6yo bitch spayed today, advice/peace of mind please

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She is reluctant to walk out to the back garden, hasn't wee'd (op was at 11am ish)

She's refused food and water.

I'm about to go to bed so have put her cone collar on but am worried she will want a drink in the night and not be able to get to her bowl.

I've a 16 week old baby or I would happily sleep downstairs with the dog (no other adult in the house)

Any advice re the water? I have just dipped my fingers in and wet her muzzle and gums.

Am I just being PFD, does she sound normal?


Apileofballyhoo Wed 24-Jul-13 23:20:38

Sorry no advice other than post in chat as you might get a response there. Can you bring her upstairs for the night?

I did think about that but my room isn't big enough and I'd worry she would try and get downstairs.

I think I will set my alarm for 2 and check on her and then DS wakes at 4 for a feed so I will come and check on her after that as well.

Such a shame for her, she's feeling so sorry for herself and I've all the sympathy in the world as my c-section is still very fresh in my.mind! Cross-species sisterhood! grin

tabulahrasa Wed 24-Jul-13 23:27:54

What is she doing? Just sleeping? Is she alert enough if you disturb her? Is she dehydrated...if her nose and gums are dry and the skin on the back of her neck doesn't go back to normal as it usually does if you pinch it then she is. Did she go to the toilet at the vet's before she came home?

If you're struggling to rouse her or if she hasn't been to the toilet at all since having the operation and you think she might be seriously dehydrated then I'd be worried.

If she's just out of sorts and wanting to sleep, but wakes up if you wake her up and doesn't seem dehydrated, she's more than likely just letting the anaesthetic get out of her system...dogs can drink with cones on if they want to badly enough and nothing else is affecting them.

Thanks tabula.

She's awake when I rouse her, can stand up and walk and is wagging her tail at me, albeit very slowly. Her nose is warm and dry and the scruff of her neck is ok, goes back ok.

I will use your list to help keep an eye on her, thanks so much for replying.

tabulahrasa Thu 25-Jul-13 00:07:26

If it's just her nose that's dry, she's more than likely just a little bit dehydrated because she's not had a drink and that's also why she's not peeing...but nothing that I'd worry about until tomorrow if she's awake enough and waggy.

I'm not an expert of any kind just so that you know, but I find that some of mine just wanted to do nothing because - they don't feel right and they got mucked about with and they'd rather just go over here and sulk thank you very much until they feel more normal, lol

VanitasVanitatum Thu 25-Jul-13 00:40:30

Mine was very woozy from anaesthetic and didn't eat or drink til the next day either. She should be Ok over night as long as she has water in the morning.

Thanks for replying.

I checked on her during the.night and if she could have told me to bog off she would have done!

She's brighter this morning, turned her nose up at the scrambled egg I lovingly made her (vets advice) but happily ate the cat's left overs (sp tablespoon of wet food) so she has an appetite, just not for eggs Lol!

It rained over night so will try her with the rain water, she's not interested in tap water.

She'll play on this I know it grin

digerd Thu 25-Jul-13 11:47:33

My little furry, short muzzled dog is having it done on Monday and I have been worrying myself for weeks. Have the pre-op assessment on Saturday.

She'll be fine, don't worry yourself - although I need to take my own advice really!

Mine is still sleepy but has come out of bed with a very waggy tail on 2 occasions now. She's going for a short walk later this afternoon, as advised.

It will be so nice to not have to worry about her having pups and she was always miserable during her season.

I feel huge sense of relief.

Grunzlewheek Fri 26-Jul-13 09:07:54

My little JR cross just wanted to hide after the op, I was very worried about her, she only cheered up when we went back to the vets for a post op check and she saw lots of other dogs to bark at !


Well she's doing ok, eating and toiletting (if that's a word!).

Walked her last night, just a short gentle stroll and she slept about 2 hours after.

