing much to say. Other caches have long essays smile It all depends on what sort of "journey" I had in my cache hunt.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Mon 05-Aug-13 16:13:56

We have been caching now for exactly 10 days, 18 now found. Not bad for a total newbie!! Will have to break my 31 days run today though as life gets in the way sometimes of sniffing out tupperware! Curse you, summer school, housework, and grass cutting! Oh, I forgot work in that list too, curse it while you're at it.

I'm never sure if I should write an essay on a log.....I don't want to bore people! I usually state who I was with, the weather, anything unusual that happened etc.

EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 05-Aug-13 17:03:40

Day 5 cache 5 here too. Am doing a bit of cache-and-dashing because we are staying with in-laws and visiting family, so not much time for involved searches.

Have the next couple of days sorted out I think, as long as I can find them! Luckily we are staying on an island that has plenty of caches.

Well I was unwell today so sent do and dd to find today's finds. Had a few dnf and ended up in the middle if nowhere in a dodgy area. Never the less today's find logged. May have to go further afield tomorrow though as have logged all the nearby ones.

bumpybecky Tue 06-Aug-13 13:00:37

we're back from the mega smile good to see some newbies posting

I've got loads of logs to do from our week away. Not sure if we'll manage the 31 days thing, we've done every day so far but it's easy when they're all events!

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 06-Aug-13 21:38:19

Day 6 done! Was a mini one behind a roadsign, so not particularly exciting but was all we could manage. Haven't planned tomorrow's yet.

signet Tue 06-Aug-13 22:34:10

Can I join this thread? We are trying to get to 100 by the end of summer. Did a lovely 3 mile trail today with the kids and dog and picked up 11 geocaches along the way. Spent some time paddling in the stream alongside the route. I have to say that I am loving finding new walking places.

Most interesting cache of the day was inside a hippo!

bumpybecky Wed 07-Aug-13 00:26:05

of course you can join in smile

I've done all our cache logs from the last week now, just need to do all the travel bugs - there are hundreds!

Not sure where we'll go tomorrow, will see what the weather is like in the morning

I have the same problem, I'm having to go further afield and that's trickier with kids, dogs and catching up on a social life. Off to Wallingford today so I'll either drag my friend out or grab a couple on the way there or back.

I'm not going to complete the August challenge as we're off to France and they're quite sparse in the area we'll be in. Must plan our route and download maps.

Had my first cache published, it's very exciting <sad old bag>

I love finding new places and walks. It's having quite an effect on my figure too grin

SoupDragon Wed 07-Aug-13 07:10:59

I deliberately left a whole load of my most local caches specifically for special caching days - I think I will have used them all up by the end of August though! Helpfully, some local cachers also put out a load of easy ones for this challenge.

signet Wed 07-Aug-13 08:14:06

Not quite sure where we are going today. It'll probably have to be an evening walk so hopefully the rain will keep away. I need to find a romantic place to offload a travel bug DS picked up yesterday.

EauRouge Wed 07-Aug-13 08:36:01

Hello, total idiot here. I quite fancy giving this a go with my DDs, I think they would like the idea of treasure hunting. Will a phone app do the job? I haven't got hundreds to spend on a fancy GPS thingy.

MoreThanWords Wed 07-Aug-13 08:58:26

Was just about to ask the same question! Any recommendations for the best iPhone app please?

NicholasTeakozy Wed 07-Aug-13 09:24:27

I met a fellow cacher who was using the official Groundspeak app on his iPhone, it cost £6.99 and looks really easy to use. It shows local caches and can zoom in on the map so you can pinpoint GZ. If I had an internet enabled phone it's what I'd get.

SoupDragon Wed 07-Aug-13 10:38:54

I've been finding my August caches with the official iPhone App. Its expensive but it does the job very well.

However, for longer "proper" caching trips I use a Garmin GPS. The app drains the battery on a phone considerably and also there isn't always a signal out in the wilds which affects it.

Sometimes I find with the Garmin and log with the App.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 07-Aug-13 13:39:01

Arrgh, it's getting trickier - the one we went to get this morning was a DNF, lots of others here need maintenance or when looking at the logs the last 6 people to try couldn't find them. I may struggle for the next 10 days until we get home and can go further afield.

Like SoupDragon I use a Garmin, husband has the Groundspeak app on his phone. The App is fine but his phone isn't very reliable, it's always out of signal or out of battery. So between us we usually get there.

