Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Halloween high jinks

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MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 15:52:56

This is a thread for all fans of the daily soap 'Doctors'. BBC1, 1.45pm.

So, Halloween is nearly upon us. Which of the Halloween smileys suits the Doctors cast and it's viewers best (bear with me, this is tenuous):

thlsmile - Mandy (FOD), will make a pleasant witch (can we burn her at the stake?)
thlgrin - Karen (Gobby), she's got a mouth that big.
thlsad - Howard (TBFE), tough times for him atm.
thlwink - Heston, you sly old dog you.
thlshock - everyone elses face on hearing about Hestons prowess.
thlenvy - Kevin, in awe of Heston, poor bloke.
thlangry - Barry, on being turned down by his latest love interest.
thlblush - Jimmi, on not realising it's Halloween andthentalkingtooquicklyandquietlytocoveruphisembarrasment
thlconfused and thlhmm - us, the Doctors watchers. WTF?!
thlbiscuit - Mrs T. She doesn't do Halloween.

Regulars, please sign in. Leave your broomsticks by the door. Lurkers, newbies, please join, jump in, ask questions. All welcome grin

Oodisgonnagetya Fri 25-Oct-13 15:58:11


Cross posted on the last thread so here's my post copied over. Attention seeker

I watched on delay today as I was doing job applications. I've spoken to the union & its not as bad as I was told yesterday but it may involve a bit of awkwardness which doesn't make for good working conditions so I'm better off leaving if I find something else although it might be ok after I've seen occy health clear as mud

Anyway I'm glad I only half watched as Heston is scaring me.

Sounds more positive Oodisgonnagetya!

Love the opening post! Thanks MsNobodyAgain smile

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 16:41:44

yay! Brilliant op, MsN (own up, how long did it take you?thlgrin)

Sounds more positive Ood.

I'm a bit scared about today's - will I be scarred for life by Heston? grin

curlyclaz13 Fri 25-Oct-13 16:51:11

Marking place ready for a new week filled with WTFness.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 17:00:39

thlgrin Raahh I had nothing prepared so I did the op off the cuff so to speak. Took me 5 mins!

I've not seen todays either. I wish we were seeing Kevin in the buff instead of Heston in his vest.

<frustrated sigh>

Horsemad Fri 25-Oct-13 17:16:35

Will try & watch today's on iPlayer later. Off to DS's footy training now.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Fri 25-Oct-13 17:20:27

Just spotted this on Most Active, thank you MsN. Brilliant round-up of the characters there. Haven't watched today's as the DCs had an INSET day and I declared that the telly needed to be off for a while.

Ood - well, that's something I suppose. Good luck with the applications.

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 17:21:42


MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 17:32:57

Anyone who ends up on this thread due to it being in Most Active will be sorely disappointed.

Ma ha ha ha

thlenvy <--- evil witch face

Ood I can't comment much as I'm crap about work related things but hope everything works out for you.

Oodisgonnagetya Fri 25-Oct-13 18:40:58

Thanks everyone. Realised the other day this is my home base now on here. I lurk on other threads and join Doctor Who ones but you lot are the people that know me < soppy>

leezl Fri 25-Oct-13 19:51:02

Bahaha love the opener. Will pop today's ep on iplayer tonight. Semi naked Heston, eh? Better get the bucket.

Sorry MsNobodyAgain but Heston didn't have a best on jut a neckerchief! It was Kev in the vest!

MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 20:25:03

Oh my word! shock

I am saving it for tomorrow. Yes, I am that sad.

toldmywrath Fri 25-Oct-13 20:25:52

MsNo Thanks for the new thread- but I think thlshock looks like a blow up doll!
Ood hope you can work something out, glad you are at home on this wtf thread.
Kev in a vest - is this so his non Freya (who?) tattoo is covered from the eyes of new girlfriend.

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 20:33:42

told- you might be right about the tattoo hiding vestgrin

leezl Fri 25-Oct-13 20:42:58

I'm pissed off already and I'm only a few minutes in.
The patient shouldn't be made to feel that she "should" be able to cope without anti-depressants. That's such a dangerous misconception.
I'm so glad this programme isn't portrayed as a serious medical drama grin

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:06:51

Right I'm going in.

Ewwww Heston

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:08:07

Barry has a very big hat.

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:09:23

The wallpaper in the salon is a bit busy.

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:15:25

The stalkery bloke is not going to go down well with Jizz.

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:15:58

How long is Heston going away for???

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:19:19

Heston leaves his cravat on

Oh my eyesgrin

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:22:52


dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:27:39

Oh Kev , lose the vest (can't even get my 10year old to wear a vestgrin). It will help.

Poor Howard, drowning in his wrapperssad

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:29:14


Just saw his back- it's NOT THERE!!!shock

dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:30:40

It's all about control, bulimia < voice of experience>.

Poor TBFE.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 21:54:43

Will nobody think of the continuity?


dRaahhcula Fri 25-Oct-13 21:56:40

The continuity is PANTS! MsN- Pants!!

toldmywrath Fri 25-Oct-13 22:19:58

At least we can see some really lovely summery weather & sun still shining at 7pm, while Britain sees severe storms & the clocks go back. I always love this anomaly so peculiar to Letherbridge. [sarcastic emoticon]

leezl Fri 25-Oct-13 23:36:07

Toldmywrath, remember when they had snow in Letherbridge when the UK had a serious heatwave? grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Fri 25-Oct-13 23:40:11

Just watching yesterday's. Has Barry locked Kevin in on purpose?

MsNobodyAgain Fri 25-Oct-13 23:56:33

I don't think so, but he wasn't in a rush to let him out.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sat 26-Oct-13 00:08:33

Jizz looks huge even though they're only showing her from the chest up. Yet when she got locked out of the flat, what 2 weeks ago she was her normal slim self.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sat 26-Oct-13 00:09:23

Is Barry the only security guard on the entire campus?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 26-Oct-13 00:20:17

Dunno, but the spoilers for the week after next are BRILL!!!

I must go to sleep now. Zzzzzzzz

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 06:20:03

If Jizz is pregnant it might explain why she missed out on costumes for Austen week.

OMG MsN I have just read the spoilers. I will have to up my commitment levels from now on.

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 09:11:48

Grr you temptresses
<takes lack of will power over to digital spy>

There's actually a patient one day

Another really silly thing that annoys me is Zara's constant mention of Childcare issues, she must have the worst childminder ever!!! I know its only to remind you that they have Joe but still.

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 11:44:25

But Daniel doesn't have CC issues
<climbs off soapbox>

dRaahhcula Sat 26-Oct-13 11:51:40

I've read the spoilers!


I think that's part of the point too, every time she mentions it she has a dig at him too!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 26-Oct-13 12:26:54

I am being thwarted in my efforts to watch yesterdays. I planned to watch while the DCs were at the contact centre but ex didn't turn up (again).

Where's my broomstick? I know where I'd like to stick it right at this moment.


Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 12:54:25

Do you want my trident instead MsN? ------E

can't make a broomstick, I did try

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 12:55:04

Do you think Zara would be a MNer ?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 26-Oct-13 13:01:45

I like the trident. Thank you.

<heats it up>

Zara would definitely be a MNer. She'd be in Feminism and Style and Beauty with the occasional dip into Relationships to tell people to LTB.

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 13:47:41

Bet she joins the Friday night threads too.

Bet Gobby would be all over FB.

ClayDavis Sat 26-Oct-13 16:16:16

arf at Zara telling people to leave the bastard. She so would.

Nick is in casualty grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sat 26-Oct-13 22:25:34

I've just read the spoilers in the Sun TV supplement blush. A possible new romance - won't say who, but they have borrowed our habit of turning two names into one, how many people are reading this thread?!

Zara to me is a cross between two well known posters on MN, but I'm not going to say who (never seen either on this thread and I'm sure never will).

If Mrs T was a MNer she would hang out in Philosophy and Religion and possibly knit Woolly Hugs.

This wind is getting up a bit tonight, we're right in the zone for the storm so had to spend an hour or so securing everything that moves in the garden (there was a lot of it because we are untidy buggers). Feeling sorry for my friend who is doing the Great South Run tomorrow.

Oodisgonnagetya Sat 26-Oct-13 22:47:35

Think I can guess at one who

ClayDavis Sat 26-Oct-13 22:57:24

Not too windy down here yet. Was at Gatwick earlier and the cross winds on the runway made landing 'interesting'.

Trying to work out who the MNers are. I think I've got one. Possibly both.

Oodisgonnagetya Sun 27-Oct-13 18:23:40

Where are you all ? This dropped off my threads?

I am here. Half term this week. Keeping up may be problematical. DH has the week off too.

dRaahhcula Sun 27-Oct-13 18:49:26

Hello!!<waves at writers who may be reading> grin

It's not that windy here yet. But the dcs are back at school tomorrow- although it is actually dd2 who is the main dissenter when I try to watch Doctorsgrin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 18:53:06

I'm here, battening down the hatches (Hampshire, not coastal luckily). Half term this week, the DCs are out tomorrow and I'm working at home, but after that I'm unlikely to be able to watch live. All this is assuming we don't get blown away in the night.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 27-Oct-13 19:54:18

I'm here still fucking fuming about the Contact Centre yesterday angry

Plus I've had a disagreement with my sister.
Plus it looks like I've got diabetes on top of my other major health problem.
Plus I'm cold.
Plus it's half term next week... I thought I had better not post until I can be upbeat.

But now I have posted anyway.

<punches door>

cake quick, before I am banned from eating that.


Oodisgonnagetya Sun 27-Oct-13 20:32:25

Throws cake at MsN quickly.
Half term here this week too.

MsNobodyAgain Sun 27-Oct-13 20:51:03

Cheers Ood smile

I think I will watch Fridays episode when DCs are in bed. Might cheer me up.

Half term here too, glad as I don't want to have to go our if the weather is really as bad as they say it's going to be. Lots of my friends have put everything from the garden in sheds and garages shock

Sorry to hear you're having a rubbish time MsNobodyAgain! Not sure I'd cope without cake so here's some for you cake

Horsemad Sun 27-Oct-13 22:35:30

We're back to school tomorrow. News reporter said non essential journeys should be cancelled, so I won't go to work & will stay home to watch Doctors - I'm sure my boss won't mind! grin

Stay safe, those in the 'Storm Zone'.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Sun 27-Oct-13 23:33:06

Well, we decided to let the DCs sleep in our room tonight (they love to, plus DH and I were a little worried about the very large tree outside their window). I went off to bed with them at about 9 and have had a lovely couple of hours sleep, but then been woken up by DH pottering around (one of the cats was sick and he had to clean up - no idea which one, this is one of the problems with having two of them). DD was sick halfway through the Strictly Results show too, so plans for tomorrow are now all changed regardless of the weather. Cinnamon - we have put everything that can reasonable be moved into the garden shed but mostly it was stuff that would go away for the winter anyway, like toys and the plastic greenhouse.

Chucking it down with rain here, but no wind to speak of yet.

MsN - sorry to hear about the diabetes, is it type 2? DH has had type 1 for about 25 years, obviously we would much rather he didn't, but he does manage it very well and life does go on. It seems unfair that it happens to someone like you who already has such a lot on their plate <hands over diet coke>

MsNobodyAgain Mon 28-Oct-13 12:44:05

Hope everyone is ok today. We are lucky to miss the worst of the weather here. Still a very wet day mind you.

I will miss todays as well as I have to go out. Booooo! Should catch tomorrows live though.

Who it is probably type 2. I haven't been diagnosed yet but I know the signs. I had gestational diabetes controlled by insulin. At the moment my blood glucose is averaging 16mmol per day. Got a blood test on Weds and the results on Monday. I do feel a tad unlucky at the moment but just gotta get on with it. I wish Kevin could come round and prick my finger <snigger>

Hey ho. I feel a need to spend some money today. thlgrin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Mon 28-Oct-13 12:56:17

I've got DD at home, but I'm going to sneak upstairs and watch while I do a bit of ironing. No storm damage here, DH had to go a long detour to get to work due to fallen trees though. Rained hard all night, but dry and very windy now, I am getting washing out on the line as fast as I can to make the most of it.

oldmywraith Mon 28-Oct-13 13:09:14

Very stormy here, but no damage thankfully.
Sorry to hear your woes MsNo hope you get stuff sorted soon.
Probably not watching 'live' at all this week-but will watch on catch up later.

Oh my goodness, far too much information again!!

Don't criticise another persons desk top!

I do love how people who smoke think opening a window means nobody knows they've been smoking grin

Talking to myself today I think thlgrin

Poor Heston, having his exploits discussed with everyone!

MrsT is being very intolerant of this IT guy thlsad

Very confused by this family.

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 28-Oct-13 14:00:19

I'm here Cinnamon

TMI on Heston. Howard can't really be holding the surgery together.

He's very organised so I can see that he is.

Heston is really getting fed up with her, ah he's a sweetie though thlsmile

Amazing this woman can have just opened a new business and not actually be there running it!

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Mon 28-Oct-13 14:08:52

I have been forced by DD to watch Muppets Christmas Carol instead of Doctors <mutters>

My two minded children I have are off today and dh is off, we've stayed in because of the weather and lack of time to plan as it was a last minute day off. Dh is out soon something to his bike in the garage and he sent ds's upstairs so I can watch in peace!

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 28-Oct-13 14:59:49

Only got half way through before xh came for dd1/2. Have to catch up soon

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 19:07:55

Do you think I can do 6 episodes in a row and maintain what's left of my sanity? I have all last week's to watch and today's.

Right, I'm going in. Hopefully see you on the other side.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 19:09:10

grin It's crashed iplayer downloads.

