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goshandspecs Sat 08-Sep-12 19:33:22

In my younger years we took a puppy from a friend, she had had him 3 days and he had snapped at the children everytime they went near him, they were older dc and not rough and he was really going for them not puppy mouthing. She went back to the breeder who didn't want to know So I took the puppy as I had no dc and had grown up with dogs.

I took it to the vets as I was concerned that he just didn't act Like a puppy and seemed miserable, vet agreed and ran tests. The pup started having fits and stopped walking and was very disorientated. At this point the vet decided it was kinder To put him to sleep as he had no quality of life and had obviously been snapping as he was ill/in pain :-( He was 13 weeks old when I held him while he was put to sleep.

It put me off tbh but I would be wary as the original breeder had all the right papers, mum and dad on show and nice home.

ssssh Mon 22-Oct-12 13:39:58

Five hours and Bitter: I hope you've managed to find a dog now. Your experience with rescues is so different to mine: I took my children to Dogs' Trust in Leeds in the holidays. I had already been online and didn't think there were any dogs we could have as none were suitable for young children (ages 5,6 & 7). I just wanted to register, have a look around, and prepare the kids for the process. However, once I'd spoken to some staff members and they realised that I'm fairly sensible and an experienced owner, several dogs that were previously only available to homes with teenagers children became available to me. We were also shown the puppy rooms which had about 6 we could have chosen from - very young puppies are not put up on the website. We could have had any number of staffie crosses but chose not to because we had had a rescue staffie cross previously, as well as a rescue GHD: I had had enough of people grabbing their dogs and crossing the road to avoid us. We ended up with a 5 month old lurcher type. When we collected him we had to attend a talk about puppy care along with some other families, all of which had young children.
Sorry this has gone on a bit but I think the point I'm trying to make is that it might be better to go to rescue centres and meet the people who run them, otherwise you are just another name on a form. They also need to meet your children as one 5 yr old might be great around dogs whereas another might inadvertantly wind them up. The Leeds centre is quite a long way from us but it was worth the trip - I don't think we'd have a dog now if we hadn't gone.

CottageCheeseAndAppleSandwich Sun 28-Oct-12 10:17:26

Adopt don't shop! Why would anyone want to fund the lifestyle of a grubby puppy farmer/dealer and keep them in business? Puppy farmers/dealers are the lowest of the low and no better than pimps.

Aquelven Sun 28-Oct-12 16:13:18

Scuttlebutter, what regs are about to change in Wales please?

It is already necessary in the UK to have a license if more than two bitches are kept for breeding...


ShruggedAndSaid Tue 29-Jan-13 23:37:36

Adopt don't shop. Too many people are buying pups that have serious health problems like parvo virus. Don't buy into the misery or the heartache. Research puppy farms, the info is out there.

pepsiesmammy Wed 30-Jan-13 19:52:58

I wish more people would look into it more before buying a puppy. Still people are buying puppies with parvo if only they would take the time to look for reputable breeder. Why throw money away to BYB's when there are so many dogs & pups are in rescue. sad


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