Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on another new Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFunt Thu 13-Jun-13 10:18:28

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound grin).

Share stories, advice and shopping tips!
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Come The Day
Come the day I take that final bend,
Can I count on you to be my friend?
To see I’m treated just and fair,
It means so much to know you care.

For, what the future holds in store,
Now that I can race no more,
Should be addressed for every hound,
Who parts the punter from his pound.

Tell them I don’t ask for much,
A kindly word, a gentle touch,
Somewhere warm to lay my head,
A meal each day to keep me fed,
Not just life- but quality,
This is how it ought to be.

Do not see me swept away,
I long to live another day,
With peace of mind, tranquillity,
And those who care surrounding me,
So tell them all- you have that choice,
I beg of you to be my voice.

By Denise Dubarbier.

MagratGarlik Thu 13-Jun-13 12:21:55

<<settles down on the cushion. Gets pushed off the cushion by two pointy dogs. Settles down on the floor next to the cushion. Pointy dogs look satisfied and start snoring>>

Thanks for the new thread smile

Billy is going absolutely mental over his ball, we've been limiting his time with it as he gets so worn out!

Nelly is back at the vets so I can pick her up this evening and then will decide whether to keep her here or to take her to the country park and find a quiet spot to sprinkle her ashes.

Still no sign of cat, although they seem to be able to get out of the at flap if I lock it to in only so she may have been in and then escaped! All food gone and there was only one left this morning, two were in when we went to bed!

mistlethrush Thu 13-Jun-13 12:35:45

We've got mistlehound one of those heavy duty dog balls with the built in handles.. but she prefers the cheap inflatable balls that were bought for DS years ago from Wilkinsons... they dance about much better and move when you pounce on them.

He's popped 4 of the boys balls so we bought him this one, its very noisy on the patio but he can chuck around amazingly well!

<<Can't find cushion because Norty Minx has taken it upstairs and is nesting on it>>

A new cushion! Hurrah! Hello all.

Cinnamon, sorry about Nelly. We still have the ashes of our two who we lost last year. I know where we want to scatter them (their favourite beaches and parks) but we are in no rush - I just don't feel ready yet. We actually took our old girl's ashes with us when we went on holiday last year, as I'd intended to scatter them on her favourite beach, but when the time came, I just couldn't do it. Perfectly happy to wait smile

We took Callie to class for the first time last night. She really enjoyed it, and very quickly established the connection between clicker and cheese. grin

moosemama Thu 13-Jun-13 19:01:30

I was watching the old thread on thread's I'm on - until I remembered I had actually checked in this morning and noticed Cunny had started a new one. blush

<<Tries unsuccessfully to find a vacant corner on the cushion. Finding it full of lanky legged pointy hounds, gives up and assumes usual position on the floor.>>

Cinnamon, I have oldgirl's ashes in the corner of the living room at the moment. We will be taking her to Ireland with us this summer and scattering her ashes on her favourite beach. We've taken our last three dogs and my Dad's terrier there and as it was my Dad's local beach and where he always walked with both his own dog and all the dogs he dog-sat for, I like to imagine them all running free with him, having a ball up and down the sand dunes, chasing endless frisbees. I'm sure, if Dad is anywhere he's there - and feel the same about all the dogs that have loved that beach over the years. smile I like to hike all the way up to the farthest point each year (where none of the tourists go) and sit on the white sands with just the seals for company while I chat to them all and remind them that I still think of them all every day.

Scuttle - I love it when you see the lightbulb go on on when they first start clicker training.

Lurcherboy has today discovered the very beneficial connection between gluten-free hotdog and three peeps on the whistle. grin He's never had hotdog before and coincidentally wink I have never seen such fast recalls - he had trouble putting on the brakes in time to stop himself knocking me over! grin

I have today purchased no fewer than 4 kongs and a treat dispensing ufo thingy. Was going to get a buster cube, but decided to try something cheaper first.

Made the mistake of freezing his kong today - he was wholeheartedly unimpressed and gave up trying after about 3 seconds. hmm I waited for it to defrost and gave him a lesson in throwing it around to release the food, as he always takes it to his bed and hugs it instead. He was very grateful for any bits that fell out when I bounced it, but as soon as I stopped he took it back to his bed. hmm Daft dog! Hoping the kibble dispensing toy might help him get the idea.

moosemama Fri 14-Jun-13 13:15:23

Well, he started howling 3 minutes after I left to take dd to nursery today and kept it up for the next ten minutes. Roughly a howl a minute, punctuated by the odd abrupt bark.

I've now been home 45 minutes, had to take 2 phonecalls successively and not a murmur from him the whole time, despite the door being closed.

He's happy to stay in the kitchen with the door shut, happy to lie in his bed in the kitchen with me in the other room. He's not following me around the house or desperate to be 'with me'. Not your typical SA case at all, as he just isn't showing all the usual signs of over-attachment.

I don't know what else to try.

Neighbour was in when he did it as well, just to make it even worse. sad

MagratGarlik Fri 14-Jun-13 13:32:04

Jessie is fast asleep next to me and her tail is wagging in her sleep smile

moosemama Sun 16-Jun-13 21:35:46

Where has everyone gone? All off having fantastic pointy-hound filled weekends?

We have been out all day at Dovedale in the Peak District having a birthday picnic with all my friends. Beautiful sunshine, lots of food and a thoroughly good day all round. Lurcherboy managed to fall off the steppingstones into the water grin but had a good time saying hello to lots of dogs of every size shape and gender and was an angel with a very fully on puppy who literally leaped on his head as a form of greeting.

The weird thing was that he then either barked or growled (very quietly) on two separate occasions, when we were all sitting down resting, as two of the same dogs he'd previously said really nice hello's to walked towards us.

He did a similar thing on Friday afternoon when I was walking him, trying to outrun a thunder storm. Just fixed on a labrador that was on the other side of the field and started staring and prancing, then when we got about 200 yards away did a loud bark at it - even though the other dog hadn't even noticed him and was actually facing away from us at the time. confused I had put it down to the thunderstorm, as he seemed off and to be honest a proper arse all day on Friday, but now I'm not so sure.

Today he was lying quietly by the car while we all scoffed ice-creams after coming back from the walk, when a dalmation he'd met shortly before was being walked towards us. Dalmation looked calm and relaxed, but lurcherboy started a low growl - for which I told to be quiet and he shut up and went back to sleep. The dalmation then walked within half a foot of him and he didn't even bother to look up. He didn't bother to get up when he growled, just lay there - looked in the direction of the other dog and growled.

He also barked just once at a labrador he'd met quite happily not long before, when we stopped for a rest halfway up the hill - so again when he was lying with us all and again he didn't even bother to get up from lying on his side.

Can't help thinking it must be something to do with him feeling the need to be on sentry duty. I'm assuming he always left that to oldgirl in the past (although little did he know she couldn't have been less interested in what was going on outside our group and had almost zero interest in other dogs).

I told him to be quiet on both occasions and he seemed happy to accept that and return to off-duty mode - so perhaps he just needs to be reminded that he doesn't have that responsibility a few times until he gets the message.

I was going to say its probably because he's protecting you moosemama! My friend has a bedlington terrier who was attacked by a dog while my friend was pregnant and since then she's very aggressive with other dogs and barks at anyone at the door but only when they're home! I can tell if they are out because she quiet when you ring the bell! But the guy at the kennel they put her in days she never barks at other dogs when there so seems she only barks when her people are around sad

Billy is much better with food now and he's relaxing at home more now, so not jumping up every time I do. He seems better with cats, who are getting braver! He seems ok while they are there but once they go out of sight he goes mad. We turned the light off last night to see if it made a difference to his early wakings (usually between 4 and 5am) and he didn't make a sound until I got up to go the loo at 6.30. Hoping its not a coincidence! Still not seen Molly but hoping I will get some info from flyers I've printed. Went for a long run today so left Billy home and walked him first but he ran with me yesterday which was good, even if early. Took him to my mums and he ran around like a total loon for first 20 mins!

moosemama Sun 16-Jun-13 21:58:19

I'm pretty sure that's it Cinnamon, but he seems happy for me to take over and immediately goes back into relaxed mode as soon as I check him for it, so hopefully it's just another area he needs lots of reinforcement to adjust to after losing oldgirl as his guide.

moosemama Sun 16-Jun-13 22:20:59

Lost half my post somehow? confused

Sounds like Billy is starting to relax and enjoy his new home and family.

Sorry to hear Molly still hasn't turned up. Hope the flyers help bring her home soon.

Onetwo34 Mon 17-Jun-13 14:20:35

Hello, I am collecting my whippet puppy in... three weeks now. Eek!

I spotted the thread so thought I would say hello and also, I thought you might have some good ideas for whippet names here. Lots of dog names don't sound right, they're too... plump (?) sounding somehow. I have Basil and Percy on the table at the moment...
And - what size crate should I get? Any recommendations of a particular brand?

mistlethrush Mon 17-Jun-13 14:48:36

I think that Basil and Percy are both ideal. Alfred is along similar lines. Can't help with crates as I've never used one (but they do sound ideal, particularly for puppies)

MagratGarlik Mon 17-Jun-13 15:00:59

Basil sounds ace for a whippet. It makes me think of John Cleese, who is thin and leggy. I could imagine Ron the whippet as well for similar reasons (i.e. Ron Weasley - long thin etc).

What colour is he?

MagratGarlik Mon 17-Jun-13 15:04:17

We have crates for ours. We got them from eBay. We have medium sized for our whippy and large for our whippet x greyhound. However, whippy insists on sleeping in the big crate, leaving Jessie to scrunch up into the smaller crate.

I don't know what size you'd need for a puppy though. Both ours were adults when they came to us.

Onetwo34 Mon 17-Jun-13 15:13:47

He is a light grey and white with darker grey on his ears and around his eyes.

moosemama Mon 17-Jun-13 16:43:23

He sounds gorgeous. We expect pictures as soon as he's settled in y'know! wink

I love the name Percy - perfect for a whippet. I knew a whippet called Stanley many years ago - it really suited him.

Can't really help on the crate either, as Lurcherboy is a fairly big lad and doesn't use a crate anymore.

moosemama Mon 17-Jun-13 18:39:53

Urgh! Can't let lurcherboy out in the garden, as the neighbours have a bee swarm that's buzzing around over our fence. They are amateur bee-keepers.

Apparently they came round while I was at the school collecting dd this afternoon (so over three hours ago) and told my mum they were going to get suited up and remove it. Not sure if it's something they've done or just coincidental that there's a bee swarm in an amateur bee keeper's back garden. hmm

Daren't let lurcherboy out there in case he gets stung - there are bees everywhere. Can't open any of our windows either. hmm

You sound like you have lovely neighbours moosemama.

My friend has a lurched called Basil Onetwo34, he's totally mental but lovely!

moosemama Mon 17-Jun-13 20:48:33

Oddly, I always thought we did cinnamon. Just goes to show how wrong you can be. hmm

Peeked out of dd's bedroom window and they have a blooming great beehive on their patio that's absolutely swarming with bees. It's about 4 ft at most from my kitchen window.

Managed to whisk lurcherboy out and up the other end of the garden quickly after his evening meal - it's lucky we have a very long garden or the poor dog would have been desperate by dusk when the bees are more likely settle down.

mistlethrush Tue 18-Jun-13 08:40:53

We had a swarm in my parents garden one year - rang the local beekeeper and he stuck it in a box in about 3 mins and drove off with it in the car...

Have you got any photos yet 1234? He sounds very cute. (I have to keep on saying to DS, "No, mistlehound is not cute, she's TOO BIG to be cute. She is gorgeous and lovely and beautiful but she is not cute".

She tripped over a badly wielded flexilead last week and, from her reactions, she still hurts on her back leg - but she's not stiff or limping so I think its going to be OK, probably just badly bruised in the muscle (and she's got LOTS of that on her back legs now - there's a ridge on the outside edge of her thighs!).

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 10:28:46

We had one in our roof a couple of years back mistle and did the same. Guy round the corner drove round and dealt with it in minutes. It's still there this morning though. Thought it had gone at first because I didn't see any bees around the fence, but I'm just back from walking lurcherboy and the bees now appear to have woken up. hmm

Anyhoo, dd and I have had a really nice walk in the local park this morning and lurcherboy had a lovely play with a young rescue pup. Both had their own balls, but of course they wanted each others, so just had to chase each other around in endless circles. grin Hoping we'll see them again, because it was lovely to see him so happy racing around with another dog. Most people round here seem to put their dogs on lead as soon as they see us, not sure if it's us or if they do it with every dog they see and it's such a shame as it means he still has no-one to play with.

I noticed similar at Dovedale at the weekend, I was amazed at the number of people holding back clearly friendly dogs and not letting them say hello, when they were giving off lovely friendly signals with every ounce of their bodies. I feel so sorry for them. sad

He's spark out now, so hopefully will be quiet for nursery drop off. Little does he know I have a huge walk planned for this afternoon as well. Want to walk to the massive park I used to take dd to when she was a baby. It's a long walk, including a fair bit of roadwork, but also lots of alleyways that have squirrels scampering over your heads. I don't know why I've never walked him there before, I'm absolutely sure he'd love it.

Sorry mistlehound is suffering with a poorly leg. Have you tried giving her some arnica? Can't live without the stuff in our house. Dorwest herbs sell it and could advise you on dosage.

LostInWales Tue 18-Jun-13 13:11:21

Hello pointy people <waves effusively> Sorry I'm not around much things are so chaotic and I had my maths exam but TBH the least said about that the better.

Well some good news (although I'm getting my excuses in first, we tried to get a rescue, tried and tried and tried and eventually when we found one we had to phone them the week before she should have come because life went all crap on us. Frankly I'm not going through any of that again with my boys whose lives are really messed up anyway, rescue dog next dog, I promise) So, we were given a number for a lady who shows whippets and was planning a litter if, IF, she could find nice homes for the puppies she doesn't want to keep and apparently we are a suitable home as dutiful whippet slaves already. If all goes well our new puppy will be born in a couple of weeks time, the mum and dad are just gorgeous dogs and we are tentatively allowing ourselves to get excited. <tiny, tiny, squeeeeeee>

First though I need to cure a bit of aggression that has crept into whippety boy, he has always been the softest of dogs, a total beta male and my baby but recently he has started lunging and snarling at other dogs when he is on the lead. He has always been such a well behaved dog it has thrown me completely. Any advice on how to stop this would be gratefully received. He has been left a lot more than he is used to and moved around a lot at weekends through necessity recently and I am so worried I have damaged him. He's getting lots of love and cuddles and things are organised now so we are only all away visiting the hospital one or two sundays a month.

Well, that was a total all about me post. I will catch up and things are back to being a bit more organised now so hopefully I will slot back into my life on the cushion (well just to the side of and sadly downwind of the cushion anyway wink)

mistlethrush Tue 18-Jun-13 13:20:49

Downwind of a pointy cushion is, surely, a bad place to sit? (Although mistlehound's digestion now seems to be sorted so we're not being gassed out so regularly).

Re aggression - I'm not the best on this, but I would think that 'distract' with particularly interesting delicacies so that rather than think about the other dog he's focusing on you?

LostInWales Tue 18-Jun-13 14:11:05

I always seem to end up downwind!

Distraction sounds like a good idea, I'll have to make sure I stock up on treats before we go out to pick up from school and give it a go, thank you.

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 14:21:14

I would suggest having a look into BAT for lunging and snarling. You can read about it and watch a video [ here]] and Grisha Stewart, who invented it, is also all over youtube and has written some books that are available from Amazon.

Basically you just reward your dog for making a good choice over a bad one when confronted with a situation he can't handle. So, if we ordinarily lunge and snap you'd reward him if he looked away or sniffed the ground as he approached the other dog. If he doesn't make a good choice, the idea is to walk away from the target before he reaches the point where he will snap, so he's never pushed over the threshold and remains feeling secure, so doesn't need to snap.

LostInWales Tue 18-Jun-13 14:23:12

I'll go and have a look at that now, I want to nip this in the bud ASAP. Thank you moose.

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 14:28:11

You're very welcome.

I am so broody for a puppy after playing with that one in the park this morning, especially having seen how lovely lurcherboy was with her.

Pup was of unknown parentage having been found dumped in a cardboard box with her litter. Definitely terrier of some sort in there and pretty sure there was some whippet too, as under her gorgeous soft fur she was really lithe and whippety in shape. Face was terrier, but fur was the softest I've ever come across - even softer than my Soft Coated Wheaten - she was gorgeous and super bright. Didn't take her more than a couple of seconds to work out where I kept the liver cake! grin

LostInWales Tue 18-Jun-13 14:37:13

I'm getting very excited at the prospect of a puppy for us! When we got whippety boy I was more interested in the dog he would become because I knew puppy stage was only for a little bit of time and it was a while since I'd had a dog. This time I'm going to be prepared and really have fun, a bit like when you have a second child and lots of the anxieties aren't there because you've done it before! Soft Coated Wheaten sounds gorgeous I want to stroke it just hearing the name.

I'm looking forward to the walk to school now, there are a couple of gardens containing loose smaller dogs that really seem to get on his nerves so I will watch for the signal in him and try to walk away before he gets cross. I have a feeling I'm going to have a long walk to school if I have to go a different way but it will be worth it. I might phone the vets and see if there are classes as he's used to most of the dogs in our village so controlled meeting new dogs on leads would probably be helpful too. He was a star at puppy classes so hopefully we can get back to that.

Hi Lost, I'd definitely endorse BAT - we've used it for our lovely Mick. Mick has gained so much confidence and is now much more relaxed about seeing other dogs. We worked with our dog trainer initially on this - it was very helpful as we did a couple of "practice" walks with our trainer, so he was able to point out the key body language/threshold moments etc - it really helped to clarify it for us.

I'd also wholeheartedly endorse/recommend taking him along to training classes. You will both get so much out of it and it strengthens the bond between you immensely, even when you are already completely besotted - that was a revelation for me. There are positive trainers around and I certainly know of some in Carmarthenshire. Alternatively, I'd wholeheartedly recommend the guy we work with (he's APDT, and very, very good) - you could always fit in a session with him while you are up visiting at our end, IYSWIM. Welcome to the world of being a BAT ninja!

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 17:24:17

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. My girls was only lightly trimmed, so didn't have the Kerry Blue/Schnauzer square headed look that the show dogs have and she didn't have a docked tail either (had to wait over a year to get an undocked Wheaten).

I don't have our photos on this laptop - but she looked a bit like this when left natural and this when tidied up for special occasions. grin

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 17:33:05

Lurcherboy is totally zonked after this afternoon's walk. It definitely takes more out of him taking him to new places, although it was very warm which probably contributed.

It took me by surprise, because it's so cool in our house, so it was only when we were halfway up the road that I realised how muggy it was. Fortunately I had packed a back with water for both of us, as I knew I was going to be out for a while.

Still, he was fine. We just did a lead walk and stayed in the shade all the way round. Walked slowly, but solidly, for about 1hr 50 mins, then gave him his new kibble dispensing ufo before leaving on the school run and not a peep.

Listening to the tape, I reckon he just finished his treats a couple of minutes before I got in. So, as I was out for 15 minutes, it lasted around 10-12 minutes. Definitely need to invest in something with a bigger capacity for when we want to build up the amount of time he's left.

He has turned his nose up at his kong every time today. It has liver cake and cooked chicken in the bottom, with some peanut butter, then cottage cheese and banana for the top. The cottage cheese and banana was recommended by someone on the LL forum, but sadly doesn't seem to appeal to mr fussypants. hmm

Moose, we find that even our gannets seem to lose their appetite a bit in hot, humid weather. It's surprisingly warm and sticky here this afternoon, and breakfast was slowly picked at rather than demolished as usual. I'll probably feed them later this evening and give them a little less than usual - maybe Lurcherboy is similarly feeling the heat?

LostInWales Tue 18-Jun-13 17:48:26

Cottage cheese and banana! I'm not surprised envy. Wheaten Terriers look like a gorgeous breed, I don't think I've ever come across one before, I'm bound to meet one on the beach tomorrow now!

Walking to school was a huge success. Again and again I forget my dogs ability to do anything for a bacon flavour treat. I watched him closely as we got near his nemesis house and got him to focus on the treat I was holding, he flattened his ears when the other dog threw itself at the gate snarling but was distracted in an instant and happily trotted away from it to a huge chorus of GOOD BOY's and fuss and treats. On the way home the pub dog (next door so not avoidable) was outside, it is renowned for being a vicious little bugger but again I distracted him with a treat and he went to lunge once but I got him before he did and again walked happily home to lots of praise. I suppose it's just easy to forget you have a companion when you are strolling along but once I paid attention to how he was it was much easier. Lovely boy, I will deffo look into some classes anyway Scuttle because as you say it is a really good bonding experience as well as teaching good behaviour.

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 18:03:59

Scuttle, it's really cool - almost cold in our house though. In fact I am sitting here in a fleece. He's been more than happy to guzzle liver cake and chicken from the training pouch on our walks today too, so I think it's the banana that's put him off - although I did check he'd eat it by giving him a couple of chunks when I was making the kong up.

LostInWales, SCWT are on the endangered breeds list for the UK - although they're actually an Irish breed. I think they're on the increase now though, as I've seen several round here over the past few months. Oddly, I've only ever met one in Ireland, despite spending lots of time there over the years.

Really pleased he responded so well to his bacon treats, hopefully with a bit more reinforcement you'll be walking past those other dogs without him batting an eyelid in no time.

Am very envy that you get to walk on the beach. I live right in the middle of the country - totally landlocked and I love nothing more than walking on the beach with my dogs. I have to wait for my two weeks of beach walking in Ireland every summer and arrange a couple of day-trips during the rest of the year. sad

mistlethrush Tue 18-Jun-13 19:54:37

Mistlehound doesn't like banana - wouldn't try the end of mine the other evening. Quite unlike mistledog who ate nearly any fruit going - including grapefruit!!! shock

I'm going to look into some classes I think - would be good to have somewhat better obedience, although she walks nicely on the lead, and is getting the idea of 'close'.

