Downton Abbey continued

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AndHarry Mon 07-Oct-13 17:55:08

Following on from the first thread...

It took me ages to get to sleep last night. I'm not particularly maudlin in general but that was shocking.

Predictions: Isabel and Mosley die.

LIZS Mon 07-Oct-13 17:58:04

sad not sure how they will edit for teatime viewing.

AndHarry Mon 07-Oct-13 18:03:35

I didn't know there was a tea-time slot. Maybe they will just show the bit where he kisses her?

MadBusLady Mon 07-Oct-13 18:05:46

Marking place.

Davros Mon 07-Oct-13 18:06:01

I still don't get how Isobel can help that old codger off the music hall but not her dead son's servant (valet?)

Frettchen Mon 07-Oct-13 18:09:51

Something bad has to happen to Molesley... They wouldn't keep him around unless they were building up to something dramatic... (Good work by the actor - he's perfected the saddest hangdog expression I've seen in a long while.)

Maybe for the teatime version they'll take out the screaming and just have it all happen offscreen and out of earshot...?

Llareggub Mon 07-Oct-13 18:10:10

I find most of the male characters completely unlikable this series. I've never liked Bates or Mosely, and now I can add Edith's new chap to the list.

As for Anna, well. I didn't see that coming.

AndHarry Mon 07-Oct-13 19:20:04

I like Pickle and Carson and the doctor. That's about it.

AndHarry Mon 07-Oct-13 19:26:38

Has everyone seen this BBC News story?

FreyaFridays Mon 07-Oct-13 19:33:25

Where's the news story, AndHarry?

The link you gave goes back to the old thread.

AndHarry Mon 07-Oct-13 19:34:03
CMP69 Mon 07-Oct-13 19:43:20

I have just caught up on last nights episode. Poor Anna but it will obviously be an ongoing storyline about the Bates marriage and the housekeeper (forgotten her name) and Anna struggling to keep it secret
It was horrible but rape is! I don't really get the reaction to it being in the programme, sadly rape and violence against women appears to be an acceptable story line in many dramas sad

I'm watching now...scared. I know Anna gets raped by the bloke from eastenders but nothing else. I almost want to just read a recap and skip it til next week.

Oh poor Anna sad

ChocChaffinch Mon 07-Oct-13 21:02:44

upsetting to watch. Love Anna sad

Crutchlow35 Mon 07-Oct-13 21:05:41

I didn't find it upsetting. I felt I knew it was coming though. You didn't see anything beyond the slap. I am sad that they couldn't just leave bates an Anna happy but I suppose story lines have to come from somewhere.

triplets Mon 07-Oct-13 21:57:39

I didn`t see it coming although I thought she was being abit frivolous with him. It upset me but I felt more cross with Bates for just accepting her answer when you could see something awful had happened to her, that man annoys me. Don`t like Ediths beau either!

ChocChaffinch Mon 07-Oct-13 22:01:09

Lord G & Mary make a lovely pair, though so refined, vairy elegant

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Mon 07-Oct-13 22:14:30

Yes Lord Gillingham and Lady Mary will become a couple and poor Anna will be thrown together with his horrible bastard valet again.

Lovely Molsley. His line about having his career backwards was brilliant. So resigned and yet so funny. grin

DelphiSwimsLate Mon 07-Oct-13 22:15:27

Does anyone catch what Anna says to Mrs H just after she walks in - Mrs H says 'you must tell Mr Bates' does Anna say 'there'll be divorce' or does she say something about being forced? I didn't quite get it.

I've just watch on catch up again as I missed loads of stuff after that terrible scene sad

I imagine it was very well written, I had to turn over. Before hand they said violent scenes. Nothing about scenes of asexual violence. I know you didn't see it but it was there. I am a survivor of asexual abuse and I wouldn't have watched if I'd been warned.

tribpot Mon 07-Oct-13 22:26:53

What I'd quite like is for Anna to go Thelma and Louise on this valet and shoot him herself.

I'm not sure that is entirely realistic plot development, but given Downton's ridiculous penchant for modern morals in a period piece (cf the servants' Christmas dinner served by the family) I could see it happening.

Delphi, Anna says "him least of all, if he knew he'd murder the man who's done it".

Llareggub Mon 07-Oct-13 22:38:47

I would have preferred a love triangle with Anna, Bates and eastenders guy.

boogiewoogie Mon 07-Oct-13 22:45:14

I think we were lead to think that there was going to be a love triangle between Bates, Anna and Green that we didn't imagine that this was going to happen. I think Bates is suspicious of what happened to Anna. He's pretty clued up but he has discretion as well. It will come out somehow probably when he's pouring his heart out to Mrs Hughes and her being unable to remain silent.

DelphiSwimsLate Mon 07-Oct-13 22:47:01

Thanks tribpot

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Tue 08-Oct-13 00:30:21

I thought Anna was trying to teach Bates a lesson, that he can't be rude to people the way he was (like Mr Moseley thought he was too). You know, like when toddlers have pushed another over you make a fuss of the one who's been pushed. She wasn't actually flirting with him.

Sunnymeg Tue 08-Oct-13 09:06:41

I'm a bit mystified, surely Green knew that Bates had been in prison and may not be the sort of man to cross. That seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

diddl Tue 08-Oct-13 09:12:08

Perhaps he's banking on Anna saying nothing.

Won't it become obvious when Anna's pregnant?

