GBBO starts tomorrow!

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Forgetfulmog Mon 19-Aug-13 09:36:09

Very excited!

Paul Hollywood does piss me off tbh, but I love seeing all the cakes & stuff. Will probably have to make something to eat whilst watching it though...

OldRoan Mon 19-Aug-13 09:41:04

Every year I say I'll apply for the next series, and every year the level of contestants seems to get better. I class myself as an amateur baker, but not to their level. DP has requested I teach him how to make a Victoria Sponge to eat whilst watching it, so that will have to do! grin

Forgetfulmog Mon 19-Aug-13 09:41:37

Yeah I was thinking sponge too...

Cakebitch Mon 19-Aug-13 09:44:27

Yeah. am going to make cake every week before its on, in anticipation of wanting some badly whilst watching and it not being there. chocolate and salt caramel cupcakes tonight.

Suddengeekgirl Mon 19-Aug-13 09:46:20

Thanks for the reminder! smile

I am thinking of making something from the programme each week. confused
It's cake this week so shouldn't be too tricky! smile
I might wimp out when they start on macaroons or something too fiddly! blush

OldRoan Mon 19-Aug-13 09:50:30

Cakebitch I think more of a danger is watching it and then having a sudden urge to start baking at 9pm!

Maybe I'll make things a week behind, so see what they do this week and then bake it for next week's episode. Am excited about the cake stand that looked like it was made of gingerbread on the advert.

Marking my place for tonight. Agree PH is a bit of a twat but love The Berry, Mel and Sue.

hermioneweasley Tue 20-Aug-13 12:14:51

Agree with OldRoan - I coukd have competed in first series, but the standard is so high now! Love it-it's porn for me.

MollyBerry Tue 20-Aug-13 12:47:55

SOO excited for it!

Very excited too! Have planned a nice dinner and going to plonk my arse on the sofa at 8pm bet tonight is the night my 11 month old twins decide not to sleep

IsaacCox Tue 20-Aug-13 13:15:53

Can't wait! I also keep saying I'll apply for it. Definitely next year!

ppeatfruit Tue 20-Aug-13 13:16:15

There's another thread somewhere and we've started betting on the contestants!! Sorry i don't do links but someone could praps!! I lLOVE this programme as well (I'm going to have some of my carrot cake and custard while watching tonight!!!).

Forgetfulmog Tue 20-Aug-13 13:59:45

Neversleep - I feel your pain, I'm keeping everything crossed my 11 mo sleeps tonight!

Going to make a lemon drizzle cake later to eat whilst dh & I watch..

treehouselover Tue 20-Aug-13 14:43:21

Yes same in this house. DD (11) has just made the iced fingers from the last series. I've just eaten 2 and now feel a little sick!

She's a much more likely candidate than me. She's applied twice to the Junior Bake Off but never got a response. I'll have to go out tomorrow and stock up on baking ingredients.

ppeatfruit Tue 20-Aug-13 16:00:42

Yes poor neversleep or you'll go to sleep in front of 'telly sad grin

PigeonPie Tue 20-Aug-13 16:25:46

I will be doing the ironing in front of it but I do have some mini scones which I baked as a test yesterday. However they haven't gone down as well as I thought they would because I didn't get any clotted cream for them!

bouncychair Tue 20-Aug-13 17:42:37

So excited about the new series! I can't remember the last time I got this excited about a tv programme.

I've already got the book for the series and have made the angel cake (which I think is tonight's technical challenge) to eat while I watch tonight!

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 18:34:06

Is Beca wearing a MN scarf...?!

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 18:34:54

Thanks for reminding me!

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 19:20:58

Ready! cake

Helish Tue 20-Aug-13 19:26:32

So very, very happy this is back. I love baking but feel so inadequate in comparison to the creations they make on the show.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 19:51:59

Kids in bed - they may not be sleeping but its the earliest they've been in bed all summer smile

I love a bit of PH (Cptn Salty) but its Mel & Sue who i have a real soft spot for!

nothing baked to eat whilst i watch but have dry roasted peanuts & a cup of tea so am pretty happy

Tee - how did you do your cake (have seen lots if fancy emoticons recently and all seem beyond me!)

DoItTooJulia Tue 20-Aug-13 19:55:13

I applied to be on this me and didn't make it. I'm not bitter. Honest. But we have made some chocolate cupcakes for tonight. It's all I could muster, but I like baking what they did the week before IYSWIM?

My favourite was the frasier cake. Turned out great!

DoItTooJulia Tue 20-Aug-13 19:55:37

Me should say series. No idea why it says me!

MissOtisRegretsMadam Tue 20-Aug-13 19:58:55

I love Paul Hollywood and his twinkly eyes...

Cant eat anything whilst watching as ate some Lindt creme brûlée chocolate earlier and feel a bit sick!

ListWriter Tue 20-Aug-13 20:01:54

Woohoo! Bake off!

I've only got old banana cake to munch sad

Yay, it's started!

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:02:24

We're off! cake

OldRoan Tue 20-Aug-13 20:03:54

10,000 applications?! shock

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:05:37

Yay - and so it begins grin

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:07:55

My husband, the Neanderthal, gasped at "lives with his husband..."

Shall I leave the bastard?

hugoagogo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:09:05

I am here, I have a cup of tea, but only virtual cake as I am trying to lose weight. sad

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:09:46

Why do they do this in a tent in a field?!?

JulieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 20-Aug-13 20:10:00

Oh, cake.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:11:15

Because its so intense (intents geddit? )

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:11:33

Is this the only thread

Pascha Tue 20-Aug-13 20:11:53

Only a tent in the basest sense of the word Tee. Its pretty solid. I have cherry icecream as there is no cake here sad

lucjam Tue 20-Aug-13 20:12:15

ha ha duffy

Is the "charity worker" a chugger?

Indith Tue 20-Aug-13 20:12:16


cake and sleeping children.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:13:21

They are slicing themselves something chronic, aren't they smile

hugoagogo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:13:56

Mark is getting on my wick already.

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:13:56

Any mumsneters ?

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:14:42

Rhubarb and custard cake ...yuk

I feel so sorry for Ruby.

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:14:50

heat it up girl!

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:15:38

Sorry rhubarb and curdled custard cake

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:15:54

Mark is too loud. And the way that woman was cutting the cardamom pods had DH shouting at the TV. Soooo not surprised they are cutting themselves all over!

Beca is wearing MN-type scarves in both the tent and singing shots we've seen...?

OldRoan Tue 20-Aug-13 20:16:15

In a tent?! I would do pretty much anything to get to cook in those kitchens, although they must get a bit hot and humid. And I'd probably smuggle the lovely pastel kitchen aid into my bag on my way out if they kicked me off the show...

OldRoan Tue 20-Aug-13 20:17:07

Wing I was wondering if there had been some knife subterfuge going on with all the blue plasters!

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:18:44

unimpressed by the jam sandwich

DrDance Tue 20-Aug-13 20:19:37

some of the cakes look ropey?

Can't remember but is the baking always so raw looking in week 1.?

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:21:11

I loved the jam sandwich

Loved alis too

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:21:25

"A cake's too big? Is that possible?"

I LOVE his thinking.

lucjam Tue 20-Aug-13 20:22:14

I thought that the jam sandwich was great. Why didn't you like it?

I'm was bloody watching Sarah Beeney! Have I missed much?