I'm chuckling at wearing fleece and we are almost at Midsummer's Day grin. Every spring, I have this hopeful, optimistic picture in my head of a summer going to dog shows, filled with me in wafty, cotton floral dress, or cut off jeans and sandals, lightly bronzed by the sun and wearing my shades. The reality was Sunday. Steady, persistent drizzle, so I was wearing my fleece, no make up (cos otherwise it just all runs), wet, flat hair, long trousers and my Clarks sensible dog walking boots. Sigh. Same as I wear in the sodding winter. And if it's not persistent drizzle, it's just humid and grey, and I look like a slightly damp raspberry turnover.

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 21:20:55

He ate the banana I gave him earlier quite happily, but thinking about it I did the chuck it in the air and catch it think, so it probably didn't touch the sides, let alone his taste buds. grin

I've been thinking about taking lurcherboy to a local club as well, but can't make up my mind which one. The one I really want to go to is mid-week in the morning, which would mean I'd need a lift from my Mum. There's one with a very good rep that I could walk to on Sunday mornings, but they all look scarily like proper 'dog people' iykwim and I fear making a total pratt of myself. blush The other one seems popular with new dog owners, but is very old-school and there seems to be some in-fighting and if I know that about them already, without being involved with the club, it kind of sets alarm bells off a little.

When/if I get the pup I will be going to the midweek club, for at least the initial course of puppy classes though, as I like their approach best and feel they have the most to offer a pup in terms of sensible socialisation. Have already sounded Mum out about lifts and if I'm very lucky, I might even be able to persuade her to give lurcherboy a leadwalk while I'm training the pup.

Scuttle, I am just the same, living in vain hope of a consistent spell of actual summer weather and dreaming of our whole summer holiday bathed in glorious sunshine. hmm grin Had to laugh at slightly damp raspberry turnover! grin

It's humid and hot here, Billy struggled towards the end of our run tonight. He loves strawberries and ate my apple core the other day! I would love to spend more time in the beach. We're about 1hr 15 mins from the beach but they don't allow dogs April-September sad

moosemama Tue 18-Jun-13 21:30:49

It's hot and humid here too - just not in my house - well nowhere except for my bedroom anyway (south facing and three external walls). hmm It's like a wall of heat hits you as you open the front/back door - really odd.

My Wheaten girl and I used to share a punnet of strawberries every week when I was at college doing my canine studies cert. She'd sit under my desk and we'd plough our way through the lot while we did all the classroom stuff, before going outside for the training elements, where she would happily work for a strawberry if there were any left. Mind you, she was the weird dog that would work for the pleasure of sniffing a banana skin, despite not actually liking to eat bananas. confused grin

MagratGarlik Tue 18-Jun-13 23:12:32

Moose, I think you might be relatively local to me, in which case I can recommend a good trainer. Only uses positive reinforcement, has an assistant who adores pointys, has rescue dogs and will do clicker training.

With the weather, we are possibly planning on a weekend under canvas. <<brave>> the boys have a long weekend from school due to inset days and a friend is returning to the UK from a few years in oz, so we will possibly go visit and tie it in with a trip to the beach. We too are as land-locked as it is possible to get, so I love time by the sea. My dream would be to live in Dorset and have accessible beach all year round.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 10:45:23

Thanks Magrat, I don't really need a trainer, but would like to start taking lurcherboy to a local dog-club on a regular basis - more for contact with other dogs and a bit of bonding for the two of us than anything else really. The biggest problem is that I don't drive, so the clubs I want to attend aren't all that accessible to me outside of the weekend.

That said, he seems to have completely forgotten all his recall training this week, little so and so. He's always had a great recall, but seems to be 'choosing' when to return, rather than coming thundering back, at the moment.

Have already walked him today, with the weather report predicting really high temperatures for this afternoon. So I think I'll do some recall work with him at home instead of his usual afternoon walk, to wear him out before the afternoon school run.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 16:48:32

Well, I have had an upsetting and stressful afternoon.

Went out for lunch by the canal with Lurcherboy and Mum. When we arrived the carpark was full, so we parked in the overflow and walked up through the shade to have a lovely lunch sat in the shad of a big tree. All good so far.

Walked slowly back to the car and sat around for a while with all the car doors and windows open as it was ridiculously hot inside.

While we were waiting we met a beautiful whippet girl who was just about to go on her walk and got to talk 'love of pointy hounds' with the owner and fuss each others' dogs.

One of the whippet's owners went to get a parking ticket and came back to say there was a dog locked in a car further up the carpark. We checked and sure enough, there was a border collie locked in the boot of a big black 4x4 in full sunshine. It's an unmanned carpark and there was no-one to ask so we waited to see if an owner would return, but no-one did. The 4x4 had been there since we arrived and we had been for a walk and had lunch. It looked as if perhaps they'd tried to squish it into the shade, but if they had, it must have been there a long time, as the sun had moved right round and there was no shade anywhere near it. The dog was panting and obviously hot and they'd only left a tiny pop out window open a fraction.

The other people went off to ask at the nearby business centre, but no joy there and we couldn't imagine where the owner might be. It's just a canal, where people go for walks, with a cafe you can sit outside. There's nothing else there and nowhere you would go and leave your dog in the car.

So, I decided to call the Police on the 101 number. Tried three times and their operator kept putting me through to the local branch and cutting me off. angry When I did eventually get through ... their response? "We don't deal with animals - you need the RSPCA". I explained that I had no way of writing the number down and they said, ok leave it with us, thank you for calling and that was it.

So grabbed Mum's smartphone and googled RSPCA, but we had hardly any signal and couldn't get hold of the number. So we had to drive a couple of hundred yards up the hill to a local pub carpark to get a signal.

Called the RSPCA - it was farcical. It took nearly 15 minutes to get through to an operator on their 'emergency line' the whole time spent with them trying to get donations for money and all the while the poor dog possibly dying and definitely in distress, having been in the car for 40 minutes since we first saw it, probably much longer.

Got through and it took almost 10 minutes for them to take the details. They wanted all my details first and I just wanted them to get someone out to the dog. angry

Finally they said the call had gone through to the local team and someone would be out asap. Then they tried to get me to donate - again. By this time it had been 50 minutes and I was seriously late to pick up my dcs from school - a half an hour drive away. We were parked in the shade with the aircon on for lurcherboy and the car temp was saying it was 24 degrees in the shade. sad

Didn't have time to go back and see if the dog was still there (ds1 has ASD and I can't be late to pick him up) and a couple of minutes into the drive the RSPCA called me back to say they had no-one available so had passed it back to the police and would I give them permission to pass on my details. shock

So the police said the RSPCA had to go out and the RSPCA called the police - who could have bloody well gone out in the first place, when I first called what felt like an aeon before. angry

I checked that someone was definitely en-route to the dog and that was that.

I have asked them to let me know if the dog was ok, but the RSPCA said it would depend on what action, if any, is taken against the owner and may take some time. Not sure anyone will contact me and let me know now it's been passed back to the police.

I was literally shaking and felt sick with worry for the poor dog. The bloody RSPCA asked all my details and phone numbers etc first, then what the dog looked like, including colour etc and was sooo slow. I had the location, car type and number plate - that should have been all they needed - but no - they kept me on the phone for 10 minutes, after 15 minutes waiting to get through and then didn't attend anyway. angry

I feel so upset now. I can't believe the dog survived and wish I could have broken into the car - but I didn't know how and I would have been charged with criminal damage if I'd tried.

If I could get my hands on the idiot that left that poor dog there in probably 26/7 degree full sunshine where they were Godknowswhere I wouldn't be able to control myself. sad

I was late for the dcs as well, but fortunately ds1 was also ver late out, so didn't notice. Whereas dd was sitting on her own in the nursery 'helping the teachers' when I arrived. Fortunately the teachers are dog lovers too and completely understood why I was late.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 16:48:59

shock Mahoosive post - sorry, needed to let it all out somewhere. blush

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 17:31:49

Oh my God, I would have done just the same, I can't believe the lack of help you got from the police or RSPCA, I also can't believe people are still stupid enough to leave their dogs in a car full stop let alone for that length of time. Well done for doing so much for that poor dog, you did everything you could and fingers crossed it turns out OK and the bloody owner gets shot. Or at least seriously told off and stopped from having more animals. Grrrrrrr.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 17:53:11

Thanks LIW. You are very kind, especially as on my other thread people are saying I didn't do enough and should have broken the car window - even though I had nothing to break it with. sad

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 18:07:47

See, I thought break the window and then I thought 'yeah, and be sued by the owner, cautioned by the police thanked by no one and left to feel an idiot for trying to help' ultimately it's not your responsibility and you did the absolute best you could at the time with the tools available to you. What if the dog died after you had broken the window, then what do you do? Or do you steal the dog if it's ok and take it to pick up the DC's? Minefield.

Just to make you feel better, I'm off for a swim in the sea now ;-) but if you want to chat I'll be back in a bit.

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 18:09:17

Oooh, see how long I've been off MN, I meant wink.

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 18:10:05

And I've tried to break a car window before and it was impossible! Stupid films making you think it's a doddle.

I'm off now for real.

Onetwo34 Wed 19-Jun-13 18:11:22

What an awful harrowing thing to witness.
I found a drowned dog last year and the park rangers from the council who I rang went straight out and kept calling me at every stage, when they found the body, what they they did to trace him, then what happened to the body. They were really great, I am sorry to hear your experience was so different. sad

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 18:29:22

I know it's really hard to break a car window. Dh had to help someone smash their window when they locked their keys in the car at hospital visiting when he was visiting MIL last week. The police gave them a hammer and they still couldn't smash it.

Thank you Onetwo34. That must have been so distressing. sad Glad to hear there are some people out there who are willing to help and care enough to keep you updated though.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 18:30:40

I've just emailed the local police team to see if they are willing (or able) to update me on what happened.

It says most emails will get a response within 24 hours.

TheCunnyFunt Wed 19-Jun-13 19:55:57

Bloody hell I've missed out on a lot blush had a very busy week though to be fair.

Moose I saw your thread, how heartbreaking sad but you did your best, and that was the best you could've done. I just hope the poor thing was rescued!

1234 he sounds beauuuuutifuuuul! I'd love a Whippet envy you do realise pics are mandatory? wink grin

Another puppy Lost? Really? You must be mad! grin keep us updated though, and of course, the one rule of the cushion, pics are mandatory grin
How is your BIL?

I was so cross on Saturday, DP was all set to take me and Sprocket to the local show that I'd been waiting for for a YEAR! And the day before the show we discovered that DDs birthday present was going to be delivered on the day of the show so DP couldn't take us afterall sad I managed to get a lift off a friend though. I entered Sprocket in 5 classes and he didn't win a thing angrysad I was gutted! He even had a bath especially for the show grin

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 20:08:35

Thanks Cunny.

Glad you got to go to the show - just tell Sprocket to remember it's the taking part - not the winning - that's important. grin

I have to say, I was very taken with the little whippet girl we met today - actually so was lurcherboy. If I didn't know better I would swear he was batting his eyelashes at her. grin He seems to be attracting the ladies (dog wise) everywhere we go at the moment - shameless flirt that he is. grin

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 20:31:36

Cunny he was robbed. The judges obviously didn't know quality when it was staring them in the face. Well done for going though, the one and only show we went too I was nervous and bribed DS2 £10 to go in the ring for me blush. Bil is weeell, not dead so that is awesome and also better than the Dr's said but tbh being alive basically covers that eventuality wink. It's really hard to describe, he is conscious in his own special way but the only things he can do so far are open his eyes and do a kind of 'thumbs up' gesture. Anyway, he is in a rehab facility so the only way is up, hopefully he will eventually be well enough to leave hospital but it's all so up in the air, no one can say. How is your brother? Has he started eating anything yet?And yes, to a new puppy, I can't put the children through the apparently impossible task of rescuing a whippet and DH is adamant we won't have any other breed, so puppy it is! Something to look forward to and there hasn't been much of that recently.

1234 how awful for you, did you find out where the dog was from eventually?

MagratGarlik Wed 19-Jun-13 21:14:46

Lost - there is a lovely looking Whippy on DogsBlog in south wales. 18-24 months good with children. Called Blade.....

(Though obviously a puppy would be cute)

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 21:32:47

<goes directly to DogsBlog>

LostInWales Wed 19-Jun-13 21:35:17

Oh Dobbie <melts>

MagratGarlik Wed 19-Jun-13 21:40:09


On another note - cunny, it sounds like the judges didn't know quality when they saw it. Obviously they just wanted to give the inferior dogs a chance.

moosemama Wed 19-Jun-13 22:55:28

Just updated my other thread. Police emailed me back and the dog is ok. grin

Police officer pulled the pop-out window off and sat with the dog for three and half hours until the owner got back - so that's four and a half hours that we know of that the poor dog was locked in that vehicle across the hottest part of the day. angry

He reassured me that they would have broken in and removed the dog had it become stressed or in danger, but instead they ensured it had water and was ok. Apparently the dark tinting of the windows did help deflect some of the heat.

Owner got off with just a stern talking to though, after making up some truly crap excuses. angry

I can sleep tonight now I know the dog is ok though.

Glad the dog is ok and glad they let you know so you didn't have to worry anymore. Seriously though 4 1/2hrs and only a stern talking to! Why do people have animals?!?!?!

I've had a traumatic evening, Billy got one of my cats sad
The littlest one, she's been in loads and we've just kept the stair gate shut with him down and her up. Tonight she dd decided to go out and ran past him. As she got to the top of the fence he managed to grab her in his mouth and pull her down. He yelped assume she bite/scratched him and then I grabbed his collar and he dropped her. She went over the fence and off and hasn't come back sad we've been all over looking and calling but nothing!
The worst part is dh is being so horrible to him! I blame myself really for every reason possible but he's a dog doing what dogs do. You can tell he knows he's in trouble and its really sad.

Just don't know what to do now. I feel we've made a commitment to him but what if we can't train it out of him? It's not fair on my cats that they can't come in our home. I feel so bad for Billy as he's a lovely dog and bad for my cats as their lives have been turned upside down! I didn't want a dog so soon and I wanted to spend time with others but dh insisted Billy was the one and now he won't even talk to him civilly, what do I do? So worried that Wendy is injured and slowly dying and dh is snoring next to me. On the plus side I saw Molly tonight, she wouldn't come to me but at least I know she's ok.

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 08:29:29

Cinnamon - sorry about Wendy, I hope that you find her and she's fine - lets hope that she managed to get a good swipe in before anything much happened - I really don't know what to suggest as we don't have cats, although mistlehound has learned to not go for the chinchilla who has now been moved back into the sitting room so is very obvious. There was a slight scuffle last week when the chin did something dramatic but I scolded mistlehound and she stopped immediately and has since gone over and managed to stand with her nose very close to the cage watching / sniffing with the chin also close to the front (but still).

Moose - glad you got some good news about the dog - I really can't believe what some people think is appropriate - nor can I believe the response you got from the RPSCA and the police!

Mistlehound was also robbed on Saturday when she didn't get placed in 'best rescue' - neither did the lovely greyhound next to us. Both clearly looked too well and content.

MagratGarlik Thu 20-Jun-13 08:47:36

Oh, cinnamon, you poor thing. It does sound to me that whilst Billy is a lovely dog, but it sounds like he is a lovely dog who should live in a cat-free home. It may be better to admit this now than waiting. The rescue will understand as they couldn't cat test him. It sounds like both he and the cats would be happier if he found a cat-free home though.

There will be another hound out there for you, but it does sound as though he is not it.

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 10:28:55

Oh Cinnamon, I'm sorry to hear that. There's a high chance she was just shocked and ran off. The first grab can often look worse than it is. Billy might think twice about doing it again if he did get scratched or bitten, but you're the one who is there with him and I'd say you have to trust your instincts about whether or not he's ever going to be cat safe.

I feel for you, as you are clearly caught in the middle and trying to do right by everyone.

I'm sure, as he's such a lovely dog, Billy will be able to find a nice cat friendly home should you decide you can't keep him and there are loads of cat friendly hounds out there. As Magrat said, the right one will be there for you at the right time.

Mistle, I know, their response was unbelievably slow and unhelpful right up to the point where the police officer - who was clearly a dog lover - actually managed to get there. It's a blooming good job the car had expensive tinted windows or it would probably have had a very different ending.

Just been for a very wet walk with dd and lurcherboy and he managed to slip on wet grass and twist his leg (n/s hind). He was lame for a few minutes, so I brought him straight home, but then seemed ok again. Hard to tell at the moment though, because he's spark out on the kitchen floor tiles - it's deceptively muggy out there, even though it looks like a cool, rainy day. Think I will keep an eye on him today and pop him up to the vets if he's no better by tea-time.

I've been reading quite a bit since I got him and most things have said that the majority of greyhounds can be trained to be cat safe so we've persevered but if he is the small percentage that can't we're just making it all the more painful for everyone.

I am so emotional over it all, still missing Nelly don't want to lose anymore of my animals but I've rescued all but one of my pets and always kept them. He's done so well and I feel so guilty to send him back to a kennel and lose him and then have to go through settling another dog who may also not be able to live with my cats but I can't imagine being without a dog until I don't have cats anymore. Plus it's very confusing and upsetting for my ds's and hard for my minded children if there's a new dog every few weeks. Totally paralysed by indecision and so so sad sad

Hope lurcherboy recovers quickly from his injured leg, Nelly was always such a wussy with any slight injury!

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 12:49:10

Cinnamon - if you decide that he does need to go back (I hope you can work it out though) can you try to get a dog that is already cat tested? I know that where we got ours they have a fairly good idea - lots in foster homes (but with the intention that they will be adopted by other people) (generally) but some at the rescue HQ where some of them get to live in the house with the stunt cats...

They didn't have an idea for any of the available ones that's were there when we got Billy, she just said we'll have to try and see. It's just so hard and my life is not exactly easy going as it is!

mistlethrush Thu 20-Jun-13 12:53:48

(((hug))) Could you look at a different rescue that does have an idea?

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 13:37:56

Thanks cinnamon, think you could be on the money there. He seems fine now.

I agree with mistlethrush. There are loads of sighthound rescues that are very careful with cat testing and fostering etc. I'm sure you could get a cat safe dog pretty quickly if that's what you need.

She's home and seems totally unharmed, phew! We've decided we need to be more careful but we're not ready to give up on him. I've phoned the rescue place and asked for some support but no answer so hopefully someone will ring back tomorrow. Perhaps ask vet for some trainers who can advise and get a water pistol.

moosemama Thu 20-Jun-13 18:05:11

So glad she's home and ok cinnamon. Pleased for you that you've made a decision about not giving up on him yet as well. It might be worth your while joining the Greyhound Gap Forum as there's bound to be lots of experience and advice to be had there.

I have some good news too. Today I have switched about lurcherboy's routine. Walks at different times etc. Today is a 4 school run day, so slightly different than the rest of the week anyway and I decided to take him for an extra short walk literally just before I had to pick up the first 2 dcs and wear him out with some ball chasing. Brought him back 10 minutes before I had to go out and he was exhausted (muggy weather might have helped there). Left him a ufo full of biscuits and liver cake and a kong with liver cake, cooked chicken and cheddar sprinkled with garlic powder. Didn't think he'd bother with them though, a) because he was so tired and it was muggy and b) because he hasn't touched a kong all week.

Decided to push things a little and take the dcs to the corner shop for ice lollies, seeing as he was clearly knackered and usually sleeps for an hour when he's like that.

We got held up in the shop with half the school having had the same idea about ice lollies, so I played the tape back with trepidation when we got back. He managed half and hour without even a whine. He'd finished both his kong and the contents of the ufo and .... was asleep in his bed! grin

Had to go out and fetch ds2 from an after school club about half an hour after I got home from the shop - so shoved another handful of mixed treats in the ufo - was out 10 minutes this time - and again ... silence.

I am so pleased that we have made it up to half an hour and he's not stressed or anxious at all! grin

Silly thing is, I was only moaning to my mum this morning about how I'd had to take things back a few steps and start again at 10 minutes with him and it felt like it would be months before we are able to extend the time enough for me to actually be able to go further than the corner shop.

Bless him, he's given me the motivation to keep on keeping on. smile

That's great moosemama!

Have registered and trying to read some posts but not loading great! Looking forward to the greyhound walk Sunday smile

Good news Moose!

We're also going to the Great British Greyhound Walk on Sunday - really looking forward to it. Been wearing my wristband proudly for about three weeks now. grin

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 10:14:28

We might make one of the walks on Sunday - this weekend is going to be chaotic though, with lots of rehearsals, concerts and two parties to get DS to in the middle of it all.

Moose - that sounds fantastic - he's really done well, I'm sure you're so relieved!

Cinnamon - Lurcher Link also have some people on that have a lot of experience getting dogs to accept cats in the house - I think that Moose has got some good advice there, and just because he's a greyhound, doesn't mean that they won't be happy to give advice there. There's a section on the forum called 'advice needed' which would be the best option.

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 10:17:10

... aaand back down again. He started yelling about 4 minutes after I went out this morning and kept it up for the whole school run. hmm

Always Fridays and always first thing - just to really p the neighbours off. Can't identify a trigger though - despite it always being the same day.

I had a feeling he was going to do it, because he kept following me around and going to where we keep his harness and walk stuff with a hopeful look on his face.

To be honest, he's been sounding more indignant at being left than upset and no sign of any drool or anxiety, so I think he was just annoyed that I didn't take him out with me. hmm

He went straight to his lead again when I got home, so I've made him wait and am going to walk him very last thing before nursery drop off, so he's exhausted again - like he was yesterday afternoon.

Honestly - dogs, who'd have 'em!

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 10:35:35

Moose - what is your morning schedule like? At one stage one of us would sort DS and the other would take the dog out for a quick whizz around the field for 20 mins or so...

I have looked there too thanks mistlethrush, all advice is quite similar and really will rely on a lot more exposure to the cats. I had a long email from the chairman of the rescue centre last night (as I'm having a telephone nightmare and I couldn't stay connected on the phone for more than a minute!)