She will be, won't she?

And then Bates will realise what happened?

ppeatfruit Tue 08-Oct-13 09:14:42

OMG I didn't watch it poor Anna sad I'm going to watch the sunday teatime repeats because it's on too late for me (in Fr we're an hour later) . It'll be interesting to see if they calm the scene a bit.

Tribpot WRF to the lord serving the staff at Xmas; that's a VERY old tradition called 'The Lord of Misrule' or something so not an anachronism at all!

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 08-Oct-13 09:17:27

Anna is bound to be pregnant. Really was not expecting that to happen watched it a day later so saw a lot of 'poor Anna' comments on here and FB I assumed that Edna had set her up again- was so shocked when I saw it sad

ppeatfruit Tue 08-Oct-13 09:30:53

Why didl can't Bates get it up?

diddl Tue 08-Oct-13 09:43:58

Well they've been married a while & no kids, so if she's raped & becomes pregnant, wouldn't the assumption be that it's not her husband's?

VeeAndTea Tue 08-Oct-13 09:59:10

I know this isn't a popular view, but I thought it was excellent. It had to be shocking, it's a shocking event and something we should feel uncomfortable about. The MN WBY campaign proved how many rape myths are still believed and how many people use them to alleviate their own discomfort. But 1 in 4 women are survivors of sexual violence, imagine how much higher that figure would have been then. DA has a great opportunity here.

Although I would have liked a "If you are affected by this storyline, please call Rape Crisis on...

ppeatfruit Tue 08-Oct-13 10:26:27

Maybe Bates and Anna practice withdrawal which can go wrong.

VeeAndTea You're right of course it wasn't talked about even in the middle decade and onwards of the last century let alone earlier (when nothing at all of a sexual nature was discussed in 'proper' homes) shock

VeeAndTea Tue 08-Oct-13 10:31:22

ppeatfruit, exactly.

Can't remember how much we were told in series 1 about Bates's (war?) injury - maybe that's to blame for lack of sprogs.

VeeAndTea hear hear

Animation Tue 08-Oct-13 11:53:07

I wanted Anna to give full reign to her anger in that last scene when she was talking to Bates - and the rapist valet said goodnight and she said goodnight back! Aaarrrrgggg!!

She could have at least said she'd been attacked to Bates even if she'd not wanted to disclose the rape at that point.

thelittlemothersucker Tue 08-Oct-13 12:24:47

Thomas will bump Green off is my prediction. He likes Anna. Molsesley will get Green's job.

KillerKoalaFace Tue 08-Oct-13 13:24:57

I hope it happens that way little.

Only watched it this morning and I found it difficult viewing.

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 08-Oct-13 15:35:55

Yes I hope so too little

Be nice to see Thomas doing a good deed. Do we expect anything else on the sacked nanny story, either for Thomas or the children?

SalveRibena Tue 08-Oct-13 16:30:16

Has O'Brien permanently gone or is she primed to come back at a surprising moment?

I actually like Edith's new bloke - not sure why people think he's a wrong 'un... I also spotted that the card sharp was a card sharp, it was so obvious.

I agree that maybe Thomas will bump off evil valet. He is definitely softening up a bit, maybe ready to become a goody rather than a baddie?

Llareggub Tue 08-Oct-13 16:58:53

No, let's get shot of Molesley. I'm sick of seeing his hangdog face. Bates too. I really don't get why women fawn over him.

Animation Tue 08-Oct-13 17:18:08

Always thought Thomas and O'Brien didn't like Anna and Bates?

newgirl Tue 08-Oct-13 17:25:15

I really like ediths journo bloke - for her not me obv

MadBusLady Tue 08-Oct-13 17:54:32

I like him increasingly, but I still think he has a Past. He didn't learn to beat cardsharps by living a blameless life.

MaireadnotMermaid Tue 08-Oct-13 21:45:00

Awful. Couldn't get to sleep that night. Kept hearing the theme tune in my head.

LateBloomer414 Tue 08-Oct-13 23:10:02

Shamelessly marking a place....

I agree MadBusLady and Llareggub. Wouldn't put it past O'Brien to pop up again.

tribpot Wed 09-Oct-13 19:04:03

Does Edith have any proof that the first Mrs Cardsharp is a lunatic?

boogiewoogie Wed 09-Oct-13 21:26:03

Salve I think O Brien is well and truly out of the show. They can't keep the soap line dragging on for that long so I guess we are meant to think that she left before she got found out and sacked.

Regarding evil valet, I reckon he will get bumped off at the end of the series. It says that he's in the next episode and the penultimate and final one of this series.

Speculating plot to come Bates will have found out by then and kill him "accidentally" in a fight when he punches him and Green hits his head on something and lies on the floor unconscious. At this moment someone (Thomas or Mrs Hughes) comes in and sees Green on the floor and immediately thinks it's murder then cue theme tune.

Greythorne Sun 13-Oct-13 09:30:41

The problem for me is that the story is just as powerful without Anna behaving in a frivolous, flirty way just prior to the rape. That bit really smacks of 'she was sending signals to Green and got her comeuppance' .

Had she continued to be her usual down to earth, non card-playing, sensible self, the rape scene would have been as horrifying.

The Anna messing about with silly card games subplot just reinforces the myth that good girls (who don't get drunk, wear short skirts, flirt etc) are 'safe' from rape whereas the ones who want to have a good time in some way contribute to their attack.

