Is there a new puppy thread?

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If not, could this be one, please?
We have just agreed to offer a home to a 6 week old GSD x collie? pup whose mum was rescued from an Irish dog pound.
We pick him up in a couple of weeks. Time to drag out the crate and chew toys...
He's living in a kennel atm with his mum and siblings so we''l be starting from the top when it comes to toilet training too.
Who else has new puppies and what stage are you up to with them?

Fuddymunster Sun 16-Sep-12 19:06:24


We have just said yes to a nearly 8 week old hungarian vizsla puppy! I'm going to collect her on Wednesday> I've ordered a travel kennel which should come tomorrow and a friend of mine has given me her XL crate. We had dogs as children but this is our first dog with our own family.

I've also bought a small collar and lead, chews, bowls but am not sure what bedding to get. Do you have any advice? Would you buy a padded square mattresses to go in the crate with a fleecy blanket?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated, especially with regard to toilet training.

So exciting!

lunareef Sun 16-Sep-12 19:15:28

Hello...We are getting our puppy next week at 7 weeks old! So excited too. We have decided to keep her in an enclosed area in our bay window area (using old baby play pen fence/gate...most useful thing bought) have a box with blanket in atm will upgrage to square matress later. She is a labrador BTW. Have you thought about food? We have been trying to decide but cost and availability has proven a problem. We are going to try Arden Grange.

The last pup I owned was 12 weeks old and toilet trained within a week so will have a different experience this time round. Bring on child no. 3

Hello all.

We are collecting our Border Terrier puppy in just over a week when he'll be 8 weeks old.

We have spent the last week preparing things. The crate arrived last week and I've set it up already because I couldn't wait! We've got some vetbed for the bottom of the crate on the breeders advice. I've got a 30" crate which is huge for the teeny pup so I'm planning on splitting the space between bedding and paper. I got a piece of vet bed on ebay for £12 that I can cut into four so plenty for washing.

I tried googling foods the other day and found it all very confusing. He's being fed Eukanuba at the moment so we'll stick with this in the short term to limit the changes all at once but would appreciate advice in this area.

I'm excited and nervous all at once, I feel like I did with my pfb!

MNhoneydragonHQ Sun 16-Sep-12 19:52:53

5 month old Lab here. Currently a puppy of mass destruction.

Our older dog eats Burns, so will put pup on that supplemented with Naturediet, which is what he's on atm.
Have look at this website for information on whats in your dogfood. It's quite an eye opener!
For bedding we will go with old towels/blankets/duvets over some vet bed. Ours looks like a chewer so we'll just go with a cardboard box and old stuff for now.
I rate Gwen Bailey's The perfect Puppy, so I must read through that again.
I'm not sure I'm ready for this as our other dog proved crate untrainable and wasn't toilet trained until she was 12 months!

Fuddymunster Sun 16-Sep-12 20:44:49

Hello again,

Congrats to everyone on their new puppies!! My Mum said the amount of time I spend talking about getting a puppy over the past few months, anyone would think I was having baby no. 3!!

Thanks for the advice on bedding etc. We have plenty of old towels/blankets so will definitely dig those out. Will also google vetbed as not sure what that is but sounds like that would be ideal at the bottom of the crate.

The other thing I wanted to ask was should I buy a few toys for the puppy as a comforter? My friend suggested I give it one of the kids old teddies but I'm a little worried that the puppy may chew through to the stuffing.

Puppies need dog toys, not kids toys. We have kongs, nylabones, balls, a string of sausages and soft toys in a toy box and rotate them every few days.
See if you can get an old towel or something smelling of mum from the breeder for the first night or so.

Fuddymunster Sun 16-Sep-12 22:30:07

Yes that's what I thought, that they may choke on the stuffing. I will stock up on some toys from the pet shop. Thanks FiveHoursSleep.

The breeder has said she will give us something for the puppy to sleep with from her mum so hopefully that will help her to settle down.

LST Sun 16-Sep-12 22:57:18

Hello hello!

We are the proud owners of 11wo border collie puppy.

He's just going through the little git stage! But we can take him out in walks now and the change we've seen in the past 24 hours is incredible!

I love border collies but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to ever own a pure bred one. I suspect they are more intelligent than I am and this is never a good combination!

Fuddymunster Mon 17-Sep-12 09:51:35

Can anyone offer some advice on the crate training. Will have an 8 week old puppy and an XL crate that my friend has given us. I read that you should not have a crate too big for the puppy otherwise they will not toilet train as easily. However it doesn't have an partitions with it. Any ideas? Or should I just go and buy a smaller crate. Thanks!

ZombieBelle Mon 17-Sep-12 10:25:42

Oh can I join? I just booked my sprocker puppy bitch yesterday, i get to take her home in the first weekend in October smile she's beautiful but i think i'm going to have my hands full!

madoldbird Mon 17-Sep-12 11:33:05

Can I join too? We pick up our cocker spaniel pup on 30th sept. I am ridiciously excited - far more so than when my DCs were due, i think! blush

JellyTedd Mon 17-Sep-12 11:33:51

Can I join too, I picked up my 10wo American cockerpoo yesterday!!

She is really settling in well, a real little live wire. We had a good first night, she was used to being crated at night with the breeder. So we sectioned it with half for her bed and half with a puppy pad in a medium size crate. This was on advice of the breeder as we were going to section off the crate to make it half size with no area for toileting. But the breeder said she can not hold all night at moment so give her a couple of weeks before doing that.

She came with a bag of pro plan puppy food which will last her a couple of weeks so I will keep her on this for now.

Exciting times for all those expecting their new arrivals in the next few weeks.

hattifattner Mon 17-Sep-12 11:49:30

hello, we have a golden retriever puppy, 11wo. She's settled OK, although still cries a bit when we first put her down at night. not crate training - don't know much about it to be honest, but starting to think about getting one in order to house train.

Started taking her for walks and she is a darling on the lead and off. Loves being outside! However, after first trip outside in the field she stood in a nettle patch...poor baby, we had to break out the piriton and the anti-histamine cream for her sad

We have her on royal canin junior, plus I cook pet mince and add that for extra protein. Previous doggie was on james wellbeloved, but it messed up her skin, and she went back onto IAMS at the end.

feelinghopeful Mon 17-Sep-12 12:47:24

We have a new puppy too! She's an 11 week old miniature schnauzer and has been with us for 5 days. She's settled in brilliantly with lots of poos and wees in the garden, and some in the kitchen.

But does anyone else's puppy quiver when they eat? Is it just excitement??

She's having her first vaccination today so the vet can check her over too.

feelinghopeful Mon 17-Sep-12 13:10:47

We have a new puppy too! She's an 11 week old miniature schnauzer and has been with us for 5 days. She's settled in brilliantly with lots of poos and wees in the garden, and some in the kitchen.

But does anyone else's puppy quiver when they eat? Is it just excitement??

She's having her first vaccination today so the vet can check her over too.

Also just booked her onto puppy classes- cant wait!

Sushiqueen Mon 17-Sep-12 13:52:14

We have just got a 10 week old Cocker Spaniel. So far not too bad although she doesn't like being left alone at night.
Probably harder as she had never been in a house before, the breeders dogs are all outside as they run kennels as well.
Just stopped following us around everywhere we go. Not eating brilliantly, but am off to the vets later (she has conjunctivitus in one eye) so will see what he thinks. Need to book the vaccinations as well.

Fuddymunster Mon 17-Sep-12 21:07:54

Another congratulations on everyone's new puppies. The whole family is beyond excited to be getting a puppy and as my daughter said tonight "only 2 sleeps to go!"

feelinghopeful Mon 17-Sep-12 21:09:20

My puppy was so excited to see me just now she weed on me. sad Any suggestions??

hattifattner Mon 17-Sep-12 22:13:40

how old? little puppies are like toddlers - they have no bladder control.

FreddoBaggyMac Tue 18-Sep-12 06:56:40

Feelinghopeful, I have this problem every morning! Puppy is an 11 week old lab cross and she's so excited to see me when I come downstairs each morning that she wees without fail!!

Excitement urination is very different from inappropriate toileting. Don't tell her off, it'll improve as she gets older and her bladder control improves.
The key is not to get her too excited. If it happens when you come into the room or house, then make sure you ignore her for a few minutes and let her calm down when you come in. The less excited she gets, the less likely she will be to wee.
I say she, because this is more common in girls.

hattifattner Tue 18-Sep-12 09:02:18

at what age will she be able to go overnight without weeing? She is in a room in an annex, where my DD sleeps, and DD is tired of puddles......

Im thinking she needs to be about 14/15 weeks before we can reliably have a dry night?

Also, anyone want to tell me about crate training - is it cruel? DO they really like the crate?

JellyTedd Tue 18-Sep-12 16:19:10

We are using a crate for our 10 wo pup. So far she has gone in it at night ok, just a few whimpers then nothing until we get up and let her out. This morning she hadn't even done a wee on the puppy pad.

But when I crate her while I take a shower or go out for a short time she cries. Will this improve? Should I be putting a treat in with her when I crate her in the day? I have ordered a konk, do i need to put something in it such as chopped chicken?

Hatti my parents have a miniature schnauzer which loves her crate, she is 18 months old now and can often be found in there having a snooze during the day. She never seems distressed in it and chooses to go in when she wants.

Puppypanic Wed 19-Sep-12 18:38:56

I have a 5 month old Dalmatian and he absolutely loves his crate. It is so cosy, bed, vet bed and more bed and right next to the radiator he loves it! I leave the door open all day unless I need to have a shower or go out for a while. I always make sure he has had some attention, play, walk whatever before he goes in with the door shut and he gets a peanut butter stuffed kong to reward him.

They get big sooooo quickly....

I think the how long before they are dry at night question is a how long is a piece of string question. It depends on the dog, the food it's eating, the environment, all that sort of thing. Most are dry by 6 months though.
Crate training isn't cruel at all when done properly.
JellyTed, I'd use a stuffed kong or other toy to amuse your pup when you crate him during the day.

JellyTedd Thu 20-Sep-12 07:30:33

FiveHours what do I stuff the kong with?

Here is a good kong stuffing guide.
I use a mixture of whatever is in the fridge and some dog biscuits.

hattifattner Thu 20-Sep-12 12:08:54

Hmmmm. Baby puppy (11.5 weeks) not eating - left her supper last night (after a very busy play in the park with a 6 month old springer and a 12 week old unbelievably cute to watch) - I figured she was shattered.

Thismorning she has had some milk, but just a tiny bit of food. Seems a little lethargic (still tired?) but we've been out walkies thismorning. We've had wees and poos, both seem normal enough.

Dont know if i should be worried - will certainly take to vet tomorrow if she doesnt pick up later today, but wondered if anyone has had similar experience?

Keep an eye on wees and poos. Is she sleepier than normal as well, or is just a lack of appetite?

Ullena Thu 20-Sep-12 12:55:20

Hattifattner, has she had all her jabs? Hope she is ok smile

Those of you who actually have your puppies, if you have a 'routine', can you give me some idea of how it goes?
I need to get an idea of how we are going to help our new arrival fit in.

hattifattner Thu 20-Sep-12 14:37:36

Ullena, yes, had her last one last Tuesday, due to be wormed next tuesday, she just seems a little flat, has been making suckling noises in her sleep (bless!) and has eaten some bits, just not a huge amount.

Im going to try her with some doggy gravy on her biscuits later and see how she gets on. She played with her kong for a while earlier (with treats in) but just doesnt seem too interested.

maybe she'll buck up once the kids are home!

Ullena Thu 20-Sep-12 20:47:14

Can I join too please? I am currently counting down the days to our labrador's first and only litter going to their very nice new homes, but we are keeping one of them so I will be going through the new puppy bouncies/chewies/howlies along with the rest of you grin

Our pup is the runt, and due to problems during the birth he was starved of oxygen. He is both blind and deaf. Eldest dog dotes on him, as does my collie. They keep shepherding him about and bringing him toys.

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 11:31:41

Hello, another one to join the party?

We are getting a Hungarian Vizsla puppy (a boy) late October/early November. We have a deposit on a litter who were born (12 - 10 dogs, 2 bitches) on 5 September. I got to see them at one day old and we are going again on Saturday. Amazing.

Our close friends have a Vizsla so we (sort of!) know what we are getting i.e high energy and intelligent softies, in fact their dog is our puppies sister from a previous litter! Although, it's our first dog of any kind so I will be glad of any advice. I am 80% excited and 20% scared!!

I have found a Vizsla forum which is amazing for information that I can pass on as some stuff on there will surely suit all puppies.

From there, I have picked up loads of information about feeding, I think we will go for Taste of the Wild, grain free and has the appropriate protein levels for a Vizsla puppy. The website previous posted is American so some of the food on their isn't available here but many are and it's really useful!

Re puppy toys, a lot of owners on the forum seem to suggest that their puppy loved soft toys with squeakers when young and they wished they had got more of this sort of thing so maybe not all hard stuff?

It's such a minefield isn't it? Crates, food, training, leads, treats, beds etc!!

I have also got Gwen Bailey's book, which I think is sensible and excellent.

Ullena - I think that's a super thing you are doing keeping your puppy, how have you found the whole breeding experience?

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 11:52:21

Oh yes - insurance!! Minefield!! Anyone got any tips? Our puppy will have 4 weeks insurance, given he is from KC registered breeders but after that... does it need to be 'lifetime' for a condition? Do you get what you pay for?

Ullena Fri 21-Sep-12 12:30:22

Doublemocha, breeding was never something we wanted to do but we foolishly left our dogs with a friend when we were on holiday. It was not until our labrador started to show signs such as plumper tummy that we were told by our friend that the labrador and the collie had mated angry

We went ahead with it, and are covering all the costs ourselves, with new owners paying only a token sum. Friend did help to cover the bill for the emergency c-section and aftercare, which was only fair really.

Breeding is really hard, so many sleepless nights! Thankfully our bitch is an incredible mum, but due to her surgery we did do some hand rearing too. Every hour, on the hour, feed and rub tummy, then wipe away mess. And of course she went into labour on our bed, under the quilt, on top of my legs...

Food bills now are what they would be for ten adult dogs, the puppies just get lots of little meals. Expensive but worth every penny. The hardest part is the rehoming. We have followed the Puppy Plan with them and have been socialising/desensitising from the get go. So they are very well rounded puppies. Rehoming, well we were very particular about homes and have found some great families. I did turn several people away, some due to them being completely unsuitable for any dog, most due them needing a different sort of dog.

I have suggested checking rescues to everyone who enquired. One family had been to several rescues but found only difficult dogs available and did not feel they could handle them - all the sort of dogs they liked were already booked.

We are giving the lifetime return option and will also be available to help with training. So it is a lifelong thing for us now! We have made good friends with the new owners, but if I had to do it all again, I would never have left our dogs with that person. Breeding is just so hard and emotionally draining. I do not recommend it, but if anyone is ever in our situation, it is possible to do it! Just don't expect to make money, and buy a very good mop - you will need it!

Our little special pup is currently curled up asleep with his mum next to me. At least, I think he is asleep, he is relaxed and making little running motions. His eyes are open so it is hard to tell at times. I love him, but he reminds me that we took the decision that any pup with health issues was our responsibility. It could so easily have been the whole litter, or they could have had bad hips, though both parents are good that way. All the things that could have gone wrong, it really is not worth breeding, unless you have a very good reason or are left with no choice.

Treasuring every moment of it though. Amazing thing to experience. But so very, very difficult, expensive and dangerous. We almost lost both mum and her litter due to complete primary inertia. Vet has been incredible, we have since changed all of our dogs over to him.

Vizsla puppy incoming...lucky yougrin

We have had our old dog and cats with a tesco annual insurance, which obviously wasn't the best move, but we probably got our money back in the end ;)
We have our Lurcher with Tesco extra; they've always paid up no problem and we'll put the new puppy on it as well.
Go with a lifetime policy of at least 5K per condition and stay away from E&L and anything underwritten by them!

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 13:22:43

Hugely interesting post Ullena, what a journey that you have had, without even planning to do so. And not even telling you about the mating?! Is primary intertia when the urge to push stops or the puppy gets stuck?

Did you 'sell' the puppies quickly? Our breeder has, despite her intially having a waiting list for 9 girls and 2 boys, then having mainly boys! Although, a number will go to working homes and have gone through word of mouth (both bitch and stud, who they both own, are working dogs). At £800 per puppy, then they will have more than covered their costs!!

That's not a negative comment, they have been fantastic, their dogs are super (they also own the bitches mother, 3 Vizsla's altogether!) and clearly have excellent temperaments, well socialised etc. Our first trip to see a breeder was awful!

Thanks for the hint re Tesco, using compare the market hardly narrows it down!!

Lots of new puppies now! Sounds like you have been through a lot with your dog Ullena, that must have been a huge shock.

I've just spoken to our breeder and confirmed collection of our puppy on tuesday next week so very excited. She says they have grown so much since we last visited too. Can't wait.

Lots of new puppies now! Sounds like you have been through a lot with your dog Ullena, that must have been a huge shock.

I've just spoken to our breeder and confirmed collection of our puppy on tuesday next week so very excited. She says they have grown so much since we last visited too. Can't wait.

tabulahrasa Fri 21-Sep-12 15:16:50

Well seeing as I've been posting about him and all, I thought I'd come and say hello.

I've got a 9 and a bit week old Rottweiler - I've always had dogs, but I've only ever had older ones, my last one was 6 months when I got him so this whole tiny puppy malarkey is a bit new.

It's a bit full on, it's like having a hairy baby, with lots of pointy teeth, lol

JellyTedd Fri 21-Sep-12 20:29:34

Today was the first day my pup was allowed out, unfortunately it has rained most of the day so we have only managed a short walk around the local streets. I had her on a harness and she was amazing, she just seemed to get it and pottered along next to me.

We plan to take her to a local park tomorrow for a longer walk and hopefully socialisation with other people, kids & dogs.

I did take her to pets at home today for flea and worm treatment, she had to be weighted to work out dosage. She was an instant hit with all the customers and staff. She was really good there too, just sat down calmly while we were served and talked to the staff. I thought I had taken the wrong dog as she is usually such a live wire.

On a slightly different note we think she may have fleas, we have used a frontline treatment this afternoon. We have noticed she does seem to scratch loads but haven't seen any fleas or evidence of fleas in her coat but she is black so it would be difficult to spot. We are not sure if she came with them from the groomer or has picked them up from our garden as she loves playing in the undergrowth where we know we have hedgehogs and the occasional fox.

Does anyone know how long they will take to get rid of and if I should treatment for the carpets?

JellyTedd Fri 21-Sep-12 20:32:49

I meant breeder not groomer

tabulahrasa Fri 21-Sep-12 20:49:04

It should start to work within about 24 hours... I think if she'd come with fleas you'd be seeing them by now, but there's no harm in spraying the carpet where she is mostly and washing her bed or blanket just in case they have got a hold.

