Considering getting a dog but I'm a clean freak - will the two mix!?

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digestiveandacupoftea Sat 08-Dec-12 23:23:27

I'm starting to get broody about getting a dog and dc would love one (yes I know not just for Christmas etc!)

BUT I'm a bit of a clean freak and I get that dogs bring in mess, mud etc. Just how much of an impact do they have?

This is very early stage and I am being very naive and clueless so this isn't a decision I'd ever make lightly and I will do lots of thinking. I just want to get views on how much mess they are...if it's a lot then it won't be for us.

lulalullabye Fri 14-Dec-12 21:26:44

Move to a hot country. We live in Australia and our 11 month old Lab lives outside, her choice!!!

I only use hard wearing, scrubbable paint. We have wooden floors throughout. Our stair carpet is a mud hiding beige. I bought a Miele cat and dog. I groom the dog weekly, and he is clipped regularly. I go through Febreeze like it's going out of fashion (if making your house smell of synthetic flowers was ever in fashion) and obsessively sniff my sofas. Oh, and light many, many candles. And there are lots of reed diffusers scattered about. You can limit the chaos, and you don't have to live with dirt. But you will have to up your cleaning considerably and accept that no matter how clean you are, people will walk in to your house and know that there's a dog in residence. Now, I personally think there's a clean dog smell, and a stinky dog smell. Clean dog is noticeable if they're next to you, but just smells animally. Stinky dog is that fetid, damp nasal assault. I can live with clean dog.

Canidae Tue 11-Dec-12 19:39:34

They are worth all the cleaning in the world to me but I did feel dispair when the GSD shook mud all up my freshly painted hallway after a walk!

CalamityKate Tue 11-Dec-12 19:05:09

Don't do it.

I'm not a clean freak and even I get pissed off at the mess. Not so much the hair as the muddy footprints and the mud up the walls when they shake, and the doggy smell.

It's all worth it to me. It just depends on how much you want a dog and how likely you are to get fed up.

Ephiny Tue 11-Dec-12 15:49:10

We have mud-splattered walls, hair as a condiment, some dubious-looking stains on the carpet, and a general odour of dog throughout the house. Sorry.

If I was starting again, I'd make the house more dog-proof (didn't have dogs when we moved in): hard flooring, washable walls, leather sofa.

Puppies will wee on your floors and chew your furniture. A house-trained adult dog is less likely to do this, but our old dog had continence issues towards the end of his life -- personally I didn't mind cleaning up after him as I loved him and it wasn't his fault. But that might have been difficult to deal with for someone obsessive about the cleanliness of their house.

Oh, dogs are manky. They smell, track all manner of filth through the house and spread their dna liberally. But when it's your dog, and you love it, you don't mind. A bit like dc's.

InExitCelsisDeo Mon 10-Dec-12 23:00:38


SlightlyCrumpledChristmasPaper Mon 10-Dec-12 22:59:01

I have to Hoover do much more than I ever thought possible but I hate the house being messy. We have a large off cut of carpet that lives under our sofa during the day when we are not in the lounge. It comes out in the evening for the dog to lie on. We have tiled floor all through the rest of downstairs.

She is messy though & can wreak havoc on a room when all I have done is pop to the loo! She hasn't eaten/ chewed anything if importance yet.
On the positive side I have trained her to lie on a towel when she comes indoors so I can give her paws a quick clean. It doesn't stop her doing a full body shake of wet fur though!

moogalicious Mon 10-Dec-12 12:28:26

leather sofa - scratch marks and large chew hole in the bottom
carpet - several chew holes
banisters - teeth marks
dining chairs - ditto
walls - mud splatters
new boots - eaten
favourite hat - eaten
various toys - eaten
floors - hoovered and cleaned daily
children - slightly nibbled

That's without cleaning up vomited tripe from the carpet plus other various poo/wee/puke accidents.

kitsmummy Mon 10-Dec-12 12:19:18

You could volunteer as a fosterer for one of the rescues? This way you'd get a real insight into owning and a dog and if the mess was really making you crazy, you'd know that you'd only have it for a limited time until the dog went to its new owners. You could then decide wether or not having a dog suits you?