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:22:35

Just use a freakin' studio!

Okay I'm over it. Poor wee girl and her split custard.

I have chocolate rich tea.

Cakes can't be too big. In fact, in my experience, cakes are always too small. They don't last long enough sad

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:23:32

Was that Historian wearing the MN scarf as well?

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:24:11

I know.
I made a cake on Sunday and it's all gone now.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:24:19

I wasn't overly impressed with the Jam Sandwich either - for some reason, i think she's going to bug me!

Oooh - love the technical bake!

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:25:15

re jam sandwich cake: it was just a vicky sponge dressed up and it really narks me when food decoration isn't eaten. they just peeled back that icing, and once they'd done that it looked a mess. the cake was only any good whole

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:25:47

Ugh I hate angel food cake. Tasteless.

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:26:07

Mary berrys jeans look too big around the front bit bit baggy

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:27:46

Brave secondary teacher who let his husband be shown

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:27:48

Don't butter it.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:28:00

Student is getting right on my pip now

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:28:51

Mine too Duffy.

icecubed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:29:29

yup student cluelessshock

joshandjamie Tue 20-Aug-13 20:29:43

don't like deborah. i think she may prove to be a moaner.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:29:54

Deborah is teeny tiny!

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:30:09

I love those oven gloves. Does anyone know where can I get some from?

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:30:47

Fairy I assume he is openly out at school and his colleagues and pupils wouldn't have an issue with it.


Salt! shock grin

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:32:52

Love Mel and sue

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:32:54

Haha salty cake!

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:33:46

I think the student has given up on herself already.

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:33:48

I never know their names until it's down to about 5 people.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:35:08

Arf !

Forgetfulmog Tue 20-Aug-13 20:35:15

So who's the Mumsnetter then? I remember there being a thread before about a Mumsnetter going on the show...

Btw my lemon drizzle cake was lush, but feel a bit sick now!

VikingVagine Tue 20-Aug-13 20:35:25

DS and I are peeing ourselves laughing at the salt!

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:35:41

The one that came 12th seems very sulky and reminds of that needy one last year.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:36:06

SMILE Robert!!

VikingVagine Tue 20-Aug-13 20:36:26

MNetter who is on here is Mary Ann (wotcher!).

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:37:34

Which one's Mary Ann?

hugoagogo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:37:58

That's one grumpy looking lamb! grin

I tend to check whether it's salt or sugar at home, let alone in a strange kitchen, what the hell was he thinking? confused

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:38:16

I loved Mary Anne

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:39:47

Mary Ann was a finalist in a previous series (2?) and has her own website here.

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:40:15

Ah, thak you WingDefence.

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:40:26

Thank you*

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:40:47

Do you think they get time to plan? All I would come up with in 4 hours is chocolate crispie cakes!!!!

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:40:54

Toby annoys me.

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:41:55

no wanking squirrel so far this year

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:42:42

I think they get to practice this one at home.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:42:59

Has anyone used a sharp knife before?

DoItTooJulia Tue 20-Aug-13 20:43:14

Tiny tempeh! He he

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:43:26

Wanking squirrel????

DoItTooJulia Tue 20-Aug-13 20:43:53

All of the recipes have to be submitted before the show starts

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:02

omg the chocolate cigars

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:20

We're all impressed with the striped chocolate tubes here.

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:58


PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:58

I want the temperature spatula thing... that looks amazing smile

Fuck tempering though - mind you, took me three attempts to melt chocolate without it doing that horrible stiff thing - forgotten the technical term!

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:44:58

season two had a wanking squirrel which often appeared between shots

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:03

A wanking squirrel cake

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:18

This is getting quite bizarre!
Who mentioned the squirrel?

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:20

Yay! Wanking squirrels.

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:47

you can buy the spatula from lakeland it's designed for jam

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:45:48

With unfeasibly large testicles

icecubed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:46:06

silver bear then cut to Paul

VikingVagine Tue 20-Aug-13 20:46:15

It wasn't wanking, it was just very well endowed.

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:46:32

You can get thermometer spatulas from Lakeland.

Fairyloo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:47:00


VikingVagine Tue 20-Aug-13 20:47:11


difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:48:18

Some of those cakes look amazing. I'm sure the standard must get higher each year.

VikingVagine Tue 20-Aug-13 20:48:57

Actually I think the cakes don't look as nice as in the other seasons.

DoItTooJulia Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:07

Ruby's fluffy cardigan must be moulting into the cakes. Must be.

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:10

I'm not saying I could do any better (I really couldn't) but blimey some of these cakes don't look that great!

hugoagogo Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:16

They have lost any sense of proportion! shock

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:20

Some of those are hmm

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:24

Ali looks like Lewis Hamilton.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:41

Salt guy to go surely...before he grates his hands off

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:49:55

We need taste-o-vision.

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:50:31

See, I just want nice cake.
No wanking squirrels, no Shard impersonations, no roses.
Just a cake.

joshandjamie Tue 20-Aug-13 20:50:34

I love Toby. he is so going home which is a shame

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:50:47

I reckon he is going home.

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:09

That Wildwood cake looks AMAZING.

coffeeinbed Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:13

I like Lucy's cake.

PeppermintPasty Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:15

I thought the word this year was that they were all of an exceptionally high standard, but there are one or two utter baking dunces.

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:17

Bye! Salt man.

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:54:16

"I'm better than that cake" grin

PenguinBear Tue 20-Aug-13 20:54:29

Loving this!

Yeah he was on aSlippery slope when he said his big cake should be big enough for Paul!!

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:54:37

He is so going home.

DuffyMoon Tue 20-Aug-13 20:54:58

Mary is getting very harsh

joshandjamie Tue 20-Aug-13 20:55:20

Ruby is absolutely stunning to look at. She should be a model

Wolfcub Tue 20-Aug-13 20:57:16

good choice for star baker

difficultpickle Tue 20-Aug-13 20:57:47

No surprises there.

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:57:52

Yeah, called that.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 20:58:15

Bum! I liked him... Glad Ali is staying though!

Tee2072 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:58:51

So sweet on this show, especially compared to Apprentice!

joshandjamie Tue 20-Aug-13 20:59:02

I really, really like Toby. Such a shame he had to go. The blokes at the top are dull and I imagine they hold clipboards in their normal jobs.

WingDefence Tue 20-Aug-13 20:59:12

Dude! Shame about Toby but of course he was the right choice.

Fifi2406 Tue 20-Aug-13 20:59:26

Didn't like him until he said he will become an anti baking monk now I wish he stayed!

farrowandbawl Tue 20-Aug-13 20:59:37

The star baker does, Josh.

PumpUpMyVolume Tue 20-Aug-13 21:00:06

Oooh - do love Bread week smile

Why are they giving so much detail about next week. It spoils it if we know what they're making.

Forgetfulmog Tue 20-Aug-13 21:21:14

Ooh what to make for next week....

ppeatfruit Tue 20-Aug-13 21:29:38

There's too many contestants in it .I liked the look of the Hat Cake but they didn't show how it tasted or did they? I also LOVE that one of the bakers was GF wasn't he star baker? His chocolate cake looked a m a z i n g!!!!

PenguinBear Tue 20-Aug-13 21:34:02

What is GF fruit?

I Missed the promo of next week as recording cut off. Ht did they show?!

Forgetfulmog Tue 20-Aug-13 21:35:04

Gluten Free.