If she's still itchy in a few days, you might want to think about getting her checked, there are other things that can cause itchiness.

Ullena Sat 22-Sep-12 20:15:48

Massive shock indeed! Cannot believe they did not inform us of what had happened!

According to the vet the primary inertia happened due to the number of pups and amount of fluid in the womb; the whole pushing thing just shut down. There were no contractions, etc. Horrible to witness, our poor dog was so distressed sad

I started advertising when the pups were about three days old, as I wanted plenty of time to interview new owners blush I just secured the final home last week, so very glad that I started early! The little darlings are running us ragged...

I am definitely making a loss! I decided just to charge equal to the cost of their jabs and microchips, and will be using the proceeds to pay for their mum to be spayed. Any cash that is left over is going to the local rescue centre. So no profit here, but it felt very wrong to try and make money out of an unplanned crossbred litter.

Ullena, you should have called them Labrollies or Colladors and sold them for £500 each. Everyone else seems to be!
Actually a lab/collie x was one of the crosses we were checking the rescues for, in the end we have a GSDx 'something' but I'm hoping collie as he's B&W!

Ullena Sat 22-Sep-12 21:30:27

grin FiveHoursSleep, I was more worried about getting good homes...and scared of being branded as a BYB blush Am trying not to think about the money we have spent so far...sob!

GSDxCollie would be nice. Seems possible too, given his colour. But GSDs are herding types too. Are you sure of the GSD part? As have a friend whose Collie is forever being called a GSD type...he is a black and tan and white smoothcoated type of Collie!

Yep, he came over from Ireland in his mum's tummy, who is very definitely a very lovely GSD. 4 of the babies are B&W and 1 is GSD coloured.

Here's a photo of them. The sniffing one is our boy grin

feelinghopeful Sun 23-Sep-12 15:24:25

Hi all, great to hear about everyone else's experiences. Ullena really feel for you. That must have been a huge shock when you found your dog was pregnant. Good luck with your remaining lovely pup. I'm sure he'll be a very special dog.

I've just started reading The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. It was recommended by one of the breeders I spoke to and is absolutely fascinating. Has anyone else read it?

As a previous cat owner I feel I have a lot to learn about dogs!

doublemocha Sun 23-Sep-12 17:30:44

Fivehours - giggles!

I haven't read that book feelinghopeful but I am a sucker for books about dogs at the moment and will probably download it now!

We went to see our litter yesterday. We ended up choosing a puppy, which I knew we would!! We took our good friends with their Vizsla so the visit was a little chaotic but I think they have a busy household anyway, with 12 puppies, two small children and 3 adult dogs. In fact their own friends popped round and we all ending having a glass of wine like a bloomin' party!

Neither the puppies (who are only 3 weeks old) or the adult dogs batted an eyelid at 20 people being in the house. I have no qualms about how well socialised these puppies will be! Our breeder let all the kids handle the puppies, who didn't seem to care about being passed from pillar to post (neither did Mum, who wandered around being cuddled) but we settled on the one DH had 'bonded' with who will be called Alfie!

DH also had a long conversation with our breeder about how to work the dogs, so I think that might be a possibility in the future. I also suspect they will let her have one last litter and we might be on the list in the future!!

Stupidly excited now we have a real puppy, rather than one of 12!

doublemocha Sun 23-Sep-12 17:31:53

Sorry, there's a lot of exclamation marks in my post, I am exicted....

doublemocha Sun 23-Sep-12 17:32:46

B****x - excited

Ullena Sun 23-Sep-12 17:50:23

Awwwwww, so cute!!!!!!!

hennipenni Sun 23-Sep-12 22:24:47

Can I join? grin. Been to see a litter today and picked out one of the boys, we pick him up next weekendgrin

Hennipenni, what kind of puppy are you getting?

JethroTull Mon 24-Sep-12 06:50:05

We've had our Boxer pup for 5 weeks now & it's been a roller coaster! He's 12 weeks now so we took him out for the first time on Friday. The difference in him since then is amazing. He has so much energy so being out on a walk helps to burn it all off.

JellyTedd Mon 24-Sep-12 10:50:20

I am a bit worried about my pup.

She has just slept for 3 hours after only been up for an hour. She may just be really tired as it is the first weekend we were able to take her out. So we have taken her for 2 x 30 min walks each day. Plus we have had a few visitors to see her (we only got her last Sunday) so all in all quite a busy weekend for her.

Also as I mentioned up thread we were worried she may have fleas, so treated her on Friday with frontline and washed all her bedding plus treated the carpets with flea powder and vacuumed frequently since. But she is still really scratching so I am not sure if they have gone as the instructions said they would die after 24 hours. Do the old bites still itch her for a couple of days?

I am sure I once heard of a puppy that died for fleas so that is why am so worried, I am sure I am just being paranoid.

Any advice?

Your pup won't die of a flea infestation unless she's really bad, and as you've frontlined her I'm sure she'll be fine. only 5% of your flea infestation present as fleas on the dog,the rest are in an around the house so I'd probably use something other than some flea powder for the house.
Vetkem, Indorex and staykill are three good ones. Don't bother with bob martin or johnsons anything!
2x 30 mins sounds like a lot of exercise for a pup thats not yet 3 months. My full grown lurcher gets by on that. I'd stick with a couple of 10-20 min walks a day at this stage.

JellyTedd Mon 24-Sep-12 17:44:42

Thanks FiveHours, I think I have prob overdone her walks and activity at weekend. She has only been out for a short walk and I carried her for most of it weather has been so wet here today. I will make sure we take it steady and build up while she is still so young.

She has slept loads but I took her around to play with my parents miniature schnauzer this afternoon and she was very lively then so don't think I have much to worry about.

Feel a bit of a fool now blush

doublemocha Mon 24-Sep-12 18:08:00

Don't feel like a fool Jelly, we are all learning!

Do you think that her scratching might be indicating she is allergic to something perhaps? I think maybe some breeds are more sensitive than others? Although, I am clearly no expert!

JellyTedd Mon 24-Sep-12 18:24:54

I have booked her into the vets tomorrow, she needs micro chipping now she is going out, so I will ask about the scratching then. I am sure it is just the old flea bites, I can not think what she would've allergic to as we haven't bathed her and she is on the same food the breeder gave us.

tabulahrasa Mon 24-Sep-12 19:25:46

Flea allergies make them all itchy even if there's only been one or two bites - and that's without random weird allergies that there could be.

Don't worry about being paranoid, I quite often go to the vets for random normal things (I have a cat with a long term illness and stress about her something rotten) The vet says she'd rather see a healthy pet for no reason than have someone come in for something they could have treated if only it had been earlier...of course it probably helps that I think I'm actually paying her mortgage hmm rofl

At risk of outing myself if anyone from rl is here but here goes!

Due to pick pup up tomorrow and it is a 60 mile round trip and the sodding car had died on us whilst dh was on his way home tonight. He had to stand at side of the motorway for nearly an hour in the rain waiting for it to be towed away. Looks like the timing belt has gone so we are awaiting the worst tomorrow now but potentially looking at a new engine.
My dad is coming round 1st thing to try and put dh on his insurance so we can still at least go for the puppy. But I am stressed beyond all belief and just feel ill tonight. I tend to suffer badly with insomnia when I'm stressed and have a day at work to get through too. This really isn't the start I was hoping for before our arrival!

And I hope your itchy pup gets some relief soon JellyTedd.

tabulahrasa Tue 25-Sep-12 09:24:02

I am not in a good mood with my puppy today...I'm beginning to suspect he's actually a cat as he's taken against both rain and wind. He's refusing point blank to do anything outside other than stand there looking miserable, which means he's got loads of unused energy and even though I'm perfectly willing to play with him he's decided it's much more fun to run round 'killing' household objects.

He's also managed to work out jumping on the couch and apparently being punted back down is highly amusing. hmm

He's asleep now, but I'm still annoyed, lol

feelinghopeful Tue 25-Sep-12 09:40:10

Tabula - I feel your pain. I had to give my puppy my top premium treats (ham!) to get her to even set foot outside yesterday and she spent the whole time cowering under a bush looking at me as if I was deliberately torturing her. Of course when we finally went inside, she happily did her poos and wees she'd been hanging onto. Lol.

This morning though she Asked to go outside and did her business In The Garden. This is a first and I was totally thrilled with her!! It's a real case of one step forward two steps back isn't it.

Fan - I hope today goes ok for you and isn't too stressful. Most of all enjoy your new puppy! What breed are you getting?

JellyTedd Tue 25-Sep-12 12:43:41

Fan did you manage to sort out the travel arrangements? What sort of pup are you getting?

Tabula & feeling I am in a similar position, I had to carry pup on her walk yesterday. Today not much better and any house training has gone out of the window. She was doing so well but last 2 days she will nip out to do the quickest of wees put doesn't want to hang around for the other so comes back in and does it in the house - aaaaahhhhhhhh

We've paid £44 and added dh to my dad's policy so he has been able to take his car today. He's leaving work early this afternoon to pick him up.

The puppy is a Border Terrier. I'm just going with the excitement today and trying not to worry about the final garage bill!

JellyTedd Tue 25-Sep-12 14:08:22

I am excited for you, glad you managed to get it sorted out.

Aww cute puppy Border Terrier. I've always been quite tempted by these but we decided a few dogs ago to only rescue from now on, and you don't tend to get many in rescue.

poobum5 Tue 25-Sep-12 17:18:59

can I just pop on to make a little squeal of excitement and to say we have just reserved few day old red merle border collie.
We already have a 3 yr old rescue dog who is a 3 yr old colliexstaffiexlabx???? We got her when she was 6 months so have never done the very little puppy thing so this will bring new challenges!
Cant go and see them for another 2 1/2 weeks.....and then would be another 4 before we could bring one home....not sure I'll be able to stand the waiting!!grin

Puppy has arrived! He's so sweet and so tiny it's going to be hard to remember to be careful where we're standing for a while, especially ds.

He was a little shy on arrival but we waited for him and once he found his confidence there was no stopping him. It's tipping it down here so I didn't have heart to put him outside tonight. He has pee'd everywhere but I just keep moving him onto a puppy pad and we've caught the odd one! He has now worn himself out and is snoozing.

doublemocha Wed 26-Sep-12 06:40:31

Glad it's worked out for you then FOTIM, our firend has a border terrier and she's adorable.

poobum5 - busy life you will have then! Same as you, I am highly excited!

Mmmm - hopefully a pick up in the weather today. I ordered a new coat yesterday, given my old crappy cheap puffa lasted all of 45 seconds before leaking on Monday. One benefit of being 5ft and 7 stone is the joy of being able to find a North Face Coat in the sale, age 11/12 for £50, LOL. Essential for the puppy I will tell DH!

tabulahrasa Wed 26-Sep-12 08:02:15

I'm having to get a new jacket for my birthday, I forgot that I haven't walked outside since I didn't have a dog, lol.

Today's argument is clearly going to be whether tiny dogs belong on the couch or not, he's worked out how to get on it and thinks it's great, I say he's going to be 8 or 9 stones and there's no chance. hmm

doublemocha Wed 26-Sep-12 08:09:07

Lord I know - the temptation to curl up on the sofa with a 8 week old puppy will be great, but a fully grown Vizsla... mmmm.

Actually, we are hoping to have a couple of no go areas in addition to the sofas. Upstairs and the dining room. Our friends have managed this really well by being firm and consistent. What about everyone else? Am I just kidding myself?!

poobum5 Wed 26-Sep-12 09:43:14

double. when we got our rescue dog who was 6 months old we still had the baby gate at bottom of stairs. she just never went upstairs, then when gate came down she never really tried to and when she did was easily disuaded with a quick "no"
the rescue that we fostered that came to us when we had no gate up was a different matter! He was always escaping upstairs and causing havoc. (then again he was totally bonkers!)
But I do think that if you can be very careful to stop them ever being able to get upstairs form the beginning they learn pretty quick.
I am considering a baby gate across the stairs for a bit when we get our puppy actually until he gets the idea that upstairs is a no go area.

Our lurcher is allowed on the sofa (s- supposedly we have a dog sofa and non dog sofa but she takes no notice of this), so I guess the puppy will get up there too.
We have a no dogs on beds rule though.

Our kitchen doesn't have a door on into the hallway so I am using the crate sideways across it to block access to the hall and stairs. He is allowed in the kitchen, conservatory and living room (supervised!).

Ds is allergic to dogs which is what made us look at Border Terriers in the first place. He spent a lot of time with puppies and mum before we committed but I want to keep him out of bedrooms just in case. I'm afraid I'm allowing the sofa though. Our old cat always took residence up there before we lost him so it doesn't really bother me.

I've dug out an old coat for dog walking and to be fair it's lovely. It's from my pre dc days when I could still afford to discard £150 coats after one winter!

I bet you're excited about your Border Collie Poobum5, more lovely dogs.

Was pleasantly surprised last night. Popped him in his crate and didn't get a peep out of him. He was the last to leave though and had been on his own since sunday. He slept in his crate happily whilst I did school walk and has managed some wees and poos outdoors, so far so good!

tabulahrasa Wed 26-Sep-12 10:35:43

I have no issues with dogs on other people's furniture, it's not a 'dogs shouldn't be on the couch' thing - I just don't have room for an adult dog up there and I'm trying to just never let him up there so it isn't an issue later.

He, however seems fairly adamant that that is where he should be, lol.

He's currently not allowed upstairs, but he will be when he's bigger, housetrained and less of a holy terror chewy. I've got a door that stops him though.

The kids think we are picking the pup on Sunday but actually I'm driving up to get him tomorrow.
Trying to work out what we need...

Ahh I bet you're so excited fivehoursleep! The kids will be in for a nice surprise then.

I'm excited and terrified at the same time. My youngest is just about off to school so life was going to get a lot easier. There goes that plan!

doublemocha Thu 27-Sep-12 17:45:44

I think that's fab FiveHoursSleep, really tempted/been considering to do this myself when we pick up our puppy. Might give the puppy a bit of settling in time before the kids get back too. Good luck!

tabulahrasa Thu 27-Sep-12 17:48:19

Are you going to try and keep him to yourself till Sunday? lol

I know what you mean about excited and terrified at the same time fivehoursleep, that's how I felt last weekend.

I know it's early days and we will have our moments but it has been much better than I'd expected so far. He hasn't fussed at all at night yet (touch wood) and is managing to toilet outside mostly and is also using puppy pads indoors if not. He's still having the odd accident but has 'asked' to go out a few times too so I am so pleased at second full day in.

He's such a happy little chap too. He is obviously happy to be in his crate as he taken himself off there to sleep twice today too.

Good luck tomorrow.

ijustwant8hours Thu 27-Sep-12 20:25:16

Hi, anyone want to offer some moral support?! I am 5 days into puppy ownership, he is lovely and sweet but he keeps going bonkers with nipping and going for peoples feet and legs, the kids are terrified of him and dont help as their first instinct is to run(i have told them not to until I am blue in the face!) he is only 9 weeks old and I know it will improve but my goodness my patience is being tested!

I also think I may have messed up by trying to teach him a "leave it" command by luring him away with a treat as I am sure that he is now tugging at my trousers to make me tell him to stop so he can get some cheese....

Also i read somewhere that I shouldn't crate him until he is 12 weeks, has anyone heard that?


Hi Ijustwant8hours. I've got a piranha puppy too when it comes to feet! It's worse with ds too as he darts around so quickly

I have finally got ds to stand still and shout me rather than shrieking and dancing about. He usually let's go if I clap and shout his name. I do the loud 'ow' and turn my back on him. He has tried divebombing my ankles but he gets bored quickly if I stay statue still.

Their teeth are like pins though aren't they? What breed is yours?

doublemocha Thu 27-Sep-12 21:43:31

You can also 'time out' them for nipping I think, by putting them in another room (not their crate), they hate being away from you so will get the message eventually.

Gwen Bailey's book recommends directing their biting onto soft toys, plus what fanoftheinvisibleman said too!

From what I read, it's patience and persistence with nipping as it's all part of normal puppy behaviour and all about learning bite inhibition.

Never had a dog but can't you tell I have been reading?!!

ijustwant8hours Thu 27-Sep-12 21:57:09

Hi, thanks both. I think my main problem is that if I stand still he just seems to think "wow easy target" and really starts to go for it! He is a border terrier - he definitely has that terrier thing going on. Other than luring with cheese the only way i can get him off is to pick him up, and then he often growls and tries to go for my hands! What have you got fan?

I'm trying to work on bite inhibition with my hands (ow!). I am not sure who thought it was a good idea to breed dogs with sharks!

Mmmm maybe if we all wear our wellies all the time the kids wouldnt feel so exposed and he wouldnt be able to get a grip.....

tabulahrasa Thu 27-Sep-12 22:00:58

Mine went extra demented for wellies when we had a visitor turn up in them, lol

Mine is a Border Terrier too. I can definitely see the terrier chase instinct in him and I swear he's as sharp as a pin. He's already worked out that if I'm swiping a toy around on the floor and he wants to grab it that the most effective way is to immobilise my hand!

Ours is just about 9 weeks too.

Can you try teaching him a useful command like' sit' when he's going for your ankles, then giving him a controlled game with a soft toy instead?
I'm going to see if I can get the puppy home before the kids get home from school so it's a surprise for them. Then we have the whole weekend to settle in as a family- fingers crossed.

lunareef Fri 28-Sep-12 09:43:01

We've had our pup for nearly a week, feels like longer she has settled in really well apart from the howling and pining at night time. Goes on for about half an hour. Neighbours are going to love us.
She nips feet too. When she does it I give her one of her own toys to chew, she even has a stuffed dog toy to wrestle with.
Of course my kids want to be chased but hate the claws and teeth when she catches them up. It's so hard to tell them otherwise as they just don't listen. Pup is a diamond when the kids are at school. Doing really well with toileting outside. She's 8 weeks old today.

We have the pup home. The Lurcher wasn't keen at first but she's happier now. The kids are happy enough so far, he's had a wee (inside), a poo (outside) and a couple of sessions in his crate. God knows what we are going to do with him tonight....

Good luck tonight five hours. You might be lucky and get one like ours who likes his sleep.

Can I ask what peoples thoughts are on swapping foods? I've made an almighty error with mine. It was done with the knowledge that doing it once would probably mean doing it forever but he prayed on my weakness...not eating!

He'd picked with food from the start and on second day he turned down two meals on the trot so I ended up putting a tiny bit of chopped chicken in there. You can guess how that went can't you! He now looks expectantly at his bowl without budging at all till I start dropping tiny bits of chicken in. He's on Eukanuba at the moment but I'm scared of upsetting his tummy. The chicken itself isn't a huge problem as I cook it at least every 2 or 3 days anyway. But should I change his food as he just doesn't seem to like it? Is it too soon?