SoupDragon Wed 07-Aug-13 14:01:58

I've seen cachers using car SatNavs before, and one set who planned it all on Google Earth and used a paper print out and lots of visual clues! I met them along a seafront though so it was probably easier - 3rd breakwater along, 4th post up, that kind of thing smile

bumpybecky Wed 07-Aug-13 15:20:43

I use cache sense on my android phone. I think there was a free trial for the first month, but I liked it so much I paid after that smile

Broomsticks we've done some in Wallingford. There's a series that runs between the two bridges and we did those and a few others last september when we spent the weekend there smile

We picked up a local puzzle today smile

NicholasTeakozy Wed 07-Aug-13 15:59:41

I'm reduced to doing cache & daches grin for the next week or so due to a badly stubbed toe. Luckily there are half a dozen or so in a row not far from here I'm going to try in a bit.

We use the iphone ground speak app but sometimes it can be unreliable and offline. We also have a garmin (I think) that we bought cheap off Ebay that we use to help and DD has it cos its rubberised. When we are doing drive-bys we use the Tomtom sat nav and enter the co-ordinates. Been to a lovely one today at Western Park Museum in Sheffield. Had to use the exhibits to find the answers and then use the answers to work out the co-ordinates for the cache. Really enjoyed it, passed a day and encouraged me to visit somewhere I have never been despite living in Sheffield all my life.

signet Wed 07-Aug-13 23:17:52

Well I managed to pick up another 2 today and even discovered a Bronze Age burial ground in my area that I had no idea existed!

I'm planning a longer walk tomorrow to pick up several slightly further afield while the weather holds.

I use c:geo on my phone, but after a disastrous trip where it couldn't pick up a signal or satellite we invested in a garmin, which is ace . phone is good for the cache and dash still.

Went to an abandoned folly last night, we'd had to watch a very old Disney cartoon to find the coords, got there for dd2 to be disappointed at the lack of skelling-tons. I did chuckle.

Must try and find one quickly between now and swimming lessons/supper/ds' band practice. What fun hmm

EauRouge Fri 09-Aug-13 12:58:03

Thanks all, I think I'll try out a couple of the freebie apps first and see how we get on.

bumpybecky Sat 10-Aug-13 10:56:19

some of the apps let you download caches so you can use them offline. My phone you can get gps signal free so you're not paying for data is you're using it offline.

Did that make sense?!

EauRouge Mon 12-Aug-13 21:24:27

Yes, I know what you mean but I have no idea how to check any of those things grin

We went out this afternoon and found one cache fairly easily, but couldn't find the other two that we looked for. I need to become more familiar with the app I think (it's c:geo) because I missed part of the description and wasn't sure what we were looking for. Also the compass thing didn't always point in the right direction and the GPS was a bit slow to catch up with us but that is more likely to be my phone than the app, it's got serious gremlins.

Anyway, we all had great fun and can't wait to go again. One question though, I've read a lot of comments by people saying they had to wait for 'muggles' (I love that this is the term for non-geocachers) to go by- is it the done thing to not be seen? It's hard to be discreet when you've got two small children yelling 'treasure!!!'

EndoplasmicReticulum Mon 12-Aug-13 21:28:30

EauRouge part of the "game" is not to let the muggles see you. I have the same problem though, my children are as subtle as two bulls in a china shop. However I do find children can be a useful cover, as it is less unusual for them to be scrambling around in bushes.

We've not been muggled yet, but have spotted other geocachers. And they have spotted us!

Now on day 12 of Geocaching August, one every day so far!

My kids could not be more discrete if they tried. I like woodland one for this reason, even if they do begin yelling 'MUGGLE' at the top of their lungs as soon as they spot someone in the distance. Off now for todays- which one, that is the question...

<waves hello to bb from fb wink>

EauRouge Tue 13-Aug-13 15:00:32

Ah, that's OK then, I was worried I was committing some kind of massive geocaching faux pas. Thanks!

NicholasTeakozy Tue 13-Aug-13 18:13:16

Anybody else doing the 31 Days Of Geocaching? For some reason I seem to be doing more than usual, I'm averaging about eight finds a day so far this month, and only getting about 10% DNFs.

