Setter pup still so skinny

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Been wormed recently, vet not concerned about his weight but I am sad
Fed 3 times a day, coat glossy, eyes clear and bright.
Seems happy and healthy enough other than being very small across the waist.
He is almost 10 months old, fed on royal canin large breed puppy and tinned tripe.
Any experience or suggestions?

SpanielFace Mon 17-Jun-13 22:26:58

I'm a vet, and in my experience so many people worry about this when they really shouldn't! Most pups are skinny at this age - they tend to fill out a little between 1 and 2 years, depending on the breed. If he eats well, has plenty of energy, a glossy coat, no digestive issues, and is in generally good health, then I wouldn't worry about it at all. Think of him as a teenage boy - long and lanky!

He is certainly lanky smile
Just getting a bit fed up of the 'ooh isn't he thin' comments.
One of the trainers at puppy classes was a vet and she did tell me they grow up the way rather than out the way and she had irish setters herself smile

Sorry spaniel, forgot my manners...thank you.

Slavetothechild Tue 18-Jun-13 19:59:24

Which setter is he ? We have breed and shown irish and gordons for 20 years . The irish can be quite rangy is youngsters real tripe is good to fill them out. To much free running can lengthen the bones . Some lines are thinner than others as well ! Do you have a photo from above ? Maturity will probably fill him out though .

He's an irish setter, I have a pic on profile I think but not from above.
I'll take one and put it on profile.
I've been giving him tinned tripe, his coat is loving it but no weight gain.
I'll see our local butcher for real tripe.

Have added the shot from above, best I could get...he wouldn't stay still smile

I seem to have replaced all my photos with this one, very odd.

cathpip Thu 20-Jun-13 17:54:41

My 18 month old working cocker is very slim, I do worry a little but vet says he is in superb condition and he will fill out a bit more, eventuallysmile

I think that for a ten month old pup, he's looking pretty perfect. He still needs to build muscle, but that will come with time and an increase in exercise now he's older.

Setters are naturally well shaped - can you see his ribs when he is standing?

Thank you for that.
You can see his ribs very very faintly. Is that bad?

toboldlygo Thu 20-Jun-13 19:30:45

He looks spot on. We are so used to seeing fat dogs that normal dogs now look thin, IYSWIM. They are meant to have a waist and a couple of ribs. smile

Royal Canin has a lot of rice and maize and not the best protein sources so if you were very concerned you could think about switching to something else, as above getting him on some real tripe or adding in elements of the raw diet.

Thank you .am feeling a bit better, I suppose looking at him next to an eight year old long haired GSD doesn't help either.
Is the tripe from the butchers good or does it have to be green tripe from an abattoir?

SingingSands Thu 20-Jun-13 19:41:26

Looks perfect to me! Great condition and superb coat. Irish setters shouldnt look "filled out" at all. We are a big setter family, bonkers about Irish setters, its lovely to see one as they are becoming less common nowadays.

ouryve Thu 20-Jun-13 19:41:45

Setters often stay really gangly and look a bit like Bambi until they're a couple of years old.

Thanks singing, his coat is the shiniest thing I've ever seen, ouryve, Bambi is exactly what I call him when he's running through the woods. smile
Feeling so much better now. It helps having 'dog' people having a look at him.

SingingSands Thu 20-Jun-13 20:11:25

What do you call him? Our 3 were Rory, Corrie and Sean. Beautiful boys, all sadly departed now, but wonderful memories. DH knows I'll get another when we eventually move to a larger house and the kids are older.

He is Barney, 3yo DD named him and it so suits him.
I wanted Rafferty smile

We're yours pedigrees singing? Did you ever breed from them?
Not that I'm planning to, it would just be funny if I had a descendant of one of your boys smile

Were not we're, bloomin' iPad thinks it knows better than me.

Slavetothechild Thu 20-Jun-13 20:37:49

Hi no he looks good . Real tripe from a pet shop is fine green or white. My oldest boy is Rafferty he's from our old fashioned lines smile it means wealth and good fortune ! As an adult he should weigh about 29-34 kg approximately depending on his build . He will build up muscle and fill in as he matures. They are fully matured at about 3 well in body the mind takes so much longer. He looks great be proud and don't worry smile I sold a puppy to a Scottish lady who was like this for about the first 2 years and people used to comment they have no idea that some breeds are built diffenently from say Labradors . He's now 6 and the image of his dad

Slavetothechild Thu 20-Jun-13 20:40:00

Oh and name checking the ones now are Rafferty, Dizzi Dora, snoop dogg, Katie Thomas ( don't ask !) sharira and storm smile love doggy names

IAmNotAMindReader Thu 20-Jun-13 20:49:10

Our Irish setter is called Bob.