I should have known better...I pandered to my cat too and child too, cat gave me 16 years of faddy eating and child on his way to 7!

ijustwant8hours Fri 28-Sep-12 20:18:55

I have never had a fussy dog- they all ate what they could get! New pup seems ok on the dried food (soaked a bit so its soft), I swapped him onto that straightaway as the breeder had him on mince. i might change brand though as although he is eating it ok he has a bit of a runny poo problem. Could you mix them together fan and then maybe cut down the chicken? Or you could try to tough him out for a bit? How long do you leave him before substituting?

We seem to have a tiny bit of progress on the ankle nipping, seems marginally better today. DH has been yelping at him! Good luck tonight five hours!

ijustwant8hours Fri 28-Sep-12 20:30:07

Bloody dog, he has just sat in the kitchen doorway and watched me standing in the cold calling him like an eejit. I came in to get him to find that he hadnt just been sitting there but had infact been doing an enormous wee.....

I'm such a sucker for panicking when they won't eat. I don't know what to do really.

Mine has been more bitey today. He made a savage attack on my feet tyhis afternoon and I made the mistake of pointing at him whilst telling him to stop. He started bouncing around with glee and promptly grabbed my finger and started a tug of war with it. Ouch! Monster pup!

ijustwant8hours Fri 28-Sep-12 22:11:07

Oooow that sounds painful! My leave it command (with a lure) seems to reducing the intensity of the attacks! I am hoping that if I can get him early enough each time eventually he will forget what he was doing..... Well maybe...

On the food Fan, it is really hard to know what to do for the best, there is just a bit of trial and error involved I expect, do you know what you would like him to eat?

InvisibleHotPinkWeasel Fri 28-Sep-12 22:17:11

My puppy's tacking is broke.

I have taught her to roll over. But she can only do it to the left grin regardless of where the treat is she can only go left.
<<stoopid mutt emoticon>>

I intended to attempt dry but didn't really know which one. As I say, he's on eukanuba at present but he's still on the bag the breeder supplied. I've roughly weighed him (on kitchen scales until vets next week!) He's not eating anywhere near their feeding guide amount. He goes utterly nuts after eating too, is this normal? I've grown up with dogs but I was young when we did puppies!

I never had success with dry food with the cat either. I'll never forget spending fortunes on big bags of Hills and the only way the little blighter would eat it is if I rolled it across the kitchen floor a piece at a time.

I don't know whether to try a different brand before I cave.

ijustwant8hours Fri 28-Sep-12 22:45:26

Does he feel thin? The feeding guides can be way out for individual dogs I guess?

Mine doesnt seem to go nuts particularly after eating, maybe try a different brand? I did read somewhere that too high protien can make them barmy (someone was talking about feeding huskys high protein food so they went nuts!) i have no idea if there is any truth in that though. Regardless it might be worth just trying another one to see if it is any better?

I havent had a puppy since I was about 14, I had forgetten how much work they are - especially when you dont have your mum around to do most of it!!

Wow rolling over is impressive! Lol re dodgy tacking

He's dinky (was the second smallest in a litter of seven) but he's definitely not thin. If protein makes them nuts then I guess it's most likely the chicken I'm adding as I suppose that would upset the protein balance!

doublemocha Sat 29-Sep-12 08:20:02

I know for our breed of puppy, the optimum protein level is 25% and 15% fat, which is why I thought I would try Taste of the Wild initially. I have forgotten what he will be eating at the breeder, will ask, the breeder did suggest too much protein will make puppies hyper. Although, it's bloody expensive I now realise, having bought a bag, then compared it to other brands so might be having a rethink! I agree, it's such a bloomin minefield and you want to do what's right for them too.

Thing is, I don't really know how much per month it costs to feed a puppy, so I can't really see how much more expensive this food is, if you understand. If it's only a few quid per month, then I would prefer a higher quality food, if it's a lot more than that, then it's prohibitive.

I've got a few hours to mull it over but going shopping this afternoon. As ever all I get from dh is 'I dunno, whatever you think', usually followed later by 'well, it's your own fault' grrr!

Don't know whether to by a different dry to mix in with eukanuba and chicken whilst change with a hope to drop the chicken later or go for a wet puppy food to mix in the hope that it will entice him to eat but at least be balanced. Gah, it's so hard!

2 teaspoons of a JWB pouch on top of the eukanuba and he absolutely wolfed the entire bowl down. Hurrah! I've bought JWB dry too and in a couple of days I'll start to mix the two together ready to make the switch and hopefully we'll do mainly dry with a spoonful or two of wet on top.

ijustwant8hours Sat 29-Sep-12 20:01:45

Hurrah! I have just started mine on JWB as well - fingers crossed!

Our pup came eating Arden Grange I think, and we had to buy a bag of it when we take the pup, but will be changing him over to Burns.
He's had a bit of runny poos today, due to the excitement of travel yesterday, I hope.

JemimaPuddle Sun 30-Sep-12 13:14:18

Hi everyone smile
We have just been and picked our puppy from a litter. She is 4 weeks old so have a whole month to wait. Boo.
Plenty of time for reading up though as my last 2 dogs were rescue so not done the tiny puppy stage.
Very very excited but cannot think of a name for her yet. How did you all choose names?

Congratulations Jemima.

Ds named ours, after his favourite Man City player!

doublemocha Sun 30-Sep-12 13:25:46

Hooray re food! I have all this to come!

Jemima. We chose our puppy last week. We had loads and loads of names on the list, but not one that we all could agree on. As soon as we chose him, we all said 'Alfie', and that hadn't even been thought of, it just seemed to fit him. Haven't even got him yet but can't imagine him being called anything else! What breed have you chosen?

Our puppy will be ready on the weekend that coincides with bonfire night, well just before, the 5th November is a Monday. All our friends who have dogs seem to have different opinions on whether we should collect him then or wait a couple more days. Some say it's too much to get used to, others are more of the opinion just to go with it. What do you guys think?

The 16 year old cat we had to have pts we last year we had was called Alfie Doublemocha. Pup is Mario.

Don't know what I'd do with regard to pick up, I think it would depend what was happening with the rest of the litter I think.

JemimaPuddle Sun 30-Sep-12 14:04:23

Thanks Fan and Double.

Alfie is a fab name. I think I'd have a few to choose from if we were getting a boy but stumped for girls names, DH suggested Luna.

I hadn't asked Dd as she's just 2.5 but have now done so and she suggested Poppy. Hmmmm.

We've gone for a Rhodesian ridgeback, we have a nearly 9 year old ridgeback boy and did have a girl the same age but list her last year to epilepsy sad
We thought we'd stick with what we know and adore!

Not sure what I'd do about pick up around bonfire night. Have you asked the breeder?
Our pup will be ready the week before & we always have a party. Think pup will go to grandmas for thd evening.

doublemocha Sun 30-Sep-12 14:12:05

16 years old is a grand old age for a cat Fan, but not easy at any age to lose a pet I imagine.

Luna is nice and so is Poppy, although maybe the former will suit a ridgeback better, they get reasonably large don't they? Fab looking dogs, not unlike a Vizsla, which is what we are getting. She will breathe a new lease of life into your 9 year old!

Technically, our puppy is ready on 31st October but we are away. I will ask the breeder, good point. Probably she will be glad to see the back of 12 8 week old puppies by then!!

BerryPie Sun 30-Sep-12 14:57:49

Hi all - can I join in? I have a 14 week Golden pup, we have had her since she was eight weeks old and it already seems like forever! I thought I'd share my experiences with those of you who are still waiting - I remember it well!

I was also very prepared, had had dogs before (but never a young puppy), knew what I wanted to feed her, had a schedule worked out etc etc. But when she arrived, I found it was just like having a baby - you are never really prepared for the actual baby, because it is a real, new member of your family and not just a fictional being! Sorry if that makes no sense - I just mean that even though I knew what I was doing, it was very overwhelming at first! The difference was that unlike humans, dogs groe very quickly, so we have never been stuck in any one phase for very long.

Things I wasn't prepared for:

1) She sleeps a LOT! Enough that it made me worry before I came to my senses and enjoyed it smile

2) Upset tummy in the first week. It is very common in young pups, but that doesn't make cleaning the floor eight times a day and night any more fun. I even had to clean the LAWN with babywipes fgs. Yes, a hose too, but that just spread it out and I didn't want my toddler to run through it with bare feet...bleurgh. Lots of vet visits and a food change made her all better, but it wasn't a great start.

3) The nipping, the very sharp teeth. Yes, I had read about it but it really really HURT!!! She tore holes in DH's jeans on several occasions and our hands were (are, still!) covered with scratches. Some of friends must have thought we'd accidentally bought a crocodile in lamb's clothing, they were pretty horrified when they saw her in action tbh. The first two weeks were awful, then we started getting through to her and now she's great most of the time. She goes a bit crazy in the evenings and that's when you have to watch out, but otherwise she's not too bad now.

4) That the DCs would be scared of her. She clearly saw DD5 and DS2 as her new littermates and would treat them as such - lots of jumping and nipping and scratching. We were extremely careful and never left them alone together, but she still scared them quite a few times. DS developed this awful hunted look whenever he was in the kitchen or garden (her territories) - he would leg it at speed while looking everywhere for the fluffy white demon. I felt dreadful, it was all my doing! Luckily she soon realised what was what and now she's really gentle with DS and he loves her - in the past few weeks he's got really into throwing toys for her and giving her treats and it is very sweet to see. The hunted look is gone! Obviously we are still careful, but it is a relief that things improved so quickly.

5) That I would lose my precious evenings. When the DC are in bed, I can no longer collapse on the sofa - it is puppy time, and I have to play in the (freezing, damp) garden, do training, go for a quick walk, and just generally play and let her climb all over me and love me! If I try to watch telly with DH in the living room, she goes absolutely nuts - running, grabbing everything, flying onto the sofa and nipping us, driving our poor old and tiny dog crazy - it sounds funny but it's not! I have to spend my evenings sat in the kitchen with book/iPad as she is much calmer in there. Oh well, I am sure it will pass in a year or two hmm

So, wow, that was a lot! Having said all that, she is a sweetheart and I can see that she is turning into exactly the dog I wanted. She loves everyone and everything, is very easy to train (expert at sit, down, roll over, shake paw, leave and fetch for weeks already - very proud!), and sleeps and stays dry at least eight hours a night without a peep! She is a real darling and I love her. But if DH had known how much work she was going to be, there is no way I would have been able to talk him into it grin. So I'm glad he didn't!

JemimaPuddle Sun 30-Sep-12 15:37:05

They do look similar to Viszlas but bigger I think - my ridgie is nearly 9.5stone. I love Viszlas, but don't think we'd keep up with one!
Have you had one before?

My ddog is still quite playful sometimes but sleeps a lot (as ridgebacks do) so he's going to be in for a shock I reckon!

Think the name Luna is growing on us.

JemimaPuddle Sun 30-Sep-12 15:43:00

Hi Berry, that's a really helpful post. I'm hoping to get a lot of training & her walk done during the day as I'm a SAHM at the moment but have a feeling I too will be spending my evenings in the kitchen & garden.

ijustwant8hours Sun 30-Sep-12 17:46:45

Hi Berrypie, could i just ask how you approached the nipping? Thanks for your post - gives me a lot of hope! And if my DH has known about what the puppy would be like we wouldn't have one either!

BerryPie Sun 30-Sep-12 22:09:21

Hi Jemima and ijustwant - I have found nothing quite as helpful and reassuring as reading about other people's puppy experiences online. I have spent hours late at night reading page after page on topics such as "my puppy is a landshark"! My girl is by no means perfect - very far from it, and I can see that we have other challenges ahead (size! I have only ever had tiny dogs that I could pick up and move away if they were being troublesome! this one is going to be huge shock but the fact is she has improved tremendously when it comes to biting and that gives me hope for the future.

With the biting, we tried so many different things, and I am sure there is no solution that works for every puppy. For us, it was definitely a question of making her understand that we didn't want to play rough. No amount of yelping, or stern NOs, or any other word at all, made any difference. Her puppy mind interpreted every sound we made as Yes! Yes! This is great! Bite more! Bite harder!! It just escalated every time and she would constantly attack our ankles, hands, anything really. Having seen her play with other puppies at puppy class I now know that they do play really rough - she was just doing to us what she would have been doing with her litter mates.

We moved on to just getting up and leaving the room every time she nipped hard, and that seemed to make a difference. She definitely got the message, but still carried on because it just wasn't practical to leave the room every time - tricky when you're cooking etc. I didn't want to put her in the utility room (used as a crate really, small, dark, where her bed is) either as I didn't want it to be a place of punishment.

Somewhat ridiculously, what really turned the corner for us was ... drumroll ... the Magic Tennis Racket. It's just a red, plastic racket, one of those cheap ones that come with various summer games from Tesco, but it has made a huge difference. I grabbed it one day in desperation when I didn't want her to shred my trousers, but also didn't want to burn the onions hmm. I simply pushed it between her nose and my leg, firmly but very very gently, and said No, I don't want to play right now. Somehow, it worked! She looked really sulky, and walked off. I did it a few more times that day, weeks ago, and now I just have to show her the racket if she's getting rough and she simply walks off.

I have been very, very careful not to overuse it though, only when she's getting really worked up and won't listen at all and I can't just walk out. Plus I play with her a lot, spend quite a bit of time training her, and she has plenty of chew toys. Also, our kitchen is covered with little bits of cardboard because I am forever throwing a few biscuits in an old cereal box/kitchen towel roll/egg carton and letting her rip it to pieces. So I try to keep her busy, which also seems to help.

What else...oh yes, tricks that remind her that I am her boss seem to help calm her down. Current favourite being placing a treat on her paw and telling her to Leave It for a good ten seconds. She is very good really, she just needs things to do.

Oh and I am also a SAHM so she has plenty of attention and playing during the day, but I find actual training almost impossible when the DC are around. Also lead walking - she walks fine when it's just me but pulls like a train when they're with us...

Sorry to ramble on, but it feels surprisingly good to sit down and think about how far we've come!

Check me out on mumsnet at this hour! Who's feeling like a fool for crowing about having a puppy who has gone to bed without whimpering from night one now? He woke me up positively howling at 1am when he'd been in bed an hour and a half.

On night one I was all geared up for it to happen and me to ignore but it hasn't happened before so I genuinely didn't know what to do. I went to check nothing was wrong. He'd wee'd on a pad in his crate (has been clean last two nights). I ended up taking him out for a wee and changing his bed. He obviously thought this was marvellous.

He has finally gone quiet. I however, was laid in bed stressing and getting myself all worked up as I could hear my neighbours crashing about (I presume annoyed as despite being noisy at late hours themselves at times they were clearly not used to having a family next door and weren't best pleased!). To cut a long story short, pup is now quiet in hallway/kicthen doorway and I'm stranded in bathroom upstairs wondering how to get back to bed without setting him off again. Tempted to just get in bath with dh's rather soggy towel rather than unleash the hell hound sounds again. Arghhh!

tabulahrasa Mon 01-Oct-12 08:04:49

Where did you sleep? Lol

Mine goes to bed fine mostly, but you get random nights where he decides he should howl.

doublemocha Mon 01-Oct-12 08:44:43

Aaargh - just lost a really long post!

In summary, brilliant posts for 'expectant puppy owners' from Berry, please feel free to offload more often! I kind of thought it might be like having a first baby in that nothing can prepare you for the reality!

Where did you sleep in the end fan?! Do you think it was the wee thing that started that off?

Jemima - never owned a dog never mind a Vizsla! However, kids are 13 and 11, I work only a few hours from home, we are busy family, we live in the countryside and have a large garden and we are all up for the challenge (apart from DH who goes for the 'wing it' approach and is in for a shock!) She says rather hopefully!

I managed to creep back to bad though wished I had,kt when DH started snoring at full volume an hour later! I don't know what set him off to be honest.

I bumped into my neighbour this morning though and he said they didn't hear him so maybe it was just his clattering about that set the pup off. We rub along ok now but they weren't keen when we moved in. Annoyingly they have never said a word in person but used to bang on the wall when 2 year old ds was walking up and down (suspended wooden floors so admittedly not quiet) but I think they thought we were doing something unusual without it occuring to them that we could also hear them! I think they had. Been lucky as previous owner was a single elderly lady. It makes me a little paranoid now we are finally putting up with each other! I've asked him to bear with us if he does hear him though as don't want to end up wrapped round dogs little paw, responding to every whimper!

Agreed that your post gives us hope Berry. I can't imagine how we get from here to well mannered obedience at the moment!

Great spelling mistakes in that, typing on phone one handed with a sleepy dog in the other hand!

We are starting to get into a routine now. The Puppy is being pretty good considering he's been living in a stable his whole life. Most wees and poos outside, even in the rain, quiet in his crate ( I slept beside him the first 2 nights, but last night I didn't and he was fine) and last night he was even dry in the crate.
ATM he's in heap beside the shoes as he went out for a 'walk' ( aka carry ) around the park this morning.
Can tick rubbish trucks, people on bikes and pigeons ofg the 'to meet' list!

ijustwant8hours Mon 01-Oct-12 14:14:52

Thanks Berry! My mutt has been a nightmare so far today with the nipping but you give me hope. I think I will resort to instant banishment.....

The thing I should have been prepared for but wasnt was the restriction on freedom, DS wants a day out for his birthday, easy enough in the pre dog world!

Our puppy hasn't been too nippy so far but our kids are pretty dog savvy and know to 'be a tree' when he starts running around their feet. We have a stash of toys he is allowed to play biting games with and redirect the teeth onto those.
Actually, this might be useful to all of you with kids.

JethroTull Mon 01-Oct-12 14:55:05

This thread has made me feel so much better! Our Boxer pup (13 weeks) went a bit crazy yesterday & ended up biting me. I was devastated but reading through here (and posting for advice ) I realise he was just playing. It was just too rough. I might try the tennis racket thing!

tabulahrasa Mon 01-Oct-12 15:04:11

I'm happy when I get half an hour with no-one getting bitten hmm to be fair, at the start it was five minutes, now I sometimes do get whole half hours, so he's getting better, slowly, lol

ruledbyheart Tue 02-Oct-12 15:28:51

Can I join in?
Posted on another thread that I have been and choosen my puppy a little brown and white Jack Russell he is only 4 weeks old so I have to wait nearly a month, but the breeder only lives around the corner from me so I can visit every week until then.

I'm so excited I have picked out his name (Joey) and been shopping already for all the supplies.
I have two rescue doggies but have always missed out on the puppy stage so figured nows the best time as I'm at home everyday whilst DCs are still young and by the time I go back full time the dog will be old enough to be left a few hours.

Ruledbyheart, have you had terriers before? What breed are your rescues?

ruledbyheart Tue 02-Oct-12 16:58:56

FiveHourssleep I have a dacshund x and a miniture poodle x I had westland terrier who was PTS last year and he was a lil bugger right until the end so have a little experience with them but not with JRTs.

