Wanted Down Under 2014

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MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 09:19:14

I know all you addicts are out there! I am not the only one.

didldidi Mon 06-Jan-14 09:34:37

I'm here!

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 09:37:07

<Marks place>

They are doing my head in a teensy weensy bit.

MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 09:40:39

The Mum in particular is driving me nuts, why is she crying because this other lady has a picnic tea?

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 09:41:08

And what is wrong with the dad taking them to gym and swimming?

Oooo, I'm annoyed now.

I had to turn it over.

She is a bit of a chatterer ...!

MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 09:43:59

She is certainly something! I wonder why he has gone straight to a private school.

MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 09:49:25

Negative equity isn't putting them off shock

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 09:58:17

This is why I rarely watch reality TV. I want to shout at them.

MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 10:00:09

Aww now we have to go on the BBC website to find out if they have moved.

I will be back in 5 mins. Place your bets now.

MrsReiver Mon 06-Jan-14 10:02:28

" Thinking about what’s best for their young children, Gemma and Chris reassessed their plans to emigrate after returning to the UK.  Although it’s taken some time to come to a decision, as of December 2013 Gemma and Chris have decided to stay close to their family support network in the UK.  Nevertheless, Chris is still in touch with the head teacher he met in Adelaide and they hope to pursue a move once Maddie and Oliver are slightly older."

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 10:07:04

Fiver on 'Still in the uk'.

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 10:17:51

Cross posted.

<Pockets fiver>

Vagndidit Mon 06-Jan-14 16:11:58

Marking place for tomorrow! Roll on "better work/life balance" malarky! Am catching up on the 1st episode this afternoon...5 mins in and I hate her already.

When is the new series on?

Have Sky+ed for tomorrow. Missed todays but will try and catch up on Iplayer.

I always wonder what happened to the woman from last series who was so horrid to her husband and said she would go without him if he didnt want to leave his family. She was cold! I hope he left her.

DrNick Mon 06-Jan-14 17:14:35

she was fricken nuts
HOW was his life going to be less stressful there?

FattyNewYear Mon 06-Jan-14 17:18:45

Ha ha I saw this on this morning (had the dentist so recorded it) and I thought of you lot.

I will set it to record all week but the bummer is I am only home Monday and Friday mornings now so will have to join the banter later in the day.

DrNick Mon 06-Jan-14 17:19:48

her accent even on the scale of brummie ones is DIRE

Floralnomad Mon 06-Jan-14 17:20:01

I watched a bit of this today and it constantly amazes me that people think that you can't have family days out in the UK and / or that in Australia you don't have to work a full week . When she was going on about this being the most time they'd spent together since Christmas I was literally shouting at the telly that if you had a weeks holiday in the UK you'd be spending the same amount of time together ,what is the matter with people .

Floralnomad Mon 06-Jan-14 17:21:15

drnick I was going to say that ,where did it come from as neither of her parents spoke with that accent .

Meglet Mon 06-Jan-14 17:30:41

I'd love to know what happened to the family who were going to leave their teenager daughter behind. I was off sick last Feb and mainlined WDU from the sofa blush.

Davros Mon 06-Jan-14 18:38:15

Have been away until today, didn't know this was on again. Will set TiVo box and try to catch up today's. They usually drive me nuts!!

Dillydollydaydream Mon 06-Jan-14 20:15:17

Ooh I do love a bit of Wanted Down Under. Will have to watch on catch up. I went through a phase of wanting to move to Oz a few years back.

DrNick Mon 06-Jan-14 21:38:46

He was. Teacher. 6 week summer holiday. No time with his kids. Hmm

FattyNewYear Mon 06-Jan-14 21:54:22

ha ha ha I just love the way we are all sooooooo judgy judgy!!!

Did anyone from Birmingham watch today??? Did the accent make you cringe??? Was it just because I am not a brummy or did she have a very very very strong accent?

I find when I watch people from my home town with a strong accent I find myself cringeing for them!! grin

NicknameIncomplete Mon 06-Jan-14 22:00:04

She just annoyed me with the squealing and the crying.

MrsReiver Tue 07-Jan-14 09:17:59

This could be a bit emulsional.

Vagndidit Tue 07-Jan-14 09:22:05

Gonna be a weepy one, methinks.

Meglet Tue 07-Jan-14 09:22:49

Ah, I like them. This is much better than yesterdays squealfest.

BringMeTea Tue 07-Jan-14 09:23:57

Already moist-eyed....

Vagndidit Tue 07-Jan-14 09:35:11

Really like these two, although I still cannot get yesterday's gobby voice out of my head when touring the houses.

Meglet Tue 07-Jan-14 09:45:28

£350k? Unless that's london isn't that a bit optimistic?

MrsReiver Tue 07-Jan-14 09:47:37

It would sell for that in the town my mum lives in Meg. House prices are obscene.

BringMeTea Tue 07-Jan-14 09:52:50

Sniff. So want it to go well for them! Ha ha re attractive Aussie chicks.

MrsReiver Tue 07-Jan-14 09:53:09

Woke the baby laughing at his assessment of Australian women.

Meglet Tue 07-Jan-14 09:58:39

I've never crossed my fingers for people to move to Oz before.....

MrsReiver Tue 07-Jan-14 10:01:45

Their update isn't there yet!!!

SweetPeaPods Tue 07-Jan-14 10:06:38

They were a lovely family

MrsReiver Tue 07-Jan-14 13:52:20

"After returning from their trial week, Tanya quickly put plans in to place for her and Jordan to move to Australia for good. The pair moved to Perth, Western Australia in July 2013, and Tanya has recently bought her own home down under.  Jordan has settled into school well and has even reared three of his own chickens. The pair have also rescued a dog called Fudge. Watch out for a Wanted Down Under Revisited episode featuring Tanya and Jordan in February 2015." grin grin grin

SweetPeaPods Tue 07-Jan-14 13:55:12

Lovely smile

NicknameIncomplete Tue 07-Jan-14 16:17:10

I hope it goes well for them. They seemed like a really good family.

susiedaisy Tue 07-Jan-14 16:18:36

Marking my place for future shows!

DrNick Tue 07-Jan-14 17:26:11

im skipping through fast - what does she do?

DrNick Tue 07-Jan-14 17:28:20

do they ever NOT go and look at kangaroos

DrNick Tue 07-Jan-14 17:30:51

GORGEOUS family - adore him, what a lovely guy

Dillydollydaydream Tue 07-Jan-14 20:17:31

Ah their update sounds nice. I'd love chickens!

sailorsgal Wed 08-Jan-14 09:30:00

I should be packing boxes but sat down to watch today. grin

Vagndidit Wed 08-Jan-14 09:44:28

I'll take house #2, please grin

Davros Wed 08-Jan-14 10:41:14

Just catching up. Monday's couple were rather annoying. They were shown at the beginning, both working out in the gym and then she said something about the husband having to take the girl to ballet/gym (?). Why not spend that time together? It also didn't ring true about his working hours, 10pm?! DD's (private) school has 4 houses and Heads of Year (for which they get more £) but I'm certain none of them work regularly until 10pm.
Tuesdays were lovely. I spotted Jordan's AS immediately. I'm pleased Oz will take people with diagnosed disability, Canada won't, they regularly refuse and return familes who include someone with disabity or illness.
Yet again the I think most of the homes are vile, old fashioned, dark and generally awful gardens with that horrible metal fencing.
On to today's!

whereisthewitch Wed 08-Jan-14 12:26:09

Can someone link where you get the updates from?just watched yesterday's and today's.

MrsReiver Wed 08-Jan-14 14:01:15


Just click on the episode and the update should be at the bottom of the page.

wellsfamilyoz Wed 08-Jan-14 17:10:30

Guys - what you have to realise is also that the programme is very heavily edited. We had 10 days of filming for series 5 - only 45 mins on air - so much was taken out of context and fused together. In the end they want to make a TV program at your expense! Real feelings and emotions are in the background - what thy want to put on is what you see - so a few of the programmes make the families and certain members look a tad silly - me thinks smile Kerry

northender Wed 08-Jan-14 21:04:12

Just watching today's ep. As ever, the salary figures quoted seem very optimistic hmm

Davros Wed 08-Jan-14 21:19:22

Yes, we know it's edited. I for one see enough reality shit to realise that, doesn't stop me having an opinion on what is presented, especially when there are consistent themes.
I could see where today's family were coming from, idealised childhood with a lot of time spent outdoors and "in nature" plus the experience of the army homes and regular moves. But I think the older kids were too old, they had a lot of family here but then they also had that experience of the dad's serious illness. Don't know if they should have moved or not.
Going back to yesterday's, it's it not true that we don't have autism units with mainstream schools, maybe not where they lived, but they do exist and are becoming more common, for those who don't fit mainstream or special like lovely Jordan.

DrNick Wed 08-Jan-14 21:20:42

its the magic family time that makes me piss myself

yes - your immediate family only

wellsfamilyoz Wed 08-Jan-14 22:11:15

Probably don't realise just how edited it is - two people saying things in tandem - one was said on Monday the other on Friday - just to create a situation or difference when they are about two different things - looking like its about one situation - its actually two completely different scenarios!. Had a situation where the wife was carrying two heavy suitcases into the house whilst husband was filmed with feet up in garden sipping beer. Actual situation was that the scenes were 6 days apart and husband had just gone into house with 1st two cases - not shown smile Was edited to create a friction between partners - and it worked!

MrsReiver Thu 09-Jan-14 09:22:23

Reality TV is editted?? Who'd a thunk it?

Who had "outdoor lifestyle" in Wanted Down Under bingo?

NicknameIncomplete Thu 09-Jan-14 09:24:40

Do u think he is just going to see the positives and what he remembers new zealand to be and not the reality.

Vagndidit Thu 09-Jan-14 09:28:49

N. Irish family aren't going anywhere

OodlesofOods Thu 09-Jan-14 09:31:52

I can't believe its taken until today for me to find it was back! bloody children wanting to go out

A 45 mile commute?!

Madness (says someone who works from home!)

MrsReiver Thu 09-Jan-14 09:38:34

They van't afford the house they want but still vote New Zealand. Where is the logiv?

Side note, I love his Kiwi/Irish accent.

MrsReiver Thu 09-Jan-14 09:39:42

I apologise for typos. Typing one handed with nursing baby trying to "help."

derektheladyhamster Thu 09-Jan-14 09:42:54

I want a job with a wine allowance!

Worriedthistimearound Thu 09-Jan-14 09:44:01

I agree with Davros that the older kids are too old (watching yesterday's) I know they'll have lots of experience with moving due to the dad being in the Forces but emigrating to Oz is a whole different ball game.