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 13-Aug-13 18:42:07

On day 13, doing well, considering we are on holiday staying with in-laws. Luckily there are plenty of caches around. Just aiming for 1 a day though, and choosing easy / obvious ones.

bumpybecky Tue 13-Aug-13 20:00:03

<waves back at Ready!>

We've managed 13 days so far, think we'll be fine as long as we stick with it. Apart from when we were away at the Mega, I'm probably doing less caches than normal as I'm trying to no use up all the local ones in case I need them later in the month!

We're away for the day at the weekend (going to a gc event in Hunstanton) and then off to see BIL and family next week, so will probably do more then as we're away so don't need to save any (yes I know this is slightly twisted logic!)

Missed day 11- had my parents over, first time since Easter and I needed wine after. Might cheat and use a virtual to get the sticker. Off to France soon, and its rather sparse where we are. Could be tricky. Missing all the events on the BH, esp gutted about the midnight cake one. I like cake. Mn needs a cake emoticon.

Might go round Stone with the kids and dogs. Lots of multis and caches that I want to cross off my to do list.

Squeal! Just seen there's a new series near where we're staying. I may be in with a chance!

bumpybecky Wed 14-Aug-13 13:45:57

I'm very sad about missing the midnight cake too sad glad to hear about the new series though - good luck!

Needed!!! Where will you be for that?

bumpybecky Thu 15-Aug-13 16:05:12

we'll still be on holiday in Forest of Dean, not coming home until 31st. Hopefully we'll manage the other event in the evening

EndoplasmicReticulum Tue 27-Aug-13 15:39:26

Well it's nearly the end of August and I have still been getting one a day, although it's getting irritating now as I have other things I need to be doing (getting ready for school starting again). I think I may have a geocaching break for September - although I keep noticing lovely new ones popping up nearby....

tapdancingmum Sun 01-Sep-13 00:00:55

I managed 26 days straight out of the 31 and found my 300th last week. Unfortunately life and holiday took over so was unable to finish it but we had fun all the same.

My DD2 is very good at it but also shouts muggle and "act natural" whilst posing wildly grin I am really glad I got into this as I have seen bits of my local area I didn't know existed.

JakeBullet Sun 01-Sep-13 00:13:17

Can I join? We (me and DS) found our very first cache today grin. I was very proud of myself and DS can't wait to go again.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 01-Sep-13 10:09:14

We did it! It was getting a bit irritating towards the end, as I ran out of easy nearby ones. And one day we found ourselves geocaching on the way to a funeral.

I promised my boys a pub lunch as a reward for putting up with me caching every day, I was definitely more keen to complete it than they were.

We managed so many more on holiday than I expected. We were in an area of south France with a low density, despite that I managed everyday there! Well chuffed [smile] had a couple of days off while I found the sitting room again after emptying the car, but we're off to a local landmark with loads of caches, and a brand new earth cache. A jolly for the last day of the holidays.

Hello, marking spot for now, would like to read right through the thread. We started in May using the Iphone app and have had more failures than successes, especially in wooded/overgrown areas, urban ones seem a lot easier to find. The DCs are getting very disillusioned with it. Going to read through for tips.

I think half the knack with overgrown areas is to stand back and look. If you can see something out of place, or a little trail it can be a giveaway as to the location. We like the rural ones as they're often bigger with more crap treasure.

Where are you in the country, perhaps you can join up with someone local to you.

We're off to see one of the oldest caches in the uk today smile Well I find that exciting smile

HomicidalPsychoJungleCat Wed 04-Sep-13 08:04:25

Hello! As often happens with me and MN, I start to do something new and then a thread appears about it on 'active'! We did our first bit of geocaching yesterday and found three! The kids loved it, and we're certainly going to do more as there are LOADS near to where we live.
I love the knowledge that wherever we go now there night be a secret little box somewhere with its hidden treasures.
A question though. Two of the boxes we found were a bit rubbish, their contents were things like old fliers for events and even an ear of corn in one. We took loads of sweets and little rubbers and moshlings and things for kids to swap and we refilled the old worn ones with these. Is that the idea?

NicholasTeakozy Wed 04-Sep-13 08:39:26

To sort of answer your question HPCJ, I carry a few little swaps with me and some travel bugs. With swaps I try to trade to a similar value (very low) and never take a bug or trackable without leaving one, even in caches that get very few visits. You appear to be topping up cache goodies and any CO would, I think, be happy about that.