And Bates' Po-faced routine reinforces that this. This is a subtle way of conveying that he is decent and she was briefly fun-loving / wanton. What are the odds Bates will accuse Anna of sending the wrong signals to Green?

KillerKoalaFace Sun 13-Oct-13 12:58:10

Anna is always friendly. I don't agree at all that she wasn't being her normal, down to earth self. She has shown she is fun loving when she dances and she often gets involved with the fun the other servants have.

In fact I'm finding it quite upsetting the amount of people on here saying that she was "sending signals" and other such crap.

She was raped because she was unfortunate enough to come across a rapist

Saying it was for any other reason is extreme stupidity.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 18:26:19

I have another question. Does anyone know where Jimmy was during the opera/rape scene last week? He had hurt his wrist earlier hadn't he. Was he upstairs watching the opera singing with everyone else?

AndHarry Sun 13-Oct-13 18:45:40

Good evening.

<shuffles papers au Huw Edwards>

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 19:31:01

Evenin' Harry.
So I think I've answered my own question on Jimmy - he must have been upstairs in his room as Molesley was brought in wasn't he.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:00:42


<rushes over from X Factor, still itching over Croods filthy Barnet>

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:01:19

<plonks self on sofa>

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:02:22

Sir Jorah AGAIN, this time in Breathless. This is getting really confusing.

NK5BM3 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:02:35

Argh my kid is still not asleep. I can't turn the tv on!!!! She's downstairs with me. Lying on me. confused

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:02:46

Yay more people!

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:02:55


Evening. Here's to this episode being a bit less distressing than last one

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:04:33

"Minimise"? Would they have said that?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:05:08

Bates is onto this.

Although minimise is a very modern word.

Why is nasty valet still there? I thought they were leaving at the end of the last ep

Oohh Hughs knows

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:05:26

The duchess is lush.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:06:28

Couldn't leave then Chub 'twas night.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:06:38

Gillingham doesn't like his valet. Why does he employ him? Wonder if there's a story to that

will anna be with child...

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:06:42

Bates and Thomas onto it I think.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:07:17

Hughes does know. Anna told her.

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:07:53

I'm in! Though MN isn't loading properly sad

Yeah what I should have said is that she really does know who did it.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:08:43

Ooh bitch. I bet nothing happened. He was asleep.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:08:53

Gillingham is brassic. Can't afford better. Also why he's targeting Lady M.

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:09:37

Oh Edna, FFS.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:10:06

I really hate Edna. But I'd rather she were pregnant than Anna.

Marry her? No fucking way.

So who's she gonna shag to try and get pregnant?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:10:29

She'll get herself knocked up now

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:10:35

Is Edna the one after Tom? I've managed to watch this far without ever actually learning everyone's name.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:11:16

Now Branston actually is in a pickle

LittleBairn Sun 13-Oct-13 21:11:51

Oh that Edna is a scheming cow.

chub - i was thinking the same thing

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:11:54

Yes dread.

I love these two. Granny is ace.

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:12:13

For gods sake Anna talk!!!!

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:12:42

Yes she will try and get knocked up.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:12:46

Winkle it out of her Mary.

Anna helped her in her most desperate hour, across the social divide they are best friends.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:13:32

I don't think anything happened. I think she's making it up.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:13:42

Free labour ? He's got more staff than he had before the war.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:14:40

Does jimmy fancy ivy now? I can't keep up with the dull quadrangle.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:15:21

Anna is so completely not herself she can't keep this to herself for long.

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:16:31

Anna is not herself, why won't someone shake her out of it???

OldRoan Sun 13-Oct-13 21:17:10

I think Edna is already pregnant by someone else and is stitching Tom up.

If Anna and Bates fall apart over this I will stop watching, I can't take it.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:17:10

Now she's leaving bates? Oh god this is a car crash.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:17:28

Oh I love mrs Hughes

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:17:35

Oh Anna sad

LittleBairn Sun 13-Oct-13 21:17:54

oldroan I suspect that too along with a bit of social climbing.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:18:09

Anna's going to top herself

NK5BM3 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:18:49

Wy is Anna going to London? Sorry. My kid is now snoring on the sofa and I've just turned the tv on!

oohhh edna already with child... mmmm

Ohh poor Anna.
I really hope you're wrong Chub

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:19:14

Anna does have a point, bates would kill him.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:19:23

OldRoan I think you're spot on about Edna.

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:19:29

Mary will find out from Anna and Lord Gillingham will sack him/do something. Then Mary will love him and Bates won't kill him.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:19:51

Mary's going to London to talk to the inland revenue about the death duties so Anna's goknv too

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:21:49

Mrs Hughes, why don't you march her to the lord and tell him.


TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:21:58

I'm finding I'm holding my breath during Anna's scenes. She's being acted brilliantly; she seems so brittle.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:22:03

Bates would kill him so Anna is in a tight spot. I really hope they don't split up. Why can't they just be happy??

I think Edna's pregnant already and the father won't marry her, and that's why she's going after Tom.

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:22:43

I just don't believe Mrs Hughes would keep Anna's secret.

AndHarry Sun 13-Oct-13 21:22:52

What was up with the lighting in the Mrs Patmore/Anna scene? Hurt my eyes confused

GeorginaWorsley Sun 13-Oct-13 21:22:56

Ooh that bitch Edna.
No way would Tom marry her.Hopefully Thomas will remember his loyalty to Sybil and sort the scheming hussy out.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:23:00

It's all a bit harrowing.