Maybe there is a limit.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 28-Oct-13 19:30:09

Clay come on, you can do it! Give iPlayer mouth to mouth or something. grin

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 28-Oct-13 19:43:32

clay if you're watching the last week en masse you may need wine or a bucket to cope.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 19:45:47

It has been resuscitated. There's still a lot of Austen in this episode. Must be the last one of the Austen ones I think.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 19:55:08

I have neither wine or a bucket. One episode down though.

Why is Zara being nice to FOD and letting her off the fine for not reading the book.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 20:02:20

This dating site thing's not going to end well is it?

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Mon 28-Oct-13 20:28:42

The dating site one was grim IMO.

Finally managed to watch today's. Haven't scrolled back and read all your posts (yet) but just one thing to say to Heston - run for the hills! Poor Sigourney, what an embarrassment of a mother.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 28-Oct-13 20:38:08

Clay she let her off because she had had a hard time with Jess, the obese teenager who was taken away from her mother.

I have just caught up. Pity you can't unsee things. Heston in his cravat, no,

And Gloria is bugging me more than 6tl which is saying something. They are so not suited.

Kevin and Howard sad

Mrs T being compared to Columbo. My favourite woman in a wig versus my favourite man in the mac. I still prefer Peter Falk (sorry Mrs T).

<goes to find Columbo box set>

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 20:40:34

Ah of course. I had forgotten about that.

Hilarious pipe/boiler innuendo mix up coming up I think.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 20:53:12

I really do not need to see this. Or hear it. Was this the part I need wine for or a bucket.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 21:03:53

And I definitely do not want to think about Heston being 'inventive'.

ClayDavis Mon 28-Oct-13 21:08:17

I'm not sure they need a polyclinic in Letherbridge. They don't have enough patients for the two practice's they have.

leezl Tue 29-Oct-13 10:36:33

Hahahahaha watching yesterday's ep
"We are far too busy for little chats!" Could've fooled me, MrsT! grin

leezl Tue 29-Oct-13 10:43:08

Urgh and the mother's interest in the daughter's sex life is pukey

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 10:46:39

Dropping in- missed yesterday's, will probably miss today's. Suddenly RL seems to have caught up with me.
thanks for MsN- you really are going through the mill a bit at the moment. Hope things improve a little soon.

No drastic winds here, just lots of crappy rain. Which has caused a huge pond in the garden I need to see to .


OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Tue 29-Oct-13 12:19:54

Not in today, going to watch Postman Pat ...

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 13:16:22

Ood you are a better mother than me. I don't even take my DCs to the cinema, my mum does it.
Pantomimes as well - what the friff are they all about?

I am going to see Diversity in December with DD though. That's my kind of outing. grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Tue 29-Oct-13 13:22:20

I'm not watching live today either, won't be able to till at least Fri sad.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 13:47:54

Looks like an episode of sex/contraception and erectile dysfunction. Nice.


MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 13:59:05

Home visit!

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 14:04:13

Cringe at Heston pep-talking Kev. blush

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 14:05:13

"Ruth Madoc"

"discharged my duty"


MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 14:10:49

Errrrr, that looks wipe-cleanable.


leezl Tue 29-Oct-13 14:11:58

Enough discussion of Kevin's penis oh god I'm going to throw up

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 14:14:42

I don't mind discussing it. Phwaaaoooooor.

God, I'm sad.

Poor poor Kevin! Why on earth is Heston vein biased aroun by this woman? And Daniel too, voluntarily chatting to Kev confused

Seriously a vasectomy!?! Was watching but on my phone so can't mn too. I wouldn't choose to have a coil, surely tell him you're going and then go and have a coffee for half an hour! Oh well they're happy again thanks to nurse FOD.

And planting newts hmm

Vein biased what?!? Being bossed even grin

I watched with DH and two DSs today. blush Contaception, impotence-great subjects for a Tuesday lunchtime.

Oh and briliiant non essential FOD home visit.

Do we know why Kevin is having problems?

Don't think we know, guessing perhaps it's because he really cares about her and he's opened up about everything or perhaps it's just hearing Heston and Gloria that first night?

leezl Tue 29-Oct-13 15:51:58

MsN no! He's like a puppy that's been kicked. Those pathetic eyes confused erm but who am I to judge... I still have a thing for Jimmi sad

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 16:01:03


Bwah ha ha ha ha.

leezl Tue 29-Oct-13 16:43:21

It's okay, I'm seeking professional help.

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 16:52:53


WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Tue 29-Oct-13 18:12:17

Just watching now, the DCs have gone to my parents for a sleepover and DH isn't home yet. It feels very weird not having the DCs around at this time of day.

Wow, I thought that was the couple's own library for a minute then. Not really the time or place for that discussion.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:04:38

Catching up on yesterday's .
TMI re-Heston's stamina and good sex. blush

Dump her Heston. She's so annoying.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:07:33

Mrs T very rude to IT bloke.
Strange storyline really I'm confused

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:09:06

<yawn> polyclinic
And what happened to 6tl's hair- it's gone very round.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:12:58

Poor TBFE.

And note to wardrobe- that top of 6tl's is a)horrible, and looks like pyjamas and b) she's worn it every day.

Ewww Heston- get rid of the scary woman- you can do so much better.

ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:15:55

Completely failed yesterday. Managed 5 out of 6 episodes. About to do yesterday's and today's. Hoping for a bit less of Heston.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:16:04

I'd be so embarrassed if my mother was like Gloria.
Who is taking all the supplies?

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:16:32

No chance, Claygrin

ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:19:02

What's with the sex obsession. Are the writers not getting any? I'm only a minute into yesterday's and it's already been mentioned once.

And now we're onto Heston's stamina.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:19:41

'you're very beautiful when you're quiet'


ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:20:44

Lol at worrying that 'Sigourney might walk in on us' while standing in front of a large window onto the high street.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:23:53

Hercule Tembe strikes againgrin

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:25:20

Waaaaaaay too much information regarding Heston's sex lifehmm

ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:27:37

You still on yesterday's. Far too much info about Heston's sex life. I do not want to know about him ripping off his waistcoat and then appearing atthe bottom of the bed.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:28:19


dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:32:06

Right- might try and watch today's....

It's definitely sex week in Letherbridge.

TBFE's terrible Brummy accentgrin

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:34:41

sad the junk food in TBFE's car.

You can't make a packet of biscuits last a month-they'd go stale.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:38:33

So Sigourney has discussed Kev's failure to perform with her mother?hmm

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:42:27

The barrister couple are terrible actors.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:43:49

Al is going to plant newts...

how WTFgrin

ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:44:54

More sex in today's episode then.

ClayDavis Tue 29-Oct-13 19:45:55

Didn't we do contraception issues last week? They seem to be recycling stories very quickly.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:46:42

Is it usual for a nurse to make a home visit, to force a couple to discuss their sexlife?

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:48:19

Ruth madocgrin

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:52:05

What did FOD say?hmm

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:52:53

Ahh, a vasectomy.

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 19:55:32

thought for one horrible moment TBFE was going to eat the newts..