I managed the 31 days challenge, and introduced DS, DD1 and one of their friends. Well, DD1 and the friend had had a look for a couple but found neither so we went to look for them. They were a bit put out and amazed that I found the first one in about ten seconds, and really waded in to find the second. I think they might be hooked now.

WhoKnows, there are certain things to look out for when doing rural caches. Look for a cachers trail, this can be as simple as a tiny hole in a hedge, or a path worn between trees. If the clue is 'base of tree' look for sticks or logs covering a natural hole in the tree. If the CO has offered an extra clue make a note of it.

HomicidalPsychoJungleCat Wed 04-Sep-13 11:25:02

Thanks for that Nicholas, now I have just two or ten more questions...

What is a travel bug? And a Trackable? We are doing swaps really rather than top ups, just that on this occasion the things we swapped were a bit better than those we took out. smile

Do any of you put a cache close to where you live? I love the idea of having one nearby to us and perhaps see people hunting for it. smile

Thanks Ready and Nicholas. I always look at the hint and recent logs, but have found several times that the location finding on the iphone in rural areas only narrows it down to a few metres radius and when that few metres is full of young trees and undergrowth thats a lot of looking. I was told by a friend to look for tracks, oddly placed stones etc, but not much joy. We have also been scuppered at a couple of urban ones recently by crowds of people, my DCs give up a bit too easily IMO!

NicholasTeakozy Wed 04-Sep-13 12:41:58

Trackables, such as Geocoins and travel bugs, occasionally have missions attached to them. F'rinstance, I have one which is German in origin wanting to go to Scotland. Others have no set objective other than to travel around. You can watch their progress as long as you keep a note of their tracking nos.

I actually scoped out a really good hiding place, but when I actually looked there it already had a cache hidden there. I do keep looking out for places but I'm restricted as the containers I have are a bit big for most of the likely hidey holes.

HomicidalPsychoJungleCat Wed 04-Sep-13 13:47:25

Cool, think we will include one of those in our own cache them. Been reading some logs on the geocaching website, what does TFTC mean?

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 04-Sep-13 16:27:39

I think caches start out with good stuff in, but some people will take that and swap it for crap.

Sometimes if a cache is full of rubbish we feel sorry for it and put some things in without taking out.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 04-Sep-13 16:28:06

TFTC = Thanks For The Cache

HomicidalPsychoJungleCat Wed 04-Sep-13 17:03:47

Thanks for that Endo. That's exactly what we did yesterday, took all the crap out and replaced it with exciting treasure.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Sep-13 13:56:16

Ah... found this again. smile

I managed my 31 days and am now seeing if I can keep my streak going until it is bigger than my "slump" of 148 days. I suspect I may run out of steam long before then!

SoupDragon Thu 12-Sep-13 13:57:40

We took loads of sweets and little rubbers and moshlings and things for kids to swap

You shouldn't put food items in caches.

And, realistically, would you be happy for your children to eat something a stranger had put in a box and then left in the woods?

Back again, just bumping back where I can see this. Will have to slow down on the daytime jollies (not that I've done any since the kids went back) as I'll have to knuckle down too. Boo. Planning a new cache inspired by a local bit of yarnbombing smile

Found one Wed, but didn't have a chance in hell of retrieval! Was 7ft up, I'm only 5ft2!!!

And no to sweets! Bad cacher. Rubbers and other bits of stuff crap. my logic is to take the sort of stuff I'd like to find.

yay found this thread again. managed all 30 days of August but life has been too busy since. must make an effort this weekend

SeagullsAreLikeThat Sun 13-Oct-13 19:02:44

Tried this for the first time today and failed miserably!

Things I did wrong:
- built up expectation in the DCs, so they were annoyed when we dragged them out in the rain to find treasure, then didn't actually find anything
- failed to take into account I am much more into this concept than DH so when we couldn't find it straight away, he was happy to give up and try again another time whereas I would have stayed until I found it!
- didn't have a clue how not to look suspicious digging around in hedges and walls and grass when there are people driving past or living in the houses opposite! How do you do it without looking really dodgy? What do you say if anyone asks what you're doing? I'm rubbish at lying and would probably end up being reported to the police for suspicious behavior! Even with the DCs, I felt really self-conscious and I think that's another reason why I didn't spend long enough looking.

What's the trick to not acting suspiciously, please?

NicholasTeakozy Sun 13-Oct-13 19:47:39

Hello Seagulls. Some tips for the beginner from somebody who ignored them and failed for ages :-

Choose a cache with a difficulty rating of 1/5, that is not a micro and has been found in the last few days.