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 11:51:11

Morning schedule is quite set unfortunately, due to eldest ds having ASD and needing a set routine. The only option to walk the dog before the school run, would be to get up before everyone else and go then, so probably 5.30 - 6.00, as ds1 is an early riser. Problem with that is, that any noise at all in the house wakes ds1, so if I get up at 5.30 - so will he. <<sigh>>

It's a two man job getting the dcs to school, particularly ds1, as even though he's 11 he has to be prompted, reminded and hauled through every step. Dh does the breakfasts, while I organise everything else. We already do packed lunches the night before, so can't cut any time there.

Now I think about it, this morning there was a bit of tension in the air, as it's non-school uniform day and the dcs all have to take in donations for summer fair prizes. Ds1 coped ok, because he has done this routine for 8 years in his primary school now, but it's only once a year and it always unsettles him when anything different happens, so he was manic, zipping around all over the place winding everyone up.

From September things will be changing anyway, as ds is going on school transport to a secondary school an hour's drive away, so not only will he have to get used to a new routine, he will be out of the house much earlier meaning things will be calmer in general.

We live across the road from the primary school, so never have to leave home before 8.45 for the bell to go at 8.55 at the moment and I have been leaving it really late while I've been trying to be gone for the shortest time possible for lurcherboy.

Actually, while I was typing this I just had a thought. It's not the walk really, so much as making sure lurcherboy is worn out. So if I could chuck his ball for him in the garden for 10 minutes or so, that might just be enough. Might give that a try over the weekend and see if it works.

mistlethrush Fri 21-Jun-13 11:58:17

Sounds a plan - it might just take the edge of sufficiently to mean that he's less aware of being left. I suppose the benefit is that, at least he's only a lurcher - we had a collie cross who started out as an only - we would take her into the (very large) garden for ball throwing sessions - two hard rubber balls, one thrown, and the next one collected so that it could be thrown as she was on her way back and dropped the one in her mouth to go for the other one - repeat. We would stop this when we were (physically) tired of throwing the ball even though you rarely had to go more than a couple of steps to pick the ball up and be ready to throw it - and she would have two or three sessions of that plus at least two long walks.... It was much easier when we got the second (that turned out to be a collie / terrier cross, although as a puppy she didn't look like that at all) as the two would play for hours in the garden if it was fine - and would corner around the edge of the lawn path around the fruitcage so tightly and fast that my father had to relay a section of the lawn every spring as there was a deep rut...

moosemama Fri 21-Jun-13 13:32:24

I hope so, but he already gets at least two hours of exercise a day, much of that is free-running and ball chasing as well. He has collie in his mix mum was deerhound/saluki, dad greyhound/border collie according to the people that had them, although there was some debate at LL about there possibly being some terrier in there as well so - who knows for certain.

You can't really see any collie in him, but he is a keen retriever of tennis balls and frisbees, so I guess that's where it could have come from and his has quite a wide skull compared to many/most lurchers as well, so that might also relate back to the collie heritage.

Dh has just called and says he will start taking him to the local park for just 20 minutes when he first gets up. I think it would be good for both of them actually, as dh doesn't do enough exercise or get much time 1:1 with lurcherboy. We will just have to hope ds1 doesn't find it too disruptive. It's strange, because we can change some things that we would expect him not to cope with and he doesn't bat an eyelid - then when we change something that has very little impact on him he can't handle it. It's just a case of trying it and seeing what happens I suppose.

I don't think I will every manage to understand kids and dogs! grin

I am dogless again sad

Billy took one of my minded children's toys and I tried to take it off him. He wouldn't let go so I left him when I went back to try to take it again he bit me twice. Both are very sore, bruised and swollen. Her grandad arrived a whole afterwards and said 'you'll have to get rid of him then'. I'm sure it was my fault for the way I went about removing the toy but I can't take the risk that he would do it to a child or that my customers would leave because of it.

We'd had such a lovely day, he'd been so lovely and it wasn't a stressful period of time or anything so I was totally shocked by it. We have been so sad taking him back, feel I've let him down. We went for a long walk this morning, he had his breakfast and we took him. We all said goodbye and put him in his kennel, left his toys with him but I can still see his face looking at me and hear him crying as we got in the car. The saddest thing is that after I went back into the living room after he bit me he was wagging his tail wanting a fuss like nothing had happened.

I'm not sure what I would have done if it had just been us but all parents of children I had expressed that we should not keep him and I can't afford to lose the business. I would feel terrible if he hurt any of the children and we can't be sure it was a one off.

We spoke to them about another dog and after a talk about how settling in is always difficult and us expressing that we were aware of that and we had been working through difficulties with billy and had no intention of giving him up until the bite he agreed that we could take another dog. He's suggested going to a local trainer who has 5 dogs who haven't raced as they may be less likely to chase the cats. They are on the waiting list but he has no idea how long it would take to get them into kennels. This way we can see them and still adopt through the home finders but they wouldn't actually have to go into their kennels.

What an emotional month it has been!!!!

TheCunnyFunt Sat 22-Jun-13 18:22:33

Oh Cinnamon I am sorry, I can't imagine how you must all be feeling right now. I hope the bites heal soon.

Did you try to swap the toy with him or did you just try to take it? If you tried to take it away without trying to swap it for a tasty treat or something, then that's probably why he bit you. I know it's not helpful now but it could be for future reference. Good luck finding another one x

I tried to swap it, I tried telling him to leave and no. I didn't want to pull on it because it want mine and didn't want to damage the toy. I left him to hopefully lose interest and went back to him and that's when he bit me. He taken the kids tests before and a firm no or leave has got him to let me take it so don't know what happened. The guy at the rehoming place said I should have put his lead on and put him in the garden and shut the door and being left on his own would have made him drop it.

We had grown to love him in the three weeks he was here, dh and I have been in tears all day. Feel like I'm grieving for two dogs now sad

moosemama Sat 22-Jun-13 19:13:08

sad cinnamon, I'm so sorry.

It must have been such a hard decision for you, but I totally understand why you had to give him up, given the nature of your work and not being able to risk either losing business or him harming a child. sad

moosemama Sat 22-Jun-13 19:25:30

Lurcherboy has been a complete arse today. hmm

Having always had an excellent recall and recently learned to respond to a whistle really well - he has suddenly taken to doing an 'almost-recall' when we are out. hmm

Just to clarify, I have never grabbed his collar when he's been recalled. I always recall him and release him to play again or recall him and get him into a sit or down if I need him under control - but he's decided his new game is to look like he's doing a belting recall that is likely to end up with me flat on my back on the floor, then get to arms length and swerve away, before running around me in a circle. hmm angry

Dh couldn't believe it when we took him out today - he's never seen him behave like that before.

He first did it on Friday before last, when I put his general arsey-ness down to the thunderstorm and him just being generally 'off'. He's been ok all week, then, after his howling in the morning yesterday, he did 'the swerve' in the park again, as well as pointedly sniffing the ground and coming in his own time, iykwim.

Today he was an arse from the moment we got into the field. The only time he responded to a recall was when I had his blooming ball. Good job we were in a secure area. hmm

Dh and I tried doing the recall game, as it's always been a great way of teaching and reinforcing recall in the past (where you stand a distance apart and call from one to the other with lots of treats and fuss). Lurcherboy decided he would come to me because I had the fling'n'fetch but dh could forget it. hmm

So we put the fling'n'fetch on the floor a few feet away and stood apart from each other so that we made a sort of triangle shape with it. Then we called him to and from each on of us in turn and the little sod ran to his toy instead whenever he was called - BUT - after three goes, his little light bulb switched on and as he ran towards the toy he finally made a good choice and swerved and came to me instead. So, he got a treat, huge fuss and we ran to the toy together and had a game - then repeated it with dh and I in turn a few times, rewarding him with a game each time he recalled nicely.

Not sure what's brought on this teenager-esque attitude, but I'm damn sure I'm not going to give him an inch. It's back to the puppy kindergarten for him until he starts behaving himself. hmm

JazzTheDog Sun 23-Jun-13 08:42:24

Hi everyone,

I can't keep up with this thread at all! We're heading out to GBGW in a few moments. I spent 2 hours yesterday making medals for the participants!

mistlethrush Sun 23-Jun-13 09:11:05

Cinnamon, I am so sorry - but I agree, with children, and children's friends potentially around, you can't chance what you might if your situation had been different....

Moose - sounds as though he's getting used to things as they are now and is flexing his muscles...

MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 10:33:32

Sorry to hear about Billy, cinnamon.

I can understand parent's concerns though and especially in the current climate you can't afford for customers to leave. Word of mouth could be very damaging too.


MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 10:36:43

On a more positive note, we are off to "Dogs Unleashed" show in Bakewell this afternoon.

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 10:47:09

Yep, mistle, that's what I thought too. Little so and so - from anxious, worried and a big wuss - to cocky little so and so in under 3 weeks. hmm

We've gone back to basics and started re-clicker training all his cues to remind him what we expect of him. Am also reading the book 'total recall' to try and work out if I've done something wrong with his recall training somewhere along the line and where/how to put it right.

Dh and I had a long talk about getting another dog/pup last night. We are both so worried about it, not only the 'what if it doesn't help' thing, but also generally, the whole new dog/pup thing and how much work is involved. Decided its not going to put us off but <<wibble>> blush

Came about because I fell in love with a saluki cross pup online. I have been finding myself looking at and loving lots of black and tan dogs/pups and as you know, I also really like the name Seren for a bitch. I was looking at a rescue forum yesterday and happened across a 16 week old black and tan saluki cross pup called Seren! shock At first I thought she'd been homed, as there were lots of 'so happy' comments on her thread, but it turned out she'd been really poorly and an inpatient at the vets and it was touch and go for a while. sad

Thing is, she's in north west Ireland and while they do work with some British rescues and home to the UK, with everything she's been through, I'm not sure it would be fair on her or whether they would do it.

We are due to be in Ireland the last week in July, so in theory could save them the trouble of getting her to the UK - but she will be 6 months old by then - so more legs and less cuteness. grin I feel really unsettled about it - but she really grabbed by heart. confused Decided to sleep on it before emailing them, but am no clearer this morning.

She's nothing like what we were looking for - all legs and saluki beauty, compared to a scruffy little whirrier - but there's something about her. confused

Here she is and her facebook page.

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 10:47:53

Have fun everyone who's off on Greyhound walks and to shows. grin envy

We've had a lovely and busy day. The rain held off for most of it too. Went to the Cardiff GBGW this morning, there were about 25 hounds there which was brilliant. Came home and had a quick bite to eat and then out to a a fun show this afternoon. Norty Minx came 2nd in Best Veteran, and the two girls came 3rd and 4th in Dog Judge would most like to take home. Judge praised her condition which was nice. Got bitterly cold though - standing on a Neath hillside being whipped by a gale did not feel like midsummer! Now home and the girls are relaxing on the sofa, and admiring their new rosettes. What was also nice was we bumped into a friend who is judging at a show I am organising next month, who was there with his 16 year old adorable terrierist. It was lovely to see him, and we had a really good natter and catch up. So a good day all round. smile Time for a large gin soon, I suspect. grin

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 18:28:27

Yay! Congratulations on your crew's successes.

Dh was just saying the same the same about the weather an hour ago when we were standing in the middle of a rainstorm in the grounds of Coombe Abbey. More like October than June. hmm

Lurcherboy had a blast as it was bunnies a-go-go in the fields around the house. First thing that happened as we entered the off lead area was a squirrel shot across in front of us and then did that stop start run thing all the way across the open space, before perching on a log taunting him. Good job he was on the lead.

Walked a bit further up and there was a baby bunny just sitting looking at us from the edge of the path. Lurcherboy didn't see it before it ducked under the hedge, but he went bonkers when he caught it's scent and was beside himself with joy at all the scent in the meadow field. Suffice to say we didn't let him off. grin

Funnily enough though, he didn't bat an eyelid at the gaggle of ducks that took off (both flying and fast waddling) when some people let their kids run through them just ahead of us - apparently ducks are old news and nowhere near as much fun as bunnies. grin

Would have been a lovely walk if ds1 wasn't so full on due to y6 transitional fear/stress. Blimey that boy can talk. hmm

MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 19:16:30

Back from the dog show. Not a very good one - expensive entrance fee and not much going on. Most traders started packing up 1.5 hours before the end (annoying when a £15 entrance fee was charged for families). Both had a go on the lurcher coursing set-up though. Jessie just stood and watched the 'lure' with the expression of, 'I'm not chasing that, it's plastic not a bunny', before trotting off to have a wee in the middle of the course and sniff at an interesting JRT.

Woody ran though and was quite proud of himself - tail-a-wagging as he went. We saw lots of other whippys, lurchers a gaggle of Italian greyhounds, a few grunds and a couple of Irish Wolfhounds. I note though that our whippy could need a little bit of a diet in comparison with some there....

Nice to hear about your successful and not so successful days!

Billy has been rehomed! They had an open day and he's gone with another greyhound who was rehomed from there a while ago smile

We went to see a trainer today with several 2 year old dogs that have never raced. They are on the waiting list but not expected to get into the kennels until August. As he's close to us and they thought a dog who'd never raced may be better with the cats we've gone to see him direct and homefinders will still do the rehoming.

Problem is dh and I can't agree!! He let us meet 6 dogs, 4 from one litter and two others. I fell in love with Barry- a slightly scatty smaller brindle boy. He's got quite a long coat and he licked my whole face but calmed down the second I started stroking him, wouldn't run more than 200m and was hand reared by the trainer as his mother had problems with her milk, 2 in August. Dh wants peanut- the most gorgeous blue brindle, 32kg so quite big, very chilled out but was quite a keen racer just ran wide at corners, was 2 in April. Dh loves the way he looks but thinks because he's calmer will be better with the kids. He is stunning but I just didn't get the same feeling I did with Barry (poor dog, sorry to anyone who has named a dog Barry!).

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 21:56:07

Hi Cinnamon, so pleased to hear Billy has been rehomed so quickly. It must be bitter sweet, but a load off your mind at the same time.

I think I would fall for Barry too from your description. As for names, well I think I'd rather stand in the garden/park and shout Barry than Peanut, given how names can sound a bit distorted when shouted, iykwim. wink shock

Also the fact that he wouldn't run sounds a lot more promising for your situation that a dog that would chase the rabbit (is that the right term) but just ran wide on corners.

Ds2 keeps saying 'my peanuts' and giggling while pointing to his willy!!!

MagratGarlik Sun 23-Jun-13 22:04:39

Glad to hear Billy found a new home.

Barry sounds gorgeous and I'd have thought better with the cats if he doesn't run. Put pictures of both up and we can put it to the cushion vote! <<gets over-excited at the thought of a new cushion dog>>

We are revisiting them tues, will try and take pics then grin

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 22:08:25

Ahem ... well yes - it seems your ds and I are thinking along the same lines! blush

Oo yes, definitely try to get some pics for us.

And she's gorgeous moosemama!!

moosemama Sun 23-Jun-13 22:46:07

Thanks, but I have wussed out of contacting them. Noticed today that someone else has enquired on FB and then started questioning myself and the practicalities of getting her over here and being homechecked by a UK rescue etc.

They work with 2 UK rescues, but one is up north and the other down south and we are in the middle. The one up north insists all neutering is done at their approved vets, so I can't see that working in our favour - especially when the other enquirer already has one of their dogs and is more local to them. sad

Would say I'd sleep on it again tonight, but I have ds1's annual statement review first thing tomorrow morning and am ridiculously stressed about that, so not sure another night's sleep is going to make things any clearer.

If nothing else, it's helped me to realise I can fall in love with smoothies as well as scruffies I suppose. I've always been a dedicated scruffy admirer in the past, but she has definitely made me think twice.

Actually, thinking about it, lurcherboy looked smooth when I first saw him - and when he arrived. He only developed his scruffy elements as he matured.

mistlethrush Sun 23-Jun-13 22:47:04

Cinnamon - I would go for playful too (Barry) because of the children. But I would rename him Barney - enough similarity for him to make it easy but slightly better than shouting Barry!

We did'nt do any ggwalks... just too frantic this weekend - concert last night - another this afternoon (I hadn't managed to get to any of the rehearsals as looking after DS whilst DH went to them so it was a bit skin of the teeth at times...) and then another rehearsal this evening.

My friends baby is barney, not sure I could do that! Still have to win the battle though!

mistlethrush Mon 24-Jun-13 08:43:47

Harry is better than Barry... or even Lary! But then you could perhaps think of names that are not even 'proper' names that might suit... Tally, Cali, etc.

MagratGarlik Mon 24-Jun-13 09:01:42

Tbh, we named Jessie when we got her as we didn't know her name before - she was found as a stray. She's an oldie, but within a week or two she knew her name. Lots of livercake when they respond to their name is a great motivator. I'd call him what you like. (Of course, I'm assuming here you'll have already won the argument on which dog to get)

That's a massive assumption MagratGarlik, I'm not good at these things! DH feels guilty that he pushed me to have Billy and it ended so badly so I may be able to win.

Have had a message from my friend that the brother of her lurcher is looking for a new home, have added his pic on my profile. He's called Mali, he will be 2 in September.

mistlethrush Mon 24-Jun-13 12:51:47

He looks nice? Has he previously lived with cats?

I don't know anything about him, just got a number to talk to the owner. A bit apprehensive as to why they are rehoming him, his brother is lovely and lives with a tiny dog but I don't know more than that until I call. Dh thinks he's too chubby hmm

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 13:52:57

I have had a Cali and my sil has a Tally.

I think it's fairly common to change an adopted dog's name - as Magrat said, stuff enough treats down them every time you say it and it quickly becomes more attractive than their old name and of course has the advantage of being a clean slate with no negative associations. So you could just pick a name you like and not worry if it doesn't sound similar to Barry.

Oo I've seen Mali - if it's the same one. Is he the one on Lurcher Link? They look too similar for it not to be. If so, he has lived with cats before and liked to play with them, but according to the OP not in a prey kind of way.

He sounds lovely, everyone keeps emphasising how lovely and gentle he is. smile

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 13:53:39

Have had a look and it must be him, he's in Norfolk too.

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 14:12:18

I am relieved to have survived ds1's annual statement of SEN review. <<phew>>

Afterwards Mum walked up to drop dd at nursery with me so we took lurcherboy. Mum insisted on holding him while I walked up the drive with dd and he really didn't like me walking off out of sight. Poor Mum got quite a shock when she realised how strong she is. I think she thought because he looks so slightly built he'd be a wimp. grin

Mum then left and I took him in the park. It was very interesting. He stuck to me like glue the whole way round. Did half an hour off lead with him just following me around and me suddenly changing direction etc. Then stood and let him sniff a bit and did a couple of easy recalls, which he did really well, so got the ball out as a reward ... and he instantly changed into a beligerant (sp?) so-and-so.

First catch did a loop around me, than stopped in the middle of the field and stared at me instead of bringing it back. You should have seen his face when I just ignored him and walked purposefully away. Poor confused dog. grin

After a couple of minutes he came thundering after me and when he came properly to me and dropped the ball at my feet I told him he was a good boy and threw it again. Each time, same thing. He held it at a distance and didn't return - just stood there staring at me. I didn't recall him, because I knew he wouldn't do a proper recall and I'd effectively be training him not to come when called. Instead each time I walked off.

Then he started trying to pre-empt where I was going to go and head me off some distance ahead, so I just kept changing direction and not acknowledging him until he came back and gave me the ball.

It was lucky that we had the whole park to ourselves for over an hour, as I could just keep on doing it over and over. He's got some sticking power though - stubborn boy - because even when I hid from his view (I could see him and the rest of the park) he still took a good few minutes to come back and give me the ball. hmm

Kept it up for about 45 minutes and I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head as he tried to work out what on earth I was up to! grin It was working though, by the end of the walk he was coming back faster and seemed to be getting the idea that he didn't get another throw of his ball unless he came back properly and gave it to me.

Ended 'the game' when he lay down looking exhausted and he's been spark out ever since we got home. grin

I am hatching a plan to confuse him even further by taking multiple balls, next time we play the game. Currently he thinks he has the upper hand when he's in possession of the ball, so I'm interested to see what he'll do when he realises I always have another one. grin

Am also going to do more sessions without the ball and him being rewarded for staying with me and coming back when called, as food treats were good enough reinforcers until the ball appeared and then they were useless.

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 14:13:29

Sounds like he's been waiting a long time, due to a relationship break up. So no suspicious reasons for needing to rehome him.

mistlethrush Mon 24-Jun-13 14:30:47

Mali - that's not a LL dog though - its in the 'other homeless hounds' where other people post about lurchers that need a home - its an unusual site as its got its own dogs that need rehoming, but any other lurcher that also needs a home can have a thread in the other section too - and several rescues put info about dogs up there as a place that people specifically looking for lurchers might look.

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 14:33:12

Sorry, yes you're right mistle, I should have pointed that out. He's listed on LL, but isn't being rehomed through them.

Spoken to the lady this afternoon, two relationship breakdowns (one of whom left him all day, came home to eat and change then left him all night while she stayed at we new boyfriends) and a woman who has had him a month and has decided because he tries to get her cakes off the work tops and digs holes if she leaves him in the garden that she can't have him anymore! She's quite a drive from me and she has some interest in him so said carry on with our two tomorrow and then let her know. He said she had him as a pup and he's very playful and just needs someone to spend some time with him. She asked me more than she told me which shows she wants him to have a good home. She said she also has another greyhound and lurcher to rehome if we want to look at them too, good sales pitch wink

moosemama Mon 24-Jun-13 16:34:12

So is the lady you spoke to fostering him following the relationship breakdown?

Lurcherboy never seems interested in swiping cakes - but no baked potato is safe for some bizarre reason. confused

He was her dog, or one of a litter from her dog so she had him from birth until he was rehomed. Not sure she's a breeder but she rehomes dogs and said any of her dogs can come back to her if they need to for any reason.

Dh is seriously considering taking both tonight so we don't have to pick one, any advice greatfully received! Never had more than one dog at a time.

