puppy and older dog - reversal of acquisition times

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kelpeed Mon 21-Jul-14 02:45:18

this post continues the eariler recent thread about puppy- older dogs relationships.

We have a dpuppy.it is now 16 weeks. I need to go back to work soon, and havebeen wondering if he might like a doggy friend to keep him company during the times I will be at work (about 3 hours, 3 days per week). He has been around loads of dogs before and after he came to live with us and seems very (--overly--) confident in their presence. (i am trying to get him to introduce himself calmly but it is slow !!).

I am indirectly aware of instances where his breeder has sold one or two of her older dogs, rather than at the puppy stage. She has a policy where all dogs she provides must be returned to her (or at rehoming options least discussed with her in the first instance) if things do not work out for whatever reason. I am wondering if having an older dog friend - which our puppy would have known in his very early days - is an insane idea?

I have not put this idea to the breeder as yet in case it goes down like a lead ballloon.

Dpuppy is male and will be desexed after 6 months.

kelpeed Mon 21-Jul-14 02:47:43

just to clarify, the older dog would/could be from Dpup's breeder.

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