When you get within a few metres of GZ look up from your GPS or phone and use your eyes. With a recently placed or found cache there will be a 'cachers' trail' which leads you towards it. This can be footsteps in grass or a gap in branches or anything that doesn't seem quite right.

When urban caching it is better to be part of a group, as numbers can provide cover. Solo urban caching looks very suspicious, I've been pulled up loads of times. I always explain what I'm doing without revealing the whereabouts of the goodies.

When you look at the size of container and it says '?' it is probably not a traditional container. I have found sticks, stones, sawn logs and snails that come under the '?' category.

Finally, stick with it. It's a great way of getting exercise and you see parts of your locale you'd never see otherwise.

Good luck.

SeagullsAreLikeThat Sun 13-Oct-13 20:36:46

Thanks, Nicholas!! That's really helpful. I read on the website we should go for green highlighted "beginners" ones but there were none on the route we'd planned to walk so we thought we'd try for others which had been logged as easy to find.

I feel better knowing it's ok to tell people what you're doing if necessary (just not where the cache is)... Honestly I cannot lie convincingly at all!

Going to try again with DS2 later this week. He's like me, doesn't mind scrabbling round in the mud and getting his hands dirty whereas DS1 and DH just wanted to get home for a nice cup of tea today smile

Davros Sat 09-Nov-13 10:59:31

I am interested in this, need to do some more research. There was a programme about it in Radio 4 this week, can't remember which day but it was lateish afternoon. It could have been Ramblings, I didn't hear the beginning or the end!

Found this again! Is anyone braving the rain atm?

TheZeeTeam Wed 26-Feb-14 18:09:41

We pride ourselves on being the World's Worst Geocachers. We've attempted to find loads and loads and have actually found about, ermm, 3. I blame my iPhone.

We do love it though and it means we make much more of an effort finding different places to walk the dogs at weekends.

TheZeeTeam Wed 26-Feb-14 18:10:47

In fact, to prove our rubbishness, there are 3 on our street alone and we still haven't found them 2 years later!! grin

That's quite skilled! We are the least discrete wink I love my dakota 20. I got it last summer on tesco vouchers. We have done quite a few on the iphone, it's not bad, I think it's a case of getting to know what you're looking for.

bumpybecky Sat 01-Mar-14 22:00:23

Zee that's funny!

Ready, I think I might challenge you for the least discrete title! I've normally got all 4 dc with me, sometimes MIL too and she's not really got the idea that you're supposed to be subtle!

Oooh dp's decided the Kent mega is do-able! Very excited. Will be all 4 dc plus 2 dogs, one a loon, one scared of her own shadow. Should be fun :-D

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 12-Mar-14 19:33:26

I have a very unsubtle child. He makes sure that everybody knows he's found it.

I haven't found many recently as the mud has just been so deep everywhere it's putting me off. I have to go and find some dry caches. Husband now has a decent phone which is making life slightly easier but I still think my Garmin thing is more accurate (just a pain to input all the data).

Can you not connect your gamin to your pooter? I've just discovered pocket queries, but still don't really know much about them. Succeeded through luck more than anything else! I've finally got the kids accounts up to date smile bit daft, but they wanted to keep track of their personal finds, and although dss isn't as bothered, I didn't want him left out. Easter hols are coming, so lots of opportunities to get out. Plus there's a section of a ring I've done where I forgot to note the bonus numbers!
Really looking forward to camping. Trying to persuade dp that it would be worth taking the canoe- he's not convinced we'd get a chance to use it.

haggisaggis Mon 31-Mar-14 15:42:12

Pocket queries are really handy - if we are likely to be somewhere new at the weekend, I create a PQ based on where we are going and upload the caches in one go to the gps. Does mean I have hundreds of caches stored on my gps though. THink you have to be a premium member though, don't you? (although I think it's worth it being able to create PQs)

KinkyDorito Sun 13-Apr-14 19:32:44

I really want to try this - how do I get started? Is there etiquette around making a find? Do I need to put anything out?

If anyone has help and advice to help me have a go, I would really appreciate it thanks.

Hi, just returning to the thread after a long absence. We hadn't tried caching for a while but were at a motorway service area at Easter and thought I'd see if there were any, we found one and re-ignited our interest. It contained a trackable, so we took it and have still got it. It's a 50 cache marker, the previous carrier visited caches with it till they had 50 and then placed it where we found it. A couple of questions?