Not loving this tbh.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:24:25

And I just don't care about this fours troubles. So dull

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:25:02

YY to Edna already being upduffed.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:25:11

Isn't he engaged to someone else?

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:25:42

Pointless Rose is pointless.

Yeah I think he is Chub

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:26:09

Sorry no ones had any fun rose. Whst with the heir dying and all that.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:26:47

Yup to miss lane-fox or summink.

YummyDollie Sun 13-Oct-13 21:26:55

Hate how prickly daisy has become! She's not as likeable now..

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:27:05

Can you imagine Mary posting about Rose being insensitive on AIBU?

MorrisZapp Sun 13-Oct-13 21:27:17

Who's minding the bairns? I know the upper classes were remote from their babies etc but this is ridiculous. They don't ever mention them.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:27:22

Ok almost engaged.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:27:30

Up front Mary. Like it.

I really hope its Mary that gets it out of Anna.

I think I've seen Mary with her son once

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:28:06

Poor Tom. He didn't sign on for any of this.

YummyDollie Sun 13-Oct-13 21:28:40

How could they just up and leave their little ones? don't think Mary's held that baby for a few episodes now!

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:28:45

I've never liked daisy.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:30:18

I like the singer

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:30:34

Oooh knight in shining armour....

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:31:54

I think everyone should confide in Mary.

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:32:13

Been in a glump grin Argh, is Tom about to tell Mary?!

OldRoan Sun 13-Oct-13 21:32:21

Come ON Branson.

FFS. I think Branson and Rose could be paired off quite easily...

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:32:32

Poor Tom he just wants out doesn't he.

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:32:51

What's with the thing about colour?
(Yes, I'm young)

NK5BM3 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:33:01

What did Edna accuse tom of? Raping her or sumthink like that? Has he fallen for it??

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:33:21

FFS Tom tell Mary. Edna Minxmaid will be toast by tea time.

my dad reckons since the nanny was sacked they've forgotten the children and that they're living a feral-like existence in the attic. grin
slinking back off now as I'm not watching it out of principal but still want to know what's happening!

YummyDollie Sun 13-Oct-13 21:33:54

The singers eyes are beautiful! I wish this series would cheer up! Bring on some Of Grannys snippy comments!

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:34:00

No Edna hasn't accused him of raping her. She claims they did it when he was drunk.

GeorginaWorsley Sun 13-Oct-13 21:35:58

Perhaps Tom will confide in Bates or Thomas.
Or Carson?

sophieandbrendantowinstrictly Sun 13-Oct-13 21:36:05

Dud they do it?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:37:06

Don't think so

Ooh Thomas is onto it.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:38:06

Oh Anna.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 13-Oct-13 21:38:48

I think Rose will get it out of Anna when Anna borrows the curling irons!

Ah right person to go to Tom

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:38:54

Come on Carson, work it out.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:39:13

Well at least tom took marys advice to tell someone.

Mrs Hughes, sort it all out!

My heart is breaking for Anna. sad

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:39:54

Mrs H will be appointed Secretary General of the League of Nations in episode 5 at this rate.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:40:03

He's not going to propose. Surely not

Oh my god he did

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:40:24

Bloody hell, Lord G doesn't waste time!

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 13-Oct-13 21:40:52


DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:40:55

Oh Anna, what will she do if they get married?

YummyDollie Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:02

Is Lord Gillingham skint?

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:04

NO marriage, OMG......

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:07

He's dead and I'm alive

You're not very bright though

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:23

Surely Mary won't be daft enough to not see what his agenda is?

he loves her grin

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:32

Come on, Gilly, you met 2 days ago!

MadHeadlessBusLady Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:33

"He's dead and I'm alive". Nice...

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:33

Blimey people fall in love pretty quickly round 'ere

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:41:46

He's after the sodding money, and poor Anna.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:00

Chub grin

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:08

No valet with him.

Her husband has only been dead 6 months hasn't he?

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:21

Minx has had it.

NigellasGuest Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:24

He reminds me of Fred West

DameEdnasBridesmaid Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:26

Oh go on marry him. I would smile

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:35

No you're not.

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:41

Hurrah for Mrs Hughes!

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:42:55

Mrs Hughes sees the sheets

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:43:03

Go on Mrs Hughes!

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:43:09

Marie stopes!

I love Mrs Hughes!

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:44:15

Yay mrs Hughes !!!!!

OldRoan Sun 13-Oct-13 21:44:31

Right, that's Tom sorted. When is Mrs Hughes going to fix the Anna problem?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:44:46

Thomas doesn't give a shit why people dislike him

Ha ha ha

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:44:49

Oh Mrs Hughes you are the best. Now please sort out Green.

LittleBairn Sun 13-Oct-13 21:44:52

This convo with Miss Hews is so wrong after what happened with Anna.

Hurrah for Mrs Hughes grin

AndHarry Sun 13-Oct-13 21:45:15

Ohhh Thomas and Edna grin

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:45:32

I thought one of these stories would be quickly resolved. Unfortunately not Anna's.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:01

Thomas is evil but sort of honest evil

runes Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:02

I'm delighted too Thomas grin

DameEdnasBridesmaid Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:07

God the rate of these story lines.