I love rescue dogs, but have always had big ones, not small ones!

ruledbyheart Tue 02-Oct-12 17:33:04

I'd love a big dog but financially it terrifies me as the insurance and vet bills cost a lot more plus the food bills would probably cost me a fortune too lol

Eight days in and I now have no doubt that describing someone with dogged determination as 'like a terrier' is bang on the nose as puppy is absolutely single minded when he gets an idea in his head. He's asleep 75 percent of day, lovely for 20 percent and mad as a fish catch him if you can for five percent.

Looking forward to being able to go out walking in the hope that it'll calm down the crazy moments when he races round so fast he hits his head on the furniture. He has his second jabs on friday so that's another step closer. He's done well learning to sit today though, he's well motivated for chicken!

BerryPie Tue 02-Oct-12 22:48:50

How is everyone doing with their new puppies? Sleeping? Nipping?

I took DPup for a walk on a popular dog field today and we met a Golden Retriever who could have been her older sister (she wasn't, they were just the exact same colour and very alike) They absolutely loved each other and played like mad for a good twenty minutes - it was great to see. The best thing was that she then slept for a solid three hours when we got back! I was still left feeling a little shock hmm though because the owner of the other dog said that her dog had basically been a complete nutcase until she was almost two years old!!! Her recall is still pretty nonexistent and although the loves people she is overfriendly and will run a mile to knock over and lick any random jogger she sees.

It has left me feeling a bit despondent tbh. I know that the fact that this (very nice) lady hasn't been able to train her dog doesn't necessarily mean I won't be able to train mine,'s all a bit daunting isn't it?!

On the plus side she is getting to be very affectionate. I expected her to be a cuddly, loving little thing when she arrived but she wasn't interested - not unfriendly, happy to be around us, but not licky in any way. Recently, though, she keeps trying to sleep on my feet which is very endearing.

She sounds like she's doing really well though Berry. I'm sure the rest will come.

Mine slept last night but not looking forward to tonight as he has stuck his nose in the air and turned down two meals again today so half expecting him to wake up starving in the night. When is he likely to need to drop to three rather than four meals? He is lively enough though. Still sleeps lots inbetween nutcase moments though. Really surprises me just how much. I even managed an outing for breakfast with a friend today as he goes in his crate at half 8 for school run and never wakes again before 11 am. He seems to do an hour on and three off!

He is also like two different dogs. He's either cuddly lap dog who like to lick me (embarrassingly usually with his head nestled in my neckline!) as he goes to sleep or else he is trying to eat my feet. I've nearly fell over him a couple of times.

He has also started barking at me. I don't know how to handle this one because it makes me want to laugh. We have steps out of our conservatory and then a small patio with steps up to the grass. Puppy is still really little and cannot do the steps at all. So I carry him in and out. He comes over to me at the steps when he's had enough and whines to go in. But now when I put my hands out to get him he starts leaping about excitedly barking at me in a demented fashion. It's funny but obviously won't be if he's constantly backchatting when he gets bigger. He's getting rather vocal at the minute. He was all cute puppy earlier snuggled up with twitching paws in the air, growling in his sleep!

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 11:23:59

Hi all, I am struggling to be honest and not sure at all whether I should try and rehome him (which would be devastating). I knew the puppy would be hard work but I think I overestimated my ability to cope.

He is sleeping fine (at the moment) but I just seem to be spending all waking hours on puppy watch, the kids are feeling neglected and I am feeling guilty. I guess that I expected that they could be more involved but the nipping means they are terrified of him. He does sleep during the day of course but I feel really guilty putting him in his crate and I constantly feel on knife edge that he will wake up and I will need to entertain him!

He is in his crate at the moment as I just need a break from him.

I guess that I am struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, DH is annoyed as he sees the pup as having ruined our family life. Oh and I can't get him used to a lead so I am beginning to doubt my ability to train him!

Not a good day! Sorry! On a happy note he asked to go out when he needed a poo - so I guess that is something!

Sorry you're feeling that way 8 hours. If it makes you feel any better, mine has just done a stinking pile of lovely soft poo in two places on my living room cream carpet. Disinfectant and carpet cleaner later I think I have it out but the house stinks so I'm sat in the cold with windows open.

How old are your dc? Though ours is nippy he's more of an attach and hang on clothes. He's more mouthy with skin rather than full on painful biting. I have opposite problem in that ds (6) practically encourages foot chasing and biting which makes it hard foe being consistent.

I am sat on my phone pretending I haven't noticed he's trying to destroy a Boden catalogue next to me!

doublemocha Wed 03-Oct-12 12:18:10

Hello ruledbyheart, our Vizsla puppy is 4 weeks old too, collecting him at around the same time as you then! Nice that you can visit often. Three dogs, busy life!

Berrypie - completely daunting and I haven't even got ours yet! Training seems so easy in the books... The 3 hours sleep sounds great, I used to love it when my DC's had a long sleep too.. the relief!

8hours - Oh, I don't know what to say as I haven't even got our puppy yet. Just sending sympathy. My DH will react like that too, I know this for sure, especially as he's the one who was the least keen on getting a puppy so I will have guilt too. Don't feel bad about putting him in his crate though. Better to deal with him when you are calm. Hang in there if you can.

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 12:31:36

Thanks! DS is nearly 6 and DD is3.5, they both love the idea of a day at a time i think!

tabulahrasa Wed 03-Oct-12 12:41:12

8hours - it's hard going, I find it a full time job... He's like a hyperactive attention seeking toddler, but with teeth, lots and lots of teeth.

My DC are 12 and 16 - and don't cope with the constant biting well either.

He is though, I think, getting slightly better - but I've had to accept that it's going to be a slow process rather than anything suddenly getting it through to him that he's being anti-social.

He is definitely better when I've tired him out while the kids are at school - if I take him out for a carry or visit someone (he can go outside tomorrow, you've no idea how tempting it is to take him for a 3 mile hike, lol). I've also set up boxes with toys and chewy things that he doesn't get all the time for the DC to shove in his mouth when he starts at their legs, that helps a bit because it gives me a chance to intervene.

Towards the end of last week I was completely at the end of my tether with him, just about in tears talking to a friend and wondering if either I'd made a huge mistake or if I had a deficient puppy and then he was suddenly bearable at the weekend...He's been a wee toe rag again since like, but it's mixed with periods where he's almost well behaved. And you get 20 minutes at night where he's a bit sleepy where he's lovely.

I just keep hoping that the anti-social toe rag will eventually fade more and more and I'll get more dog behaviour rather than mad puppy.

Take the same approach that you have to with children sometimes 8hours. The old one day at a time and this too shall pass. I'm sure it'll feel better when we can all get wrapped up and booted and go tramping about in the woods with them. It's got to be better than the present stage of energetic indoor or small garden games that just get him too hyped up.

I think the smell is finally starting to fade. I badly hope so as work colleague/school mum with immaculate house is bringing he children to see him after school as their grandma had a Border and they didn't know her this tiny so she'd like them to meet a little one. I'm not exactly tidy either as I keep joking that these two weeks are my puppy maternity leave so I'm doing nothing but take care of the 'baby'! I've done bits and bobs but it is minimal!

I hope you enjoy it a little more tomorrow and it is just a bad day.

Mine has a bit of runny tummy from pinching the older dog's food so we've had poo in the lounge too. We are getting lots of toileting outdoors but just when I relax he skulks off somewhere and wees or poos without me noticing! Just as well the carpet was in a state to begin with! we are using simple solution spray to treat affected areas- it's pretty good!
Ours went out for a walk(carry) this morning so is pretty quiet after meeting a few friendly vaccinated dogs and being handed around lots of puppy friendly people. Of course the kids want everyone to come and meet him so we have to make sure we don't have too many excited kids visiting.
Our pup does bark and growl but my kids have got pretty good and standing still and bellowing SIT at him. If he does, he gets a game with Mr Squid, his favourite toy.

BerryPie Wed 03-Oct-12 13:50:50

Oh, 8hours, it's so hard, isn't it? I certainly felt like you on more than one occasion. What made it particularly bad was that the puppy was completely my idea, I had worked so hard to convince my DH that it would be fine, and I had been very stubborn about the breed as well. I really felt like I had ruined a perfectly lovely life by bringing a small furry demon into it. Like you, I had less time for the kids and they were getting nothing out of it at all.

All I can say is hang in there. It will get better!! I don't know much about border terriers, but I am sure they wouldn't be as popular as they are if they never grew out of the horrible stage! So, just give it time. I found that things really improved once we could start taking her out - especially when she got to play with other dogs. Do you have any friends who could bring their dogs over, or go to their houses until your puppy is fully vaccinated? The stimulation of a canine friend to play with seems to wear them out as much as any amount of walking, in my (admittedy very limited) experience.

I really do sympathise. My puppy is incredibly pretty - think slightly fluffier, whiter Andrex puppy - and she would have people literally coming out of their houses and crossing roads just to stroke her and tell me how gorgeous she is. Meanwhile, I would just stand there nodding with a slightly forced smile, thinking "yes, she is cute, but you have no idea! she is actually a hideous crocodile who hates me and tries to kill me on a regular basis". I never said anything though! Luckily, things are so much better now, they really are. A the moment, I don't think I would ever have a puppy again though - but just like with babies, I will probably forget the extent of the horror!

DoubleMocha, I am really looking forward to hearing all about your Viszlas when he comes home! Viszlas were on my shortlist - they are gorgeous!

Fanofthe, my puppy is very barky too. I am trying to ignore her but it is hard because it's such a piercing sound!!

Just had more snarly growly barking at me when he needed help on the steps. I tried encouraging him with chicken to have a go himself but he won't. It sounds silly but it is almost like he gets frustrated that he can't do it himself and so takes it out on me. He looks so aggressive though but I'm taking heart that he is only a baby!

He was so bad though I daren't risk offering him my hands so I just turned my back on him and folded my arms, it took four attempts but eventually he sat there contrite but calm and let me pick him up. I think his sense of independence is bigger than his legs at the minute!

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 14:30:06

So feeling a bit better now, took the pup for a carry and dd for a walk so she could point things out to him. They both seemed to like that. Pup is in his crate now and crying but he must be exhausted as we also had a couple of big plays in the garden so trying not to feel guilty.

I think it is the restriction on freedom as well that is getting to and especially to DH, I knew it was coming and it isnt like I am off and about all the time but the thought that we cant just decide to have a day out without it being a saga is depressing. DS wants to go to London and we are supposed to be going to see room on the broom on our way to the coast at half term but not sure what to do with the dog!

The mornings are the worst bit, i get up to sort out the dog but that wAkes Ds and he starts yelling for attention and breakfast but I cant leave the dog... I end up stressed and angry. People must manage with a job and a puppy but I have no idea how!

Anyway, i will try to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it! Sorry for the venting and thanks for the support!

Fan - biological washing liquid seems to help our smells?

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 14:35:36

Fan, mine looks aggressive too. Maybe it is a border thing. I don't think he is as aggressive as he looks though - small dog syndrom or something!

For those of you who want leave your dogs sometimes, now's the time to chat to other dog walkers in the park and see if they can recommend someone who does 'doggy daycare' and can do the odd walk if you need them.
Because we have an older dog, we have this option once the pup has had all his vaccinations, and it makes a difference knowing you 'can' go out now and again.

I'll have to get some 8 hours, I don't have it in as I'm allergic to it and ds has eczema.

I think it's definitely a barky terrier thing that makes them look aggressive and combine it with the ordinary puppy snapping and it looks a little scary! Ours is a dark grizzle and is still very dark. He's already mastered a naughty look where he looks down with eyes looking up so you can see the whites of his eyes in his little dark face. To be fair in general I do think he is very sweet, he's just pushing his luck and is probably ready to explore the big wide world. He's asleep on my knee being cute Mario again now. Sure I've got two different dogs here!

What are your puppies favourite toys? Am looking for some ideas for new toys atm.

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 16:51:33

Anything belonging to the kids! Flowerpots...

He really likes soft toys at the moment (so he can kill them) he likes a rope pull and a toddlers rain maker is quite good. The best toy by far at the moment though is a football, its great for tiring him out in the garden!

applegate Wed 03-Oct-12 20:12:21

can I join? we are getting our puppy tommorrow morning. He is an 8 week old springer spaniel, we have waited a long time to get him and are sooo excited. Bed, crate toys etc all ready for him, now just got to wait until the morning!!
Any tips for journey home, I will be on my own with ds and puppy and have got an extra large cat basket for him... have your puppies travelled well, the journey is about an hour?

Hi applegate. Our puppy had a journey of about an hour and we also used a cat carrier. Dh collected him on his own after work. He put him in the passenger footwell where he could talk to him and see him. Puppy went to sleep. Good luck tomorrow.

Toys wise ours likes rope toys, squeaky balls and soft toys to kill.

ijustwant8hours Wed 03-Oct-12 21:36:36

Hi Applegate, good luck for tomorrow! My gran used to have springers, they were lovely (barmy, but lovely!).

The pup managed not to chew DH's feet tonight so we are doing quite well. DH didnt mention rehoming him and has put a reminder up to get insurance!

That's great Bhours. Small steps!

Ours is now getting short shrift for any growling or barking. I instantly turn my back on him now and he doesn't like it. He's suddenly cute licky pup desperate to make friends so hopefully it will get the message through.

applegate Thu 04-Oct-12 08:24:10

oh brilliant I had wondered whether to put him in the boot or not but I think after fanoftheinvisibleman's advice I will go for the car footwell. fingers crossed for a good journey!

tabulahrasa Thu 04-Oct-12 08:36:39

Check if the carrier has bits for a seatbelt, mine does so I strapped him in the passenger seat, again he slept most of the way home.

I took my monster to a puppy party at the vets last night - it was mortifying...

There was a toy poodle and what I assume was a cockerpoo or similar, two tiny fluffy things anyway, a mini dachshund and the calmest lab pup I've ever met - all sat quietly, looking round interestedly. And then there's mine, alternating between trying to chew the handbag of the person next to me and throwing a bitey growly tantrum because I wouldn't let him down to play with the tiny puppies. hmm

He got about 20 seconds on the floor before he terrified the toy poodle by putting his giant paw on it, so him and the lab were dispatched to another room where thankfully the lab was quite happy to play rough with him.

I felt like that parent at playgroup, lol

ijustwant8hours Thu 04-Oct-12 12:14:00

That will be me in a couple of weeks!

doublemocha Thu 04-Oct-12 13:05:55

oh tabulahrasa, you story made me giggle I am afraid. Our friends took their Vizsla to puppy classes, said it was like have Donkey from Shrek with them instead of a dog! I fancy puppy classes for socialisation but also fancy some formal gundog training of some sort, even obedience training etc when he gets to 6 months or so, make the most of his working roots etc. Whether I ever get round to doing it will be another matter!

Hubby grumbling today about having to puppy proof the garden, it's quite a big garden (maybe 1/3 acre?) backing straight into woodland, it will take a fair bit of time! Very lovely but tons of furry tailed critters burying their nuts and generally doing their thing to tempt a hunting dog beyond the boundaries. Do they do this immediately? Would I be safe with a long lead or even off lead with me in the garden supervising when he's really little?

Was hoping that one of the kids will hold our puppy when we collect him, we do have a travel crate (we have lots of new and exciting puppy related gear!) but possibly a touch large for a small pup to go into immediately with getting used to it. Mmmm...

Tabulahrasa, that just sounds so funny!

I definitely need training classes. We've lost the plot a little tonight, pup and I.

Dh was only home an hour and went straight out. Puppy has slept less today and has been full on and barky. We had visitors too for half hour as dh on way out. Puppy ended up so excitable by time it was just ds and I that he was just uncontrollable. He launched himself at me doing his currently growly thing and has bit a hole in my dress. Lucky it was that and not my chest!

I have had to crate him to put ds to bed. He is quiet in there and I'm ashamed to say that I'm leaving him there for 10 minutes whilst I calm down. Trouble is, I know getting him out is going to require a garden trip and that where his snarly barking is worst when I have to pick him up to do the steps. He is so small and I end up picking him up, I think he is starting to rebel.

I'm aware that it is me who needs training more than him! I've just no idea what the 'right' thing is to do when he gets like that. Oh and no visitors tomorrow, that's for sure. He was lovely yesterday too with my friends children. He will hate me tomorrow though anyway...vets!

ijustwant8hours Thu 04-Oct-12 21:37:44

Hey Fan, my pup has gone barmy tonight, maybe something in the air!

He is usually asleep in my lap by now but tonight he is just going ballistic, barking, biting, growling,snarling. I am going to have to crate him - can't take itsad.

I'm taking heart 8hours that all the adult Borders I've ever come across have been lovely so surely this is just a puppy thing? Is yours big enough to do steps and things as I know they are the same age? Mine just seems dinky but I'm not sure how big they usually are at this age. I think I need to moderate my behaviour and stop picking him up so much as I think it is giving him a napoleon complex! Hard when he can't do steps though and to be honest it's just easy to physically move him when he decides to treat my ankle like a prize rat he's just caught. So badly need training classes, even when you think you've read well, it goes out the window doesn't it when you're under attack from piranha dog.

I opened his crate and he climbed straight on my lap ,another problem to be honest as he wants me to be 'available' all the time and struggles to understand when I'm not. God help my mum on monday when I'm back at work and she has him. Anyway, as soon as I put him down to tidy up he slunk back into his crate and is still there so I've had a quiet evening so far.

ijustwant8hours Thu 04-Oct-12 22:48:43

He can do the step into the kitchen (he takes a running jump), but he cant go upstairs. I pick him up all the time too, to get him from a to b and to protect peoples ankles!

I know what you mean about classes! I havent read anywhere that picking up your dog and trying to physically wrench him from your trousers is recommended, but i end up doing it all the time!

He has passed out now, is farting horribly!

They sound similar then as he can launch himself at the step into the conservatory and go flying over! The steps into garden are possibly a touch deeper than the stairs though too.

I'm glad we are at the vets this morning to be honest. I've taken the switch between eukanuba and jwb really slow (still adding a little eukanuba) but the more jwb I've added the runnier his poo has got. Now doing 20g jwb and 5g eukanuba and he has liquid poo. Poor puppy. I don't know if I'm supposed to give it time or if this means it doesn't suit him? Worst is that he was happy eating the eukanuba with a spoonful of wet on top but I'd already bought the jwb by then.

Do you know I never worried about what ds ate this much and he has food allergies! It's ridiculous.

Oh and DH has just gone to the garage...we are finally getting our car back after it broke down the night before puppy collection. Hurrah! And the best news is that it was repairable without a new engine. First time we've been delighted to be spending £390 repairing the car!

ijustwant8hours Fri 05-Oct-12 11:35:41

They do seem to have very dodgy tummies, we are on all dry jwb and he doesnt seem to bad but we do occaisionally have a runny one. Was the vet useful?