Much.brighter this morning but noticed they've scraped her with the clippers on her stomach, she's licked it and it must have hurt as she took back to bed shaking! sad

She's not touched the wound itself though.

Poor girl!

Its probably "clipper rash" rather than being scraped, although unfortunately it is easy to scrape at times! Sounds like she was just recovering from the anaesthetic, although she isnt elderly, it does take more of a toll as they get older I think. Glad she is up and about today, just let her take it easysmile

Another tip for something to check is her gum colour, they should be nice and pink (like ours) and if you press them they should blanch but the colour return in a second or two. Your vet can tell quite a bit from your dogs gum colour/refill time. And every vet has an out of hours service, so you just need to call if you're worried I'm sure.

Hope she is back to normal soon.

I think it is more of a scrape as you can see the tracks of the clipper. No worry though , these things happen.

We have her check up tomorrow and I think all is fine. I'm just a worrier and she is a total drama queen grin

Thanks for the gum tip - will definitely remember that for future use.

digerd Sat 27-Jul-13 07:21:49

Pre-op assessment today at 12.30 and getting more worried. She's been a bit off her food this week and fear she may now weigh less than the 5 kilos she was .
Is she having the stitches out tomorrow?

sorry, missed this yesterday.

They did internal stitches so no stitches to remove thankfully.

She has got quite bad bruising - the nurse asked how she'd been and I told her that although bright and eating/toileting, she had taken to hiding under my bed. I thought this was part of the process but the nurse said it was probably because she was in pain from the bruising. I feel awful for her. Not impressed really, although it may be common, I don't know. Apparently it's where they put the towel clips but not all dogs bruise as much as mine has?

We've got more pain killers and she is still finding it difficult to get comfortable but is no longer hiding under the bed. She is getting spoilt though, so swings and roundabouts grin

digerd Mon 29-Jul-13 07:11:15

So on Sunday it was only 4 days since the op? Hope she soon feels better.
My little dog - weighs only 5 kilos and is very fluffy- is going to vets this morning at 8am to be left there until her op. Collecting her about 4pm. She is also sensitive to clippers and get excema type skin reactions if sheared too close. So worrying like mad sad

My pup was done this morning. She's home now, but like yours last week, hasn't weed eaten or drunk. She has slept and whimpered occasionallysad
I feel so guilty that I've put her through this. Good to hear they come around eventually.

digerd Mon 29-Jul-13 21:16:51

My 2.8 year-old was done at 2pm but was delivered at the vets at 7.45.am. She was very disturbed at me leaving her.
Picked up at 4, went back to sleep and is still asleep. Had to take her too big collar off as she couldn't breathe properly in it or hold her head up. Don't think I can go to bed tonight and leave her alone and I am suffering from nervous exhaustion now and guiltsad

I have removed the collar too- it filled with drool and stopped her lying comfortably. I'm sleeping in the living room with her tonight. About ten minutes ago she's had a small drink. And she had her op at 11. Good luck tonight dieg

digerd Mon 29-Jul-13 21:27:41

Just this minute she stood up and turned round and now she's looking more normal phew!!!! smile Brought her some water but she didn't want any. It's going to be a long night.

digerd Mon 29-Jul-13 21:55:11

Hope you sleep well on your sofa. My little girl loves to keep cleaning herself down there, so she will probably lick the stitches too so I will have to put the collar back on if and when I go to sleep. She is now curled up in her usual cat position.

Ah, honestly they'll be fine but I felt exactly the same - as per my OP!!

I think when you're used to your dog being so healthy and perky, then suddenly they're all quiet and still, it's really unnerving.

I ended up just putting her collar on when I went to bed, any other time I could keep an eye on her. The first night I put a stairgate across the kitchen/living room door and then left the hall/living room door open so I could hear her in the night if she needed me (she didn't of course!)

She's still sore, or maybe achey - she is managing to bark at passers-by (joy! hmm ) and nicked the cat's toy earlier. Have only taken her for short on-lead walks though, will wait for bruising to go before any bigger walks.