OldRoan Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:32

Loving "about as mysterious as a bucket".

sophieandbrendantowinstrictly Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:35

why are you in your rompers? grin

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:36

Thomas is marvellous

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:50

Good grief Anna, even Fatty Bum Bum has noticed something's up with you. How on earth do you expect to keep it a secret?!

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:46:55

Oh Isobel sad

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:47:05

Bairn It was an odd choice of phrase, considering.

Is she going to dtd?

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:48:15

What? Sign? What??? Don't do it.

Oh god what's she signing!

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:48:30

What is this? Edith have you even read that document?

runes Sun 13-Oct-13 21:48:41

There are moments when her virtue demands admiration. Brilliant. More Maggie please smile

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:48:43

Oh, what's he getting her to sign? Please say he's not a bad'un.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:49:33

He's a massive wrong'un. If anyone is likely to end up so sprogged it's Edith

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:49:45

Oh dear I have a terrible feeling Edith has just been conned ... hmm

Uh -oh. The card rustler gets her to sign something - eek!

YummyDollie Sun 13-Oct-13 21:49:58

You just know she's signed away something in that document!

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:50:06

Go Edith!

Fucking hell if Twattys spotted Anna's unhappy the shits about to hit the fan.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:50:08

What do we think it was she signed?

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:51:10

Divorce papers? Admitting to adultery? She'll be named and shamed?

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:51:23

Come on twatty! Well anyone! Edith, you fool.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:51:48

Agreed. Twatty has the sensitivity of a billiard table.

Hopefully this is about to be tidied up. Bates will be sensible (we will have to endure some guff about prison changing him) and molsley will kill valet, and swing for it.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:52:42

Ooh yes! His not at all demented wife could be divorcing him. Edith's name is about to be dragged through the mire

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 21:53:00

Was that a power of attorney he had her sign?

Hasn't Edith learnt anything from her father?

All letters, documents and scraps of paper must be sent to Murray before signing.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:54:00

Carson, mrs Hughes, sort this out.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:54:32

I fear evil Edna will return upduffed

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:55:14

Who've not seen the last of Edna, not by a long chalk.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:55:18

Absolutely goddess, what was she thinking???
Yes power of attorney perhaps.

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 13-Oct-13 21:55:31

I luffs Mrs Hughes grin

Wish she'd sort 'em all out!!!

GeorginaWorsley Sun 13-Oct-13 21:55:31

Mrs Hughes privy to all these secrets....
Agree lord Gillingham skint.
Have to say I would overlook that myself.....grin

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:56:43

What just happened dd cried

AndHarry Sun 13-Oct-13 21:56:54

Argh, sort out the lighting! They had electricity on the first episode.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:13

Bates and twatty - what did he say?

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:14

Lord Gillingham has been wearing the same clothes every episode ... He's skint ...

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:33

Don't do it Mary!

MissMarplesBloomers Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:42

I luffs Mrs Hughes grin

Wish she'd sort 'em all out!!!

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:55

C'mon Mary, don't do it!

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 21:57:56

It's mad he wants her to give him an answer already ...

Evilwater Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:01


Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:01

She's not going to. Good.

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:20


MissMarplesBloomers Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:23

oop sorry ! blush

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:35

Noooo, don't kiss

DameEdnasBridesmaid Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:35

Go on

Bates told twatty that Anna wanted to move back into the house. Twatty asked if there was a problem. Bates said yes he doesn't know what but it must be his fault

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 21:58:46

Twatty and bates talked about Anna and he gave him some advice about love conquering all. Edith's crawled in rather suspiciously in the morning. Think she dtd.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:59:03

Don't like him. Talk about stomping over boundaries.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:59:35


What's Thomas up to?

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 21:59:37


Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 21:59:48


DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 22:00:26

Of course, O'Brien!

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:00:39

Surely they wouldn't accept O'Brien back after she did a runner?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:00:44

Rosamund on the scent

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 22:00:52

They wouldn't take O'Brien back after she did a midnight flit.

Who was it that spotted Edith?

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:01:47

What did Edith call Mary after she had sex with pamuk? A slut.

I've remembered I don't like Edith.

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:01:55

Rosamunds maid

TheBookofRuth Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:12

Why are they both in purple and orange?

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:12

No can't be obrien....

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:16

I reckon Mary and Tom may get it together.

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:36

Oh Tom it's never that easy ...

minibmw2010 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:55

Is she Thomas' sister ???

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:02:56

Oh there she is the new ladies maid.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:03:31

No not obrien. Baxter? Clearly a relation of Thomas's as evil as him. Excellent.

Who is she?

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 22:03:52

Ooh. Not O'Brien.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:04:17

A relation of Thomas would be ace. Ooh Edith got a telling off. Wonder how that will turn out.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 22:04:57

Blimey, Edna might have been better the devil you know.

Julian's on fire now!

GeorginaWorsley Sun 13-Oct-13 22:05:09

Gillingham skint but sexy...

Smugsmuggler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:05:20

Mary and Tom have jut motored past their own babies without a second glance. weirdos

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 13-Oct-13 22:05:47

Bet Edith has got an edgy hangover and a half after that telling off.

LateBloomer414 Sun 13-Oct-13 22:07:06

Again another casting decision to replace like for like. O'Brian 2.0.

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:07:14

If gillingham isn't going to be around Anna won't have to see the valet. Surely she'll tell bates eventually?

(Clearly they do have a "full" marriage usually as she said she can't bear him touching her now)

That's what I thought Smug

I can't help but think that Rosamund knows more than she is letting on.

