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Cross Breeds. What is your opinion.

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MrsDeVere Fri 19-Oct-12 17:49:06

I am NOT starting a bunfight thread and will not participate in one. If it goes that way I will simply hide this thread and not come back smile

I am genuinely after people's opinions and their reasoning.
I have noticed on threads that there seems to be a general dislike of cross breeds. Not the actual dogs, I am sure you all love the individual dogs, but the idea of them.

Is it only the 'designer' crosses that are the problem? If so I can understand that. But I dont get the problem with genuine mongrels.
But then I understand the problem with people not getting their dogs neutered and I suppose if they did, there wouldnt be any mongrels would there? <confuses self>

The reason I ask is because I have never had a pedigree and never had a desire to own one. I think they are perfectly lovely but I would be happy if all dogs were mixed (dont hurt me).

I had a proper Heinz 57. He was simply the best dog ever. Collie size, retriever type coat, head like a flat GSD and the best natured dog I have ever met.
We had a ChixJRT (we think) who we got when she was 7 from DGM who was going into sheltered housing. She was a bloody nightmare but lovely. Escapee extraordinaire and lived till she was about 19.
I have a terrier cross. Quite a big body and little legs. He is now about 15-17 and living with my DS who he adores.
I have a chi x pom (klein) who is lovely, no trouble, never runs off, ignores other dogs and loves the DCs. He is 3.

All of my dogs have been rescues apart from the Chi x. I wanted a puppy and had small children so knew it would be almost impossible to rehome (from past experience).

I did a lot of thinking before chosing a cross breed type. I wanted a small dog without any terrier. I think I am a responsible dog owner. My dogs are all neutered, trained, chipped, wormed and vaccinated.

I would like another dog at some point but am confused as to how to go about it. I would gladly take a puppy from a rescue but what are my chances?
If I buy one from a private home am I encouraging feckless owners or helping solve a problem by homing an unwanted puppy?

Is there a way of doing this the right way?

MrsDeVere Thu 24-Jan-13 14:55:26

<sticks fingers in ears and says La La La at issey's post>

issey6cats Thu 24-Jan-13 14:34:37

anyone looking for a dog or puppy please have a look on facebook at cyprus pride house they mainly have cats but at the moment have the most adorable chi cross puppies wilma was chucked out on the dstreets because she was pregnant and the pups are georgous llike little white piglets, they were born two weeks ago, and having adopted my dog from there june the lady who runs the rescue is an amazing lady, the dogs fly over to heathrow airport, she also has some hounds aswell if you like a bigger dog one of them storm looks like he could have been one of my dogs pups as he is 18 months old and she was dumped 5 months ago but he is the spit of her

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 14:23:33

Oh that is handy what is Betty In Romanian grin of course you are being picky you are entitled to be dogs are hard work and they need to be the right 1 dh is looking on dogs trust to get jaydog a friend hmm

issey6cats Thu 24-Jan-13 14:03:22

have had dogs all my life and experiences as follows, border collie from RSPCA when i was 10 a fabulous dog and she lived to be 17, labrador from friends accidental mating, lovely dog but sensitive stomach, farted a lot and was travel sick he lived to be 12,

border collie cross whippet(possibly as her shape was whippy) from foal farm rescue lived to be 17 not a bad bone in her body, cairn terrier from a reputable breeder a little bugger who hated other dogs but was a fantastic little dog, cost a lot when he was a puupy due to problems with his dew claws but other than that never ill, he lived to be 15,

JRTx staffie friends had new baby and didnt want him so i took him on a loony but a sweetie he lived to 14 years, a god knows what went into rio think she was a chi cross took her on when a friend moved and couldnt take her with them, she was a typical small dog more like a cat she lived to 13 years,

and the current one a coon hound cross girl who is around 8 years old, she was used as a puppy breeder in cyprus which is where i adopted her from a rescue there, she is a sweety. very lazy though and does have some confidence ishoos

