Mumsnet on The Bubble!

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LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:15:52

Mumsnet was just on The Bubble as a question! Justine was interviewed. Anyone watching?

I quite liked Victoria Coren until then.

PigeonPie Fri 19-Feb-10 22:18:56

Ditto! But she did mention about bicuits so is she a closet mnetter?!

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Feb-10 22:19:10

I saw it!

Do you not want Victoria on for a webchat then? <innocent>

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:19:17

Mmm. It was rather unfortunate, yes.

Botbot Fri 19-Feb-10 22:20:27

She can cock right off. Reginald D. Hunter, however... mmm (even with his new rubbish hair)

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:21:04

The biscuit stuff was in every newspaper.

I am pretty sure that Vicky would be too scared to come on here grin

Lizzylou Fri 19-Feb-10 22:21:33

I didn't see it, but I quite like her normally on that Only Connect programme, me and DH have a competition and I always win. Am v good at the missing vowels last round blush

What did the beeatch say????

PollyTroll Fri 19-Feb-10 22:25:22

You and Justine did vv well Helen <smarm> How did it all come about? Do tell.

And yes, get the Vic on for a webchat <snigger>

She said something along the lines of Mumsnet being a site for women to join and congratulate themselves for having children. Very disparaging, and she came across as a bit of a twat.
By the way, everyone, congratulations on having children.

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:27:44

I believed the story. I have friends who slink in the corridors of power <mysterious> and MN is discussed at the highest level.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Feb-10 22:29:30

Erm, they phoned us and asked if Justine would mind making it all up.

She didn't. They came. And ate all our biscuits.

Actually, quite amused that the panel thought it was so obviously made up. <strokes chin>

By the way, WHERE are all your user statuses, eh?

PollyTroll Fri 19-Feb-10 22:29:34

I didn't believe it. I prowl the deserted wastes of the Politics board and there's nothing as interesting as dedicated political activists on there. grin

PollyTroll Fri 19-Feb-10 22:30:36

SO there was no actual Mitchell-stroking involved? sigh

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Feb-10 22:32:17

No, sadly.

User status, PolyTroll! Hover over my name and you'll see what I mean.

Look in MyMumsnet under your registration details to add one to yours.

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:32:56

I don't think anyone who hadn't been on here would have a very good impression of MN from the reports in the papers, though. Biscuitgate made us sound like a bunch of wittering housewives. Generally, press reports stress the negative (bullies, militant about bf etc) so I suppose people surmise about what it is like.

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 22:34:14

Oooh <interested> I will investigate. Is it permanent, like a tattoo?

PollyTroll Fri 19-Feb-10 22:35:31

<snort> OK then

I agree that the reporting of biscuitgate made us look like idiots, but I do think I'd at least bother to look at a website before going on TV to announce that it provokes a 'boiling rage' in me.

Lizzylou Fri 19-Feb-10 22:35:33

Have just hovered, cool
Would it be crass to have "In need of a shag"????????

squeaver Fri 19-Feb-10 22:36:08

Oh God, that's bordering on tickers.

I thought Victoria Coren was quite funny actually.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Feb-10 22:36:13

No, you can change it whenever you so wish, LadyT...

Which I might do once day if I ever do get a cup of tea!

PerArduaAdNauseum Fri 19-Feb-10 22:36:18

User status1 <<Squeals>>

Am so easily pleased it's embarrassing...

PerArduaAdNauseum Fri 19-Feb-10 22:40:09

Rah! I have status grin

Helen shock stop telling people!

ooh, is this new grin

PerArduaAdNauseum Fri 19-Feb-10 23:21:58

Loving your new look slartybartfast grin

Per, yours is making me giggle for some reason.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Fri 19-Feb-10 23:26:14

i have loathed victoria coren since she was a teen reporter on loose ends. and that porn thing, ugh.

her poker impresses me, though, i admit.

LadyThompson Fri 19-Feb-10 23:27:10

Punctuation and spacing in mine has come out all wrong. But too lazy to change it.