Mali looks wonderful - a gorgeous handsome boy.

Main things about being a multi hound household. You'll need a bigger car. You'll need a bigger sofa! Obviously, there's the cost implications - two lots of insurance, vets bills, food, kennelling on holidays etc. With two large dogs, it's worth buying in bulk things like food, treats etc. You can save money if there is a wholesaler near you.

It tends to be slightly harder to find people who are willing to pop in and dog sit if you need to go out for a few hours. Even non doggy people are often happy to wrangle one, but two can be a bit daunting sometimes. However, I'd strongly suggest making some friends in your local sighthound community and having a dog sitting circle so you can do sleepovers/days out for each other. Can also be great fun.

Walking - usually OK. If loose lead walking is not up to scratch, then off to training classes and it will soon be right. I used to walk three together - now we have four I do two and two when I am by myself.

If they all decide to fart together, it's quite something. sad Doesn't often happen - but mysteriously seems to be worse when we have visitors. hmm

Overall, though, sighthounds are very sociable and really benefit from being with other pointies - we love being a multi hound home, though I wouldn't rush to be a four hound home again. I think two or three is perfect.

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 11:55:40

grin Had to laugh at farting being worse when you have visitors. Lurcherboy always seems to do it when my Mum is visiting and is even worse if she's babysitting and I'm not here.

I came back yesterday after a meeting at school and I swear poor Mum was actually green in the face - she looked a bit like this: envy but bless her soul, she has still just spent half and hour sitting in the boot of her car with him and dd while I took ds2 to his specialist dentist appointment. smile

The most I've had at once is three and it's fine, but I prefer two. With three or more it's easier if you are both around for walks, as when I walked mine in shifts the ones that were left behind objected - loudly. (Fortunately we had a detached house back then) Two together for walks is easy enough - but as Scuttle says, you may need to work with them individually to get them both walking on a loose lead in the early days.

I'm a strong believer in dogs needing canine company. As I put it to dh the other night - imagine being the only human in a dog household - unable to understand their verbal or body language, being expected to live by their rules and customs, which make no sense to you - as you can't understand them so they can't explain why they do them and having them control your food, toys and freedom. Then imagine the same scenario with just one other human to speak to and you can see how for some, the first scenario would be impossible to handle, whereas the second scenario would be much more likely to enable you to retain your sanity.

Dh has finally cracked and gone all gooey over a rescue pup - but it's in Spain. hmm It is gorgeous pup and I will admit to having gone back several times to have a peek and check he hasn't been homed, but I can't get past all the dogs in UK rescue that need a home. Ireland didn't seem such a big thing to me somehow, as my family are from Ireland, I spent a good proportion of my childhood there and we still spend a fair bit of time there and see first hand the problems they have with dog welfare etc. In fact I did a report on dog welfare in Southern Ireland as part of my Cert in Canine Studies many moons ago. Manys the time we've caught a stray while we've been over there and nearly ended up bringing them home - so it wouldn't be too far of a leap to adopt from there. Spain just doesn't feel the same.

Not sure what to do, as it's so unlike dh to fall for a pup - it's usually me. blush

mistlethrush Tue 25-Jun-13 12:09:57

Mine does stealth licking of visitors grin Its OK if they like dogs, but not when they don't - and I spent an entire string quartet trying to stop her from going and telling the two violinists how wonderful she was and giving them big kisses... Her digestion has settled down tremendously and she rarely makes room clearing smells anymore... my friends two greys do though!

Moose - I'm with you on the dog rescue situation - although if he's fallen for one I can see your indecision... Would be quite a nice weekend break to go and see it wink

I would like a second.. but it all adds to the costs - its particularly the dog walking that would be a concern, otherwise I would go and collect Maisie from LL tomorrow.... If you get the right pair they do keep each other company and give each other much more exercise on walks. We used to race our two collie crosses - big open space, catch them both by the collar - one two three GO!!! and they were off, rarring at each other at full speed, then back again to repeat the process - they always started better with a 1,2,3 though! (unless they were playing chase through the sand dunes) (or one got the other cornered in a shallow bit of river) (or they were in the garden) (grin)

I know some people that have up to 6 dogs - often one of them being a terriorist and 5 varied lurchers / greys. I would find that too much to cope with I think!

LostInWales Tue 25-Jun-13 12:39:41

I can't wait until we are a two hound family. I get such sad looks if I even pop to the shops and leave him on his own and he is like my shadow in the house, so even if I get up to put the washing on he has to come with me and inspect my work wink. I am hoping he will put some of his affection onto the new dog, especially as when my friend brings her girl pup around (7 months, tiny petite whippet and her coat is pure black and oh so shiny, I am utterly in love with her!) he has eyes only for her and they play silly games together and then curl up in a heap not remotely interested in us hoomans. I keep telling her if she was a good friend she would just give me her dog but apparently that's unreasonable?

Moose I think we have identical boys! I have DS1 who is 13 and on the spectrum, when he is excited/nervous about something he just goes motor mouth and won't leave my side. Although we are not having a yearly review this year because the consultant has left and not been replaced. Which is interesting because he is starting some GSCE's early next term and I need a letter for exams so he gets extra time. Ah well, there's another thing for my long long list.

Whippety boy is a terrible food stealer, I got a call when we were whizzing back up the M4 after a hospital visit that we were to come to the beach to collect him (a friend was dog sitting him for me) and we needed to bring a dozen sausages to make up for the load he had just stolen off the BBQ blush. He is behaving much better on the school run though now I have remembered to pay attention to him and his reactions. Although one day I was carrying a very large shopping bag so I just put him the opposite side of it to his nemesis and confused the poor little thing immensely, he was hopping about on his wall sure there was something he should be barking at but he couldn't see where grin.

LostInWales Tue 25-Jun-13 12:58:29

Look, look tennis We could do some training on here


tennis tennis

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 13:02:22

Aaargh! Just met the neighbours on the drive - they took in a parcel for me (Lurcherboy's new treat ball).

I think they were just going to run walk away, when I asked if the dog has been any better (I knew the answer, as am recording him myself) ... and they said they hadn't heard him at all - which is odd, because he's howled like a good un twice in the last fortnight and both times the husband was home. confused

So, got a chance to explain that we'd lost oldgirl and lurcherboy couldn't handle being alone, as he's never been an only dog - but we are doing a comprehensive behaviour modification programme with him and he is making progress. Also told him we'd been advised by several experts that ultimately the only thing that may work is to get another dog for company for him, but that I want to do everything we can to get him calm and settled first.

Then they said they left the note because they thought we should know he was doing it, as much as anything and I thanked them and said yes, we did need to know.

Then I came in the house - having been 20 minutes, instead of 10 due to talking to them, switched on the recording and ironically, he'd been howling and barking the place down for 10 minutes, despite not finishing his kong or kibble toy (I made them a bit more difficult for him today). hmm sad

Honestly, if I could play the tape to you - I would. It sounds so different from a couple of weeks ago. Now it's like temper, not distress and when I got in he was lying in his bed, no sign of dribble or stress - just lying there. confused

He now likes it when I go out. Runs to the worksurface to wait for his treat toys and starts on them without a backward glance. If I have to pop back in he ignores me and carries on scoffing. I'm starting to thing we have successfully counter-condition the actual leaving, but once he's had enough food from his toys he is just fed up of being on his own and starts shouting for us to come back.

This morning he's had a good walk, off and on-lead, a half hour ball playing session in the garden and been out to the dentists with us. I had hoped he might be at least a bit tired. hmm

Just had to shut the door and walk away, because I felt myself getting cross with him when I was listening to the tape and that's both stupid and unhelpful. sad

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 13:07:10

grin at tennis

Lurcherboy would have a ball (pun intended) on here today.

Forgot to say - took three tennis balls with us on our walk this morning and he would only pay any attention to the bright pink one we've been taking for the past couple of weeks. hmm He would run after the others - with the pink ball in his mouth - then sniff them and leave them there.

Tried again in the garden and he would play with the others, but only if the pink one was hidden from sight, so not an option. He would also properly retrieve with the other two, but wouldn't bring the pink one right back.

I think he luffs his pink tennis ball and no-one else can have it - it's his and his alone. grin

Little does he know, pink tennis ball is going into early retirement and will only accompany us on walks stuffed safely inside my bag, where it will stay - unless he does something worthy of an A grade reward. grin

LostInWales Tue 25-Jun-13 13:15:38

Mean moosemama wink grin

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 13:21:47

Yup - that's me.

Oldgirl had a squeaky toy she was totally obsessed with, but could 'kill' in 20 seconds and we could no longer get hold of new ones. In the end we took it everywhere with us and she would recall like a rocket if she heard even the slightest squeak from it, but she was never allowed more than one throw and that was for mega-good top grade behaviour.

See .... mean, mean, mean. grin

My concerns are obviously cost but we have 4 cats and a snake as well as soon to be a dog so we already have quite large insurance/vaccine/ worming/flea treatment/food costs. But my main concern is that I have 2 children of my own (6 and 2), a stepson (almost 12-4 days a fortnight) and daily between 3 and 6 additional children (18months to 10years) in the house as well as two or three school runs, snack times, lunch times etc where I can keep control of one dog but perhaps not two. Billy very quickly improved with food and I shut him in the garden while getting children in and out at school runs or if all walking just held him while kids went out and I then squeezed out afterwards.
I worry about them winding each other up and getting very excited with a living room full. Walking I do alone most week days so I think I'd be fine with that as it's usually pretty quiet when I'm out too. I also worry about space as we have a corner where Nelly and then Billy had thier beds but I don't think two would fit in that space and with a busy house I think it's important for the dog/s to have a space out of the way to go to if they choose to. In the future there's no reason they can't go upstairs but in the beginning we plan to have the upstairs for the cats to escape if the dog we get needs some training wrt them.

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 14:05:12

I think you're concerns are valid, especially the ones about handling/controlling two dogs around your dcs and charges. We have a wooden baby gate on our kitchen and the dogs stay in the kitchen when we are going in and out of the front door or if I'm unable to supervise them - so if I go to the toilet and lurcherboy is in the living room with the family I send him to his bed in the kitchen and shut the gate.

I have always enjoyed having multiple dogs, but am not sure if I would take on two at the same time, iyswim.

That's what I said to dh, perhaps settle this one then think about a second. He just really wants peanut and doesn't want to force me into a dog I don't want again! Hoping tonight will give us some clarity on which to get or perhaps leave both and go for Mali hmm confused

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 14:26:38

I feel for you cinnamon, it's a hard decision.

I feel similarly confused about the pup that dh has fallen for. It's really unusual for him to be the one that gets the 'heart thud' moment about a dog, although he's always completely daft over any new dog/pup we take on once it arrives. So I kind of feel, if he feels about this pup like I did about lurcherboy and oldgirl then I would be wrong to stand in his way - but - it's me that is going to be home with this pup 24/7 and will do all the training and 99.9% of the walking etc and so there's a part of me that wants to just say no and go with what I want instead - but - then again, I also know I am hopeless for loving every dog I meet, so I know I would love this pup if we did go for it. confused

That's tough, Cinnamon. We took on two fosters last year that came as a pair, but they are elderly and lovely, and we don't have DC or the other animals that you do. With all that going on, I think you are right to be cautious.

I took the Norty Minx with me this afternoon to the CARIAD demonstation at the Welsh Govt building (the Senedd). Aged 10 and her first demo! She was very good. Being a pointy, I of course took a nice fleece blanket with me and when we arrived I found a nice shady spot with a good view of the speakers. Unrolled my fleece and set it out before her as befits her royal status. She sniffed approvingly and then had a massive wee on it. grin Sigh. So she was cruelly forced wink to sunbathe on hard slate steps. Fleece is now in the washing machine. hmm smile

moosemama Tue 25-Jun-13 17:23:01

Scuttle, I think I am starting to understand why she is called Norty Minx. grin

I am feeling a bit happier after having a much nicer walk with Lurcherboy this afternoon. He was much better behaved and did some lovely lurchery obedience training. smile

He also loved his new treat ball and it kept him quieter much longer than the other toys - so that's hopeful.

He's looking happier as well. Currently flat out on the living room carpet, dreaming of rabbit chasing - judging by the manic nose and foot movements! grin

Soooo.....we went last night and I forgot to take photos of course!!!!!!

We spent more time with each and both still feel the same sad We ended up with more time with peanut as the girl had to go and sort something with the other dogs. He chased the boys a bit but lost interest very quickly, he chased a ball for two seconds and lost interest so quite good for cats I guess, just still love Barry. DH feels peanut was calmer whereas I feel the opposite. We ended up tossing a coin and he won. Didn't know how else to do it, one of us is going to be disappointed. I'm concerned if we say no to these and go elsewhere (as my mum suggested) the same will happen again. I'm sure I will grow to love peanut but it's so hard to ignore your gut.

I feel a bit disappointed at dh as he said he felt guilty for forcing me to have Billy and wanted me to be happy. He knows I'd rather have Barry and I will be spending most time with him but he won't let me have him sad

Barry is much smaller than peanut which I think would be easier for me and he was hand reared. We asked the girl (who is the daughter of the trainer 16-17 I'd guess) who she felt would be most suitable and she said she couldn't choose between them! They hand reared Barry so she's very close to him but Peanut came to them from a small puppy so she's very close to both. She couldn't give us and idea as to which would be less likely to chase the cats and she said both are very soppy so would be great with the kids.

I've got to ring him back today and let him know we are planning to go Friday to collect one. Dh said we can spend a bit more time with Barry then but I feel he won't change his mind so would just be more messing the trainer and dog around and we really can't have two sad

Sorry to moan, all I've done since I joined this thread is whinge! blush

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 10:36:29

I can understand the dilemma Cinnamon - and sharing it is the obvious thing to do. I wouldn't get two rescue dogs at the same time, I would definitely give one time to settle down and learn the house rules before you get a second - then the first can actually help by showing the second the rules anyway.

DH is being a bit of a swine then if he is demanding his choice even if its you that's going to be doing most of the dog care. DH and I had a good discussion about which of the two dogs to try out - we went through the pros and cons of both - DS wanted the first - I had a leaning towards the second, if only because she was 2 not 5....

What I would say is that the lack of going after a ball does not have any indication of prey drive. We had two collie crosses. One was COMPLETELY ball mad and could have got fixated upon them if we'd taken them on walks (but we didn't, on purpose). She would chase deer and hares but wasn't really bothered about anything else and didn't regularly catch things. The other had absolutely no interest in the ball whatsoever - if you threw it you could go and get it yourself type attitude. She was a killing machine on legs right up until she died aged 14 - you could tell where she was by hearing the dying cries of rabbits and seeing pheasants explode from the ditches half a mile away. She once caught a woodpigeon out of the air.

What is peanut going to do with you? He clearly isn't going be terribly interested in playing with the children - which could be a positive or a negative - but I specifically wanted a dog that would like to interact with DS (he's 8) and be good with his friends. Wanting to chase a ball is good from the pov of playing with children too as they can learn to use a ball flinger or throw a frisbee. Peanut doesn't sound as though he will be toy-mad - which means that he'll have plenty of attention to give to the cats. Having a dog that you can play with keeps them mentally stimulated and hopefully means that they might be less keen on going after the cats??? (that's just a supposition, but you can see how it might work).

What does DH see in Peanut that he doesn't in Barry? And in what way does he think that will help?

Thanks for your input mistlethrush, esp. with the ball. Nelly would never play with a ball, sticks or ropes but was interested in animals outside home but fine with the cats. Billy was obsessed with balls and got excited by anything moving at all. It would be great for a dog to play with the children but as I have lots around that have varying interests in animals I don't really want one that jumps up and wants to play everything they move a bit quickly iyswim.

Peanut was running around with them but once he realised they didn't have anything just left them until they ran again and then he looked interested again. I honestly think dh wants him because he is a very striking dog, he's really gorgeous and he wants a dog that looks good when we're out with them. He also likes big dogs and he's 32Kg so pretty big. He said he felt he was calmer but I disagree with that and I think that both of them being around 2 will be quite excitable.

I am home every day, I do most walks (all morning ones as we can then get up at the same time, I take dog while he gets ready for work and I get myself and the children sorted after he's gone). My reasons for Barry are I felt he had lots of character, got excited about the children running around but a bit of fuss from me easily distracted him. He's smaller so easier to handle for me, he's been hand reared so lots of human contact and has been in a house at least part of his life and his reason for not racing was that he gave up after 200m because 'it wasn't worth his effort' according to the trainer. They have his sister at home and she has a lovely temperament (not sure about how similar littermates are) and he's just so cheeky and cute I couldn't say no!

Everyone I know seems to assume that I will get my way because I'm the woman but I don't want him to be disappointed as I really feel gutted (much more than I expected) that we're not getting Barry and I don't want him to feel that way. Peanut is next on the list to go into homefinders so also if we don't get him now he'll be gone and I think at the back of dh's mind is that Barry may still be there when Peanut is settled and we could get him at a later date. The thing is you don't know how long it will take as they could have a splurge of rehomings and he's young and lovely so I'm sure he won't hang around long either.

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 11:16:29

Look at it this way... Peanut is going to find a home BECAUSE he has such good looks. He won't be waiting long. Barry is less striking so will get overlooked - a bit of the black dog syndrome. We had the same with the two we looked at - the first had Saluki feathering and was very attracting - and was definitely housetrained, mistlehound was rather a non-descript scruffy - although you wouldn't think that to look at her now. And she was probably not housetrained. We thought we could cope with mistlehound whilst some other people might not, whereas the first one would almost certainly get rehomed pretty quickly (she was). So we brought the more difficult to place dog home with us.

Re the 'interest' - one of the things I commented to DH last night was I love the fact that mistlehound sees DS coming in her direction out in the garden and immediately wags her tail and asks for a tummy rub - or suggests a game of ball. And she'll go adventuring with him. I like the fact that she is interested even if you don't have a treat because that means she's interacting with you because she wants to and gets pleasure from it, rather than just because she wants a treat.

Another thing to think about... you're out walking Peanut and he injures himself and you have to pick him up and carry him and get him in the car.... It might seem just about doable with Barry but I think that you would struggle a lot with Peanut - mistlehound is 24kg and is just about doable for me but 32 kg would be out of the question.

That's also what I think, I bet he will be in and out in a few days as he's so lovely looking and young. I imagine Barry will be too, he's no gargoyle! So wish I'd remembered to take photos, was concentrating on the dogs sad

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 12:44:05

Cinnamon - that's what you should be doing, concentrating on the dog, not worrying about a camera. To me, Barry sounds as though he was interested in you for being you, not just for treats - and for me that's a really important thing for a dog - that willingness to connect with you, to look at you and try to work out what you'd like them to do etc. And another one of my requirements (part of a very long list) for mistlehound was that she needed to want to be close to us - have a cuddle on the sofa, sit on our feet etc - rather than being more independent like a cat (I know some whippets and greys can be like that).

They were both very keen for a fuss and very friendly, both very licky which I said I didn't want but they were so pleased to see us!

I emailled dh a list of my reasons in case he would see my point of view, he has replied to me :-I thought peanut was very playful, licky and played well with the boys, much much better than I thought he would, showed no inclination to chase the ball and seemed much calmer than billy, he is very much what i would want in a dog and is every bit the replacement for billy for me. He didn't pull at all while holding the lead unlike Billy did when when he strained against the collar to get at toys in the cage at yarmouth. Barry is nice enough but doesn't light me up and is a little disappointing, bit small tiny ears that i can't pull on or twiddle in my fingers and I didn't see him as being more playful just more manic.

I agree about what you say re hand rearing but neither Jim or daughter would be drawn on saying which of them would be safer for the moggies where I would expect them to fall onto Barry's side straight away. Barry has spent at least the last 12-18 months in a kennel so how much use house rearing would be I don't know and we don't know how peanut started his life.

I think I'm worried because I had that connection with Nelly the first time I met her. I wasn't at all sure about Billy and it ended badly, don't want the same to happen, but the sensible side of my brain says it didn't end as it did because he wasn't my choice it was because he was the wrong dog for us. My heart is making me sad because I so want it to be right and I feel if it's my choice of dog it will be right and that is not necessarily the case!

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 13:24:31

No, its not necessarily the case - but you husband is not giving you ANY choice in this - Billy was his choice, not yours, don't let him force you down the wrong route again.

Can you arrange to walk first one then the other dog at the weekend? Don't rush into things just to get a dog.

DH is thinking very much about HIS needs (twiddling ears (!!!)) but absolutely nothing about your needs - and you are going to be the primary carer - or the rest of the family's needs - which, given school hours etc I would have thought should actually take priority over his needs! With that many smaller children around I would again be going for something smaller rather than larger - even our nearly 23" tts lucher scares the living daylights out of some of DS's smaller friends even though she's not at all pushy. Having a dog with its head at your head height is daunting for many people....

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 13:25:59

And what is his issue with the ball - again, this has absolutely no indication of his prey drive.

I guess I feel a bit backed into a corner, which he told me he wouldn't do after feeling very guilty about everything with Billy.

I had fallen in love with Billy by the time he bit me and if it hadn't been for that we would have worked through everything else with him as he was very much our family dog even if it was only 3 weeks. We took him everywhere, spent lots of time with him, tried to find good distractions to the cats and he had improved loads with stealing food from the children. I'm sure I will love peanut once he's here it's just very sad to find a dog you somehow connect with, even if you can't explain it, and not take them home. I was single when I got Nelly so it was my choice and my choice alone. I am not good at saying no and seeing as he never felt Nelly was his dog but did with Billy I'm more inclined to let him have his way!

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 14:00:54

Have you told him you feel backed into a corner? I think he is being very unfair - this needs to be a joint decision but he's not giving you an inch and you're giving him a mile. And yet you are the one that is going to have to spend most of your time doing most of the stuff. I know exactly what you mean by that connection - that's what we got from mistledog - and we got it again with mistlehound - despite being pleased to be out of the kennel on a walk she was still interested in us and making that eye contact that made me think that we had some hope of creating a good bond with her.