My pup just savaged me! Drew blood on my hand, it was sheer anger as well as I was trying to get him off my trouser leg. He has been awful this morning, I know I shouldnt use the crate as a punishment but I have had to put him away from me.

Mosman Fri 05-Oct-12 12:50:51

I have a 8 week cocker spaniel asleep in my lap she's probably knackered after all the 3am howling and barking she did.
Any tips on resetting her body clock to sleep through the night please? I am goosed.

Vet said that the fact it has got progressively worse as I've increased the mix means it probably doesn't suit him. She advised dropping it immediately and going back to eukanuba.

He started barking at her too! She said that he seems to be a dominant nature and that it's often the case with terriers but says he should be fine with a firm hand. She gave me the number of the lady who does puppy parties and training at the vets so I'll do that. She also recommended the old eating after us, not being first through the door etc. Stuff we do anyway.

Bad news is that they use a different brand of vaccine to what he had with the breeder. So he's going to need another in another two weeks so we are further delayed with freedom too.

Can't really be any help to you Mosman as mine has been a good sleeper.

applegate Sat 06-Oct-12 06:23:45

So after poor puppy being really sick on the way home he has settled in really well. But I wondered if anyone had any tips for night time?? On the first night I took him out for a wee at 11 and then put him in his crate and ignored the crying sad, he only cried for about 10 minutes before going to sleep, he started again at 2 and after 10 minutes I took him out he had a quick wee and went back to sleep after a few minutes crying and then slept until 6.45, so i was really pleased.
Last night similar routine at 11, woke again at 1.30 out for a quick wee after 10 min crying, and then up at 5.45 crying lots until he wentout for a wee. We have now got up,I felt a bit mean to put him back in his crate as he obviously thought it was morning, even if I didn't!! He hasn't had any accidents in his crate which is great but this is the first time we have had a puppy and I don't know whether I should be getting up or am I better to leave him a bit longer before taking him out overnight??? Tips or advice??.

tabulahrasa Sat 06-Oct-12 08:29:22

It depends really, some people get up, I don't...

Firstly his crate's too big anyway (if I was doing proper crate training I should have partitioned it off) so he has his bed and somewhere to go to the toilet and I sleep badly anyway so I decided that I could live with housetraining possibly taking longer for the trade off of not getting up through the night.

And, I go to bed between half 12 and half 1 and my DP gets up at about quarter past 6, so his night isn't very long anyway.

He only cried in the middle of the night once anyway though and not on the first night...he did for the first two weeks though, pee at the door of his crate and he hasn't since, that could have gone on much longer so I've been lucky with that.

He still doesn't ask to go out to the toilet at all though (though I discovered yesterday that if the back door is open he just pops outside himself with no acidents the whole time).

It's supposed to be much easier and quicker if you never give then the chance to go to the toilet inside and get up in the night for the first while though - so its an up to you type thing.

ijustwant8hours Sat 06-Oct-12 10:54:30

Hi, glad he is settling in!

I dont crate my pup overnight so he doesn't wake me up but there is a lake of wee to clear up in the morning! I plan to keep him in overnight after he is 12 weeks or so.

ijustwant8hours Sat 06-Oct-12 10:57:18

Oh Fan, thats a pain re the vaccine! We are second jab on monday - although I expect that walkies will be a big let down!

I'm so disappointed really, as much about the two week delay as the additional cost.

The behaviourist rang me last night and was really helpful and sounds lovely. She does 6 week training courses through the vets and unfortunately one starts today which we will miss as not fully jabbed. However, she said it would be a shame not to get cracking and was on phone giving me advice and reassurance I'm doing things right. It gave me the confidence to get much stricter last night and read ds and dh the riot act too as the vet commenting on his dominant personality really brought it home to me we need control now, not on 6 weeks! It may just be a fluke but he seems so much better already. He still barks at me in the garden but calmed down quicker. She did say it'll take time and patience but he is a lovely dog most of the time so it'll be time well spent.

She also invited us to come to a puppy party next week and says she'll have a good chat again there to give us something to work on till the next course starts in November. I liked her and she freely spent lots of time giving advice without me formally committing to sign up so I liked that too.

His poo problems seem to be improving now we've dropped the JWB too. I got him a puppy Kong yesterday too and he loved it. I just put his kibble in there but he was fascinated. I had alreagy bought it but behavourist did say such things will help as terriers are bright and like a challenge.

My puppy is in his crate overnight (about 6 hours as we're not big sleepers) and has only cried once. He seems to be happy enough going in there but I'm trying to keep use of it to a minimum as I don't want to abuse it and make it seem a 'bad place'. He's just slept in it for 2 hours voluntarily with the door open so I don't think he dislikes it. He has a larger crate than needs at the minute (30") split 70/30 with bedding and paper. He's only wee'd in there three or four times.

caraway Sat 06-Oct-12 17:10:10

Hi! I've recently got an Irish Wolfhound (late puppyhood- so playful, quite large, and so adorable) who we adopted alongside a very elderly GD. Big dogs, great personalities. The Irish Wolfhound's called Emma. I've chased her around the garden about twenty times, the RSPCA (as well as a very helpful poster on here, in a previous thread) reccommended a horse lead. I've needed it- she's strong as a bull! Three people have asked to be stopped and have their pictures taken with my Great Dane, who loves the attention and is a very placid, docile thing- and about nineteen photos with the pup! I've fallen in love!

applegate Sat 06-Oct-12 19:22:19

The crate is quite big (I didn't measure as accurately as I had thought!), so I had put newspaper in half assuming he would use it but as he hasn't and has been so good I feel I probably should get up to take him out if he needs to..... only just got ds to sleep through though so hoping it won't take too long. I saw a friend with a collie today who said it took 6 months for him not to wee at night and I don't really fancy wandering the garden at 3am for that long so fingers crossed!!

ijustwant8hours Sun 07-Oct-12 09:07:43

Wahey, we had no wee this morning! He has been savaging my leg this morning though so not all good.

Fan that behavourist sounds great! Do you know how much the course will cost?

Caraway - i have no idea how you cope with such enormous dogs! They sound fab though.

It's £65 for 6 weeks, one and a half hour sessions weekly. She spent a good 15-20 minutes chatting on the phone too. He has been so much better though last couple of days. I actually felt sorry for him yesterday when I did yet another growly 'No' at him for biting and he just slunk down in his bed as if if to say 'what exactly can I do?!'

That's good news about yours lasting all night. Let's hope he can keep it up.

We took him for a carry round the car boot this morning so lots of sights, sounds and people to soak up as it is a large busy one.

I'm off back to work tomorrow so he's off to grandmas with ds!

ijustwant8hours Sun 07-Oct-12 12:44:44

Mine just ignores my growly no's!

Its good you have a grandma - will she do growly no's too? The behaviourist sounds very reasonable, I need ti find some puppy classes as well.

Yes, she will. I got the same eye rolling I used to get from her when I started leaving ds, you know, the one that says for god sake I have done all this before you know!.

My No's have got a lot growlier, louder and more business like. She told me to put him down and make a point of totally ignoring him if he does something I don't like but not to crate or physically leave him. She said he needs to see he is being ignored. It does work because he does pathetic little baby whimpers trying to make me look at him. But she did say to balance this by lots of happy voices and fuss when he is being good. And to make sure everyone is absolutely consistent at all times.

I know it is only what's in the books but if was nice to be able to chat about the specific problems we are having.

I hope you find something in your area.

Have just come home from a weekend away where I left DH to look after all 4 kids, the new puppy and our Lurcher. Everyone seems to have survived.

ijustwant8hours Sun 07-Oct-12 21:29:06

Hi Fan, well i did the ignoring and he immediately went and weed on the floor. Hmm I seem to remember my kids doing very similar things! She does sound great.

Wow 5 hours!

Fivehours you and your DH have my utter respect! I can manage my puppy, one ds and a hamster but I think I know my boundaries!

Well, it's got to be better than a savaging 8hours! Only time I've been barked at today is when trying to encourage him to do the back door step. This was after he'd shot half way upstairs to greet ds this morning.

He was very popular at the carboot this morning and met lots of different types of people so that was good. The ones who wanted to stroke him or ask about him were lovely and also got some good advice about local services. But I swear, the next person who bellows from a distance that a dog like him isn't a bloody handbag dog and is capable of walking may well be the straw that breaks the camels back. How I managed not to scream 'feck off moron' I'll never know!

tabulahrasa Mon 08-Oct-12 00:00:42

Funnily enough no-one said anything when I was carrying mine round - possibly it was obvious that you wouldn't lug a big lump like him round out of choice? Lol

TeaOneSugar Mon 08-Oct-12 14:14:43

I'm very relieved to read some of you mentioning snappy, snarly tantrums, my 11 week old cocker spaniel is being a monster.

JethroTull Mon 08-Oct-12 17:25:24

My boxer was doing the whole snappy snarly tantrum thing last weekend. We had a 1:1 with a dog trainer (he did it to her as well), since then he's been so much better. She said he was associating our garden with us leaving him on his own as we always take him out for a wee before we leave the house. So we've been playing with him in the garden, leaving the back door open more so he can wander out there for himself and we take him for a wee 10 minutes before we leave now which is giving him a chance to calm down.

Might all be complete rubbish but it's working! Also we've been giving him 3 smaller walks a day. He's just been snoozing for most of today grin

ijustwant8hours Mon 08-Oct-12 21:55:16

We went to the vet tonight for second jab and microchip. The nurse was all prepared with a muzzle after last time and had a long talk about his behaviour as she had been warned by the nurse and vet we saw last time about how aggressive he was.

Pup was an angel, didnt flinch with any jab. Licked the nurse all over, absolutely noaggression at all. So no muzzle of shame!

Unfortunately he has spent the evening hanging off my shirt sleeve - but youncant have evrything!

I think i definitely need to find a trainer / behaviourist....

Tea what is your cocker up to?

Glad he behaved himself at the vets 8hours. Hopefully it'll sink in.

Ours is improving no end and has had a whale of a time at my mums today. She has got a huge garden full of huge shrubs the kids have made dens in. She is just as crackers as she was when she was the young cool mum on the street as she has encouraged them to carve out doors and windows in her gorgeous bushes but it's like wonderland for 6 year olds and adventurous puppies alike. Slightly more worried about tomorrow when she's going out leaving my Dad in charge!

Tabulahrasa, there are lots of people around me with working Terriers. I can only presume that they took me for some sort of idiot who wanted to go all Paris Hilton on a feisty terrier!

Mosman Mon 08-Oct-12 23:36:52

Crate training is not going well here, between 11pm and 3 am she howled relentlessly only broken up with the odd bit of barking.
I went and let her sleep on the floor in our room at that point and she was out like a light but this cannot carry on I need her to be able to go in the crate if she needs to get away from the kids and when we go out.
Any tips

ruledbyheart Mon 08-Oct-12 23:52:21

Well I have had a rollercoaster few days, my breeder phoned and basically said I can't have the puppy now as she had the vet checks done and puppy has a heart defect and is now keeping him as he has a short life expectancy and all other pups are sold, absolutley gutted.

On the upside of this I was speaking to a friend whose mother had a pup and couldn't keep her as she has just lost her job so I went tonight and came away with a 12 week old jack russel crossed chihauhua.
She is so beautiful and fairly calm at the moment so so happy with her, a little older than I was looking for and the wrong sex but that's not important, looking forward to going and exchanging all my blue stuff tomorrow for pink.
I put her in the crate tonight and all she has done is cried so have opened the door, think its because my other 2 are out and about so shall see how it goes.

Mosman, Our lurcher never got the hang of crate training either. Is there any chance you can move the crate into your room for now, just so you can get some sleep, and move the crate out once she's used to it.

ijustwant8hours Tue 09-Oct-12 21:43:03

Well pup has just got up off my lap and scratched at the door. Been out had a crap in my herbs and put himself into his crate.... So success all round there!

Mosman and Ruled could you try not crating overnight and see hoe they get on in the day maybe?

How are the puppies doing? Mine is going through the ankle biting and terrifying children stage now. We have taught the kids to sit down immediately until I can come and lure him off with a toy.

ijustwant8hours Thu 11-Oct-12 15:07:46

Hi Fivehours, mine now has a playpen in the sitting room as well as his crate so he can be put of harms way! Has drawn blood twice today... I thinks it helps if the kids fold their arms as well (reduces things to grab hold off!)

doublemocha Thu 11-Oct-12 16:08:50

Playpen - what type 8hours? As you know, this is interesting me but haven't quite made up my mind yet. Is it working?

I am getting nervous about getting our puppy you know with all this biting malarkey!

ijustwant8hours Thu 11-Oct-12 20:14:31

Oh Doublemocha dont be put off! If it is any comfort the vets clearly had mine down as unusually aggressive!

I have just used a baby dan playpen that we had for one of the DCs, never used it for them though! It isn't set up Gwen Bailey style really as it is more a holding area for solitary confinement and when I have to leave the room for a couple of minutes and everyone is in the sitting room. He still has his crate in the kitchen.

He has been using an old sofa cushion as a bed so that is in there and takes up most of the space!

Not sure if it is working yet, he was doing dive bomb attacks on my feet earlier and stopped after being put in the pen 3 times... He might have just got bored of it though!

I hope the playpen helps him to cool down 8hours.

We went to our puppy party tonight. I kept him on my lap ay first as wasn't sure if we were moving elsewhere or if it was ok for him to be on floor there (pfb puppy!) So he was really nervous and hiding from other puppies at first. Then he found his feet and was the one bouncing off the walls. He has been a little pest at home but I figure he's wired.

We've signed up for puppy class. Our first one is Nov 17.

tabulahrasa Fri 12-Oct-12 08:48:09

I got howling last night after I went to bed, proper full on big dog howling... I think he woke my neighbours up sad

And, I know he's going to be a complete nightmare today because it's raining and he still won't go out in the rain.

My plan for today was to take him to the market so I could do a bit of shopping and he could see lots of people - I'm now thinking about taking him to the market and selling him, rofl.

tabulahrasa Fri 12-Oct-12 08:49:34

Oh and also... His head is now at kitchen bin height and he's worked out how to open it. <sighs>

We went through 3 different bins with our lurcher before we found one that she couldn't open!

applegate Fri 12-Oct-12 10:37:11

hooray a full nights sleep and a dry crate! Although he is now absolutely wild today to make up for it, he has no interest in of all of the toys we bought him and has been playing with a (washed!) salad cream pot he nabbed from the recycling.
I sympathise tabulahrasa, he hates the rain and it has rained a lot in the last week and is scared of the dark at the moment so through the evening taking him out for a wee involves carrying him and then shutting the door super quick before he can sneak back in, ther have been several occasions when i have been wandering the garden only to find the puppy has sneaked back in!!

Applegate my pups favourite toys at present are the cardboard tubes out of the kitchen roll and carrots. House looks like a tip littered with the debris!

applegate Fri 12-Oct-12 11:26:50

Mine too! Along with flower pots and plastic milk cartons... anything that he isn't really supposed to have is much more appealing than what he should!!

tabulahrasa Fri 12-Oct-12 11:27:51

The bin is cat proof and anything exciting gets put straight outside anyway - but it's clearly not puppy proof and it's not food he's after, just random things to play with, lol.

Yeah cardboard tubes are great, plastic bottles as well.

The rain thing is infuriating, I sympathise with him that he'd rather stay inside, lol, and I can get him out long enough to go to the toilet, but he has sooooo much energy and of course I can only take him on short walks, so I need him to play out as well.

Imsosorryalan Sun 14-Oct-12 14:30:06

Can I ask, for those of you using a crate at night, where is it? Someone recommended putting it in our bedroom at night but I'm not keen, wondered if you all had yours in your room?

tabulahrasa Sun 14-Oct-12 14:53:59

Nope - it's in my living room, I figured I'd start as I meant to go on - so downstairs it is and that's also why we're still fighting over access to the couch, lol.

He uses it through the day as well(open I mean), so I'd need something downstairs anyway...and I figure he needs to be used to being alone. But he was used to a crate before I got him, although of course he wasn't alone in it.

Some people have dogs sleeping in their bedroom anyway though and some start off with them there and move them gradually.

It's a personal choice thing really smile

Ours is downstairs too. The kitchen has no door in to the hallway so it is being used to also block access to the stairs. We haven't encountered any problems having his crate downstairs and he has only cried one night (about the 5th day I think). Turned out he'd wee'd in his crate so I think that was why as he is normally dry through the night.

BerryPie Sun 14-Oct-12 17:28:23

Fanof, yy to house looking like a tip with carrot and cardboard! Our pup doesn't so much eat the carrot as shred and spread it over the floor.

Quick update:

The Good: I think we're pretty much housetrained - no accidents for three weeks now, and she asks to go out. She even holds it in when we are out for walks and then runs into the garden for a wee when we get back... She hasn't pooed inside since she was nine weeks old and had an upset tummy so we've been very lucky.

She sleeps really well at night, usually from about 10:30 until 7.

She's doing very well with clicker training and has learned lots of tricks, such as leaving food even when dropped from the table or thrown across the floor in front of her nose. Sadly this only applies when I am holding the clicker and the treats, other than that she pretty much ignores everything I say.

She is now almost 4 months old, so I have bought her first rawhide bones and I can tell they're going to be a lifesaver. She spent literally hours with one yesterday. I wonder how many they can safely have though?

The Bad: She is definitely the worst behaved pup at puppy class. She is the biggest there and just goes crazy happy and yaps and wants to play the whole time. She occasionally does what she is told but the teachers keep growling at me about how I need to get her under control NOW before she gets any bigger. I am trying, but how do you control this exuberant pile of fur with sharp teeth and insane amounts of energy?

Lead training is really hard work. She is getting better all the time but it is SO tedious and repetitive and as soon as we see anything remotely exciting it all goes out the window.

She is barking more and more and I have no idea how to stop her. It seems to happen mainly when she's bored and wants me to play - it doesn't matter that I am in the same room and have just given her a Kong AND a carrot AND an empty cereal box with a hidden treat inside. It is getting to be quite annoying.

Worst of all: she is just not very affectionate with me sad She loves plenty of other people - she trips over herself with delight when some of my friends come over, she always greets my husband with a wagging tail, but she frequently can't be bothered getting out bed when I come home. If I sit on the floor and call her over for a cuddle she usually ignores me. I realise this makes me sound utterly pathetic but it just makes me sad - Golden Retrievers are usually so loving, and she is with other people, but not with me. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Do you think it will improve as she gets older?

tabulahrasa Sun 14-Oct-12 18:20:13

Dogs are a lot like kids for certain things, they pretty much throw themselves at other people and keep all the bratty bits for you, lol.