Also, we have friends over there for 3yrs whO have said they would always try to dissuade other friends/colleagues who were black from making the move especially with kids. They have found it to be terribly racist and having lived in London for 15yrs previously, they say the incessant, casual racism leaves a nasty taste in their mouth. Those kids today seemed like lovely, polite, well adjusted kids so I hope the family think carefully before moving from the uk to somewhere that may affect their self-esteem.

Worriedthistimearound Thu 09-Jan-14 09:47:19

Also friends say they are finding they actually have less outdoor lifestyle than they did in the uk! Here, they were always hiking, climbing, cycling with the kids. Every time we speak to them they complain how it's too hot most of the year to do anything outside other than maybe his it a beach or sit on your shaded patio to eat.

MrsReiver Thu 09-Jan-14 10:01:38

Link for updatewink


whereisthewitch Thu 09-Jan-14 10:12:23

I didn't think they would go tbh, have to say I find Australia more appealing than NZ or maybe it was just that area, was so brown and dry looking!

Davros Thu 09-Jan-14 10:17:17

I did wonder about the racism for the black family but, as it wasn't even mentioned, assumed it wasn't an issue. It must depend very much on where you choose to live. Living in a city on the coast must be great but I would want a BIG garden and pool, not to have to go public beaches and parks all the time where one maight have to rub shoulders with (cringe) the general public! Seriously though, I would not see spending time in the blazing heat on a public beach as some great benefit.

malteserzz Fri 10-Jan-14 09:21:54

Today she is convinced Australia is the best place for them to live even though she's never been there !

BringMeTea Fri 10-Jan-14 09:22:16

Recipe for disaster. And awful emotional blackmailer family.

Vagndidit Fri 10-Jan-14 09:26:14

"I just cannot understand how someone can be so determined to move to Australia when they haven't visited..."

Free holiday

And that, Steven, is one of the greatest mysteries of the world...

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:27:26

I don't think they like it...

£155,000 budget - for a dream home, pool, lifestyle.

I think she's going to be a bit disappointed.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:28:43

Oh and Norma Jean?
Someone's parents were a Marilyn Munroe fan.

I like Steven. At least someone has done their research.

kaizen Fri 10-Jan-14 09:28:44

Fuckin' 'ell! This one is a recipe for disaster or D-I-V-O-R-C-E grin

malteserzz Fri 10-Jan-14 09:28:54

Oh dear that flat was a reality check

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:29:51

This house is going to be three times their budget.

Morning. I noticed it was back on. I had to stop watching last series as it made me so angry. Remember 'poor Brendan.? sad

Meglet Fri 10-Jan-14 09:33:40


I'm a bit 'meh' about this one so far.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:34:30

Did he just say Harry wearing a tiara was "wrong?"

Might not like Steven so much.

Also, we are looking at houses and I wouldn't dream of letting the kids play with the vendor's toys during a viewing.

Meglet Fri 10-Jan-14 09:35:04

kaizen I'm half expecting an update to say she's buggered off to Oz without him!

Oh no. The card twiddling.

FoxPass Fri 10-Jan-14 09:36:05

gosh, he's a bit miserable. And they are awkward!

SuffolkNWhat Fri 10-Jan-14 09:36:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

getdownshep Fri 10-Jan-14 09:37:20

Is anyone else finding her speech hard to understand or am I going deafgrin

Vagndidit Fri 10-Jan-14 09:39:04

Dad seemed a bit annoyed young Harry took to the princess suite so easily...

Oh dear. She could have made a phone call and found that out. confused

FoxPass Fri 10-Jan-14 09:41:33

surely she should've checked out the work situ first before going for a poke about!

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:41:51

Sparkling, remind me which episode Poor Brendan was, it sounds very familiar.

Your little one must be a year old now! Baby Reiver is 1 next month, fastest year ever.

That's the end of that then.

kaizen Fri 10-Jan-14 09:42:22

I feel a bit sorry for him- my ex was a home-loving Yorkshireman so I fucked off without him (no kids tho) it's hard when someone is so fixed on happiness being elsewhere.

Poor Brendan MrsR-Mum had brainwashed the daughters into going to Australia. She kept saying they would go without him-he spent most of the programme in tears.

It's back and I didn't realise?!
Will have to catch up on iplayer

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:45:31

Yup, I remember that one. God she was awful.

Here we go. House will be worth £2.50 as usual.

Floralnomad Fri 10-Jan-14 09:47:55

I don't think Brendan's family went though did they ,if they're the ones I recall they're still here but she did come across very badly .

I am getting cross now. How are they going to do the budget with no income? This is stupid.

They could have found all this out online at home.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:52:19

Angela Morby's facebook profile is public. They are still here.

She is selling a beautiful butcher's block if anyone is interested.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:53:57

She was told there no jobs but they are still voting for Australia? The wtf is strong with this one.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:55:59

Do his parents have South African accents?

Blimey. Brendan and Angela are still married. After what she did to him on National telly. shock

BringMeTea Fri 10-Jan-14 09:56:22

Oh take it back. Lovely supportive families. Quite the turnaround from Steve.

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 09:57:05

Or was it her parents? That explains her hybrid accent.

malteserzz Fri 10-Jan-14 09:59:03

She moved from South Africa when she was 6
Bless the grandparents

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 09:59:24

Do any of them ever actually go? I reckon it must be one family in 20 at the most from the programmes I've seen over the years. I'm always amazed that people go on this programmes never having even visited Aus/NZ before.

Occasionally bisjo, but more often than not they are still fannying about trying to decide. angry

HolidayArmadillo Fri 10-Jan-14 10:00:55

Yay I love Wanted Down Under, didn't realise it was back!!

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 10:00:57

Ah. I missed the very beginning. Off to look up update.

malteserzz Fri 10-Jan-14 10:01:41

Just read the update they have had another child, sold their house and moved in with her parents and are hoping to move out there within the next 5 years

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 10:02:10


After their trial week in Australia, Steven is now keener than Norma-Jean to emigrate. The couple sold their property in Newcastle and as of December 2013, are living with Norma-Jean’s parents and are starting to save towards a move down under. The couple have recently had another child. Norma Jean and Steven hope to be in Australia in the next five years.

If they aren't planning to go for another 5 years I don't understand why they've sold their house? confused

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 10:02:15

Okay. This is an odd one.

After their trial week in Australia, Steven is now keener than Norma-Jean to emigrate. The couple sold their property in Newcastle and as of December 2013, are living with Norma-Jean’s parents and are starting to save towards a move down under. The couple have recently had another child. Norma Jean and Steven hope to be in Australia in the next five years

MrsReiver Fri 10-Jan-14 10:02:59

Lol. A chorus of WTF!

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 10:03:49

So basically this is a free holiday paid for by me and other licence payers? I'm going to apply. I've no intention of moving to Aus/NZ but ds has always said he'd like to visit.

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 10:05:53

If they were serious about moving they would do it before the dcs start school rather than moving when Harry is 8 (I think he was 3 in the programme).

Davros Fri 10-Jan-14 11:08:15

God the homes on this one are awful!

Sneezecakesmum Fri 10-Jan-14 13:48:48

I read somewhere statistically quite a high percentage come back for various reasons and was really surprised by how high when you look at the lifestyle and everything else in oz.

Family would be the only thing for me to come back or not to go!

NicknameIncomplete Fri 10-Jan-14 18:16:05

I thought the update would say that he had fucked off without her.

I cant see them moving as a family.

NicknameIncomplete Fri 10-Jan-14 18:18:40

Does the show look into your background to make sure that you genuinely want to move or can you just apply and pretend?

wellsfamilyoz Fri 10-Jan-14 19:46:43

They do give you pretty stiff checks. I do concede though that many have an unrealistic view on life in OZ. One of the musts when you apply is that you can NEVER have set foot in OZ before - which kinda makes it hard to decide in a week whether its right 4 u. One of the big gripes is the 'want to live in OZ badly - but never been there' statements - can never get my head round that one smile For the record - we are are still there 3 years after our 45 mins of fame lol

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 20:15:29

How interesting. It does seem very odd to have that sort of stipulation.

I'm pleased it worked out for you wells. Have you been asked to do a follow up programme yet?

wellsfamilyoz Fri 10-Jan-14 20:25:51

Yes...but we felt that we had done the show and had moved on. We were asked to do a revisited this year and turned it down. We did the show because we felt we had something different with our application and it was a great experience. We watched all episodes from day one and could see the pitfalls and the good. There are a lot of unrealistic 'contestants' so to speak which I think brings us all down a tad. When we got to the airport in Brisbane we after a 23 hour flight we were told we had 12 hours before we were to be picked up to film the 'lifestyle' section .... well, you can imagine..... I look back now and am happy to have done the show - its something to tell the grandkids

bisjo Fri 10-Jan-14 20:30:28

Did you end up settling in the area you visited in the programme or did you go to a different city? How do they decide where to send you to visit? Do you have any say in that?

wellsfamilyoz Fri 10-Jan-14 21:22:24

We had a choice to go to Brisbane or Adelaide - chose Brisbane settled in Adelaide!!! Funny how it worked out. Adelaide is a great City - they all are, but as with all OZ places - very expensive. To relocate is really tough on the wallet for sure x

exleodensian Sun 12-Jan-14 04:42:25

Davros, I don't know that Australia would take immigrants with a disability. Early in the programme, it was said that Tanya's parents travelled extensively and that Tanya had been born in New Zealand. If she has New Zealand citizenship, she has a right under a reciprocal agreement to live and work in Australia.

Davros Sun 12-Jan-14 12:06:13

Ah, interesting. I didn't notice that she was born in NZ.
This series has been more varied. Apart from the "intangible better life" bookends on Monday and Friday, there was the single mum and son with Aspergers, the army family with kids at boarding school and dad who'd been seriously I'll and the Kiwi dad who wanted to go back and be with HIS family. When it's all "better lifers" it gets very repetitive.

JillJ72 Mon 13-Jan-14 09:35:16

In tears with them today. Working at home today so get to watch...

northender Mon 13-Jan-14 09:50:23

I think it's a really interesting one today. Although her wage prospects were good, her chances of work in a city didn't sound good.

whereisthewitch Mon 13-Jan-14 09:52:41

Going to have to watch it on I player today. ...why is this programme so addictive?

MrsReiver Mon 13-Jan-14 09:55:34

This is choking me up!

northender Mon 13-Jan-14 09:56:13

What a lovely couplesmile

SuffolkNWhat Mon 13-Jan-14 10:00:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JillJ72 Mon 13-Jan-14 10:03:15

Really hope they get to live their dream. Lovely couple.