DreaduCated Sun 13-Oct-13 22:14:38

I really hope they haven't written Anna yo be pregnant sad The fact that Mrs H asked about it is making me think maybe.

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Sun 13-Oct-13 22:17:05

pmsl at them cruising past the babies!

The Editor is such bad news. Why didn't Edith read what she was signing?!

womma Sun 13-Oct-13 22:18:54

Oh that Edith is a dozy piece

omri Sun 13-Oct-13 22:22:31

Can I ask what Thomas's special relation was to lady Sybil? It's alluded to a couple of times and I can't remember what it was that gave them a good relationship??

So annoyed with Edith for signing something without even reading it... Dumbo.

TSSDNCOP Sun 13-Oct-13 22:26:30

Thomas was helped by lady S during their time at the ww1 hospital. He was devoted to her thereafter.

omri they worked in the hospital together during the war, and were both helping a blind soldier who committed suicide.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:27:48

Omri Thomas and Sybill worked in the hospital together during the war. They were more equals there, in fact I think he may even have been her senior. I think they became friends and he was very upset when she died.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:28:29

Oh yes I forgot about the blind soldier.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:29:36

Well. The singer was rather dishy wasn't he?

<goes off to google>

omri Sun 13-Oct-13 22:32:53

Ah yes! Thank you! Had completely forgotten that!

omri Sun 13-Oct-13 22:33:19

Will the singer be back?

That bucket line was excellent. Also the bit where Thomas told evil edna she was a manipulative little witch. Otherwise I found it a bit dull. I wonder what Edith did sign though.........

I wish Rose would catch flu or eclampsia or drive too fast round a corner. She properly gets on my nerves.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:38:12

I'm not sure, hope so ;)
I do actually think Rose is quite sweet with all her little fiascos. I felt sorry for her at Duneagle with her mother being so nasty.

GeorginaWorsley Sun 13-Oct-13 22:43:31

Oh I think Anna will be pregnant
And alarm bells rang at her'ill kill myself' line
Christmas special ??

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 13-Oct-13 22:44:51

X posts northern - your list of death options has made me chuckle though!

She's a a drip. All she has going for atm is being the only character about who nobody has yet said 'but what if you/she is pregnant'.

Mrs Hughes was bloody good though. She soon dealt with that baggage.

LittleBearPad Sun 13-Oct-13 22:52:09

Mrs Hughes was awesome. Silly pickle.

ProphetOfDoom Sun 13-Oct-13 22:52:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ProphetOfDoom Sun 13-Oct-13 22:53:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thomas wouldn't have the balls to bump him off. He's sly and nasty but not really vicious. Remember how crap he was when he was swindled over the black market stuff and then again with the dog. He's just not effective enough. If anybody kills the evil valet it will be Anna.

I was willing Mary on to say 'Don't be such an absolute arse Tony! Do you think I don't know one rich wench is as good as another?'

Chubfuddler Sun 13-Oct-13 22:58:03

I don't think Thomas lacks courage, he just wouldn't risk his neck.

God yes maybe Anna will kill him and she will hang. If he attacks her again I'm going to stop watching.

Pickle confessed he was in a pickle. Mrs H searched evil's room and found a copy of 'married love'. She confronted evil and assured Pickle that no way would evil have got up the duff till she was sure Pickle would marry her -then she would have got up the duff (the suggestionwas with any Tom, Dick or Jimmy? around). Evil basically agreed this was the case and cleared out under threat of no reference.

The significance of married love being that in it Marie Stopes tells you how to avoid pregnancy. The slight flaw in all this is that MArie thought mid month was the 'safe' period and I think we can all tell her that's a crock of nonsense. But anyway seeing as Pickle was drunk as a lord (arf) I think there's a decent chance of coitus interruptus anyway.

Or indeed no coitus at all

ProphetOfDoom Sun 13-Oct-13 23:01:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ProphetOfDoom Sun 13-Oct-13 23:04:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eddiemairswife Sun 13-Oct-13 23:17:30

We saw two prams in the background so presumably a new nanny. What was the point of the nanny story?

foxymoon487 Sun 13-Oct-13 23:19:36

Yay! Brilliant Mrs Hughes giving
Minxwitch what for!!!
Slo glad she packed her bags
and buggered off

The nanny story was like Gwen's typewriter or Pickle's brother. It happens, it's quite interesting and then it's never heard of again.

The nanny storyline was to give Lady G something to do other than look out from under her fringe and sigh "oh Rabbit".

Can someone please tell me, didn't Daisy inherit a farm from her FIL? If so, why is she still working at

Chubfuddler Mon 14-Oct-13 11:33:14

I know! Williams father wanted her to go into the farm with him and made the perfectly valid point that she had probably 50 years of working life, and did she really think houses like downton would still be going in 50 years? I thought that was a big "authorial voice" moment but no, they've carried on

Daisy is just irritatingly stupid. I don't know why the redoubtable Mrs P puts up with her nonsense.

Just when we thought Mrs Hughes was getting soft ...

Clawdy Mon 14-Oct-13 14:49:43

In one episode Mrs H. has become the Big Power behind the house. Surely she has her own plan for Nigel Harmon??

Chubfuddler Mon 14-Oct-13 15:13:07

TBF Gwen's typewriter was the scene setting for her wanting to train as a secretary, and for Sybil's first reach across the social divide. So it did lead somewhere.