I've taken it to about 5 more caches this week as a visitor and logged them all. However that has been mostly me picking off my local ones, I'm not going to be able to keep this up. Is there some sort of etiquette about how long you can hang on to them, or should I pass it on now. I'm still on less than 10, so 50 will take a while.

Secondly, been considering the premium membership, but how do I see if there are many premium only caches in my area?

Relivingmyouth Sat 24-May-14 19:57:28

Hi- please can someone tell me more about pocket queries?

Just getting into this using my iPhone but on the coast it's rubbish!

I have got my brothers old garmen sat nav - can I download the caches into this or do I need to input them manually?

I've been surprised at how much of a buzz geocaching is!! winkshock

oooo hello grin, I downloaded the intro geocaching on my iphone and last week we had our first dnf and all came home a bot sad, today we got our first find grin, I not when recording on the log there is loads of abbreviations and I haven't a clue what it is though know what a muggle is and dnf but that's about it - were off to the lakes next week and im mega excited at prospect of finding any - is there a way to see if any there other than waiting till there and striking up my phone?

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 25-May-14 19:40:32

Having dithered and dithered finally went on our first geocahce today aided by some freinds. I have a very reluctant DD age 8 in walking and thought this would be the ideal thing to get out and about. We used the app on the iphone but I have a GArmin GPS60 which I got for my birthday a couple of years ago but unsure how to use it. Any help on that one?

karatekimmi Sun 25-May-14 19:46:02

Hi, just found you all and don't want to lose you. Been geocaching as a a family For over a year now, aiming for on average a find a day this year and we are currently on track.

I'll catch up with the thread now!!

Choccyjules Sun 29-Jun-14 17:40:28

Hi just checking-in, been out searching today for first time in a few years, took DD who found it so exciting to be acting nonchalant to put off any lurking muggles!
Downloaded the iphone free app but it wouldn't show me the ones I knew from the main website were nearby so have bought the real app. Going to have to keep this up now to make it worth the money.
I do love the idea, though, so it will be nice to read through this thread despite most of it being quite old.

MercuryRising Tue 22-Jul-14 21:29:27

We discovered geocaching at the weekend and I have been out with dc, dm and dsis every evening. It is addictive!!grin

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 26-Jul-14 17:50:51

Mercury, glad to see you're into it! We love it - we have 63 finds and are aiming for 100 by years end. But more exciting - our first cache was published yesterday and has been found twice already.

It's very addictive indeed!

Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 11-Aug-14 08:59:56

Can I say hi? Just found this thread. Have had the geocaching app a while but only got my first find while on holiday this year (was just a short walk from our holiday park). There's 2 in my village which I've not yet had the chance to go for due to having 2yo dts and the footpath not being suitable. Thought I'd try yesterday but got seriously rained off. The two older dc are a bit hit and miss. Dd1 gets bored easily. Ds1 loves the walk and the hunt.

I've only found 4 so far. Inc a teeny magnetic nano (was fun hunting for that in a busy park). But saved loads to my offline list just in case.

Just popping in to say 'hi'. smile
Very new to geocaching but enjoying it so far. I'm surprised my 11yo was really getting into it too!

I've only got 6 finds so far but there's several in my village I'm going to try and find. There's loads out there, find it amazing there's so many that we don't realise are there!
There's one just a few hundred yards from our door.

I'm camping next week so will have to save some offline with my app to try when we're away smile

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 08:59:09

Hi. Was delighted to see this thread pop up in active. I'm a cacher of about six years now although my stats are rubbish. I have two caches of my own and loads of travel bugs. I've also set up caches and bugs as presents for friends and family to start them off on their cache careers smile

I am recently relocated to Bedfordshire from Norfolk (anyone luck enough to be from Norfolk should look out for caches by captain birds eye, they're clever) so I should get my gps out and maybe look to try and hook up with op!

I'm in norfolk so will definitely look out for those thanks!

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 17:25:44

Great! Try the Ingham church circuit. Awesome in my opinion. enjoy smile

Minisoksmakehardwork Sun 12-Oct-14 20:38:15

Happy international earth cache day! I took a trip to our nearest earth cache today. I've been saving it since I missed it in August. Was much closer than I thought and a beautiful spot. You could spend hours there just watching the world go by.

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