*sprayed, even blush

My sofa has one normal arm and one chewed arm
I have no cushions, they are in the back garden
I hoover so much, I cant quite believe it
My house does smell like dogs, no matter how many windows I open, how much stuff is spayed.
Wet dog smell is vile
Bright yellow bile? Fox poo? Muddy paw prints on every window?
Yes, yes, yes

would I ever be without them?

digestiveandacupoftea Mon 10-Dec-12 09:24:45

Merrymouse - I like a clean house and don't like cleaning grin

helpyourself Mon 10-Dec-12 07:01:55

digestive you'll get a v good idea if you invite a dog owning friend round, or have a friend's dog to stay overnight. If as I used to, you go Doh, bless as when they've gone you pick up a tumbleweed of hair, you know it's meant to be!
Dogs are very different in mess though; definitely go for short hair and big dog= more wear and tear on the house.

merrymouse Mon 10-Dec-12 06:51:37

I think it depends. Do you like your house to be clean, or do you just like cleaning. If the second, you will be in heaven with a dog. You can cleaning up marks on the walls, little doggy footprints, dog hair and chewed bits and pieces all day long!!!

(Wetwipe dog's bum after he poos? the mind boggles!)

PartridgeInASpicyPearTree Sun 09-Dec-12 23:47:56

You could always get your doggy fix doing some volunteer walking for a rescue, maybe signing up to the Cinnamon Trust to help an elderly person to keep their dog exercised smile. All of the benefits of dog walking but no mud or bodily fluids in your home!

digestiveandacupoftea Sun 09-Dec-12 23:14:42

Thank you for your thoughts. My gut feel based on all this is to continue admiring cute doggies from afar but not to get one as it will not be for me!

I think it depends on the dog and your home set up how much mess is made.

I am pretty laid back about mess. I have a spaniel and glass doors from the house to the garden which is turfed. Dog walks for us mean swimming in the sea or chasing a ball in the mud. However much I clean there is always hair on my sofa, muddy smudge marks on the doors, paw prints on the floor and a faint smell of dog.

My friend is a total neat freak. She has a miniture shnauzer and a totally paved garden. Dog walks for them mean on lead walks on pavements. He's non shedding so there is no hair in the house. There is no mud in the garden for him to bring in and they wetwipe his paws before allowing him inside after walks. They allso wipe his bum with a wetwipe after he poos. Their house is always spotless and the dog hasn't really impacted on that.

Just make sure you really think about the sort of dog that will fit your family

WTFwasthat Sun 09-Dec-12 19:08:32

for me it is not that big a deal smile

WTFwasthat Sun 09-Dec-12 19:07:26

cleaning, not learning blush

WTFwasthat Sun 09-Dec-12 19:07:02

there is more mess, hair, muddy paw prints etc. But not so much that i am leaning any more often! I have an18 week lab x puppy. i also have 3 cats. I hoover every 2-3 days and he kitchen floor gets muddier but it is really not that bad! I have a porch so wipe pup down in there if needs must. He is not allowed upstairs so that's no different. His bed is in kitchen abd we have wood floors downstairs so nothing is too dirty

ijustwant8hours Sun 09-Dec-12 09:44:53

I have one puppy, short haired and small / medium breed. He has eaten a hole in a wall, dug a hole in a carpet, put footprints up a wall etc etc. I hoover and mop more than I have ever done and my hands are falling to bits from cleaning up accidents. BUT there are no toys on the living room floor anymore (the dog eats them) so hoovering is easier.

I hate housework though so I love the fact that I have to take him for walks rather than do it, so I'm with paddy really.

The clean thing is not the biggest issue though.....

TheReturnOfBridezilla Sun 09-Dec-12 08:59:23

My dh had two large dogs when I moved in with him and the cleaning really is something else, particularly as he gives them free reign of the house and never picks up after them himself angry.

I could clean the whole house from top to bottom every day and it'd still never be clean. You can't undersestinate the hair and the dirt.

Look at it as a form of liberation from the tyranny of housework. Cleaning v walk in the woods with pooch on a windy day. No competition.

Mind you, if you have a counter surfer your kitchen tops will never be cleaner grin

poachedeggs Sun 09-Dec-12 06:47:09

I love my dogs but how I'd love to be able to have guests round without a half-day of cleaning prior to their arrival.

I have a light coloured dog with stiff shiny hairs and a dark coloured dog with fine wispy black hairs. No outfit goes unscathed.

We ban them from upstairs so the clothes escape the worst of it (until they're being worn, of course), but then there's the paw prints, nose prints, drool, general lingering niff of hound.

I can't deny that I lust after a clean home. My big old girl must be telepathic because she's just wandered over and given me a gentle prod with her long, cold, slimy nose. Wouldn't be without them smile

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