Moln Mon 14-Oct-13 21:20:10

nanny story was possibly just to set up fatty bum bum and lady can't put on gloves to think Thomas was super reliable and get in the next dodgy lady maid

boogiewoogie Mon 14-Oct-13 21:20:53

Mrs Hughes kicked some serious butt in that episode.

I believe Green will have to be bumped off somehow. Candidates to do this are Bates (too obvious), Anna (to protect her husband and therefore possibly writing her out of the show as she will be hanged as a consequence) or Thomas. Not sure how yet.

Moln Mon 14-Oct-13 21:26:11

they cannot get rid of Anna. I'd be circling Julian's house with a placard if she's killed off.

boogiewoogie Mon 14-Oct-13 21:39:09

I wouldn't be surprised if Joanna Froggat had to leave for other projects. It would be a shame to lose her of course but I can't seem Bates and Anna staying at Downton at this point.

Llareggub Mon 14-Oct-13 23:14:54

I think the nanny story was to show us that the Granthams regard both babies to be equals socially even though the father of Sybil's baby is the former chauffeur.

Llareggub Mon 14-Oct-13 23:16:08

I hate to say it but I'm bored of the downstairs lot now. More Maggie Smith please!

minibmw2010 Tue 15-Oct-13 09:56:19

I thought the nanny thing was to show how the Granthams felt they 'owed' Thomas as he 'saved' the babies from the nasty nanny and so he was allowed more liberties than he might generally, like asking about ladies maids positions ??

Dobbiesmum Tue 15-Oct-13 11:42:24

I only started watching it this series by accident (toddler sleeping on me, remote nowhere to be found), I've never watched any of it before! Now I have to find the rest of it to catch up thlgrin
I have a small crush on Brendan Coyle ATM, he scrubs up rather well..

ChocChaffinch Tue 15-Oct-13 12:38:45

urch Brendan coyle grin

PassTheCremeEggs Tue 15-Oct-13 19:04:54

Does Mrs Hughes know it who it was that attacked Anna?

ZZZenagain Tue 15-Oct-13 20:10:38

Way I see it, Tom has the hots for Mary. He is storming about with jealousy I reckon. Look how he flung himself out of the room into the entrance hall where Edna was lying in wait for him. I think he was more bothered about Gillingham and Mary than the evil Edna.

And what oh what did Edith sign? Silly woman. Of course he was leading her on, if she had told anyone at all the story about his mentally ill wife and him going to Germany to get a divorce, they would have soon put her straight. But she told no one. She has signed to take over his debts I reckon and now he is going to disappear.

A really decent man probably would not have been a card shark, probably would not have arranged for his servant to be out all evening and come back the next morning at 8 when he was expecting Edith to come over. Very compromising for her.

ZZZenagain Tue 15-Oct-13 20:11:47

yes, Mrs Hughes knows, she saw him come back into the recital so knew he was absent from the room when Anna was absent. The guests and the staff were all supposed to be at the recital. So not difficult to put two and two together.

ZZZenagain Tue 15-Oct-13 20:17:29

actually now I think about it, some of the upstairs people left too, didn't they? Bit hard on Melba I thought.

limitedperiodonly Wed 16-Oct-13 11:17:30

My mum fancies Brendan Coyle in Starlings. She doesn't say, but I can tell.

I don't think she's realised Mr Bates is the same person grin

limitedperiodonly Wed 16-Oct-13 11:21:29

Yes, ZZZen I thought everyone in the show was really rude about Nellie Melba, and by extension, Kiri Te Kanawa.

That was weird because the show's producers were so busy boasting about what a catch she was, they got her to sing at the press conference.

None of us walked out. She can carry a tune. She was witty and charming too.

ChocChaffinch Wed 16-Oct-13 20:31:25

she knew her claret

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:03:31

Anybody out there?

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:03:31

Here we go again : )

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:05:21

Evening Crazy thought I was alone smile

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:07:23

You nearly were, I was watching Firefly on Netflix and was reluctant to change over. This can't quite compete as far as excitement goes.

DameEdnasBridesmaid Sun 20-Oct-13 21:08:22

I've loved DA from the beginning but this Anna rape story as really put me off. There was no need, Anna and Bates ave been through enough, there are plenty of other characters to give a hard time.

Not happy and just switched over sad

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:08:25

Evening ladies.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:08:33

Sort this out mrs Hughes.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:08:55

Not pregnant thank god.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:08:59

Ooh she's not pregnant

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:09:34


DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:09:38

He heard!

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:09:40


Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:09:54


TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:10:04

Hi there Chub

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:10:17


DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:10:34

Right. Putting moisturising gloves on now but watching still.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:10:37


I reckon he's not going to do whst she fears. He'll so something much cleverer. Involving Thomas.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:11:01

Evening all

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:11:37

U mean stitch Thomas up or get Thomas to help him?

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:12:49

Thomas will help.

Oh I think Alfred may fall in love with daisy thanks to her kitchen assistance.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:13:17

He's DUMPED you Edith.

Don't her family know he's married?

minibmw2010 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:13:36

Ah what a surprise ... No post from Germany!!

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:13:37

That would be nice.

So Edith hasn't heard from Michael no surprise there...

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 20-Oct-13 21:14:35

Yeh busy buying Germany with your fortune probs Edith

Hello can i join in please?

Do we know what Edith signed last week?