Dillydollydaydream Mon 13-Jan-14 16:00:15

Good luck to them, looks like they could have a really good life out there.

Morning all. Anyone watching?

Why have they put them up in a dump? confused

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:29:10

Me! Blimey that brick wall!

YY the neighbour's up to something Chigley. grin

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:31:15

Don't they have them to keep crocs out of the pool? smile

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:32:51

Hello, can I join? New to mumsnet. But an old old friend of this show!

Hi Samantha the more the merrier. smile This programme winds me up yet I am strangely compelled to watch.

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:34:47

it's so addictive, I have tons to do but riveted to sofa. The mum remind me of Pamelarrrr in Gavin & Stacey. Bet she calls her sons 'my little princes'

SweetPeaPods Tue 14-Jan-14 09:35:18

I'm kind of watching. Been on phone so not heard much so far.

It's not going to end well. Older married son doesn't want to go and hasn't come on the trip.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:36:37

Agreed, sparkling brook. In my experience, most of them do not deserve to go! In other shows, I would be delighted to see the back of some people! I really enjoy the revisited shows, when nice people have made a good life and when the painful ones continue to moan despite the massive changes they make! All good entertainment!

Oh yes Samantha, if they all wanted to go and everything was straightforward we would all be yawning. grin

Ooh an 'all male grooming salon'.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:40:18

Isn't work-life balance one of your wdu bingo words!? Haha!

Nicky Pop Idol annoys me. She never even meets them. Nadia Sawalha used to meet up with them in UK and Oz.

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:41:00

I'm watching and I can't see how they even qualified to go on the show. Why did they apply if they have such doubts about going?

MrsReiver Tue 14-Jan-14 09:41:03

I will need to watch this on catch up, I read the blurb and the mum cried for three months when the oldest son left home?????

Oh yes

Work life balance
Outdoor space/lifestyle
Quality time as a family

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:42:07

I assume that Nicky goes over and does her links for the whole series all in one go, cheaper for the production I imagine.

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:42:10

Am liking dad.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:42:25

Yes, she just seems to wander around on random beaches! Not even ones close to where the family are! In one show she was banging on about how things were different in Australia, but the family on that show were actually in NZ!

I am envisaging lots of crying shortly MrsR.

Yay-Quality Time!!

Cos you can't kayak in the UK-oh no.

oh helloooooo!!!!

I have a love/hate relationship with this program and thought it was just me who got irrationally cross watching blush

Only half watching today though.

why do they all bang on about not spending time together in the UK? That's down to them ffs!!! angry

Ooh look. Eating outdoors! shock

Twinkly I had to stop watching one series as I was getting so annoyed. blush

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:44:18

Teenager horrified at spending so much time with parents ! So much for family time!

I bet Luke's Wife's family would be thrilled. sad

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:44:49

My ten year old already avoids us because we are embarrassing!

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:44:58

I missed the very beginning. Why did they say they wanted to move to Oz?

Can't believe the crying for 3 months. He hadn't died had he? confused

SuffolkNWhat Tue 14-Jan-14 09:45:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:45:32

Looks like mum is just torturing herself. Cannot see them going at all.

Exactly Samantha 14 year old DS won't even be in the same room as us we are so embarrassing. grin

Something to do with a 72 hour week bisjo and wanting 'family time'. Or summat.

Bowlersarm Tue 14-Jan-14 09:46:24

Just switched on - is there a son who isn't making the move?

ah I've found my spiritual home grin

I rant about the show on FB but my friends tend to ignore me hmm blush

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:46:43

It's really just about the weather, isn't it? Almost every day!

Of course there is Bowlers maybe 2 grin

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:47:30

Yes there is an older son who won't move. This seems to be another waste of time episode as there is no way on earth this lot would move more than 10 miles from their current home.

angry you would have had it valued first wouldn't you?

Bowlersarm Tue 14-Jan-14 09:47:51

What a strange old time of life to think about emigrating!

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:47:52

Ok, my bet is on house being about £50,000 below what they want.

SweetPeaPods Tue 14-Jan-14 09:48:17

Can someone give me a recap of what's happened so far please?

I love the UK evaluation bit, especially when the house is less than they expected grin

(unless it's a nice family obv)

Ooh a 'hot tub area'. Posh!

SuffolkNWhat Tue 14-Jan-14 09:48:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:49:02

Missed the beginning, so cannot help you with actual motivation. Not clear why they want to go.

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:49:20

Oh no the peanut butter...

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:49:33

Plus, with employment and a lovely uk house, gotta ask if he might me on the run from the law....

Well Sweet. There's Mum and Dad, a DD and two DSs. One DS is married, and when he moved out the Mum cried for 3 months. And he isn't making the move. The other DS isn't convinced.

WDU have put them up in a dump.

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:49:50

How can they afford to look for houses in Australia that are double the cost of the house they would sell in the UK? confused

Sweet it's the usual story of family not wanting to actually move to Australia but going for a visit anyway.

Bowlersarm Tue 14-Jan-14 09:50:31

He's not keeping a low profile then, Samantha....

my food bill is £65 a week and there's only me, Dd (10) and DS (10 no)

The card twiddling makes me want to punch the TV.

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:51:06

Why is she flashing her bra?

Poor Ryan's GF. sad

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:52:18

No, ok, so I'd be a terrible detective, smile but with all they have, I'm still scratching my head as to why they want to go!?

haha I noticed the bra flash too!

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:53:39

Nice extended family, supportive and not much emotional blackmail.!

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:54:06

Ryan's wobbling...

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:54:24

So he is...

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:54:25

Samanatha I thought that - only one set of parents a bit upset but all their friends seem happy to see them go!

I think the background music is 'Nothing Compares 2 U'. hmm

SweetPeaPods Tue 14-Jan-14 09:54:55

Thank you thanks

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:54:58

Get married, son! Bring her along!

Oh FGS just tell us already....

MrsReiver Tue 14-Jan-14 09:56:48

Managed to catch the end, the daughter reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it!

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:57:19

The daughter looks like Natalie Cassidy.

MrsReiver Tue 14-Jan-14 09:57:33

She is twiddling wrongly!!

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:57:40

What do you mean "why are you undecided".?!

Why do you think he's undecided? FGS. angry

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 09:57:49

Oh gawd poor Amy

MrsReiver Tue 14-Jan-14 09:58:49

I can see Sonia (she is coming back to easties) but that's not who I was thinking of. Arg!

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 09:59:32

Mum had obviously not been watching the show. Haha. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed that, I don't have anyone to rant at about this show except the dog and he's nearly deaf. See you tomorrow!

Bowlersarm Tue 14-Jan-14 09:59:43

Can someone look up whether they moved or not? I tried the other day, and couldn't find out how to do it blush

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 09:59:58

Update here:

As of December 2013, the Wintrip family are living in UK - but not for much longer. After selling their family home in just two days, Sheri, Paul and Grace are planning to emigrate to Australia in March 2014. Son Ryan has decided to stay in the UK to finish his hairdressing qualifications, and will take over Sheri’s business.

I was completely wrong!

This is Episode 7/20. Blimey.

SamanthaClaire Tue 14-Jan-14 10:01:10

Thanks, that's interesting. Did dad get his extra qualification then? He can't work without it.

Chigley1 Tue 14-Jan-14 10:01:14

Phew I'm pleased Ryan is staying grin

See you all tomorrow-must switch off now HUTH has started. grin

oh, surprise! Good luck to them, w

bisjo Tue 14-Jan-14 10:02:45

With the disparity in UK house value and Oz house budget it does make me wonder how they can afford the lifestyle they want. I got he impression that the dad could get his extra qualification in the UK before he emigrated but no mention in the update if he did.

SuffolkNWhat Tue 14-Jan-14 10:03:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

I can't Suffolk, I love it but I need to do stuff. I may Sky + though because DH likes it. grin

Bowlersarm Tue 14-Jan-14 10:05:44

Thanks for update bisjo, it's nice to know the outcome.

Davros Tue 14-Jan-14 19:16:42

Haven't watched yet this week. Will try to catch up tomorrow. Basically, the "better work/life balance, family time" crowd have already decided to go. Nothing negative about work prospects, costs, needing to actually work longer hours, small gardens, leaving your kids with strangers instead if GPs etc will deter them

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:18:12

Morning all

MrsReiver Wed 15-Jan-14 09:20:28

Morning, I might regret saying this but I like this family already.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:21:03

Sweet kid

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:23:14

I suppose this family time thing is more relevant for this family as they are small kids. This was less of a reason for yesterday's family, I thought.
Uh oh. An older daughter. There's the rub....

MrsReiver Wed 15-Jan-14 09:23:23

She is very cute.

BigW Wed 15-Jan-14 09:25:46


SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:25:51

Maybe I am too traditional, but I couldn't do the hours my husband puts in as main breadwinner and leave him with the kids. It's not that I don't trust him, but I know everything wouldn't get done. Too much of a control freak, I guess. And, in turn, I know he wouldn't be happy doing the mundane stuff that I have to grit my teeth and do every day.
And I would miss my girls too much to do the full time thing. Although I know how spoilt and privileged that sounds, sorry.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:27:51

I already live in a semi rural place just outside edinburgh. Going to a laid back lifestyle in NZ in a place like this would kill me. If I went anywhere, it would have to be in a big city. I am, after all, not ready to retire!

BigW Wed 15-Jan-14 09:29:06

I'm not keen on that house.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:30:24

Although saying to has not enough space was a bit churlish. More space than home, I suspect!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:30:52

Hurray! Husband house!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:32:05

How on earth do people afford these houses?! shock

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:34:29

I'd live there. Wow.

BigW Wed 15-Jan-14 09:41:48

I have a secret desire to move abroad. I think my DH would as well, he's lived abroad before. I don't think I could leave my family though.

Cherrypie32 Wed 15-Jan-14 09:43:33

I don't really know why they're going, he could just give up his job anyway and they live off one salary anyway in UK.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:43:41

My desire isn't so secret! I bore him to tears with my going on about it. Difference is, I have family out in oz and do not live near my family in the uk. If I lived out in oz, I think I'd see my parents and siblings more often than now!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:44:59

She had to mummy wobble. Like it or not, I think mums are programmed to want to be close to babes. I know that sounds sexist but I think there is an element of that in all mums, regardless how much you love your job.

MrsReiver Wed 15-Jan-14 09:46:42

Ooh I am from near Edinburgh too!

