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bumpybecky Fri 23-Mar-12 16:24:18

hello geocachers smile

there were lots of outdoorsy shite threads, but now we have our new great outdoors forum, I thought I'd start a new thread for us smile

I am (one of) Dave's Piglings and an in Bedfordshire. We've currently got about 140 finds and 9 caches placed smile

Minisoksmakehardwork Sun 12-Oct-14 20:38:15

Happy international earth cache day! I took a trip to our nearest earth cache today. I've been saving it since I missed it in August. Was much closer than I thought and a beautiful spot. You could spend hours there just watching the world go by.

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 17:25:44

Great! Try the Ingham church circuit. Awesome in my opinion. enjoy smile

I'm in norfolk so will definitely look out for those thanks!

ecofreckle Sat 23-Aug-14 08:59:09

Hi. Was delighted to see this thread pop up in active. I'm a cacher of about six years now although my stats are rubbish. I have two caches of my own and loads of travel bugs. I've also set up caches and bugs as presents for friends and family to start them off on their cache careers smile

I am recently relocated to Bedfordshire from Norfolk (anyone luck enough to be from Norfolk should look out for caches by captain birds eye, they're clever) so I should get my gps out and maybe look to try and hook up with op!

Just popping in to say 'hi'. smile
Very new to geocaching but enjoying it so far. I'm surprised my 11yo was really getting into it too!

I've only got 6 finds so far but there's several in my village I'm going to try and find. There's loads out there, find it amazing there's so many that we don't realise are there!
There's one just a few hundred yards from our door.

I'm camping next week so will have to save some offline with my app to try when we're away smile

Minisoksmakehardwork Mon 11-Aug-14 08:59:56

Can I say hi? Just found this thread. Have had the geocaching app a while but only got my first find while on holiday this year (was just a short walk from our holiday park). There's 2 in my village which I've not yet had the chance to go for due to having 2yo dts and the footpath not being suitable. Thought I'd try yesterday but got seriously rained off. The two older dc are a bit hit and miss. Dd1 gets bored easily. Ds1 loves the walk and the hunt.

I've only found 4 so far. Inc a teeny magnetic nano (was fun hunting for that in a busy park). But saved loads to my offline list just in case.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sat 26-Jul-14 17:50:51

Mercury, glad to see you're into it! We love it - we have 63 finds and are aiming for 100 by years end. But more exciting - our first cache was published yesterday and has been found twice already.

It's very addictive indeed!

MercuryRising Tue 22-Jul-14 21:29:27

We discovered geocaching at the weekend and I have been out with dc, dm and dsis every evening. It is addictive!!grin

Choccyjules Sun 29-Jun-14 17:40:28

Hi just checking-in, been out searching today for first time in a few years, took DD who found it so exciting to be acting nonchalant to put off any lurking muggles!
Downloaded the iphone free app but it wouldn't show me the ones I knew from the main website were nearby so have bought the real app. Going to have to keep this up now to make it worth the money.
I do love the idea, though, so it will be nice to read through this thread despite most of it being quite old.

karatekimmi Sun 25-May-14 19:46:02

Hi, just found you all and don't want to lose you. Been geocaching as a a family For over a year now, aiming for on average a find a day this year and we are currently on track.

I'll catch up with the thread now!!

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 25-May-14 19:40:32

Having dithered and dithered finally went on our first geocahce today aided by some freinds. I have a very reluctant DD age 8 in walking and thought this would be the ideal thing to get out and about. We used the app on the iphone but I have a GArmin GPS60 which I got for my birthday a couple of years ago but unsure how to use it. Any help on that one?

oooo hello grin, I downloaded the intro geocaching on my iphone and last week we had our first dnf and all came home a bot sad, today we got our first find grin, I not when recording on the log there is loads of abbreviations and I haven't a clue what it is though know what a muggle is and dnf but that's about it - were off to the lakes next week and im mega excited at prospect of finding any - is there a way to see if any there other than waiting till there and striking up my phone?