PerArduaAdNauseum Fri 19-Feb-10 23:29:59

Jack - it's my tribal name wink

VCoren Sat 20-Feb-10 01:47:07

Hi guys, Victoria Coren here (weirdly, the actual name "Victoria Coren" was taken already - whoever's using it, it's not me...)
Anyway, look, please don't be cross about the Bubble thing! It was just a joke about being childless and jealous - I thought that was obvious but if not to all, sorry. It's not the most original joke in the world - single/childless woman gripes resentfully about married/mothers (Bridget Jones was doing it years ago), but what can I tell you, it's scary to be there alongside professional comedians, sometimes the obvious is all that comes to mind.
If it wasn't clear, OF COURSE I don't have a problem with mumsnet (or, as someone oddly said on Twitter, "with mothers"), I was just being joke-grumpy about women with children having children and an online community and being wooed by MPs, and the rest of us feeling invisible or not important. I haven't looked at this site properly (naturally feeling it isn't for me) and I imagine you don't all feel lucky, but you are, I promise. Don't be cross with me for scratching grumpily at the window.

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 01:48:45

sounds like back peddling to me vicky

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 01:49:15

i have no idea who you are i am just pissed

solo Sat 20-Feb-10 02:07:40

No, nor do I Custy, but I'm sober!

Hang on, save the apologies until I have caught up on iplayer please....

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 02:13:21

what is the bubble anyway

JeremyVile Sat 20-Feb-10 02:22:25

Ignore them VCoren, they're all just grumpy and bitey cos of all the fecking kids...

BitOfFun Sat 20-Feb-10 02:25:40

I have replied on the other thread, VC.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 20-Feb-10 09:31:36

and NOW i feel bad. truth was, i was mostly jealous of the teen reporter thing. but the porno was still ugh, i'm not retracting that.

PollyTroll Sat 20-Feb-10 10:28:42

Oh. That's a very nice apology. Thanks, Victoria. (It wasn't obvious to me that you were making a self-deprecating joke, but fair enough.)

Stick around, you might like it - plenty of child-free folks on here, believe it or not grin

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:32:34

am watching now on iplayer...
Reg hunter was nicer on HIGNFY

bit off a twat on that
starts at 7 mins 34

EllieMental Sat 20-Feb-10 10:36:13

VC, I was really upset by your very convincing vitriol last night.
You did sound like you really despised mothers, to be honest.
I have a huge crush on your brother and would hate to think that you might influence him away from having a night of wild passionate romping, complete with steak pies, pomegranites, whipped cream and brandy, with me.
''Ugh Giles love, she's a mother, for god's sake. tell her to get dressed and feck off back to her keyboard....''
Thank you for coming back to apologise

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:36:48

i think i accept the apology, the biscuit thing is dull after all.

<gracious> wink

Vicky - get your HAIR done next time, if they pay for alan whoever to get taxis to glasgow after match of the day, cant they afford for you to have a quickblow dry?

( and a few inches off mebbe?)


EllieMental Sat 20-Feb-10 10:37:04

Aitch, what porn thing?

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:37:39

btw i thought the programme was supposed to be hilarious.
i dont think i laughed at all.

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 10:40:40

what is the bubble?

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:41:04

its A Hilarious Programme.
You can live without it.

Nah sorry, you now sound like someone who was being a bit of a twat who is desperately backpedalling. Kudos for trying though.

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:42:31
KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:43:27

i used to like old frank till eh did that stupid article about his teenage girlfriend..remember

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:46:12
Bobbiewickham Sat 20-Feb-10 10:53:15

I don't think there's much wrong with that, tbh.

I expected much worse.

He can be vile about women.

PollyTroll Sat 20-Feb-10 10:58:05

I was seething thinking about this last night, and I do understand that those who have noticed MN getting a reasonable amount of politicians' attention recently would be pissed off at the implication that their votes/political concerns aren't important. But this is just a reflection of our fucked-up voting system. The terrible truth about the upcoming election - about all national elections in the UK - is that the only votes that count are those of about 100,000 people (possibly fewer) in marginal seats. The rest of us are completely irrelevant. Politicans are courting MN because our demographic profile fits that of a lot of those marginal voters - but in truth, most of us (me included) live in seats where the votes can be weighed rather than counted, and where our individual votes will be absolutely meaningless.