Just phoned him, his response was I don't another dog that I'm clearing up after and paying for that I don't feeling anything for. I said I will be with him most of the time doing most of the work so he said that's it then get the one you want, what I want doesn't matter and hung up on me sad

This is so much harder than it should be, should be lots of fun and excitement!

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 14:43:01

Well you clearly need to find a dog that you can both agree on.

He really is being unreasonable...

Chances are that whatever dog you get will favour you as the main care giver (although that's not worked in our house - mistlehound started out being a Daddy's girl, fretting if he went out etc, even if I was there - but now she gallops off the sofa to greet me when I bring DS home from school as though she's been on her own all day grin

I worry we will never find one we both love as we are clearly looking for different things! I want to go for one that's slightly smaller he wants as big as possible with big ears apparently!

I do wonder what would have happened if I'd won the toss hmm

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 15:08:47

If he's looking for big ears he needs a saluki cross or a podenco or similar. Not a greyhound. Or perhaps a basset? Now there is a big dog with big ears.

Can you do a longer session with both of them at the weekend?

Is he going to give you any say in the matter?

He had a basset hound when he was a teenager and said it was his favourite dog ever until he met me and found greyhounds.

I don't think a longer session will help, his mind's made up. He texted to apologise for putting the phone down. Should be home by 5.30 and we can discuss more hopefully! Thank you so much for being my sounding board I appreciate it grin

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 16:07:10

If you can't agree on these two, perhaps neither of them is the right one for you as a couple?

I'm glad he's apologised about putting the phone down! grin (I don't think so badly of him now!!!).

It is such a hard decision to make, but its not fair for him to give absolutely no weight to your thoughts or concerns! (And if he dares to complain about picking up the bill and having no say in the matter, say you'll pay the bills and start charging him for childcare and household duties.... )(wink)

moosemama Wed 26-Jun-13 16:08:19

Cinnamon, it sounds very hard. I'm afraid I have to agree with mistle and say, I think your dh is being both unreasonable and very unfair on you - especially as it's you that will be spending all day every day with the dog, but that doesn't help you at all does it? Sorry.

Is there any chance you could perhaps just call a halt, have neither and just take a break from looking for a while - then maybe spend some time looking together online at dogs that are available through other rescues etc so you at least have some consensus of opinion before you go to meet them?

We decided not to go for the pup dh wanted and actually I was quite taken with him as well by the time we made the decision, but I can't help feeling somewhere out there is the right dog and we will just know. I could be deluded of course, but it's always worked for us in the past and I do feel like I have to trust, iykwim.

Lurcherboy has been good as gold today. Mum had him all morning, as she was babysitting dd while we took ds1 to his secondary orientation morning. So, Mum had to do all the exit malarky and put down the kongs and treat toys I'd prepared him for two school runs, which she did brilliantly and he was fine.

The new treat ball is a big hit with him, seems to be keeping him occupied far longer than the other toys and has a larger capacity, so doesn't run out as quickly. He's also - finally - started bothering with his kongs now I'm using large biscuits to jam in the end instead of something squishy.

mistlethrush Wed 26-Jun-13 16:10:44

Ooh Moose can you tell me which one you got from where please? Mistlehound likes her treat ball but its rather too easy - and we've got kibble that would be fine in one and it would give her something to do that's a bit more active (for those evenings where she's restless but I can't take her out for whatever reason)

moosemama Wed 26-Jun-13 16:53:03

It's this one off ebay mistle.

It's got a decent capacity in one half of the ball and you can adjust the internal holes to make it easier or harder - and it's rubberised so doesn't sound so loud when he's batting it about.

Bear in mind Lurcherboy is a lazy so and so, who gives up easily if things are a little too hard for him, grin but so far he's kept at it and the last recording revealed he was still chasing it around after 17 minutes (when I arrived home) and it was half full when I checked it afterwards.

I'm filling it with the kibble we use for holidays and when he goes to kennels (although they've started to do raw for him now) and chucking in a couple of cubes of home-cooked garlic chicken as well to keep him interested. (I slow cook the chicken until it's really dry and I can chop it into clicker training sized treats.)

moosemama Wed 26-Jun-13 16:56:15

I had another dog book arrive today. Honestly, my reading pile is massive at the moment. I'm currently reading:

Life skills for puppies
Gwen Bailey's Perfect Puppy (re-reading)
Turid Rugaas' On Talking Terms with Dogs (re-reading)
The Genius of Dogs
In Defence of Dogs (arrived today)
Walking Ollie

The last one has me laughing out loud several times a minute - which cheeses dh off no end! grin

Anyone got any other good dog book recommendations while I'm on a roll?

Decision made! We had a long chat decided I didn't want to say no to both just because I couldn't get my way. Dh said he wasn't sure if he could love Barry if he came here and I know I will love any dog we have. Phoned the guy and he told me Barry is going to Homefinders tomorrow sad at least he will have a lovely home soon. I will link to him when he goes up on the website!

moosemama Wed 26-Jun-13 19:01:48

Aw cinnamon, I'm so sorry for you - but pleased at the same time that you'll have canine company again very soon.

I know a little of how you must be feeling, because I had to console myself that Seren is bound to get an amazing home and that that's ok - even if it's not with me. sad

Picking him up Friday afternoon, had a few tears for the dog that never was but looking forward to a doggy house again.

mistlethrush Thu 27-Jun-13 08:45:20


My cat just came home after three weeks who knows where. She's lost weight but looks pretty healthy otherwise! Just eaten her way through what all four normally have for one meal!

mistlethrush Fri 28-Jun-13 08:53:00

Very pleased she's fine. I hope she sticks around.

I'm in love!! A few hours home and peanut is so lovely. He's ignored my crazy hissing ball of cat, done very well at dinner time, not followed me every second but very keen on cuddles. He hasn't laid down apart from in the car but he's eaten alreay and has the most amazing tail that is like a propeller, going round in circles. Haven't managed to take a photo that does him justice yet smile

MagratGarlik Fri 28-Jun-13 21:51:06

That's lovely cinnamon. Here's hoping her settles in smoothly.

He's just had a massive sniff of one of my cats and done nothing else!! Such a relief. Have posted a few pics smile

MagratGarlik Fri 28-Jun-13 22:32:36

Stunning boy!

Good luck with him.

moosemama Sat 29-Jun-13 12:10:24

He's gorgeous Cinnamon. So pleased he's ok with your cats as well. smile

My oldest cat has just wandered over to peanut and they sniffed each other he then started a playful bounce around so she retreated to the window ledge! She the smartest of all 4 and has realised he's not going to do her any harm the others are still wary.

We took him to the park yesterday and he did so well, got lots of attention from kids and adults! He loves to chase a ball but when he gets to it won't pick it up, any tips for playing? He's not fussed with cuddlies or the rubber ring we have.

We have a beautiful sunny morning here, hope everyone else is as lucky and can enjoy some lovely doggy time smile

moosemama Sun 30-Jun-13 09:10:23

I am so happy for you - and of course Peanut ... and the cats - that it's going so well.

Not sure what to suggest about the playing. I have heard of people using clicker training to teach some dogs to retrieve, but not sure if that would work with a greyhound.

Lurcherboy got a present yesterday - a thundershirt. He wore it for a couple of hours, had a good go to see if it came off when he did his usual back-scratching routine on the living room carpet and then went to sleep. Going to put it on him again this morning and then take the dcs up to the park for a short visit to see if it has any impact at all on his howling.

He was doing really well until I stuffed things up by misjudging the time yesterday when I went to the school summer fair. Thought I'd been out just under half an hour - turned out it was 35 minutes and he screamed the place down for most of the last 10 minutes I was out. hmm Really hoping it hasn't set us back too much, as he was doing so well. So cross with myself. sad

mistlethrush Sun 30-Jun-13 20:07:03

Sounds as though its going really well with Peanut!

(Are you keeping the name?)

I've just seen an update on one of the dogs in foster for the rescue I got mine - she's started playing after 6 months or so - so the fact that he's not playing much now doesn't mean that he won't in time.

Yes we are keeping the name, he seemed to know it well and ds's like it smile

mistlethrush Mon 01-Jul-13 13:26:23

And, lets be honest, he's got a brain the size of one as he's a greyhound (I think there's lots of grey in mistlehound partly due to the lack of much going on between the ears) grin

True grin

Barry on homefinders, they've kept his racing name of Manjo smile

houndgirl2be Tue 02-Jul-13 00:51:56

We adopted our gorgeous greyhound girl 4 weeks ago. She is amazing. So calm and happy. Loves her walks and eats up well. Ignores the cat and puts up with the kids. However... despite all the training tips we have had from the kennels we adopted her from, she is utterly distressed when we leave her alone. I'm so upset to leave her alone. I'm at home almost all the time at the moment but I would like to be able to go shopping without worrying about her. So the big question is. We have room, we can afford it and we would love it... Would having another greyhound help? I'd love another anyway but I'd like to know if it will help her. Any tips for two greyhounds? Better? Worse?

mistlethrush Tue 02-Jul-13 08:14:29

Houndgirl - If you look down this thread you will see Moose has been having separation anxiety problems with her dog following the death of her other one - there are lots of useful things that she's been doing. However, you should also be able to find lots on separation anxiety from greyhound adoption sites, or places like Lurcher Link. It does take a lot of hard work, but its worth it - to be honest I would get your one less worried about being left before you get a second otherwise you might simply end up with 2 that both worry about being left!

moosemama Tue 02-Jul-13 12:09:23

Hi houndgirl, you have my sympathies - you and I are in the same position - trapped in the house.

I am actually escaping tomorrow as my PILs have offered to dogsit for the day - first time in 24 years of dog ownership! [shocked]

I have been doing a lot of work with Lurcherboy to get him generally less anxious before we take on another pup, as I'm worried about doubling the trouble, iyswim and it is working, but it's a painfully slow process and three steps forwards, two steps back. We've reached the point where he's not a velcro dog anymore and doesn't stress when we leave, but starts howling when he's finished noshing his kongs and treat toys instead. Max we can leave him is 25 minutes at the moment.

I do know that often greyhounds are better in pairs though, as they are used to being with other greyhounds 24/7 until they are homed at the end of their career. Are you a member of the Greyhound Gap Forum at all? It might be worth joining and asking their advice, as they obviously have a lot of experience with adopted greyhounds.

Have to go and take dd to nursery now, but will be back later if you want to chat.

mistlethrush Tue 02-Jul-13 12:19:49

(And, of course, Cinnamon has identified a lovely, not too large, hand reared greyhound who I'm sure that she would be really happy to know went to a good home and might indeed keep in touch a bit!)

We worried about SA in our lurcher shortly after we got her - got some advice and got that going and she's really settled down now. To the extent that, like previous dogs, we now tell her we're going out and she settles down on her bed in the hall where she can see us leaving - although she's normally back of the sofa by the time we return and weaves her way in a sleepy way back into the hall to say hello that we're back.

I'm also rather smug because she's decided that she would like to be with me, not DH. When we first got her, DH was definitely 'the one' - and she got worried when he went out even if I was around. However, she'll now choose to come and lie down on the hard bathroom floor whilst I have a shower rather than stay downstairs (OK, so she's probably getting out of DS's way too....) - its not food, and its not time spent with her (as DH works from home at the moment) so I think it is just because I tend to take her out for more 'extra' walks, and do a little bit more with her at the weekend, share the sofa with her and do more playing.

MagratGarlik Tue 02-Jul-13 21:12:51

Complete change of subject, but Scruples had the most adorable whippet pup at the moment. She is 4 months old and her name is Lola.

moosemama Tue 02-Jul-13 21:49:08

Oh yes Magrat, I saw her on FB today. She's beautiful. smile

I had ds1 off with anxiety due to secondary transition today, so decided totake him and Lurcherboy out for a good long walk in the fields.

We ended up walking for over two hours and ds was a different child once we were out in nature. He finally relaxed enough to talk about some of his worries. On the way home, we walked through one of his favourite parks and he was delighted to find he had the whole play area to himself. It was lovely to see him clambering around looking relaxed and actually smiling. Didn't last long unfortunately, as one of the horrible girls from his year managed to upset him when we went to pick up ds2, by reminding him in a spiteful way that the rest of his year are off to visit the local academy tomorrow, so he'll be stuck with just 4 other children who aren't going there. Still it was lovey while it lasted.

The reason I'm telling this story is that the combination of lots of road work and free running once again hit the spot for Lurcherboy, who came home, flopped in his bed and slept through the afternoon school run! shock

So, it appears not to be the amount of exercise (have walked him for that long before plenty of times, but without the road work) but the combination of roadwork and free running that makes the difference. Last time I walked him over that way and did a mix of road and field he was exhausted and went half an hour without a peep as well - so there may be something in this.

Mind you, I am paying for it tonight. I have a condition called CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) in my foot, following an injury last summer and boy is it hurting tonight. It was worth it though and to be honest, due to the bizarre nature of this condition I can get the same amount of pain from just walking to the corner shop some days and be fine on others. hmm

I am sitting on the sofa with my foot raised and have dispatched dh to the shop for all important chocolate supplies! grin

I have a day off from SA training tomorrow. My PILs have offered to look after Lurcherboy at their house for the day, as I have dd's Reception Transition morning to go to. So, we're going to make the most of it and go out to lunch, then do something nice together in the afternoon (haven't a clue what yet - probably shopping if she gets her way hmm). Dh is dropping Lurcherboy on his way to work and picking him up on the way home. It's going to be really strange having a dogless house and I'll be desperate to get him back by tea time, but I do really need a break.

Sorry to hear about your ds and your foot moosemama.

Have unlocked the cat flap this afternoon, gulp!!

Random question, peanut will not poo when we're out. Have taken to putting him the garden as soon as we get home and he goes then. Would rather not have poo in the garden if I can help it, any ideas?

moosemama Tue 02-Jul-13 22:29:28

Ah, thanks - my foot is old news these days and as the only treatment is using it to remind my brain that it still works, it fits in quite nicely with dog walking! grin

Ds is a work in progress, we knew transition would be hard and the last couple of weeks at this school are bound to be particularly bad for him.

Good luck with the cat flap, but it sounds like he'll be fine from what you've posted so far.

As for the poo - sorry, I've no idea. One of my dogs used to refuse to poo anywhere but our garden and I distinctly remember panicking the first time we went away, as he held it in for four whole days before finally giving in! shock We gave him loads of fuss and treats every time he did it while we were away, but he still carried on refusing to go anywhere but our garden as soon as we were home. hmm

Could it perhaps be that he's just not feeling relaxed enough walking in new places and will start doing it when he's settled in a bit more do you think?

I did wonder that as he's not very sniffy while we are out and if dont stop the second he does to sniff he will leave it and carry on walking. He also jumps a bit at logs at the side or anything unexpected.

I'm not really worried about him with the cats but just that I've given them long enough to realise he's ok and for them to come back and feel safe. He's walked past all of them and hasn't done anything but whimper so hopefully they're smart enough to figure out he won't hurt them! They are getting really grumpy being in and dh is fed up of the litter tray (which I have been emptying!)

We are out walking now, and he's stopping a bit more so fingers crossed for a poo smile

mistlethrush Wed 03-Jul-13 09:02:36

Cinnamon - can I offer you some encouragement? Mistlehound could be taken out every half hour for a walk or in the garden when we got her, then come in and perform on the rug in the hall. Or the one in the sitting room. She thought that 'in' was where you did things. But we managed to get her to accept that 'out' was where you did things - and she eventually discovered that you could even do it whilst on a walk and you would get praised, not told off.... If you see any hopeful signs I would use your trigger/ command word so that, if it happens, you specifically asked for it to happen and can therefore praise particularly highly. Its probably because he's used to 'out' being 'exercise' rather than other business and it will take a while to unlearn. I am, however, glad that mistlehound DOES accept the garden is appropriate - last night she even managed a very quiet whine to indicate that she needed to go out (too much baked pig's trotter I think) at 4am - and I really wouldn't have appreciated having to get up to take her out of the garden for a walk at that time!!!

Hi Houndgirl, welcome to the cushion. smile

A lot of greyhounds aremuch, much happier with company around. Bear in mind that they have spent their entire lives when racing with other dogs round them - being kept alone is utterly alien to them. On top of that they are then placed in a strange new home and have to adjust to living in a domestic household. It's a massive transition, and it's a great tribute to them that so many of them manage it so well. We waited three months after our first arrived before our second came and the difference it made to our first was remarkable. He really perked up and LOVED having this bossy little female to tell him what to do.

Personally, I'd have a chat with your rescue - if you are willing to give a home to a second dog, this might be an option. It's possible that they would be willing for one of their dogs to come and have a short trial stay with you to see how this works - you could ask about this. A reputable rescue will also be able to provide some advice on helping your girl to settle. I'd be working hard on helping her to establish a routine, and possibly considering a DAP diffuser to help too.

Good luck. smile

Magrat, I now have a Barry Manilow earworm!! grin

MagratGarlik Wed 03-Jul-13 09:37:35

Dp wanted to name our lurcher Lola when we got her actually. He said her tiger strips and eyes which look like she's wearing heavy eyeliner make her look like an ageing showgirl. I won grin.

Cinnamon wrt poo, when we got our lurcher, she walked very well on the lead but didn't seem to know walking for fun. It took a good few months before she got the idea. She got there in the end though, just with time.

mistlethrush Wed 03-Jul-13 10:27:11

Our lurcher was a bit like taking zebeedee out on a lead - if there was another dog she bounced. If there was mud or a puddle she bounced. And I'm not talking head to waist type bounces, I'm talking head on the same level as mine bounces... Everyone knows me as the one with the bouncing lurcher - we've got used to it but it still amazes people when they see her up at shoulder height with very little preparation when she wants to see something and is not tall enough. She has always, though, had the remarkable ability of hardly pulling on the lead, despite this (all this is forgotten when we go racing as she wants HER TURN NOW!!!)

moosemama Wed 03-Jul-13 10:46:18

Dd has a cuddly toy dog called Lola - and also a best friend at school called Lola! grin She actually have virtually a whole kennel's worth of cuddly dogs and they all sleep in a dog, bed next to her bed and get brought down in the morning. They get walked, clicker trained, groomed and health checked - have their ears and teeth cleaned, claws clipped and the occasional injection and bandaged paw.

Mistle, lurcherboy used to do those 4-paw head-level bounces as a youngster - very impressive Tigger impression it was too! grin He's too big these days, but he can still leap a dog gate in one smooth deer-like movement if the mood takes him. Fortunately he now knows not to, as we had to do a lot of work to get him to stop when dd started getting mobile as a baby.

houndgirl2be Wed 03-Jul-13 16:15:10

Hi everyone!
Thank you ever so much for the advice and sorry I have not got back to you quicker. Moosemama, sorry to hear about your clingy boy sad I hope things improve for you . I am trying to build our girls confidence and am following all the tips given to me by our rescue. I spoke to them about the issue and they seemed to think that another GH would help, as they have always been together in pairs. I think we would need a more confident boy to bring her out of herself. We are going to go and meet some hounds at the weekend and they have said we would be okay to bring one home for a trial, the difficult bit would be explaining to the DCs that it is just a trial. Things are okay at the moment because I'm not working, but I have a PT job in september which would mean that she would need to be on her own for a few hours at a time. I'll let you all know how we get on. I'm just on the way out (wish me luck!) but i'll try to read back through the thread and get to know people a bit better later on xx

moosemama Wed 03-Jul-13 17:01:27

Thanks houndgirl, he's improving all the time, with a few backward slides here and there. Good luck with meeting the hounds this weekend.

I have enjoyed my day off, but the house feels so empty. It's horrible. Fortunately I have been out for most of the day, but coming back to an empty house three times has been awful.

Apparently lurcherboy was fine being left with my PILs this morning and has been thoroughly spoiled. I sent a big bag of his treats and his favourite ball, but am pretty sure he will have been fed all manner of contraband treats, which will make for interesting er ... deposits tomorrow. hmm grin

Hi everyone! Not been around much lately as been a busy bee.

However I am skulking back in to ask for advice about much less ShyDog. She has always been fine when I've gone out, if I'm going out for more than half an hour I leave her with a stuffed kong, but this last week she has been terrible. I'd noticed she was crying as went out - well she's obviously not settling straight down as in last week she has chewed and ruined my wooden bread bin (eating the full loaf inside it), a wooden bird box, and chewed a chunk out of my dining table leg!!! shock sad

All I can put it down to is her staying at my mum's for a week while we went on holiday, but she was home for well over a week before this separation anxiety came on.

I rent and I'm really worried I'll come home her to find she has chewed the door or a kitchen cupboard.

Please pointy owners what shall I do?? I am going to walk her to the pet shop tomorrow and get some DAP spray for her bed, and another sort of "busy" toy (although she seems to be saving her kong until I get home whereas she used to get stuck in while I was out). Is there anything obvious I might be missing??

Just reading back along the thread to see what I've missed and see others have asked or are working on separation anxiety too. At least I'm not the only one!

I was told my GH would be happier as an only dog, she didn't get on with the other dogs she was kennelled with (apparently she was quite the bossy boots). So I'd never considered getting another - don't think I have the room anyway TBH. :-/

moosemama Wed 03-Jul-13 20:23:56

Hi YourHand, sorry to hear you are struggling with SA as well.

I'd recommend the DAP diffuser, rather than the spray. Lurcherboy started to connect the smell of the DAP spray on his bed with me leaving, so we had to stop using it. hmm

As well as DAP, I use Dorwest Herbs Scullcap and Valerian tablets and top them up with a dose of valerian compound if he seems particularly on edge. I forgot to give him the pills for two days in a row last week and he howled like a wolf on the second day, so I do think they're having some effect.

I've found he doesn't really go for kongs. In fact he hasn't touched them at all since I bought his treat dispensing ball, even though I always put both down for him.

Also, only give her a kong/treat toy when you leave and remove it when you return. This will help her to associate you leaving with positive things happening and over time will counter-condition her current association with feeling anxiety/distress when you leave. If you leave the toy down when you are around, it doesn't have the same effect.