Bunnygirlie Tue 20-Aug-13 22:40:19

So pleased it's back but seriously, that was the best 13 out of 10,000 ?!?!?

Still18atheart Tue 20-Aug-13 23:35:26

So happy this is back on the tele.

I like Ruby (even though she is utterly clueless) and, think the man who did the chocolate bear is the new Brendan.

Don't like the man who didn't check the temp of his oven, found him also too gobby

Pachacuti Wed 21-Aug-13 00:31:27

Bread next week, PenguinBear. Paul was getting all stern over inadequate breadsticks.

WhiteandGreen Wed 21-Aug-13 00:45:27

I assume that any mention of Paul Hollywood's extramarital goings on is heavily edited out. Or is it some big elephant in the room that's never mentioned for fear of him having a strop?

WhiteandGreen Wed 21-Aug-13 00:48:54

Probably they're all just too polite to mention it. It's a nice world on Bake Off.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 08:18:42

It's too nice of a world on bake off. People actually think Paul is mean to the contestants. Not hardly!

And his affair has nothing to do with the show, so why would anyone mention it?

I agree, they should have highlighted the hat cake more. Did they even speak to her while she was making it?

JassyAlconleigh Wed 21-Aug-13 08:33:21

I assume that any mention of Paul Hollywood's extramarital goings on is heavily edited out. Or is it some big elephant in the room that's never mentioned for fear of him having a strop?

I assume that any mention of Paul's private life would not occur as it would be both irrelevant and unprofessional.

It's a baking show, not a kangaroo court. If Mary can behave with dignity about it, let the nation take its cue from her!

Try not to take his actions so personally. Lots of people have affairs, I'm not sure I understand this prurient need to drag up every single one of them constantly like an 'elephant in the drawing room?' Unless you are actually his wife, in which case it is your business.

That huge nutted squirrel was on permanent pause for about two days in our house!

Bunnygirlie Wed 21-Aug-13 08:38:48

I have gone off the silver fox a little bit since the love rat news, but he called my macaroons ingenious (on twitter) so I was well chuffed grin

ArtisanLentilWeaver Wed 21-Aug-13 08:39:59

I adore Mary. Adore

I love how she did steely-eyes to the lady who boasted that she could quickly decorate her cake in basketweave then didn't finish it

wintera Wed 21-Aug-13 09:45:40

Surely people aren't really surprised that Paul Hollywood has turned out to be a philanderer? I always thought he would have loads of women on the go to be honest, he looks the type. If anything I'm more surprised he's not had more affairs.

Agree with what others have said so far, really don't like the loud gobby fella either.

nocarsgo Wed 21-Aug-13 09:54:11

Definitely not the best 13 out of 10,000 applicants. Definitely not, because several seem to be total amateurs grin

The production company want a diverse group and choose accordingly, otherwise we'd probably have 13 white people aged 30+!

Shame though, because going on first impressions, there are a few who don't deserve to be there. But who knows, maybe cakes aren't their thing and they'll excel at bread and pastry.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 21-Aug-13 10:55:06

Haven't watched it yet. Is there any (male) totty? [priorities]

'inadequate breadsticks' is making me giggle, for some reason.

Gracelo Wed 21-Aug-13 11:04:11

I just looked through the list of bakers and only now realized that Beca and Frances are two different people blush In my defense, I was distracted by our brand new kitten.
I thought Ali was very sweet and hope he stays for a bit. Won't be sad when shouty man leaves.

bigTillyMint Wed 21-Aug-13 11:12:55

Watched this last night with DD. She spent the entire show going on about how sweet Ali wassmile Hope he doesn't get knocked out early on!
She was also very derogatory about PHwink

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 11:25:53

JassyAlc YYYYY I totally agree with your views on saltydogs' affair grin

Not really LadyClarice the bloke who left was almost cute. Ali's sweet but too young and not sexy IMO grin

Something different about it ,Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember Mel and Sue being in on the judging at the beginning they aren't ALWAYS are they?

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 11:33:45

They didn't judge, ppeatfruit. What do you mean 'in on the judging'?

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 11:50:09

Tee they were sitting round the table with Mary and Paul discussing the first round's cakes last night though weren't they?

I don't think I have ever seen Paul spit out someone's cake before - poor, poor Toby!

I caught a bit of the One Show yesterday, and they were saying that all the contestants were fine with their knives until the judges walked into the tent, and then it was carnage.

I liked the sound of the pecan and apple cake - it sounded moist and delicious - and I love cakes with nuts in.

Ruby needs to stop panicking.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 12:02:49

Oh that was funny about Toby using salt instead of sugar!!!! Yes SDTGis they were very nervous esp. the beautiful girl who looked like a pre raphaelite painting. Shame. sad

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 21-Aug-13 12:11:37

Thanks ppeat. How disappointing – no equivalent of Scottish James.

Re Mel and Sue. They do always sit at the table with the judges to ask them for their opinions and decisions.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 12:12:42

Oh, yes they always do that, ppeat. They aren't actually judging, just talking really. It's all up to Paul and Mary and, I assume, the producers.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 12:21:53

ladyClarice How are you? grin (I always think what the feminists would say if it was men asking that question about tottie !!) There's a lot of pretty girls on it this time!! We have to be equally aware don't we?!!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 21-Aug-13 13:01:37

I'm vair well, ppeat, ta! You?

I know, I did think that about totty. I do worry slightly about being a hypocrite.

Looking forward to seeing the pretty laydeez.

JassyAlconleigh Wed 21-Aug-13 13:11:16

the beautiful girl who looked like a pre raphaelite painting

Like the motorway worker squeaker last year, all blimming 'ooooh, I've messed it up, haven't I?' Sob, close up of elegant trembling fingers affixing final piece of jaw dropping chocolate art to a perfect bake, sob, welling big eyes.

Yup, my DH totally fell for that too...

Toby, I'm afraid, was the sort I'd look around to check for a nice family to sit near if he got into a train carriage with me.

I want Ali to win smile

yesbutnobut Wed 21-Aug-13 13:40:54

Poor Toby with his buttoned up shirt! When they showed a clip of him and his dad it was so sweet - what a lovely man he seems.

I thought some of the ideas (sorry can't remember names this early on) were amazing - the secret squirrel cake, those stripy chocolate sticks, the gluten free cake. Surprising though, that some contestants still go for that piped icing look even though in previous series the judges have dissed it (too 70s I think they said last night). The lovely lady in her 60s is obviously very experienced but if she does old fashioned looking stuff she won't go far - sad but true as they're looking for edgier offerings. Like in last year's show with Brendan.

MrsKwazii Wed 21-Aug-13 14:08:41

Must be gutting to go out in the first show - poor chap. Thought some of the cakes were real car crashes, but still probably better than I could produce under pressure. I'd quite like to see them introduce more preliminary weeks where, say, 50 contestants were whittled down to the final 12/13 a la Masterchef Australia. Gives people a bit of a chance to get over nerves and settle in a bit.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 14:21:04

Yes yesbut I was esp pleased that there was a GF baker but they didn't mention if he was always using his rice flour and xanthan mix! His choc. cake looked the best to me (i like dark choc.)

Yes the nice ladys' hat cake, Christine was her name (i put on line money on her winning on another thread grin ) was very refined but i felt the judges were not too impressed.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 14:21:41

Oh sorry lady I'm fine! grin

Bakingnovice Wed 21-Aug-13 14:24:53

Oh I loved Ali. Really want him to win but doubt he will. Did anyone else gasp at the standard this year? It doesn't seem to be about proper amateur bakers as previous series?