Hope they both have a comfortable night (I swear I wouldn't have been this worried if it was a human relative haha!)

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 06:07:02

Well, she still has the collar on, but is still disorientated and couldn't use her back legs last night so hasn't walked yet. No greeting this morning, just sat up as I lifted a leg and now flopped down again. She is a quiet little thing anyway. Has an appt tomorrow at the vets for a check-up at 4pm. Was told she had to eat and drink last night as had nothing since 12 pm on Sunday - well she couldn'thmm

Well, I feel rather silly already. Pup is up and about, has weed and pooped and even had a scrambled egg. She's still grumpy, and sleepy, but I've had to stop her trying to jump onto the sofa this morning so it can't be that bad. (although her hind legs give way still)
I did put her collar on again this morning, it makes her fall over as her legs hit it and it drags on the floor. She fell ths morning and cried, it obviously hurt. I think they've given me one that's too big, she's a basset hound, so a large dog, but her legs are short. I've taken it off her again, but I have to go out for an hour later- she'll have to have it on while I'm gone- poor thing.

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 09:17:14

I wish mine would buck herself up as imagining the worst blush.
She took 3 little laps of water and then turned her head away and still hasn't moved. Looks at me with an offended expression.
Her scar which was really raised and angry red looking is healing rapidly, which I'm relieved about. smile

If you're worried digerd give the vets a quick call.

Glad pup is brighter PP, if she can't move with

collar on then she'll have to sit and recover quietly grin while you're out, rather that than her get at her stitches!

My girl's bruising looks much better today, can't wait to take her out properly!

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 10:32:03

Was this bruising bright red along the incision line? Vets said it was bruising{hmm]. That at least is much better this morning.

Pp pup went doolally when I took dd to playscheme. Barking, jumping, and broke her collar. the vet said they will make her a dog tshirt (for 18 poundshock )
I'm glad she's up, but confident she will damage herself soonsad

Dieg- any drink is good, and as you said your dog is normally quiet. If she's healing well and not distressed I'm sure she'll be okay.

No, her bruise was either side and dark purple. Her scar itself was very red, but wasn't hot to touch (which in humans indicates infection, assume same with animals?)

She had internal stitches though.

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 11:57:30

I decided to try the vets tinned food I was given to entice her to buck up, and it did! Fed her a bit on my finger while wearing the collar and she went mad for it. But that wretched collar puts her off balance when she walks, so took it off and she ate the rest from a saucer as has a very short muzzle. She gobbled it up, but then suddenly whipped round and tried to lick her area, so had to put the collar back on.

Still didn't want to drink though. Just given her painkilling drops as she lay on her side with one leg up in the air and began to shiver.
She is a Lhasa Apso- doesn't do excitable except when I come home after being out for a short while. She is so non-reactive , but that also applies to obeying orders !.

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 12:17:15

Hope she doesn't injure herself. They are normally a laid back breed but she is still young and excitable.

Mine is supposed to have the stitches inside too, but right at the bottom I can see a tiny black one. Her scar is only about 2.5" long, if that. She is small for her breed.

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 15:11:28

Her scar is actually only 1.5 " long.
Just had a nap and when I came back into the room, she was waiting for me and did her usual joyous wiggles and hops in a circle, when I noticed she had got her collar offshock. Within a few seconds she was twitching and reaching underneath her to have a nibble/lick, so it went back on.
Took her outside but she didn't do anything and when she tried to sniff the grass, her nose couldn't reach it, and she sat down in the wet grass for some reason,so we went back in with her furry paws , legs, bum and chest all wetconfused. But at last she has roused herselfsmile

When I'm here she's very laid back. Turns into a crazed wild thing when I'm gone. Yes the vets food seems very tasty for them, I got a digestive aid one that she went mad for.
In glad yours is up and about. Tofay my pups mood swings between normal and bouncy and exhausted and sulky. But I'm not feeling guilty and terrified today.