Could they both not work part time hours and split the childcare?

cherry - my point exactly! make the changes in the UK. if it works, great, if not THEN decide whether to move to the other side of the planet, probably dragging your woes along with you. I do think a lot of these families have issues that moving to NZ or As will just heighten.

oh, Morning fellow WDU'ers wink grin

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:48:27

I really think he wouldn't do so well as a stay at home dad. He would need to work a bit. Even I need to work a bit, and I am a lazy bint who doesn't trust DH with any aspect of organising the kids!

Horsemad Wed 15-Jan-14 09:49:38

What are their occupations?

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:50:19

MrsReiver we are in Dalkeith. It's as far from a city as I am willing to go. If I moved, it would be closer to not further away from the city.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:51:01

She's a quantity surveyor. He's a policeman. He's giving up 20 years work to stay at home.

Cherrypie32 Wed 15-Jan-14 09:51:22

He's a copper, she's a quantity surveyor. They ain't going I don't think.

I like them

Horsemad Wed 15-Jan-14 09:52:06

Thanks! smile

Dogonabeanbag Wed 15-Jan-14 09:53:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bisjo Wed 15-Jan-14 09:53:43

I don't see why they want to move to NZ. They could do the same thing in the UK if he retired there.

MrsReiver Wed 15-Jan-14 09:54:00

Am many a birthday treat was had a the butterfly farm. We grew up even further out, just in the Borders. The best thing about it was the bus to Edinburgh!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:54:50

Oh no, mawkish music!

FannyFifer Wed 15-Jan-14 09:54:59

Jesus the butterfly farm is a place of nightmares.

FannyFifer Wed 15-Jan-14 09:55:39

I don't even know why I'm watching this show.

bisjo Wed 15-Jan-14 09:56:18

I can't imagine Glenn as a stay at home dad.

Horsemad Wed 15-Jan-14 09:56:34

Will they, won't they???

handcream Wed 15-Jan-14 09:57:19

What about looking at a couple who have say £700k to spend. Not difficult if you have a house in London that you will sell. Getting a bit fed up of people who want pools, cut down on their work hours (or even give up their job!), lots of bedrooms and then wonder why the cost of living is more expensive - you cannot have everything and moving to the opposite side of the world will not answer all your problems.

And looking up thread - why is there a rule that you mustnt have visited before. What a daft ruling. How do you know what its like if you have never been there!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:57:31

They say they will, but I'll bet they won't, or they will be still thinking about it. Holiday sparkle will wear off.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 09:58:24

Hi hand cream. I am sure I have heard tales of people who indeed had been there before. Like they met backpacking etc.

MrsReiver Wed 15-Jan-14 10:00:00

There have definitely been people on it who have been to Australia before.

Dogonabeanbag Wed 15-Jan-14 10:00:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bisjo Wed 15-Jan-14 10:00:32

They've already moved!

Upon returning to the UK, Glenn and Sue set about making their dream of emigrating down under a reality. In August 2013, the family left the UK for Auckland, New Zealand. Sue now works full time and Grace and Jack have settled in to their new school. After a few teething problems the family have purchased a property in Pukekohe and have already begun to make new friends. A visit from some family in the UK helped ensure their first Christmas down under was a happy one.

BigW Wed 15-Jan-14 10:00:37

I bet they didn't too! Anyway, Homes under the Hammer anyone?

BigW Wed 15-Jan-14 10:01:26

Err, ok. I bet they did!!

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 10:02:00

Ok I was totally wrong! But happy for them. Hope she is ok working so long hours, she was wobbling a bit on that.
And it was so quick! Good for them! I am pretty sure, however, that he'll get a p/t job in short course.

there was one couple with the husband having previously lived in Aus many years previous, so not sure if that's a new rule?

handcream Wed 15-Jan-14 10:03:06

Looks like they went in the end....

I still would like a couple who are perhaps both working (just like my DH and I!) in professional roles and seeing what they can buy.

SamanthaClaire Wed 15-Jan-14 10:03:12

No HUTH, although this sounds like a contradiction, I hate property shows! See you tomorrow x

ExcuseTypos Wed 15-Jan-14 10:14:56

Oh loving this thread as WDU is my guilty pleasure.

Thanks for the update bisjo. I really liked this family and hope it works out for them.

However, I didn't understand why they just didn't downsize a bit in the UK and both work part time.

Cherrypie32 Wed 15-Jan-14 12:57:59

Gosh, they actually did go. I'm surprised.

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:17:17

Oh this gon' be good!

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:20:09

This guy is one of us!!

VodkaJelly Thu 16-Jan-14 09:23:10

OH MY GOD, I go to the gym with her! She is really nice but I am not friends with her as such, just polite chat at the gym.

Cherrypie32 Thu 16-Jan-14 09:29:21

Obviously she hasn't gone then Vodka??

malteserzz Thu 16-Jan-14 09:29:29

They've not made the move then vodka ? Not surprised I can't see him changing his mind !

VodkaJelly Thu 16-Jan-14 09:32:21

Not yet they havent, she works in a shop in town and I saw her in there last month.

Cherrypie32 Thu 16-Jan-14 09:33:41

I like him, he's realistic and isn't seeing everything through rose coloured specs.

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:34:52

Vodka, which part of the world are they from because he looks really familiar. I am in the central belt of Scotland.

VodkaJelly Thu 16-Jan-14 09:38:51

I dont know which part of Scotland they are from but they live in Cheshire now and moved here a few years ago.

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:42:40

He must just have one of those faces, or maybe a brother grin

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:43:57

It's about 46° in Adelaide right now, I wonder how much family time outside the locals are having right now?

he reminds me of Gerry McCann. sad

Oh no. I have killed the thread

MrsReiver Thu 16-Jan-14 09:52:38

That's who it is!!!!

Cherrypie32 Thu 16-Jan-14 09:57:44

These are the two things that really bug me:
1/ they always say the weather stops them doing outdoor things in
Uk, it's never stopped us.
2/ they always say 'we've had a great week, everyone's really relaxed here, blah, blah' - you're on holiday, of course you are!

VodkaJelly Thu 16-Jan-14 09:57:54

The update is on the website, they dont go.

VodkaJelly Thu 16-Jan-14 09:59:12

After returning from Adelaide, Gary applied for jobs down under, but with little success. He’s since discovered that his potential employment sector in Australia has changed, with employers now increasingly relying on local expertise. As such, Gary no longer feels a move is possible for his family. Karen has started working part time, and as of December 2013 is content to stay in the UK for the time being

SamanthaClaire Thu 16-Jan-14 16:18:32

Hi all, I had to miss today's episode which is a shame because it looked like a doozy! I had to go to work,...of all the nerve......
I've just caught up on iplayer and he was dead set against against it from day one. Really feel this was a waste of time and money as he was pretty certainly not going. Feel very sad for the mum as she wanted it so badly, but, as I said on the Facebook site, if she wanted to go from being a teen, why didn't she tailor her life choices to making the move before she got married, etc? Anyhow, there's all kinds of fights breaking out on fb about this, with comments being deleted all over the place.! Fun times.

peppersquint Thu 16-Jan-14 21:59:58

I think he looked like the new Doctor Who (forgotten his name - oops!)

Davros Thu 16-Jan-14 22:53:41

I'm very slow catching up this week, just watched Monday's. Did they go? They were a lovely couple but very hard to leave their support network which they need more than most. What a decision!

morning all. grin

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 09:18:35

So this dude has been to Australia before and travelling with kids is harder than travelling alone.

From the department of the bleeding obvious.

Samantha the facebook page sounds awesome. Off to investigate!

Morning MrsR. This looks a bit disastrous.

17leftfeet Fri 17-Jan-14 09:21:50

There is no way this family are going!

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 09:22:45

Doesn't it just? I don't think this lot are going anywhere.

I can't understand how people can leave their families. Isn't that what's important? the poor DM can't even talk about it. i couldn't do it.

JillJ72 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:25:05

Doesn't sound like a goer. Let's see. I do think any person or family doing this kind of thing has to do what's right for them, and not be "held back" by their parents, siblings, extended family.

I would be sad if DS wanted to go elsewhere to love, but I would support him too because it is his life.

Me - I'd like France or Italy. Don't have to break the bank to get back to Blighty, or to have visitors.

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:25:08

Morning, I was hoping you were all here!
Hahahaha, these guys definitely just in it for the free holiday!
Surely the fella isn't this stupid???

JillJ72 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:25:55

That is elsewhere to live, although if love's involved as well, then that's good too!

17leftfeet Fri 17-Jan-14 09:26:47

Hmmmm let me think if they can afford to go to oz?

I couldn't leave my Mum and Dad. I couldn't deprive them of the DSs and vice versa.

Ooh a bit of Ellie Goulding as background music today....

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 09:31:52

My family are already spread over the world so I would have my parents' support if we emigrated. We would miss each other naturally, but if it was our dream they would be happy for us to pursue it.

ssd Fri 17-Jan-14 09:32:44

this programme always makes me sad, all the leaving family behind...my mum and dad are dead and it makes me miss them so so much, theres no one to worry if we went anywhere. I hate it, will need to turn it over.

JillJ72 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:33:43

... That is why I'd choose Europe for us, but I wouldn't want to stop DS (of course I would but I wouldn't). Hopefully he'll travel and see the world and realise home is OK!!

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:34:14

I wish we had the extended family and doting ZgPs that lits of these families have. They obv take them for granted, whatever they say. I wish they would give the price of the place where they stay as well, just out if interest. This lot are staying an hour away from the city centre in an apartment with 2 kids. He is going to persuade her because she is probably a "pleaser"

Aww ssd I am sorry, yes it is sad. DH has lost both of his parents and they hardly got a chance to be part of the DS's lives, so I realise how lucky I am to have mine still.

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:36:27

Might sound a bit strange but I really don't like the metal fences that they all seem to have. It's either that or breeze block.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:38:09

I agree about the metal fences and breeze blocks (and small gardens)

ooh a bit of Dire Straits.....

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:40:27

<waves> Yes what is it with the high fences and walls?

Massive blow
Huge setback

Playing Nicky Chapman bingo today

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:41:52

Nicky Chapman bingo gringrin

All important work life balance. hmm

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:42:03

Bingo! Work/life balance

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:42:33

Surely very risky to go with both of them wanting to be self employed?


weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:42:38

Everything just seems more cosy here.

I just don't think he has thought it through. I would also be reluctant to base my decision based on one guys advice.

Oh no he's having a wobble.

JillJ72 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:43:59

At least he is open to the possibility it may not work rather than ignoring ignoring ignoring.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:44:08

Windscreen wipers going!
They are going to talk themselves into it

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:44:21

Surely in that heat they would get ridiculously hot and create a sauna garden?

Oh dear. sad

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:48:21

£200 a month car insurance?

