I think I know the answer already but do Pets4Homes use puppy farms?

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AllergicToNutters Thu 22-Mar-12 22:27:59

My friend has pointed me in the direction of pups available on Pets4Homes several times now. I have told her that I am sure they are farmed pups but she is convinced they aren't (she got a Bichon Frise through them). Her pup has had no health issues and seems gorgeous and well socialised which is why she is convinced I am being overcautious and a bit 'precious' about the origins of any dog I will bring into our family. Out of curiosity I rang a 'breeder' this evening who is selling a litter of yellow lab retrievers for £195 each!!!!!!!! I asked a few pointed questions and he was clearly a twat and only in it for the money. Well, that's the impression I got anyway. But I don;t have any real facts. Another friend has bought a labradoodle from them about a year ago and she seems fine too. Anyone got any real information on them?

RoverQuestion Mon 26-Nov-12 10:01:16

Thanks again Scuttlebutter, have had a quick look at Scruples and will go back and look properly.

Re the garden, it's certainly not fort knox by any means - although it is fenced all the way round, a determined dog could probably dig a hole under the fence quite easily, or even scale it in places if its legs were bouncy enough. It was fine for our previous dog (a Westie), but she didn't really have the wit or the will to make bids for freedom grin

We haven't even got as far as a home check stage yet with any of the rescues though.

I suppose it's quite hard to find the kind of dog we want really - small, not overly prone to escaping, polite, placid...

Our Westie was gorgeous and ticked most of the boxes except for being very barky and going nuts when someone came to the door, I would consider another one though, depending on its personality.

Spicy Pear - thanks yes that does make sense, and I'd much rather get a dog from a rescue than someone who is just trying to privately sell or get rid of a dog they don't want any more (you see quite a few of those ads around too sad ).

Don't worry Rover, it will take a little time for the perfect dog to make its way to you. I'd definitely go back to Scruples for a second look - what you've described sounds OK.

One thing to bear in mind though, considering the time of year is that many (not all) rescues suspend rehoming over the run up to and the Christmas/New Year period. Many reasons for this - but obviously rescues wish to avoid any suggestion of dogs being given as Christmas presents. Also, it is often a bad time to introduce a new dog to the family - lots of fragile decorations, grin, masses of visitors, lots of chocolate lying around, etc. You 'll be fine at the moment but it's something to bear in mind as we go through December. smile

RoverQuestion Mon 26-Nov-12 12:01:09

Thanks Scuttlebutter, that's encouraging smile

Re Christmas, yes I'd forgotten but now you mention it, that's what one of the rescues said a couple of weeks ago, that they don't rehome till January now.

Kimj1986 Thu 06-Dec-12 16:56:42

I have bought a puppy from a breeder on pets4homes that has been breeding for over 20 years and Alot of people I know and know of have had puppy's from her over the years and thay have all lived to be of the average age for the breeds it's no different getting a pet of line than when people used to get pets from adds out the paper people just need to know wot to look for when buying a pet

WTFwasthat Sun 09-Dec-12 22:30:09

i looked at p4h many times when looking for a pup for us. i ended up getting a rescue puppy but anyway. i did call a few ads and you can instantly tell if you know what questons to ask!

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