Have you tried desensitising her to your leaving routine? Doing things like picking up your keys then sitting down. Doing your hair, putting your coat on and picking up your handbag then watching tv. Basically, whatever your normal 'leaving the house routine' is, break it down and desensitise her to each step. Doing all this randomly, but frequently, gradually building up to doing the whole routine, but without leaving the house will help her to relax if she is picking up on signals that you are about to leave her.

Same with heading for the exit and actually going out of the exit. Work up to it very slowly, moving towards the exit a little way, but not leaving, then closer and closer, then hand on the door handle, then open the door, then stand in the doorway, then go through, then shut the door for a second, then gradually start extending the length of time you are on the other side before coming back in. You need to do each step lots of times and if she starts to look at all stressed or worried, go back a couple of steps until she is coping before moving on again.

You can also make sure she spends periods of time sitting in a different room to you with the door closed, so that she starts to relax when left on her own in a room. You can use a kong or treat toy for this, so that she makes positive associations with 'alone time'.

Do you usually have the tv or radio on when you are home at all? If so, perhaps try leaving it on when you go out, so there's some normal background noise rather than sudden silence when you close the door.

I presume she wasn't left alone by your mum, which could be what's behind this. It might also be that, after you brought her home, she started fretting when you left her sooner than you realise, but was perhaps just stressed and whiny at first, then worked her way up to the chewing/destructive behaviour.

The good news is that, as it's new behaviour, it shouldn't take very long to sort out. You just need to reaffirm the good associations she had with being at home and being relaxed when you left her that she had before she went to your mum's house.

houndgirl2be Wed 03-Jul-13 21:00:07

All these poor pointy hounds that don't like to be left sad I hope they all get sorted soon. Strategies I have been using are: a DAP diffuser, desensitisation, stuffed kongs, radio on, only letting her sleep in the one place you want her to be when you go out. Anyone go any other tips? I still think this is what she thinks when I leave... (hoping I copied that link correctly!)

houndgirl2be Wed 03-Jul-13 21:02:18

Oh - I'll get some valerian too! Thank you x

Thanks so much for all that advice moosemama! smile

My mum didn't leave her, she took the full week off work to spend with her and I got the impression she was reluctant to let me have ShyDog back.:-D

I do leave the radio on when I go out as I tend to have it on when I'm in. The house seems oddly quiet without a radio on so I leave it on for her.

Keeping the kong only for when I am out is a good idea. She usually really enjoys her kong. Will look for something similar to that ball too.

I definitely need to desensitise her to going out cues. For example if me or DS open the under stairs cupboard where our coats are she runs upstairs!

I think she is on edge in general, I've had the odd little cry from her today at random intervals, which she doesn't usually do, will get some of that compound and a plug in.

Thankfully her and DS and the cat are all living harmoniously now. The cat and her sniff each other and the cat is boss, and shydog is no longer scared of DS but they are both respectful of each other's space. One problem is sorted and another arises!

moosemama Wed 03-Jul-13 21:19:57

houndgirl, I think you may be right about that being what they think. sad grin

YourHand, it might be worth getting her checked over by the vet if she's been crying while you're with her and it's out of character. It's always better to eliminate the possibility of an underlying health problem first, before you start trying to adjust behaviour.

If you feel she is generally anxious, you could try a thundershirt. Some people have apparently had some very good results using them on greyhounds. I'm not sure it did much for Lurcherboy, but then he's not generally anxious, he's happy to sleep in another room with the door closed and for me to go upstairs, outside on the drive or in the garden without him etc - he just doesn't like me to leave the house for longer than 25 minutes. hmm grin

Valerian tablets and compound ordered. Hope they come quick, poor girl I do feel for her.

Houndgirl and moosemama hope yours settle soon too.

DS has just come downstairs and asked if we'll be sending ShyDog back as "she's wrecking the house". He does like to be dramatic! I've explained to him she's sad and missing us when we go out, and isn't used to being on her own.

X posts again!

I wondered if she could have tummy ache from eating a whole big loaf of bread in one go moosemama??!?

She has been ill in the past and seems healthy apart from the odd sad little cry. It's not like a yelp of pain, she is running and walking ok, happy as larry on her walks today, pooing and weeing ok and not at all lethargic. Will see how she is tomorrow.

moosemama Wed 03-Jul-13 22:43:25

When dh and I were first married we had, what I now know was a lurcher - being a sheltie cross whippet. When she was a pup, we went to visit friends in Wales - quite a long drive for a young pup. Stopped at a service station to nip to the toilet and in the 10 minutes we were gone, she escaped the dog-guard and got into our food bag. She ate an entire fresh white bloomer that was actually bigger than her whole body - not a crumb left. shock

We still puzzle sometimes about how she managed to fit a loaf that was physically bigger than her into her stomach. confused She earned the nickname tardis-dog that day, but apparently had no ill effects from her gluttony. grin

Could she be missing your mum do you think - if she was treated like a princess and totally spoiled for a week?

Tell your ds, she's not wrecking the house until she's eaten an entire kitchen cabinet, emptied and scoffed the entire contents of the fridge freezer and turned all the gas knobs on the cooker on, like one of mine did back in the early days of me having dogs. We were only gone for just over an hour as well! shock

Hope she starts to feel better and settle down soon.

Sorry to hear so many are struggling with lonely doggies sad

I've had my neighbour listening out for peanut when I go out as he cried so much when we shut him in the room next to ours the first night I assumed he wouldn't like being left and yesterday she texted me to say he was crying sad think I may set up some recording as moosemama did and see how it is. It's the first day the cats haven't been in so an empty house but with tv on. He's manic when I get home and has started nipping a bit, made me realise actually how afraid Billy biting me has made me. I have never been scared of a dog in my life now I am constantly looking for signs of aggression/upset.

My cats are all locked back in, they all left and didn't come back until last night! Several tried to but saw peanut and ran despite having been sniffed by him and not touched. My ginger Tom has him whimpering in a corner if they meet but still won't come in past him so think they need longer in!

Ds2 let peanut out yesterday! He disappeared round the corner so fast I thought he was gone. I had two children so could run after him too far but I ran up the road a bit, called him and he just came back! So relieved but also so lovely that despite having the world to explore he chose to come back to me grin

I got up earlier today to give peanut a longer walk. He spent the first 10mins with his tail half up looking like he needed a poo. Eventually went and then cowered his head I have him huge fusses and he looked so pleased with himself! So pleased for our patio and peanut of course smile

She could be missing my mum bless her. Mum came for tea on Friday just gone and shydog was sooo fussy to see her! Unfortunately my mum works full time so they'll have to remain holiday buddies. She was definitely spoilt there. Before going she was really good with not nattering for food but when she came back from my mums she was trying it on a bit. That's settled back to normal though thankfully.

I know what you mean about wondering where they put the massive bread loaf. Greedy sods! grin

Well done to Peanut on his poo outside the house!! I'm sure he'll soon get into the routine of realising he can do it on walks. Mine goes fine on walks but also on my lawn and it's starting to look a bit worse for wear.

Those thundershirts look promising!

As I'm already buying the tablets and compound, and a dap plug in I think my bank balance would thank me if I waited though before ordering one of those too. At least they have a money back guarantee though - that's good.

mistlethrush Thu 04-Jul-13 08:10:44

Yourhand, you could try an old kids Tshirt pulled tight at the back and knotted or an elastic band put on - if that helps a bit, a thundershirt might be better (and less embarrassing for the dog grin).

Our first dog was a lurcher - she ate 2lbs of Dorset Blue Vinney when it was incredibly difficult to find - and there were no ill effects. Our last dog could eat curry hotter than we can. Mistlehound has a much more delicate stomach. We moved her onto KWB kibble (lamb) - fine - then DH went and bought some more and got the turkey variety and it was drastic... Now we've got her back onto the lamb she does seem to be able to tolerate some extras without ill effect, although the pig's trotter (baked) that she's been eating does seem to have created some problems.

Nelly got like that as she got older, couldn't cope with any treats at all without having a really upset tummy sad felt so guilty we couldn't treat her but she was so miserable afterwards.

She did however steal a whole fruit cake, leaving the silver board clean on the floor with no ill effects about 7 years ago grin

moosemama Thu 04-Jul-13 10:34:29

Yay congratulations to Peanut on his first non-garden poo! grin

YourHand, we got our thundershirt from Pets at Home and they've been really good. We took the first one back because they'd given us a damaged, returned one by mistake, then we had to change the size and they were happy to exchange and said they will refund the whole price if it doesn't work.

Lurcherboy had a good day at PILs yesterday and was ridiculously pleased to see me when he got home, which was lovely. He pulled dh off his feet as they came through the door and launched himself onto my lap! grin

The only thing my ILs said was that FIL had to pop out for five minutes to the local shop and Lurcherboy must have thought he had been left alone, because he started howling literally the minute the front door shut. MIL was in the other room and just said his name and he stopped instantly. To be fair, he's only ever been there with us twice before, as they've recently moved, so he was in a strange place, without us for the first time and then thought he'd been left on his own. Praying it hasn't set him back at all now and can't test it out until this afternoon as I have dd home sick today.

moosemama Thu 04-Jul-13 15:47:38

Hmm, very interesting school run this afternoon.

As I had feared, he refused his treat toys when I put them down and just stared at me going out the door instead. He then started howling just 3 minutes after I left BUT he only howled for 2/3 minutes then stopped. He then did three separate short howls over the next 10 minutes and none at all for the last 5, just some quiet whining. He also ignored his treat toys until 13 minutes in, when I could hear him start to bat his ball around. (Both his ufo and treat ball were still pretty full when I got back as well.)

Finally, I took dd in the pushchair today as she keeps spiking a temp, so he could hear me putting the pushchair down etc before I came in the house. Interestingly, he did one short, very indignant, howl after he had heard us return. So clearly calling me, rather than just howling in distress.

Need to have a think and process it all, but I think and hope this might be a sign that something is shifting and he is finally learning to self-soothe, as he was able to stop the howling after he'd started and was relaxed enough to start eating the treats almost 15 minutes after I left.

moosemama Thu 04-Jul-13 17:04:34

Just back from cricket club pick up, having been delayed because ds1 won a medal for politeness, having the best manners and not once having caused a problem in 4 years of attendance and ....

Lurcherboy only howled once, 6 minutes in, then a little soft whining and that was it - for 25 minutes! shock

Maybe I should send him to the ILs more often! grin

mistlethrush Fri 05-Jul-13 08:29:28

Well done to DS for his medal! Perhaps he should make a medal for lurcherboy too - as he seems to be sorting himself out gradually, even if he's still complaining about it.

Looks as though I'm doing a transport run at the weekend - someone took on one of the rescue's dogs and then threatened to dump her with the RSPCA because she stole some food off the counter. sad She reminds me of mistledog too... and is an older lady, just wanting a place to call home. I happen to be going in the right direction ish at the weekend so can probably pick her up from someone else that's going to foster her temporarily.

moosemama Fri 05-Jul-13 10:00:57

Thank you mistle. I am so proud of him, especially as people have a pre-conception of children who have ASD being disruptive and difficult to manage. He's definitely changed the cricket coach's preconceptions. I can still remember his face when I went to talk to him before ds joined the club. To be fair, he didn't hesitate to say it was ok for him to join, I could see he thought there were bound to be problems.

I was so shocked when I read about those people threatening to dump her. Honestly, it makes my blood boil. They must have said all the right things at the homecheck and her bio did say she was a food thief, so what were they expecting. confused Bad enough that they want to give up on her so soon - but threatening to dump her with the RSPCA just smacks of their attitude being that dogs are just disposable toys, rather that living, breathing creatures. sad

We were told yesterday about a local litter of pups that are the result of an accidental mating. They're gorgeous obviously, but dh and I aren't sure. It's not a case of backyard breeding, just a mating mishap (although obviously if they'd had their dogs neutered it could never have happened) and the owners have really stepped up and done a fantastic dog of raising them. They're super healthy and really well socialised to adults and children, raised in a family household, so used to tv, vacuum, washing machine etc, but we still feel it's not right to go for one - although they're not ready to go yet anyway. I think it's just bad timing this week after seeing the behind the scenes competition for rescue pups, especially when people (like those people threatening to dump the LL girl) must lie through their teeth to get the dog they want and aren't anywhere near as committed as we are. Not sure what to think really. They're lurcher x springer spaniel and it doesn't help that they're such cute cuddly fat little bundles and are so forward going and keen to interact with people. They've had the best start possible and are going to make fantastic family pets.

mistlethrush Fri 05-Jul-13 10:05:50

Moose they sound adorable! (we were contemplating Sprollies at one stage of the 'what sort shall we look for' phase) but the springer is going to make them much more high energy for more of the time than the lurcher side!!!

moosemama Fri 05-Jul-13 10:26:59

I thought that about the Springer side mistle, but actually that doesn't bother me. I'd quite like a dog that's actually awake for more than hour a day and doesn't give up and decide to lie down and enjoy the scenery on a walk after 10 minutes chasing a ball! grin Also think they would be great at wearing Lurcherboy out.

Both parents are lovely. Mum is practically permanently horizontal in her lurchery laid-backness and patience and Dad has the softest nature and plays beautifully with the pups all day.

Still not at all sure though. Have to talk it through with dh a bit more, as we did say we definitely wanted a rescue. (Although I think some of these may well have to go to a local rescue (a lovely one) in the long run if they can't find homes for them all.)

Just noticed the typing error in my last post 'fantastic job of raising them' obviously. Honestly - I have dogs on the brain! blush

I can see why you want to get a rescue but I also think that you are taking in a dog without a home and doing something for you and your family. I felt guilty when I got my kittens as I know there are so many cats out there needing homes but I have rescued 3 adult cats as well and with the last one a kitten was for the dc to have an animal that was truely theirs (although I do think rescued cats are a bit different to rescued dogs). Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish and you are working so hard yourself with Lurcherboy perhaps it's time to take a dog without any baggage as such and just enjoy watching him/her grow?

moosemama Fri 05-Jul-13 14:06:37

Thanks Cinnamon.

I have had 6 dogs over the past 24 years and only one wasn't a rescue. We got her for exactly the reasons you say, our boxer x boy had severe fear aggression as a result of illness throughout his socialisation window. We adored him, but we just wanted a dog we could enjoy taking to places and going to dog club with etc and actually she turned out to be really good for him as well as us.

It's really down to dh now, as having just been pointed in the direction of some articles about the not so palatable reality behind some of the so-called UK rescues, I think I'm feeling that going for a pup that needs a home and has been really well brought up wouldn't be the crime of the century.

Unfortunately dh is having one of his usual 'money's a bit tight this month' moments. Which is his default position whenever he we plan to spend some money. hmm Doesn't help that the vacuum cleaner blew up this morning either.

I just texted him about the articles I read and asked about these pups again, but he appears to be ignoring me - although he will of course say he was in a meeting. hmm

Moose, do you have a link for the articles?

moosemama Fri 05-Jul-13 19:12:52

Hang on a minute Scuttle I'll link you to the blog ...

I was directed to this one in the first instance and then read earlier and later posts on the blog.

I currently feel like the only rescues I can trust are the dedicated pointy ones. They seem to be the only ones that have true, honest transparency about what they're doing. In fact the Irish rescue I was looking at a week or so ago is one of the good ones that only send a couple of dogs over here if they can't rehome over there and work closely with UK pointy charities.

We have a very small local rescue that's fab, but only ever has a couple of dogs at a time, which is a shame, because I know a few people who've had dogs off them over the years and they've all been fantastic pets.

I'm really annoyed at myself for being taken in so easily and also for ignoring that little nagging voice that was telling me something wasn't quite right with one of the rescues they mention in particular. sad

Still, at least I found out before I'd got entangled with any of them.

Thanks Moose. That's a very interesting blog.

I've spoken out about MT on many occasions on here - as you know I am based in S Wales. Not a popular position, I can tell you. grin

I am aware of this trade masquerading as "rescue" - some time back another MNetter contacted me about a terrible case involving an alleged rescue on the S Coast which had awful standards.

Part of the problem is that anyone can set up a rescue, transport from overseas is easy and there is no oversight for the activities of the organisations you've mentioned. Some in particular have highly effective and emotive PR machines which swing into action the minute there is a whiff of criticism.

One thing which is good, is that some greyhound rescues in the UK are working hard with volunteers in the ROI to set up infrastructure and volunteers within the Republic to develop a different approach to greyhounds over there. At the moment, I'd say they are where the UK was about 20/30 years ago - simply not seen as companion animals. I've personally spoken out about this on many occasions - I fundamentally do not agree with simply importing more animals from overseas (ROI or anywhere else) - it's not sustainable and is not an efficient use of resources. I DO support helping and aiding rescues overseas in developing education and outreach programmes, spay/neuter programmes, etc etc. - not so emotionally high voltage but ultimately the way to go. And I think that the Irish pound situation is truly dreadful - but changes to that should be led by Irish campaigners.

I'm currently working on some research into British pounds (specifically in Wales) and there's plenty there for any welfare campaigner to get their teeth stuck into. Shockingly we still kill thousands of perfectly healthy animals every year in the UK. And I also simply don't buy the argument that pounds only have staffies - complete twaddle. Yes, there are lots of bull breeds but there are also plenty of others too, including sadly a lot of pedigrees, and a depressing number of pointies. Our very own Norty Minx was in one of the worst pounds in Wales before our local RGT branch got her out and into emergency foster, before she came to us as a "Twilight Dog".

There are some very good all breed rescues out there - I can recommend Hope Rescue for instance and also Four Paws Rescue, both based in S Wales but with national coverage, and I'm sure there are others.

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 12:12:35

I have passed the details of the blog on to several people now and dh has also read and shared it. As you said, there appears to be a very vocal and swift PR machine involved with many of them, so informing people in an under their radar, networking kind of way seems the most effective, if people aren't to be sucked in.

The problem is, once you know about the bad ones, you find it hard to work out who to trust and start to not trust anyone and between that and many rescues having blanket policies about not homing with children under 8 years or even older in some cases, some people just give up and go and buy a dog instead.

Not sure what the answer is though, because I totally understand why rescues need to be really careful who they home to, but if that leads to people buying from the free ads etc instead then it's not a policy that's working. I think rescues really need to assess on a case by case basis, but then that takes a lot more time and work, which they don't have. sad

I certainly wouldn't agree that "most" rescues have a blanket ban on adoptions to families with children. Just off the top of my head, Hope Rescue, Four Paws, Greyhound Rescue Wales, Greyhound Welfare, Wiccaweys (Border Collies), Dogs Trust, Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust, and stacks more will happily rehome to families with DC, with a few sensible precautions in place. TheCunnyFunt got her lovely grund when her DC was about 8 months old and there are quite a few others on the cushion with young DC and rescue dogs. Most of the rescues I've listed take it very sensibly on a dog by dog basis.

It's really sad when people take advantage of other good nature but when animals are being badly treated at the same time it's horrible. Our dog we had when I lived with my parents was returned as the owners split up so we took her but we had originally gone for a pedigree yorkie!

We couldn't go to the dogs trust because of the age of or children, but I think a lot of that is protection from litigation rather than anything else. When I got Nelly I had such a good experience with rescue but this time around I wasn't so happy. This time I didnt feel they had a very good attitude tbh. They didn't let me know about Billy being rehomed and sent me an email saying 'have you got Billy's vac card' and nothin else. I replied saying that I had given it to them and I was glad to see he'd been rehomed and that I was missing him. I know that they didn't know us and its not good to return a dog but we were both crying when we left him and explained to them about why we had made that decision. The trainer has been in touch more often already asking about peanut than they were with either Billy or Peanut. They haven't contacted us so I guess that despite asking to go through homefinders the trainer hasn't done it through them but we are ok with that. But having said that he's on their website as being reserved so they are obviously considering they are rehoming him and wouldn't have found him without them.

I just wish people would neuter their animals! Our neighbours have a cat who is almost entirely always shut out and she was clearly pregnant, isn't now and I do wonder what they've done with the kittens. It's not that expensive and if you can't afford it then really how can you afford to have an animal? All my rescued animals have been neutered but my two kittens weren't but were done asap and the female we kept in until she was done.

Peanut is really enjoying his walks now, sniffing lots of this and peeing on lots of things rather than the one of two he was doing. Plus he stayed downstairs while I got the boys ready yesterday which was the first time he hasn't followed me upstairs every time smile

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 13:15:41

I don't think it is 'most', but it does apply to many and unfortunately, a couple of the most highly publicised ones, iykwim, that people tend to try first.

Dogs Trust do rehome to families, but if you search the dogs on their website 99+% say no children or 8/12/teen plus, which is where many people give up and read the less easy to find info that advises you to go down there and discuss your particular circumstances, or that they usually recommend puppies, rather than dogs which may have a degree of unknown history, to families with children under 5.

Again, I've found that pointy rescues again are the most sensible with this and really do consider on a case by case basis.

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 13:33:59

Cinnamon, I guess the rescues are pretty stretched and might not have time to follow up on every dog.

I've had the opposite experience though. We rescued oldgirl from a small local rescue when we lived in the North West and we literally couldn't move for constant emails and phonecalls to see how she was doing, as well as nagging to get me more involved in working for their rescue group.

Good to hear Peanut is settling in and starting to relax.

Lurcherboy is in a strop with me because it's too hot to walk him and he's having to wait until this evening. He was the same yesterday. In fact I started to get a bit worried he might be ill, until I tested my theory by picking up the fling'n'fetch and he shot out of his bed with a propeller tail and daft grin on his face. hmm

MagratGarlik Sat 06-Jul-13 13:39:47

Our lurcher is from Dog's Trust. DS2 was just 3 years old when we adopted her. DS2 is teeny tiny for his age, but they did not have an issue with us adopting from them. Whippy was from RSPCA and we got him when DS2 was 2 years old (DS1 was 6 years old).

