Anyone here allergic to dogs but still have them?

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Ha ha! Allergy to children - I think I may showing symptoms of that too! Main symptom I have is 'Imaginary shopping'. That's when you think you've bought more food than you have. I go to the fridge or cupboard to get something and it's not there. None of the DCs know what I'm talking about nor have they seen it or eaten it.

Our next door neighbours have an Irish Setter. He's gorgeous! Our female Dogue De Bordeaux has taken a real liking to him and keeps trying to scale the seven foot fence between them when they're out in the gardens at the same time.

Slavetothechild Thu 04-Apr-13 22:18:38

Oh and I'm sure I'm allergic to children too but I've never found anywhere to re home them too!! Main symptoms grey hair and no money hehe

Slavetothechild Thu 04-Apr-13 22:17:24

Old bag !!! Lol looks bad when I wrote that ! Glad the tablets seem to be working. We have Irish and Gordon setters so big and hairy perfect for someone who is allergic ! Bonkers is defiantly right. My consultant goes mad about the dogs but its what we do showing and breeding . As its our way of life I just don't remind the doctors now smile

Blimey SlaveToTheChild, that's quite a cocktail!

Looked again at your earlier post and must say I think you're very brave to live with dogs considering going into anaphylactic shock is a real risk for you.
Notice I say "brave" rather than "bonkers" - I couldn't be without my dogs either grin. Being nosey now... What breed do you have?

Right, I took one 10mg tablet on Tuesday and by the afternoon the runny nose had stopped! I felt very thristy though so I wonder if the tablets work by 'drying you up' somehow??? Didn't take one yesterday and was sniffling again so I think I do have an allergy to something in the home. Hoped to get to the Dr this week but I think I'll leave it until after the Easter school holiday so I can go by myself.

Slavetothechild Wed 03-Apr-13 23:54:49

I have been advised to take one 10mg tablet twice a day as my symptoms are so severe. That is by the hospital consultant so I would imagine one tablet should be enough. I also have to use nasal inhalers , and six other types of medications sad mainly due to being so bloody allergic to things . Hope they work

To those of you taking Cetirizine can I ask what dosage you take?

DP came home with a packet of Piriteze (Cetirizine hydrochloride. One 10mg tablet daily) this afternoon for me to try.

If I take one tomorrow morning how long will it be before the symptoms ease?

AdoraBell Mon 01-Apr-13 03:31:18

I'm mildly allergic but it doesn't seem to effect my breathing, flowers do that. With my dogs if one of them licks past my hands I quickly come up in a rash, it's not all dogs though.

I have a mix of long and short hair dogs - Two Dogue De Bordeaux, two SBTs, a Cavalier King Charles and a Papillon.

At the moment I'm just sniffly, sneezy and bunged up with a bit of a cough. Catarrh symptoms really. I went to my GP a couple of months ago and he prescribed antibiotics as he said he thought I had a nasal cavity infection. I have ulcerative colitis which is an auto-immune disease. The GP said that as my immune system is busy fighting my colon when I do get other infections they may last longer than they might normally do if my immune system wasn't busy elsewhere.

However, months later I still have the same symptoms so I don't think this is an infection and as it cleared up when I was away it seems it's something at home causing it. Two years ago I started suffering with mild hayfever (sore, itchy, runny eyes) so I'm aware these things can start at any time. This coincided with the first mild symptoms of the ulcerative colitis.

My DS1 (19) has asthma, although he hasn't had an attack for a few years. Oddly the asthma seemed to clear up as his dog and cat allergy started. Bizarre how these things go!

I shall try to get an appointment with my GP this week as once I know the cause I can start dealing with it.

Thank you again for all the replies and info! smile

Turniphead1 Fri 29-Mar-13 14:09:57

I have read that air filters are good for allergies such as hayfever because pollen particles can actually be trapped by it. Whereas pet dander doesn't get trapped.

It's the dander rather than hairs themselves that most allergic people react to. That or the saliva.

Damp dusting and keeping the dogs off furniture , bedding etc might help symptoms.

MagratGarlik Fri 29-Mar-13 12:24:52

We use air filters in our house, not because of a pet allergy but because all 4 of us have hayfever. We also wipe the dogs down during pollen season to prevent bringing lots of pollen into the house and we wash clothes with stuff called FabriCleanse, which is approved by Allergy UK and is supposed to reduce allergens on fabrics.