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:48:47

I do also wonder how they all seem to think they will get a mortgage upon arrival. Surely they have to go through affordability and proof of earnings?

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 09:49:04

Lifestyle, time outdoors. Yawn.

Time outdoors with the children. hmm

No animals or nature in UK. Oh no.

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:49:43

Apparently you can catch chlamydia from koala bears...

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:49:51

How many wanted Down Unders are people going to have to watch til they realise that Australia ain't like getting a beach hut in Thailand and living in a pound a day?!
Hell, even Thailand isn't like that anymore


Nice tache.

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:50:03

And how can you move based on a prediction of how your non-existent business might do?

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:51:20

Their little girl is a cutie though

They would be happy on the beach in Cornwall FGS. they are children.

YY Thursday and love the name Carmen.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:52:01

It looks like Benidorm.

Oh, they still have their Grandparents too. They must be very young.

Auntie is v young.

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:54:38

My mum has a friend who's son has emigrated to Mexico with his two children.
It's makes her v sad. My mum is a colossal pain in the ass sometimes, but I couldn't do that to her.

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 09:54:52

I think people imagine life would be like one long holiday. It's the same, except warmer.


CosyTeaBags Fri 17-Jan-14 09:55:01

I just don't get it.... they always say that they want to move to Australia for the work/life balance, to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, and have more time with the kids...

But you could have all that here in the UK, without having to leave your family behind and break their hearts! Why not just move to Wales, or Cornwall or somewhere?!

I live near the coast - we go to the beach most days, and visit some beautiful beaches and mountains most weekends. Our work life balance is great - and it is TOTALLY what you make it, working in Oz wouldn't suddenly change that.

If people are so pissed off with their lifestyles, why don't they just change them - without moving across the world? I'm not saying that some people don't benefit from migrating to Oz, but for some of these families it just seems so painful


FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Fri 17-Jan-14 09:55:13

What a dump of a place. Why would you go there...WHY?? They'd be fools to leave their families to take up what looks like a much worse life.

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 09:55:53

I just couldn't do that to my family. It seems so selfish.

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:56:39

Dave needs to get over the fact he's not a feckless single traveller anymore.

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 09:57:04

I hate the emotional blackmail!

Our parents and grandparents would miss us but they would tell us to follow our dreams!

Mind you, this is his dream, not hers, and we wouldn't be the first in our family to emigrate.

Update on the BBC website now.

ThursdayLast Fri 17-Jan-14 09:57:11

Honestly, Carmen has just slept her way around Australia!

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 09:57:54

Absolutely agree. My nephew lives in Sydney and he is very happy there and settled. But he and his wife have always worked like dogs, had each of their 3 kids in "daycare" from 6 weeks old, have a poxy garden and hardly anyone goes to visit them. Another few years and their kids will want to come over here

In the last series NC used to go round to their house when they got back and make them twiddle the cards again.

CosyTeaBags Fri 17-Jan-14 09:59:50

Yes I thought that about the comment about when they took the kids to the Zoo "Oh the kids just really enjoyed it"

It's a ZOO. They have them here too. Not really worth moving across the world for is, it? And also, you don't live in the zoo. You live in a shitty apartment in the middle of skyscrapers...

I used to work in Australia. I did love it, but the daily grind is the same as anywhere else. I went to Sydney once, and met lots of backpackers 'living the dream' - working 9-5 in an office block, living in squalor, for their year out. Not my dream, thanks.

MrsReiver Fri 17-Jan-14 10:00:29

After returning from Australia, Laurra changed her mind on a move, and decided that emigrating to Australia could be right for her family. She and Dave put their house on the market and moved into a rented property. Unfortunately, in December 2013, the sale of their home fell through at the last minute. The couple have since decided to rent out their house, with a view to making the move to Australia later in 2014.

CosyTeaBags Fri 17-Jan-14 10:01:09

Oh noooo. That's just so sad for her family. So, so sad.

JillJ72 Fri 17-Jan-14 10:01:13

The Gold Coast is an interesting choice. I was there 18 years ago (ouch).

Absolutely, people seem to think moving = getting away from all those things they want to change. Erm, nope. If you have co-dependants your gripes are still going to the same, just in a different setting.

Moving doesn't make it all go away; it's your baggage - you have to deal with it to change it.... and you don't have to move 10,000 miles to do that.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 10:01:45

And if they wait long enough it will get even harder for the kids

HahaHarrie Fri 17-Jan-14 10:02:33

weekendninja Koalas are not bears they are marsupials!!! There is no such thing as a koala bear. Sorry I can't bare it when people get it wrong - (geddit??!!) smile

Sorry, back to WDU...

SamanthaClaire Fri 17-Jan-14 10:21:17

My bleedin' broadband went down for exactly the duration of that show. I read over the comments and am shocked she changed her mind afterwards. Surely no job prospects of any concrete nature and two thousand pounds worse off with hr working full time would have put her off, along with the parental emotional blackmail.
There must be something more to the decision that WDU has yet to exploit, as all those things added together would put anyone off, it even seemed to make him give up the dream and he was all for it.

Agreed, fantastic tasche! grin

Chigley1 Fri 17-Jan-14 11:19:41

Well, I am surprised. Sad for her family though

weekendninja Fri 17-Jan-14 11:23:42

That's a surprise. Her poor family.

Thanks for the correction haha. I can assure you I will never call them koala bears again. Every day is a school day.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 12:12:00

I'm just catching up on Wednesday's. How much older was Glen than Sue? Looks like a good 10-15 years.

SamanthaClaire Fri 17-Jan-14 13:40:47

If I remember rightly, he is a bit older and also has other older children and even grandchildren, I think. On the WDU Facebook page it has lots of info.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 15:00:22

Thanks. I will have a look

SwedishEdith Fri 17-Jan-14 15:17:42

Glad to read yesterday's didn't go. She'd never been, wanted to uproot him from a well-paid job he clearly enjoyed whilst she would spend the time when they got to Australia "settling the children in" hmm

17leftfeet Mon 20-Jan-14 09:18:11

Surely if you marry someone from abroad, this is a conversation you have before you tie the knot?

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:21:49

Sounds like they have talked at length but things have just got in the way.

Ouch. This is potentially damaging for their entire relationship.

malteserzz Mon 20-Jan-14 09:22:30

Yes you're right
Tough one today I can see both sides

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 09:22:57

This is all a bit sad. Feel sorry for both of them.

Chigley1 Mon 20-Jan-14 09:23:05

Can't see this ending well! They should take his mum with them

HolidayArmadillo Mon 20-Jan-14 09:23:53

Watching in anticipation!

Davros Mon 20-Jan-14 09:24:26

I will have to watch later. DH just came into the kitchen and turned the telly off and said "what a racket". As it's my guilty pleasure I didn't like to complain and I shouldn't really watch as I'm supposed to be somewhere at 10am.

FreshorangeforDd Mon 20-Jan-14 09:25:06

This is me, but I have older children. My husband even has the same name! Don't know whether I can bear to watch.

17leftfeet Mon 20-Jan-14 09:25:40

That poor little girl, what a thing to be worrying about at her age

Vagndidit Mon 20-Jan-14 09:28:13

The sad reality is that our parents won't be around forever, so if you're making a move/staying purely for them (cough-mummy's boy-cough) it's not an everlasting situation. Do what you want.

have lived thousands of miles away from my parents for years so i know all too well the conflict in this situation

Meglet Mon 20-Jan-14 09:29:59

I don't like the way they involve the kids in this. "This would be your bedroom".

Maybe I'm too cautious (quite possibly) but I wouldn't even hype the kids up over a local UK move unless it was actually going ahead.

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:30:32

That house is right out of Neighbours.

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 09:30:56

His heart isn't in it at all.

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:31:19

Totally agree Meg. We are househunting within UK and we are very cautious with what we say in front of kids.

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 09:34:19

Davros, tell him to sod offwink

Why do they keep showing houses that are way out of reach?

ThursdayLast Mon 20-Jan-14 09:35:00

Poor little girl sad

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:38:15

This is a difficult one to watch.. I cried when the little girl said she was worried about her parents living in separate countries sad

Missed the beginning with the parents - does he have close family at home?

Why, why, why do they always go and see ridiculously expensive homes? Surely if you're househunting, you go and pick the ones within your budget first? I know it's for the show, but it's just stupid!!

Meglet Mon 20-Jan-14 09:39:10

Adelaide is such a pretty name for a town envy.

Vagndidit Mon 20-Jan-14 09:39:59

Why don't they do the job/salary search bit before looking at houses so they have a more reasonable budget in mind??..instead of this insane "we can't afford a house in Oz based on what I make in the U.K" nonsense.

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:40:25

X-Post ExcuseTypos !!

It would make a far better programme if they actually showed them houses they could afford. As it is, they go "Oh we choose the UK because the gorgeous showhome we've just seen is out of our budget" hmm

And the guy on this said "we'll have to see how much houses are in Australia and whether we can afford anything"... surely he'd have looked online already..?

I know, it's just TV and anyone serious about it is going to do their own househunting...

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 09:42:49

Oh someone phoned meangry grin

What job does Andrew do? He seems a bit happier now.

Unexpected Mon 20-Jan-14 09:43:30

Cosy he has a mum at home, his dad died when his wife was pregnant with their daughter. He says his family is incredibly close and he only has one sister, I got the impression she doesn't live as close to his mum.

Very difficult situation.

Unexpected Mon 20-Jan-14 09:51:34

I haven't been watching closely but what is the deal about her crying that no-one came to visit when she had a baby? What about his family, she doesn't give the impression that she has ANY friends?

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 09:52:44

If they are £20,000 a year better off, they can afford to either go back to Scotland once a year or bring his family over.

There's going to be tears now!

northender Mon 20-Jan-14 09:52:56

Think I must be hormonal, this one is making me crygrin. I spent 10 years at the other end of the country from my family, that was hard enough. Horrible situation

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:53:10

Her brother is in the UK? Hmm. They didn't mention that.

didldidi Mon 20-Jan-14 09:53:11

I wondered the same, daughter said mum was lonely, I think she's depressed.

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:54:08

I thought the same, what about his family? They clearly love her very much.

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:54:21

I think he's something to do with IT Excuse they showed him out testing telegraph lines or something...

Oh this is sad now. I get the impression that Leah's friends aren't exactly close friends are they.

His Mum and Sister look fit and well enough to go visit.

Emotional blackmail there from the Mum "It will be a far better life for the kids if you stay"

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 20-Jan-14 09:54:31

I am just distraught for the poor little children who don't get to roll down hills in the UK. If only UK children had hills and were allowed outdoors! sad

Unexpected Mon 20-Jan-14 09:55:54

They should not have included the little girl in viewing that video message. It's too much pressure to put on her!