SacreBlue Tue 29-Oct-13 20:05:59

dRaahhcula grin I actually thought he meant Eamonn's wife at first blush

This iplayer addiction to Doctors has lead to a secondary nostalgic addiction to Cagney & Lacey & a new found appreciation of Isbecki's looks & Harv's manner that I missed as a child

dRaahhcula Tue 29-Oct-13 20:22:56

I loved Cagney and Lacey, it was brilliant.

I forgot about the newts by the end of the episode and thought he was just stealing Al's lunch to eat with the biscuits blush

MsNobodyAgain Tue 29-Oct-13 21:34:47

Ohhhh, Cagney and Lacey. They seemed to film a lot of the scenes in the ladies toilet as I recall.

Plus one of them turned alkie sad

So... my friend was supposed to be coming over this morning and is now coming this afternoon, what's the betting she arrived at 1.45!?!?

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 13:42:53

right watching live today. ds is asleep but bound to wake up as soon as it gets wtf.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:47:25

Am at work, watching on my phone with earphones as I am not too busy, but might get interrupted.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:47:55

Oh no....

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:48:10

Fastest ever hone visit alert

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:48:48

Poor woman.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:51:09

Heston and Kevin have seen the light thank goodness.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:55:38

Gobby's turn to be a detective today

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 13:55:59

<talks to herself>

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 13:58:18

sorry was assembling a pin board ! what a lovely neighbour shock Nice to see Al professional dressed !
bum small person has awoken sad

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 14:01:09

is she having an affair with the other neighbour ?

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 14:03:00

arf at 'it'll freeze' grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 14:05:21

A makeover for 6TL - hoorah!

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 14:07:52

I think my wardrobe is stuck in a rut - the scriptwriters really are reading our thread.

leezl Wed 30-Oct-13 14:09:48

Nope I definitely prefer 6TL's hair wavy

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 14:10:32

disappointed gobby.

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 14:14:04

A spooky special tomorrow !

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 14:15:11

Tomorrow looks truly WTF

I watched on my phone while ironing, friend still not here!

I love all the talk of patient confidentiality and then Al tell the mistress all about the dead guys medical history!

Yay for Zara, put her foot in it again but managed to save herself grin

Heston really isn't much of a gentleman sad not that I won't be glad to see the back of Gloria!

Don't think the wife was having an affair but looks like she'd like to find a swift replacement for her hubby thlwink

leezl Wed 30-Oct-13 14:32:03

Oh a spooky special!! I'm working though sad

dRaahhcula Wed 30-Oct-13 16:37:10

grrrr...I had to go outand find pumpkins. Which I failed to do at the only shop I tried (it could end up being like paddlng pool-gate all over again, and we'll end up with the smallest pumpkin known to man. Or a tangerine with felt tip).

Am going to catch up later. I have new drugs- they are making me feel slightly odd, and as though I am 'outside looking in' iyswim. I'm hoping it doesn't last....grin

SacreBlue Wed 30-Oct-13 17:05:46

Haven't caught todays yet, waiting on 5pm so I can crack out the takeaway menus <lazy>

C&L's toilets are bogging which is actually kind of refreshing <ironic> when most of today's shows don't really have that grunge factor. C is the one that turns alkie but not for awhile yet, right now she's all bouncy hair & interesting jumpers. Maybe 6tl could take note.

Could we ask for a sign from the writers if they are reading this? Zara joining AIBU? Heaston & Glo with a green beaker? tbfe scoffing some pom bears??

<everytime I see pom I think it says porn I know that says more about me but it is very disturbing>

dRaahhcula Wed 30-Oct-13 17:11:50

<boak> at HesGlo's penis beakergrin

I saw Hallowe'en Pom bears today. I didn't check how they were Hallowe'en-y. Maybe they have hats. Unlike out smiley. [thlbear]

dRaahhcula Wed 30-Oct-13 17:12:01


MsNobodyAgain Wed 30-Oct-13 17:13:27

Missed it ferrying DCs around. Now at DDs swimming lesson. God I hate this place. The vending machines don't work and there are noisy children around.

It's a bit like soft play...hellish.

Hang in there Raahh flowers

MsNobodyAgain Wed 30-Oct-13 17:17:21

By the way, the post count hasn't half dropped since Anne went on holiday!


dRaahhcula Wed 30-Oct-13 17:18:53


pmsl- after all my moaning about 6tl's horrible pj top, there is a picture on FB of her out shopping with Zara. She is wearing a purple wrap dress and the caption says 'at least it's not beige' grin

dRaahhcula Wed 30-Oct-13 17:19:52

bless Anne and her drunken ramblings, and lusting after TBFE. thlgrin

SacreBlue Wed 30-Oct-13 17:30:25

grin if it's anything like half the tat out there they'll just have stuck something orange on the front of the packet hmm

I must check out the fb page - are there any hints on tomorrow's spooky fare?

I haven't been swimming in yonks, I miss the chloriney smell. Once there was a fire alarm & we all had to stand in the car park in our cossies wrapped in tinfoil sad but definitely don't miss the noisy children

Will you be fish n chipping it after? That was our treat after swimmers grin

ClayDavis Wed 30-Oct-13 18:08:01

It's looking suitably wtf today.

See we still haven't moved off the sex theme this week. Must be due an STI story soon.

Assuming you're not on anything I haven't had that feeling should pass Raahh. Might be a couple of weeks though.

MsNobodyAgain Wed 30-Oct-13 18:44:29

sacre grin re the fire alarm. No fish and chips unfortunately as I have to rush home before the babysitters head explodes!

SacreBlue Wed 30-Oct-13 19:05:46

We weren't even close enough to the firemen to do a bit of flirting slightly blue & shivering being such a good look an all grin

Hope you still had something lovely, we had takeaway because I've had my nephew staying & was definitely not cooking again. Teenagers are like flipping locusts.

Just watched today's & tomorrow's trailer looks very wtf or rather how many films can we copy grin off to watch C&L's episode smile

MsNobodyAgain Wed 30-Oct-13 19:22:53

I couldn't find C&L online. Where are you getting this nostalgia fix?

SacreBlue Wed 30-Oct-13 20:12:54

BBC iplayer, I think it's on sometime after Drs on the schedule for BBC1 but you can search the A-Z for it.

We are on episode 18 but I missed the first 10 or 11 <trying not start a new habit>

V disappointed in Cagney's outfits today but Isbecki's chest was looking lovely grin

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Wed 30-Oct-13 20:48:59

leezl Jimmi? Really? You may beat the storyline for the most WTF comments on the thread!

Have now watched yesterday's but not today's ( day out at a farm today <polishes good mum badge>)

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Wed 30-Oct-13 20:50:35

Oh and I've been recruiting,my post natal group from dd3 moved to FB and I mentioned Doctors there and one watched today and another is starting maternity leave soon so have pointed them over here!

MsNobodyAgain Wed 30-Oct-13 21:15:44

Woo hoo. Good work Ood!