Relivingmyouth Sat 24-May-14 19:57:28

Hi- please can someone tell me more about pocket queries?

Just getting into this using my iPhone but on the coast it's rubbish!

I have got my brothers old garmen sat nav - can I download the caches into this or do I need to input them manually?

I've been surprised at how much of a buzz geocaching is!! winkshock

Hi, just returning to the thread after a long absence. We hadn't tried caching for a while but were at a motorway service area at Easter and thought I'd see if there were any, we found one and re-ignited our interest. It contained a trackable, so we took it and have still got it. It's a 50 cache marker, the previous carrier visited caches with it till they had 50 and then placed it where we found it. A couple of questions?

I've taken it to about 5 more caches this week as a visitor and logged them all. However that has been mostly me picking off my local ones, I'm not going to be able to keep this up. Is there some sort of etiquette about how long you can hang on to them, or should I pass it on now. I'm still on less than 10, so 50 will take a while.

Secondly, been considering the premium membership, but how do I see if there are many premium only caches in my area?

KinkyDorito Sun 13-Apr-14 19:32:44

I really want to try this - how do I get started? Is there etiquette around making a find? Do I need to put anything out?

If anyone has help and advice to help me have a go, I would really appreciate it thanks.

haggisaggis Mon 31-Mar-14 15:42:12

Pocket queries are really handy - if we are likely to be somewhere new at the weekend, I create a PQ based on where we are going and upload the caches in one go to the gps. Does mean I have hundreds of caches stored on my gps though. THink you have to be a premium member though, don't you? (although I think it's worth it being able to create PQs)

Can you not connect your gamin to your pooter? I've just discovered pocket queries, but still don't really know much about them. Succeeded through luck more than anything else! I've finally got the kids accounts up to date smile bit daft, but they wanted to keep track of their personal finds, and although dss isn't as bothered, I didn't want him left out. Easter hols are coming, so lots of opportunities to get out. Plus there's a section of a ring I've done where I forgot to note the bonus numbers!
Really looking forward to camping. Trying to persuade dp that it would be worth taking the canoe- he's not convinced we'd get a chance to use it.

EndoplasmicReticulum Wed 12-Mar-14 19:33:26

I have a very unsubtle child. He makes sure that everybody knows he's found it.

I haven't found many recently as the mud has just been so deep everywhere it's putting me off. I have to go and find some dry caches. Husband now has a decent phone which is making life slightly easier but I still think my Garmin thing is more accurate (just a pain to input all the data).

Oooh dp's decided the Kent mega is do-able! Very excited. Will be all 4 dc plus 2 dogs, one a loon, one scared of her own shadow. Should be fun :-D

bumpybecky Sat 01-Mar-14 22:00:23

Zee that's funny!

Ready, I think I might challenge you for the least discrete title! I've normally got all 4 dc with me, sometimes MIL too and she's not really got the idea that you're supposed to be subtle!

That's quite skilled! We are the least discrete wink I love my dakota 20. I got it last summer on tesco vouchers. We have done quite a few on the iphone, it's not bad, I think it's a case of getting to know what you're looking for.

TheZeeTeam Wed 26-Feb-14 18:10:47

In fact, to prove our rubbishness, there are 3 on our street alone and we still haven't found them 2 years later!! grin

TheZeeTeam Wed 26-Feb-14 18:09:41

We pride ourselves on being the World's Worst Geocachers. We've attempted to find loads and loads and have actually found about, ermm, 3. I blame my iPhone.

We do love it though and it means we make much more of an effort finding different places to walk the dogs at weekends.

Found this again! Is anyone braving the rain atm?

Davros Sat 09-Nov-13 10:59:31

I am interested in this, need to do some more research. There was a programme about it in Radio 4 this week, can't remember which day but it was lateish afternoon. It could have been Ramblings, I didn't hear the beginning or the end!

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