I don't use a clicker, but I'd assume you'd be wanting to have it all the time, so you can reward anything desirable? That's what I do with treats anyway, I do have actual little training sessions, but I have a pocketful so that I can reward him every time he comes when I call him or gets off something or whatever else. That way he lives in constant hope, rofl.

Tbh I'm dreading puppy classes as while he'll do lots of things, getting him to stop doing things is not going so well.

BiscuitsandBaileys Sun 14-Oct-12 18:20:45

Hi everyone.
I'm more of a mn lurker and I never thought I'd find myself posting in the Doghouse topic, but here I am!
We are going to be getting a lab puppy in 6 weeks, so any advice would be gratefully received! smile

BerryPie Sun 14-Oct-12 19:01:45

Thanks Tabulah, I suppose that is true - I am just used to my old dog who more or less hated everyone else but loved me with a passion. That made things tricky, and the fact that I wanted to avoid that this time around was one of the reasons I wanted a Golden this time. I guess I just need to get used to her!

I do have treats available at all times, but so often there isn't even time to tell her anything before she's already done it! I think it's just like you said, she'll do lots of things but isn't very good at stopping doing things...

doublemocha Mon 15-Oct-12 09:00:45

Berry - sounds like you are doing great and putting tons of time and effort in with just reward. She's only 4 months, seems like the trainer is being a bit impatient? Do you ignore the barking or time out etc? I think it's the Ian Dunbar books which suggest teaching your puppy TO bark, to teach it NOT to bark but I have only skimmed to be honest.

We visited our puppy again yesterday, he's a 5 week old bundle of energy with no fear but adorable too. HUGE paws! Our breeder says they are tough little puppies, having 12 seems to have made them all be able to hold their own, given some litter mate or other is always up for a play! Personally, I think she's been fab, allowing 12 different sets of people visit as often as they want, 6 came yesterday! The puppies are very well socialised, given all this, 3 adult dogs and all the breeders own friends, family and other dogs visiting too. However, the pups have been relegated to their specially made house in the back yard, given that last week, they ALL escaped from their box and wrecked the kitchen!!

Hi Biscuits - a puppy for Christams then!

BiscuitsandBaileys Mon 15-Oct-12 10:03:54

Hi doublemocha- yes, just in time to chew the christmas tree and decorations!

I have just googled images of Hungarian vizslas as I wasn't sure what they looked like, what gorgeous dogs!

We have ordered a couple of books, time to get reading and learning. Dd's are going to make a puppy countdown after school tonight, only six weeks to go....

doublemocha Mon 15-Oct-12 10:17:12

LOL, I did think this myself about the Christmas tree etc. What colour is your puppy? I always loved chocolate labs in particular but like all Labradors really, what made you choose this breed? How old are the kids?

Yes, Viszla's are a stunning looking dog but also very intelligent and have high activity levels too, 2 hours at least of exercise a day, lots of mental stimulation needed etc. They also like being near you and are extremely affectionate too (Velcro dogs) so I guess that's the 'downside' to them as it's harder for them to be left for long periods. That's ok, I am home most of the time.

I guess it's about knowing about what your getting, as much as that is possible anyway isn't it?

I liked the Gwen Bailey book very much indeed, and Ian Dunbar (although he's a tough dramatic in parts for me!), both seemed entirely sensible and positive reward based. I concluded that Cesar Milan is a bit of a knob but others might like him, I don't know!

BiscuitsandBaileys Mon 15-Oct-12 10:39:14

Doublemocha- She is a golden lab, the same as the mum who's a beautiful dog. We have always talked about getting a dog one day. The mum belongs to my cousin, so we went to visit them on Saturday and fell in love! I do a lot of walking and dh runs a couple of times a week, we read that labs are good running partners smile
My dd's are 12 and 9. We thought they are old enough to help out with walks etc and learning some responsibility.
I have ordered the Gwen Bailey book and also Collins dog owner guide- Labrador.
Not long for you to wait now, do you have everything you need yet?

doublemocha Mon 15-Oct-12 18:47:36

Biscuit - Yep, my kids are a touch older at 13 (just) and 11, so pretty self sufficient really. I think DS in particular, who is quite quiet and reserved will bond and spend lots of time with him. DD is far too self centred and will like him for 2 weeks! We are the same as you, busy and active.

I am told 'just going to see them' is fatal! Although, at least you know the temperament and background for your puppy, a major plus.

I think I have all that I need, plus many other needless things too. Although, our friends were over on Saturday night and said our donated crate (from a Springer) isn't near big enough so now I have DOUBT!!

I feel like I did when I was pregnant with DC1, questioning whether I am doing it all 'right'. Nothing like on the job training I suspect.

ijustwant8hours Tue 16-Oct-12 10:11:09

Well thought I would post a little update...

Pup is now out for little walks which are going ok, we are just going round the block at the moment. It can be a bit frustrating and slow trying to stop him pulling, he seems to like walking with the collar pulling on his neck! Also my rewards dont seem to mean anything compared to a bit of manky tissue someone has dropped! It is however good to get out.

The nipping has probably reduced in frequency, but has upped in ferocity! He really tries to get a bit of leg with the trouser now. I am still struggling with this. He responds really well to positive training but anything negative I can't get the message through and I dont want to inadvertantly reward negative behaviour iyswim.

On the upside housetraining is going OK, although he isnt worried aout just peeing where he stands he doesnt poo in the house. We dont have too many accidents though as he goes out a lot and will sometimes wee on command! He is dry in his crate overnight.

Also he responds really well to reward training and has now started to bring balls back rather than just killing them which gives us another game. We seems to have got sit, stay, down (ish), sometimes he comes when he is called (i have no idea how i will ever get the confidence to let him of the lead in public though). He also seems to be getting "leave" and "drop" although he wont drop a leg!

He is probably in his crate more now for substantial enforced chill outs, it seems better all round as it gives me a break too from the constant vigilence that was really beginning to wear me down!

Oh and he keeps getting ticks! He has been treated and I cant see any fleas but I keep finding ticks round his face!

I still have moments where I think oh what have I done and feel like I havge destroyed our lifes, but they are getting fewer. DH would be happier without him but I think that is all about the nipping, DH has said a few times that if he bites one of the kids he would want him rehomed. I explained that most of the nipping is play not anger, but the problem is he does bite in anger too - luckily only me so far. So that is still an issue. I am hoping to start puppy classes soon so maybe that will help too. I think DH sees him learning something like stay so quickly and doesnt know why he cant learn "dont bite" just as fast!

Anyway it is all good! Loving the puppy just need to sort out the nipping x

tabulahrasa Tue 16-Oct-12 10:48:19

I tried stay the other made him jump up and bark at me hmm lol, he does wait though for his dinner, so I'm thinking I'll just use wait instead and get him to do that at other times.

He does sit, down, paw and we've been doing roll over, he is though brilliant at coming when called, even outside with other dogs or people about, drop is a bit unreliable... He'll do it with stolen non-food items because he'll get a treat, stolen food it depends what he's managed to get and toys - he knows it, but sometimes when you want to play fetch he decides that actually he'd rather play tug of war. Leave, he's good at when I'm working close up, if I put a treat down and say leave, he's quite often eaten it before the word registers and he looks a bit confused, lol, if I hold him back first he gets it though and if I use it in real life situations, like harassing the cat to play with him or he's about to grab something he shouldn't, it seems to mean, come and get a treat...which works I suppose, rofl.

He also asked to get out to pee and poo all day yesterday - he was pretty much pooing outside and peeing wherever he was before that, but it's raining again today so I'll see how today goes.

I haven't really tried to get him walking nicely on the lead yet, we're still trying to walk without tying ourselves in knots, lol, but I'm walking him twice most days, a tiny on lead walk somewhere with traffic and people and a slightly longer one somewhere he can go off lead and there's lots of dogs.

He's still biting too, but there's definitely less of it - he's done it in anger and defiance as well, but I find it helps to think of him as a toddler not a dog if that makes sense, though we are getting much less of that as he figures out what he's supposed to be doing.

Like I said the other day, getting him to stop doing unwanted things is so much harder than getting him to do something, he's fairly insistent that bitey wrestling games are fun, that he should be on the furniture and that jumping up on you is the best way to say hello, so we're working on off - but he's not getting the point of that at all, where things like sit he picked up in a day.

ijustwant8hours Tue 16-Oct-12 11:40:54

Hey Tab, sounds like you are going great guns. I guess it makes total sense that they get the positives rather than the negatives - suppose you are working with nature rather than against it!

Can I ask when did you first let him off lead? I just get this feeling that if I let my pup off he would be so distracted i would never get him back! Or he would go and savage someone! We are going to the coast at half term and I would love him to have a run on the beach, but not sure whether its such a good idea....

I cant get roll over at all, i think its me though - bad lure placement!!

tabulahrasa Tue 16-Oct-12 12:31:22

I actually let him off lead the first time we went out, but I cheated sort of... My DP has a workshop round the corner - which is in a grassy area but fenced, so I went there and just called him and gave him a treat it took a few tries till he got the idea that even though it's exciting outside it works the same as inside. I had bought a long lead to practise with, but he's so easily bribed with food that I haven't needed it.

I make a point of calling him when there's something interesting, rewarding him for coming and then letting him go investigate it so he doesn't assume that he's not getting to do what he wants and when I have DD with me we take treats each so we can just call him backwards and forwards.

To be fair though, he comes every time I call him inside...because he knows I have a never ending supply of biscuits and he's a little piggy, lol.

Rolling over - I watched a YouTube video because I couldn't work out how to do it, he's not going right over yet, but he goes over and on to the right side, so it's more like a 270 over rather than a 360...

Except once when we'd been doing it and I stopped, he sat, tried to give me a paw, lay down and when that still didn't get him a biscuit, he rolled right over, only I hadn't told him to do anything, lol. He does that a fair bit though, goes through his full bag of tricks to try and beg for a biscuit - when we were doing drop, he spent 10 minutes one night bringing me random objects and dropping them at my feet then looking at me expectantly...

He's still driving me demented half the time, but he's funny with it a lot of the time, if I could stop him biting completely, keep him off the furniture and persuade him to play with his toys instead of mooching round trying to find other things to play with - he'd be lovely, I figure though, I've just got to be more pigheaded than him and eventually he will be.

Oh now I'm green with envy that you can now go out 8hours given that our pups are the same age but I've still got 2nd/3rd vax on saturday. I'm hoping vet will say we are ok to go out as she did admit she was only really covering her own back saying he needed a 3rd and that personally she thought he'd be covered. But when I've taken him in the front garden he is desperate to see what lies beyond the gate. And after the puppy party he has struggled to get down whenever he sees a dog being carried as he wants to say hello. I can see I'll struggle keeping him out of other dogs faces out and about.

I have started using a clicker and treats for recall training in the house and he flies in whenever I call his name followed by 'come'. I'll still be terrified of letting him off the lead in the park though ...if we ever manage to be allowed out of house arrest. Nipping is now much less. He has been dry and night for 2 weeks and does all his poos and most wees outside now so pleased there.

ijustwant8hours Wed 17-Oct-12 12:46:11

It will be soon Fan! It is good being able to take him out, but we are housebound today as DD is poorly!

I think I am going to get a long lead for recall practice, and also for in the house near the kids for a bit....

I gave up on the clicker as I just dont have enough hands! I'm hoping that the words "goodboy" can have a similar effect.....

tabulahrasa Wed 17-Oct-12 14:39:15

I've not used a clicker and good boy works fine, he waits expectantly even if I've just said it randomly.

I've decided my puppy is either a bit odd or really clever... I just took him for a walk off lead, except he walked behind me with his nose touching the back of my leg the entire time, unless I stopped to see what he was doing and then he got all excited and jumped up on me - I'm not sure if he's decided to teach himself to heel (not something I'm doing with him yet), if he's decided that's the point of walks, or as I suspect if he was in fact using me as a windbreak hmm

LadyTurmoil Wed 17-Oct-12 14:42:43

If anyone's looking for a rescue puppy, there is this gorgeous one, in foster in Surrey

I'm really for letting your puppy off the lead asap. Ours had early vaccinations so he's starting to go out now at around 11 weeks.
I've taken him to enclosed parks where he can't get on the road and just started walking. At first he followed anyone, but now he sticks with me.

ijustwant8hours Thu 18-Oct-12 14:57:28

I can see why, but I am just not brave enough! Plus I haven't found an enclosed park. I think the puppy classes will help me with this one maybe....

tabulahrasa Thu 18-Oct-12 17:08:13

I think it depends where you live a bit, I'm on the edge of a town, so literally at the end of my street it's proper countryside with no roads he could get on to...yes he could run up to people or dogs, but I can cope with that. My last dog was from a pound and had obviously never been socialised as a puppy - so I'm used to watching for people coming to grab a dog before he throws himself at them, lol.

But I have him on lead near roads as although he's been really really good at coming back, I wouldn't want to risk that being the time he didn't.

JellyTedd Thu 18-Oct-12 19:05:38

You are very brave letting your pup off lead, I haven't dared yet. Mine is 14 weeks old and getting along really well with training but zero recall. Even in the garden or house she will not even look at us when called if she is doing something more interesting. As a spaniel cross I am not sure recall will ever be her strong point.

Found out today that our puppy classes have been cancelled as the place we go has to close. I will look at somewhere else to take her as I think it will do her really good, although she was always really distracted by the other puppy's there.

She was doing well with her house training, 3 weeks not a single accident in the house. In the last 24 hours, 2 solid accidents and just now a wee, she knows she is doing wrong as she hides in the dining room to do it. We have still been letting her out regularly but she seems to have "forgotten" that is what she goes outside for. I will up the praise and make sure I watch her as we had been letting her play in the garden without us with her.

Any advice?

Puppy has been sick twice in 10 minutes earlier, about an hour after his meal. He seemed happy enough though is now asleep. I may have overdone the treats today when training but obviously if poorly tomorrow will ring vet. As I've said before though he does suffer with a delicate tummy. He hasn't had runny poo though.

But my question is do I offer him his supper later or not? I have posted a separate thread but wondered if any of you would have advice here.

tabulahrasa Thu 18-Oct-12 19:54:54

Really, you should probably skip it and give his stomach a wee rest (that is what you're supposed to do)...but I always judge it a bit like I do with the DC - if I think I know why they've been sick and they've been ok since, I'd feed him as normal and see how he goes.

can't help with house training as this is the first time I've done it from scratch, lol

Thanks. He's sock on now but I'll offer him a little later and see how it goes.

tabulahrasa Thu 18-Oct-12 20:28:15

aw bless, I just read that he only had 6 or 7 treats...I suppose relative to size that's a lot right enough, mine has way more than that a day, lol.

I'm waiting to see if mine has a reaction to the rotten seagull he got hold of at the beach today...there's the downside of letting them off the lead.

He is still a tidge (still can't do steps...he just barks at them!) and to be fair it takes very little out of the ordinary to upset his tummy. Which is why I'm sticking to the eukanuba for now despite it being pricey for the quality. he tolerates it well so that's the main thing. I'd given him 2 or 3 treats last few days and thought he was ok. I might get a selection at the weekend and see what suits him best as he is unimpressed performing for his own food! He adores cheese but again I have to be careful to limit.

I did put a small dollop of peanut butter in his kong this aft when I went on school run. My family is riddled with crohns and ibs...seems I've got a dog who also can't eat anything without paying for it!

tabulahrasa Thu 18-Oct-12 21:56:49

My tiny to me puppy is already bigger than 2 of the adult lhasas I sometimes walk him with and he can do stairs even though I've told him it's bad for his hips, lol.

He seems to get an upset stomach every time I try to stop pre-softening his food, which confuses me immensely, but thankfully he's been fine other than that. ( I can only assume that I overfeed him when I give him it dry? Or possibly that he then drinks too much)

I suspect he'd be a lot bigger than ours. Dh keeps telling ds that our puppy is going to grow up into a Rottie as he is a similar colour at the minute! He was weighed at vets a couple of weeks ago and was 1.9 kg so I think he has a way to go. grin. I suspect he wishes he was though!

I stopped pre softening on day 2 of having him as he looked at it with utter distain. I do measure it out as per feeding guide but I doubt overfeeding mine will be a huge problem anyway, there is always at least one meal a day he turns his snout up at. This is why I've got all neurotic about food. The dogs we had as kids would have eaten the proverbial scabby donkey given the chance!

tabulahrasa Fri 19-Oct-12 00:10:33

He was 9.4 last week, I haven't had him weighed this week, but so far he's put on just over a kilo a week, lol. I don't think he knows what he is though, he's scared of any dog bigger than a spaniel, cries if I take him out in the rain or if he gets his paws wet and spends most of his time trying to play with one of my cats by batting it with his paw, like she does to him - I think he might think he is a cat.

He eats about 200g a day less than the feeding guide if I soften it, 100g less if I don't...and I do take them with a pinch of salt, but I keep getting worried that he's not eating enough, trying to give him it dry so he can eat more at a time - even though I can see he's doing fine - and ending up having to switch back to softening it as it just goes straight through him.

Never mind previous dogs, my DC moan all the time that I fuss over the pets way more than them, it's a wee shame really, rofl.

...Whereas I think mine thinks he is one! At the puppy party he was the boisterous one, giving more than he got to the spaniel twice his size! To be honest all the rotties I've known personally are big soft lumps where as terriers can be , well, terriers I guess! I said I wanted a big dog in a small package and I seem to have one.

Decision was taken out my hands last night as he flaked around 7pm after a lively day and had no interest in getting back up. He does it every now and again and I know from experience waking him to feed him is a hiding to nothing.

He's wolfed his breakfast and is acting like the hundred mile an hour dog this morning so I'm hoping all is well now.

tabulahrasa Fri 19-Oct-12 19:00:43

Glad he's better smile

tabulahrasa Sat 20-Oct-12 12:40:11

My puppy's not well sad

He didn't eat his breakfast and he's all quiet and sad looking...he's been to the vets because they close at lunchtime and I didn't want to leave it till Monday, other than being subdued they can't see anything either, but I've got teh emergency number in case he doesn't eat later.

I managed to get him to eat a bit of lunch by mixing tinned chappie through it and heating it up, but he's still all sad looking.

I feel bad now about moaning about his usual hyperness.

Can I join this thread please? We just brought out new puppy home today. She seems to be settling in well; she's a 9 1/2 week old Staffie pup. She has a puppy play pen with a bed inside and her toys and water and she very quickly sussed that this was her place and has been happy to take herself off to go to sleep there. She 1 one wee in the house, but 3 since outside in the same place so I'm pleased that she's found a place to mark as her toilet. She's eaten her first meal here which went well although I think she was a little unsure of the bowl. All in all things are going well, although I am nervous of tonight and her first night away from her littermates and parents!

Does anyone have any tips, tricks and advice for a successful first night? I am prepared for whining (I think!)

ijustwant8hours Sat 20-Oct-12 16:40:48

Hi, just keep your fingers crossed! Mine was fine at night from the start, little bit of crying but not much....