I realise that this point wouldn't have been particularly hilarious though.

KittySpencersEmerald Sat 20-Feb-10 10:58:57

Baggy baggy boing boing..

Bobbiewickham Sat 20-Feb-10 11:04:23

Y'alright, Kit?


ZephirineDrouhin Sat 20-Feb-10 11:37:00

That is a very nice apology, thanks VC if you are still reading. I laughed at the Mumsnet joke last night (through only slightly gritted teeth). Dp laughed quite a lot.

Re the name VictoriaCoren already being taken: I expect someone just borrowed it for joke purposes on a pedantry thread once, or something like that.

<whistles nonchalantly>

ZephirineDrouhin Sat 20-Feb-10 11:41:48

And that is a very good point, Pollytroll

morningpaper Sat 20-Feb-10 11:45:24

<sigh> I haven't got 30 minutes in my schedule to watch this for DAYS so I will have to reserve me rage

I've always hated Vic Coren because she gets to play poker with men FOR A JOB

I appreciate that's not a great reason

ShrinkingViolet Sat 20-Feb-10 11:48:39

true PollyTroll - here in a true blue SE constituency we almost literally weigh the votes - at the last General election the end of the trestle table where the conservative votes were collapsed under the weight of the ballot papers grin.

bran Sat 20-Feb-10 11:58:27

Surely they're going to run out of people who have a gap in their schedules and are willing to be locked away for several days? I can't see this one making it to another series even if it was funny (which it isn't).

Does anyone else wish Victoria would come back and tell us how fab it was to listen to RDH's delicious voice for 4 days, or even how repellent Frank was?

ZephirineDrouhin Sat 20-Feb-10 12:01:32

Yes bran I wish she would too. I felt that David Mitchell seemed painfully aware that the series wasn't panning out quite as he had imagined.

AnnArky Sat 20-Feb-10 12:02:22

did i miss a bit where they seemed suprised abotu any of the news?

ByTheSea Sat 20-Feb-10 12:09:18

Am I the only one who enjoyed it (even with the MN deprecation)? I love me some Reginald D!

AnnArky Sat 20-Feb-10 12:09:58

i so wanted to like him
but found him rather objectionable.

i know
i m sure it's me

DaisymooSteiner Sat 20-Feb-10 12:13:27

I can see why this seemed like a good idea on paper.

I could have believed the Mumsnet story if it wasn't for Justine's line about how they spotted them straight away because they didn't moan about their husbands.

ByTheSea Sat 20-Feb-10 12:14:10

Admittedly, he is usually funnier, like on HIGNFY or It's Only a Theory.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 20-Feb-10 12:19:14

ach, you know, with charlie skelton or whatever hsi name was. they both used to review pornos haw haw for some mag or other and then decided that they should make their own hard core porn film etc etc with hilarious consequences.

Lucyellensmumma Sat 20-Feb-10 12:19:36

Well i made a right arse of myself - i said to my DP, well i happen to KNOW that its the mumsnet thing - because Justine was there!!

I defo think Vicky should do a web chat - she will be a nervous wreck by the end of it - she doesn have children does she?

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sat 20-Feb-10 12:23:40

i cannot abide reginald d hunter, he's only vaguely funny when he's pulling that 'i'm just simple black folks' schtick and making ian hislop uncomfortable, but when he's just commenting on the day to day he just seems a bit sexist and awful.

didn't enjoy the show, btw, how did it come about? is it just 'we can't do the unbelievable truth on tv, let's tweak it'? mind you, i don't find the unbelievable truth funny either. and bloody david mitchell with his pleading meerkat eyes... bbbbrrrr.

AnnArky Sat 20-Feb-10 12:39:41

its a forrin show imported i think i read.
agree re reg

ZephirineDrouhin Sat 20-Feb-10 12:57:15

Oh I see - I thought it was all David Mitchell's idea.