LadyTurmoil Thu 24-Jan-13 13:43:13

That's fantastic. Did the AAA lady tell you that they have an FB page foe Rommy owners that you could join...if you wanted. Hope it all goes well, she sounds lovely and great that she is being spayed before she comes over and that she was fostered as well. Remember phosptos when she arrives! smile

onlyoneboot Thu 24-Jan-13 12:41:27

I bookmarked this www.talkingtails.com/command.html when we adopted from Romania but never used it as she had no training anyway wink

MrsDeVere Thu 24-Jan-13 12:25:53

I have a Romanian app on my ipad because I sometimes work with Romanian families so its handy smile

I am lucky that this little one has been fostered. I wouldn't consider a shelter or yard dog at 7mths. I would have only been able to take a very young puppy in those circumstances.

I know I might sound fussy, but it is really for the right reasons. I want this to work.

My animals (touch wood) seem to live for bloody years and years. If I am to have this doggie for the next 18 years, she needs to be happy and so do we.

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 11:50:08

can you speak Romanian you will need to learn a few words

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 11:49:14

I have a facebook friend who is invovled with rescue abroad think it is middle east though, dogs are not really cared for that well in some countrie somtimes dont have time for 'pets' iyswim

MrsDeVere Thu 24-Jan-13 11:43:04

We are thinking Betty-Whizz

Its a compromise. DS2 wanted to call her Whizz Kalifa hmm

I get to name the creatures in this house but this doggie is supposed to be for DS2 too (he has ASD) so I bent a bit.

I just hope it all works out ok. I just want to give her a cuddle.

I am going to start a thread about rescue from abroad this afternoon. I hope to get some advice and not too much battering.

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 11:34:11

Oh ok i misread you sorry

My dd has a right boring name you wouldn't want too, grin

MrsDeVere Thu 24-Jan-13 11:30:39

No not the puggle sad
Celia Hammond never got back to me.

This one is a real mash up! Like the dogs of my childhood smile

Are you trying to get me to name my doggie after your DD mrs grin

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 11:23:40

he is a pug/beagle <squeee>

so is she a bug then wink bet she has a little squishy face and adorable

mrsjay Thu 24-Jan-13 11:21:37

aww Mrs DV that is fab I knew you wanted another dog but couldn't adopt because your dc was too young not long now have a name for her let us see pics of her when she arrives, that is my dds birthday just thoughtyou would all want to know THAT grin

My opinion of mixed breeds is well I love them newdog is a collie x but the rescue thinks he is a xcross with 2 different collies so is he a halfbreed then grin

MrsDeVere Thu 24-Jan-13 11:09:56

No it didn't turn out to be Mada. She is over a year old and I think it would be unfair to expect her to slot into our family. We are busy and loud an already have a dog etc.

So I ended up talking to a lovely lady from AAA. I was origninally a bit put off by the lack of response and then they called and said she was booked on the next transport! shock

But on talking to the lady it seems that they are normally very organised and she was great. I talked a lot about what sort of dog I wanted. I thought she might get snotty at me being fussy. She didn't. She understood it was about me wanting to make it work for us and the dog.

So a few days later a little 6-7mth small-medium pup came up. She is being spayed and is booked to come over at the beginning of Feb. We are just waiting or homecheck and that should be soon.

She is about the size of a large cat so is unlikely to get much bigger. She is used to kids and cats and dogs and visitors. She has been living with a foster rather than in a shelter.

Fingers crossed all goes well. Eeeek.

LadyTurmoil Wed 23-Jan-13 23:44:36

Oh wow! Very exciting, is she the one you were talking about before, Maya/Mada, something like that via AAA?

MrsDeVere Wed 23-Jan-13 18:48:46


Fingers crossed...

I am expecting a new arrival on 8th February. She is a little mixed breed from a Romanian rescue (dont ask, I don't know how it happened, it just did)

She looks delightful. We are being homechecked soon. The homefinder sounded really nice, knowledgeable and sincere. She was happy for me to be 'fussy' about the dog I wanted and understood why I needed to be.