I hope he is better soon Tabulahrasa. I think you worry so much more when they can't tell you how they feel.

Hi LittleWhiteWolf. Sounds like your pup is doing really well. I was all geared up for whining but it never happened.

We have been at the vets for the 3rd vax today and was given the ok from the vet to go out. Hurrah! They told us to keep out of the park for a week but ok to start taking him out and about now so that's great. I had to call at TK Max and Pets At Home on way back from the Vets. He trotted up and down and absolutely loved it. He was even good sat outside a cafe whilst we had a snack. I think he was ready for it now.

She's still doing really well, no more accidents in the house and she's playing nicely with the kids. Fingers crossed then that she'll be happy enough with her den to make it through the night with minimal fuss!

tabulahrasa Sat 20-Oct-12 19:44:31

He's still not right, but he will eat chicken...hmm So hopefully he'll perk up tomorrow.

He's also discovered this afternoon that he'll eat what the cat leaves in the litter tray - which sparked a phone call to the emergency vet, not so much because of eating that, but because the cat is on medication which means I'm supposed to wear gloves when I change her litter or give her the pills.

They decided he'd probably be fine.confused

Good luck LittleWhiteWolf

Oops...I've got a litter tray picker too. It's only a problem when he's at my mums when I'm at work. We have to shift it. We have to keep cat and pup separate where possible anyway. Puss is in her twilight years now and it doesn't seem fair to inflict him on her now. We keep letting them see each other though.

Hope he picks up tomorrow for you.

Hi ladies - I know of a 14 week old whippet X who is in need of a home through Greyhound Rescue West of England... she's too young for kennels so they are looking for a foster/permanent home.

Please PM me if you know anyone who can help (I'll pass on details of the original ad/plea from GRWE posted in a bike forum DP uses)

Hi ladies - I know of a 14 week old whippet X who is in need of a home through Greyhound Rescue West of England... she's too young for kennels so they are looking for a foster/permanent home.

Please PM me if you know anyone who can help (I'll pass on details of the original ad/plea from GRWE posted in a bike forum DP uses)

Ooops, didn't mean to post twice. Sorry.

tabulahrasa Sun 21-Oct-12 08:39:47

I'd have bitten your arm off for her if I didn't already have my monster puppy, hope she finds someone soon.

I'd expected him to notice the litter tray at some point, but to do it on a day where I had to cook chicken for him because he wouldn't eat anything else was a bit of a kick in the teeth, lol. It was only because he wasn't well that I thought anything more than ew as well, it suddenly occurred to me that the cat had had her tablets the night before and that it might be an issue.

Strangest phone conversation ever like, rofl. My vet sees me at least once a fortnight, they're used to me, this was an on call service.

BerryPie Sun 21-Oct-12 20:56:00

How is your puppy now Tabulah?

All seems quite good here at the moment - she has started losing her puppy teeth and is definitely a bit more bitey again, but the difference is that I can tell her to stop and she'll (usually/sometimes) listen. Even better, she won't touch the DC - they stroke her and cuddle her and hold her toys for her and she is soooo gentle with them. If I try the same thing she goes for my hand every time, and even more so with DH. I wish she showed the same restraint with us but I love that she now understands that they're little.

I do also think that I have the laziest pup in the world. She is snoring at my feet at the moment. I think the whole lack of affection thing that I have mentioned in the past might just be laziness. Half the time she can't even be bothered getting out of bed when I come down in the morning - so not a typical bouncy pup! Definitely not ill though because once she is properly awake she tears around the garden like a loon, and out on walks she's as energetic as anything. I think her brand of affection is just dozing in my vicinity rather than licking, leaping and cuddling. It's quite sweet really!

She has now finished the first six weeks of puppy classes and despite being a complete terror most of the time she got her certificate!!! She sat for ten seconds, lay down for ten seconds, walked to heel and came when called (because I had super special treats in my pockey, but still!). I was proud grin

I saw someone mentioning the whole letting them off the lead thing - I have to say I have done it a LOT, even though her recall is really quite bad, and it's gone really well. I just make sure we are somewhere safe, far away from any roads, and then I just keep walking. I think because she's still so young she isn't confident enough to just run off - it's a big world - so she stays very close to me the whole time. In the garden her recall is non-existent, but on walks she usually comes back straight away. If she's playing with another dog or showing her muddy love for a fellow walker I have to go and grab her, but other than that she's great. I think - admittedly I have very limited experience!- that it is the sort of thing you just have to take the leap with so they get used to it. I think if you wait until they are older and more confident they are likely to just go yipppeeeee!!! and bolt towards the horizon.

All in all, quite good at the moment. Even DH admits he wants to keep her. Phew!

tabulahrasa Sun 21-Oct-12 21:44:38

He's fine today, except now he's discovered there are other foods - he doesn't want his...I don't know now whether it was a wee tummy upset or just a hunger strike, rofl.

I ended up taking a run to the supermarket to buy canned food to mix his dry stuff with, that seems to be acceptable.

<sighs> I swore I wasn't going to pander to the dog like I have to with the cats.

BerryPie - I'd gladly swap for a lazy puppy, mine doesn't stay still if he's awake, not for a blooming second. He was supposed to be on house rest this weekend, but I've ended up taking him out about half an hour ago because I just couldn't handle the hyperness any more, lol.

Ullena Mon 22-Oct-12 14:55:21

All the litter we had are doing well. One pup is temporarily back with us due to unforeseen circumstances, hopefully his family can take him back once they are sorted out. If not, we have a list of suitable people who could have him. Mostly family of people who took one of his siblings.

The runty one we kept has improved, he has full hearing and partial eyesight now...chuffed to bits! Still working on bite inhibiton with him though as he missed out on a lot of the really early stuff his siblings got to learn from each other sad

So currently there are two of them snuggled up next to me. Nap time for all the dogs, lol!

ijustwant8hours Mon 22-Oct-12 16:03:58

We had a busy weekend! Had a three hour car journey friday night and then pup went to stay with my mum for two days before driving back. He was great in the car, just one massive vomit in my lap, and he was apparently great for my mum. She has an elderly yorkie and they seemed to get on well, which is great as he has been really quite aggressive towards other dogs while we are out (another reason why I am wary of letting him off the lead).

Its great that he is feeling better Tabula

We are at the coast next week so I will brave letting him off then as will be nowhere near the road....

Very pleased to hear your pup has improved Ullena.

Mine is highly delighted to be out and about but is somewhat manic. He is both excited and nervous of many things he encounters so I'm letting him just experience thinks at the moment rather than attempting to get him walking nicely. Will this be a mistake or is it something that can wait a month like a hope? He walks nicely sometimes and others stops, starts and generally swings around like a deranged hound!

Also, all the fuss he had and still gets is great as he is so friendly but I'm getting the reverse effect, he literally howls in a broken hearted manner if someone he takes a fancy to doesn't want to fuss him. He clearly things he is the most adorable thing on four legs and should receive the universal adoration that is his right! Oh dear.

And again other dogs (this is turning into a list!). He loves them. If he gets the slightest hint of another dogs he shuts up shop and won't move till he knows where they are and which way he needs to hurl himself. If the owner shows willing and is ok with letting them meet then he is somewhat over enthusiastic. I know puppies are giddy and will push their luck but he managed to hurl himself onto the head of a poor shocked dog the other day in one fell swoop. The trouble is they are all aware that he is a baby and are tolerating him bombarding them. Is there anything I can do to help stop this other than dragging him away or are doggy manners something only other dogs can teach him? Obviously I try and tell him gentle, no etc but is (as you would expect) on completely deaf ears.

Crikey I need a bigger screen than my blackberry offers, my typos are reaching a new high!

To learn doggy manners , you need to take him to meet a few crabby female dogs who will put him in his place. If you just let him get on with his puppy antics, he'll get snarled at a few times and will eventually learn.
Don't wporry about the lead too much for now, the most important thing is to get him off the lead. When they are babies, they need you and will follow you as they walk. If you don't let him off until he's older , it's a completely different ball game!

I did figure that being put in his place would be the best thing fivehours. But everytime I've commented to another owner that I hope he gets put in his place soon they look at my horrified and say 'oh no, he/she would never snap at him'. Then you look at puppy who is pogoing in a stunned dogs face and think but he needs telling doggy style! He's way too enthusiastic (and annoying) at the minute. I'm just looking at him through the other dogs eyes and I think they'll just want to eat him if he carries on!

BerryPie Tue 23-Oct-12 23:03:56

Fanof, mine is the same with other dogs (and people!) but she has been put in her place a few times and she is now a bit more cautious - but as soon as she has the go-ahead, so to speak, she literally throws herself at them. She is big, and very bitey, so I am always amazed more dogs don't tell her off. She is really good at taking her cues from them though, the slightest growl will stop her in her tracks and have her flat on the ground with her ears back in her best I-am-just-pathetic-little-pup impression. So they do learn.

At the moment I am more nervous about meeting people - not everyone appreciates a muddy beast jumping all over them. I really need to start working on that, somehow...

Took the pup to first dog training class last night. Learnt watch, sit and down, which we'd been teaching him anyhow but it's always interesting with other dogs around.
He was so knackered when he came home last night , that he took himself into his crate and put himself to bed!

ijustwant8hours Wed 24-Oct-12 14:32:22

We are going forwards and back! I plucked up courage to let him off the lead at the park and it was fine (no one else there!). Lead skills training seems to have backfired though as he now keeps sitting down and refusing to move in a good impression of what I do to him when he tries to pull!

tabulahrasa Wed 24-Oct-12 17:20:00

I'm only just starting trying to get him walking nicely on the lead now... I didn't see much point in doing it straight away as he was too busy going - wtf is that? at everything, lol, but I'd better do it it before he gets big enough that it's an issue. Not that we're in any danger of him being able to pull me soon, but still.

We start classes next week, on Halloween grin I'm very tempted to go in costume - that way if he's badly behaved no-one will be able to recognise me, lol.

vigglewiggle Sun 28-Oct-12 21:46:06

Can I join in?

We have a 14 week old Springer Spaniel who we brought home 5 weeks ago. It is our first dog, so we are working it out as we go along!

The good-
He settled straight into his crate and has always been dry at night.
He is very affectionate, loves cuddles!
He has learned to sit and will wait patiently for a cue before eating his food.
He seems quite chilled with other dogs.

The bad-
He still regularly wees in the house and occasionally poos.
He chews the walls!
He pulls so hard on the lead his eyes bulge!
He has very nippy spells and has shredded most of my DD's nighties!

We are putting him out of the room when he nips which seems to have an effect, I think he is getting a bit better. I give him a firm "no" but I sometimes have to haul him off DD's and drag him from the room which feels a bit harsh.

We are thinking about training classes and now I'm wondering if we are leaving it a bit late! Everyone seems to be getting it sorted much earlier.

Thinking of getting a harness for walks to stop him passing out! Not sure what to do about the rest! Any advice welcome.

Training class asap. No such thing as too late but the earlier the better!
A good one will help you sort out pretty much all of his issues. Ask around the other dog walkers at the park and see where they went/go.

So are we all having nice autumny walks with our puppies now? The good news is that if they are less than 16 weeks during bonfire night they will be less likely to develop sound phobias. So far our little GSDx shows no sign of being worried by fireworks at all.

Ours is over the moon at getting out and about now. We have made it to the park this weekend but he still hasn't been off lead yet. Unfortunately I was ill friday, dh and ds were out all day yesterday and I was dealing with a house full of kids (birthday party for ds) today so puppy and dh went to my mums for lunch. I want to be there when he goes off lead as he listens to me better but I want dh there in case he needs chasing! We will do it on friday.

He has got better meeting other dogs. We live 2 minutes walk from a lovely country park and were called over to meet the group of regular dogs walkers the other morning. There was a large group of mainly labs and X labs. Puppy loved it but was much more circumspect in a large group. They were all patient with him and he was excitable but much less manic. He has been (slightly) better since though still hurls in there given half the chance!

GoldenOrangeWhippoorwhill Sun 28-Oct-12 22:37:55

This will (hopefully) be the first bonfire night fortnight in years where I won't have to deal with hysterical and continuously barking dogs. Old Dog is now totally deaf and can't hear them and New Pup will only be 9/10 weeks and won't have any idea. I miss Curly Girl dreadfully but she was always a wreck this time of year and set the others off

New Pup came home yesterday. She is utterly adorable and seems very bright. I taught her to sit for treats and she spent the rest ofvthe afternoon sitting at me hopefully.

punter Mon 29-Oct-12 09:39:00

Hi joining if I may. We collected our 8 week old golden lab puppy a week ago. Monty is full of life (and poop!) but can be gentle and fun. Still nipping at toes and anything that moves like trouser legs so I am now wearing leggings. Loves to play games but it is just like having a baby at home again, constant worry about where he is, what he is doing, how much is he eating, is he tired enough to go to sleep. A dog crate has been a blessing, no sounds from 10pm to 7am. Do not like the hour going back though! Off to vet today for first jab. Love to all new puppy owners.

GoldenOrangeWhippoorwhill Mon 29-Oct-12 12:07:03

New Pup, who now has a name, she's going to be called Rain, is so utterly adorable. She had her first lot of injections yesterday evening and we were practically mobbed in Pets at Home. She seemed to enjoy the attention. She's been really well socialised by the breeder and takes it as perfectly normal that complete strangers want to cuddle her.

She's going to be raw fed, the same as my old dog. She's not keen on minced chicken but rather liked the chunks and got very excited with the wings although she wants me to cuddle her and hold the wing while she chomps and her aim with those needle sharp teeth is not the best. Great bite inhibition training though and she's very polite and apologises if she makes a mistake.

She's still sitting AT me so I'm working on putting it on cue. She is figuring out that only sits that I ask for get rewarded and is not best pleased about it. grin. I'd forgotten how much fun baby clicker training is.

My old dog is not at all happy. She's 12 and getting to be a very crotchety old lady who does not appreciate having a silly puppy around. She mainly runs away when pup tries to say hello or she growls and barks at her. Hopefully she'll settle eventually.

vigglewiggle Mon 29-Oct-12 16:42:11

Loads of wee accidents today, must be because I cleaned all the floors hmm. He's been outside loads, but seems to come back inside and wee a few seconds later.

Does anyone else's puppy have these crazy 2 minutes like our puppy? He just goes bonkers, scratching frantically, head swinging all over the place nipping at anything that moves. It's not raw aggression, more like out-of-control playfulness, if that makes sense. But it scares my two DDs. Any ideas what leads to it and is putting him out of the room/ in his crate the best way to deal with it?

Golden Orange. Our 3 year old Lurcher girl wasn't at all happy when we bought The Puppy home but she plays with him quite a lot now. She does snarl at him if he looks like he's going to get on her sofa though.
We got the Lurcher as a pup when we had an 8 year old collie cross. He was even less impressed but he did eventually enjoy her company.

ViggleWiggle - our dog trainer recommends putting them out of the room for a minute or so, if they start biting, then completely ignoring them when you let them back in.
Our puppy has largely stopped this thank goodness but the kids are still acting like he is part piranha. It's very annoying.

tabulahrasa Mon 29-Oct-12 17:04:34

Crazy 2 minutes? That's my puppy's default setting...

He is getting better, ever so slowly all the time - I think though, that when he's not biting he's having to actively not bite if you see what I mean and anything exciting is enough to stop him concentrating on not biting, lol.

I think his teeth are bothering him today though (he's nearly 15 weeks) he's not seemed able to eat hard stuff, so I'm expecting even more biting and chewing soon <cries>

Either that or he's being fussy over food and managed to get one over on me, which is a possibility.

BensonBunny Mon 29-Oct-12 18:45:59

Can I join in? We collect our working cocker spaniel pup in two weeks and I alternate between excited and nervous. Reading this thread makes me worry about our ankles! I'm starting a list of the things we need to buy before we collect him, DD is compiling lists of names.

LadyTurmoil Mon 29-Oct-12 23:14:47

What are your favourite names so far bensonbunny?

BensonBunny Tue 30-Oct-12 07:31:17

Bailey, Rory, Arthur and Nero are all on the list at the moment. I'm finding it hard to decide what will suit him when he isn't here but I don't think DD can wait for 2 weeks to choose a name!

WTFwasthat Tue 30-Oct-12 13:15:46

i have just taken on a 12 week old lab x from Many Tears. He is so calm andmellow but hates going in his crate at night - I'm hoping this will improve as when I put him in in the day to clean the floor or have a bath or something he doesn't seem to mind then. He seems very passive and quiet and gentlefor a lab pup so am thinking he may be crossed with a whippet or something. He is quite lean and has long legs not your typical chunky lab. Maybeworking lab lines???? Anyway, whatever he is crossed with he is gorgeous. Housetraingin is a work in progress but am managing to keep on top of it so far. He has a runny tummy today (well looser than they were) am guessing this is as a result of the cheese rewards for weeing/pooing outside. Should I lay off the cheese and stick to his dry feed as a reward?

applegate Wed 31-Oct-12 07:46:25

Hi we have been taking our 12 week old springer for walks over the last ten days or so since his jabs were complete but I just wondered how far you all took your puppies? I asked the vet about the rule I had heard about 5 minutes walking for every month of their age but he wasn't very concerned and said that it was more relevant not to excessively walk larger/heavier breeds. To be honest we have a large garden and if we have a short walk pup then comes home and spends another half hour madly runnning about the garden! So the last couple of days we have been for about half an hour walking at dc speed (the smallest is 3 so not quick!) parts on the lead and parts off. I don't want to overdo it and just wondered what everyone else was up to walkwise?

tabulahrasa Wed 31-Oct-12 08:14:42

The walking thing is to do with hip dysplasia - which large breeds are more prone to ( I don't know if it's an issue with springers or not) and I have a large breed.

I had a bit of a panic to start with because it was taking me forever to get anywhere, but I gauged it on how far I'd normally get at normal walking speed rather than how long it actually took - now he's getting 15-20 minutes (at normal walking speed because we're not stopping every 20 seconds anymore, lol) through the day and a 10 minute slow meander before bedtime - which really is more than he should, but that's the amount that keeps him from being a complete tearaway, lol.

The 5 minutes per month is a handy way of remembering not to walk too far and that you need to build up the muscles gradually, it's not an exact thing.

vigglewiggle Wed 31-Oct-12 08:19:12

We have a 15 week old springer and we take him most days for about 15-30 mins max. He also does a lot of running and playing in the garden. The walks seem to be more about getting him used to other dogs, traffic noise etc.

I let him off the lead yesterday, but I cheated and did it in an enclosed area as I wasn't brave enough!

Mine goes out for 40-10 minutes as we have an older dog. He's not running around the whole time though. He spends a lot of time sitting on my feet while we waiting for The Lurcher to come back.
We do very little on lead atm but I do send the kids around the block with him now and again!

nellyscorker Wed 31-Oct-12 10:47:09

Hi, can I join? We have taken the plunge and will be collecting our new addition beginning of December. She is a Cairn and DH and I are stupidly excited - trying to keep it as a surprise from DD.