<strangely relieved>

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:26:04

ok googled the bubble - found it watched the mumsnet bit

then googled victoria - cos never heard of her

and think this is a case of 'we iz on telly ooooh' becuase as far as i can see theres nowt to talk about

except that programme is exceptionally shit

morningpaper Sat 20-Feb-10 13:27:52

reginald d I like - agree he is best when making eton boys look uncomfortable though

I would quite like to be locked away with him for four days <may not have grasped idea of show>

I like his voice and his massiveness

he is annoying but I could perhaps sedate him and just lie on his chest while he talked

<wonder if anyone is interested in this as a programme idea>

Tortington Sat 20-Feb-10 13:36:19

i like this prog idea MP lets call it the 'hubba hubba bubble' get locked away with Reg

EllieMental Sat 20-Feb-10 14:57:20

lol, '' he is annoying but I could perhaps sedate him and just lie on his chest while he talked''

yy, form an orderly queue please...BEHIND me.

nickelbabe Sat 20-Feb-10 15:47:23

i thought it was quite an entertaining show, actually.

and VC's apology doesn't cut it - the venom she spat when she moaned about MN! i don't have children either...

and Frank having a 20 year old gf when he was 40 is not bad at all - Mr Rochester was that age when he met Jany Eyre.
that's obv aside from the fact that I have fancied Frank Skinner for years (apart from when he got a bit off-the-rails-ish) and i have to say that now he's back to form, he's still quite yummy. blush

(he's 52/53 now, right? i'm 33, so it's onlythe same age gap as with his gf back then.)

and i love Reg Hunter's voice. it just drips with honeyed sarcasm.

nickelbabe Sat 20-Feb-10 15:47:58

Jane Eyre, not Jany....

DorotheaPlenticlew Sat 20-Feb-10 15:58:35

VC's duplicate-apology-on-both-threads strategy smacks of a weirdly desperate need to be liked even by the targets of her "comic" rants. <makes "W" sign with hands at VC>

Didn't watch it, can't be arsed. DP and I don't watch telly anyway, we just sit on the sofa of an evening congratulating ourselves for being parents, then go to bed.

LeninGrad Sat 20-Feb-10 16:49:10

pol, re: 100,000 swingers (you call them swing voters, but I know what you mean), is that really, really true? How big was the swing in 1997? It must have involved more votes than this. I appreciate it's all different now but blimey if people want some change we have to change our habits.

I really think now's the time to take a big chance and go with someone like the Lib Dems in order to get some electoral reform in.

grin Dorthea about congratulating ourselves for being parents, then go to bed....

Must get Peter Snow on for web chat on for his swing meter thing. Or is it Jon hmm.

DuelingFanjo Sat 20-Feb-10 17:26:42

I don't have any children despite trying for more than 2 years. It really bugs me how so many journos seem to think mumsnet is only for mums but I suppose that's because it's called 'mumsnet' so perhaps it is misleading.

DuelingFanjo Sat 20-Feb-10 17:28:20

woops, just saw the apology blush

ShowOfHands Sat 20-Feb-10 17:35:14

VCoren, nothing says I'm sorry like giving a MN poster your brother's phone number. Alright? MNHQ will give you my email. We'll say no more about it after that. All forgiven, yes?

EllieMental Sat 20-Feb-10 18:23:43

join the fecking queue, SoH..I asked first.

PollyTroll Sat 20-Feb-10 21:03:22

Hi Len, lol re swingers wink

Well, apparently the Tories need to gain 130 seats in this election to have an overall majority. If you add up the majorities in the 130 most marginal seats in which the Tories were second in 2005, that comes to 387,457 (so I underestimated by a factor of, um, four blush).

In my defence, the Tories need an unusually big swing in this election.

The swing to Labour was huge in 1997 - but they didn't need all those votes; most of them were superfluous. They only needed the ones that actually brought them the working majority.

Yes, but what about the various boundary changes? My constituency is changing. Had nice, helpful, clean bill of health on expenses, Labor MP. Now being switched to another ward with Liberal Democrat MP shock shock He is fairly sensible and good constituent MP, but point being that traditional Labor area is being mingled.

LeninGrad Sat 20-Feb-10 21:27:07

Yes, it's a rubbish system. The combined Lib/Lab vote around here would trounce the Tories and the Lib candidate might be in with a shout with all the anti-Lab stuff but I bet it won't happen, we'll see.