MrsDeVere Fri 09-Nov-12 20:24:38

No sad

They may be busy though. Its only been a few days so fingers crossed.

She is a pug/beagle <squeee>

LadyTurmoil Fri 09-Nov-12 16:46:00

MrsDeVere any news about the little cross breed you were looking at?

MrsDeVere Wed 07-Nov-12 17:29:22

I have just called the Celia Hammond Trust about a little cross breed. Older, different gender and not a toy!

I spoke to the Mayhew but I have pretty much written them off due to my boys being too young. I understand why so many homes worry about children but its very frustrating for me. I know a lot about dogs and an awful lot about kids. sad

The little lass I have enquired about is bound to be popular so I am not sure how far we will get but if its meant to be....

Imsosorryalan Wed 24-Oct-12 21:28:14

Sorry, been away for a while! Yes, whoever asked about cost, that includes transport to the uk, depending on the charity used and whether anyone else has 'chipped in' with the costs. ( this can be donations or sponsorship ) .
I agree to some extent that you don't really know what you're getting but then no breed behaves exactly how you would expect. My commitment was to help a stray have a better life and I was willing to help it overcome any issues that arose.
Now she is here, she is the sweetest most loving little thing. Now confident and happy after being timid initially. It is like she realises she has been given a second chance. And that makes me feel amazingwink
If you do consider this option, I would say to research the charity/shelter well. Ensure there is someone on the phone not just via Internet. If they are reputable they will ask for a home check and have detailed information about the dogs character (albeit in a shelter situation) they should also sort a plan b with you if it doesn't work out.
However, I'd like to add that please do look thoroughly at uk rescues too as your perfect pet may well be just around the corner. wink

febel Wed 24-Oct-12 17:13:08

I'm not quite sure if we are talking cross breeds here iegrinne specific breed crossed with another, a designer breed, or mongrels..like mine! I think perhaps people buy pedigrees cos they want a certain sort and size of dog and want to know what it will probably look like when it grows up if they buy a puppy? Also, certain breeds do have certain traits/characteristics and temperaments...although we all know a dog who bucks the trend I am sure! Within those breeds all dogs have different personalities too. Main thing is mongrles,We have a cross...he was a rescue and is, I think by looking at him, a lab/greyhound cross. You might presume he is a chaser of other animals but he isn't so theat greyhound trait isn't strong (he ignores them, including our cat) but he is a VERY fast runner and can outrun our local greyhound, but he will come back when called.
The thing is with mongrel type dogs is often they are more healthy as they have a bigger gene pool to draw from......

LadyTurmoil Wed 24-Oct-12 00:50:08

I understand what you mean, but some of those rescues have looked after the dogs since they were born to mums already in the shelter or they have been rescued from the streets at a very young age, so have been socialised well etc. however, you have a point about breeds, it's probably harder to tell with many of them. Lots of the Greek and Cypriot dogs are more clearly pointers, hunting dogs or Cyprus poodles, for example. It is difficult that you can't meet the dogs before making a huge decision to adopt and have to rely on what the rescues tell you, although I think they'd be the last people to want an adoption to be unsuccessful. Agree that high prey drive and/or bonkers collie would not be traits I would want either.

Quodlibet Wed 24-Oct-12 00:23:10

I would be worried with those Romanian/Greek/Bulgarian street dogs that there is not enough info available about the dog's likely traits/temperments. For instance I would not want another dog with collie-like intensity, having had a border collie. Because they are rescued/pulled out of a pound and not assessed in a home, I don't see how you can know what you are getting.

To my mind there is an argument that you are more responsible getting a known, well-researched cross where you have a good idea of the likely temperament/traits and where the cross has been selected for biddability than ending up with an unknown mongrel who may have a high prey drive/sensitivity to noise/collie focus/terrier bonkersness if you're going to potentially struggle with any of those qualities.

LadyTurmoil Mon 22-Oct-12 22:20:10

Aah, bless, it's wonderful that some of them find loving homes. smile

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