Not a bad thing, the ribs. Absolutely perfect.

He looks well, fit and lean. Couldn't be better for a growing setter, IMO. Gorgeous.

Aww thank you everyone
Will put a proper picture on so you can see his bonny face smile

SingingSands Thu 20-Jun-13 23:16:51

Sorry Terra, just charged phone! All 3 were pedigrees, but no, as family pets we did not breed them. Barney is a great name, I always think of it as a "friendly" name smile

I miss having a setter, best dogs ever.

SingingSands Thu 20-Jun-13 23:19:39

Och, he's gorgeous! Just peeked at your photo! Is that the signature white tuft on his chest? That's a sign of good breeding. (I have no idea if this is actually true, its just become a favourite saying in our family!)

Yes, that's his platinum highlights smile
He's a crazy pup, but I love him lots.
So good with the children, other than whacking them in the face with a wagging tail.

TotallyBursar Fri 21-Jun-13 07:08:09

I frequently bang my head against the metaphorical wall.

Not setters but my dogs are deep chested and slim waisted, solid muscle but not chunky.
The amount of people that stop me to moan they are too thin.
My particular favourite (out with our late giant breed) was 'If you can't afford to feed it you shouldn't have it, you ignorant bitch'. Yes you should see a hint he has ribs and no, you shouldn't lose your finger trying to feel his spine. I can't actually see your dog's neck - only one of us has a problem.

Just look at the dogs with them, rolling fat over their back as they walk, guts hanging and some poor buggers with their legs being eaten by their encroaching fat, huffing and heaving themselves about. Owners blaming breeders for joints that are shot to shit. BCS 4 or 5 without fail. Apparently oblivious to the health issues being chronically overweight or obese is having on their dogs - who have no choice in the matter but will suffer for it.

Then look at the beautifully muscled, healthy dog yours'll be as he grows out his gangle and ignore.

I would be comforted they were trying to improve welfare if they weren't being so cruel to their own dogs.

I'm only slightly bitter and ragey about this blush And yes, he is totally scrumptious!

As long as he's healthy then it's much better that he's on the light side than overweight - I'm always amazed by the quantities that the food manufacturers say you should feed too, if I fed our labs what the guidelines are then they would be grossly overweight - even now our older girl is "prosperous" as my vet politely calls it. Compared to some fat dogs we know they get practically nothing.

He's a beautiful dog, I'd be proud to have him!

Thanks frosty.
I just need to keep some stock phrases to answer back to anyone who is doing the oh so funny 'do you not feed that dog?' Comments.

Alternatively I could just roll my eyes and stomp off. smile

And sound like me when I get het up about something smile
What that ass person said to you is terrible....not sure I'd have been able to control my temper there.

Just has a visit from the SSPCA, someone reported that my dogs and cat were neglected. sad

Oh hell sad What happened?

I'm so upset, lady came in and said we've had report that you're dogs and cat are neglected, that they live outside with no shelter or water and they are thin.

She only had to lift the cat to see he was fine.
I showed her the dogs and she sad that Barney was very lean, I explained he was a puppy and showed her this thread.

She even said Tia my GSD was thin as you can feel her backbone , she's not thin at. A but tubby if anything

Sorry for awful typing am crying my eyes out here.

It must have been someone in my street to know the cat is mine as he hardly gets out.

sad What are they going to do? Any idea who reported you?

She is going to call back in a couple of months to see if we've built the shelter, the dogs have only just been put outside during the day, as we've just built the fence to make them their own run, the lean to shelter not been built yet as need to wait til next payday

It was an anonymous phone call. The lady says she takes them with a pinch off salt, but it has got to be someone on this cul de sac.

Right, have stopped crying, am now furious instead.

Of salt, not off. Jesus.

Thinking about this further, it must be one of my next door neighbours.
One of the things mentioned was that the dogs had no shelter, only our next door neighbours can see into our back garden.
The too small kennel was removed only a week or so ago and we haven't built the new shelter yet
Feel so sad about this.

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