I think squirrel woman and star baker guy and council guy were too good, but I don't want them to win. I want to see progression and someone who hasn't perfected baking to win by the end.

I also loved Christine. She seemed so classy, elegant and kind when she hugged Ali. Can't stand Paul. Smug and self absorbed as ever. But just adore Mary and her outfit.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 14:30:47

Oooh, I do love Bake Off. smile

I thought Ali's first cake sounded amazing, and it looked beautiful. The woman who is a gardener (I forget her name) reminds me of Mary Ann in that it's obvious she has an interest in a specific kind of cake, as all of hers used flowers or herbs (like Mary Ann doing historical recipes). I thought her cake with the trees and figs was just beautiful.

The lass with the lovely eyes struck me as just in over her head.

I really liked the bloke who got star baker. I liked how matter-of-fact he was.

Not so keen on military wives woman, somehow.

Was anyone else stunned PH didn't like the salt cake? I was just waiting for him to be perfectly happy with the level of salt. grin

I always think PH is coming onto the blokes, even though I know perfectly well he's emphatically not gay.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 14:53:15

LRD what have you done to your name?!? I'm going crosseyed trying to figure out what it means. grin

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 14:55:54

She needs some help with work

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 14:56:10

<<validates degree>>

BooMeowson Wed 21-Aug-13 15:01:02

A pretty poor 13 to be honest sad

I am guessing they want viewers to see the "journey" from amateur baker to amazing baker... But actually I kept thinking how many more deserving people should be there.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 15:07:12

Sorry, tee. indith is right. I've put a hoverer up explaining - I'm trying to learn Russian and it's not going in, so this is one more place to write down phrases so I remember to read them and memorize them.

boo - really?! I thought they were good. I thought one of them (forget which) made a good point about how constricting the space is, because although they have all that lovely equipment, they're using ovens and so on that they've never used before, and they're actually working in a pretty small space overall. I have a little galley kitchen at home and the space they have looks to be much smaller than that - I think it would be tricky.

That guy who got eliminated last night was a pure walking disaster grin

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:12:25

Rysski yezik ochen trudno. Ya chyt chyt gavaryoo no ya mnogo zabila.

I am also shit at transliterating.

Mary just steals the show with one remark or look doesn't she.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 15:15:01

I agree with you LRD about the space.

I also think they didn't show the good ones last night, but the crap ones. There are too many contestants this year, also.

And thanks for the explanation on your name! Good luck!

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:15:41

It must be difficult using the ovens etc for the first time. Some of the cakes were just shit though. That "showstopper" that looked like my 4 year old had done it for example. A lot of them are trying too hard I think too. The first series of the bake off people really learned new things along the way and tried them out later int he series on their own creations, this one was all "oh yes I can temper my own chocolate and do this that the other". So what are you going to learn then? Where are you going to go from here?

I'm not sure who I like yet, need a few more weeks and to get rid of a few so my poor brain can keep up with the ones we have left.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 15:16:36

I'm really sorry, indith, I don't understand. Something about the Russian language?

I'm off-topic anyway.

Thanks for the good luck, tee. smile

exit - oh, yes, I do love Mary's looks. grin

ExcuseTypos Wed 21-Aug-13 15:17:19

He was Return, but I did fell sorry for him. I wanted to give him a hug.

PH is spoiling it for me, I know we don't know all the ins and outs of somebody's marriage but I just keep thinking he's a cheating womaniser. I kept shouting things at the TV when he was in shot.blush.

I must try to control myself next week!

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:20:17

Probably my transliteration, I get all confused, it makes my head hurt. I said Russian language is very difficult. I speak a little but I have forgotten a lot.

Mary is fab. She is such a granny. You can just see her being all wonderful with dinner at Christmas and then making inappropriate remarks about so and so working too much and not cooking for her dh etc after a couple of glasses of sherry.

Russian! Why? I did Russian for two years at school and it was soooo hard. Although the fact that the teacher was stark raving mad probably didn't help.

Did you know that babies are born with the ability to make something like 150 sounds but those sounds quickly get reduced to about 75 within the first few months from what they hear around them. The 75 that English speakers use and the 75 that Russian speakers use are totally different.

That is a gross exaggeration but I am sure it felt true when my Russian teacher was sticking her ruler down my throat to help me with my pronunciation.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 15:22:01

Not your transliteration, it's me. Thank you for translating. smile

I do love how Mary made a snide comment about expecting more than a simple Victoria sponge and that bloke made one saying he thought she'd appreciate it being traditional. hmm I think she enjoys slipping out of the nice grannyish persona.

I worked with Mary for a bit in the 80s. She was so, proper. But lovely.

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:27:18

You worked with Mary! Wow! <<easily excited>>

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 15:27:31

I didn't start watching the show until last series, but I never got the impression that the point was to teach, but to show what you know and what you can figure out?

It will be easier to follow as more get kicked off, I think.

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:28:21

Exit ALL Russian teachers are start raving mad.

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 15:30:07

When I say learn I mean that reality show bake off/apprentice going on a journey thing. I think there was more trying of ideas, learning off each other and doing it themselves later in the series, an exchange of ideas I suppose.

That's OK then grin

I wanted to do Latin.

wintera Wed 21-Aug-13 15:32:43

I don't think Ruby from this year is as bad as Catherine from last year. Catherine was one of those that goes on about how bad they are, but is actually quite good. Ruby, poor love, actually was really struggling. Personally I like squirrel lady and star baker fella. They are my favourites at the mo. Oh and jolly teacher man. Like him too!

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 15:33:05

I see what you mean now, Indith.

But I don't think it was that last year either, although this year the 'field' seems particularly bad. Especially with all the cuts!

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 15:38:46

Oh what an interesting digression about Russian grin do you listen to The Archers Indith? I ask because Ambridge Extra has been using untranslated Russian and we on the thread needed a translator grin.

noddyholder Wed 21-Aug-13 15:40:48

I just don't get this show at all and I love cooking! The man and woman are awful although I love sue Perkins but couldn't watch it long enough to see enough of her. It should be on in the daytime it's so bad shock

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 15:51:20

What don't you get? confused

milk Wed 21-Aug-13 15:55:16

So far I predict either Howard or Frances will win smile

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 15:56:34

I think it always looks a bit chaotic for the first few episodes - too many people to follow. And the historical bit is always really jarring, even though it's interesting.

But I still love it.

I wish instead of doing the history bit, they'd do more on tips for how you do stuff. For example, I know why creme patissiere curdles, and I know if you are slack like me, you can just sieve a custard to get the lumps out, but I'd find it really useful to know what good home bakers would check for to avoid that sort of mistake.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 15:57:31

(Oh, and to answer exit, DH is Russian. Very boring answer. I can do Latin though.)

NoHank Wed 21-Aug-13 16:33:24

I do love this show (even though I can't bake for toffee) but the thing that gets my goat is that they are nearly all always English. No offense to the English, I am myself, but it's supposed to be the British Bake off. Surely there are more applicants from the rest of Britain? I know last year we had James, and I seem to remember Brendan was irish but that was it i think. And this year I think I've heard a Welsh accent? But again the rest of the country seems to be missing.