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Wed 30-Oct-13 21:24:09

raah I'm pmsl at the thought of a tangerine pumpkin lantern in your front window. grin
We have one for dh to do tomorrow as my mum grew several hundred

Caught up now. Today's was really good mix of wife swapping , Gobby being Gobby and Zara trying not to be a bitch.

Tomorrow looks high scoring in the WTF department

Our local tesco has loads! We missed them by going on Halloween itself last year, felt very guilty. Did ours yesterday smile. Dh did ds2's as ironman he's so pleased!

SacreBlue Wed 30-Oct-13 21:44:52

I thought I was poor when we had turnip lanterns as kids but one of my good friends told me as a child he had a hollowed out potato with a birthday candle inside <sniff> thought of him trick or treating with a little spud was v moving

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:02:12

whoknows excellent crumpety work on getting in a mn email ! grin wine

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 22:10:41

what what?!

curlyclaz13 Wed 30-Oct-13 22:23:01

The 'mn swears by' email has your quote about dualit toasters in THE TITLE. You are officially famous and thankfully not in a beaker way.

I don't get an mn email envy

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Wed 30-Oct-13 22:39:09

blush - last time I made the talk roundup was a quote from a thread about constipation!

Haven't had the email, but i do usually, maybe it will arrive later. Can't even remeber what i said now.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Thu 31-Oct-13 10:52:48

Oooh <excited>. A new series of The Indian Doctor on Mon after Doctors, makes a nice change from old sitcoms.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 10:58:44

oooh- Ilove 'The Indian Doctor'- it i so cliched and bad, it is great.

I am covered inpumpkin gloop, having been shamed into getting pumpkins for the dcs. Ds and dd1 di theirs last night- Ihave just done one with dd2 . Well, I say with ... she got bored and was watching Doc McStuffinshmm.

I still haven't watched yesterday's yet. probably won't get chance- got meetings at school and then taking the dcs out trick or treating. thlgrin
(usually just the next door neighbour, and a friend up the road,but it keeps them happy).

I really want to watch today's livesad

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Thu 31-Oct-13 11:48:09

I'm making pumpkin soup <efficient >
Hopefully live watching if I kick dd1/2 out for a bit

ClaimedByMe Thu 31-Oct-13 14:17:56

WTF that is all I can manage about todays episode

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Thu 31-Oct-13 14:30:03

Yes confused

MsNobodyAgain Thu 31-Oct-13 16:18:03

Was it that bad?

Half term and Halloween are disrupting my viewing habits. It's not every day you see your 6 foot, very rotund neighbour dressed as Spongebob Squarepants. thlgrin

And wtf has Spongebob got to do with Halloween anyway? thlconfused

thlenvy thlenvy thlenvy thlenvy <-- a coven of witches for you.

I have put the carved pumpkin in the porch window but there are 2 'no cold callers' signs in the same window. I think it may confuse people. Oh well, I fancied a tin of Celebrations to myself anyway.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 31-Oct-13 16:20:04

<hopes neighbours wife isn't a MNetter and a Doctors Addict> thlblush

oldmywraith Thu 31-Oct-13 16:26:42

Well today's episode wasn't typical-there were 6 (or 8?) patients in the waiting area, albeit zombie green eyed ones.
Oh dear MsNo you may be outed by your info above!

EssexGurl Thu 31-Oct-13 16:46:47

Can someone tell me what happened to baby Joe? I ended up missing a few and never found out what happened. Am assuming social worker was being over zealous?

curlyclaz13 Thu 31-Oct-13 17:22:37

Essex All the doctors got together and found some rare disease and diagnosed joe with that. It has never been mentioned since and being doctors probably never will grin
Today was just odd, almost like they forgot about Halloween and cobbled an episode together.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 17:26:00

ooh I like being part of a coven of witches.

Am gearing myself up to going out with the dcs in a bit. I had hoped it would rain<killjoy>

Still haven't watched today's, I aim to get rid of everybody later and watch both together. nothing better to do emoticon

EssexGurl Thu 31-Oct-13 17:33:05

Curly - thanks! Assumed that was likely but v frustrating you miss a couple of episodes and something like that is never mentioned again.

ClayDavis Thu 31-Oct-13 19:20:57

Was today's any good? If it was I'll save it for tomorrow. If not I might watch it now.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:22:35

right- am finished with trick or treat. I hoping no-one comes to the door now,as I am now in my pjs.

Oops to Al going to the wife's house to certify the death.

Yay to Heston and Kev dumping the annoying Spa pair.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:28:27

Zara is not very sincere with her apologies, is she?grin

Terrible over-acting in this episode with the bereaved womengrin

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:29:42

So this woman has killed off 3 blokes?

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:30:22

And Zara is shit at small talk.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:34:42

'it'll freeze' brilliant.

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:39:40

this feels like the longest episode ever.....hmmconfused

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:40:54

death by sticky toffee puddinggrin and rumpy pumpygrin

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 19:44:21

So the wife was having an affair as well??

ClayDavis Thu 31-Oct-13 19:45:37

I think so. I got bored and distracted watching yesterday's. Too much overacting even for Doctors.

WhoKnowsWhereTheSlimeGoes Thu 31-Oct-13 19:50:00

Just loitering at the moment. Took the DCs out trick or treating earlier, then back to gorge on the goodies. DH and DS have gone out to take MIL who came for the day home. Really ought to go and drag DS away from the telly so I can watch it.

ClayDavis Thu 31-Oct-13 19:56:10

Just realised I have a better episode saved in case tomorrow turns out to be shit. So I'm going to brave the Halloween episode.

MsNobodyAgain Thu 31-Oct-13 20:12:30

Still not seen todays but I am so DONE with Halloween, I can't face spooky Doctors.

The last set of Trick or Treaters at mine were teen girls in very short skirts.

<locks door>

ClayDavis Thu 31-Oct-13 20:19:23

Sort of wishing FOD does look back.

leezl Thu 31-Oct-13 21:45:42

Why did no one PM me to alert me to the gratuitous Jimmi-in-a-tight-costume content today? Phwoaarr (shame shame shame)

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 21:52:14

ok- finally getting around to today's.

The mask wearing trick or treater was very Doctor Who

'I can't abide couscous'grin

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 21:56:02

It's a bit like a Simpsons Hallowe'en special this one.

Very wtf.

Just starting on today's too. WTF?

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 22:01:01

It's very Doctor Who now.grin

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 22:03:00

Patients! Now that is scary.


MsNobodyAgain Thu 31-Oct-13 22:07:25

leezl thlgrin

This is ridiculous even for Doctors....

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 22:13:55

The mask kid reminded me of dd2- I must have had to read 3 stories tonight. None of them were scary thoughsad

dRaahhcula Thu 31-Oct-13 22:15:16

Who-it was pretty barking, it has been that kind of month in Letherbridge.