It has been a while since we last had a puppy - 13 years. What training/guide books are recommended? I have already found a local puppy training class for when she is older.
We have a long drive to collect the puppy, how best to transport her? Should I get a crate? Or will lap be ok? We have a bed from our old Cairn dog but it looks huge, I am thinking of a crate initially then moving her to the bigger bed or is that just a waste of money?

Really like the tip of giving a blanket to breeder so mum's scent can go on it for when we bring her home.


tabulahrasa Wed 31-Oct-12 11:22:58

I brought mine home in my cat carrier.

<looks at it> I'm not sure I could even get his head in there now, lol.

My plan for the crate was that I'd get rid of it when he was bigger, but unless he has a miraculous overnight personality change - that might not be for a couple of years... He's not exactly a nice chilled wee thing, he's lovely, but he's a holy terror tbh, lol.

A good book is Gwen Bailey's 'Perfect Puppy'.
I used a crate to transport ours, you really don't want them wandering around the car pooping and peeing everywhere!

applegate Wed 31-Oct-12 15:09:46

oh i feel a bit more reassured about walking now as he does tend to do far more than the 'recommended' times on his own in the garden before we even think about going out but we are only meandering when we are out really.
We also bought him home in a cat crate which he would definitely not fit in now! Take plenty of towels/blankets we had an hour and half journey to get home and poor puppy was so sick, we had to make several stops to change towels.
enjoy him he sounds gorgeous!

LeaveIt Wed 31-Oct-12 15:49:04

Can I join please? I persuaded wore him down my husband to get a puppy. We picked him up on Sunday night. On Monday night I was crying my eyes out over the realisation of what I'd done! (Although Dh helpfully hmm pointed out that I was probably more fraught due to TOTM).

I had been up and down like a yoyo after the little scamp. If he could find anything to play with (other than his own toys) he found it. And I lost count of the puddles I had to mop up and the four whoops. I nearly heaved up my stomach the first whoop I had to pick up indoors. The dc weren't keen on him and our cat was less than impressed. However, it is with much relief that Tuesday was a much brighter day and today even more so and we're all getting accustomed to each other. We're laughing at his antics, the cat is tolerating him and the dc are not so scared.

He's going for his first set of jabs today. Can't wait till I can take him out. Any hints and tips on bringing up a puppy will be gratefully received.

applegate Wed 31-Oct-12 15:49:16

We also use the Gwen Bailey which we have found great, also just started training classes last week which were interesting and really helpful although we haven't achieved much yet but its early days smile

tabulahrasa Wed 31-Oct-12 16:12:13

applegate - anything he does himself doesn't count, it's only for exercise you make them do.

Mines running about the garden now, well round the garden, into the kitchen and back out again, lol

I braved it today and took his lead off at the park this morning. Not for long as there were other dogs and people around so I just made the best of 5 minutes quiet with no distractions we chanced upon. He was very good and came back whenever called.

Lynand Fri 02-Nov-12 20:27:11

Hi there Joining in with Pepper and Basil - 9 week old Dachshund crosses. Bought from Pets4homes, supposed to have Dachs mother and Poodle father but they are looking more like Chihauhaus every day! They chew everything but their chew toys and wee everywhere bu their puppy pad! Not much barking/biting yet. Love the sound of the 'puppy parties'. Wonder where i can find one?

Lynand, our puppy party was organised by our vets practise. Try enquiring at your vets.

I'm hoping we've cracked house training now. He's 14 weeks tomorrow and hasn't had an accident for a week now and they've been few and far between for about 3 weeks now.

Biting was getting so much better but I've just shut him in the kitchen before I lost my rag with him as he's having one of those horrid snarly snappy 5 minutes.

Gosh Lyand, you are brave taking on two at once. I've often wondered how it works with two pups. Are you going to have two different people taking charge of one pup each, or just one person doing all the separate bits with them?

Lynand Sat 03-Nov-12 13:08:11

Well 16 yrs ago we had a pair of Dachsies and the last one died earlier this year. Missed him so we decided to do it again! With two dogs they often play with each other and as they are left three days a week they have company. They came to their names quickly as each is convinced the other is getting something good and they swop bowles in the middle of eating. Toilet traing and chewing a nightmare though as one is distracting me while the other is up to something. Tried two sorts of anti-chew spray and also vineger on the phone cord and they are still chewing it! DH and DD also watch them but lose concentration! Upside is losing weight due to never sitting down!

Did you have no problems with your older dogs then? A friend of mine got two cockerpoos together and they developed what their vet called littermate syndrome. She was advised to make sure they were fed separately, walked and trained separately which she didn't have time for, so she rehomed one.
It's good to hear it's not always a problem.

Had my first PFP moment today blush. Rushed to vets with a very upset puppy who was twitching, crying and throwing himself about. They let me crash the end of surgery with him. Vet had a good look at him before diagnosing itchy paws (blush again)!

She thinks he may have stood in something which sparked off a reaction on our lunchtime walk.

Lynand Sat 03-Nov-12 19:57:29

Not heard of this. I know a couple of people with sisters (spaniels, collies) and no apparent problems. We did have the larger (Jasper) very jealous of the other (Tigger) and he would beat him up on a regular basis. We had to be careful to pay attention to Jasper first or the other would suffer. Is that the problem? He died 5 years before Tigger so Tigger was top dog for last 5 yrs and a wonderful dog. Watching The new two closely for any sign of bullying.

There is quite a lot of information online if you google for it; stuff such as this
It sounds like you'd be better off knowing about it!

Lynand Sun 04-Nov-12 10:10:09

Wow! Certainly interesting. This wasn't a problem with the last two but i will be careful to watch for this. No mention of 'Littermate syndrome' from breeders or Vets!
Main problem is 'Chew Stop' not doing what it says on the tin!

ijustwant8hours Mon 05-Nov-12 10:46:15

Hello, how are the pups?

We are back from a week at the very cold seaside, the kids are loads happier with the dog and DH is a bit better (still refuses to do anything to help with the dog though which is annoying).

The biting is loads better (touch wood), still happens but not nearly so much. Housetraining was doing better but then we got home and he weed in the house about five times so we are back to square one on that I think.

He has been on the beach and on a train and a bus and loads of exciting things. He has started barking more now though so I am trying to ignore that in the hooe it wont get too bad, no idea if that is the right thing to do though.

Training classes should start this week hopefully...

I have nicknamed ours Doggylonglegs as he looks like he is on stilts at the moment!

I am hopeful about house training now though a little scared to say out loud that yes, I think he has cracked it now. I no longer take him out hourly, he is reliably telling me he needs to go out now. He hasn't had an accident now for over 10 days.

He loves our trips to the park and positively laps up all the attention he gets, prancing round like he thinks he's some sort of canine superstar!

Ours has doubled in size and is lying at my feet twitching while I type. His coat is a lot lighter too so god knows what colour he'll turn out in the end. We haven't had a puddle indoors for a few days now, which is nice.
He's coming up 14 weeks and I've dropped his meal down to twice a day which does seem to reducing poos- always nice smile
Training is going well, he's not the worst dog in the class, that honour goes to a golden retriever pup who just lies there and barks for the whole class.
The kids love the puppy now he's stopped doing piranha impressions and brush him every day.

tabulahrasa Thu 08-Nov-12 10:10:59

I'm still getting the odd accident, but it's about one every couple of days - and they're not his fault really.

He's still a piranha though hmm better, but not completely stopped.

Puppy classes - aye, he's the snarly bitey one that other owners avoid, rofl, he's not like that when we meet other dogs on walks, but a room full of them gets him in a weird mix of nervous and excited that makes him horrendous. The good news is that he's already getting to the point where we (me and DD go) can get his attention for lead work there though, so hopefully he'll get used to it all quite quickly.(he's only been twice)

I need to get him better with small children fast because he's now at head height to toddlers when he jumps up on them, luckily I've got an obliging friend with small people I can borrow, so I'm going to do that over the next wee while. He likes small people, it's just that he likes them too much and gets too excited and so starts jumping at them, trying to lick them and the odd nibble on feet...not what you want from a big dog.

ijustwant8hours Mon 12-Nov-12 11:52:16

I kind of feel like I need to start defending puppies as they seem to be getting a lot of negative press! Mine had a lovely play with the DCs this morning that didnt end in tears.... well there has to be a first time!

Fan, mine looks like he is on stilts too.

They are hard work but I wouldn't have it any other way. He has well and truly wormed his furry faced way into our hearts.

I can't belive how much we've changed to accomodate his needs but also how much we enjoy it too. It's no Andrex ad but I never expected it to be but it's worth every minute.

We start puppy class on saturday. Doggylonglegs will be beside himself with that many dogs in one place so not sure what to expect!

tabulahrasa Mon 12-Nov-12 23:15:00

Ah, mine is sweet and funny - but honestly, I could do with him being a dog rather than a puppy... luckily he will be soon enough, lol.

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Tue 13-Nov-12 19:32:16

Hello can I join you? Just chosed a little staffy X springer spaniel puppy we'll be bringing her home in 2 weeks time. Really excited though I know it will be hard work. Never had a puppy, our last dog was a 3 year old collie X rescue dog.

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Tue 13-Nov-12 19:32:43

chosen not chosed blush

Aww thats an interesting mix. I love crossbreeds, you never know quite what you are getting!

punter Tue 13-Nov-12 23:29:07

well our lab puppy is 12 weeks old and has had his two jabs so soon will be able to go out on walks and use up some of that energy. Garden has become quite boring I think. Still jumping up a bit and gets excited and does growling when we try to divert him to a chew toy so needs time out sometimes. Any ideas how to keep him busy (kong did not work) especially in the evenings when we want to sit down and relax and he does not!
Like children, he can be lovely but also can be horrid. Very leggy now as well.
Good luck to everyone.

Punter that is when I tend to throw cardboard boxes and tubes on the floor. It makes a mess but keeps him quiet.

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Wed 14-Nov-12 12:29:38

Should be even more interesting as her Mum is laid back and Dad a bit barmy! I bet you can guess which breed is which wink

We had our first puppy class today. He has found himself a best buddy in the shape of a cocker spaniel to tear around with. There were lots of cringe worthy moments (he got more time outs than any other puppy with his over enthusiastic ways!) but it is hard not to laugh when he's streaking round the place with what I call his gremlin face on! Think terrier whos ears and legs are still too big for him, hairy face starting to sprout tearing round at full tilt complete with tongue trailing like he's grinning!

poobum5 Sun 18-Nov-12 19:40:27

hellllooo all.
We have finally brought home our very gorgeous border collie Puppy yesterday. He is 8 weeks old and obviously gorgeous! It has been going well so far. Managed about 5 or 6 hours sleep last night - better than anticipated! We are still getting him used to his crate, but have made good progress with that today. Our first dog was unsure initially, but seems to be getting used to him and they have just had a fab play in the garden.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he settles well tonight....
DC are all totally in love with him, and so far we haven't had too much nipping.
Off to the vets for first injections tomorrow.
Must say I am loving puppy owning! We got our first dog when she was 6 months old so never done the very little puppy bit before!
Glad to hear others are surviving puppyhood! grin

Pizdets Tue 27-Nov-12 17:35:41


Hope it's not too late to post on here, I've been reading the last few pages and it's been so helpful to see how everyone else is getting on!

We have a little daschund x poodle who is coming up to 13 weeks old (Lynand, I don't suppose yours came from Cheam, did they???) who is adorable and is currently snuggled on the sofa next to me. He's generally very well behaved and I'm busy socialising him by taking him to bars and pubs as often as possible. He's a London dog so already used to going on the tube and bus, sirens, traffic etc.

I wondered if anyone had any experience on weight gain? When the breeder's vet weighed him on October 19th he was 1.16kg (so tiny!) and when our vet weighed him 2.5 weeks ago he was 1.5kg. I've been weighing him this week and he's still 1.5kg...surely he should have put on some weight in the last couple of weeks? He's eating well and full of beans but I'm worried I'm missing something. Will he have a growth spurt soon?

Hope everyone's puppies doing well and everyone's still doing OK with the housetraining in this awful weather!


SixtyFootDoll Tue 04-Dec-12 19:33:58

Hello, another newbie puppy owner, we brought home our female border terrier on the weekend.
8 weeks old and very cute.
Trying to use the crate but not sure how it works at night.
She is using newspaper to toilet on which is outside the crate, so have been leaving the crate door open, but kitchen door closed.
She's crying at night on and off.
Not sure how to get her to 'go' outside.


Hi Sixtyfootdoll. My Border is 4 1/2 months now so the teeny 8 weeker already seems a long time ago.

There is no secret to outside toileting other than repeat trips freezing your backside off in the garden with her. Take her out every hour and also out if she goes inside and she will get the message. Be consistant all the time.

And hang on to the thought it will pay off when it is driving you nuts. Ours has been fully trained for over a month now and cries to go out. It is worth the hard work. And when she is a couple more weeks on take the leap of faith and take up the paper. Getting rid of it helped ours get things right.

ijustwant8hours Tue 04-Dec-12 20:37:30


My border is nearly 20 weeks now, my goodness time has flown! He is growing into a lovely dog - but we stll have a few arrrgh moments!

I didnt crate at night until he was about 11 weeks, mainly because I thought that I would rather clean the floor in the morning than have him cry in the night, i started coming down to what was obviously one gigantic wee he had just done and then put him in the crate at night. He was crated in the day for short spells from the beginning.

To get them to go outside you need a warm coat and patience.... Take her out and wait, when she goes praise and treat. I said "wee" while he was weeing. Take her out a lot! Mine will now wee on command, but if I dont take him out every hour or so he will wee on the floor! Poos have been easier for us, same theory though. Take her out after she has eaten, wait, then praise and treat.

Good luck! They get big quick!

ijustwant8hours Tue 04-Dec-12 20:39:23

Cross post with Fan! Hi Fan, how are you doing?

digerd Tue 04-Dec-12 21:03:43

8 weeks is still very young. As soon as they wake up, if you catch them, scoop them up in your arms as I never had one wee on me, quickly open the door put them down and I always said "do wee wee", and when they did i praised them, They soon got the message. I think that was probably a little older than 8 weeks.
I used to put newspaper right next to the door in the kitchen, where they would later go outside to do it, and always praise when they do it. At 8
weeks old, they wee and poo in the morning after waking, also wee after every sleep during the day, and poo after every meal
before doing a poo they go round in circles a bit and when ready arch their backs, drop their rear, lift their tail and go. So if you watch you will get warning. Not so with the wee, though, unfortunately.
After drinking, outside for a wee.

Hi 8hours! Doggylonglegs is coming on in leaps and bounds now. Hardly ever bites now though has manic half hours. He loves muddy off lead romps in the woods (and leaping into waterfilled ditches!).

Puppy class is hard work though as he is overly enthusiastic with other dogs and gets too excited. We are busy with the task of teaching ourselves clicker tricks ready for the 'party' at xmas! Trainer says he is every inch the confident outgoing terrier ( read sharp as a button but equally independent).

And it is a good job I am not vain, I would have been very disapointed lately that the men doing U turns and stopping their cars to chat are only interested in my dog! It would seem the men in my neck of the woods are suckers for a hairy terrier!

How is yours coming along?

SixtyFootDoll Tue 04-Dec-12 21:59:55

Thanks all and hi fellow terrier owners.
Pleased with her so far, loves cuddles and very playful.
Vets tomorrow.

tabulahrasa Wed 05-Dec-12 19:58:08

Monster puppy had his last puppy class today, he'll be old enough for the adult ones after christmas...shock How an that be I'm still counting his age in weeks? lol

There's a Border Terrier in my puppy class, he is lovely, his whole body waggles with excitement smile

Lynand Wed 05-Dec-12 20:15:29

Hi Pidzets i see your Dachs/poodle is well behaved. My two are looking more like Dach/Chihauhas every day and are very naughty. They can get up the stairs but not down and sieze every chance to run up there and then cry. Basil got his tail stuck in the dog door. Pepper became wedged in the stairgate. They ate the squeaker from their toy duck. One of them may squeak if squeezed. If they don't leave the Xmas tree alone i may have them stuffed and hung on it. They use the 'puppy pad' and go out side but also leave plenty of 'presents' around as well. I could out-bend and stretch any gym class. Should have had Ferrets.

SelfRighteousChristmasPants Wed 05-Dec-12 22:01:12

We got Talisker on Saturday and she seems to be settling in well. Almost all poos outside, wees are very hit and miss. She does resemble a bouncing shark though grin Bit more stressful dealing with her as DS is off school ill but not too bad.

Pizdets Sat 08-Dec-12 07:29:01

Lynand, they sound hilarious to me, but then I don't have to live with them! I have made great strides in housetraining this week by getting a mesh puppy pen and keeping him in it ALL THE TIME unless he has my full attention. He's taken to it much better than I thought he would (he's still right next to me, just can't sneak off for a surreptitious wee on the floor) and he's now learning he has to ask to go out.

We've also blocked off the stairs with a box which we can step over, he's a terror with the stairs!

Think it also helps we don't have kids yet (we got him after losing our first pregnancy halfway through this summer, so I am probably some crazy dog lady) so the house is quite calm and he doesn't have much chance to get wound up.

His new trick is to try and take himself home alone if he gets fed up on walks, though, which results in much anguished running and amusement for passers-by.

StuntNun Fri 05-Apr-13 09:49:49

I have been reading this thread with interest. How are you all getting on with your pups now?

Wow, I have just re read this thread StuntNun as it all seems so long ago smile.

Our Border Terrier is 8 months old now and is there abouts fully grown now and gets hairier by the day grin It feels like he has been pretty easy really. He only ever had us up in the night once, was fully house trained under 3 months and has never chewed anything he is not supposed to. He is only crated at night now and that is only really out of habit as it doesn't seem to bother him.

He loves energetic games and long walks but inbetween this he is bone idle. He hasn't stirred this morning yet at all! He is still not fussed by breakfast so hasn't eaten yet..Finally found a food to suit his tricky tum though.

All round he is a fab dog though grandad puppy sitting has turned him into a food beggar as no amount if getting cross has stopped my dad feeding him off his plate. He is still an attention junkie though and therefore recall is patchy - read non existant if anyone about. I am selective about where we go off lead. Shame he can't master that as he is like bloody pudsey when it comes to daft useless tricks and a clicker grin

We wouldn't change him for the world and have enjoyed the puppyhood ride smile

FungusTheBogeyman Sun 07-Apr-13 13:36:07

Can I just say thank you so much for this thread and for all the amazing advice and experiences posted. We picked up our border terrier pup last Sunday and this past week has been a huge learning curve. It has been really reassuring to read about others and for some hope that things will get easier!

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