Any hoo, Howard seems to be the new Brendan.I like ruby, I did feel sorry for her. I can imagine being that emotional too grin and I don't mind teacher bloke either.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 17:10:10

noddy The "man and woman" are the judges!! I like both of them and their straight facedness is tempered by Mel and Sue. Though they both have a twinkle in their eyes. MILES better than masterchef IMO.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 17:10:59

Well, to be fair, NoHank, if it's the Great British Bake Off? Northern Ireland isn't part of Britain.

Indith Wed 21-Aug-13 17:12:46

Sorry ppeat I don't listen to the Archers. Plus my Russian is dire from not using it. There are a few good speakers on here though.

ElleCloughie Wed 21-Aug-13 17:20:01

Last year I had a go at all of the Technical Challenges, made me try a load of things I would never, ever have done otherwise. I am hoping to do the same this year, or at least do them up until baby arrives! Angel food cake, here I come!

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 17:24:12

Have you got any tips on making macaroons without all that sugar Elle? suitable for DH, and me actually I hate stuff that's too sweet I can feel my teeth protesting grin, who has to cut down due to having near type 2 diabetes.

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 17:29:28

I thought there must be someone who speaks it Indith LRDpomog maybe your DH could listen to the most omnibus on Radio 4 extra and post some of the translation it would be fantastic if he has the time!!!

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 17:30:19

Sorry LRD most 'recent' omnibus!

YouAintNoLady Wed 21-Aug-13 17:35:47

Was never too keen on PH anyway, but the revelations of the affair has completely put me off him, he has far too good an opinion of himself anyway. Wasn't really surprised he had been involved with someone else and suspect it isn't the first time. I think that the fame has gone to his head and can imagine him acting like the great 'I am' and flirting with any female in range anyway, he just seems that type.

Compared to Mary Berry, who has been baking for longer than he has been around - he is a rank amateur yet tries to give the impression he is the top dog. Mel and Sue are essential ingredients in the success of the show though, love their humour and the way they interact with the contestants, sometimes consoling them, sometimes encouraging and even helping, (except for the time Sue ate some of the ingredients a contestant had weighed and put aside for use, thinking that they were 'spare').

Still love the GBBO - it is one of the few programmes that we watch as a family and it inspires the kids to want to try making and baking new things.

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Wed 21-Aug-13 17:38:15

ppeat - sorry, TBH, I doubt he will have time as he's working overtime at the moment. There is a language/bilingualism section on MN, though, someone there might help?

ppeatfruit Wed 21-Aug-13 17:45:24

Thanks LRD grin

youAint I agree that PH does seem to think he's the first baker ever. Apart from that I don't form my opinions on what the press happen to print and if we watched programmes based on the morals of the protagonists then I don't reckon we'd watch anything.

KissMeHardy Wed 21-Aug-13 18:06:30

Oh it nearly drove me mad - although I watched all of it avidly. I am doing Slimming World.......and watching GBBO is not a good idea if your resolve is likely to waver !!!!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 21-Aug-13 18:09:09

Tee, Northern Ireland is, but the Republic of Ireland isn't. I thought (might be wrong) that Brendan was from there rather than NI. Which would make it the Great British-and-Irish Bake Off I suppose...

VikingVagine Wed 21-Aug-13 18:13:16

N. Ireland isn't part of Britain.

UK = GB (England, Scotland, Wales) + N.Ireland

VikingVagine Wed 21-Aug-13 18:14:51

It's quite simple really <cough>

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 21-Aug-13 18:30:46

Oh, all right, grin NI isn't part of Britain as in the British Isles.

But it is part of the United Kingdom, no?

VikingVagine Wed 21-Aug-13 18:38:09

Yup, although The Great United Kindomish Bakeoff just doesn't have the same ring to it grin

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 18:54:38

I live in NI, BTW. I'm well aware what it is part of. It is not part of Britain. It is part of the United Kingdom.

In other words: who gives a fuck if every park of the UK/Britain is on the show?

Stokes Wed 21-Aug-13 19:15:38

But people from NI are British (if they so choose to see themselves yadda yadda yadda). I think British in the GBBO title can be interpreted similarly.

Tee2072 Wed 21-Aug-13 20:05:28

I'm not British. I'm American. grin

I am being pedantic because it's a ridiculous thing to worry about on a fucking baking show, FFS.

flippinada Wed 21-Aug-13 20:24:39

Argh! Just typed out a big long post with my opinion of all the contestants and then lost it.

Anyway, glad to see it back. Very bloody first episode, cuts galore.

Current fave is the jolly teacher.

MissStrawberry Wed 21-Aug-13 21:16:49

I was away and missed it. Can anyone please tell me if and when it is repeated?

WhiteandGreen Wed 21-Aug-13 21:31:56

It's on iplayer now.

It was an enjoyable show, as ever, but scored pretty low for cake porn.

MissStrawberry Wed 21-Aug-13 21:41:11

Thank you WaG.

CruCru Wed 21-Aug-13 21:59:33

Argh! Why is this on? I have gestational diabetes and at least another five weeks before I give birth. Damn. I love this show. And I (usually) love to bake.

Was it on tonight?

wintera Wed 21-Aug-13 22:02:13

Quite surprised to learn that Toby who went out last night is only 30 apparently.

Changebagsandgladrags Wed 21-Aug-13 22:12:08

That's what 30 years of eating salt cake does....

CruCru Wed 21-Aug-13 22:32:52

Seriously? He was younger than me?

LetUsPrey Wed 21-Aug-13 23:08:27
WhiteandGreen Wed 21-Aug-13 23:52:26

I thought Toby seemed 26.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 00:00:00

That blog always gets me giggling grin

WhiteandGreen Thu 22-Aug-13 01:49:23

That blog was funnier than I thought it was going to be.

wintera Thu 22-Aug-13 07:25:25

Love that blog. Must admit I did laugh when Toby said he'd cut his thingy. Glad to see I'm not the only immature one watching.

ppeatfruit Thu 22-Aug-13 08:39:26

Oh God letus i needed a laugh this morning that blog is effing hilarious thanks!!!!!!

Forgetfulmog Thu 22-Aug-13 08:49:34

Fab blog grin

ppeatfruit Thu 22-Aug-13 08:52:36

WRF to the discussion about N.I. I may be wrong but isn't it part of GREAT Britain? and isn't the programme called The GREAT British Bake Off? With the great not being used as an adjective!!!!

HahaHarrie Thu 22-Aug-13 09:09:15

I've only just watched it. Rob is very good, but I hope he shows some personality.

Toby reminds me of Dylan Moran. How old is he? I like him.

I predict the stunning yet inept Ruby will go next week.

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 09:18:27

No, ppeat. The official name of the country in which, I think, we all reside is:

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Look at your passport some time.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Thu 22-Aug-13 09:25:09

God, I wish I hadn't got involved in the UK/Britain/NI barney now! That's a bit snippy isn't it, Tee?

LRDPomogiMnyeSRabotoi Thu 22-Aug-13 09:34:17

Not that it matters at all, but Great Britsh Menu has been running for ages, and they organize it by regional sections, including one for NI. I am fairly sure the Beeb therefore thinks they might as well go with euphony rather than precision.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 09:40:05

Great United Kingdomish Menu. Nope, not working for me either.

twistedtoffee Thu 22-Aug-13 09:55:15

I agree Clarice. Give it a fucking rest Tee.