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:55:59

Oh the little girl knows her mum is lonely sad

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:56:15

I think he is a telecom engineer for Virgin. It was one of their boxes he was footling around in.

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:57:20

If only Scotland had some hills!

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:57:21

This is totally different from the usual episodes where the people are just bored, want to change their life and think that the magical Oz will transform them into 'Outdoorsy people with a great work life balance'

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:57:50

She's really struggling isn't she, bless her

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 09:58:31

Little girl looks sad....sad

Unexpected Mon 20-Jan-14 09:58:41

Anyone else wondering how on earth this couple got together in the first place?

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:58:48

No real resolution sad

As of December 2013, the Clanahans are still in the UK, as Andrew has been unable to find work in Australia. Leah is still desperate to return home, but without solid job prospects, Andrew is reluctant to make the move

MrsReiver Mon 20-Jan-14 09:59:39

From the sounds of the intro it was a holiday romance but she got pregnant and it became more serious.

17leftfeet Mon 20-Jan-14 10:00:23

That's really sad that they've not gone -she is so unhappy it made me cry

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 10:00:31

Oh dear. I think she deserves to have her chance. Poor things.

Unexpected Mon 20-Jan-14 10:00:36

Well if he waits until he has an actual job before going there, they're never going to move are they? I can see that situation running for years with increasing resentment on both sides.

Vagndidit Mon 20-Jan-14 10:01:38

Bummer update for them. He's never going to go.

Retropear Mon 20-Jan-14 10:02:07

Surely he could temp and they could live with her family for a while.

It really is her turn.

Shenanagins Mon 20-Jan-14 10:04:22

Think I'm in a harsh mood today as she is really annoying me. She has wanted to go back to Adelaide for years as that is where she is from, (fair enough), but why does she have no idea of the houses they can afford, what is a likely income and cost of living.

I can understand this from people not from there but she is so no excuses in my opinion.

ExcuseTypos Mon 20-Jan-14 10:04:47

I hope they do go. I think she really needs her family. I too thought she may be depressed.

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 10:13:05

I thought that Shenanagins - don't they have RightMove or estate agents websites over there?

That's why I think the show is so unrealistic. Daft.

Martha75 Mon 20-Jan-14 10:14:18

Am I the only one to feel cross? Firstly because I thought the point of the programme was to help people who were keen to find out about life down under to go out for a week to give them a taste of life in Australia or New Zealand. Then it appears that she has family in Adelaide, and they go often for weeks at a time to visit!! Plenty of time for them to investigate then, BBC didn't need to waste our money on this family. Also I found her very selfish and turning on the tap about her sad, lonely life and involving her older child in her emotions. "No-one to visit you when you're in hospital having a baby" - what about his family, her brother in the UK? Fair enough, I know how she feels (I have family in Australia and it can tear you in two). I just feel more annoyed about my licence fee being used on her when there must be more deserving families. How do they pick them?

Clawdy Mon 20-Jan-14 10:24:50

She was incredibly annoying and self-pitying and I didn't feel a bit sorry for her. Those hints about their relationship being under threat if she didn't get her own way were very unpleasant. Felt sorry for the husband and kids. in the end she will do just as she wants.

Martha75 Mon 20-Jan-14 10:41:24

Yes, the husband seemed a lovely man, and I thought she would get her own way even if it makes him unhappy. With all that family in Adelaide you would have thought one of them could have come over when she had her baby? She is using emotional blackmail to get what she wants.

SamanthaClaire Mon 20-Jan-14 14:46:15

Clawdy and Martha, I'm afraid I disagree.
I can feel her pain as I live with something similar every day.
He does seem lovely and was won around, and rightly so, he could see the job prospects were almost tailor made and how much happier his wife was.
I think he would be quite happy in Oz, and when you have a family of your own you need to think of their needs not the needs of your siblings and parents. But I think the real reason he wouldn't go is because he feels he couldn't provide sufficiently for his family and I see that and understand it. But what he needs to try and do is take a leap of faith.
If not for himself then for her or just for the sheer hell of it. You only live once and he could give it a go. If I they end up coming back, then so be it, but it will be an adventure for him and the kids, the wife is happy and hopefully they will be closer. Mums and sisters will always visit.
Men can get a bit jittery about taking the plunge and can become risk averse when they get families but a stale life is not a life and I feel he could lose her and possibly the kids, or she could do of something to harm herself (God forbid that should happen) because you can see how much she despairs. She really looked very very unhappy. I know, Scotland can do that to you!

Davros Mon 20-Jan-14 17:20:12

IMO, the problem with not taking your parents and siblings into consideration isn't just about their needs (although in this case it was rather a lot), but THEY are your DC's family. Just doing what is "best" for your own little family, if it involves leaving everyone behind, is not a great message to your own kids. They won't think twice about leaving you on the other side of the world when their turn comes. I've experienced this in a small way as me and my sisters don't feel bad if we can't always help out our mum because we know that she did nothing to look after or help her own mother. We do look after her and help her, my older sis in particular, but we are very aware that she never did it, or considered doing it, herself.

CosyTeaBags Mon 20-Jan-14 17:34:17

That's an interesting point you make there Davros

I have a friend who's parents left the UK and moved to America when she and her siblings were young. She grew up in America, and then moved back here to the UK. She now has a young family, and her parents must feel the pain of being so far away from their grandchildren, just as their own parents did.

You reap what you sow. Not saying it's a bad thing to emigrate for a better life, but be prepared for your children to grow up with that mindset too.

Pobblewhohasnotoes Mon 20-Jan-14 18:12:05

Why do they only ever send them to Auckland? I went to NZ and there was much more to it than Auckland, which to be honest was my least favourite place. There's the whole of he South Island for example!

And why do they always seem to want to move because in Oz you can go horse riding? We have horses in the UK the last time I checked. And bikes.

SamanthaClaire Mon 20-Jan-14 18:34:26

Cosy tea bags, as people grow they can make their own decisions, and we all, as parents have to deal with that (sob!) .
But grandparents make decisions too, and sometimes their decisions take them from the family. My grandparents lived in Scotland then in the canary island while I was in England. I didn't know them. My own parents are not very involved with my children. What they do does not impact on our life and vice versa. My children would not miss out if we went further away. Some families just work differently.

ooo this should be a good one!

SuffolkNWhat Tue 21-Jan-14 09:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:18:43

This is odd

How would they get a work permit?

And she looks a lot older than 18

I hope Michelle has actual friends as well as her mum!

kaizen Tue 21-Jan-14 09:19:15

This one is a joke- these two are just having a free holiday!!

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:20:46

They seem more like a couple -why is an 18 year old driving this?

she's not your best friend, she's your mum ffs!! Drop the emotional blackmail, live your own bloody life.

Get a grip woman!

kaizen Tue 21-Jan-14 09:21:36

They actually look like they're 'acting' grin

MrsReiver Tue 21-Jan-14 09:21:36

Moving overseas is setting a bad example to your children? Really?

I need that cowboy table in my life..

kaizen Tue 21-Jan-14 09:22:38

It's only a fucking field....right I'm going out now.

lol @ "only a fucking field"

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:23:46

It looks like Wales -isn't that where they live already?

17, that's what I was about to say!

MrsReiver Tue 21-Jan-14 09:24:44

Can't she have sheep and chickens at home?

has she not realised that the furniture doesn't come with the house?

Is she for real?

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:27:47

This one is annoying me but I'm going to have to keep watching to see if they continue being idiots

Over 2 acres of land with a 4 bed house for 160k????

ExcuseTypos Tue 21-Jan-14 09:28:23

keizen I thought the same- they're just doing this for a free holiday!

It's so boring without the dynamics of a partnership/marriage and all the angst with the kiddiesgrin

kaizen Tue 21-Jan-14 09:28:38

This is so awful I can't go out.

ExcuseTypos Tue 21-Jan-14 09:33:42


Davros Tue 21-Jan-14 09:36:18

??? Missed the beginning. From these posts and what I've seen, are these mother and daughter? And a daughter who should be going her own way, at least for a few years? Bizarre, doesn't ring true

MetellaEstMater Tue 21-Jan-14 09:36:30

Found this thread in the middle of last night when bfing newborn DD2. It's lucky DH has had to go back to work as I was beginning to worry that shouting at this programme was putting more stress his way than the day job!

Today's is odd, odd, odd! Definitely free holiday territory.

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:40:40

Age is not a barrier but we want people willing to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in

And she's sitting on a chair....

cupcake78 Tue 21-Jan-14 09:41:26

She's 18 on 10k, mums on 10k, still studying wants a house with land. Don't we all!

I don't think its a move they need. Its a good head shake.

EmilyAlice Tue 21-Jan-14 09:42:51

It is a good programme for playing cliché bingo though. We love it in New Zealand when estate agents show houses that have a rip-rind dick. grin

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:43:23

Do they realise New Zealand winters are cold, wet and miserable?

kaizen Tue 21-Jan-14 09:43:56

"Place like this with houses and a view" - fuck grin I'M GOING OUT.

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:44:25

Mums talking some sense at last

cupcake78 Tue 21-Jan-14 09:45:23

I don't think they realise a great deal ! My friends moved to New Zealand and described it as a very wet wales grin

Free holiday and face on tv.

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:46:32

My cousin lives and works in Auckland -loves the summers but says they don't last long!

gah DS just head butted the radiator, hysteria has just about subsided so I can resume watching wink

cupcake78 Tue 21-Jan-14 09:50:40

No way does daughter like line dancing . That's it confirmed they're taking the P

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:51:50

Aw her mum's lovely

Unexpected Tue 21-Jan-14 09:53:53

Missed the beginning! Who is that spotty teenager on the video?

17leftfeet Tue 21-Jan-14 09:58:00

Aw update says her mum is ill so they have delayed the move


Unexpected Tue 21-Jan-14 09:58:12

After Richelle and Lorraine returned home to Wales, they put their house on the market and sold most of their furniture to fund a move to New Zealand. However, Lorraine’s mother had to have a serious operation, so as of December 2013, Lorraine and Richelle have put their move on ice for the time being.

cupcake78 Tue 21-Jan-14 10:01:12

Well how wrong was I grin

ExcuseTypos Tue 21-Jan-14 10:20:50

I took the dog for a walk- so surprised they decided to go, hope the mum gets better soon.

