Dog drying coat

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fluffysticks Fri 16-Sep-16 09:44:36

Can anyone recommend a dog drying coat for my lab? Need something to put on him when we come off the beach which will help him dry off in the car on the way home.

winwhizzer Fri 16-Sep-16 19:29:42

There are loads on the market have a google

Equafleece, hotter dogs are great - spring things are also very good

Some people like the toweling coats like ruff and tumble or trover.

I prefer fleece as it does not get heavy on the dogs and dries really quickly

LimeJellyHead Thu 22-Sep-16 09:49:26

My dog has this one

Microfibre towelling is better at absorbing so is faster at drying your dog. There is also a bespoke sizing option for only a few more quid, and also two other versions with chest and neck cover.

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