Love this programme. I bet Ruby will find her nerve and end up being brilliant. A bit like Catherine last year. I think Ali might go quite soon.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 10:07:55

Umm, can't we discuss what we like on a public forum? Didn't realise sticking to the topic was part of MN's guidelines.

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 10:13:54

Apparently it is now VV. Someone better report me for breaking guidelines and get me deleted forthwith.

My point, again, is that what does it matter where they are from? PC gone fucking mad.

sassytheFIRST Thu 22-Aug-13 10:15:28

Ruby will be the one who "goes on a journey". Too young and beautiful to ditch early - producers will want her to stay in for a goodly while, you mark my words.

JassyAlconleigh Thu 22-Aug-13 10:17:08

Sassy I think you're right.

There will be a lots of drama from that young madam.


VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 10:22:42

Yes Ruby is far too beautiful to go out in the first rounds. I'm sushi has some natural talent, otherwise they wouldn't have picked her, I agree on the whole journey theory.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 10:22:56

Sushi, really iPad?

twistedtoffee Thu 22-Aug-13 10:33:33

Oh Tee, do grow up, there's a love.

No way will they ditch Ruby. She is this year's Cathryn Dresser or Holly Bell - sending a message that you can be young and beautiful and still love the old fashioned art of baking. I read an interview with Mary Berry saying that this year's group were absolutely incredibly talented. A couple of them definitely didn't bear this assertion out.

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 10:39:07


I just wish Catherine, and now Ruby, would just eat a piece of the cake they bake! Much too thin!

vintageclock Thu 22-Aug-13 10:42:10

Yeah right Tee. And oh so ugly as well. [sceptical].

I loved the opening episode but had to laugh when Sue described it as a hybrid of GBBO and Casualty smile.

Tee and Viking - if you can't behave nicely, you are going to have to go to the Naughty Step! << looks stern >> winkgrin

The Britain's Next Top Model people dealt with this dilemma by renaming the programe Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model (today's useless fact). Perhaps the programme makers for GBBO need to add a tiny asterisk and a footnote including NI.

That blog is very funny - I am looking forward to next week's post.

Oh - and the more I think about it, the more Ruby is irritating me.

Nb - it is possible I have not had enough coffee yet this morning, and am therefore a bit grumpy.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 11:08:02

I am behaving shock

Gracelo Thu 22-Aug-13 11:16:02

HaHaHattie dp said the same thing of Toby.

My passport mentions neither the United Kingdom or Great Britain or Northern Ireland. Am I even allowed to watch?

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 11:18:49

Neither does mine Gracelo.

I am behaving. Okay, I'm not, I'm shit stirring. But people are making it so easy!

I didn't say Ruby or Catherine weren't attractive. Just too skinny. Especially Catherine who looked a bit unwell, I thought maybe she was anorexic.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 11:19:12

DS wants me to try and take part next year, I hold a UK passport but haven't lived there for 16 years, I wonder if they'd have me grin

Gracelo Thu 22-Aug-13 11:37:15

I'm in Britain but it would take me about 8 hours just to get to London, no idea how long it would take to get to Somerset or wherever this is all happening. Completely undoable from the west coast of Sotland.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 11:41:54

I was born in Somerset, so that surely gives me some kind right doesn't it?

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 12:14:50

I know they do it over a series of weekends so I wonder if they pay for travel? They all obviously stay on site when they're filming.

How exhausting would that be?

nocarsgo Thu 22-Aug-13 12:51:04

IIRC they pay for travel and for all the ingredients as they develop and practice their recipes each week. Let me find Danny's (contestant from last year) blog. She was pretty bitter about the whole thing, actually. Unnecessarily so in my opinion, but it was quite eye opening.

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 12:58:24

Ooh, that sounds interesting, nocarsgo. What was she bitter about?

nocarsgo Thu 22-Aug-13 13:14:38

Wait, did Mumsnet eat my next post? Bloody hell, will have to start again. Bear with me...

nocarsgo Thu 22-Aug-13 13:21:45

Looks like Danny has stopped paying for her bandwidth, so I had to find her blog post via the Wayback Machine:

She comes across as exceptionally pissed off about how she struggled to fit the show alongside her busy life and important job. I get that, but surely she had an inkling that that was going to be the case?

WhiteandGreen Thu 22-Aug-13 13:39:32

I don't think she seemed bitter, just realistic.

Viking - please, please do go in for it next year!

Tee2072 Thu 22-Aug-13 13:52:51

I am not sure bitter is the word I would use. Disillusioned, maybe?

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 13:54:08

I wonder if they'd pay for my travel?

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 13:54:51

(From France)

Forgetfulmog Thu 22-Aug-13 13:58:24

Didn't part of France used to be owned by Britain, way back when?

<tenuous link>

Gracelo Thu 22-Aug-13 14:20:36

It's probably easier to get to Somerset from France than from where I live.

VikingVagine Thu 22-Aug-13 14:25:33

Crikey, French and English/British history go way back together. However, the part I'm in is right down south, so not much British influence here apart from me grin

wem Thu 22-Aug-13 14:26:15

I applied for this series in a moment of madness, got nowhere of course, but very glad after seeing all the stressed out contestants. I don't think they'd ever be able to use any footage of me as I'd be swearing almost continuously! I'd still love to have the excuse to do all the experimenting and learning they do, just take out the telly aspect grin

ppeatfruit Thu 22-Aug-13 16:03:09

Thanks nocargo I don't get why she said she's not a show off; I don't think that's a negative, she must be to some extent either that or very naive, which she didn't seem to be.

There's no way I'd go on it and Iam a bit of a show off but it wouldn't be good for my self esteem!

BooMeowson Thu 22-Aug-13 16:31:22

I like the blog thank you for linking!

Quangle Thu 22-Aug-13 17:19:45

I bought a Paul Hollywood loaf (in Waitrose obv grin and it had weird uncooked layers of doughiness inside. Felt like prodding it rudely like he does and giving it a mean stare. I fear he takes himself too seriously and has NSOH. But love the prog especially Mel and Sue.

nocarsgo Thu 22-Aug-13 17:44:36

Ok, do maybe bitter was a strong word, but having followed over half a dozen people post GBBO, she was the only one who had anything bad to say about the programme. But perhaps that is the difference between people who wanted to take baking further after the programme (books, hosting baking classes, etc) and someone like Danny, for whom it was never going to be anything but a hobby.

nocarsgo Thu 22-Aug-13 17:48:56

And if you like Danny's blog, here's a few more:

Jo, Holly, Mary-Anne (series 2)

Holly's is particularly brilliant, there's just so much stuff I want to try.

OldRoan Thu 22-Aug-13 17:55:45

wem I'd make rubbish TV too - alternating between swearing constantly and just looking blankly in front of me saying things like "what time did I start? When does it need to be finished? What am I meant to be making?"

On the other hand, I'm pretty clumsy and would probably drop things at pleasing-TV-making-moments...

I love Mary-Ann's blog - she is so funny, and the recipes sound so delicious!

MortifiedAdams Thu 22-Aug-13 19:33:06

Im a GBBO Virgin and watching ep1 on catch up now.

Beca must be a MNer!

Its making me want to eat cake.