Hope its all back to normal- arguing couples with simmering resentment, crying children and relatives and total naivety about life down undergrin

Piggychunk Tue 21-Jan-14 11:16:35

Had to post it was so annoying! The talk of the young girl starting on a grad course earning 40k . She is 18 so can't be a degree graduate . I actually wanted to shout at the TV

Pobblewhohasnotoes Tue 21-Jan-14 11:31:41

Who does no one realise NZ has winter too, and it just like the UK, wet and cold.

SamanthaClaire Tue 21-Jan-14 17:43:38

Aww boo, I always miss the good uns. EmilyAlice 'rip rind dick' made me chuckle a great deal. I'll watch it tonight. Bloody work!

MrsReiver Wed 22-Jan-14 09:16:27

Oh this is going to be emotional.

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 22-Jan-14 09:17:28

The daughter is going to be annoying in this one I think.

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 22-Jan-14 09:21:46

Wouldn't the 19 year old daughter have problems going with her mum and dad?

What is the dad going to do over there that will magically give him fewer working hours? Surely he will be driving over there too?

This lot are going to annoy me.

Cherrypie32 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:24:05

I think he's left it a bit late - surely 19 year old daughter won't be at home that much for family time anymore.

KnappShappeyShipwright Wed 22-Jan-14 09:25:16

My shift rota has finally worked out so I can watch WDU live - it's my guilty pleasure. Not sure what this family are going to get out of this, the dad could re-train in the UK & get a 9-5 job. What's he going to do in Australia?!

Ziggyzoom Wed 22-Jan-14 09:25:19

Anne - Australia is such a small country that Long distance lorry drivers only need to work 4 hours a day! wink

Ziggyzoom Wed 22-Jan-14 09:26:09

I like the wardrobe...lets move to Australia!

Countessfosco Wed 22-Jan-14 09:28:59

Hello all, normally have to watch this later so too late for the thread! This delighted though this family is from my home town! Don't know them though. Very depressed area with little job opportunities. Close knit community and people rarely leave!

Morning all. I agree cherry why didn't they think of this earlier? confused

Countessfosco Wed 22-Jan-14 09:31:54

Be interesting to see value of their house at home. Normally peanuts in that area.

Piggychunk Wed 22-Jan-14 09:32:20

Wonder how they are going to get a Visa? are HGV drivers on the wanted list if so then surely he will be going even longer days due to distance ?

YY is Australia crying out for long distance lorry drivers?

Piggychunk Wed 22-Jan-14 09:32:59

doing not going

STFU about wardrobes. angry

Cherrypie32 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:37:27

Ah, she's main applicant.

GhettoPrincess001 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:37:51

I'm in NZ presently. Four seasons in the year, just like Britain.

AnneEyhtMeyer Wed 22-Jan-14 09:39:44

Oh yes, Ziggy, I forgot Australia was the size of the Isle of Wight.

Piggychunk Wed 22-Jan-14 09:41:09

I need to get a HGV licence , wont be able to park it though smile

Ziggyzoom Wed 22-Jan-14 09:41:28

They need to check out the cost of living before getting carried away!

Cherrypie32 Wed 22-Jan-14 09:43:38

With no disrespect to that area of Wales, they must have a lot of disposable income in UK on those salaries between them. I think outgoings in Oz would outweigh salary increase.

SuffolkNWhat Wed 22-Jan-14 09:45:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Piggychunk Wed 22-Jan-14 09:46:18

Cherry I was thinking the same they must have no mortgage as they both are paid well in uk and he would be getting an army pension too?

ExcuseTypos Wed 22-Jan-14 09:48:32

I'd go if I were them. The cost of living is much more in Oz, but I think they'd still have a much better lifestyle there.

Countessfosco Wed 22-Jan-14 09:50:26

Think the daughter is going to be the sticking point!

ExcuseTypos Wed 22-Jan-14 09:51:05

Why are they renting instead of buyingconfused

Piggychunk Wed 22-Jan-14 09:51:50

Bloody hell they take gome £4250 a month in the uk with a £200 mortgage proper jealous

Tiredemma Wed 22-Jan-14 09:52:05

Only just put it on. Whats her job?

Ziggyzoom Wed 22-Jan-14 09:52:39

Hmmm, they haven't got the jobs yet! Also his was based on a 10hr day, so not exactly great for family time!


She's a midwife emma.

Aww the boyfriend is sweet.

Tiredemma Wed 22-Jan-14 09:54:11

would a midwife really earn 40k more than UK?

What about a nurse?

<considers going on 'Wanted Down Under">

ExcuseTypos Wed 22-Jan-14 09:58:23

He obviously doesn't want to spend more time with her H. She's happy for him to be away all weekwink

Countessfosco Wed 22-Jan-14 09:59:39

I will be amazed of they go!

SignoraStronza Wed 22-Jan-14 10:00:20

They're very lovey dovey, aren't they? Can't help wondering if they'd get fed up with each other if he were home every evening.

SuffolkNWhat Wed 22-Jan-14 10:00:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsReiver Wed 22-Jan-14 10:00:57

They've gone!!!

MrsReiver Wed 22-Jan-14 10:03:18

December 2013 saw the Woodlands spending their last Christmas in the UK. After discussing a move on their return from Australia, Kerry came round to the idea of emigrating, and quickly secured a job outside Perth. John and Kerry left the UK in early January 2014, and daughter Chloe is due to follow a month later with her boyfriend Sam.

Tiredemma Wed 22-Jan-14 10:06:40

Im so tempted to go.

Just SO FAR AWAY though.

malteserzz Wed 22-Jan-14 10:07:40

Hope she gets her walk in wardrobe

Dillydollydaydream Wed 22-Jan-14 10:49:31

Wow. Good luck to them, they seemed a lovely family.

ExcuseTypos Wed 22-Jan-14 11:15:09

Ah, hope it all works out for them.

Countessfosco Wed 22-Jan-14 11:44:33

Eating my words! Good for them.

Martha75 Wed 22-Jan-14 18:49:55

I liked them (but thought daughter's accent was v. annoying even though they are from my area) Sad they have gone though, we need good midwives here

MrsReiver Thu 23-Jan-14 09:19:47

This guy is a sweetie. He is going to do whatever she wants, because he is terrified she will leave if he doesn't.

17leftfeet Thu 23-Jan-14 09:25:34

Hmmm babysitter on the doorstep at home while she works shifts and he's self employed -they aren't going to replicate that in oz are they?

MrsReiver Thu 23-Jan-14 09:30:43

I am a childminder. I am going to move to Australia to look after all the Wanted Down Under kids.

ThursdayLast Thu 23-Jan-14 09:31:41

You're onto something there I reckon MrsReiver!

17leftfeet Thu 23-Jan-14 09:36:36

The last house is ridiculous for a small child -water everywhere outside

northender Thu 23-Jan-14 09:38:31

How can they spend £1500 a month on rental? The houses were good but you'd get a lot in the UK for that money surely?

KnappShappeyShipwright Thu 23-Jan-14 09:46:34

Did they really say 06.30 to 18.30 working hard hours for him?! Six days a week? That's not right, surely.

17leftfeet Thu 23-Jan-14 09:47:02

I think they must look at jobs before they look at houses

MrsBright Thu 23-Jan-14 09:47:20

The whole program is a nonsense. They have a WEEK in Australia - it's like a glorified holiday. And that is the way these silly peolpe look at moving there - that they'd be on holiday the whole time. They don't have to go to work, cope with transport in sweaty heat, or put up with 'Australian attitudes'.

We lived there for 10 years. The sexism and racism just wore me down. I was constantly passed over for jobs because I was female and a mother (clearly I should be at home). I found making friends impossible as most Australian women had nothing in common with me - they do this stupid thing of being in awe of men all the time, drove me nuts.

The schooling is atrocious (something else that is NEVER explored on WDU) and the curriculum very narrow. Daughter found the adjustment to UK standards very difficult and has only just caught up (4 years on).

It ISNT a holiday! Its the rest of your life, surrounded by an alien culture. It isnt just 'Britain with hot weather'.

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 09:50:37

Think we are only seeing the nice bits everything seems too good. And what about his hours 12 hours a day six days a week??? So the same as the uk then but in that heat!!

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 09:51:47

My bet is on Sunday the last thing he will want to do is spend all day sat or traipsing around in the sun somewhere!

northender Thu 23-Jan-14 09:53:03

And those figures must surely be based on the best scenario salary figures they were given?

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 09:54:14

He does not want to go. But he will to keep her happy hmm

MrsReiver Thu 23-Jan-14 09:56:24

That wee girl is so cute!?

MrsReiver Thu 23-Jan-14 09:57:04

ignore that question mark! she is cute! not cute!?

MrsBright Thu 23-Jan-14 09:57:37

Yes. And what it relies on being able to get a job Most Australians employers are VERY suspicious of overseas quals and experience - they don't understand it so they just ignore your application. They'll say of course that they'd welcome you - but in reality you'll fight Australian narrow-mindedness the whole time.

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 09:58:03

I can't fathom how having no family support and with parents both working and the dc spending all their time in childcare is something that they think is better than having both sets of doting grandparents and cousins etc close by?

MrsReiver Thu 23-Jan-14 09:58:40

I don't think they will move.

As of December 2013, Lisa, Math and Ellie are in the UK - but a move to Australia’s still very much on their minds.  Math has been busy with work, and the couple are currently expecting their second child.  Any move to Australia has been put on hold until after the birth of their baby girl.

FreshorangeforDd Thu 23-Jan-14 09:59:15

Cost of living in Brisbane now is phenomenal! It is my home town and every time I go back now I'm shocked. Bribie Island is not Brisbane really. It is a different community so slightly misleading. The pool beach in the centre of Birbane is just as shown though and all free. It's fabulous. Wish I could move back, but English husband says not possible.

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 10:00:01

I think he will keep her busy with another babe and a wedding and just hope she's gets bored with Australia

MrsBright Thu 23-Jan-14 10:00:11

And not having friends you've grown up with. I felt very lonely in Oz.

ExcuseTypos Thu 23-Jan-14 10:00:12

Is that true MrsBright?

I think a lot of employers actually welcome and encourage British workers.

northender Thu 23-Jan-14 10:00:42

I think the reality of the job situation will be very different from that given in the programme so wouldn't be surprised if they don't go.

KnappShappeyShipwright Thu 23-Jan-14 10:01:05

Would an extra £3k a year and a bit of sunshine really make up for being just a couple instead of being part of a large extended family? I can't see it myself. Once the holiday shine wears off, I suspect it doesn't. We're 200 miles from our nearest relative at the moment and I'm finding that tough with both of us working full time and 3 children to bring up.