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 17:55:49

Me too. Mine has eaten another lot of the tinned food and drunk some water at last - big relief. Still having the jerks and turning to try look underneath her and assume one of the stitches is suddenly pricking her. So worrying when they can't tell you - just like a baby. But then the collar knocks something and frightens her. It's always one leg she holds up and away from her body when it happens.
She does not have purple/black bruising, assume it's the little black stitch which should be under the skin but is on tophmm.

I'm not leaving the house this week, except with her tomorrow for the vet check up. Wonder if I'll get some more of that tinned food free?hmm

digerd Tue 30-Jul-13 18:58:42

Hope the bruising has healed.
When can your dog have her collar removed permanently?

digerd Wed 31-Jul-13 14:18:37

Got up this morning and she greeted me with a waggly tail. Collar still on but the tie had come away. Just been out and took the collar off as she couldn't get her short nose on the ground and then she was transformed to her old self. Loads of wees, but wouldn't let her clean herself, so took tissues with me and did it myselfsmile
Then she did a poop for the first time since Monday at 6.30am pre-op.
It is only 48 hours since her op. Her scar redness has almost gone, but her op area looks a bit swollen but no bruising to see yet.

How are your girls doing today OP and pp?

That's great dige. Mine has abandoned the collar for her rather stupid looking tshirt. But she's great. Normal, if a bit fussy having enjoyed the special wet food, she now feels her usual dry complete is contemptible.
Post op check this morning, her scar is fine, no swelling, no redness, all on tracksmile
I hope other anxious people read this and see how much anxiety (on the owners part) is normal. I was soo worried on Monday, it was so comforting to know her reaction was normal.

digerd Wed 31-Jul-13 19:56:47

Yes, I agree. My vet's check up today was very good, considering she is so tiny. She does have some swelling which I noticed, but she didn't flinch when vet felt it. She said it was bruising inside but is obviously not painful. The black stitch I saw was infact a speck of dried blood.

Finished the food and wasn't given another sad. See how she will react tomorrow when she's back to her normal foodhmm

I'm intrigued with the 'jumper' - is it made of indestructible material then?

It's a swimsuit for dogs. Really. That's what it is. But with popper buttons like a babygrow for toileting. She's really started licking Tue area now though, the hair is growing back and is presumably itchy. So the swimsuit is wet around her tummy. Very embarrassing for me and the doggrin

Ah so glad they're both doing well, mine is absolutely fine and the bruising has gone. One week on and she's fine.

I'm still not keen to let her off lead but I need to as she's going stir crazy!

I had a visitor this morning and the dog lay on her back and exposed her baldness as if to get sympathy Lol!

digerd Fri 02-Aug-13 11:09:47

Glad they are both doing well. smile at her lying on her back to the visitor. The wet suit sounds a good idea, but as mine wees like a male dog - every few seconds with one leg upgrinhmm, would have to leave the back end open.
Mine is a quiet non-excitable breed, but this morning met her golden retriever love of her life and she acted like an excitable puppy. Defo has a crush on him smile.

sounds like the op was just in time then!! grin

digerd Fri 02-Aug-13 17:45:07

grin. She is only 10 " high and he towers above her. I can't imagine how he could do the deed and he is neutered anyway. His name is Bradley - she has very good taste smile

Funny you should say that- a randy chiuaha (sp) was throwing himself at my garden gate this morning-the swimsuit must have set him off.

digerd Fri 02-Aug-13 19:10:54

pp grin A new designer dog X breed - a Chibasshmm.
Apparently when in season an entire dog and female will find a way irrespective of size differences. The mind boggles grin

I was thinking a chowhoundgrin

digerd Sat 03-Aug-13 15:39:49

Or a basschi * Basswah*? Think I like the last one. Said out loud it sounds french chicgrin

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