Wonder if Gobbyplod is doing Movember this yeargrin

Dh and I both had the day off today so we went out! Got back in time to walk dogs, paint faces and go trick or treating so no time to catch up on Halloween episode today. Will try and watch it before tomorrow's smile

I don't think the wife was having an affair dRaahhcula, think she was just keen in starting a new relationship as she didn't like her husband very much anyway!

ClayDavis Thu 31-Oct-13 22:30:03

I liked the Halloween episode. TBH it was a welcome break from TMI about Heston.

leezl Thu 31-Oct-13 23:06:16

Yes, MsN..? confused

MsNobodyAgain Fri 01-Nov-13 07:04:15

I was grinning at you lusting after Jimmi. Sorry. He is just so...asexual. Mind you, I lust after Kev.

Tut, tut. I must find a real boyfriend one day. grin

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Fri 01-Nov-13 07:09:20

I liked evil possessed Kev!

MsNobodyAgain Fri 01-Nov-13 07:15:49

Good! I will watch that later. Got loads to do with the DCs today though so won't be around much.

MsNobodyAgain Fri 01-Nov-13 12:39:16

Scrap that. DS2 has chickenpox and the family computer is broken.

<rocks in corner>

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Fri 01-Nov-13 13:53:17

Toddler just asked 'which is Dr Tider?' blush

Oh bloody hell Kev. What are you saying this for?

Have bee watching on my phone again, all I can say us Jimmi and Jas eewwww and Kev what a knob!

Sorry to hear about the chicken pox MsNobodyAgain, mine got it exactly 2 weeks apart so just as ds1 was out of quarantine ds2 had it and we were back in!

Going to watch yesterdays now smile

leezl Fri 01-Nov-13 15:01:29

Haha I MN on my phone so I just got my name come up and not the smiley! But I thought you might be telling me off haha, rightfully so. I'm very upset today - was that flirting between Jimmi and Jizz? Their portmanteau would be... Jizzi confused

It just made me feel a bit queasy leezl blush

Watched Thursdays now and thought it was quite good smile

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Fri 01-Nov-13 17:55:07

My thought was Jizzi too.! <bawk>

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:24:09

Nooooo! to the pox. MsN!Hope it isn't too bad.

Right- I'm catching up on today.

oh, it's the woman off KUA!

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:24:52

'Stitch and Bitch' grin

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:28:45

Love the Doctors reference the Killing thing.

Chris is having another fundraiser?
Oh, Mo is tea-leaf

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:31:36

Poor impotent Kev.

Al is a meanie.

ClayDavis Fri 01-Nov-13 19:32:46

Just watched today's. WTF Kevin?

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:35:20

Ahh, Jizzi. grin

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:36:22

oh, scratchcards. sad

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:36:55

Poor Al. Pity he doesn't like Scandi Noir.

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:38:37

Jizz is deffopg- lots of tugging at cardi hems to cover the bump.

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:39:36

and standing awkwardly behind computer screens...

I wasn't paying attention to Jiz today! Maybe she'll leave to make a welsh love nest with Jimmi and come back after baby when he's driven her mad.

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:45:22

oh Kev! That's a shit thing to do.

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:48:13

Some shocking acting from Kevgrin

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 19:51:06

And next week- jizz is carrying the 'massive pregnancy covering handbag'grin

Hope wardrobe have still got the navy blazer Zara practically lived in.

ClayDavis Fri 01-Nov-13 19:55:07

Terrible acting and terrible behaviour. Can't see how he's going to get out of this one.

It'll be long shots and head shots only soon.

Don't know if you each the mentalist but Van Pelt spent a whole season behind her desk and her face got more and more bloated confused

Each, really!?!? Watch of course it was meant to be!

Raahh Fri 01-Nov-13 20:01:32

I love the way tv shows think we can't tellgrin

ClayDavis Fri 01-Nov-13 20:12:22

With Bones they wrote it into the script. Was a pity they didn't write her and Booth sleeping together into it and just used an old scene where they shared a bed but didn't really hint anything had happened.

To be fair dh didn't notice until I pointed it out wink

bellabelly Fri 01-Nov-13 22:54:14

Am I being thick? Why is Kevin splitting up with whatsername?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 02-Nov-13 04:53:06

Because he can't 'get it up' with her. Instead of working through the problem, he dumped her because it was making him feel bad.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 08:30:00

Hello my lovelies! I'm back and I've found you!

Sod emptying the cases and doing the mountain of washing, my priority was catching up on the Doctors threads!

Have watched 2 of the 11 episodes I missed while I was away, however then DD and DH got up and made me turn over the TV. angry

Sorry to hear about the potential diabetes, MsN, thanks, your work issues Ood thanks, and your shitty times, Raahh thanks.

I am very concerned about watching sex week. confused

I have read the spoilers. WTF indeed.

Or no-sex week in Kevin's case....

Welome back Anne flowers

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 08:39:12

Thanks, Who! Oh I've missed you all and our inconsequential ramblings!

MsNobodyAgain Sat 02-Nov-13 11:50:34

Yay! Welcome back Anne


AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 13:31:17

Hello MsN! grin

Right, I've kicked out DH and DD for the rest of the day, been to the supermarket, and got the washing machine doing overtime and now I am going to try and catch up with a couple more.

I hate hate hate the salon duo.

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Sat 02-Nov-13 13:33:11

You've been missed Anne the thread ran very slowly without you

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Sat 02-Nov-13 13:35:04

Baby just asked to get on settee for feed & nap. He's adjusted his clock to fit the new Doctors time ( doesn't know about weekends yet though)

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 13:38:43

Thanks, Ood!

Do I really talk that much?? blush

New doctors time?

Welcome back AnneEyhtMeyer!!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 13:44:40

Thanks Cinnamon!

What is this new Doctors time??

MsNobodyAgain Sat 02-Nov-13 14:06:58

Whaaaaaat? New time?!?!

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Sat 02-Nov-13 14:08:19

Sorry I meant with the clocks changing , not that it's changed times blush

Anne proof is in the speed of the thread...

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 14:13:22

Oh thank goodness! I thought it had changed times while I was away! Funny how we all panic at the thought of change! grin

Oh dear, Ood, I can't help myself. blush

Why is Zara being nice to people suddenly? I miss her caustic side!

This poly-clinic thing is ridiculous. We all know it won't affect the Mill otherwise it is the end for the programme. Also a poly-clinic would involve more actors and there isn't the budget for it. Besides, there aren't any patients in Letherbridge.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 14:17:43

So funny the way they are only showing Jiz's head and shoulders. Or carrying a coat over her arm.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 14:19:08

Oh how rude of them to call the lovely TBFE "Captain Mainwairing". The gits.

Poly-clinic is another trigger for TBFE I think, doesn't seem to be actually any other reason for it.

Phew, thought I was going to have to adjust the kids nap time wink

MsNobodyAgain Sat 02-Nov-13 14:55:59

<stops composing letter from 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' regarding change of Doctors time>


AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 14:57:18

I think you must be right, cinnamon.

Just had to pause to unload the washing machine, fill it again, empty some more of the suitcases and then put a chicken in the oven for dinner tonight.