What's happened? Who's heard??? (Still refusing to watch after rape but too nosey)

TallulahBetty Sun 20-Oct-13 21:15:07

Gosh I hope Bates doesn't get the wrong end of the stick and assume Anna has cheated on him..

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:15:21

Wow Mary is holding her baby...!!!

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:15:47

Is Edith pregnant then?

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:16:12

Yay Alfred!

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:16:19

My god they're laying with the children.

I wondered if he might think shed shagged him by choice but the cut lip says otherwise.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:17:04

I reckon Edith's pregnant. If Anna isn't and Edna isn't one of them has to be.

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:17:57

Could Alfred be any wetter?

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:18:40

Well then the Editors days are numbered. You can't have a child with two parents at Downton.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:19:00

Bates heard mrs h and Anna talking about it.
I also wonder if hell assume she's cheated. But surely the bruising gives it away???

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:19:24

Only if he'd just got out of a bath.

NK5BM3 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:19:44

Evening all... Did I miss anything in the first 2-3 min? I tuned in when Anna was talking with Bates and he was asking what's going on. Baxter then interrupted. Did anything happen before that?

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Sun 20-Oct-13 21:19:46

Well they finally paid some attention to the children! That'll do them for another few episodes!

Edith is blatantly dumped after he had his wicked way with her sad

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:19:53

And no, we don't know what she signed last week....

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Sun 20-Oct-13 21:20:21

Nope that was the first scene - Bates leaving home alone and then waiting to speak to Anna on the stairs.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:20:43

Bates kind of knows about the rape. He overheard Anna and mrs hughes

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:21:59

Just for the day. To visit the gynaecologist.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:22:17

Is she his sister?

foofooyeah Sun 20-Oct-13 21:25:08

Could be chub .... There's a resemblance

ChocChaffinch Sun 20-Oct-13 21:25:12

hmmmm why does Thomas need to be liked

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:25:35

Twatty will so anything to stomp over Mary and Tom.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:26:24

Because Thomas knows he's disliked and therefore vulnerable if there had to be any cuts to the staffing or anything like that.

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:29:55

Interesting. Thomas doesn't actually dislike Anna. I think that line was a clunk clunk

ChocChaffinch Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:07

yup...clunk clunk why is anna so dang quiet hmmmmmmmmm

minibmw2010 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:28

Love the friendship they're developing between Violet and Mrs Crawley.

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:29

Yep, she's bumpy : )

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:35

V loud clunk

The Dowager and Isobel are on fire again tonight.

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:38

Edith is preggars

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:40

Edith's gone to the DOCTOR

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:47

Yes I do think Thomas likes her. I think he will help her somehow. It's because of bates that he's even still there isn't it?

ChocChaffinch Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:47

gyne alert... or syphilis

minibmw2010 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:51

Ooooh the Doctor ������

MadameGazelleIsMyMum Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:52

Edith is pregnant!!!!

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:31:53

Can you imagine His Twattyship's reaction?!

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:00

I have issues with the stereotypes in this Virgin ad.

foofooyeah Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:06

Yes she is definitely up-duffed!

GeorginaWorsley Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:09

Oh Edith ...up the duff eh?

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:22

The doctors!!

Chub you may actually be psychic.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:41


GeorginaWorsley Sun 20-Oct-13 21:32:58

I thought it would be Anna tbh

ThePuffyShirt Sun 20-Oct-13 21:33:32

Who'd have thunk it? A doctor's appointment!

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Sun 20-Oct-13 21:33:37

I love this.

I'm so glad it wasn't Anna.

This is great though.

ChocChaffinch Sun 20-Oct-13 21:34:13

oh no, backstreet abortion story?
terribly hard for the 1920s unwed lady, they'll send her away?

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:34:38

*The doctors!!

Chub you may actually be psychic.*

I totally said it first!

<sulks in the corner>

AuntyEntropy Sun 20-Oct-13 21:35:32

Ooh clever uncle J, two suspected pregnancies last week and it was E up the duff all along.

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:36:05

GBBO comes to Downton

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:36:56

Oh I remember this guy.

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:37:03

Who the hell is he?!

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:37:11

I thought he'd died in the war

She'll marry him.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:37:13

Haha I know I was just thinking the same!

minibmw2010 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:37:33

Another money digger??

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:37:50

That us Evelyn Napier. He brought pamuk to downton.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:38:19

Evelyn Napier I think is his name. He came down with turkish Pamuk in series 1.

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:38:27

Crikey, that's going back a bit.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 20-Oct-13 21:38:36

Mr pamuk's friend

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Sun 20-Oct-13 21:38:54

X post with everyone

minibmw2010 Sun 20-Oct-13 21:39:14

Papa doesn't like him !!!!

CrazyOldCatLady Sun 20-Oct-13 21:39:24

Oooh, Charles Blake is going to be significant.

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:39:34

Charles Blake will be the one lady M goes for.

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:00

Masterchef meets Downton

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:00

Yes this Charles Blake will be a thing

Is Alfred Roy Cropper's grandad?

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:10

Here we go

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:11

She won't tell you bates.

DelphiSwimsLate Sun 20-Oct-13 21:40:12

Ah ha here we go

YummyDollie Sun 20-Oct-13 21:41:34

She's going to crack!

Chubfuddler Sun 20-Oct-13 21:41:36

Oh Christ.

TSSDNCOP Sun 20-Oct-13 21:41:42

Oh god

foofooyeah Sun 20-Oct-13 21:42:00