WilfSell Sat 20-Feb-10 21:41:09

hahaha at VC apology. [disclaimer: did not see bubble and have no idea what it is]

But that 'little girl kiss kiss kiss, don't be mad at me' narrative. Ho hum: we've all played that one too, mostly BEFORE we Joined the Darkside. When, after we'd crossed the border, we realised how much our younger selves despised mothers because we feared what we might become, we slowly started to realise the vapid airheads we used to be were much less interesting than women who have more to say than witter and more to flaunt than giggles.

It's a fun role to play when you're in it, feeling like you run the world. The reality is though it's all a performance built on weakness.

Come and join us here on the darkside: it's far more entertaining.

WilfSell Sat 20-Feb-10 21:41:41

become them

pointysayhiphip Sat 20-Feb-10 21:57:06

1. Thought VC a twat
2. Programme was a bit lame
3. Like reg and dave, hadn't heard of vc
4. quietly impressed by vc's apology. I can't think of her as a twat any more

PollyTroll Sat 20-Feb-10 22:18:13

Hmm yes ILove about boundary changes. I nearly went cross-eyed totting up those majorities - don't ask me to come up with an algorithm for boundary changes as well. Suspect psephology is not my calling. (But as I understand it, the boundary changes in the last ten years or so have hugely favoured Labour overall - Cons have been left with lots of huge redundant majorities, whereas the Labour vote has been spread out in a way likely to win them more seats.)

PollyTroll Sat 20-Feb-10 22:19:23

Oh and before I went all boring again, meant to say the Bubble is REPEATED tonight at 10.45 if you want to get outraged all over again.

Did you feel like that about mothers before you were one, Wilf? I didn't. Just thought they were ordinary ppl, but with children.

ZephirineDrouhin Sat 20-Feb-10 22:40:54

I didn't despise mothers before I became one. But I'm not sure they were brilliantly visible to me if you know what I mean.

(Have noticed many times when taking a pushchair on the tube that women in their twenties seemed to be the group least likely to see me struggling up the stairs with a buggy.)

WilfSell Sat 20-Feb-10 23:59:04

No, not exactly. I did fear them though and sometimes that is pretty similar. I think it is about wanting to hold onto youth or summat.

Maybe I'm projecting grin <what, again?>. But I do think the relationship between non-mothers and mothers (and grandmothers) is pretty interesting and complex.

pointysayhiphip Sun 21-Feb-10 10:01:24

You feared mothers?

Must admit, I never gave them a second thought.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 21-Feb-10 10:39:10

i've been envious of mothers for my entire life, funnily enough. my fear was that i wouldn't become one, not that i would. and of course, with pcos, two ectopic pregnancies and one fallopian tube before having dd1, this did actually look like the more likely outcome. utterly terrifying.

anyway, she was born in '73, time's a tickin'... i believe her apology, however naff she sounded (and she surely did) i reckon that was the baby hunger speaking.

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 10:54:02

Aitch, I think you are being really harsh. I thought you said you felt bad? I think it took guts to come on here - she needn't have cared whay anyone thought, needn't have minded if she's upset anybody. I think you should let it go that you weren't the teen reporter on Loose Ends and she was - it must be over 20 years ago now! grin

As to mothers, I thought they were a bit grim when I was in my 20s (excluding my own!). And now I am one, I feel utterly, utterly different. I think it's pretty common.

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 10:54:57

Grammar and spelling a little awry, there. But you get the gist.

EllieMental Sun 21-Feb-10 11:11:19

when I was in in my 20s I sort of though ''aw bless' at mothers.
I had babay hunger myself, but I also remember really sniping at mothers at work who booked time off automatically at every school holiday period (even when their children were teenagers) and left promptly at 6pm.......blush

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 11:15:39

I know. When I think of my stinky attitude to mothers when I was younger, it does actually make me ashamed but in retrospect, as someone has already pointed out, it was partly fear. (Fear of total subsuming of the self, perceived lack of freedom etc...)