Now back to the Doctors-athon!

toldmywrath Sat 02-Nov-13 14:57:26

Hello Anne welcome back.
Hope your pox ridden house isn't too bad today MsNo

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:03:16

Hi told!

Oh, just at the bit with Gobbyplod being "understanding" to TBFE.

Right - on to episode 6 of 11.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:04:10

Why does Heston pick such unsuitable women? He needs Mrs T.

Love that Barry is in so many episodes.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:06:15

Oh! Customers in the salon!

Maybe they could injure them so that the Mill has some patients.

MsNobodyAgain Sat 02-Nov-13 15:13:02

Thanks told. How DS2 has managed to get the again is beyond me. He has been immunised twice and had them before.


AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:16:29

The cravat! shock

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:24:14

Oh TBFE! sad

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:25:56

I think Kevin's failure to perform is A Good Thing.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 15:31:47

Episode 7 of 11. I am going to need therapy after this.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:01:10

My house is like a laundrette.

<hands [coffee] to Anne>.

Which episode are you on?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:12:18

I'm watching the one where the man stole the prescription pad for his wife.

I keep having to stop to unload and load the washing machine!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:12:33


Yes, very important newts.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:16:59

8 of 11.

Love love love TBFE's Brummie accent piss-take!

I am irrationally pleased that TBFE needs glasses to read too!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:19:15

Oh I like the sound of VINs - Very Important Newts. Did Al plant them there by any chance?

I see 6tl has ditched the horrid blouse and has gone back to the spotty dress the wardrobe department lent to an extra in a recent episode.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:28:23

Oh yes! I was right! Dr Al is a genius!

Oh, you haven't got to 6TL's makeover yet then?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:32:54

No, not yet. I am currently watching Heston give sexual tips to Kevin. shock

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:44:47

Ok, episode 9 of 11. I think I'll get interrupted by DH and DD coming home in a little bit though.

And yet more sex. Who would believe this is a lunchtime show??

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:49:53

Oh good - Heston and Kev are going to dump the gruesome twosome!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 16:57:38

Zara and 6tl at lunch together. I feel sorry for Zara.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 17:03:50

"a little bit beige"! grin

toldmywrath Sat 02-Nov-13 17:11:10

Anne wins a medal for outstanding workmanship in catch up TV -Doctors style!

toldmywrath Sat 02-Nov-13 17:12:07

(also I suppose catch up laundry) grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 17:12:30

Oh! A Hallowe'en episode next! I am going to save that for later!

That one is truly WTF Anne.

Have you noticed Jas tactfully holding a piece of A4 paper in front of her stomach every time she is shown below the neck?

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Sat 02-Nov-13 18:10:46

The pre Halloween one was pretty good too ( dead bloke/Al)

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 18:37:58

Oh yes, the A4 piece of paper! grin

The dead man one was very WTF. In fact the last lot have all been sex / WTF. Clearly something is going on in the writers' lives!

curlyclaz13 Sat 02-Nov-13 21:13:51

Anne I would say it is more due to a lack of things going on in the writers lives !

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 21:28:48

That is a very very good point, curly! grin

It is very strange to have had so much in the dr's and patients stories over the last week, especially considering the time of day!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 22:08:33

Well I have just watched the Hallowe'en episode and it was fabulous! This is why I love Doctors - no other programme could get away with it, could they?

I am slightly disturbed to see the trailer for the next one - Jiz and Jimmi?? shock

It's very disturbing!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 22:29:04

I suppose at least if they are together they aren't ruining anyone else's life.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 22:38:55

Ok, up-to-date now!

Just started reading the spoilers and I'm shock

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 02-Nov-13 22:55:02

Yay! Valerie is coming back!*

* = Yes, I do realise I am alone in liking Valerie. I can't help it.

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Sun 03-Nov-13 07:29:00

I missed that bit in the spoilers shock or possibly wiped it from my memory

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 08:32:30



I told y'all didn't I!! is that what they meant by 'much loved character?'angrygrin

Won't be watching any more lies


MsNobodyAgain Sun 03-Nov-13 09:06:15

She is bonkers, like Barry. They should get together...Bazval sounds like a nappy cream

As long as they don't sideline Mrs T too much, I can put up with Val. But if the scriptwriters put her in a tabard, I shall flounce.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 03-Nov-13 09:29:34

I am looking forward to seeing Valerie and Mrs T together. Didn't she stand in for Mrs T last time?

Anyway Raahh, we all know you will never stop watching. Doctors is like a cult, except you can escape from a cult.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 03-Nov-13 09:30:08

I bet there will be rivalry between Mrs T and Valerie for Heston's affections!

I think she filled in when MrsT went home after her horrible racist neighbour attacked her.

Oh no, not Valerie. Much loved character <consults trades description act>

I only got as far as Monday with the spoilers, I got distracted wondering why Digital Spy use such old photos of the cast in the spoilers section, Gobby looks completely different.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 03-Nov-13 09:42:32

Oh yes, that's right. I thought Mrs T wasn't around last time.

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 10:02:18

Who- the picture of Gobby pod in the spoilers always cracks me up. he looks really young.

I haven't read the spoilers yet, got caught up in reading the Strictly spoilerblush

I've always managed to resist the Strictly Spoiler, the DCs discuss it in earnest all day on Sunday and I would struggle to maintain the pretence if I knew. Tempting though smile.

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 10:06:33

I think Stalker stood in for Gobby- didn't she hurt her back or something during the assault course, and was confined to bed for weeks on end. (May have made that up).

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 10:07:55

I think Mrs T may have been around at the time- didn't Val try and wheedle her way into a church thing?

(am clearly giving this too much thought).


toldmywrath Sun 03-Nov-13 11:37:57

Just to let you know- I actually went over to Digital Spy & spoilers is deffo the right name for it . This is the first time & I wished that I hadn't. Boo hoo sad

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 13:51:25

Ds is in the local paper in an article about his China trip- I can't believe out of all the pics they took, they chose his to lead the article. He is going to get big headed. poor dd1 is feeling a bit put out at the moment, so she got a bit upset when she saw it. But she gets a sleepover with Granny my idea of hellgrin and her best friend, so she will soon cheer up.

Exciting Raahh! Poor dd, I can imagine. Was so pleased when ds2 got invited to a party this weekend as he was whining so much the ds1 had a party that he couldn't go to on Friday. Ds1 actually complained to a lady that he only got one sweet and ds2 got 3 when we were trick or treating, I was so blush and angry

curlyclaz13 Sun 03-Nov-13 15:17:22

I'm not sure I know who Valerie is as I am only a recent full time addict ! Unless she was on on a Monday I would have missed her. Raahh is ds all excited now ? not long to go is it ?