Good luck to this couple, I hope they make it work.

susiedaisy Thu 23-Jan-14 10:01:28

Yep a big house and pool is no substitute for friends family and roots IMO

MrsBright Thu 23-Jan-14 10:03:13

She'll be stuck in a suburb and bored shitless. He'll be working every hour god sends. And then they'll realise they havnt got a 'better life' at all.

There more to life than a house with a pool.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Thu 23-Jan-14 10:05:42

MrsBright, as a point of interest, in which state were you residing? I'm Australian, originally from regional Victoria, & lived in Melbourne for 10 years (I've lived in England for the past 7). I haven't noticed racism/sexism being any worse here than it is there. That said, my English husband & I were shocked at the racism when we visited far north QLD...
As for friendship groups being a bit cliquey...yes I must admit you might be right there (it's not just people from other countries who have a problem with this, believe me!).

I'd never want to live in Australia; I went on holiday there and was not totally enamoured.

Perhaps I've missed it but does the cost of living sheet also include things like general cost of house insurance, car insurance, dental visits, opticians, childminder fees to name but a few?.

MrsBright Thu 23-Jan-14 10:14:28

We lived in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Wangaratta, Melbourne.

Melbourne was bearable but the whole suburban bollocks just drive me nuts. Its all so superficial - lovely kitchens but nothing to do.

I have since been back on a 3 month contract (Uni lecturing) and believe me Australia isnt the wonderland it once was - unemployment is rising and there is a seriously right-wing g'ment in power who condone the worst anti-women and anti-immigrant believes of the red-necks. It was fine for that contract (and I'll prob do it again) but I don't want to grown old there thanks.

KnappShappeyShipwright Thu 23-Jan-14 10:21:12

Just channel hoping and found the 'Australian Secret Millionaire' on C4. I only watched the first few minutes, but it showed a slightly different view of the country to WDU...

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Thu 23-Jan-14 10:27:33

Oh I agree with you there, the whole McMansion, reliance on cars, boats etc....ugh!

We were back last Feb, & hope to visit again next year. I have family scattered all over Western Victoria (my family have several farms between them). I'm under no illusions as to the current state of employment, etc. but it's mainly family reasons for the move. The right-wing crap of the current government is indeed scary - such a lot of appalling backwards-thinking sad

ExcuseTypos Thu 23-Jan-14 10:51:05

Knapp I thought they were better off by £3K a month not a year. That's why they were so happy!

invicta Thu 23-Jan-14 11:24:45

When we moved 75miles across the uk to a new county, Wes spent several weekends visiting the area, deciding where we would like to live, investigating schools etc. Why do people think they can live the other side after never having visited, or appears to know anyone there.

I think if they really wanted to go, they would have moved by now. An Auusie friend of mine is returning to oz soon after living with her English boyfriend. It's costing £1000s to apply for a visa for him. Maybe that's delaying the process. That's never mention this in the programme.

MetellaEstMater Thu 23-Jan-14 14:37:59

I had a similar, though much more short lived, experience of Australia to Mrs Bright. I lived in Sydney and was really shocked at the racism/sexism that passed as everyday 'banter' in the business district. I've worked in London for many years and never encountered similar.

I've been over to Brisbane recently and the cost if living is eye watering. We were there for a wedding and had a fabulous time but the expense took the edge of it for those of us who travelled from the UK.

MetellaEstMater Thu 23-Jan-14 14:44:00

Should add for balance that I have many wonderful Australian friends, and there are many fantastic things about Oz but the naïvety of some of the participants on WDU is actually very sad to watch.

oh the teen who doesn't want to leave. I always feel choked by these ones! sad

17leftfeet Fri 24-Jan-14 09:25:22

How old is he?

I missed the first few minutes

KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 24-Jan-14 09:27:41

I'm going to shout at this morning's family. I don't know how you can expect a 19 year old do anything, he's got his own life now. There has been a lot of families on this series with older teenagers.

lulu2 Fri 24-Jan-14 09:30:04

At the end of each program they always say if you want to know if the family made the move then check the bbc website. I have looked but cannot find it on the website. Anyone managed to find this please?

17leftfeet Fri 24-Jan-14 09:30:54

They need to show them that house from yesterday -they are in the wrong place!

bellabelly Fri 24-Jan-14 09:34:04

Now they want him to contribute financially! Poor lad!

FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Fri 24-Jan-14 09:36:55

This mother is a spoilt brat who expects the world to revolve around her. She will be on the MIL threads in a few years. Poor kids.

FattyNewYear Fri 24-Jan-14 09:37:51

The penny dropped slowly for her there when her husband said the only house we could afford we didnt like.

Morning. Thus looks like a dis-arst-er with the teen not wanting to go/having a girlfriend <yawn> And more obsession with wardrobes. <yawn>

17leftfeet Fri 24-Jan-14 09:38:32

No pressure on sonny then

We want you to leave your life and friends at home and pay us for the privilege of following your mum's dream!

I am starting to remember why I had to stop watching last series. angry

UnknownGnome Fri 24-Jan-14 09:41:03

What is the obsession with wardrobes? 'It's every girl's dream isn't it?'

Erm, no!

Do you think Australian people think hmm ' he were go another load of clueless Brits expecting to get a job and live in a Neighbours-esque house?'

Yay Sonny is saved. grin

17leftfeet Fri 24-Jan-14 09:43:11

Am I allowed to laugh?

KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 24-Jan-14 09:43:17

I'm not warming to them. It's just a house, it's bricks. I'm feeling very sorry for the older boy, he's going to get brow beaten into going and then resent it. The younger boy hasn't spoken yet! And they have only just realised 19 year old isn't eligible to join their visa!)
(And am I some sort of disgrace to womankind, I can't get excited about wardrobes)

They could have found that out in the UK. angry

he has to be a student to go? confused. Noooooo.

FattyNewYear Fri 24-Jan-14 09:43:29

Seriously - they thought a 19yo would be on a family visa???


Wendy, you are selfish.


Littlemisstax Fri 24-Jan-14 09:45:54

I knew he wouldn't get a visa - are they barred from doing any research before going on the show?

UnknownGnome Fri 24-Jan-14 09:46:04

I cannot imagine putting so.much pressure on my child. So if he's to be included on the visa, he has to give up his job and become a student?

Well he won't be able to contribute to the mum's family's perfect house in that case will he?

FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Fri 24-Jan-14 09:46:27

It's hilarious that she doesn't seem to understand money can also buy a house with large wardrobes and a pool in the UK!

Can I start moaning about the TV Licence I pay? angry

Please let it be worth £80,000 or something.

gottasmile Fri 24-Jan-14 09:50:46

Who chooses where they go? Perth is obviously a lot more expensive than other cities, so is it about job prospects?

Pobblewhohasnotoes Fri 24-Jan-14 09:52:03

She's one of these annoying people who will have her dream no matter what the cost and regardless of what anyone else wants and whether they can afford it.

£24 a month better off! Woop didoo

Pobblewhohasnotoes Fri 24-Jan-14 09:54:52

How can they decide to move half way across the world based on one week in one city. Australia is huge! At least see some more of it.

KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 24-Jan-14 09:55:16

I have a feeling they will go, and then a year in she will decide that she doesn't like it... Not many tears on the family dvd.

bellabelly Fri 24-Jan-14 09:55:52

Aww, that lad's girlfriend is lovely. No way is he going to leave her to go off with his mental mum.

Yay Sonny isn't going.

Have they valued their house yet and I've missed it?

KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 24-Jan-14 09:56:59

Did laugh at the raised eyebrow from her when he said he can't live at home forever!

Vagndidit Fri 24-Jan-14 09:57:14

Better off by £24/month? They're having a laugh surely.

What are the healthcare costs in Aus, btw?

Aww little brother looks really sad. sad

UnknownGnome Fri 24-Jan-14 09:58:35

Imagine forcing your kids apart too. The youngest one would be like an only child all of a suddenly.

FattyNewYear Fri 24-Jan-14 09:58:55

Dont they factor in all those additional costs?

Also £24 a month is only if they pick their dream house - so yeah not much better off but a better house.

Not that I liked the mum today mind.

17leftfeet Fri 24-Jan-14 09:59:04

Omg they've gone and left him!

They went! Without securing jobs. And left Sonny behind.

FattyNewYear Fri 24-Jan-14 09:59:41

That poor 12yo being split from his brother. Thats sad.

Anyone got an update?

FattyNewYear Fri 24-Jan-14 09:59:57


KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 24-Jan-14 10:00:26

"Upon returning to the UK, the Williamsons pushed ahead with plans to emigrate, and sold the family home. In mid January 2014, Wendie, Peter and Reece flew out to Australia to start a new life in Perth. Neither Wendy nor Peter had secured employment in advance of the move, but were confident of gaining jobs once they got there. Standing by his decision to remain in the UK, oldest son Sonny has moved into his own home in Hartlepool. Wendie is still hopeful that he might join them in the future. Look out for a Wanted Down Under Revisited episode featuring the family in February 2015."


Upon returning to the UK, the Williamsons pushed ahead with plans to emigrate, and sold the family home. In mid January 2014, Wendie, Peter and Reece flew out to Australia to start a new life in Perth. Neither Wendy nor Peter had secured employment in advance of the move, but were confident of gaining jobs once they got there. Standing by his decision to remain in the UK, oldest son Sonny has moved into his own home in Hartlepool. Wendie is still hopeful that he might join them in the future.

No secure employment for either prior to flying out there, they've taken a huge risk!

They will be revisited in a year's time.

bellabelly Fri 24-Jan-14 10:01:17

He will miss his big bro. Poor thing. That woman really annoyed me - why didn' she move when the kids were little and would have settled into a new life much more easily?

My theory is that she is completely mad and wanted to take oldest son away from lovely girlfriend. [overthinking this]

UnknownGnome Fri 24-Jan-14 10:01:33

I can't believe they went and without jobs to go to! Oh well, good luck to them.

Vagndidit Fri 24-Jan-14 10:01:33

They'll be back in the UK by the time the next Revisited episode airs.

How could they go without securing jobs? confused

'Pushed ahead'. Says it all really.

gottasmile Fri 24-Jan-14 10:05:18

I just don't understand why Perth. It's so expensive! Surely they had almost lined up jobs (hoping for them)

I've found her on FB, haven't found him though

FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Fri 24-Jan-14 10:07:32

If they hadn't gone she would have had a huge tantrum and sulked and made their lives miserable for the rest of their lives. There are plenty of these type of people in existence and people pander to them.

Any one watching homes under the hammer after? £125k for a box, where would the bed even fit?

Pobblewhohasnotoes Fri 24-Jan-14 10:09:47

How can they go without jobs? Australia are really strict about working and visas.