We also spoke to: Scruples, GRWE and our local RGT all of which said they would be happy to let us adopt from them. Not a single one brought up the ages of the children as an issue. The only reason we went with dog's trust for lurcher girl was that we were waiting for one of the rescues to have a dog available who would fit well with us and she came first. RGT were happy for us to adopt one of their smaller, younger greyhounds, but we felt that Woody seemed a bit intimidated by her.

Betsey also has two hounds and small children.

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 15:29:52

blush my post should have read 'people give up and fail to read the less easy to find info ...'.

I do think the RSPCA and Dogs Trust are more cautious about homing adult dogs with young children these days though - they do do it, but don't advertise it or make it obvious.

Of course I can only go on the reactions of people I know who've gone for a rescue dog, but I don't think any of them are particularly unusual, in fact if anything, they're fairly typical of people in this area. They will consider a rescue, having watched the tv ads and programmes etc, but only if it doesn't put them out too much. hmm

Dogs Trust near us has some lovely lurchers in, but they are all listed as children over the age of 12 only. The reason they give is that they're young, tall dogs who may bump/knock over younger children.

That's such a shame! It's the same as people who have children and expect their lives to stay the same and te children to mold around them. I guess with some children it can be done but why would you want to? The point is they enhance your life and although Nelly was much happier home alone than out and about peanut wants to be with us and we are doing our best for him to do as much with us as is possible.

I'm sure peanut will knock my littlest over at some point but that's not really a reason not to have him just a mild inconvenience! He gives them so much more in retune for that inconvenience grin

MagratGarlik Sat 06-Jul-13 16:16:17

We found that if you went to the Rescue with a specific idea of, "I want this dog", you were unlikely to find a dog the rescue would home with you because, "that dog would not be suitable for a home with children". If you go to a Rescue and say, "this is me, this is my family, here's information about our lifestyle, we need a dog who can cope with young children/being left for 4 hours each day/wants to go on long walks (insert specific requirements you cannot or will not compromise on), what dogs do you have?" Many rescues might say, "we don't have a suitable dog at the moment, but we'll let you know" and you might have to keep asking back and be flexible about breed, looks etc. We would never have considered a whippet when we got whippy. The RSPCA steered us away from a highly unsuitable collie/springer cross (I love collies, my previous dog was a collie x). We didn't know anything about whippets, but my first reaction was, "yikes" - we went away and read all about them and came back to reserve him. They were right of course, he fitted exactly with our needs.

MissBetseyTrotwood Sat 06-Jul-13 20:12:09

Hi y'all. I think Magrat is right. We went to Whittingham saying 'this is us, do you have a dog who might be able to live with us?' and Billy was perfect in every way.

Our second, Roxy, would not have been suitable as a first dog and I'm certain they wouldn't have suggested her to us. She's bright, lively, confident and playful; while she loves the DCs and has been a natural with them from the off, she needs DCs that are confident with dogs and happy to give her a gentle shove if she's being too kissy or jumpy.

And she's moulting her fluffy kennel coat everywhere at the moment and it's gross. We're working hard on her coat but it's not very rewarding at the moment and she looks an awful mixture of fluffy and bald.

WRT staying in touch; ours never called or checked up on us but if we've had any issues they've been back to us immediately, sometimes within the hour if we've had to leave messages. I don't always agree with their advice but they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. My oldest (6yo) wants to run a rescue kennel now! Or be a dog warden. hmm He'll want to be a dj again tomorrow though.

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 20:22:42

MissBetsey, my dd (who is 4 and a half) regularly sets up a rescue kennels for all her cuddly dog toys in the middle of my living room floor. grin

They all have extra comfy beds and get the full work-up, health-checks (including vaccination and worming) nail clipping and toothbrushing, grooming, going for walks, clicker training sessions etc.

MissBetseyTrotwood Sat 06-Jul-13 20:56:42

Aww, now that's cute.

Seriously, Rox looks awful. Just looking at her on the sheepskin now. Her new coat, while shiny, is so sparse and coarse, it's horrible. Don't remember this bit with Bill. I can't feed raw, for various reasons, so we've been topping her up with fish oil and lots of pilchards. And rubbing oil into her really dry bits.

Black dog experts, tell me it's going to get better. Bill's all sleek and shiny, will she get there too?

moosemama Sat 06-Jul-13 21:32:39

I read something on another pointy forum where lots of people were saying this year's weird weather has played havoc with their dogs' coats.

Lurcherboy's coat is very weird as well. He usually gets a lot more sleek and shiny over the summer and returns to being a proper scruff over the autumn and winter months, but this year he has really coarse tufty bits on his back legs and here and there around his chest and neck, so he's sort of sleek in the middle with tufty scruffy bits both ends.

We've been using a zoom groom on him reguarly and it is helping, but he still doesn't look like he normally does at this time of year.

He's not a nice sleek black dog by nature though, so probably not the same.

MagratGarlik Sat 06-Jul-13 21:41:05

Woody looked fairly bad for a while after we got him. He sort of became dark brown and got dandruff. Although we do feed him raw when we have time, he has significant periods where he is fed dry food. He has fish oil religiously and I think this is the biggest factor in keeping his coat nice. He has seaweed extract too (but we have to mix this with things - he doesn't like it), which is supposed to help the pigment in their coats and of course, weekly pilchards/mackerel. Oh and they both also get vitamin B12, which is supposed to be good fit their coats. I remember when we first got him he needed brushing almost daily and lost a ton of fur. She'll get there. The two of them must be quite impressive together.

MissBetseyTrotwood Sat 06-Jul-13 21:47:38

Mmm, these black dogs. Y to the dandruff. I want to hoover her. In fact, I nearly tried the other day, in a moment of weakness. I did actually approach with our hand held Dyson thingy and she gave me this look like 'WTAF. Just you try it human.' and I realised that it would be plain wrong to hoover my dog.

I'll keep plugging away with the fish.

MissBetseyTrotwood Sat 06-Jul-13 21:50:47

And yes. My gorgeous black dogs look lovely together.

Roxy was meeting and greeting at our front gate the other day when a guy walked past and was all 'Whoa, big dog'.

I felt proud to say 'I've got a much bigger one indoors if you'd like to meet him?'


MagratGarlik Sat 06-Jul-13 22:47:25

Is it very wrong to admit I actually have hoovered Woody with the handheld dyson blush?

Luckily he is a very compliant dog.

Betsey, yes, keep persevering! It goes through an awful getting worse before it gets better cycle, if that makes sense. From what you've described, you are at the worst bit. Kennel coat has fallen out, new coat is not yet in, so you are left with a half bald patchy looking scruffball. Keep grooming regularly and YY to the pilchards - another month or two, and I promise she will be a vision of sleek ebony loveliness. I reckon it can take up to six months to get the coat up to perfection, but it will get there.

MissBetseyTrotwood Sun 07-Jul-13 07:07:22

Phew, glad I'm not guilty of deviance with the Dyson then. grin

She does look dreadful. She's so boisterous and gung ho about everything her legs are covered in cuts (nothing major) too. She tried to jump a pond at the inlaws again the other day and almost made it but managed to collide with the rocky bank instead and tore her legs up (again). Nothing seems to bother her though.

She also loves poo, balls, and, seemingly, other dogs. Seem to have got a real dog this time, not the dog/cat/human hybrid Billy seems to be. grin

We did that and she said all of these should be fine and which did we like the look of. She was very honest that she had no idea with cats for any of them.

Peanut doesn't have great fur at the moment, he is such a beautiful colour but he's very fluffy which kind of looks on the verge of matted even though I am brushing him every day and he has the dandruff stuff too. He's been scratching the last two days so I've made him an appointment at the nurse clinic to get some flea treatment (as there is no consultation fee for that) on Thursday but haven't found any fleas so far. I can imagine the weather has been so cold for so long they must all have very thick kennel coats smile

PeanutPatty Sun 07-Jul-13 11:06:19

I posted last night but it hasn't shown up! Second go!

What's the story with MT? I've a friend who has rehomed from from there. Are they not who they say they are?

We've recently submitted an application for a rescue whether we will be considered I don't know as I have to DC under 3. However they are dog savvy as we have a dog already. DC1 often gets knocked to the ground on a dog walk due to the dog having a mad five minutes where she runs in very fast loops which clearly means she is unable to use her eyeballs at the same time!

We took peanut on a greyhound walk this morning! It was lovely apart from ds2 who whinged and cried through the last half. There was a very cute 4 month old lurcher who I could have just taken home! And another young looking lurcher who's owner was moaning the whole time about how much work she was but otherwise everyone seemed very nice and peanut was a huge hit, by far the biggest dog there. Would guess there was 15-20 dogs but mine where the only dc blush

MagratGarlik Sun 07-Jul-13 13:01:35

We were hoping to go to Bark in the Park in Derby this afternoon, but it is too hot for the dogs and even when we walked them this morning at 9am, lurcher girl almost collapsed whilst taking a wee. We're going to stay home so the dogs can get a bit of shade instead.

moosemama Sun 07-Jul-13 13:19:39

PeanutPatty - read the blog linked to in my post from last Friday at 19:12:52. That's all I know, plus some anecdotal stuff from various online dog forums.

We took Lurcherboy at 8.00 am this morning luckily, as it's even warm in my house today - so it must be sweltering outside.

I've been reorganising my bedroom, so haven't actually made it outside yet. blush

Lurcherboy is definitely not enjoying the heat - he's always a lazy lump, but I've never seem him this leathargic with it. He's usually got one eye open for possible food drops from the worksurface etc, but he couldn't even be bothered to get up and grab some toast crusts I dropped this morning.

Ds1 has come down with dd's virus, so between that and all the transition stress he's an absolute joy to be around - not - hence me hiding out in my bedroom all morning. grin

PeanutPatty Sun 07-Jul-13 15:24:55

Moose is that 28 June? If so I can't find it.

Our girl has stayed in the kitchen most of the day and occasionally popping out to the garden.

Walked her earlier with the DC but through the lovely cool shady woods so the heat didn't bother us which was nice.

moosemama Sun 07-Jul-13 16:59:30

No, Friday just gone. Will redo the link here.

My bedroom is now a palace - but as the room is south facing and has 3 external walls it's a bit like being in a brick oven. So while my room looks lovely, I resemble a cross between a wilted weed and a boiled beetroot. hmm

mistlethrush Sun 07-Jul-13 23:23:56

mistlehound appears to be happy to have a swim, just because the water's there, when its hot. It is quite helpful during this hot weather.

We sent an essay about what we wanted from a dog and what the dog could expect from us when we approached various rescues... the fact we had a child of 8 didn't stop us being offered dogs - although we were only offered the choice of 2 where we got ours from due to having a chinchilla in the house! grin

moosemama Sun 07-Jul-13 23:47:53

My news tonight is that Lurcherboy has finally worked out how to throw toys for himself.

I think he's been a bit puzzled about how to play now he's on his own, as when we had our other dogs they all tended to zoom around and snatch toys off each other.

He has been wanting me to chase him instead hmm but this weekend he's sussed how to throw his kong and make it bounce so he can bounce on it again - it's only taken him nearly 8 years to work it out! grin

mistlethrush Mon 08-Jul-13 08:39:36

We have had to get loads of 'light' toys and ban the heavy, solid rubber balls etc as mistlehound is lethal with things - everything, including chews, gets thrown around a lot. Things hit the ceiling at times (and its not low) and we'd have broken pictures (and bruised heads) if we left her with the heavier things.

I now know why she failed at 'working'. We went early for a walk this morning to catch the cool and before work - I pointed her at the rabbits and told her they were rabbits (she now has worked that word out). We walked in that direction - her a little in front, and she stopped and 'pointed' whilst all the rabbits scurried away into the wood. If they're in more copse/bushes / wood situation she does properly run and chase though... so perhaps its just because she's not hunted out in the fields before? Despite the rabbits she had a good gallop around and a swim and some more galloping, so I think that she should be fine until its cooled down a bit later.

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 10:11:25

Mistlehounds sounds awesome and loads of fun. grin

Lurcherboy dd and I have been for a lovely walk this morning, keeping to the edge of the field for shade.

Can't believe how hot it was at only 9.00 am. We kept it short this morning and I'll take him for a longer one when it cools down this evening.

Now I've sussed he isn't being beligerent, but just wants me to play with him when he doesn't come back on a recall I've started using a different call for him and then indulging him in his game. We're spending the first half of the walk without any toys just telling him to 'go play' and then working on reinforcing his 'proper recall' and his recalls have been fab. So it seems we definitely need a distinction between - 'come here now' and just a general, 'you're too far ahead, please head back in my direction but you don't have to come right back'.

Not getting very far with the separation anxiety training here as I am constantly in an out for varying lengths of time for the next week. :-/ I have taken her with me when I can, and when I've had to leave her done it with DAP spray, kong, activity ball, etc after a nice long walk. She does settle eventually, when I come home she is always laid on her bed.

When I got in today after driving lesson she didn't seem to have gone as nuts. But even after 10 mins of me being home and her calmed down she was doing the odd little short whimper. If she was ill or in pain she would have SOME other symptoms wouldn't she?! She does it at random intervals but only a few times a day, it's really odd! I've felt and inspected her all over and can find nothing obvious to feel or look at and she doesn't seem to be tender to the touch anywhere.

I think I worry about ShyDog as much as DS, and she definitely is just as costly! Good job she's adorable! hmm grin

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 11:49:58

It's a slow process YourHand. We've been at it for a month now and although we've started seeing positive progress we still have off days, where things regress and he yells the place down from 3 minutes after I leave until I get back - fortunately no longer than 10 minutes though, as I never have to leave him longer than that.

We've got a busy week school/end-of-term wise this week and both sets of grandparents are away on holiday, so no-one to dog-sit.

I've decided to drop a note to my neighbours saying we're doing everything we can, but they may well hear him howling over the next couple of days as I have to go out to some things that are unavoidable. One is ds1's last sports day at this school, the other the last parents' stay and play at dd's nursery. I shouldn't need to be out for longer than hour either time if I'm careful - but the longest he's gone without howling so far is 5 minutes and I know leaving him longer is guaranteed to set him back for a while.

I'm planning to drop dd off, come home for an hour, then go back for an hour then come back before school pick-up. Think I'd better prepare plenty of extra tasty treat toys in advance.

Could ShyDog's whining possibly be boredom do you think?

I am 99.9% sure Lurcherboy's howling is now due to boredom and loneliness, rather than true separation anxiety.

It might be worth throwing in lots of little 5 minute clicker training sessions and seeing if her whimpering stops.

If you are at all concerned it wounds like she's in pain or feeling off though - I'd get her checked out at the vets.

I'm dreading this week and can't wait for it to be over. <<sigh>>

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 11:52:28

Almost forgot. If you can find some way of recording what she's up to (sound only is fine, as you can usually work out what they're up to) it will really help, as you'll know how long she goes before starting to fret and when/if she settles down again.

We have a dictaphone (we got it from Argos iirc) and I just press record as I go out the door and leave it up against the closed kitchen door. It's been a big help in knowing what's going on and the reality is nowhere near as bad as what I'd been imagining.

I did wonder if it was for attention/boredom. When she did it earlier I took her in the garden for a grooming session, and then tried to show her how her treat ball works (she's not the brightest!).

I should try to get a Dictaphone, like you say would be helpful and hopefully reassuring.

It sounds like you are working really hard to help Lurcherboy, I'm sure he'll get there in the end but like you say it takes time.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 12:52:03

Blimey you guys don't half talk some rubbish grin <makes mental note not to drop off cushion again>

Congratulations on the new hound Cinnamon, I hope it's going well smile

Good luck for this week moose, fingers crossed it doesn't set him back too much. I'm sorry to hear he's still getting upset when you go out.

We're all ok here, I don't have any exciting/interesting news to bore you all with grin
Although I am thinking of changing Sprockets food. He doesn't like CSJ anymore, but I have just discovered that what I thought was a complete kibble, it's actually a mixer! In big writing on the sack it says 'Complete working dog food' and on the label in tiny print it says it's a complimentary mixer shock I've been feeding it as a complete food for around a year and a half!! Not sure now if I should change it, or add wet stuff to it confused this dog food malarky is a chuffing minefield.

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 13:08:08

It's my bad influence Cunny. I can talk/type for England. blush grin

Thanks for the good luck wishes. He is much better than he was. He's actually howling then settling himself now, which is a big step forward. Most days he doesn't howl at all and on those days he does, with a couple of exceptions - he tends to only do one or two howls with big long gaps in between. When we started out he was really going for it, full on haunted howls interspaced with yapping/barking with barely time to draw breath in-between. He's no longer showing any signs of anxiety either before I leave or when I get back - whereas he was drooling bucket loads intially.

So there's progress, but ultimately I think having a little friend to wear him is what he really needs.

I saw your food thread. Lots of people recommending Barking Heads - which I've never heard of and looks ok, but no better than Canagan or other similar high-end, grain free brands, imo. I didn't post, because I didn't have a suggestion that would save you any money. We raw feed, and buy Canagan when Lurcherboy has kibble, but it's not cheap. I know a lot of people speak highly of Symply, but I've not looked into it myself and as far as I can tell all the higher quality, grain free kibbles are all very close in price.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 13:23:41

Scuttle suggested Harringtons on my thread and that looks good, just under £24 for a 15kg sack, so I think I'll try that when his CSJ is nearly finished.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 13:25:42

Plus you can get it on amazon subscribe and save ehich makes it just over £22 which is even better grin

Lurcherboy sounds like he's made excellent progress, I fifn't realise just how bad he was before. Sounds like the howling now is just him being indignant at being left smile

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 13:29:51

Which, didn't. confused

mistlethrush Mon 08-Jul-13 13:41:20

Mistlehound is on JWB Lamb and rice. The Turkey and Rice has a drastic effect on her though, which is strange. But we're going with lamb, with a small amount of either the duck or the ocean in smaller kibble as a 'treat' on each meal - she has the 'large dog' pieces of the lamb one and definitely sees the other as a treat - probably as she gets less of it. It also fits in her treatball - luckily that's fairly simple with just a hole in it for the food to drop out of so even with a somewhat challenged dog, its fine grin

Question - cool coats - does it have to be microfibre or is towelling OK too?

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 13:59:50

I think you've hit the nail on the head there Cunny. He's gone from desolate and despairing to bored and indignant. Never thought I'd see him being cheeky as progress! grin

Mine were on JWB Lamb and Rice before going onto Canagan Mistle. Interestingly the turkey didn't suit them either, despite one of them lapping up turkey sausages for training treats. confused We shifted them onto Canagan because our local petshop owner kept badgering us to try it and offers us a good discount.

Lurcherboy was totally raw fed other than when he was in the kennels, but now gets one Canagan meal a day distributed in his treat toys and raw in the evening. I know you're not technically supposed to mixed feed, but the raw is so good for his coat and teeth and you can't stuff a chicken wing in a treat ball! grin

MissBetseyTrotwood Mon 08-Jul-13 19:38:40

Cunny we have Harringtons. 'Twas the only thing that agreed with Billy's tummy when we first got him. Lamb and Rice.

They altered the meat content though a while ago so there's less in there now but it still agrees with him. We tried him on Burns which I know is lovely but it upset his tummy terribly.

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 19:54:53

I think we'll definitely go with Harringtons, it seems the best possible one for my price range grin I like the sound of the Turkey and veg one but I've read a few reviews that have said it didn't agree with their dog. Sprocket appears to have a cast iron stomach (in the 18 months we've had him he's never had Diarrhea or been sick <touch wood>) so it probably wouldn't matter which one I fed him. When we got him he came with no food so he went straight onto CSJ and didn't even have the runs then!

It wouldn't surprise me if his insides didn't notice his food had changed grin

i know you can get small bags of Harringtons at most Asdas now and some Tesco - it might be worth trying a small bag of each of the flavours to find out how he gets on with the flavour and the effects at the other end!!

Moose, we do a mix too of raw/kibble - i think there's actually a lot of bollocks talked about not mixing the two. Ours manage brilliantly and do beautiful small firm poos. And let's face it, especially in this sort of weather, kibble is very convenient for meals out of the house etc or when we visit relatives and so on. Not sure how my MIL would feel about her beautiful home filled with bits of tripe and raw stuff confused

TheCunnyFunt Mon 08-Jul-13 20:54:41

I just remembered that I'm 99% positive that I've seen Harringtons in our local Tesco! I've never really taken much notice of it before so I don't know what flavours/sizes they do, but we'll have a look when we do the food shopping on Wednesday.

moosemama Mon 08-Jul-13 21:16:59

Scuttle, thank you. I have been worrying about it since we started his SA programme.

Previously he only had kibble if he had to go into kennels and for the first couple of days of our holiday - until we could get to the village butchers. Actually the kennels have now started feeding raw if you request it as well, which is something I'm very impressed about.

Dh was telling me that whenever he's in our local pet shop lots of people come in asking for a specific brand of dog food that costs even more than the high end, good quality, grain free stuff but comes in clear bags. He couldn't remember the name of it, but apparently every time he's in there at least a handful of people come in and ask for some. Wonder what it is? confused

mistlethrush Tue 09-Jul-13 08:52:35

Moose - why would you want to pay EVEN MORE that we already are? I just wish mistlehound would get her act together and start catching some of hers rather than watch it run off into the woods.... wink

We took a different route towards the bunnies this morning - round from the back of some bushes - and she actually managed to run after them - although she then managed to stand, looking into the wood, whilst a small rabbit ran round the back of her and into the wood hmm. I'm wondering whether the stalking that she seems to want to do is something to do with her past? If you go lamping, would your dog go slowly and silently and try to pounce in the last few metres?

moosemama Tue 09-Jul-13 09:22:14


I think you're right about the lamping thing. I think they start them off getting them to stalk, rather than run hell bent for leather towards them, as they need to learn not to scare the prey off by thundering around.

Well .... I tried a different line of tack this morning. Was awake early, so took lurcherboy before the school run. He had fun and came back exhausted, but obviously all that extra 1:1 time before I took the dcs was a bad idea, because he was already standing behind the kitchen door whining before I went out. hmm Left it as late as possible and did lots of going in and out the front door, but had to go in the end anyway.