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 21-Feb-10 11:23:45

excuse me? ladythompson, VC was the one who mentioned that we were lucky etc.
i thoroughly object to your telling me off when i was merely acknowledging, like VC herself, that her naff chat on the bubble came from envy rather than distaste. i was disagreeing with will's thesis that she is clinging onto her youth in being nasty about mothers and proposing that it came from baby hunger. i've been there and had it and it's doesn't make you say nice things...

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 11:28:32

I'm not telling you off! But your post above made it sound as if you said her apology was naff - and my opinion, to which I am quite entitled, is that to cavil at someone's (presumably genuine) apology is...a little harsh/ungracious. No telling off. Just an opinion, as I see it...

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 21-Feb-10 11:35:05

why would i be saying i believe her apology and then calling it naff? hmm

she sounded naff on the show, surprisingly so, really quite mean-spirited tbh. but then i felt that way too when i wanted children and it wasn't looking too favourable.

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 11:42:25

Well, then I merely misunderstood you, sorry. When you said 'i believe her apology, however naff she sounded (and she surely did)' - I thought you were saying her apology was naff - a point of view which to me seemed a little uncharitable. But you are saying it's what she said on the show.

I think people take too much to heart what people say under the pressure of studio lights when they are trying to compete with comedians. No, I don't think what she said came across well. But equally, I don't really think it meant anything and I accept her explanation.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Sun 21-Feb-10 11:45:44

yes, me too. hmm grin

ShowOfHands Sun 21-Feb-10 11:57:01

EllieMental, now I've had a good, hard think about it and I've come up with a compromise. Shall we share him? I've got other commitments and self-congratulatory child raising to achieve so my free time is limited to the odd half an hour after I've watched QI and before bed. I can squeeze him in quite nicely then. Obviously, if our free time coincides then we're going to have to look at some sort of tag team scenario which could work rather well if we just establish some ground rules.

VCoren, I think, for me, starting your apology with 'hi guys' smacked of new girl in the playground trying to be cool. Wotcha Bitches or Oi Vipers would have eased you in better I feel. Maybe next time, eh?

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 12:54:22

SoH and Ellie: I believe Giles's fiancee is a rather beautiful flamehaired journalist so between her and stuffing his face in various restaurants of note and being eloquently disappointed, he may not be squeezing anything else in himself grin

paisleyleaf Sun 21-Feb-10 13:50:15

I hope that was a genuine apology
and not on 'damage limitation' advice from her agent.
It was funny when Reginald Hunter said "I'm glad you said that I'd've sounded like an arsehole" <whistle>

I wonder if VCoren's namechanged and got stuck into AIBU yet.

ShowOfHands Sun 21-Feb-10 14:26:18

LadyThompson, are you saying Ellie and I aren't beautiful, flamehaired or otherwise. And I have merits that extend beyond journalism. wink

I refuse to say anything about face stuffing.

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 14:39:13

No, no, no! <backtracks wildly, stumbles over in haste>

I find him very amusing. But he is also very short, and therefore may be lacking in stamina. Doesn't seem to have troubled Martin Amis, mind you.

ShowOfHands Sun 21-Feb-10 14:44:53

Oh we're all the same height when horizontal.

I think, ideally, I need him to dress up in period dress a la jaunts with Perkins. I'm thinking breeches and a riding crop tbh.

EllieMental Sun 21-Feb-10 14:47:33

I'd settle for getting arseholed with him and having a brotherly affection for me, a la Perkins and licking his face when he has passed out.

I can do flamehaired....and journalism. (beauty, shmeauty)

LadyThompson Sun 21-Feb-10 15:01:03

Well, if you can get yourselves over to Kentish Town with a large net, a clean cloth and a bottle of ether, he regularly jogs past my friend's window.

EllieMental Sun 21-Feb-10 15:22:17

<<googles train times>>

weebump Sun 21-Feb-10 16:37:39

Missed the show. Love Victoria Coren. So what if she hates Mumsnet, I would too if I wasn't a mum or hadn't been on the site, because all the media attention it's getting is making it sound like a real hell-hole, full of smug opinionated bullies. But I know otherwise.

Someone told her off on Twitter, so she popped her head in to apologise.

As we would say here in Dublin: "Fair play to you, VCoren".

(I'm reading her book at the mo, and it's fab.)

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