Does anyone remember my quest for another dog?

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MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 14:52:21

Just had my home check done today.
Doggie due to arrive next Saturday (touch wood)



... but very happy for you - I bet your pup will be a pampered pooch in no time grin

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 15:00:55

Thank you smile

She is coming from Romania. Bless her little heart.

Ohohoh, my DB has a rescued dog from Romania - Felia. Absolutely gorgeous mongrel mixbreed.

I so yearn for a dog, but must wait until DS4 is past the Insane Toddler stage - for his and the poor dog's sake. And I work long hours... I can see millions going downt the swanee for dog walkers.

So I live vicariously via The Doghouse threads <<saddo>>

You must be soo excited. Have you gone mad buying stuff?

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 15:21:47

I am trying not to. I am being frugal.
But I have some John Lewis vouchers and am currently brokering a deal with a fellow MNer who is going to sort me out with a rather nice pink Cath Kidston collar and lead set grin

I picked up a bed a few weeks ago for a TENNER! from Pets at Home.

I have everything really. No excuse to go mad <dammit!>

LadyTurmoil Sat 02-Feb-13 16:20:45

very envy as well - hope to see some pictures of new arrival. Fantastic!

Oh yy, pictures are required asap.

What do you know about her? Age? History? Size? Looks?

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 17:09:51

If you have facebook you can see her here...

I've just deregisterd from fecking FB grin
I'll just wait
<<settles in>>

SpicyPear Sat 02-Feb-13 17:26:27

Oh wow. What a sweetie. Also envy

Good luck for next week.

Jenda Sat 02-Feb-13 17:30:56

Oh my she is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful girl im so glad you are going to be giving her a happy life! Please put a new pic up when she's settled. you must be so excited. Are you going to keep the name Cutey?

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 17:31:17

I am all a quiver.

I cant really tell what she looks like IYSWIM. I bet she stinks too grin

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aaaah a new doggie grin

Good luck...I hope it is a very good new doggie unlike mine

Pictures please when it arrives? I do not do Facebook after getting 36 friend requests from dd and DS1 friends. Repeatedly.
I don't want to be friends with 14 year olds thank you very much.

Anyway, yes pictures. That I can see.

SpicyPear Sat 02-Feb-13 17:56:26

Oh yes, make sure you have some doggie shampoo ready! When we collected both if ours they really really ponged.

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 18:00:49

But tantrums if you were on FB you could be MY friend <lures>

Did you adopt Rommies spicey?

Me and DC5 have been practicing a few words. Sit and Come and Baby girl.
He is only 2 but a virtual child prodigy grin

Baby Girl is written exactly the same in Romanian but sounds very different. <tru fact>

Iamaslummymummy Sat 02-Feb-13 18:12:45

Hi Mrs Devere

I picked up my rommy last night grin

It should have been last Sunday but we hadn't been home checked. He's been in foster since then. Picked him up at 9.30 at thurrock. Very strange! He was/is stinky. Will need another bath as the first one didn't sort it!
Very excited for you. Ours is a joy. So gentle and loving.

SpicyPear Sat 02-Feb-13 18:14:21

No, home grown mutts from big rescue centres but still very stinky, esp pup...

Iamaslummymummy Sat 02-Feb-13 18:14:27

Having fun wiping up piss and shit

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 18:17:16

I am hoping to pick up from Thurrock too!
I thought it was Saturdays they did the drop offs. I hope I haven't got it wrong. Friday will be a bit of a pain tbh. But still do-able.

I have my puppy pads ready and she has lived in a foster home for months so at least she has some training.

But I am used to wee and poo. Everytime I manage to train a child or animal I say 'never again'.

It might tell you something that I have five kids. I rarely listen to myself grin

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 18:18:17

Are you on the Happy Ever After FB page Iam?
You don't have to tell me who you are if you don't want to be 'outed'. smile

I can't do it MrsD

There are eleventy million identical pics of either dd and her friends doing that duck lip pout or ds1 and his friends with caps, sunglasses and no top on.
Not to mention the inane drivel they post.

and the fact if I see one of them in tesco, they go "oh mrs tantrum I see your FB page I like your hair in that pic, I like your shoes" DDs friends.
Or ds1 friends, "yeh blud I was looking at your mums FB pics last night you know..."

Nope can't do it. Sorry. grin

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 18:18:53

Just read your post properly about the Saturday pick up blush

MrsDeVere Sat 02-Feb-13 18:19:49

Tantrums you DO know that you DONT have to accept friend's request and you CAN set your page to private don't you?

You old gimmer


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