Was dreading getting back, sure he'd have howled. Fortunately, as we went late ds2's line was just going in so I could dump him and run home, meaning lurcherboy wasn't left as long as usual - think I was only out about 6/7 minutes.

Came back, turned the tape on with trepidation and .... he whined for a few minutes, then went off to play with his treat toys! grin grin grin

The great thing is that, because I was really quick, my early return was a huge reinforcer to his self-soothing/settling behaviour. grin

He did start whining again as soon as I came back, so I've left the door closed and will only go in when he's been quiet and settled for a few minutes.

Going to take him for another on-lead walk an a while, just keeping to the shady edges of the field. I need him to be really exhausted by the time I have to go to dd's stay and play this afternoon.

My plan is to take her at the last minute and stay ten minutes or so, then come back and spend some time in the garden with lurcherboy. I don't think I should pay him any attention, so will hang out some washing and pull up some weeds etc. Then I'll re-settle him and head back. I have no choice but to push his boundaries to an hour, as dd will be really upset otherwise and I have to balance everyone's needs here. sad So will stay an hour then come home and spend some quiet time in the other room until say, 20 minutes before pick-up, when I'll head back so I'm there at the end.

Fingers crossed it works. Pretty sure we're going to get some howling, but I don't see how I can avoid it today and he sorted himself out pretty sharpish after the summer fair howling episode. Just hope the neighbours are out this afternoon!

mistlethrush Tue 09-Jul-13 09:28:50

Fingers crossed Moose!

TheCunnyFunt Tue 09-Jul-13 11:48:39

Good luck moose!

TheCunnyFunt Tue 09-Jul-13 14:35:04

I'm ever so pleased! Just had an email from Harringtons saying I've won a 5kg bag of dog food because I entered this competition and guessed Scunthorpe correctly before anyone else did! It'll save us buying a small tester bag anyway grin

moosemama Tue 09-Jul-13 16:30:00

Congratulations Cunny - and how timely - must be fate! grin

Well, I am just listening to the tape.

This morning's walk ended up being longer than planned, as somehow I managed to drop his lead out of my backpack and had to retrace my steps to find it. Fortunately a lovely lady had seen it on the grass and put in on the only bench for me to find. Luckily I bumped into her halfway round and asked if she'd seen it, so she was able to tell me where it was. Still meant I had to do a double circuit, rather than the single one I'd planned though.

I stayed with dd for 15 minutes in the end and he was quiet for the whole 20 minutes I was out.

Then I came home and took him outside with me to hang out the washing before taking him for yet another walk in the shade. We just did one lap of the park, keeping in the shade but he was still exhausted afterwards. Came home and spent some time stuffing kongs with stinky sardines and other disgusting canine munchies, then left him in the kitchen and did lots of going in and out of the living room and front door. Finally took him outside in the garden again half an hour before I had to go out and he was clearly fit to drop. So came in and left him in the kitchen with the door shut. Gave him his kongs and treats just before I left and slipped out the front door quietly.

I was gone just over an hour:

* He started howling 8 minutes after I left ... but only for 3 minutes and only a couple of short howls, not continuous yowling.

* He then stopped and was quiet until I'd been gone 26 minutes, when he started some quiet whining and did one quiet solitary, moany and not too loud howl at 29 minutes.

* Then another moany howl at 33 minutes carrying on and gradually winding himself up to doing horrible yappy yowls from then until 40 minutes.

* Took a break for literally a couple of minutes until 42.5 minutes then continued to howl until 47.5 minutes. Really angry yapping - not mournful distress. hmm

* Slight moan at 50.5 minutes, then all quiet until 52.5 when he did another massive howl and kept up howling proper big howls interspersed with the angry yaps until 54 minutes.

* Started yet again at 56.5 minutes with some really big howls and really angry yaps getting worse and worse until I walked back through the door at 1hr 3 minutes.

* Sods law would have it that he was mid-howl when I opened the front door, so he was rewarded with us coming home. hmm

When I got back he'd almost emptied his ufo treat toy, but his treat ball was still full and he'd only licked the top off his kongs. There was no sign of anything amiss, no drool and he didn't appear anxious or stressed.

To be fair, I knew half an hour was going to be his upper limit, but was really hoping he'd go at least a little a bit longer after all the extra time and effort I put in to wearing him out and leave extra tasty treats etc today. sad

He is now sleeping soundly in his bed and looks like he's settled in for the night. hmm

Dd of course barely acknowledged my arrival at nursery and all but ignored me the whole time I was there! So it feels like it was all for nothing. He didn't manage to go any longer without howling, despite all the effort - and in fact started howling earlier on than usual regardless of everything I'd put in place. sad

Oh - and the bloody neighbours were in all afternoon. hmm

... and I have ds1's last ever sports day at this school first thing tomorrow morning. Bless him, he's said it's ok if I only go for the last half and hour - but I feel awful about it and I have a feeling Lurcherboy is going to kick off anyway, after beng left for an hour this afternoon. sad

mistlethrush Tue 09-Jul-13 16:32:58

Thanks to Cunny I have also managed to snaffle a bag of dog food.. mistlehound can have it as her next bag of topper! grin Thanks Cunny!

Will have to check out our pets at home store in case it's one smile Congrats TheCunnyFunt!!

Sorry to hear your afternoon wasn't so great moosemama! At least it isn't constant howling and the neighbours will have to put up with it, you've been very reasonable to them IMO.

TheCunnyFunt Tue 09-Jul-13 20:06:16

Thank you smile I did cheat a bit though blush I went on PAH website, then went on Harringtons and then typed in my postcode to see which stores closest to us had it in stock grin

Well done Mistle grin happy to be of service!

Oh dear moose, not a brilliant afternoon then. It must be so frustrating for you. I really hope you manage to conquer it soon.

moosemama Tue 09-Jul-13 20:16:44

Thanks cinnamon and Cunny.

I've broken it down, very roughly and this is what the hour looked like:

8 mins quiet - 3 min howling (very few short/intermittent) - 15 minutes quiet - 7 minutes howling - 2 minutes quiet - 5 minutes howling - 5 minutes quiet - 7 minutes howling - 2 minutes quiet - 8 minutes mega howling and yapping hmm

So out of an hour, he was howling for half of it. sad

That said, he's barely howled in the last 5 weeks, while I've been managing him and when he has it's only been for a few minutes, so not persistent or prolonged.

As you say, the neighbours can't really complain much at that. Unfortunately, he's only not bothered them because I haven't been leaving him and after 5 weeks and with lots of end of school year stuff going on I'm starting to get a bit stressed about it all. sad

Ultimately, I think the only thing that's going to get us any further is getting him a friend for company. I don't think he's anxious anymore - he's very relaxed in the kitchen on his own now - he simply doesn't like being on his own and needs someone/somedog there to keep him company.

That's longer than your initial post sounded moosemama, good luck on your puppy search grin

It's so lovely to see peanut enjoying his walks! He trots and sniffs and pee's on everything and will poo now if he needs to. He's got a bit nippy the last few days though, when I get back from the school run he's so excited and jumps and nips which I've been trying to discourage while still giving him lots of fuss. Yesterday the children were quite vocal in the garden and he watching intently my friends dd then moved forwards on a trike and he ran to her and nipped her. She was upset but no skin broken and my friend was fine about it. From then on if he got too interested I said no firmly and he's stop and I gave him lots of fuss but the children were much more interesting. I guess he is still young and wants to play but other than when I get home when he runs and jumps around he doesn't seem interested in play until the children start getting excited!

TheCunnyFunt Thu 11-Jul-13 20:05:13

He sounds like a puppy cinnamon! How old is he?

TheCunnyFunt Thu 11-Jul-13 20:29:42

He was 2 in April, he's so lazy most of time we forget how young he is! He actually played today was lovely, he tore up the grass running around like a loon!

Liked smile

TheCunnyFunt Thu 11-Jul-13 21:46:40

Thank you very much smile I posted it on my local greyhound rescue FB page and can't believe the amount of likes he's had in an hour! It's over 20 already!! I hope we win smile

Aww, he's practically still a puppy compared to Sprocket! It's lovely that he likes to play, Sprocket doesn't get the whole 'playing with a person/other dog etc, he just likes to chew on toys. Nevermind being behind the door when brains were handed out, he couldn't work out how to open it!

mistlethrush Fri 12-Jul-13 09:46:14

Hmm mistlehound clearly had her nose around the edge of the door compared to Sprocket... clearly from the non-grey/whippet side of her heritage. In fact, I have (last night - so 9 months in to having her) identified a saluki bit - the underside of her neck is definitely saluki in terms of the coat and feel... (so that's about 1/32th then) grin

The rabbit thing is very puzzling. We went again today, first thing. So we crept up on the rabbits that were going to be by the side of the wood from behind some bushes - but she went round the side then stopped and was clearly back into stalking mode rather than running (which might have got her somewhere). Given the rabbits had seen her and were already pootleing off (there was no real urgency given frozen dog) I ran up to her and encouraged - and she ran forward but not that much in front of me - I think I had more chance of getting one than her. We had similar when we got back to this field after a large circle in the rest of the park (does anyone else's dog drink water whilst swimming around?) and again had the 'freeze' issue - and again I had more chance of catching something. So I walked on back up the field towards the car, and mistlehound was happily rabbiting in the wood - then thundering of paws and she rushes past me up to some trees and bushes, does a fast circuit, goes in the middle and round again, then goes in and comes out in quick pursuit of a small rabbit - she was about 1.5m behind and closing fast, head down, following very well - and then went crashing into the long grass in the wood beside us, lost it but chased something else. So... she clearly does have a good idea about what she's meant to do and is very happy to get on and do it - but why, oh why doesn't she do it when we see the rabbits in the open on the field????

MagratGarlik Fri 12-Jul-13 11:03:13

Mistle - I don't want to start an argument, just a genuine question, but why would you want mistlehound to go rabbiting? I know one of mine has been worked in the past, but I cannot imagine wanting to take her out now. I do know it is popular with some people around her though, I just don't get it? confused

mistlethrush Fri 12-Jul-13 11:37:27

I want her to enjoy her walks - rather than stop and tense up and not to know what to do. Whilst I don't live 'in' the country now, I live close to it, and I grew up in the countryside - our dogs used to kill rabbits regularly, it was one way to help to keep the numbers down, and it meant the rabbits at least didn't get myxi or get gassed which was the other alternative. I really don't mind if she never catches anything - I just want her to have fun racing around and leave the baggage she's brought with her so that she can enjoy her walks more.

mistlethrush Fri 12-Jul-13 11:43:43

Oh - I should add that I didn't take her rabbiting as such this morning, I took her on a walk where there happen to be lots of rabbits. We would have done the same walk if there hadn't been any.

MagratGarlik Fri 12-Jul-13 13:22:55

OK, thanks.

mistlethrush Fri 12-Jul-13 14:40:08

I would never go out with her for the express reason of catching a rabbit. She's definitely not a working dog, she's a pet. However, if she does catch a rabbit when we're out its fine by me. And I wouldn't mind if either she or DH then ate it (of course DH would butcher it first... grin). Perhaps its the country upbringing?

moosemama Fri 12-Jul-13 19:45:59

There is a full scale battle going on in my house this morning over what we're going to call our pup. (That would be the pup we haven't even applied for/chosen yet then. confused)

It has however enlightened me to just how poor my dcs' taste in pet names is! shock Mind you, dh's suggestions have been worse - if that's even possible. hmm

One thing I can say for certain is that my next pup will not be named after anything Star Wars or Pokemon related - or any other computer game for that matter. hmm

I have also called power of veto and final decision, as the person who is going to have to stand in the middle of a field and shout it - so hopefully our newest addition will end up with something half decent.

Names I like are Jasper, Dexter and Flax for a boy. But dh doesn't like either of the first two and the last one kind of depends on the pup's appearance.

I think we're more likely to end up with a boy than a girl, but if we do get a girl I still like Seren.

We'll probably choose something and then meet our new pup and decide it's definitely not their name - but it's fun thinking about it.

Anyone got any suggestions to add to my list?

PeanutPatty Fri 12-Jul-13 21:07:10

What kind of pup and would it be a rescue?

I really want a dog to take running with me. Do you think whippets would be willing?

moosemama Fri 12-Jul-13 21:39:22

Definitely a rescue lurcher - preferably scruffy. Seriously tempted by the whippet terrier mixes (whirrier). (Although in truth I fall in love with every lurcher pup I see so could be any mix.) blush

Sorry, have no experience of whippets - or running for that matter. I do know that Lurcherboy would only go so far before he gave up and lay down. grin He loves his exercise, but preferably in several short bursts, rather than one long one.

Wouldn't recommend a greyhound for running, mine is knackered after 5k! Thought he might be better than my other dog as he's only young but he still isn't keen. My friend runs with her lurcher and he'll happily do 10k +.

PeanutPatty Fri 12-Jul-13 21:50:14

I love the Scruffs too! Gorgeous. I've always wondered what a Whirrier was. Thank you.

I had a feeling lurchers would be like greys and be happy with short bursts of energy rather than constant trotting. Saw a guy today in one of those funny horizontal bikes with his Springer lovingly following him.

moosemama Fri 12-Jul-13 21:52:55

Well, I'm a bit biased when it comes to scruffs (pic of my boy on my profile if you're interested). grin

Whirriers - again I lean towards the scruffies, but am a sucker for a pair of big brown sighthound eyes. grin

SarahNoDuck Fri 12-Jul-13 21:57:55

sorry just read the last few posts and wantes to reply. Our lurcher is collie x greyhound is is my husband's running companion. She's getting on now but still sitting whining tonight because he's out running without her. (He's out for over two hours, wouldn't be fair on the dog).

LadyTurmoil Fri 12-Jul-13 22:09:10

Anybody looking for a rescue whippet? Here's Joe

moosemama Fri 12-Jul-13 22:12:45

I should have said that. It probably depends on the mix. I'd think some of the bull x lurchers and collie lurchers would have more stamina than say any mix purely consisting of grey/whippet/deerhound/wolfhound/saluki etc.

Basically you want something in the mix that isn't purely smooth muscle. Sighthounds are built for running, but can't store energy like a lot of other breeds due to their body composition - hence the thing you hear bandied around that they only need 20 minutes exercise and will sleep for the rest of the day.

My boy is deerhound/saluki x grey/border collie and there's no way he'd be happy with just a 20 minute walk around the park. We tend to do roughly 2 hours a day, sometimes more, but split into 2-3 walks, generally 2. If we do 2 walks I tend to do an hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the afternoon and he is free running and/or retrieving for around half of each walk, but lets me know when he needs a break and we intersperse the more intense exercise with a bit of slow walking, hedge sniffing and basic training.

That said, he's currently grumbling and giving me stroppy looks because he's only had an hour today, as I'm not feeling very well. hmm

Newcupboards Sat 13-Jul-13 08:01:25


Don't know if any of you got your dogs from Greyhound Gap. Very ethical rescue who take "death row" pointynosed hounds from the pound and re home them across the country. Also organise transports runs to get dogs in danger to places of safety.

It's their 10th anniversary and their founder, Lisa, is doing a sponsored event that some of you might like to support.


Newcupboards Sat 13-Jul-13 08:03:48

Bit more info about Greyhound Gap

TheCunnyFunt Sun 14-Jul-13 08:51:26

Aaargh noo! We've been overtaken sad the competition closes tonight, not last night like I thought. If you haven't yet done so and you have Facebook [[!/photo.php?fbid=594660460555236&id=203104083044211&set=a.594280070593275.1073741829.203104083044211&__user=744591517 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you like thos photo of Sprocket, and feel free to share it. Thanks in advance, and thanks to those who have done it already.

TheCunnyFunt Sun 14-Jul-13 08:52:58
moosemama Sun 14-Jul-13 11:34:25

Sorry Cunny, I'm not on Facebook - but I would vote for Sprocket if I was.

We took peanut to the beach yesterday, he was very excited!!! He ran to the sea and then ran out as soon as it touched him. We had a long walk along the beach and then we sat on a bamboo mat while dh fished and ds's dug and paddled smile

moosemama Sun 14-Jul-13 14:13:09

Sounds like a lovely day cinnamon. smile

I seem to be spring cleaning my house for some reason. Think it's probably the thought of imminent rescue organisation home-checks that's given me the boot up the backside I needed. blush

Of course it's far too hot for housework - so many trips to the freezer for various incarnations of Magnums are of course required. grin

Later this afternoon, when I've had enough housework, I'm going to complete Lurcherboy's spa treatment by giving him a bath outside. He had a full groom, ears and teeth cleaned and toe nails clipped last night - so just needs some improvement in the aroma department to finish the job. grin

PeanutPatty Sun 14-Jul-13 14:54:13

I liked Sprocket! If I could have multiple likes I would! grin

I was going to head to a canine related open day today but decided against dragging the smalls out into this heat. The timings are always 12-3 or as close to that and it's too hot, muggy, sweaty and no fun wrangling small people. So we've stayed home. I keep thinking at least the dog has company tho I'm not sure she is at all bothered if we are here or not. As long as she gets exercise and peace and quiet she is happy.

We left here just before 3 yesterday for our beach trip and came home in time for bed to avoid the heat, worked quite well. It's too hot for children and dogs at the moment!

MagratGarlik Mon 15-Jul-13 10:31:22

I liked your picture, Cunny.

We went camping this weekend at the seaside and had a terrifying half hour on Saturday morning when we found whippy had left the tent! It seems that when ds1 had gone to the toilet in the early hours of the morning, whippy had scrambled under the canvas between the canvas and the fly sheet and followed him. The people in the next tent (who helpfully didn't try to catch him hmm) said he hung around outside the toilet before wondering off. Ds1 came back and said, "where's Woody?" - cue panic and search of the campsite for him. We eventually found him on the cliff tops (thankfully fenced off) sniffling around without a care in the world. For a while, I thought we wouldn't find him though. The next night, he slept zipped into his travel crate.

On the positive side, both had a wonderful time running on the beach. Whippy found another two whippies to run with an spent time acting like a boy racer who was drag racing. You could almost see them revving up. Even Jessie ran. It was lovely apart from the fright on Saturday morning.

moosemama Mon 15-Jul-13 11:23:15

Oh my goodness Magrat - you must have been worried sick. So glad you found him.

So envy of you on the beach this weekend. It's been ridiculously hot inland. I hate it when it get's so hot that you work up a sweat just walking from one room to the next. The sea breeze makes all the difference. We picked up the keys to our holiday house from my Aunt yesterday, so am starting to feel in the holiday mood now. Just got to get ds1 through his last week and a half at school. He refused to go this morning - but we got him there in the end.

Well, Lurcherboy didn't get his bath yesterday, but the house is looking a lot better! grin I might not feel as embarrassed about my home when I'm home-checked now. blush

We also seem to have had some sort of breakthrough with Lurcherboy this weekend. He has actually started to going in the garden on his own, for the first time since we lost Oldgirl. Not just a quick dash for a wee then straight back in as fast as he can, but actually choosing to wander around for a sniff and ..... this morning he is even lying out there on his own in the sun! grin He also started patrolling the back fence and barking at dogs in the park again on Sunday - again, something he's not done since we lost Oldgirl. OK, it's not something we really want him to do, but it's a sign he's starting to get back to his old-self. smile

MagratGarlik Mon 15-Jul-13 12:18:24

Yes, we were worried sick. I thought we'd lost him for good. He, on the other hand seemed to be under the impression that we was just checking out his new, rather large garden.

Good that lurcherboy seems to be reverting to his former self. I hope you find the right puppy soon to give him company.

MagratGarlik Mon 15-Jul-13 19:39:57

Anybody seen that Kai the whippet puppy from Scruples is unexpectedly up for re-adoption - he's not on the website, but is on the facebook page. He's only 4 months old and gorgeous. He's looking for a home with another whippet to run with (I guess that might also mean another pointy?) and lots of human company.

MissBetseyTrotwood Mon 15-Jul-13 19:42:45

Oh no. Roxy has attacked poor old Billy. He's got a bitten ear and neck.

For no reason as far as I can see. I know he must send dodgy messages sometimes but this was from nowhere.

I had to pull her off him and I shut her outside. I've cleaned him up with salt water and she's still out. He's calmer now and sleeping upstairs. Unfortunately the DSs were in there too and both really distressed by it all. They say they hate her now and don't want her to live with us any more. sad

We've had snaps and snarls from time to time but nothing serious since the first few days. I know she bit him when they were kennelled together too but we just felt that with space and time she'd come right.

The only thing I can think is that since the hot weather their routine's been a bit out to avoid the hottest part of the day and they've not been walked as much as usual.

I want to return her. I feel he might be better as an only dog and she might be better with other more confident dogs. I've never had two dogs before and I don't know if this sort of spat is normal and to be expected.

MagratGarlik Mon 15-Jul-13 19:55:52

Oh no, Betsey sad. No advice really, I'm afraid. It must have been very scary for your ds's.


moosemama Mon 15-Jul-13 19:57:44

Gosh, I only noticed he was off to his new home yesterday. confused

His potential new owners have just posted to say it's not a definite no, but it sounds like they have a domestic going on about whether or not they can take him.

MissBetsey, I don't know the backstory. Did you adopt one first and then the other?

I have lived in a multi-dog household for years and there have been occasional spats (I had two equal status bitches for a while) but mine have never actually injured each other. It was all noise and bluff.

I think in your situation, with dcs involved I would have to seriously consider whether she would be better off as an only dog - or as you say with more confidence, highly socially adept dogs. It's either that or get onto a good behaviourist now. Jim Greenwood comes highly recommended for sighthound support.

MissBetseyTrotwood Mon 15-Jul-13 20:01:46

Billy's our first and was attacked seriously by another dog last Feb. Getting another was supposed to help him along; it has to a point but this was next level stuff. She's really, really confident with other dogs (unlike him) and is really, really playful. Fetch, digging etc. Quite un greyhoundly really!

I'm waiting for the kennel owner to call me back. sad

moosemama Mon 15-Jul-13 20:03:58

sad So sorry you're going through this.