Raahh Sun 03-Nov-13 15:23:29

Ds is very excited- I'm nervous as hellgrin. Got to be at the airport for 6 am on Tuesday- fortunately we live less than 2 miles away. I doubt there will be much sleeping chez Raahh tomorrow nightgrin

Ooh, Raahh - that has come round quickly. My DS is going on a 4 night residential tomorrow (yr 5), he is excited, I feel unsettled. He's only going to be 50 miles away though.

Cinnamon - I get this with my DCs, all the time, he got more, she does more, it isn't fair.

I thought Valerie was standing in for Mrs T? She was there when I started watching full time last Sept, and I think so was Gobby, though she was in her HCA role more then. Remembere Valereie's Hallowe'en party? That was pretty well the end of her wasn't it?

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 03-Nov-13 16:22:06

Oh Raahh, I can't believe that he goes on Tuesday - it seemed ages away. He is going to have an amazing time. Just focus on that.

Just looked up and Valerie was taken on when both Mrs T and Karen went on holiday at the same time. She ended up being there for ages though, didn't she?

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 10:31:03

MrsT has won an award ! it's on the fb page but due to sleep deprivation I can't remember what it's for blush

Best Actress on some awards I have never heard of. Well done Lorna L.

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 04-Nov-13 13:32:43

I saw that too.

Ooh Raah who is most nervous ,you or ds? Do you go to the airport?

Raahh Mon 04-Nov-13 13:42:18

ood- I think I'm most nervous, tbh. I just want him to go now, because the waiting is making me worse. I know he will be fine. We probably will go to the airport- depends how I feel in the morning. I just don't want to cryblush and make him feel bad.

Will probably miss today's live- hopefully when I'm feeling less stressed by all this, i can catch upgrin

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 13:47:48

I'm here waiting for it to start - first live watching in over two weeks!

Saw the Mrs T award thing on Facebook - her hair matched her stole! So brilliant she was recognised, she is a fabulous actress.

Raahh - feel for you. Can't imagine what it must be like. We'll keep you going though, we can talk about crap until he comes home!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 13:48:39

Bloody PPI call just as it started! How rude! Do these people have no shame???


Oooh 6TL is cheerful today shock

Raahh Mon 04-Nov-13 13:51:12


I'm very good at talking crap. I am letting dd2 watch mr Tumble, I am supposed to be checking I've not forgotten anything.

I do know I forgot to buy half the shopping i went out forblush

I really shouted at one, was the third call from the same PPI company in one day, last attempt was trying to talk to dh instead of me!

You're being very brave Raahh! I don't think I'd let ds go sad

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 13:53:28

Nice to see 6tl being nice for once hmm

Raahh Mon 04-Nov-13 13:55:27

cinnamon- I'm beginning to wish he wasn't!

Anyway, this time tomorrow, he'll be half way to Abu Dhabigrin

I do not envy the teachers at all !

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 13:56:09

I think talking crap is a talent everyone on the thread has! grin

The Jasmi pairing makes me shudder. I can't imagine anyone shagging Jimmi.

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 13:56:37

Jizz is deploying the bag over arm tactic to hide her bump.

ClaimedByMe Mon 04-Nov-13 13:57:01

Is Jas pg in real life? we are only getting head shots and covered tummy shots

ClaimedByMe Mon 04-Nov-13 13:58:08

oh cross posts!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 13:58:25

Yes, Claimed. She carries A4 paper, coats and bags too.

We think so ClaimedByMe, couldn't find anything last time I looked.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 13:59:15

Don't get drunk, Gobby!! sad

Wow, it's a busy day to be a police dr, must be a shock after being at the mill!

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:00:15

Bless the nice naive new police surgeon cracking crime and helping everyone.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:00:22

They are pushing the boat out with extras today, aren't they? Thought they would be out of budget after Austen week!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:01:01

Where is MsN today?

Interesting way to describe your bf hmm

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:01:27

Jimmi is gagging for it.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:02:52

My last two comments weren't connected, by the way. MsN only has eyes for Kev.

Loved Gloria and Gobbyplods comments 'if you're going to dress like a woman at least act like one'.

Gobby's pulled!

What is this story all about? Does she have something against him or is she being told to get this guy in trouble.

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:04:34

she's a liar. Gobby and Valerie getting drunk and pulling grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:04:59

God only knows, cinnamon.

That's too much of a coincidence surely.

Not sure I can watch if this carries on much longer confused

I feel very sad for Al is only friend and the woman of his dreams together.

I'm at work and not watching. Jas picked up a cushion very awkwardly and held it in front of her on Friday. Oh and those raffle tickets Gobby was selling were illegal ?<pedantic>

his only friend

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:07:28

new police surgeon will crack lying girls problem.
That looks like a fun gig about 12 sitting watching. hmm

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:07:37

Yes, me too, cinnamon. I would rather go out with Al than Jimmi.

Not sure I'd go that far AnneEyhtMeyer!

Oh dear Gobby!, The only thing he's on a promise to is a snoring wife wink

Oh no. Can't look. Gobby!


curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:12:19

oops !

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:12:36

Go to A&E, Gobby!

Is it wrong I just lol'd at Gobby getting run over?

She must have broken or dislocated something!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:13:46

Yes it is, cinnamon. 'Tis serious.

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:14:08

No it is funny. ooh does she wake up dead tomorrow ? shock

What's serious? The newts or Gobby?

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 04-Nov-13 14:14:13

Me too cinnamon blush

The only thing is it signals the start of a WTF bonkers storyline. sad

Oh no feel guilty now!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:15:08

Gobby. Did you not see the blood coming out of her ear?

OodaresingingoftheDoctorDonna Mon 04-Nov-13 14:15:30

Wake up dead grin zombies again?

Got to look at spoilers now.

Yay that indian doctor!

No I didn't see any blood just her sad face

curlyclaz13 Mon 04-Nov-13 14:20:01

Is that why Valerie comes back because gobby is killed off by gobbyplod ?
I am terrible for finding the wrong stuff funny.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:20:26

I love Gobby. I want her to be ok. So I wonder when Valerie will come in to be her temp cover?

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 04-Nov-13 14:21:10

I think Valerie is her temp cover, Curly. I'm really hoping she doesn't die.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 04-Nov-13 14:32:35

"where is MsN today"

SolicitorsSolicitors mostly. Bonkers ex is causing mucho concern sad

It's ridiculous that he is interrupting my Doctors viewing shock.

Would have been our wedding anniversary today.

<locks door>
<drapes invisibility cloak over house>


MsNobodyAgain Mon 04-Nov-13 14:34:17

But I will watch later. Sounds like a good episode.

toldmywrath Mon 04-Nov-13 15:52:00

Watch Doctors MsNo & take your mind off ex. Sorry you're getting grief.

So sorry MsNobodyAgain, I know I'd be in a total state if I thought anything would come between me and my boys sad. It was a good episode but be prepared for a bit of jizzi dating bleugh

MsNobodyAgain Mon 04-Nov-13 21:40:58

Ta. I'm saving Fridays and todays episodes for tomorrow as I want to calm down and enjoy them. Arf!

Then I am back to watching live (except on bingo Wednesdays grin)