CorrieDale Thu 22-Aug-13 21:41:30

I didn't find Danny 's blog post about the show bitter at all. It isn't sugar coated - that would be the show itself! I have been well sucked in by the marquee/bunting/squirrel sweetness of it all but my rational side knows full well that it must be an exhausting and stressful and very edited experience. Danny's blogpost was rational, not bitter!

ppeatfruit Sat 24-Aug-13 08:53:37

I'm about to google to see when they're repeating it IIRC it was on Sunday morning before.

ppeatfruit Sat 24-Aug-13 09:00:12

Yup it's repeated on Sunday at 7pm. Not in Scotland though sad

ppeatfruit Mon 26-Aug-13 09:13:11

LadyClarice I watched the repeat and ALi ain't bad he's got nice eyes but a vile little PH beard under chin. grin

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 26-Aug-13 11:24:22

Oh no, ppeat, he's so anxious! I can't even really think about whether he's cute because watching him just makes me nervous.

The guy who left was a fucking loon. I agree with the person upthread who said they'd find a nice family to sit near if he got on a train with them.

I like the Welsh woman (I can't retain many names while there are so many contestants). I also like the gay guy who keeps making oversized cakes grin although I don't know if he'll stay in it for long. Ruby is a sulky mare. The space engineer chap is nice.

ppeatfruit Mon 26-Aug-13 12:05:06

Yes I liked the gay teacher chappie as well he seemed as if he's a good teacher, not exactly tottie though is he? sad

Ruby is incredible looking ; there was an Antiques programme yesterday which was showing some pre raph. paintings and she really is a throwback to them, sulkiness and all!!

The tree cake was very clever and I liked the one with bear on it Not sure about the squirrel cake hmm.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 26-Aug-13 12:25:26

No, but he's lovely and rather cuddly. There isn't any totty, it's official.

I can't really see Ruby's looks because I'm finding her so tiresome already grin

I liked the tree cake but thought the bear was weird. The squirrel cake was clever and I liked Mel going on about giving it a pair of hazelnut balls grin, but I fear whoever made it may be this year's insufferable over-achiever.

God, I'm a bitch.

ppeatfruit Mon 26-Aug-13 12:44:13

Though I just remembered the Gaudi tower cake belonging to the teacher it was a bit hmm too!

No you're not Lady grin you just tell it as you see it comme moi!! i'll be watching in London tomorrow so away from working compooters speak again in a couple of weeks. I can't be arsed with huge bills from my mob. provider to post through my phone!!

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 26-Aug-13 13:14:32

Thanks ppeat! Save up all your comments and we can swap notes later on.

ppeatfruit Mon 26-Aug-13 14:55:38


Forgetfulmog Tue 27-Aug-13 06:33:08

So, bread tonight!

ViviPru Tue 27-Aug-13 13:29:54

Meep! Oh I do love GBBO. O why can't Sue be my friend? sad

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:03:03

DD and I have been looking forward to this all night.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:04:07

I've been looking forward to this all day Farrow!

LovesBeingOnHoliday Tue 27-Aug-13 20:05:07

Yum breadsticks

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:05:42

Ooh, Mary sounded a bit poorly then.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:05:42

Sorry Viva, I did mean Day. (Was also telling ds to get ready for bed as it's "night, night time" soon - hence the night)

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:07:08

Howard's lemon and rosemary combination sounds nice.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:09:33

Kimberly's breadsticks sounds nice too.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:10:02

I'm sorry, Becka annoys me.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:10:14

Does ANYONE have a signature breadstick in real life? Really?

They should just call it the "what crazy flavour/texture combinations can YOU come up with?" Round.

I love the idea of semolina on the outside.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:10:36

Which one is Becka?

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:11:05

Oh ok Ruby, you've won yourself a second chance with that recipe.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:12:03

Becka is the one whose accomplishment in life appears to be being married to someone in the army.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:13:08

Ah, gotcha.

Ruby (the student) annoys me more than her, but Becka is a very close second.

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:13:53

Matchstick lady is just so annoying.

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:14:17

Frances seems sweet but why does EVERYTHING have to be 'quirky'?!

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:14:53

Oh, I'm glad you said that, I'm not keen on Ruby either.

Who is the woman doing the matchsticks? I know I shouldn't encourage her with her gimmicks (sorry, "concepts") but I'm a sucker for macro- and micro-scale stuff.

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:15:37

Sorry, Frances. Yes 'quirky' is it. I'm sure she is lovely but there is something about her that irritates the hell of me.

ILoveOnionRings Tue 27-Aug-13 20:15:41

I am finding matchstick lady annoying to

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:15:44

The matchsticks remind me of a choc dip.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:15:53

She can't keep it up all series can she?

Also, 200 breadsticks in a week as preparation - her arms must be amazing from all the kneading!

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:15:55

I can't remember, but her ideas are brilliant.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:17:03

Ali's entry looks fabulous. Go Ali!

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:17:07

Ali' done well! He looks relieved!

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:17:19

Surely the judges won't be distracted by a big box, will they? If I found out I'd been beaten by someone on novelty value I'd be annoyed.

I know presentation is important, and she does is very well, but there's presentation and presentation...

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:18:40

I agree with you there OldRoan. That sort of presentation needs to be saved for your own stuff.

Frances is the matchstick woman.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:19:12

Aww, I'm glad Frances' were ok.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:19:50

Hmm, not sure about raisin in a breadstick.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:19:53

Mary doesn't sound well at all. Bit of a cold or sore throat there.

ILoveOnionRings Tue 27-Aug-13 20:20:17

Judges seem to be a bit nicer with their comments on the breadsticks

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:21:28

Rosemary and rasin? bleugh! Shame about Howard's soggy sticks. I think Ali's seem to be best, or the student girl with the twisted sticks (Ruby?)

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:22:38

That's mean. Using one of Pauls recipies.

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:24:29

Why am I doing slimming world when GbBO is on??!! I want a buttery, jammy Enlish muffin soooo badly right now

hugoagogo Tue 27-Aug-13 20:24:33

WTF who cuts a muffin? They should be pulled apart, then lay on a generous amount of butter and put them back together to melt for a bit.

enjoy with tea. <drools>

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:25:17

Domestic interruption here, I'm now a bit behind the rest of you.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:26:26

I'm doing Paul McKenna Chelvis. Breadsticks for me tomorrow.

cafenoir Tue 27-Aug-13 20:27:33

Was pleased for Ali and Ruby. They were v worried/unconfident last week. I think the matchstick box was very Heston Blumenthal-ish. Bit OTT and irrelevantish

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:27:46

I think I need to swap to Paul McKenna then, I would kill for some bread right now grin

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:28:23

Breadsticks here tomorrow too.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:28:51

I know. Now I want muffins.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:31:42

OK, I'm getting really impressed with Kimberly. Using a bit of dough the same thickness to see if it's cooked without disturbing the actual muffins. Bloody good idea.

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:32:05

Argh! Mel the muffin crusher! Poor Howard!

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:33:39

YY to Kimberley - great idea

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:34:12

I would be shitting myself if Paul was judging my breads.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:34:42

Can I just put in an early claim - I am expecting crumpets to come up in the technical this season. In his book Paul says they aren't technically baked because they don't go in an oven, but they use yeast so it's allowed. Same rules, clearly, as an English muffin.

I would like to see this, because I made crumpets from Paul's book and they didn't work AT ALL. On his TV show I diligently sat there watching with my book and he used a different recipe which is presumably much better.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:36:29

Ha ha! Paul's sighing at Mel's confession made me laugh just then.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:36:39

I've got the Hairy Bikers crumpet recipie if you want to try that Old Roan.