As Harry says, you can develop allergies later in life or existing allergies can worsen. Try and get a referral from your GP to an allergy specialist who can be invaluable in providing support and advice. Both ds' s are under a consultant who specialises in allergies and he has helped enormously in terms of how to manage the boys (multiple) allergies.

skratta Fri 29-Mar-13 11:24:07

I'm personally not, but a cousin is allergic (also has severe reactions, leading to hospitalising to horses, cats etc; so basically animal hair- even rugs or whatever can lead to a reaction), she owns a Boxer dog and has owned two beforehand.

If you ARE allergic, then breeds of dogs won't be currently useful. What breeds of dog do you currently have? If very short haired ones, there are solutions, but from your reaction it might mean you eventually have to rehome a dog sadly.

My cousin takes cetrezine regularly, and asthma meds too. The stuff you've got already (Miele vacuum cleaner) is great too, and my cousin made a kind of restricted room, basically, no dogs event got close and nor did anything the dog touched (in case of dog hair etc;) so there's always a little room of non allergic things.

I don't know much about my cousin's allergies (obviously) or types f allergies (I know my cousin is allergic to dog/animal hair) but it might help.

mrsmindcontrol Wed 27-Mar-13 18:42:59

Me too. Always been horribly allergic to dogs. Got myself a non moulting cairn terrier last year who is ADORABLE. Take a daily telfast tablet (only on prescription) & 90% of the time I'm ok. Probably couldn't manage a moulting breed though.

Slavetothechild Wed 27-Mar-13 18:34:47

I am allergic to dogs ( anaphlaxic level needing hospitalisaion ) and take cetrezine twice daily now with a nasal inhaler. I also take strong asthma meds and ow its not too much of a problem, handy as we breed dogs !!!

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersFiancee Wed 27-Mar-13 14:45:39

Harry as well as Greyhounds, I'm not allergic to Whippets either. Might a Whippet be a possibility? Obviously you'd have to meet a few first to see how you get on with them.

harryhausen Wed 27-Mar-13 09:01:51

I'm afraid to say you can develop an allergy later on in life.

Thus happened to my cousins DH. They had a black Labrador and had had him for 6 years. He was a much loved family pet. However, over the space of 3 months out of the blue her DH developed a severe reaction to him. Really really awful sneezing, angry rashes, severe asthma. They tried everything. The anti-histamines hardly touched it.

In the end they made the hard decision to re-home the dog. It took them a long time to find the right family but they were happy where he went and the other family members visit him in his new home.

I really hope it's not that bad for you OP.

I'm watching the thread with interest as myself and ds are rather allergic to dogs. My dd (8) and my DH are very keen to get a small dog. However we've held off for the allergy reason. People have advised us to get dogs that have to be clipped instead of malting. I'm still researching it as I'm not so sure.

Sorry to hijack thread.

Thanks for replies!

I already have the Miele cat and dog vacuum cleaner and have hard flooring downstairs. I think we're going to take up the carpet in our bedroom too soon so that may help at night.

Not keen on taking medication so will give wiping the dogs down a try and ask my GP to test to see if it is the dogs.

Thanks again. smile

I've had a cat for years and am allergic to them. Rec Miele dog and cat Hoover. Really helped me and meant I didn't have to take anti histamines after we got it. Suspect mildly allergic to pooch too.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersFiancee Tue 26-Mar-13 17:16:27

Yes, me! Although because you already have dogs my solution won't do you much good I'm afraid. I have a greyhound, I'm not allergic to him at all! But other dogs I am allergic to, I lived with MIL (who has a spaniel) for 10 months and took an anti allergy tablet every day. It helped but I still got wheezy around tea time.

poachedeggs Tue 26-Mar-13 17:10:54

I'm allergic to dogs and cats. I'm a vet grin. I take cetirizine each day as well as asthma medication, and it's fine.

Try wiping down the dogs with a damp cloth a couple of times a day. Meant to help.

I have six dogs but I think I may be becoming allergic to them.

I've had a runny nose, sneezing, tickly mucous cough for months now. I went away for four days a couple of weeks ago and noticed on the second day that my 'cold' was gone. It was brilliant not having my face in a tissue all day and not waking up coughing. I was so so pleased that at last I was better!

Within twelve hours of being home I was sniffling and now I'm sneezing again and blowing my nose constantly.

I asked DP if there could be something in our house making me unwell and he said it might be the dogs. DS1 became allergic to dogs and cats a few years ago. He doesn't live at home but visits and within the hour he's sneezing and then his eyes become sore and runny. I'm not that bad but I wonder if I'm going the same way.

I shall probably go to my Dr and ask if I can be tested but if the results come back positive, what then? A life taking anti-histamines or are there drug free solutions?

Anyone living with dogs and their allergy successfully?

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