I've not had a chance to give it a go yet so I don't know what it's like.

skinnychai Tue 27-Aug-13 20:40:48

OldRoan - I tried & failed with the Hollywood's crumpet recipe too. I made them for DH as they're his favourite, they were rubbish.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:42:18

Mary's hinting - TAKE THE HINT!

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:43:29

Oh Skinny, no offence but that makes me so happy. I bet he gives them the crappy one on this. Thanks, Farrow.

Ruby really reminds me of AnnaLynne McCord (or how she could look if she ate cakes and bread once in a blue moon). She is unfairly pretty.

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:44:43

tomato bread sounds dull. not a fan of sweet breads but the peacock looks pretty.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:44:48

I love Ali. I think Mary does too grin.

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:44:56

I thought Sue was the muffin crusher?

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:45:11

I'll type it up and post it on this thread after the programme for you and anyone else who wants to try it.

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:45:18

Ali's sounds AWFUL!

Chelvis Tue 27-Aug-13 20:46:34

I tgink it was Sue bisjo - I always confuse them. glasses and croppe hair one!

cafenoir Tue 27-Aug-13 20:48:09

Why make a Paul the Psychic Octopus this amount of time after the World Cup? It's hardly 'a thing' this year is it?

ILoveOnionRings Tue 27-Aug-13 20:49:28

I loved the mens faces then when Beca was trying to get the bread off the tray

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:49:44

Did I say 'Mel'? Sorry I meant, 'MelOrSue'.

I don't get the octopus at all.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:49:56

The varigated plaited breads has turned out really well by the looks of it.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:50:41

Go on Kimberley!

coffeeinbed Tue 27-Aug-13 20:50:46

I do admire the plain one.
Takes guts to do it, along with all the uber rococo creations.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 20:51:34

"We're looking for a highly decorative loaf"

They missed a trick not cutting to the tomato there. Kimberley's bread looks fab!

cafenoir Tue 27-Aug-13 20:51:43

Kimberley for star baker? That looked amazing.

WingDefence Tue 27-Aug-13 20:53:39

I'm late to tonight's thread so in case noone else has done this, I'm calling Kimberly for winner of this series. Simply because I seem to recollect that each winner in previous series has been Star Baker in Hollywood's bread week...?

cafenoir Tue 27-Aug-13 20:55:15

Lucy for the chop

coffeeinbed Tue 27-Aug-13 20:55:35

I like Lucy.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:56:10

I want Ruby out, I'm bored of seeing her on the verge of tears all the time. Lucy will be the one to go though.

Vivacia Tue 27-Aug-13 20:56:53

I still can't get past the octopus. What was he thinking??

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:56:53

Lucy or Becca to go.

Gigondas Tue 27-Aug-13 20:57:23

Lucy to go

Lucy's out I think. She took simple to a whole new level. Mind becca might go too but I'm sticking with Lucy.

WingDefence Tue 27-Aug-13 20:57:37

Lucy to go...

WingDefence Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:01

Ooh or two...

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:08

Surprised that Ruby got star baker.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:27

No! Ruby star baker. BOLLOCKS. That was Kimberleys. She was robbed I tell ya, ROBBED.

ILoveOnionRings Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:30

Oh that was a surprise I did think it was going to be Kimberley

WingDefence Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:53

Oh Ruby! Well I just may be wrong then on the series winner..

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 20:58:59

No surprise that Lucy went.

cafenoir Tue 27-Aug-13 20:59:11

Oh wow! So glad for Ruby. No surprise about Lucy. To do things that simple meant they would have had to be exceptional technically and they weren't.

coffeeinbed Tue 27-Aug-13 20:59:50

Not too sure about the blue bits on Ruby's bread.

OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 21:02:12

No, Wing I think they might be pushing her, and also they are as bored as we are of -not-quite-tears and wanted to encourage Ruby?

V excited for next week. I LOVE making floating islands. First time though I forgot to add half the egg whites so we had very sweet egg white omelette with custard blush

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 21:04:53

Hairy Bikers Crumpet recipie is online! Well, that saves me from writing it all out.


farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 21:05:28

Recipe even.

Gracelo Tue 27-Aug-13 21:05:40

I like how Kimberley claps her hand when things work out. She was my star baker too, with Ruby a close second.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 21:07:16

Kimberley just looks like the type of person you could have a really good laugh with over dinner.

Ruby is a stress head.

2kidsintow Tue 27-Aug-13 21:08:01

I agree, Gracelo. I think Kimberley deserved star baker.
Loved Ruby's shocked look when they dropped hints to who it might be though.

LovesBeingOnHoliday Tue 27-Aug-13 21:08:06

She seemed almost resolved to being out of her depth

NicknameIncomplete Tue 27-Aug-13 21:11:13

I like Ruby but Kimberely should definately have won star baker.

Farrow - i agree about Kimberely being a good laugh.

vintagecakeisstillnice Tue 27-Aug-13 21:14:03

Kimberly was robbed…


OldRoan Tue 27-Aug-13 21:15:29

Thanks Farrow! It looks similar to Paul's TV recipe - might try it when someone removes the spider currently lurking in my kitchen.

Pachacuti Tue 27-Aug-13 21:40:51

Kimberley overcooked her showstopper, though, whereas I don't think Ruby did anything wrong at all this week.

BMW6 Tue 27-Aug-13 21:50:51

Ruby came third in the tech challenge, Kimberley was first, and yet Ruby won star baker hmm................ FIX

Pachacuti Tue 27-Aug-13 21:56:29

But on the other hand there was clearly something particularly impressive about Ruby's technique for incorporating white chocolate into her showstopper bread. Paul looked completely gobsmacked by it.

farrowandbawl Tue 27-Aug-13 22:04:05

It was a sweet bread, nothing amazing about it. The only thing he was impressed about was her kneeding it by hand - whoop-de-fucking-do. MOST people do that because we don't have the equipment to use a machine to kneed.

The chocolate was sprinkled over the top of the bread, you can not call that incorporated.

difficultpickle Tue 27-Aug-13 22:05:31

All Ruby did was make and knead by hand. I was surprised at how surprised Paul was that someone would actually do that. If I make bread I always make it by hand as I can't deal with the faff of cleaning the mixer.

nocarsgo Tue 27-Aug-13 22:31:56

Checking in to say that Kimberley was robbed as well.

I knew Lucy was a goner as soon as she described her non-showstopping Showstopper.

Bakingnovice Tue 27-Aug-13 22:39:06

Poor Kimberley. She really deserved star baker. I think she's going to win and I love her smile. I also love Ali, especially when he was singing the rap song. Adorable.

I don't like the guy who was slapping his bread, I can't stand the army wife at all and I really don't like matchstick woman. Her novelty jam sarnie was great but is she going to do novelty bakes every single week? I hope not. The octopus l

Paul seemed really over the top smiley today. I can't watch without saying 'horrible man' at the tv. I've become a little miss judgey pants.

nocarsgo Tue 27-Aug-13 23:03:49

Yeah, not keen on Frances and her gimmicky stuff. Her "jam sandwich" cake was just a Victoria sponge in a silly mould (I have said mould, it's called a Cakewich and I've never got around to using it!). Silly props shouldn't be allowed really, it's just showing off grin